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    A Nothing(SF190-14)
    A Foot In Cold Water (Make Me Do) Anything You Want(GM1001-1)
    A Teens Around The World(SF185-13)
    A Teens Bouncing Off The Ceiling(SC8680-15)
    A Teens Can't Help Falling In Love With You(TU146-6)
    A Teens Floor Filler(TU163-3)
    A Teens Land Of Make Believe(SF188-12)
    A-Ha Analogue(SF240-2)
    A-Ha Cry Wolf(JV0036-7)
    A-Ha Crying In The Rain(HMDK-6)
    A-Ha Hunting High & Low(SFMW820-15)
    A-Ha Living Daylights, The(SC8468-10)
    A-Ha Sun Always Shines On TV, The(SFMW817-7)
    A-Ha Take On Me(SC7561-11)
    A-Ha Touchy(SFMW888-7)
    A1 Caught In The Middle(TU125-4)
    A1 Everytime(SF155-5)
    A1 Like A Rose(SF161-6)
    A1 Make It Good(SF192-11)
    A1 No More(SF175-10)
    A1 Ready Or Not(SF187-9)
    A1 Same Old Brand New You(SF173-5)
    A1 Summertime Of Our Lives(SF148-5)
    A1 Take On Me(SF171-13)
    A3 Woke Up This Morning [Sopranos 'Chosen One' Mix](SC8821-8)
    A3 Woke Up This Morning [Sopranos](MM6297-5)
    Aaliyah Are You That Somebody(PHT9811-6)
    Aaliyah At Your Best(SC8374-7)
    Aaliyah Come Over(SC8849-13)
    Aaliyah Hot Like Fire(MM6233-6)
    Aaliyah I Don't Wanna(SF173-7)
    Aaliyah If Your Girl Only Knew(SC8320-15)
    Aaliyah Journey To The Past(SC8476-7)
    Aaliyah Miss You(SC8805-4)
    Aaliyah More Than A Woman(SC8747-5)
    Aaliyah One I Gave My Heart To, The(SC8422-7)
    Aaliyah Rock The Boat(SC8726-5)
    Aaliyah Try Again(SC8613-12)
    Aaliyah Turn The Page - Music Of The Heart(SC3161-6)
    Aaliyah We Need A Resolution(SF181-9)
    Abandoned Pools Remedy, The(SC8768-9)
    ABBA Angel Eyes(SFG058-2)
    ABBA As Good As New(SFG011-6)
    ABBA Chiquitita(ZMP016-11)
    ABBA Dancing Queen(SC7542-3)
    ABBA Day Before You Came, The(SFG011-14)
    ABBA Does Your Mother Know(ZMP016-12)
    ABBA Fernando(SC8861-12)
    ABBA Gimme Gimme Gimme(ZMP016-6)
    ABBA Happy New Year(SFA2-12)
    ABBA Hasta Manana(MM6360-11)
    ABBA Head Over Heels(SFA2-10)
    ABBA Honey Honey(SFA2-9)
    ABBA I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do(SFG011-5)
    ABBA I Have A Dream(SFG011-12)
    ABBA Knowing Me Knowing You(ZMP016-9)
    ABBA Lay All Your Love On Me(SFA2-7)
    ABBA Mamma Mia(SFA2-8)
    ABBA Money Money Money(SF055-4)
    ABBA Name Of The Game, The(ZMP016-7)
    ABBA One Of Us(SFG011-15)
    ABBA Ring Ring(SFG011-3)
    ABBA Rock Me(SFG011-10)
    ABBA So Long(SFA2-5)
    ABBA SOS(SFG011-8)
    ABBA Summer Night City(SFG011-7)
    ABBA Super Trouper(SF024-14)
    ABBA Take A Chance On Me(SC8283-2)
    ABBA Thank You For The Music(SF057-3)
    ABBA Voulez Vous(SFG011-9)
    ABBA Waterloo(SF024-13)
    ABBA Winner Takes It All(SF031-3)
    Abbot, Russ Atmosphere(SF028-16)
    Abbott, Gregory Shake You Down(SC8201-10)
    ABC All Of My Heart(SF082-3)
    ABC Be Near Me(SC8540-4)
    ABC Look Of Love(SC8719-14)
    ABC Poison Arrow(SC7564-7)
    ABC When Smokey Sings(SFMW801-11)
    Abdul, Paula Cold Hearted(SC8264-11)
    Abdul, Paula Knocked Out(PI011-13)
    Abdul, Paula Opposites Attract(SC8272-2)
    Abdul, Paula Rush Rush(SF036-6)
    Abdul, Paula Straight Up(SC7503-12)
    Abdul, Paula Will You Marry Me(SC8274-2)
    ABS 7 Ways(SF211-10)
    ABS Give Me What You Got(EZH14-5)
    ABS Little Miss Perfect(SF209-5)
    ABS What You Got(SF195-17)
    AC/DC Back In Black(SC8252-3)
    AC/DC Big Balls(SC8532-11)
    AC/DC Big Gun(LG205-3)
    AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap(SC8334-1)
    AC/DC For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)(SC8701-2)
    AC/DC Girls Got Rhythm(SC8701-7)
    AC/DC Hard As A Rock(SC2265-3)
    AC/DC Have A Drink On Me(SC2265-7)
    Ac/dc Heatseeker(SFMW882-13)
    AC/DC Hell's Bells(SC2265-5)
    AC/DC Hello Hello(AH2004-4)
    AC/DC High Voltage(LG205-15)
    AC/DC Highway To Hell(SC2252-6)
    AC/DC It's A Long Way To The Top(SC8869-8)
    AC/DC Jailbreak(LG205-12)
    AC/DC Let There Be Rock(SFMW880-7)
    AC/DC Meltdown(THR0012-12)
    AC/DC Moneytalks(SC2265-4)
    AC/DC Problem Child(SC8869-12)
    AC/DC Ride On(SC8830-4)
    AC/DC Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution(SC8701-8)
    Ac/dc Rocker(SFMW890-3)
    AC/DC Safe In New York City(SC8699-15)
    AC/DC Shoot To Thrill(SC8928-6)
    AC/DC Sin City(SC8701-5)
    AC/DC Sink The Pink(SC8701-6)
    AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip(SC8607-13)
    AC/DC Thunderstruck(SC2265-2)
    AC/DC TNT(SC8660-11)
    AC/DC Who Made Who(SC8701-4)
    AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie(SC8701-3)
    AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long(SC7548-1)
    Accept Balls To The Wall(SC8713-5)
    Ace How Long(SC8188-11)
    Ace Of Base All That She Wants(SC8107-14)
    Ace Of Base Always Have, Always Will(SF130-5)
    Ace Of Base Angel Of Harlem(MM6030-4)
    Ace Of Base Beautiful Life(SC8220-3)
    Ace Of Base Cruel Summer(SC8478-10)
    Ace Of Base Don't Turn Around(SC8132-12)
    Ace Of Base Every Time It Rains(SF134-12)
    Ace Of Base Life Is A Flower(SF123-10)
    Ace Of Base Living In Danger(JV1007-3)
    Ace Of Base Lucky Love(SC8257-11)
    Ace Of Base Never Gonna Say I'm So Sorry(MM6165-12)
    Ace Of Base Sign, The(SC7514-4)
    Ace Of Base Whenever You're Near Me(MM6256-6)
    Ace, Johnny Pledging My Love(SC8589-6)
    Acuff, Roy Great Speckled Bird, The(DK066-18)
    Acuff, Roy Wabash Cannonball(SC8208-14)
    Acuff, Roy Wreck On The Highway [w/ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band](CBEP476-6-14)
    Ad Libs Boy From New York City, The(SC7525-15)
    Adair, Tina How Many Roads(CBEP476-3-10)
    Adam Ant Ant Music(SF105-5)
    Adam Ant Desperate But Not Serious(SC8571-15)
    Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes(SC7548-7)
    Adam Ant Prince Charming(SF111-1)
    Adam Ant Stand & Deliver(SF105-1)
    Adam Ant Wonderful(SC2098-6)
    Adams, Ben Sorry(SF232-14)
    Adams, Bryan 18 'Til I Die(SFMW803-11)
    Adams, Bryan All For Love [w/ Sting & Rod Stewart](SC8107-4)
    Adams, Bryan Back To You(SC8423-3)
    Adams, Bryan Best Of Me, The(SF154-16)
    Adams, Bryan Can't Stop This Thing We Started(SC8235-8)
    Adams, Bryan Cloud No.9(SF143-11)
    Adams, Bryan Cuts Like A Knife(SC8393-3)
    Adams, Bryan Do I Have To Say The Words(SC8266-15)
    Adams, Bryan Everything I Do, I Do It For You(SC7514-8)
    Adams, Bryan Flying(SFMW859-2)
    Adams, Bryan Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman(SC8170-8)
    Adams, Bryan Heat Of The Night(CB90201-5)
    Adams, Bryan Heaven(SC2270-5)
    Adams, Bryan Here I Am(MM6366-10)
    Adams, Bryan I Finally Found Someone [w/ Barbra Streisand](SC7600-8)
    Adams, Bryan I'll Always Be Right There(SC3009-1)
    Adams, Bryan Inside Out(SF144-16)
    Adams, Bryan It's Only Love [w/ Tina Turner](SC2270-6)
    Adams, Bryan Kids Wanna Rock(BS8917-15)
    Adams, Bryan Let's Make A Night To Remember(SC8316-1)
    Adams, Bryan On A Day Like Today(SC8490-9)
    Adams, Bryan Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, The(SC8349-8)
    Adams, Bryan Please Forgive Me(SC8113-10)
    Adams, Bryan Run To You(SC7548-3)
    Adams, Bryan Somebody(BS8917-14)
    Adams, Bryan Star(CB90201-14)
    Adams, Bryan Straight From The Heart(SC8573-2)
    Adams, Bryan Summer Of '69(SC7545-14)
    Adams, Bryan Summer Of '69 [Acoustic](LGK003-5)
    Adams, Bryan There Will Never Be Another Tonight(SC8237-8)
    Adams, Bryan This Time(BS8917-13)
    Adams, Bryan Thought I'd Died & Gone To Heaven(SC8238-15)
    Adams, Bryan We Can't Stop This Thing We Started(PR0009-4)
    Adams, Bryan When You Love Someone(TU174-18)
    Adams, Bryan When You're Gone [w/ Melanie Chisolm](SC3127-8)
    Adams, Bryan Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love(PHAC0603-9)
    Adams, Oleta Circle Of One(SC8274-5)
    Adams, Oleta Day I Stop Loving You, The(SC8244-14)
    Adams, Oleta Embraceable You(MM6334-3)
    Adams, Oleta Get Here(SC7582-5)
    Adams, Oleta Never Knew Love(SC8248-7)
    Adams, Oleta We Will Meet Again(MM6334-4)
    Adams, Ryan Answering Bell(SC8752-11)
    Adams, Ryan New York, New York(SC8744-14)
    Adams, Ryan So Alive(SC3400-3)
    Adams, Ryan Two(PHM0711-9)
    Adams, Yolanda Open My Heart(SC8637-14)
    Adams, Yolanda Someone Watching Over You(THH0601-15)
    Adamski Killer(SFMW844-8)
    Addotta, Kip Wet Dream(SC8707-4)
    Adema Freaking Out(TU133-6)
    Adema Giving In(THR0111-14)
    Adema Promises(PHR0402-3)
    Adema Unstable(PHR0310-9)
    Adema Unstable(THR0310-14)
    Adema Way You Like It, The(SC2364-1)
    Adkins, Trace Arlington(SC8933-12)
    Adkins, Trace Big Time(SC8495-4)
    Adkins, Trace Chrome(SC8794-3)
    Adkins, Trace Don't Lie(SC8566-11)
    Adkins, Trace Every Light In The House Is On(SC8315-15)
    Adkins, Trace Help Me Understand(SC8748-6)
    Adkins, Trace Honky Tonk Badonkadonk(SC8923-1)
    Adkins, Trace Hot Mama(SC8857-4)
    Adkins, Trace I Got My Game On(SD160-6)
    Adkins, Trace I Left Something Turned On At Home(SC8376-8)
    Adkins, Trace I Wanna Feel Something(THC0707-15)
    Adkins, Trace I'm Gonna Love You Anyway(SC3213-2)
    Adkins, Trace I'm Tryin'(SC3269-4)
    Adkins, Trace Ladies Love Country Boys(SC8998-1)
    Adkins, Trace Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone(SC8436-15)
    Adkins, Trace More(CHM0005-8)
    Adkins, Trace More [Radio Version](SC8596-9)
    Adkins, Trace No Thinkin' Think(MH1140-1)
    Adkins, Trace Rest Of Mine, The(SC8402-4)
    Adkins, Trace Rough & Ready(SC8916-2)
    Adkins, Trace Songs About Me(SC8916-10)
    Adkins, Trace Swing(SC8982-4)
    Adkins, Trace Then They Do(SC8823-13)
    Adkins, Trace There's A Girl In Texas(SC8280-9)
    Adkins, Trace This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing(SC8370-1)
    Adkins, Trace Till The Last Shot's Fired(PHN0907-6)
    Adventures Of Stevie V, The Dirty Cash(SFMW905-7)
    Aerosmith Amazing(SC8710-3)
    Aerosmith Angel(SC8283-4)
    Aerosmith Angel's Eye(SC8659-6)
    Aerosmith Baby, Please Don't Go(SC8878-2)
    Aerosmith Back In The Saddle(SC8635-2)
    Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record(SC8117-8)
    Aerosmith Crazy(SC8635-11)
    Aerosmith Cryin'(SC8710-4)
    Aerosmith Draw The Line(SC8406-10)
    Aerosmith Dream On(SC7533-11)
    Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like A Lady)(SC8635-1)
    Aerosmith Eat The Rich(SC8710-6)
    Aerosmith Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)(SC8635-8)
    Aerosmith Fly Away From Here(PHR0107-1)
    Aerosmith Girls Of Summer(PHR0208-4)
    Aerosmith Girls Of Summer(SC8768-13)
    Aerosmith Hole In My Soul(SC8448-14)
    Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing(SC2477-1)
    Aerosmith Jaded(SC8680-12)
    Aerosmith Janie's Got A Gun(SC2384-7)
    Aerosmith Just Push Play(SC3262-1)
    Aerosmith Just Push Play [Clean Edit](HTG1002-2)
    Aerosmith Last Child(SC8791-3)
    Aerosmith Livin' On The Edge(SC8710-1)
    Aerosmith Love In An Elevator(SC8169-14)
    Aerosmith Luv Lies(TU035-10)
    Aerosmith Mama Kin(SC2384-5)
    Aerosmith Other Side, The(SC8710-7)
    Aerosmith Pandora's Box(DG02-13)
    Aerosmith Pink(SC8635-12)
    Aerosmith Rag Doll(SC8314-4)
    Aerosmith Same Old Song & Dance(SC8635-9)
    Aerosmith Sunshine(SC8732-2)
    Aerosmith Sweet Emotion(SC8297-6)
    Aerosmith Toys In The Attic(SC8635-10)
    Aerosmith Train Kept A Rollin'(AH8003-6)
    Aerosmith Walk This Way(SC8635-13)
    Aerosmith What It Takes(SC8710-2)
    Aerosmith What Kind Of Love Are You On(SC8481-15)
    Afewgoodmen Have I Never(SC8268-12)
    Affair, Tiffany Start A Fire(THP0608-18)
    AFI Girl's Not Grey(PHR0306-3)
    AFI Leaving Song (Pt. 2), The(PHR0310-6)
    AFI Love Like Winter(PHM0612-8)
    AFI Miss Murder(SC8993-13)
    AFI Silver & Cold(THR0402-18)
    Afro-Celt & Peter Gabriel When You're Falling(PHR0109-7)
    Afroman Because I Got High(SC8720-7)
    Afroman Crazy Rap(TU167-4)
    After 7 Can't Stop(DK062-1)
    After 7 How Do You Tell The One(SC2107-8)
    After 7 Ready Or Not(JV1004-16)
    After 7 Til You Do Me Right(SC8187-7)
    After The Fire Der Kommissar(SC8522-3)
    Afters, The Beautiful Love(SC8962-11)
    Aguilar, Pepe Me Estoy Acostumbrando A Ti(SC2197-8)
    Aguilera, Christina Ain't No Other Man(PHM0609-4)
    Aguilera, Christina Beautiful(SC8801-13)
    Aguilera, Christina Beautiful [Remix](TU206-1)
    Aguilera, Christina Blessed(SC8657-11)
    Aguilera, Christina Can't Hold Us Down [w/ Lil' Kim](SC8844-14)
    Aguilera, Christina Candyman(THP0611-10)
    Aguilera, Christina Car Wash [w/ Missy Elliott](SC8888-9)
    Aguilera, Christina Come On Over (All I Want Is You)(SC8625-7)
    Aguilera, Christina Cruz(TU227-7)
    Aguilera, Christina Dirrty(SC8789-12)
    Aguilera, Christina Fighter(SC8827-5)
    Aguilera, Christina Genie In A Bottle(SC8542-14)
    Aguilera, Christina Hurt(SF249-12)
    Aguilera, Christina I Turn To You(SC2295-2)
    Aguilera, Christina I'm OK(LGK001-6)
    Aguilera, Christina Impossible(SC8827-11)
    Aguilera, Christina Infatuation(TU182-9)
    Aguilera, Christina Intro (Back To Basics)(THP0701-16)
    Aguilera, Christina Keep On Singing My Song(TU173-11)
    Aguilera, Christina Lady Marmalade [w/ Lil' Kim & Mya & Pink](SC8741-5)
    Aguilera, Christina Love Will Find A Way(SC8657-14)
    Aguilera, Christina Nasty Naughty Boy(THHP0707-14)
    Aguilera, Christina Reflection(PHT9809-1)
    Aguilera, Christina So Emotional(SC8657-13)
    Aguilera, Christina Soar(TU182-13)
    Aguilera, Christina Somebody's Somebody(SC2266-2)
    Aguilera, Christina Song For You, A [w/ Herbie Hancock](PHAC0603-6)
    Aguilera, Christina Voice Within, The(SC8858-5)
    Aguilera, Christina Walk Away(TU173-16)
    Aguilera, Christina We're A Miracle(SC2232-6)
    Aguilera, Christina What A Girl Wants(SC8657-7)
    Aguilera, Christina What A Girl Wants [Radio Version](SC8581-9)
    Aguilera, Christina Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up(MM6330-8)
    Aiken, Clay Bridge Over Troubled Water(SC8839-15)
    Aiken, Clay I Survived You(TU252-11)
    Aiken, Clay I Will Carry You(SC3421-7)
    Aiken, Clay Invisible(SC8855-3)
    Aiken, Clay Proud Of Your Boy(DISMANIA2-2)
    Aiken, Clay Run To Me(PR1554-5)
    Aiken, Clay Solitaire(SC8876-11)
    Aiken, Clay This Is The Night(SC8839-10)
    Aiken, Clay Way, The(SC8865-3)
    Aiken, Clay When You Say You Love Me(PR1554-4)
    Ainsley Keep Me A Secret(SF202-13)
    Air All I Need(SFMW877-15)
    Air Supply All Out Of Love(SC8362-11)
    Air Supply Chances(CB90241-12)
    Air Supply Even The Nights Are Better(SC8259-1)
    Air Supply Every Woman In The World(SC8393-1)
    Air Supply Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)(SC8634-8)
    Air Supply I Can Wait Forever(CB90241-15)
    Air Supply I Want To Give It All(CB90241-13)
    Air Supply Just As I Am(CB90241-11)
    Air Supply Lost In Love(SC8362-6)
    Air Supply Making Love Out Of Nothing At All(SC8273-15)
    Air Supply Now & Forever(CB90241-14)
    Air Supply One That You Love, The(SC8283-9)
    Air Supply Sweet Dreams(CB90241-6)
    Air Supply Two Less Lonely People In The World(CB90241-9)
    Air Supply Young Love(CB90241-8)
    Airborne Toxic Event, The Sometime Around Midnight(SC3502-1)
    Akens, Jewel Birds & The Bees, The(SC8353-15)
    Akins, Rhett Better Than It Used To Be(CB20026-12)
    Akins, Rhett Don't Get Me Started(SC8267-2)
    Akins, Rhett Drivin' My Life Away(MM6239-2)
    Akins, Rhett Every Cowboy's Dream(SC3006-8)
    Akins, Rhett Friday Night In Dixie(CB20374-12)
    Akins, Rhett Highway Sunrise(CB20345-11)
    Akins, Rhett I Brake For Brunettes(SC8260-8)
    Akins, Rhett If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away(SD148-6)
    Akins, Rhett Kiss My Country Ass(SD139-12)
    Akins, Rhett Love You Back(SC8328-4)
    Akins, Rhett More Than Everything(SC8416-14)
    Akins, Rhett She Said Yes(SC8205-14)
    Akins, Rhett That Ain't My Truck(SC8186-7)
    Akins, Rhett Thousand Memories, A(SC8250-14)
    Akins, Rhett What They're Talkin' About(SC8265-7)
    Akon Bananza (Belly Dancer)(SF234-14)
    Akon Bartender [Radio Version] [w/ T-Pain](SC9015-1)
    Akon Don't Matter(SC9015-15)
    Akon I Wanna Love You [w/ Snoop Dogg](THHP0702-16)
    Akon Locked Up(THH0412-17)
    Akon Locked Up [Radio Version](SC8909-15)
    Akon Lonely(THP0506-15)
    Akon Lonely [Radio Version](SC8945-13)
    Akon Right Now (Na Na Na)(ASKFP97-1-1)
    Akon Smack That [w/ Eminem](THP0701-12)
    Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me(THP0712-17)
    Alabama Angels Among Us(SC8149-2)
    Alabama Between The Two Of Them(SC8236-1)
    Alabama Born Country(SC8506-12)
    Alabama Can't Keep A Good Man Down(SC8786-1)
    Alabama Cheap Seats(SC8167-12)
    Alabama Close Enough To Perfect(SC8326-6)
    Alabama Closer You Get, The(SC2026-6)
    Alabama Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard(SC8971-8)
    Alabama Dixieland Delight(SC8628-7)
    Alabama Down Home(SC8786-4)
    Alabama Face To Face(DK079-7)
    Alabama Fallin' Again(SC8971-11)
    Alabama Feels So Right(SC7510-5)
    Alabama Fire In The Night(BS8317-5)
    Alabama Forever's As Far As I'll Go(SC8135-15)
    Alabama Forty Hour Week(SC8380-8)
    Alabama Give Me One More Shot(SC8159-7)
    Alabama God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You(SC8546-8)
    Alabama Here We Are(SC9507-4)
    Alabama High Cotton(SC8786-5)
    Alabama Hometown Honeymoon(SC8175-14)
    Alabama How Do You Fall In Love(SC8971-7)
    Alabama I'm In A Hurry & I Don't Know Why(SC8177-8)
    Alabama I'm In The Mood(SC3321-6)
    Alabama If I Had You(BS8317-9)
    Alabama If You're Gonna Play In Texas(CB20126-9)
    Alabama In Pictures(SC8971-12)
    Alabama It Works(SC8239-11)
    Alabama Jukebox In My Mind(SC8786-7)
    Alabama Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today(SC8301-1)
    Alabama Keepin' Up(SC3123-6)
    Alabama Lady Down On Love(SC8971-2)
    Alabama Love In The First Degree(SC8786-10)
    Alabama Maker Said Take Her, The(SC2144-2)
    Alabama Mountain Music(SC8112-9)
    Alabama My Home's In Alabama(CB20126-12)
    Alabama Of Course I'm Alright(SC8409-13)
    Alabama Old Flame(SC8561-4)
    Alabama On This Side Of The Moon(SC8306-15)
    Alabama Once Upon A Lifetime(SC8180-2)
    Alabama Pass It On Down(DK097-15)
    Alabama Pictures & Memories(SC8275-14)
    Alabama Reckless(SC8130-5)
    Alabama Roll On Eighteen Wheeler(SC7592-9)
    Alabama Sad Lookin' Moon(SC8370-6)
    Alabama Say I(SC8285-4)
    Alabama She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl(SC8971-15)
    Alabama She's Got That Look In Her Eyes(SC8444-8)
    Alabama Small Stuff(SC3168-4)
    Alabama Song Of The South(SC8786-11)
    Alabama Southern Star(SC8786-13)
    Alabama T-L-C-A-S-A-P(SC8102-10)
    Alabama Take A Little Trip(SC8971-3)
    Alabama Take Me Down(SC8412-4)
    Alabama Tennessee River(SC8971-10)
    Alabama That Feeling(SC8287-11)
    Alabama Then Again(SC8215-12)
    Alabama There's No Way(SC8971-5)
    Alabama Touch Me When We're Dancing(SC8385-8)
    Alabama Twentieth Century(SC8596-4)
    Alabama We Can't Love Like This Anymore(SC8139-15)
    Alabama We Made Love(SC8617-3)
    Alabama When It All Goes South(SC8786-8)
    Alabama When We Make Love(SC7510-11)
    Alabama Why Lady Why(SC8786-12)
    Alabama Will You Marry Me(SC8698-15)
    Alabama Will You Marry Me [Radio Version](SC2411-8)
    Alabama Woman He Loves, The(SC8729-14)
    Alabama You've Got The Touch(SC8786-2)
    Alan Parsons Project Don't Answer Me(SC8687-11)
    Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky(SC8573-14)
    Alan Parsons Project Games People Play(SC7563-14)
    Alan Parsons Project Time(AMS1502-1)
    Alan Price Set Don't Stop The Carnival(ZMJB03-2)
    Alan Price Set House That Jack Built, The(SF100-8)
    Alarm, The 68 Guns(SFMW889-3)
    Albert, Morris Feelings(SC7518-4)
    Alcazar Crying At The Discoteque(SF187-10)
    Alda Girls Night Out(SF130-3)
    Alda Real Goodtime, A(SF124-2)
    Aldean, Jason Amarillo Sky(SC8986-11)
    Aldean, Jason Big Green Tractor(PHN0908-1)
    Aldean, Jason Hicktown(THC0507-20)
    Aldean, Jason Hicktown [Radio Version](SC8933-10)
    Aldean, Jason Johnny Cash(SC9003-5)
    Aldean, Jason Laughed Until We Cried(THC0801-19)
    Aldean, Jason Why(SC8956-4)
    Alesha Lipstick(THHP0611-17)
    Alexander Brothers Flower Of Scotland(SFST01-1)
    Alexander, Jessi Canyon Prayer(SD132-12)
    Alexander, Jessi Honeysuckle Sweet(SD119-9)
    Alexanders Rag Melody Ma He's Makin Eyes(PX05-7)
    Ali G Me Julie [w/ Shaggy](EZH10-10)
    Ali, Tatyana Daydreamin'(SF128-9)
    Alias More Than Words Can Say(SC9002-7)
    Alice Deejay Better Off Alone(THP0008-11)
    Alice Deejay I Want You Back In My Life(SFMW838-12)
    Alice In Chains Again(SC8286-4)
    Alice In Chains Angry Chair(HMDK-8)
    Alice In Chains Grind(HMDK-9)
    Alice In Chains Hate To Feel(HMDK-10)
    Alice In Chains Heaven Beside You(HMDK-158)
    Alice In Chains Man In The Box(AMS1504-1)
    Alice In Chains Man In The Box(HMDK-159)
    Alice In Chains No Excuses(SC8122-3)
    Alice In Chains Rooster(HMDK-11)
    Alice In Chains Rooster(SFMW899-15)
    Alice In Chains Sea Of Sorrow(HMDK-12)
    Alice In Chains Them Bones(HMDK-157)
    Alice In Chains We Die Young(HMDK-13)
    Alice In Chains Would(TU129-17)
    Alien Ant Farm Glow(THR0312-15)
    Alien Ant Farm Movies(SC8694-13)
    Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal(SC8765-6)
    Alien Ant Farm These Days(PHR0310-7)
    Alien Ant Farm These Days [Album Version](THR0310-10)
    Alisha's Attic I Am, I Feel(SC8448-13)
    Alisha's Attic Incidentals, The(SF126-8)
    All About Eve Martha's Harbour(SFMW888-9)
    All Saints All Hooked Up(SF173-15)
    All Saints Black Coffee(SF171-16)
    All Saints Booty Call(SF123-13)
    All Saints I Know Where It's At(SFMW885-10)
    All Saints Never Ever(SC2190-7)
    All Saints Pure Shores(SF159-16)
    All Saints Rock Steady(SF249-5)
    All Saints Under The Bridge(SF119-15)
    All Saints War Of Nerves(SF127-2)
    All Seeing I First Man In Space(SF148-14)
    All Seeing I Walk Like A Panther [w/ Tony Christie](SFMW864-2)
    All Star Tribute What's Goin' On(MM6352-15)
    All That Remains Chiron(HMDK-160)
    All That Remains This Calling(HMDK-162)
    All That Remains Two Weeks(HMDK-161)
    All Time Low Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)(PHM0909-6)
    All-4-One I Can Love You Like That(SC8187-2)
    All-4-One I Swear(SC8121-5)
    All-4-One I Will Be Right Here(SC3161-8)
    All-4-One I'm Your Man(SD022-9)
    All-4-One She's Got Skillz(PI040-1)
    All-4-One So Much In Love(MM6110-2)
    All-American Rejects, The Dirty Little Secret(SC8934-11)
    All-American Rejects, The Gives You Hell(SC3500-1)
    All-American Rejects, The It Ends Tonight(THP0612-17)
    All-American Rejects, The Last Song, The(SC8839-7)
    All-American Rejects, The Move Along(SC8966-5)
    All-American Rejects, The My Paper Heart(THR0403-17)
    All-American Rejects, The Real World(CB30114-1)
    All-American Rejects, The Swing, Swing(THR0304-17)
    All-American Rejects, The Swing, Swing [Radio Version](SC8827-1)
    All-American Rejects, The Top Of The World(CB30063-5)
    All-American Rejects, The Wind Blows, The(SC3503-6)
    Allan, Gary A Feelin' Like That(PHN0701-2)
    Allan, Gary Best I Ever Had(SC8936-10)
    Allan, Gary Feelin' Like That, A(THC0702-13)
    Allan, Gary Forever & A Day(MM6187-12)
    Allan, Gary From Where I'm Sitting(SC8376-14)
    Allan, Gary Her Man(SC8315-4)
    Allan, Gary I'll Take Today(SC3109-7)
    Allan, Gary I'm The One(TU085-9)
    Allan, Gary It Would Be You(SC3060-4)
    Allan, Gary Life Ain't Always Beautiful(THC0606-17)
    Allan, Gary Living In A House Full Of Love(SC3045-1)
    Allan, Gary Lovin' You Against My Will(SC8614-14)
    Allan, Gary Man Of Me(SC8714-12)
    Allan, Gary Man To Man(SC8854-4)
    Allan, Gary No Man In His Wrong Heart(SC8474-14)
    Allan, Gary Nothing On But The Radio(SC8944-15)
    Allan, Gary One, The(SC8745-7)
    Allan, Gary Right Where I Need To Be(SC8646-9)
    Allan, Gary Runaway(CB20332-8)
    Allan, Gary Smoke Rings In The Dark(SC8560-14)
    Allan, Gary Songs About Rain(SC8862-7)
    Allan, Gary Tough Little Boys(SC8837-2)
    Allan, Gary Watching Airplanes(THC0711-16)
    Allen, Deborah All The Loving & The Hurting Too(SC8278-1)
    Allen, Deborah Baby I Lied(SC7570-5)
    Allen, Deborah Break These Chains(SC8228-13)
    Allen, Deborah I've Been Wrong Before(SC8697-2)
    Allen, Deborah If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right(CB60141-15)
    Allen, Deborah Is It Love Yet(CB60170-7)
    Allen, Deborah Rock Me(SC8291-15)
    Allen, Deborah Wrong Side Of Love(SC8243-3)
    Allen, Kris No Boundaries(PHM0908-2)
    Allen, Lily Alfie(SF253-11)
    Allen, Lily LDN(SF248-4)
    Allen, Lily Littlest Things(SF250-5)
    Allen, Lily Smile(THHP0704-16)
    Alley, Candice Before You Go(SFKK16-12)
    Allison, Luther If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right(MM6272-6)
    Allison, Luther Move From The Hood(MM6272-8)
    Allison, Luther What Have I Done Wrong(MM6272-7)
    Allman Brothers Band Ain't Wastin' Time No More(SC8922-1)
    Allman Brothers Band Blue Sky(SC8922-2)
    Allman Brothers Band Crazy Love(SC8479-12)
    Allman Brothers Band Everyday I Have The Blues(MM6144-9)
    Allman Brothers Band Hoochie Coochie Man(LG045-9)
    Allman Brothers Band It's Not My Cross To Bear(SC8675-1)
    Allman Brothers Band Louisana Lou & Three Card Monty(MM6111-11)
    Allman Brothers Band Melissa(SC8413-6)
    Allman Brothers Band Midnight Rider(SC8449-2)
    Allman Brothers Band No One To Run With(SC8146-14)
    Allman Brothers Band One Way Out(SC8675-13)
    Allman Brothers Band Please Call Home(SC8594-14)
    Allman Brothers Band Ramblin' Man(SC8146-3)
    Allman Brothers Band Southbound(SC8922-4)
    Allman Brothers Band Statesboro Blues(SC8327-5)
    Allman Brothers Band Stormy Monday Blues(DK023-18)
    Allman Brothers Band Whipping Post(SC8146-5)
    Allman, Greg I'm No Angel(SC8568-6)
    Allure All Cried Out(PHM9709-6)
    Allure Last Chance(PHM9803-9)
    Almada, Nadia Little Bit Of Action, A(SF226-3)
    Almond, Marc Days Of Pearly Spencer, The(SFMW868-15)
    Alonzo, Maria Conchita Acariciame(MM6166-9)
    Alpert, Herb This Guy's In Love With You(SC7540-15)
    Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass Diamonds(DK028-16)
    Alphaville Big In Japan(SF037-4)
    Alphaville Forever Young(SC8678-9)
    Alsou Before You Love Me(SF179-10)
    Alt & The Lost Civilisation Tequila(SFMW865-1)
    Alter Bridge Broken Wings(THR0506-12)
    Alter Bridge Find The Real(THR0503-17)
    Alter Bridge Open Your Eyes(PHR0410-2)
    Altered Images Happy Birthday(SF113-7)
    Althea & Donna Uptown Top Ranking(SF141-4)
    Aly & Aj Chemicals React(SD4610-12)
    Aly & Aj Potential Breakup Song(THP0712-14)
    Aly & Aj Rush(THP0606-16)
    Amanda Everybody Doesn't(PHM0108-4)
    Amazulu Too Good To Be Forgotten(SF076-8)
    Amber Above The Clouds(TU136-1)
    Amber Anyway (Men Are From Mars)(TU191-3)
    Amber Just Like That [Ballad Version](THP0603-18)
    Amber Sexual (Li Da Di)(SC3166-3)
    Amber This Is Your Night(SC8337-14)
    Amber Yes(TU081-18)
    Amber Yes [Hex Hector Mix](TU136-17)
    Amboy Dukes Journey To The Center Of The Mind(SC8615-8)
    Ambrosia Biggest Part Of Me(SC8201-14)
    Ambrosia Holdin' On To Yesterday(SC8644-14)
    Ambrosia How Much I Feel(SC8583-13)
    Ambrosia You're The Only Woman(SC8580-7)
    Amelia Big Big World(SF130-7)
    Amen Corner Bend Me, Shape Me(SF065-15)
    Amen Corner High In The Sky(ZMJB04-10)
    Amen Corner If Paradise Is Half As Nice(SF070-1)
    America Daisy Jane(SC7562-10)
    America Don't Cross The River(CB90197-7)
    America From A Moving Train(SC8487-8)
    America Horse With No Name, A(SC8261-2)
    America I Need You(SC8231-4)
    America Lonely People(SC8197-13)
    America Muskrat Love(CB90197-6)
    America One In A Million(CB90197-10)
    America Only In Your Heart(CB90197-14)
    America Sandman(SC8583-12)
    America Sister Golden Hair(SC7509-13)
    America Tin Man, The(SC7535-12)
    America To Each His Own(CB90197-15)
    America Ventura Highway(SC8227-9)
    America Woman Tonight(CB90197-13)
    America You Can Do Magic(DK098-17)
    American Breed Bend Me, Shape Me(SC8526-1)
    American Hi-Fi Another Perfect Day(THR0111-13)
    American Hi-Fi Art Of Losing, The(THR0304-15)
    American Hi-Fi Flavor Of The Weak(SC8694-9)
    American Hi-Fi Geeks Get The Girls, The(SC8949-2)
    American Idol Finalists God Bless The USA(SC8831-2)
    Amerie Gotta Work(SF258-8)
    Amerie One Thing(THH0505-15)
    Amerie Take Control(THHP0707-11)
    Amerie Talkin' About(PHU0511-7)
    Amerie Talkin' To Me(SC8812-6)
    Amerie Touch(SF234-3)
    Amerie Why Don't We Fall In Love(SC8778-13)
    Amerosi, Vanessa Absolutely Everybody(DU2-2)
    Ames, Ed My Cup Runneth Over(SC7566-7)
    Amitri, Del Tell Her This(SFMW899-13)
    Amorosi, Vanessa Kiss Your Mama!(SFKK19-15)
    Amos, Tori Caught A Lite Sneeze(SC8254-2)
    Amos, Tori Cornflake Girl(SC8486-13)
    Amos, Tori Crucify(SC8598-4)
    Amos, Tori God(SC8530-5)
    Amos, Tori Precious Things(SC8562-9)
    Amos, Tori Silent All These Years(SC8369-15)
    Amos, Tori Sleeps With Butterflies(MM6429-11)
    Amos, Tori Sorta Fairytale, A(MM6376-2)
    Amos, Tori Spark(SC3079-3)
    Amos, Tori Talula(SC8290-4)
    Amos, Tori Thousand Oceans, A(TU009-3)
    Amy Winehouse Back To Black(HMDK-163)
    Anastacia Boom(EZH12-10)
    Anastacia Cowboys & Kisses(SF177-1)
    Anastacia Heavy On My Heart(SF227-11)
    Anastacia I'm Outta Love(SC8607-7)
    Anastacia Left Outside Alone(THP0407-18)
    Anastacia Made For Lovin' You(SF182-11)
    Anastacia Not That Kind(SF175-1)
    Anastacia One Day In Your Life(SC8768-3)
    Anastacia Paid My Dues(SF186-6)
    Anastacia Pieces Of A Dream(SF239-15)
    Anastacia Sick & Tired(SF220-5)
    Anastacia Welcome To My Truth(SF224-2)
    Anastacia Why'd You Lie To Me(SF195-16)
    Anastacia You'll Never Be Alone(TU181-17)
    Anastasio, Michelle Crazy(TU178-4)
    Anberlin Paperthin Hymn(PHM0604-8)
    Anderson, Bill Bright Lights & Country Music(SC8506-15)
    Anderson, Bill Corner Of My Life, The(SC8455-9)
    Anderson, Bill I Can't Wait Any Longer(SC8576-3)
    Anderson, Bill I Get The Fever(SC8419-6)
    Anderson, Bill My Life Throw It Away If I Want To(SC8491-1)
    Anderson, Bill Southern Fried(SC8400-10)
    Anderson, Bill Still(DK065-17)
    Anderson, Ernestine Feeling Good(MM6259-10)
    Anderson, Jade Sugar High(TU108-14)
    Anderson, John Bend It Until It Breaks(SC8152-6)
    Anderson, John Big Revival, The(SC8698-3)
    Anderson, John Black Sheep(SC8541-5)
    Anderson, John Chicken Truck(SC8400-13)
    Anderson, John Country 'til I Die(SC8139-14)
    Anderson, John Goin' Down Hill(SC8647-4)
    Anderson, John Honky Tonk Crowd(SC8604-6)
    Anderson, John I Fell In The Water(SC8213-7)
    Anderson, John I Wish I Could Have Been There(SC2136-1)
    Anderson, John I've Got It Made(SC8133-5)
    Anderson, John If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me(CB60356-1)
    Anderson, John It Ain't Easy Being Me(CB20294-8)
    Anderson, John Let Go Of The Stone(SC8161-7)
    Anderson, John Long Hard Lesson Learned(SC8256-14)
    Anderson, John Mississippi Moon(SC8173-3)
    Anderson, John Money In The Bank(SC2136-7)
    Anderson, John My Kind Of Crazy(SC8303-11)
    Anderson, John Nobody's Got It All(SC8652-9)
    Anderson, John Paradise(SC8232-4)
    Anderson, John Seminole Wind(SC7594-10)
    Anderson, John Small Town(SC8409-4)
    Anderson, John Solid Ground(SC8243-12)
    Anderson, John Somebody Slap Me(SC8388-14)
    Anderson, John Straight Tequila Night(SC8158-9)
    Anderson, John Swingin'(SC7524-12)
    Anderson, John Takin' The Country Back(SC8436-9)
    Anderson, John When It Comes To You(SC8324-14)
    Anderson, John Wild & Blue(SC8426-6)
    Anderson, John Would You Catch A Falling Star(SC8567-2)
    Anderson, John You Ain't Hurt Nothin' Yet(SC8619-1)
    Anderson, Keith Every Time I Hear Your Name(THC0604-14)
    Anderson, Keith Making Memories Of Us(TU266-6)
    Anderson, Keith Pickin' Wildflowers(SC8931-10)
    Anderson, Keith Podunk(SD149-13)
    Anderson, Keith Sunday Morning In America(PHN0708-1)
    Anderson, Keith Three Chord Country & American Rock 'n' Roll(CB60355-4)
    Anderson, Keith XXL(SC8936-4)
    Anderson, Lynn Blue Bayou(SFID001-5)
    Anderson, Lynn How Can I Unlove You(PI210-17)
    Anderson, Lynn Listen To A Country Song(SC8426-7)
    Anderson, Lynn Oh Superman(SF082-1)
    Anderson, Lynn Rocky Top(PI206-2)
    Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden, (I Never Promised You A)(SC7507-13)
    Anderson, Lynn What A Man My Man Is(SC8537-7)
    Anderson, Sunshine Heard It All Before(SC8695-3)
    Andre, Peter Insania(SF219-6)
    Andre, Peter Kiss The Girl(SF123-5)
    Andre, Peter Mysterious Girl(SF061-14)
    Andre, Peter Right Way, The(SF222-14)
    Andrea True Connection More, More, More Pt. 1(SC8644-10)
    Andreone, Leah It's Alright It's OK(PHM9703-9)
    Andrews Sisters Alexander's Ragtime Band(SC8124-14)
    Andrews Sisters Beer Barrel Polka(SC8109-2)
    Andrews Sisters Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen(PI304-12)
    Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy(SC8124-2)
    Andrews Sisters Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree(SC7538-7)
    Andrews Sisters I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time(MH1040-8)
    Andrews Sisters Lullaby Of Broadway(SC7553-9)
    Andrews Sisters Rum & Coca-Cola(MH1040-14)
    Andrews, Chris Pretty Belinda(ZMJB12-13)
    Andrews, Chris To Whom It Concerns(ZMJB12-14)
    Andrews, Chris Yesterday Man(SF045-12)
    Andrews, Jessica Good Time(MM6395-11)
    Andrews, Jessica Helplessly, Hopelessly(SC8711-3)
    Andrews, Jessica I Do Now(SC8623-5)
    Andrews, Jessica I Will Be There For You(SC8520-9)
    Andrews, Jessica Karma(SC8736-4)
    Andrews, Jessica Make Me Love You(CB20329-10)
    Andrews, Jessica Summer Girl(SD135-7)
    Andrews, Jessica There's More To Me Than You(SC8851-14)
    Andrews, Jessica Unbreakable Heart(SC2355-8)
    Andrews, Jessica Unbreakable Heart [Radio Version](SC8584-8)
    Andrews, Jessica Who I Am(SC8655-3)
    Andrews, Jessica You Go First(SC8549-11)
    Andrews, Julie Do Re Mi(PI307-24)
    Andrews, Julie I Could Have Danced All Night(MH1054-10)
    Andrews, Julie Lonely Goatherd, The(SFMW908-8)
    Andrews, Julie Wouldn't It Be Loverly(PI306-9)
    Andrews, Lee & The Hearts Long Lonely Nights(MM6361-8)
    Andrews, Lee & The Hearts Teardrops(MM6400-6)
    Andrews, Michael & Gary Jules Mad World(PHR0407-3)
    Androids Do It With Madonna(SF205-2)
    Andy, Horace Problems(JV0011-5)
    Angel, Ashley Parker Let U Go(SC8983-13)
    Angel, Ashley Parker Where Did You Go(THP0612-16)
    Angelina Tide Is High, The(MM6217-9)
    Angelle, Lisa I Wear Your Love(SC8560-2)
    Angelle, Lisa I Will Love You(THC0106-15)
    Angelle, Lisa Woman Gets Lonely, A(SC8633-6)
    Angels & Airwaves Adventure, The(PHM0608-8)
    Angels & Airwaves Adventure, The [Radio Version](SC8987-1)
    Angels & Airwaves Everything's Magic(SC9019-3)
    Angels, The My Boyfriend's Back(SC7504-8)
    Angels, The Till(SC8415-4)
    Angels, The We Gotta Get Outta This Place(SFID006-6)
    Anggun Snow On The Sahara(SC8481-9)
    Animals, The Boom Boom(DK073-10)
    Animals, The Bring It On Home To Me(ZMP094-9)
    Animals, The Don't Bring Me Down(MM6171-2)
    Animals, The Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood(SC8429-15)
    Animals, The House Of The Rising Sun, The(SC7504-7)
    Animals, The I Put A Spell On You(DK030-17)
    Animals, The It's My Life(DK020-17)
    Animals, The See See Rider(DK080-5)
    Animals, The Sky Pilot(SC8575-12)
    Animals, The We Gotta Get Out Of This Place(SC8418-15)
    Animotion Obsession(SC8482-4)
    Anka, Paul Dance On Little Girl(SC8255-14)
    Anka, Paul Diana(SC8413-10)
    Anka, Paul Having My Baby(DK097-12)
    Anka, Paul I Don't Like To Sleep Alone(BS7717-11)
    Anka, Paul It's Time To Cry(SC8521-14)
    Anka, Paul Lonely Boy(SC8196-4)
    Anka, Paul My Home Town(SC8615-6)
    Anka, Paul My Way(MM6184-8)
    Anka, Paul Puppy Love(SC7554-4)
    Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder(SC8118-15)
    Anka, Paul Times Of Your Life(MM6110-1)
    Anka, Paul Tonight My Love Tonight(NT033-12)
    Anka, Paul You Are My Destiny(SC8196-10)
    Anka, Paul & Celine Dion It's Hard To Say Goodbye(SC8523-8)
    Another Level Be Alone No More(SF119-7)
    Another Level Bomb Diggy(SF150-13)
    Another Level Freak Me(SF123-9)
    Another Level From The Heart(SF140-14)
    Another Level I Want You For Myself(SF132-6)
    Ant & Dec We're On The Ball(EZH11-8)
    Anthony, Marc Am I The Only One(TU132-1)
    Anthony, Marc Don't Tell Me It's Love(TU132-2)
    Anthony, Marc I Need To Know(SC8569-2)
    Anthony, Marc I Wanna Be Free(TU132-5)
    Anthony, Marc I've Got You(SC3319-7)
    Anthony, Marc Love Won't Get Any Better(TU132-7)
    Anthony, Marc My Baby You(SC8645-2)
    Anthony, Marc No One(TU023-10)
    Anthony, Marc She Mends Me(TU132-10)
    Anthony, Marc She's Been Good To Me(TU023-11)
    Anthony, Marc Show Me The Way(TU132-12)
    Anthony, Marc That's Okay(TU023-12)
    Anthony, Marc Tragedy(MM6351-12)
    Anthony, Marc When I Dream At Night(SC8625-9)
    Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me(SC8601-1)
    Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me [Radio Version](SC3185-1)
    Anthony, Marc & Tina Arena I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You(SC8481-8)
    Anthony, Ray Bunny Hop(SC8330-3)
    Anthony, Ray Hokey Pokey, The(SC2071-3)
    Anthrax 1000 Points of Hate(HMDK-655)
    Anthrax Antisocial(SC8869-4)
    Anthrax Black Lodge(HMDK-656)
    Anthrax Bring The Noise [w/ Public Enemy](SC2364-2)
    Anthrax Burst(HMDK-657)
    Anthrax C11 H17 O2 N2 S Na(HMDK-658)
    Anthrax Caught In A Mosh(SC2400-6)
    Anthrax Got The Time(SC8830-13)
    Anthrax Hy Pro Glo(HMDK-659)
    Anthrax I'm The Man(SC2364-3)
    Anthrax Invisible(HMDK-660)
    Anthrax Milk (Ode To Billy)(HMDK-661)
    Anthrax NFB (Dallabnikufesin)(HMDK-662)
    Anthrax Only(HMDK-663)
    Anthrax Only(NT004-10)
    Anthrax Packaged Rebellion(HMDK-664)
    Anthrax Potter's Field(HMDK-665)
    Anthrax Room For One More(HMDK-666)
    Anthrax Startin' Up A Posse(HMDK-667)
    Anthrax This Is Not An Exit(HMDK-668)
    Antigone Rising Don't Look Back(SC8958-6)
    Antonia Fame(SF009-15)
    Apaka, Alfred Lovely Hula Hands(SC2419-7)
    Apollo 440 Heart Go Boom(SF154-9)
    Apollonia 6 Sex Shooter(SC8718-10)
    Apple, Fiona Across The Universe(MM6258-3)
    Apple, Fiona Criminal(SC8787-11)
    Apple, Fiona Fast As You Can(SC8581-1)
    Apple, Fiona First Taste(CB40024-9)
    Apple, Fiona Limp(SC3185-5)
    Apple, Fiona Never Is A Promise(MM6227-2)
    Apple, Fiona Shadowboxer(SC8337-9)
    Apple, Fiona Sleep To Dream(SC8381-3)
    Appleby, Kim Don't Worry(SF112-5)
    Applejacks Tell Me When(ZMH003-9)
    Appleton Don't Worry(SF202-10)
    Appleton Fantasy(SF195-13)
    April Wine Could Have Been A Lady(HMDK-164)
    April Wine Cum Hear The Band(KAR006-8)
    April Wine Enough Is Enough(KAR006-2)
    April Wine I Like To Rock(KAR006-4)
    April Wine I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love(KAR006-9)
    April Wine Just Between You & Me(SC8346-2)
    April Wine Rock & Roll Is A Vicious Game(KAR006-6)
    April Wine Roller(KAR006-5)
    April Wine Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love(KAR006-3)
    April Wine Whole World's Goin' Crazy(KAR006-7)
    April Wine You Won't Dance With Me(KAR006-10)
    Aqua Around The World(SF163-13)
    Aqua Barbie Girl(PHM9709-2)
    Aqua Candy Man(SF119-3)
    Aqua Cartoon Heroes(SF161-15)
    Aqua Doctor Jones(SF118-1)
    Aqua Good Morning Sunshine(SF130-6)
    Aqua Heat Of The Night(SF123-15)
    Aqua Turn Back Time(SC8462-6)
    Aqualung Brighter Than Sunshine(SC8966-11)
    Aqualung Good Times Gonna Come(SF199-10)
    Aqualung Strange & Beautiful(SF198-8)
    Arcade Fire Intervention(THHP0710-14)
    Arcade Fire No Cars Go(SF258-9)
    Arcadia Election Day(SC8678-11)
    Archer & Park Where There's Smoke(SC8309-13)
    Archer, Tasmin Sleeping Satellite(SF004-12)
    Archies, The Sugar, Sugar(SC7543-6)
    Arctic Monkeys Brainstorm(THP0707-13)
    Arctic Monkeys Fluorescent Adolescent(SF257-1)
    Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor(SC8966-15)
    Arctic Monkeys Leave Before The Lights Come On(MREH032-5)
    Arctic Monkeys Teddy Picker(SF262-9)
    Arctic Monkeys View From The Afternoon, The(EZH56-13)
    Arctic Monkeys When The Sun Goes Down (Scummy)(SF239-14)
    Arden, Jann Could I Be Your Girl(KAR005-4)
    Arden, Jann Good Mother(SC8337-10)
    Arden, Jann Insensitive(SC8348-12)
    Arden, Jann Willing To Fall Down(PHAC0511-4)
    Arena, Tina Chains, The(THM9605-2)
    Arena, Tina If I Was A River(MM6265-10)
    Arena, Tina Show Me Heaven(SC8299-3)
    Arena, Tina Sorrento Moon(DU2-13)
    Arena, Tina Symphony Of Life(SFMW868-14)
    Arena, Tina Whistle Down The Wind(SF123-2)
    Argent Hold Your Head Up(SC8178-9)
    Armatrading, Joan Drop The Pilot(SFMW868-3)
    Armatrading, Joan Love & Affection(SFMW903-11)
    Armstrong, Louis Blueberry Hill(LG109-5)
    Armstrong, Louis Hello Dolly(SC7505-11)
    Armstrong, Louis Kiss To Build A Dream On, A(MM6037-15)
    Armstrong, Louis La Vie En Rose(TU179-12)
    Armstrong, Louis Mack The Knife(LG109-3)
    Armstrong, Louis Mame(LG109-6)
    Armstrong, Louis We Have All The Time In The World(SFMW867-1)
    Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World(SC7505-7)
    Armstrong, Louis When The Saints Go Marching In(LG109-2)
    Armstrong, Louis Zat You Santa Claus(SC8780-10)
    Army Of Anyone Goodbye(SC9005-5)
    Arnold, Eddy Anytime(CB20219-9)
    Arnold, Eddy Bouquet Of Roses(SC8682-6)
    Arnold, Eddy Cattle Call, The(SC8262-4)
    Arnold, Eddy Each Minute Seems Like A Million Years(SC8592-9)
    Arnold, Eddy I Really Don't Want To Know(SC8555-2)
    Arnold, Eddy I Want To Go With You(SC8383-2)
    Arnold, Eddy I'll Hold You In My Heart(SC8208-8)
    Arnold, Eddy Just A Little Lovin' Will Go A Long, Long Way(SC7567-8)
    Arnold, Eddy Last Word In Lonesome Is Me, The(JV0006-4)
    Arnold, Eddy Make The World Go Away(SC7518-2)
    Arnold, Eddy Out Of The Blue(SC8321-11)
    Arnold, Eddy Streets Of Laredo, The(MM6172-10)
    Arnold, Eddy Wayward Wind, The(MM6172-14)
    Arnold, Eddy What's He Doing In My World(SC8419-9)
    Arnold, Eddy You Don't Know Me(SC7544-7)
    Arrested Development Mr. Wendel(JV1003-5)
    Arrested Development People Everyday(SFMW865-8)
    Arrested Development Tennessee(SC8760-11)
    Arrington, Steve Dancin' In The Key Of Life(SF068-7)
    Arrow Hot Hot Hot(SF028-11)
    Art 'N' Soul Ever Since You Went Away(SC8281-2)
    Artful Dodger Movin' Too Fast(SF161-16)
    Artful Dodger Please Don't Turn Me On(SF174-11)
    Artful Dodger Re-Wind (When The Crowd Say Bo-Selecta)(SF160-1)
    Artful Dodger Twenty Four Seven [w/ Mel Blatt](SF182-12)
    Artful Dodger Woman Trouble(SF167-1)
    As Told By Ginger As Told By Ginger(SM9921-12)
    Ash Candy(SF183-12)
    Ash Girl From Mars(SFG017-1)
    Ash Life Less Odinary(SF115-13)
    Ash Orpheus(SFMW852-13)
    Ash Sometimes(SF182-7)
    Ash Star Crossed(SF220-4)
    Ash You Can't Have It All(THP0707-14)
    Ashanti Baby(SC8773-4)
    Ashanti Breakup 2 Makeup(TU197-1)
    Ashanti Don't Let Them(SF232-5)
    Ashanti Dreams [Radio Version](SC8822-13)
    Ashanti Foolish(SC8757-13)
    Ashanti Happy(SC8797-12)
    Ashanti Only U(SC8908-12)
    Ashanti Only You(EZH43-7)
    Ashanti Rain On Me(HTG1011-15)
    Ashanti Rain On Me [Radio Version](SC8849-1)
    Ashanti Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)(SC8834-1)
    Ashanti & Ja Rule Don't Leave Me Alone(CB30051-11)
    Ashcroft, Richard Break The Night With Colour(SF240-12)
    Ashcroft, Richard C'mon People(SF170-2)
    Ashcroft, Richard Money To Burn(SF167-5)
    Ashcroft, Richard Song For The Lovers, A(SF163-16)
    Ashford & Simpson Solid(SF011-7)
    Ashley, Leon Laura(PI212-13)
    Ashton, Raye & Jim Brickman Gift, The(SC2180-5)
    Ashton, Susan Can't Cry Hard Enough [Acoustic](LGK003-4)
    Ashton, Susan Closer(SC8608-13)
    Ashton, Susan Faith Of The Heart(SC3126-3)
    Ashton, Susan She Is(SD111-11)
    Ashton, Susan You're Lucky I Love You(SC8546-2)
    Ashworth, Ernie Talk Back Trembling Lips(SC8276-2)
    Asia Don't Cry(SC8886-4)
    Asia Heat Of The Moment(SC8283-6)
    Asia Only Time Will Tell(SC8552-14)
    Askey, Arthur Bee Song (Busy Bee), The(SFMW904-9)
    Asleep At The Wheel Blues For Dixie [w/ Lyle Lovett](SC8309-4)
    Asleep At The Wheel Cherokee Maiden(SC8608-6)
    Asleep At The Wheel Letter That Johnny Walker Read, The(SC8564-15)
    Aslyn Be The Girl(PHM0506-7)
    Asnavour, Charles She(SF077-1)
    Association, The Along Comes Mary(SC8396-2)
    Association, The Cherish(SC7600-5)
    Association, The Everything That Touches You(LG227-9)
    Association, The Never My Love(SC8441-10)
    Association, The Windy(SC7550-4)
    Astaire, Fred Cheek To Cheek(PI302-18)
    Astaire, Fred Let's Call The Whole Thing Off(SC7599-1)
    Astaire, Fred Way You Look Tonight, The(TU220-14)
    Astley, Rick Hopelessly(NU2017-3)
    Astley, Rick It Would Take A Strong, Strong Man(JV0044-3)
    Astley, Rick Never Gonna Give You Up(SC8609-1)
    Astley, Rick One You Love, The(NUKH026-3)
    Astley, Rick Ones You Love, The(MM6040-10)
    Astley, Rick She Wants To Dance With Me(JV0044-4)
    Astley, Rick Take Me To Your Heart(PI052-16)
    Astley, Rick Together Forever(JV0044-2)
    Astley, Rick When I Fall In Love(PI013-2)
    Astley, Rick Whenever You Need Somebody(JV0044-6)
    Aswad Don't Turn Around(SFMW809-6)
    Aswad Shine(SC8500-12)
    At The Drive-In One Armed Scissor(THR0104-16)
    Ataris, The Boys Of Summer, The(THR0309-12)
    Ataris, The In This Diary(THR0306-18)
    Ataris, The Saddest Song, The(THR0312-17)
    ATB Killer(SF164-3)
    ATC Around The World(THP0106-17)
    Ateens Mamma Mia(SF155-14)
    Athenaeum What I Didn't Know(SC3079-8)
    Athlete El Salvador(SFMW908-11)
    Athlete Half Light(ZMP076-10)
    Athlete Hurricane(THHP0711-16)
    Athlete Tourist(SF235-13)
    Athlete Wires(SF228-9)
    Athlete You Got The Style(SFMW912-11)
    Atkins, Chet I Still Write Your Name In The Snow(SC8271-8)
    Atkins, Rodney 15 Minutes(PHN0908-2)
    Atkins, Rodney Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)(THC0801-20)
    Atkins, Rodney Honesty (Write Me A List)(SC8837-11)
    Atkins, Rodney If You're Going Through Hell(THC0604-15)
    Atkins, Rodney In A Heartbeat(SC8394-6)
    Atkins, Rodney Monkey's In The Middle(SD128-13)
    Atkins, Rodney My Old Man(SD103-8)
    Atkins, Rodney Sing Along(SC8779-12)
    Atkins, Rodney Someone To Share It With(SD119-6)
    Atkins, Rodney These Are My People(SC9004-2)
    Atkins, Rodney Watching You(SC8996-6)
    Atlanta Sweet Country Music(SC8506-14)
    Atlanta Rhythm Section Champagne Jam(MM6194-14)
    Atlanta Rhythm Section Doraville(SC8922-12)
    Atlanta Rhythm Section Imaginary Lover(SC8479-10)
    Atlanta Rhythm Section So Into You(SC8449-5)
    Atlantic Starr Always(SC7545-13)
    Atlantic Starr Masterpiece(SC8266-5)
    Atlantic Starr Secret Lovers(SC8181-9)
    Atomic Kitten Be With You(SF200-7)
    Atomic Kitten Cradle(SF227-14)
    Atomic Kitten Eternal Flame(SF180-10)
    Atomic Kitten Feels So Good(SFG038-15)
    Atomic Kitten If You Come To Me(SF211-3)
    Atomic Kitten It's Okay(SFG038-10)
    Atomic Kitten Ladies Night(SF213-3)
    Atomic Kitten Last Goodbye(SFG038-14)
    Atomic Kitten Love Doesn't Have To Hurt(SF203-8)
    Atomic Kitten Someone Like Me(SF216-12)
    Atomic Kitten Tide Is High (Get The Feeling), The(SC2446-8)
    Atomic Kitten Walking On The Water(TU214-16)
    Atomic Kitten Whole Again(SF176-14)
    Atomic Kitten You Are(SF184-8)
    Audio Adrenaline Ocean Floor(TU207-11)
    Audio Bullys Shot You Down(EZH48-10)
    Audioslave Be Yourself(THR0507-10)
    Audioslave Cochise(THR0302-10)
    Audioslave Doesn't Remind Me(THR0510-12)
    Audioslave I Am The Highway(THR0401-13)
    Audioslave Like A Stone(THR0304-11)
    Audioslave Out Of Exile(THR0603-11)
    Audioslave Show Me How To Live(THR0309-10)
    Audioslave What You Are(THR0406-15)
    Audioslave Your Time Has Come(THR0508-13)
    Audiovent Energy, The(TU142-15)
    Audiovent Looking Down(TU159-10)
    Auf Der Maur, Melissa Followed The Waves(THR0408-16)
    August & The Spur Of The Moment Band I-95 Song(SC8117-4)
    Augustana Boston(SC8995-13)
    Aurora Day It Rained Forever, The(TU149-16)
    Austin, Chad All My Dreams(CB20156-9)
    Austin, Patti If We're Not In Love(SC8499-9)
    Austin, Patti Mood Indigo(PI304-9)
    Austin, Patti & James Ingram Baby, Come To Me(SC8284-3)
    Austin, Sherrie Drivin' Into The Sun(SC8867-6)
    Austin, Sherrie In The Meantime(CB20309-8)
    Austin, Sherrie Innocent Man(SC8474-3)
    Austin, Sherrie Jolene(CB20275-10)
    Austin, Sherrie Little Bird(SC3167-6)
    Austin, Sherrie Lucky In Love(SC3024-4)
    Austin, Sherrie Never Been Kissed(SC8543-11)
    Austin, Sherrie One Solitary Tear(SC8409-7)
    Austin, Sherrie Put Your Heart Into It(SC8444-10)
    Austin, Sherrie Son Of A Preacher Man(SD121-11)
    Austin, Sherrie Streets Of Heaven(SC8833-13)
    Authority Zero One More Minute(THR0303-14)
    Autograph Turn Up The Radio(SC8631-9)
    Automatic, The Monster(SF245-10)
    Automatic, The Raoul(SF251-10)
    Automatic, The Recover(SFMW883-11)
    Autrey, Gene Back In The Saddle(SC8509-10)
    Autrey, Gene Have I Told You Lately That I Love You(CBE3-01-4)
    Autrey, Gene You Are My Sunshine(MH1039-11)
    Avalon I Don't Want To Go(SC8828-9)
    Avalon Testify To Love(SC8962-6)
    Avalon, Frankie Dede Dinah(SC8513-12)
    Avalon, Frankie Just Ask Your Heart(SC8521-15)
    Avalon, Frankie Venus(SC7541-4)
    Avalon, Frankie Why(SC8255-5)
    Avant 4 Minutes(THH0607-14)
    Avant Can't Wait(THH0505-16)
    Avant Don't Take Your Love Away(SC8878-1)
    Avant My First Love [w/ Ketara Wyatt](SC8664-13)
    Avant Separated(SC8629-15)
    Avenged Sevenfold Almost Easy [Radio Version](SC9019-1)
    Avenged Sevenfold Bat Country(SC8957-13)
    Average White Band Cut The Cake(SC8386-5)
    Average White Band Work To Do(SC8151-13)
    Avion Beautiful(THP0507-12)
    Axwell I Found You(THHP0711-13)
    Az Yet & Peter Cetera Hard To Say I'm Sorry(SC3012-1)
    Az Yet & Peter Cetera Last Night(SC8320-13)
    Azar, Steve I Don't Have To Be Me(SC8798-15)
    Azar, Steve I Never Stopped Lovin' You(SC2051-8)
    Azar, Steve Love Had No Right(SC3028-3)
    Azar, Steve My Heart Wants To Run(SD097-6)
    Azar, Steve Nights Like This(SC8336-12)
    Azar, Steve Someday(SC8267-4)
    Azar, Steve Waitin' On Joe(SC8779-7)
    Azar, Steve You Don't Know A Thing(CB60354-14)
    Aztec Camera Somewhere In My Heart(SF137-4)


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