April Oke:

April Oke is a Karaoke Goddess. She's been doing this sort of thing for 12 years.  Even before she started hosting, she used to go to various shows around the area, showing off her skills and singing her ass off. And trust me, they're not the same thing.

April holds two diplomas from Fanshawe college in London, Ontario:  One for video post-production, and another for recording engineering.  This gives her more of an ear for music than most people, and she really knows how to set up the noise to make every singer sound their best.


Cameron has been a singer since the age of 8, playing lead roles in various school plays and soloing in choirs.  He's been singing rock music since 1997, and never looked back.

Cameron is also a dedicated audiophile, having graduated in 1993 from Mohawk College's radio broadcasting program.

If April is the karaoke, then Cameron is the attitude.  Put a microphone in his hand and there's no telling what he's gonna say.  It's primarily for this reason that we like to run a show that has no barriers, because once Cameron starts going, everyone else follows suit. 

Cameron is a dedicated worshipper of April, and started their relationship as a patron at April's shows before being "shown the ropes", so to speak.  Now married, they work together in the form of K.W.A. to create a smooth show, with no interruptions, and limited dead air.  One pushes buttons while the other schmoozes, and it works.  Really.


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