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    B'Witched Blame It On The Weatherman(SF132-15)
    B'Witched C'est La Vie(SC8515-6)
    B'Witched I Shall Be There(SF155-10)
    B'Witched Jessie Hold On(SF150-3)
    B'Witched Jump Down(SF161-8)
    B'Witched Rollercoaster(SC8553-13)
    B'Witched To You I Belong(SF128-3)
    B-52's, The Deadbeat Club(DK049-4)
    B-52's, The Debbie(SC8465-12)
    B-52's, The Good Stuff(JV1001-13)
    B-52's, The Love Shack(SC7503-6)
    B-52's, The Private Idaho(SC8522-13)
    B-52's, The Roam(SC8861-4)
    B-52's, The Rock Lobster(SC8678-3)
    B.B. & Q. Band Dreamer(SF068-13)
    B.T. Express Do It 'Til You're Satisfied(DK031-18)
    B2K Girlfriend(TU202-4)
    B2K Gots Ta Be(SC8766-1)
    B2K Uh Huh(SC8747-6)
    B2K & P. Diddy Bump Bump Bump(SC8805-15)
    B2K & P. Diddy Do That(SC3351-6)
    B2K & P. Diddy Do That [Radio Version](SC8812-7)
    B5 All I Do(PHM0506-9)
    B5 Hydrolic [w/ Bow Wow](PHU0711-9)
    Babe Growing Boy(PS2003-4-14)
    Baby Bash Baby I'm Back [w/ Akon](THH0508-17)
    Baby Bash Cyclone [w/ T-Pain](PHU0710-8)
    Baby Bash Suga Suga [w/ Frankie J.](SC8849-11)
    Baby Boy Way I Live, The [w/ Lil Boosie](PHU0706-9)
    Baby Cakes Three Of A Kind(EZH38-1)
    Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy(SFMW817-8)
    Baby Ranks Mayor Que Yo(SC8937-10)
    Babybird Bad Old Man(SF121-11)
    Babybird You're Gorgeous(LGK001-8)
    Babyface And Our Feelings(NU2032-2)
    Babyface Day That You Gave Me A Son, The(PI052-2)
    Babyface Every Time I Close My Eyes(PHM9703-6)
    Babyface Fire & Rain(SD4711-14)
    Babyface For The Cool In You(SC8132-7)
    Babyface Grown & Sexy(THH0604-12)
    Babyface How Come, How Long(PHM9707-8)
    Babyface My Kinda Girl(DK060-1)
    Babyface Never Keeping Secrets(SC8121-14)
    Babyface Seven Seas(PI050-18)
    Babyface Talk To Me(PI052-17)
    Babyface There She Goes(MM6346-11)
    Babyface This Is For The Lover In You(PI054-10)
    Babyface When Can I See You(SC8132-14)
    Babyface Whip Appeal(SC8755-10)
    Babyface & Lisa Stansfield Dream Away(SD007-8)
    Babylon Zoo Spaceman(SF060-4)
    Babys, The Every Time I Think Of You(SC8221R-7)
    Babys, The Head First(SC7564-6)
    Babys, The Isn't It Time(SC8456-11)
    Babyshambles Delivery(MREH041-15)
    Babyshambles Forever(SF235-11)
    Baccara Yes Sir I Can Boogie(SF071-5)
    Bacharach, Burt This Guy's In Love With You(DK046-9)
    Bacharach, Burt & Elvis Costello God Give Me Strength(SFMW819-12)
    Bachelors, The Charmaine(SF066-2)
    Bachelors, The Diane(SF094-14)
    Bachelors, The I Wouldn't Trade You For The World(ZMJB03-13)
    Bachelors, The My Diane(HMDK-1)
    Bachman, Tal If You Sleep(MM6287-11)
    Bachman, Tal If You Sleep [Radio Version](SC8595-15)
    Bachman, Tal She's So High(SC3138-2)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Four Wheel Drive(CB90240-15)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Gimme Your Money Please(CB90240-8)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Give It Time(CB90240-10)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Hey You(CB90240-13)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Hold Back The Water(CB90240-7)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Let It Ride(SC2439-5)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Letter, The(CB90240-6)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Lookin' Out For #1(CB90240-11)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Not Fragile(CB90240-5)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Rock Is My Life, & This Is My Song(CB90240-14)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Roll On Down The Highway(SC8539-15)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Take It Like A Man(CB90240-4)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Takin' Care Of Business(SC8142-9)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive Thank You For The Feelin'(CB90240-9)
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet(SC7587-8)
    Backstreet Boys 10,000 Promises(BS9617-1)
    Backstreet Boys All I Have To Give(SC8503-7)
    Backstreet Boys Anywhere For You(LG007-14)
    Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me(SC8452-7)
    Backstreet Boys Back To Your Heart(SC8553-9)
    Backstreet Boys Boys Will Be Boys(TU031-2)
    Backstreet Boys Call, The(SC8680-11)
    Backstreet Boys Crawling To You(SD4601-8)
    Backstreet Boys Darlin'(MM6298-5)
    Backstreet Boys Don't Leave Me(BS9617-4)
    Backstreet Boys Drowning(SC8732-4)
    Backstreet Boys Everybody(SC8452-1)
    Backstreet Boys Everytime I Close My Eyes(TU031-4)
    Backstreet Boys Get Another Boyfriend(SFMW843-2)
    Backstreet Boys Get Down(LG007-15)
    Backstreet Boys Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)(TU031-5)
    Backstreet Boys I Love It Like That(HSPAK3-08-6)
    Backstreet Boys I Still(SF240-5)
    Backstreet Boys I Wanna Be With You(TU031-6)
    Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way(SC3138-1)
    Backstreet Boys I'll Never Break Your Heart(SC2217-7)
    Backstreet Boys I'll Never Stop(HSPAK3-09-5)
    Backstreet Boys If I Don't Have You(TU031-8)
    Backstreet Boys If You Want It To Be Good (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)(TU031-9)
    Backstreet Boys If You Want To Be Good Girl(MM6298-7)
    Backstreet Boys Incomplete(SC8932-11)
    Backstreet Boys Inconsolable(CB30067-11)
    Backstreet Boys Just Want You To Know(SF236-7)
    Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life(SC3155-7)
    Backstreet Boys Let's Have A Party(TU031-11)
    Backstreet Boys Like A Child(HSPAK3-12-20)
    Backstreet Boys More Than That(SC8702-9)
    Backstreet Boys Nobody But You(TU031-13)
    Backstreet Boys One, The(SC8616-4)
    Backstreet Boys Perfect Fan, The(SC8613-9)
    Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games With My Heart(SC8390-8)
    Backstreet Boys Set Adrift On Memory Bliss(MM6298-3)
    Backstreet Boys Shape Of My Heart(SC8649-14)
    Backstreet Boys Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely(SC8587-1)
    Backstreet Boys Straight Through My Heart(CB30114-2)
    Backstreet Boys That's The Way I Like It(BS9617-10)
    Backstreet Boys That's What She Said(TU031-17)
    Backstreet Boys We've Got It Goin' On(MM6298-1)
    Bad Company Bad Company(SC8404-6)
    Bad Company Can't Get Enough Of Your Love(SC8176-10)
    Bad Company Feel Like Makin' Love(SC2008-7)
    Bad Company Good Lovin' Gone Bad(SC8334-7)
    Bad Company Movin' On(DG02-15)
    Bad Company One Night(LG202-8)
    Bad Company Ready For Love(SC8939-10)
    Bad Company Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy(SC8430-15)
    Bad Company Rock Steady(LG202-4)
    Bad Company Seagull(AMS1507-5)
    Bad Company Shooting Star(SC8539-3)
    Bad Company Young Blood(SC8314-7)
    Bad English When I See You Smile(SC8791-15)
    Bad Manners Special Brew(SFMW867-12)
    Bad Religion Sorrow(THR0204-16)
    Badfinger Baby Blue(SC8568-4)
    Badfinger Come & Get It(SC8706-9)
    Badfinger Day After Day(SC8706-13)
    Badfinger No Matter What(SC8706-14)
    Badfinger Without You(SC8706-12)
    Badlands In A Dream(SC8928-11)
    Badlees Angeline Is Coming Home(SC8304-9)
    Badly Drawn Boy Disillusion(SF175-6)
    Badly Drawn Boy Spitting In The Wind(SF179-11)
    Badu, Erykah Appletree(SC8754-5)
    Badu, Erykah Bag Lady(SC8637-13)
    Badu, Erykah Danger [Radio Version](SC3390-3)
    Badu, Erykah Love Of My Life [w/ Common](SC8801-8)
    Badu, Erykah Next Lifetime(SC8377-10)
    Badu, Erykah On & On(SC8357-12)
    Badu, Erykah Tyrone [Live](SC8754-11)
    Baeling, Becky Heaven Is A Place On Earth(TU227-10)
    Baez, Joan Diamonds & Rust(SC8477-7)
    Baez, Joan Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The(SC8492-8)
    Baha Men Best Years Of Our Lives(MM6343-13)
    Baha Men Move It Like This(SF194-10)
    Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out(SC8637-11)
    Baha Men You All Dat(SF176-7)
    Bailey & The Boys Long Shot(SC8537-13)
    Bailey Rae, Corinne Trouble Sleeping(SF244-11)
    Bailey, Phillip & Phil Collins Easy Lover(ZML008-15)
    Bailey, Razzy Friends(SC8676-5)
    Bainbridge, Merrill Lonely(SC8484-6)
    Bainbridge, Merrill Miss You(SC3029-5)
    Bainbridge, Merrill Mouth(SC8325-5)
    Bainbridge, Merrill Under The Water(SC8460-6)
    Baker & Myers Little Bit Of Honey, A(SC8311-14)
    Baker & Myers Years From Here(SC8239-13)
    Baker, Anita Angel(SC8754-12)
    Baker, Anita Body & Soul(SC8150-3)
    Baker, Anita Caught Up In The Rapture(SC8273-14)
    Baker, Anita Giving You The Best That I Got(SC8126-14)
    Baker, Anita I Apologize(SC8466-6)
    Baker, Anita Just Because(DK042-8)
    Baker, Anita No One In The World(SC8259-2)
    Baker, Anita Same Ole Love(SC8606-7)
    Baker, Anita Soul Inspiration(SC8363-4)
    Baker, Anita Sweet Love(SC8261-4)
    Baker, Anita Talk To Me(MM6027-11)
    Baker, Anita Whatever It Takes(SC8754-2)
    Baker, Anita You Bring Me Joy(SC8405-1)
    Baker, Anita You're My Everything(THH0412-10)
    Baker, LaVern I Cried A Tear(MM6222-4)
    Baker, LaVern Jim Dandy(SC8814-3)
    Baldry, Long John Let The Heartache Begin(SF074-7)
    Balin, Marty Hearts(SC8725-11)
    Ball, David Circle Of Friends(SC8280-10)
    Ball, David Hangin' In & Hangin' On(SC8311-1)
    Ball, David Honky Tonk Healin'(CB20334-11)
    Ball, David I Want To With You(CB20097-10)
    Ball, David I'll Never Make It Through This Fall(SC3017-8)
    Ball, David Look What Followed Me Home(SC8260-1)
    Ball, David Riding With Private Malone(SC8727-8)
    Ball, David She Always Talked About Mexico(CB20342-8)
    Ball, David Thinkin' Problem(SC8129-8)
    Ball, David Watching My Baby Not Coming Back(SC8543-15)
    Ball, David What Do You Want With His Love(SC8173-8)
    Ball, David When The Thought Of You Catches Up(SC8139-1)
    Ball, David Whenever You Come Back To Me(CB20384-10)
    Ball, Michael One Step Out Of Time(SFMW826-14)
    Ball, Michael With One Look(SFMW842-8)
    Ballard, Hank & Midnighters Finger Poppin' Time(SC8255-13)
    Ballard, Roger You Can't Get There From Here(SC8287-15)
    Baloche, Paul Open The Eyes Of My Heart(SC8919-8)
    Balsamo, Steve Sugar For The Soul(SF191-3)
    Baltimora Tarzan Boy(HMDK-705)
    Baltimora Tarzan Boy(SC8678-4)
    Banana Splits Dickies(PI326-4)
    Bananarama Bananarama Medley, The(ZMP059-13)
    Bananarama Cruel Summer(SC8322-14)
    Bananarama Help(ZMP059-12)
    Bananarama I Heard A Rumour(DK067-5)
    Bananarama I Want You Back(ZMP059-10)
    Bananarama It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It(ZMP059-1)
    Bananarama Love In The First Degree(ZMP059-9)
    Bananarama Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye(ZMP059-4)
    Bananarama Nathan Jones(SF151-10)
    Bananarama Really Saying Something(ZMP059-2)
    Bananarama Robert DeNiro's Waiting(SF033-15)
    Bananarama Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)(SC8571-8)
    Bananarama Venus(SF057-8)
    Band, The Chest Fever(SKK007-10)
    Band, The I Shall Be Released(DK077-7)
    Band, The Life Is A Carnival(SC8599-13)
    Band, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The(SKK007-3)
    Band, The Ophelia(SKK007-5)
    Band, The Rag Mama Rag(SKK007-4)
    Band, The Shape I'm In, The(SKK007-9)
    Band, The Stage Fright(SKK007-8)
    Band, The Time To Kill(SKK007-7)
    Band, The Up On Cripple Creek(SC8477-9)
    Band, The Weight, The(SKK007-1)
    Banda El Recodo Yo Se Que Te Acordaras(TU236-15)
    Banda Maguey Mil Gracias(TU236-8)
    Bandy, Moe Americana(CB20355-10)
    Bandy, Moe Following The Feeling [w/ Judy Bailey](MM6314-6)
    Bandy, Moe Hank Williams You Wrote My Life(SC8414-1)
    Bandy, Moe I Cheated Me Right Out Of You(SC8342-15)
    Bandy, Moe It Was Always So Easy(SC8525-8)
    Bandy, Moe It's A Cheating Situation(SC8262-13)
    Bandy, Moe Just Good Ol' Boys [w/ Joe Stamply](MH1084-3)
    Bandy, Moe She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin Even)(SC8551-8)
    Bandy, Moe Til I'm Too Old To Die Young(SC8576-1)
    Bandy, Moe Two Lonely People(SC8792-2)
    Bane, Lazlo Superman(SFMW910-5)
    Bangles, The Eternal Flame(PI011-12)
    Bangles, The Going Down To Liverpool(SFMW902-11)
    Bangles, The Hazy Shade Of Winter(SC8259-6)
    Bangles, The Hero Takes A Fall(SFMW896-12)
    Bangles, The If She Knew What She Wants(SC8535-1)
    Bangles, The In Your Room(SC8329-3)
    Bangles, The Manic Monday(SC8331-10)
    Bangles, The Something That You Said(TU233-11)
    Bangles, The Walk Down The Street(JV0036-10)
    Bangles, The Walk Like An Egyptian(SC8273-9)
    Banks, Heywood Yeah Toast(HMDK-714)
    Banks, Lloyd Hands Up [/w 50 Cent](PHU0611-7)
    Banks, Lloyd Karma(SC8909-6)
    Banks, Lloyd On Fire [Radio Version](SC8879-8)
    Banner, David Play(THH0512-12)
    Banner, David Play [Radio Version](SC8948-10)
    Banner, David Touchin' [w/ Jazze Pha](PHU0604-3)
    Banton, Pato Baby Come Back(SF050-1)
    Bar-Kays, The Freakshow On The Dancefloor(SC8969-15)
    Bar-Kays, The Shake Your Rump To The Funk(SC8386-15)
    Bardo, Sharie Crazy Little Thing Called Love(THP0105-18)
    Bardo, Sharie Happy Together(THP0102-9)
    Bardo, Sharie These Boots Are Made For Walkin'(THP0101-18)
    Bardot Poison(DU2-9)
    Bare, Bobby 500 Miles Away From Home(SC8682-7)
    Bare, Bobby Detroit City(SC8682-4)
    Bare, Bobby Dropkick Me, Jesus(SC8604-3)
    Bare, Bobby Four Strong Winds(SC8428-11)
    Bare, Bobby Jogger, The(SC8707-11)
    Bare, Bobby Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn(SC8525-9)
    Bare, Bobby Marie Laveau(SC7555-3)
    Bare, Bobby Streets Of Baltimore, The(SC8491-7)
    Bare, Bobby That's How I Got To Memphis(SC8576-7)
    Bare, Bobby Winner, The(SC8669-12)
    Bareilles, Sara Love Song(PHM0801-7)
    Barenaked Ladies Alcohol(RSZ604-15)
    Barenaked Ladies Another Postcard(SC8859-9)
    Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono(RSZ604-16)
    Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson(SC8640-10)
    Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson [2000 Version](RSZ604-5)
    Barenaked Ladies Call & Answer(SC8542-7)
    Barenaked Ladies Easy(SD4611-13)
    Barenaked Ladies Enid(RSZ604-13)
    Barenaked Ladies Falling For The First Time(SC8730-8)
    Barenaked Ladies Get In Line(SC8572-6)
    Barenaked Ladies Get In Line [Duet Version](RSZ604-10)
    Barenaked Ladies If I Had $1,000,000(SC8640-6)
    Barenaked Ladies If I Had $1,000,000 [Yellow Tape Mix](RSZ604-3)
    Barenaked Ladies It's All Been Done(SC8501-3)
    Barenaked Ladies Jane(RSZ604-7)
    Barenaked Ladies Never Is Enough(RSZ604-14)
    Barenaked Ladies Old Apartment, The(RSZ604-1)
    Barenaked Ladies One Week(SC8469-10)
    Barenaked Ladies Pinch Me(SC8637-9)
    Barenaked Ladies Sell Sell Sell(TU054-10)
    Barenaked Ladies Shoe Box(RSZ604-6)
    Barenaked Ladies Straw Hat(RSZ604-8)
    Barenaked Ladies Testing 1, 2, 3(MM6408-13)
    Barenaked Ladies Too Little Too Late(SC3247-1)
    Barenaked Ladies What A Good Boy(RSZ604-11)
    Barenaked Ladies When I Fall(RSZ604-9)
    Barlow, Gary Open Road(SF116-1)
    Barlow, Gary So Help Me Girl(SC8422-5)
    Barnes & Barnes Fish Heads(SC8544-6)
    Barnes, Jimmy Working Class Man(DU1-14)
    Barnett, Mandy I've Got A Right To Cry(SC8543-3)
    Barnett, Mandy Maybe(SC8285-12)
    Barnett, Mandy Now That's All Right With Me(SC8247-8)
    Barnett, Mandy Planet Of Love(CHM97F5-9)
    Barnett, Mandy Simple I Love You, A(SC8315-7)
    Barnett, Mandy Whispering Wind (Blows on By), The(SC8560-8)
    Barrie, JJ No Charge(SF102-3)
    Barrino, Fantasia Only One U(PHU0711-6)
    Barrio Boy Cerca De Ti(BS4717-11)
    Barry, Claudja Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes(TU130-3)
    Bartels, Joanie I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas(MM6318-10)
    Barton, Eileen If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked(SC8415-8)
    Base, Rob & D.J. E-Z Rock It Takes Two(SC8892-13)
    Base, Rob & D.J. E-Z Rock Joy & Pain(SC8746-13)
    Basement Jaxx Good Luck(SFMW857-10)
    Basement Jaxx Hush Boy(SF247-3)
    Basement Jaxx Red Alert(SF140-2)
    Basement Jaxx Romeo(SF182-5)
    Basement Jaxx U Don't Know Me(MREH020-10)
    Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At(SC8789-8)
    Basia New Day For You, A(SC8518-13)
    Basia Time & Tide(SC7564-13)
    Basil, Toni Mickey(SC7542-12)
    Bass, Fontella Rescue Me(SC7543-10)
    Bassey, Shirley And I Love You So(LGK002-10)
    Bassey, Shirley As I Love You(SFSB01-3)
    Bassey, Shirley As Long As He Needs Me(SFSB01-4)
    Bassey, Shirley Big Spender(LG200-14)
    Bassey, Shirley Diamonds Are Forever(SC8468-15)
    Bassey, Shirley For All We Know(SFSB01-11)
    Bassey, Shirley Goldfinger(SC7571-12)
    Bassey, Shirley I Who Have Nothing(SF066-4)
    Bassey, Shirley I'll Get By(SFSB01-9)
    Bassey, Shirley Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me(SFSB01-2)
    Bassey, Shirley Moonraker(ZMP026-7)
    Bassey, Shirley Never Never Never(SFSB01-7)
    Bassey, Shirley Reach For The Sky(SF085-3)
    Bassey, Shirley Something(SFSB01-10)
    Bassey, Shirley Thank You For The Years(SFMW900-8)
    Bassey, Shirley Tonight(SFSB01-12)
    Bassey, Shirley What Now My Love(SF085-14)
    Bassey, Shirley Where Do I Begin(SFSB01-13)
    Bassey, Shirley With These Hands(SFSB01-5)
    Bassey, Shirley You'll Never Know(SF085-4)
    Bates, Jeff Good People(CB20580-7)
    Bates, Jeff I Wanna Make You Cry(THC0407-17)
    Bates, Jeff Long, Slow Kisses(SC8931-13)
    Bates, Jeff Love Song, The(SC8816-13)
    Bates, Jeff No Shame(SD139-10)
    Bates, Jeff One Second Chance(SD145-7)
    Bates, Jeff Rainbow Man(SC8847-5)
    Bates, Jeff Wanna Make You Cry(TU228-17)
    Battaglia, Kaci Crazy Possessive(PHM0908-8)
    Bauhaus Kick In The Eye(SFMW840-14)
    Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby(SF101-13)
    Bay City Rollers Give A Little Love(ZMH001-5)
    Bay City Rollers I Only Wanna Be With You(SC8292-15)
    Bay City Rollers Saturday Night(SC7530-10)
    Bay City Rollers Saturday's Are All Right(AH2015-8)
    Bay City Rollers Shang A Lang(SF055-15)
    Bay City Rollers Summer Love Sensation(SFMW801-12)
    Baz Smile To Shine(SF191-11)
    BBMak Back Here(SC8616-12)
    BBMak Ghost Of You & Me(SC8702-6)
    BBMak Out Of My Heart(SC3336-5)
    BBMak Still On Your Side(SC8673-1)
    Beach Boys, The 409(SC8912-17)
    Beach Boys, The All Summer Long(NU2048-8)
    Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann(SC8912-13)
    Beach Boys, The Barbara Ann [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-4)
    Beach Boys, The Be True To Your School(JV0064-1)
    Beach Boys, The California Girls(SC7508-10)
    Beach Boys, The California Sun [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-3)
    Beach Boys, The Catch A Wave(BS8517-15)
    Beach Boys, The Dance, Dance, Dance(JV0064-9)
    Beach Boys, The Dance, Dance, Dance [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-7)
    Beach Boys, The Darlin'(SC8912-4)
    Beach Boys, The Do It Again(ZMP096-4)
    Beach Boys, The Don't Worry Baby(SC8912-15)
    Beach Boys, The Fun, Fun, Fun(SC8226-11)
    Beach Boys, The Fun, Fun, Fun [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-1)
    Beach Boys, The Getcha Back(CB90189-13)
    Beach Boys, The Girl Don't Tell Me(NU2048-10)
    Beach Boys, The God Only Knows(SC8651-5)
    Beach Boys, The Good Vibrations(SC7550-2)
    Beach Boys, The Good Vibrations [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-2)
    Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda(SC7525-2)
    Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-5)
    Beach Boys, The Heroes & Villains(SC8912-8)
    Beach Boys, The I Can Hear Music(SC8968-6)
    Beach Boys, The I Get Around(SC8441-6)
    Beach Boys, The I Get Around [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-6)
    Beach Boys, The In My Room(SC8895-12)
    Beach Boys, The Kokomo(AH8013-6)
    Beach Boys, The Little Deuce Coup(SC8912-16)
    Beach Boys, The Little Deuce Coupe [w/ James House](MM6168-6)
    Beach Boys, The Rock & Roll Music(CB90189-15)
    Beach Boys, The Sail On Sailor(SC8912-6)
    Beach Boys, The Sloop John B(SC8885-11)
    Beach Boys, The Sloop John B [Vocal Only Ending](ZMP096-13)
    Beach Boys, The Surfer Girl(SC8912-12)
    Beach Boys, The Surfin' U.S.A. [Disney Style](DISBEACHP-8)
    Beach Boys, The Surfin' USA(SC7502-12)
    Beach Boys, The Then I Kissed Her(ZMP096-9)
    Beach Boys, The Wendy(NU2048-9)
    Beach Boys, The When I Grow Up To Be A Man(SD017-13)
    Beach Boys, The Wouldn't It Be Nice(SC8912-1)
    Beamer, Keola & Kapona Honolulu City Lights(MM6102-14)
    Beamer, Keola & Kapona Lovely Hula Hands(MM6102-8)
    Beard, Jan Speakin' Of The Devil(SC8324-10)
    Beastie Boys Brass Monkey(SC7586-3)
    Beastie Boys Ch-Check It Out(SC8883-11)
    Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right To Party(DG06-10)
    Beastie Boys Get It Together(SC2312-7)
    Beastie Boys Intergalactic(SC8894-7)
    Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn(SC2312-8)
    Beastie Boys Paul Revere(SC2312-3)
    Beastie Boys Sabotage(SC2312-4)
    Beastie Boys She's Crafty(SC8875-13)
    Beastie Boys So What 'Cha Want(SC2312-2)
    Beastie Boys Sure Shot(SC2312-5)
    Beastie Boys Triple Trouble(THR0411-11)
    Beatfreakz Super Freak(THHP0701-11)
    Beatles I'm Only Sleeping(SFMW899-11)
    Beatles, The Across The Universe(SFMW906-11)
    Beatles, The Across The Universe(TU051-2)
    Beatles, The Act Naturally(SC8387-10)
    Beatles, The All My Loving(SC7520-6)
    Beatles, The All You Need Is Love(SC8387-7)
    Beatles, The And I Love Her(SC8360-5)
    Beatles, The And Your Bird Can Sing(SC8685-14)
    Beatles, The Anna (Go To Him)(ZMP008-4)
    Beatles, The Another Girl(ZMP008-6)
    Beatles, The Any Time At All(SC8360-9)
    Beatles, The Baby It's You(ZMP008-9)
    Beatles, The Baby You're A Rich Man(MM6060-1)
    Beatles, The Back In The U.S.S.R.(SC8407-2)
    Beatles, The Ballad Of John & Yoko(SC8407-15)
    Beatles, The Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite(SC8685-2)
    Beatles, The Birthday(SC7543-13)
    Beatles, The Blackbird(SC8685-12)
    Beatles, The Can't Buy Me Love(SC8360-14)
    Beatles, The Chains, The(DK019-18)
    Beatles, The Come Together(SC8407-10)
    Beatles, The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill, The(SC8685-15)
    Beatles, The Day In The Life, A(SC8821-6)
    Beatles, The Day Tripper(SC8387-5)
    Beatles, The Dear Prudence(SC8685-5)
    Beatles, The Devil In Her Heart(ZMP008-1)
    Beatles, The Dizzy Miss Lizzy(SC8970-6)
    Beatles, The Do You Want To Know A Secret(SC8379-8)
    Beatles, The Don't Bother Me(ZMP039-4)
    Beatles, The Don't Let Me Down(SC8820-2)
    Beatles, The Don't Pass Me By(SC8685-6)
    Beatles, The Drive My Car(SC8820-3)
    Beatles, The Eight Days A Week(SC7573-10)
    Beatles, The Eleanor Rigby(SC8387-3)
    Beatles, The Fixing A Hole(TU099-3)
    Beatles, The Fool On The Hill, The(SC8685-3)
    Beatles, The For You Blue(ZMP039-11)
    Beatles, The Free As A Bird(SC8233-14)
    Beatles, The From Me To You(SC8379-2)
    Beatles, The Get Back(SC8407-4)
    Beatles, The Getting Better(SC8685-10)
    Beatles, The Girl(ZMP091-11)
    Beatles, The Glass Onion(SC8685-11)
    Beatles, The Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End(SC8685-8)
    Beatles, The Good Day Sunshine(AMS4003-2)
    Beatles, The Good Morning, Good Morning(TU099-7)
    Beatles, The Got To Get You Into My Life(SC8870-12)
    Beatles, The Happiness Is A Warm Gun(DG06-2)
    Beatles, The Happy Just To Dance With You(SC8360-1)
    Beatles, The Hard Day's Night, A(SC7573-3)
    Beatles, The Hello Goodbye(SC8387-14)
    Beatles, The Help!(SC7543-12)
    Beatles, The Helter Skelter(SC2252-5)
    Beatles, The Here Comes The Sun(SC7517-1)
    Beatles, The Here, There & Everywhere(SC2407-7)
    Beatles, The Hey Bulldog(SC8782-11)
    Beatles, The Hey Jude(SC2069-4)
    Beatles, The I Am The Walrus(SC8668-6)
    Beatles, The I Call Your Name(PI043-3)
    Beatles, The I Feel Fine(SC8379-5)
    Beatles, The I Know It's Your Birthday(KC001-14)
    Beatles, The I Love You(TU099-17)
    Beatles, The I Need You(ZMP008-10)
    Beatles, The I Saw Her Standing There(SC7502-8)
    Beatles, The I Should Have Known Better(SC8360-15)
    Beatles, The I Want To Be Your Man(DK034-3)
    Beatles, The I Want To Hold Your Hand(SC8379-15)
    Beatles, The I Will(SC8575-4)
    Beatles, The I'll Be Back(ZMH003-1)
    Beatles, The I'll Cry Instead(SC8360-13)
    Beatles, The I'll Follow The Sun(SC8387-15)
    Beatles, The I'll Get You(ZMP008-3)
    Beatles, The I'm A Loser(SC8820-5)
    Beatles, The I'm Down(SC8820-4)
    Beatles, The I'm Looking Through You(AMS4003-7)
    Beatles, The I've Just Seen A Face(SC8685-13)
    Beatles, The If I Fell(SC8360-11)
    Beatles, The If I Needed Someone(RSZ623-20)
    Beatles, The In My Life(SC8685-4)
    Beatles, The It Won't Be Long(MM6059-4)
    Beatles, The It's All Too Much(SC8820-7)
    Beatles, The It's Only Love(ZMH003-3)
    Beatles, The Julia(RSZ623-17)
    Beatles, The Lady Madonna(SC8387-13)
    Beatles, The Let It Be(SC8407-5)
    Beatles, The Little Child(ZMP039-2)
    Beatles, The Long & Winding Road, The(SC2069-8)
    Beatles, The Love Me Do(SC8379-4)
    Beatles, The Lovely Rita(SFMW875-8)
    Beatles, The Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds(SC8172-15)
    Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour(MM6060-12)
    Beatles, The Maxwell's Silver Hammer(MM6060-5)
    Beatles, The Medley 1(ZMP039-12)
    Beatles, The Medley 2(ZMP039-13)
    Beatles, The Michelle(SC8387-4)
    Beatles, The Misery(ZMP008-2)
    Beatles, The Money (That's What I Want)(SC8895-13)
    Beatles, The Mr. Moonlight(DK036-12)
    Beatles, The Night Before, The(SC8820-14)
    Beatles, The No Reply(DK006-10)
    Beatles, The Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)(SC8685-1)
    Beatles, The Nowhere Man(SC8387-6)
    Beatles, The Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(SC8407-6)
    Beatles, The Octopus' Garden(SC8820-10)
    Beatles, The Oh Darling(SC7525-13)
    Beatles, The Old Brown Shoe(ZMP008-11)
    Beatles, The P.S. I Love You(SC8379-3)
    Beatles, The Paperback Writer(SC8387-9)
    Beatles, The Penny Lane(SC8387-12)
    Beatles, The Please Mr. Postman(SC8895-7)
    Beatles, The Please Please Me(SC8379-7)
    Beatles, The Rain(SC8820-12)
    Beatles, The Real Love, The(SC8268-5)
    Beatles, The Revolution(SC8407-13)
    Beatles, The Revolution [Acoustic](LGK003-9)
    Beatles, The Rocky Racoon(SC7573-12)
    Beatles, The Roll Over Beethoven(SC8379-1)
    Beatles, The Run For Your Life(DG10-9)
    Beatles, The Sexy Sadie(MM6059-2)
    Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band(ZMP109-11)
    Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper/With A Little Help [Medley](ZMP109-13)
    Beatles, The She Loves You(SC7543-5)
    Beatles, The She's A Woman(SC8379-6)
    Beatles, The She's Leaving Home(SC8685-9)
    Beatles, The Something(SC8407-11)
    Beatles, The Strawberry Fields Forever(SC8387-1)
    Beatles, The Taxman(SC8387-11)
    Beatles, The Tell Me What You See(AMS4003-4)
    Beatles, The Tell Me Why(SC8360-10)
    Beatles, The Thank You Girl(ZMP039-1)
    Beatles, The There's A Place(ZMP039-10)
    Beatles, The Things We Said Today(MM6323-10)
    Beatles, The Think For Yourself(AMS4003-16)
    Beatles, The This Boy(SC8379-12)
    Beatles, The Ticket To Ride(SC8360-3)
    Beatles, The Til There Was You(DK036-11)
    Beatles, The Twist & Shout(SC8379-10)
    Beatles, The Two Of Us(AMS4003-12)
    Beatles, The Wait(AMS4003-17)
    Beatles, The We Can Work It Out(SC8387-2)
    Beatles, The When I'm Sixty-Four(SC8407-9)
    Beatles, The While My Guitar Gently Weeps(SC8407-1)
    Beatles, The Why Don't We Do It In The Road(SC8685-7)
    Beatles, The With A Little Help From My Friends(SC8407-8)
    Beatles, The Word, The(DG11-2)
    Beatles, The Words Of Love(DK020-10)
    Beatles, The Yellow Submarine(SC7573-6)
    Beatles, The Yer Blues(DG05-3)
    Beatles, The Yes It Is(ZMP039-3)
    Beatles, The Yesterday(SC8360-4)
    Beatles, The You Can't Do That(SC8360-6)
    Beatles, The You Like Me Too Much(AMS4003-15)
    Beatles, The You Really Got A Hold On Me(SC8895-9)
    Beatles, The You Won't See Me(AMS4003-9)
    Beatles, The You're Gonna Lose That Girl(DK009-9)
    Beatles, The You've Got To Hide Your Love Away(SC8360-8)
    Beatles, The You've Really Got A Hold On Me(ZMP039-7)
    Beatles, The Your Mother Should Know(MM6060-2)
    Beatles, The Your'e Going To Lose That Girl(MH1068-9)
    Beats International Dub Be Good To Me(SFMW852-10)
    Beau Brummels, The Just A Little(LC0007-14)
    Beau Brummels, The Laugh Laugh(SC8429-11)
    Beautiful South Blackbird On The Wire(SFG013-14)
    Beautiful South Closer Than Most(SFG013-16)
    Beautiful South Don't Marry Her Have Me(SFG013-4)
    Beautiful South Dream A Little Dream Of Me(SFG013-8)
    Beautiful South Dumb(SF128-4)
    Beautiful South Everybody's Talkin'(SFG013-6)
    Beautiful South Good As Gold(SFG013-7)
    Beautiful South How Long's A Tear Take To Dry(SF134-15)
    Beautiful South Little Time, A(SF059-10)
    Beautiful South Manchester(SF243-12)
    Beautiful South Old Red Eyes Is Back(SFG013-10)
    Beautiful South One Last Love Song(SFG013-11)
    Beautiful South Perfect 10(SF126-6)
    Beautiful South Prettiest Eyes(SFMW858-3)
    Beautiful South Root Of All Evil, The(SFG013-15)
    Beautiful South Rotterdam(SF081-11)
    Beautiful South Song For Whoever(SFG013-9)
    Beautiful South Ttle Time, A(SFG013-5)
    Beautiful South You Keep It All In(SFG013-3)
    Beck Devil's Haircut(SC8638-5)
    Beck E-pro(SC8934-4)
    Beck Girl(SC8934-12)
    Beck Hotwax(HMDK-166)
    Beck Loser(SC8122-4)
    Beck Lost Cause(HMDK-165)
    Beck New Pollution, The(SC8390-2)
    Beck Sexx Laws(MM6295-3)
    Beck, Jeff Hi Ho Silver Lining(SF023-4)
    Beck, Jeff I Ain't Superstitious(SC8675-9)
    Beck, Robin First Time(SFMW851-6)
    Beckham, Bobby Crazy Arms(JV0059-6)
    Beckham, Victoria A Mind Of Its Own(SF187-12)
    Beckham, Victoria Let Your Head Go(EZH31-11)
    Beckham, Victoria Not Such An Innocent Girl(EZH03-5)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Friday(SF210-15)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Gotta Get Thru This(SC8789-1)
    Bedingfield, Daniel I Can't Read You(SF204-5)
    Bedingfield, Daniel If You're Not The One(SF199-4)
    Bedingfield, Daniel If You're Not The One [Radio Version](SC8827-8)
    Bedingfield, Daniel James Dean (I Wanna Know)(SF196-11)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Never Gonna Leave Your Side(SF208-4)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Nothing Hurts Like Love(SF224-1)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Way, The(SF231-15)
    Bedingfield, Daniel Wrap My Words Around You(SF228-4)
    Bedingfield, Natasha I Bruise Easily(SF229-4)
    Bedingfield, Natasha I Wanna Have Your Babies(SFMW891-9)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Love Like This(PHM0801-1)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Love Like This [w/ Sean Kingston](SD4801-9)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Pocketful Of Sunshine(CB5119-02-2)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Say It Again(SFMW898-13)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Single(THP0606-15)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Soulmate(SF257-11)
    Bedingfield, Natasha These Words(SC8934-2)
    Bedingfield, Natasha Unwritten(SC8957-11)
    Bedouin Soundclash When The Night Feels My Song(SF248-12)
    Bee Gees, The Alone(SC8460-12)
    Bee Gees, The Bee Gees Medley, The(ZMP028-12)
    Bee Gees, The Boogie Child(BS8717-16)
    Bee Gees, The Don't Forget To Remember(BS8717-1)
    Bee Gees, The Emotion(ZMP045-7)
    Bee Gees, The Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)(ZMP028-4)
    Bee Gees, The For Whom The Bell Tolls(ZMP045-5)
    Bee Gees, The Holiday(DK072-7)
    Bee Gees, The How Can You Mend A Broken Heart(SC8138-1)
    Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love(SC8181-7)
    Bee Gees, The I Gotta Get Outta This Place(LG073-6)
    Bee Gees, The I Started A Joke(JV0048-8)
    Bee Gees, The I've Gotta Get A Message To You(SC8804-1)
    Bee Gees, The Islands In The Stream(LG073-10)
    Bee Gees, The Jive Talkin'(SC8650-10)
    Bee Gees, The Lonely Days(SC8153-13)
    Bee Gees, The Love So Right(JV0048-10)
    Bee Gees, The Love You Inside Out(JV0047-10)
    Bee Gees, The Massachusetts(SC2339-6)
    Bee Gees, The Medley(ZMP045-13)
    Bee Gees, The More Than A Woman(LG073-12)
    Bee Gees, The My World(ZMP045-9)
    Bee Gees, The New York Mining Disaster(SC8770-1)
    Bee Gees, The Night Fever(SC8143-6)
    Bee Gees, The Nights On Broadway(PI053-14)
    Bee Gees, The Run To Me(SFMW838-8)
    Bee Gees, The Saved By The Bell(ZMP045-10)
    Bee Gees, The Secret Love(ZMP045-8)
    Bee Gees, The Spicks & Specks(ZMP045-4)
    Bee Gees, The Stayin' Alive(SC7597-4)
    Bee Gees, The This Is Where I Came In(SF178-15)
    Bee Gees, The To Love Somebody(SC8804-9)
    Bee Gees, The Too Much Heaven(SC8594-11)
    Bee Gees, The Tragedy(SC8178-5)
    Bee Gees, The Wedding Day(TU054-17)
    Bee Gees, The Words(SC8599-5)
    Bee Gees, The You Should Be Dancing(SC8143-9)
    Bee Gees, The You Win Again(ZMP045-3)
    Beenie Man Dude [w/ Ms. Thing](PHM0410-8)
    Beenie Man Feel It Boy [w/ Janet Jackson](SC8778-10)
    Bega, Lou I Got A Girl(SF154-13)
    Bega, Lou Mambo #5(SC7598-12)
    Bega, Lou Tricky, Tricky(SC8587-6)
    Belafonte, Harry Banana Boat(SPC35-9)
    Belafonte, Harry Coconut Woman(LG136-4)
    Belafonte, Harry Day-O (Banana Boat Song)(SC7506-15)
    Belafonte, Harry Island In The Sun(SF047-9)
    Belafonte, Harry Jamaica Farewell(SC8575-15)
    Belafonte, Harry Jump In The Line(SC8770-3)
    Belafonte, Harry Mama Look A Boo-Boo(SC8651-6)
    Belafonte, Harry There's A Hole In The Bucket(SF095-12)
    Bell & Spurling Sven, Sven, Sven(EZH04-12)
    Bell Biv Devoe Do Me(SC8532-12)
    Bell Biv Devoe Poison(MH1120-5)
    Bell Biv Devoe Something In Your Eyes(SC8374-2)
    Bell, Archie & The Drells Tighten Up(SF073-7)
    Bell, Benny Shaving Cream(SC8544-2)
    Bell, Drake I Know(SD4702-10)
    Bell, Freddy & Bell Boys Giddy Up A Ding Dong(SF062-7)
    Bellamy Brothers Bubba(SC8275-4)
    Bellamy Brothers Can I Come To You(SC8309-9)
    Bellamy Brothers Cowboy Beat(MM6089-5)
    Bellamy Brothers Dancin' Cowboys(SC8610-11)
    Bellamy Brothers Desperadoes In Love(TU085-5)
    Bellamy Brothers Do You Love As Good As You Look(SC8541-1)
    Bellamy Brothers Ex-Files, The(SC3170-3)
    Bellamy Brothers For All The Wrong Reasons(SC8385-1)
    Bellamy Brothers I Could Be Persuaded(SC8161-9)
    Bellamy Brothers I Need More Of You(SC2320-7)
    Bellamy Brothers If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body(SC7590-15)
    Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow(SC8628-2)
    Bellamy Brothers Lie To You For Your Love(SC8604-10)
    Bellamy Brothers Old Hippie (The Sequel)(SC8250-2)
    Bellamy Brothers On A Summer Night(SC8287-6)
    Bellamy Brothers Redneck Girl(SC8398-11)
    Bellamy Brothers Rip Off The Knob(CB20211-12)
    Bellamy Brothers Shine Them Buckles(SC8303-9)
    Bellamy Brothers Sugar Daddy(SC8414-3)
    Bellamy Brothers We Dared The Lightning(SC8216-7)
    Bellamy Brothers What'll I Do(CB20283-12)
    Bellamy Brothers When I'm Away From You(SC8426-9)
    Bellamy Brothers World's Greatest Lover(SC8412-13)
    Bellamy Brothers You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie(SC8342-14)
    Belle Stars Clapping Song, The(PI307-30)
    Belle Stars Iko Iko(SC8197-11)
    Belle Stars Sign Of The Times(SF076-11)
    Belle, Regina After The Love Has Lost It's Shine(PS1279-10)
    Belle, Regina Baby, Come To Me(PS1279-11)
    Belle, Regina Could It Be I'm Falling In Love(PS1202-9)
    Belle, Regina Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time(PS1202-13)
    Belle, Regina Good Lovin'(PS1279-13)
    Belle, Regina Hurry Up This Way Again(PS1279-12)
    Belle, Regina I'll Be Around(PS1202-16)
    Belle, Regina If I Could(SC2153-5)
    Belle, Regina Let Me Make Love To You(PS1202-15)
    Belle, Regina Love T.K.O.(PS1202-10)
    Belle, Regina Make It Like It Was(PI037-2)
    Belle, Regina Passion(PS1279-15)
    Belle, Regina Show Me The Way(PS1279-14)
    Belle, Regina Whole Town's Laughing At Me, The(PS1202-12)
    Belle, Regina You Are Everything(PS1202-14)
    Belle, Regina You Make Me Feel Brand New(PS1202-11)
    Bellefire Perfect Bliss(SF180-16)
    Belly Feed The Tree(SC8122-2)
    Belvin, Jessie Good Night My Love(AH8012-3)
    Ben Folds Five Army(SC8542-5)
    Ben Folds Five Battle Of Who Could Care Less(SFMW866-12)
    Ben Folds Five Brick(SC8440-13)
    Ben Folds Five Rockin' The Suburbs(SC8726-10)
    Ben Folds Five Song For The Dumped(SC8927-8)
    Benatar, Pat All Fired Up(SC8815-3)
    Benatar, Pat Everybody Lay Down(NT004-4)
    Benatar, Pat Fire & Ice(SC8815-2)
    Benatar, Pat Heartbreaker(SC8815-6)
    Benatar, Pat Hell Is For Children(SC8815-7)
    Benatar, Pat Helter Skelter(RSZ618-3)
    Benatar, Pat Hit Me With Your Best Shot(SC8815-8)
    Benatar, Pat I Need A Lover(RSZ618-14)
    Benatar, Pat I'm Gonna Follow You(MH1130-16)
    Benatar, Pat Invincible (Legend Of Billie Jean)(SC8443-5)
    Benatar, Pat Little Too Late(SC8886-3)
    Benatar, Pat Looking For A Stranger(MH1130-8)
    Benatar, Pat Love Is A Battlefield(SC8815-1)
    Benatar, Pat Precious Time(RSZ618-1)
    Benatar, Pat Promises In The Dark(SC7562-7)
    Benatar, Pat Sex As A Weapon(SC8815-10)
    Benatar, Pat Shadows Of The Night(SC8815-15)
    Benatar, Pat Treat Me Right(SC8815-11)
    Benatar, Pat True Love(SC8815-4)
    Benatar, Pat We Belong(SC8658-12)
    Benatar, Pat We Live For Love(SC8815-14)
    Benatar, Pat You Better Run(SC8815-13)
    Benet, Eric Chocolate Legs(PHU0905-4)
    Benet, Eric Femininity(PI051-6)
    Benet, Eric I Wanna Be Loved(PHU0602-5)
    Benet, Eric Pretty Baby(THH0607-18)
    Benet, Eric & Tamia Spend My Life With You(TU223-8)
    Bennett, Cliff & The Rebel Rousers Got To Get You Into My Life(SF099-2)
    Bennett, Tony As Time Goes By(JV0032-7)
    Bennett, Tony Because Of You(SC7554-3)
    Bennett, Tony Best Is Yet To Come, The(MM6242-4)
    Bennett, Tony Can You Find It In Your Heart(LG142-14)
    Bennett, Tony Door Is Still Open To My Heart, The(LG009-8)
    Bennett, Tony Firefly(LG009-16)
    Bennett, Tony Fly Me To The Moon(JV0055-4)
    Bennett, Tony Foggy Day, A(LG009-12)
    Bennett, Tony From The Candy Store On The Corner(LG142-11)
    Bennett, Tony Good Life, The(MM6075-5)
    Bennett, Tony Have You Met Miss Jones?(TU179-6)
    Bennett, Tony I Left My Heart In San Francisco(SC2009-1)
    Bennett, Tony I Wanna Be Around(DG01-2)
    Bennett, Tony In The Middle Of An Island(LG142-13)
    Bennett, Tony It Had To Be You(BS4317-10)
    Bennett, Tony Just In Time(MM6112-3)
    Bennett, Tony My Foolish Heart(MM6240-13)
    Bennett, Tony My Funny Valentine(DK005-12)
    Bennett, Tony Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane, The(LG009-9)
    Bennett, Tony Nice Work If You Can Get It(MM6137-3)
    Bennett, Tony Old Devil Moon(LG009-10)
    Bennett, Tony Once Upon A Time(MM6242-7)
    Bennett, Tony One For My Baby(MM6068-10)
    Bennett, Tony Rags To Riches(SC7553-6)
    Bennett, Tony September Song(JV0032-6)
    Bennett, Tony Shadow Of Your Smile, The(SC7505-15)
    Bennett, Tony Standing On The Corner(LG009-7)
    Bennett, Tony Steppin' Out With My Baby(MM6075-15)
    Bennett, Tony Strangers In Paradise(SF063-12)
    Bennett, Tony This Is All I Ask(MM6182-4)
    Bennett, Tony Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye(TU179-23)
    Bennett, Tony When Joanna Loved Me(TU120-26)
    Bennett, Tony Who Can I Turn To(LG009-17)
    Bennett, Tony Why Do People Fall In Love?(TU179-26)
    Bennett, Tony With Plenty Of Money & You(TU120-27)
    Bennett, Tony & K.D. Lang Moonglow(SD010-8)
    Bennett, Tony & K.D. Lang What A Wonderful World(SC8809-11)
    Bens, The Bruised(THR0404-18)
    Benson, George Give Me The Night(SC8554-7)
    Benson, George In Your Eyes(SFMW820-1)
    Benson, George Love Ballad(PI012-2)
    Benson, George On Broadway(PI029-7)
    Benson, George Standing Together(SC3085-8)
    Benson, George This Masquerade(SC7525-9)
    Benson, George Turn Your Love Around(SC8456-7)
    Benson, Jamie Stay(SF193-12)
    Benson, Rhian Say How I Feel(SFMW857-11)
    Bentley, Dierks Come A Little Closer(SC8956-8)
    Bentley, Dierks Domestic, Light & Cold(SC8933-6)
    Bentley, Dierks Every Mile A Memory(PHN0610-6)
    Bentley, Dierks Free & Easy (Down The Road I Go)(SC9004-8)
    Bentley, Dierks How Am I Doin'(SC3426-5)
    Bentley, Dierks Long Trip Alone(THC0703-16)
    Bentley, Dierks Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do(SC8992-15)
    Bentley, Dierks My Last Name(SC8862-5)
    Bentley, Dierks Settle For A Slowdown(SC8959-10)
    Bentley, Dierks Sideways(SFMW916-4)
    Bentley, Dierks What Was I Thinkin'(SC8833-6)
    Bentley, Stephanie Dead Ringer(SC8328-5)
    Bentley, Stephanie Hopechest Song, The(SC8358-14)
    Bentley, Stephanie Once I Was The Light Of Your Life(SC8307R-1)
    Bentley, Stephanie Who's That Girl(SC8247-5)
    Benton, Brook A House Is Not A Home(SFMW819-1)
    Benton, Brook Endlessly(SC8255-4)
    Benton, Brook It's Just A Matter Of Time(SC8196-15)
    Benton, Brook Kiddio(DK070-11)
    Benton, Brook Rainy Night In Georgia(SC8969-10)
    Benton, Brook & Dinah Washington Baby, You've Got What It Takes(SC8482-15)
    Berg, Matraca Back In The Saddle(SC8444-11)
    Berg, Matraca That Train Don't Run(SC3047-8)
    Berg, Matraca Won't Let Go(SC8129-3)
    Bering Strait Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart(CB20301-12)
    Berlin Metro, The(SC8522-12)
    Berlin No More Words(SC8338-6)
    Berlin Sex (I'm A...)(SC8600-4)
    Berlin Take My Breath Away(SC7546-9)
    Bernard, Crystal Don't Touch Me There(SC8501-9)
    Bernard, Crystal Have We Forgotten What Love Is(SC8341-1)
    Bernard, Crystal State Of Mind(SC8358-12)
    Berri Sunshine After The Rain(SF060-10)
    Berry, Chuck C'est La Vie(PX12-2)
    Berry, Chuck Johnny B. Goode(SC7525-6)
    Berry, Chuck Maybelline(SC2068-3)
    Berry, Chuck Memphis(DK080-11)
    Berry, Chuck My Ding-A-Ling(SC8117-10)
    Berry, Chuck Nadine (Is It You)(LG049-3)
    Berry, Chuck No Particular Place To Go(SC8218-1)
    Berry, Chuck Reelin' & Rockin'(LG049-7)
    Berry, Chuck Rock & Roll Music(DK080-15)
    Berry, Chuck Rock N Roll(SF147-3)
    Berry, Chuck Roll Over Beethoven(SC8415-12)
    Berry, Chuck School Days(SC7550-3)
    Berry, Chuck Sweet Little Sixteen(SC8222-7)
    Berry, Dave Crying Game, The(SF046-7)
    Berry, Dave Little Things(ZMH003-7)
    Berry, John Better Than A Biscuit(SC8480-6)
    Berry, John Change My Mind(SC8311-3)
    Berry, John Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name(SC8253-1)
    Berry, John Faithfully(SD041-10)
    Berry, John How Much Do You Love Me(SC8729-15)
    Berry, John How Much Do You Love Me [Radio Version](SC3282-8)
    Berry, John I Think About It All The Time(SC8186-14)
    Berry, John I Will, If You Will(SC8376-13)
    Berry, John If I Had Any Pride Left At All(SC8205-13)
    Berry, John Kiss Me In The Car(SC8114-7)
    Berry, John Love Is For Giving(SC3149-6)
    Berry, John Mind Of Her Own, A(SC8324-2)
    Berry, John Over My Shoulder(SC8463-14)
    Berry, John Power Windows(SC8570-10)
    Berry, John She's Taken A Shine(SC2146-7)
    Berry, John Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye(SC8160-1)
    Berry, John Stone, The(SC8402-12)
    Berry, John What's In It For Me(SC8141-7)
    Berry, John You & Only You(SC8152-13)
    Berry, John Your Love Amazes Me(SC8141-15)
    Berry, Len 1-2-3(DK002-13)
    Better Than Ezra At The Stars(SC8508-6)
    Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting(SC8448-1)
    Better Than Ezra Extra Ordinary(SC8730-3)
    Better Than Ezra Good(SC8195-3)
    Better Than Ezra In The Blood(SC8199-14)
    Better Than Ezra Juicy(SD4607-14)
    Better Than Ezra King Of New Orleans(SC8348-14)
    Better Than Ezra Lifetime, A(THP0506-11)
    Better Than Ezra One More Murder(SC8481-6)
    Better Than Ezra Rosealia(SC8233-4)
    Bextor, Sophie Ellis Get Over You(EZH13-11)
    Bextor, Sophie Ellis I Won't Change You(SF214-15)
    Bextor, Sophie Ellis Music Gets The Best Of Me(SF199-2)
    Bextor, Sophie Ellis Take Me Home(EZH02-3)
    Beyonce If I Were A Boy(ASKFP97-1-3)
    Bianco, Matt Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed(SFMW831-6)
    Bice, Bo I Don't Want To Be(PHR0508-3)
    Bice, Bo Inside Your Heaven(CB30053-11)
    Bice, Bo Real Thing, The(SC8983-10)
    Bice, Bo U Make Me Better(PHM0609-5)
    Bice, Bo Vehicle [Live Idol Version](PHR0508-4)
    Bif Naked I Love Myself Today(SC8800-14)
    Bif Naked Moment Of Weakness(SC8565-14)
    Bif Naked Spaceman(GM1001-6)
    Big Cross The Line(PS2003-4-21)
    Big & Rich 8th Of November(THC0609-13)
    Big & Rich 8th Of November [Radio Version](SC8986-8)
    Big & Rich Between Raising Hell & Amazing Grace(PHN0711-6)
    Big & Rich Big Time(SC8920-5)
    Big & Rich Comin' To Your City(PHN0512-6)
    Big & Rich Deadwood Mountain(SC8952-10)
    Big & Rich Drinkin' 'bout You(AKS10002-11)
    Big & Rich Holy Water(SC8944-3)
    Big & Rich I'm A Rockstar, I'm A Cowboy(AKS10002-9)
    Big & Rich Kick My Ass(AKS10002-4)
    Big & Rich Kick My Ass [Radio Version](SC8898-1)
    Big & Rich Live This Life(SC3437-6)
    Big & Rich Lost In This Moment(PHN0705-6)
    Big & Rich Lost In This Moment [Radio Version](SC9003-8)
    Big & Rich Love Train(AKS10002-12)
    Big & Rich Never Mind Me(THC0605-13)
    Big & Rich Never Mind Me [Duet Version](SC8959-15)
    Big & Rich Real World(TU266-10)
    Big & Rich Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich)(SC8907-15)
    Big & Rich Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) [Rap Version](SC8907-16)
    Big & Rich Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)(SC8921-8)
    Big & Rich Saved(AKS10002-7)
    Big & Rich Six Foot Town(SC8916-5)
    Big & Rich Wild West Show(SC2466-8)
    Big & Rich Wild West Show [Duet Version](SC8877-15)
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy So Long Farewell(AMS1509-5)
    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3(SC8484-8)
    Big Bopper Chantilly Lace(SC7527-3)
    Big Brovaz Baby Boy(SF209-1)
    Big Brovaz Ok(SF202-2)
    Big Brovaz We Wanna Thank You(SF217-8)
    Big Bruvaz My Favourite Things(EZH24-9)
    Big Country In A Big Country(SC8522-14)
    Big Country King Of Emotion(SFMW888-3)
    Big Daddy Weave In Christ(THMS0303-11)
    Big Daddy Weave You're Worthy Of My Praise [w/ Barlow Girl](SC8962-8)
    Big Dee Irwin Swinging On A Star(SF083-13)
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters Bittersweet(SC8749-3)
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters Broken Hearted Savior(SC8266-7)
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters Circle(SC8237-4)
    Big Head Todd & The Monsters Please Don't Tell Her(SC8389-15)
    Big House Buck These Haggard Blues(CB20190-11)
    Big House Cold Outside(SC8358-3)
    Big House Faith(SC3077-4)
    Big House Love Ain't Easy(MM6223-11)
    Big House You Ain't Lonely Yet(SC8382-14)
    Big Mountain Baby I Love Your Way(SC8132-15)
    Big Mountain Get Together(THM9601-4)
    Big Time Operator It Don't Mean A Thing(MM6254-1)
    Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows 300 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy(MM6206-14)
    Big Tymers Oh Yeah!(SC8789-6)
    Big Tymers Still Fly(SC8766-11)
    Biggun, Ivor Winker Song(SF042-9)
    Bilal Love It(SC3270-4)
    Bill Gaither Trio He Touched Me(SC2045-6)
    Billie Because We Want To(SF122-8)
    Billie Day & Night(SF165-12)
    Billie Do You Have A Girl Friend(SF126-16)
    Billie Honey To The Bee(SF136-14)
    Billie She Wants You(SC8542-10)
    Billy Talent Try Honesty(THR0311-17)
    Bird York In The Deep(SC8967-3)
    Birdman & Lil' Wayne Stuntin' Like My Daddy(PHU0612-3)
    Birkett, Zoe Get Happy(EZH12-5)
    Bishop, Elvin Fooled Around & Fell In Love(SC7534-7)
    Bishop, Stephen It Might Be You(SC8627-8)
    Bishop, Stephen On & On(SC8577-11)
    Bishop, Stephen Save It For A Rainy Day(SC8668-7)
    Biz Markie Just A Friend(SC8875-7)
    Bizarre, Inc. Playing With Knives(SFCC1-13)
    Bjork Human Behaviour(HMDK-167)
    Bjork It's Oh So Quiet(SF034-5)
    Bjork & David Arnold Play Dead(SFMW870-6)
    Bjorn, Peter Young Folks [w/ John & Victoria Bergsman](SF260-10)
    Black Wonderful Life(SF168-5)
    Black Box Ride On Time(SFMW817-9)
    Black Crowes Blackberry(SC8337-5)
    Black Crowes Go Faster(SC8548-6)
    Black Crowes Good Friday(SC8304-13)
    Black Crowes Hard To Handle(SC8486-6)
    Black Crowes Jealous Again(SC8598-3)
    Black Crowes Kicking My Heart Around(SC8515-14)
    Black Crowes Lickin'(SC3262-3)
    Black Crowes Only A Fool(SC8531-2)
    Black Crowes Remedy(SC8530-11)
    Black Crowes Seeing Things(SC8922-6)
    Black Crowes She Talks To Angels(SC8433-6)
    Black Crowes Soul Singing(SC8874-13)
    Black Crowes Twice As Hard(SC8749-10)
    Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow(EZH78-10)
    Black Eyed Peas Don't Lie(SC8948-12)
    Black Eyed Peas Don't Phunk With My Heart(SC8948-15)
    Black Eyed Peas Hey Mama(SC8864-13)
    Black Eyed Peas Let's Get It Started(SC8883-1)
    Black Eyed Peas Let's Get It Started [Radio Version](SC3419-8)
    Black Eyed Peas Mas Que Nada(THHP0610-18)
    Black Eyed Peas My Humps(THH0601-11)
    Black Eyed Peas My Humps [Radio Version](SC8935-15)
    Black Eyed Peas Pump It(PHM0603-2)
    Black Eyed Peas Pump It [Radio Version](SC9015-9)
    Black Eyed Peas Shut Up(SF212-1)
    Black Eyed Peas & Jack Johnson Gone Going Gone(PHM0606-2)
    Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake Where Is The Love?(SC8864-3)
    Black Eyed Peas & Macy Gray Request Line(SC8695-11)
    Black Grape In The Name Of The Father(SFMW898-12)
    Black Lab Time Ago(SC3071-6)
    Black Label Society Blessed Hayride, The(PHR0312-6)
    Black Label Society Stillborn(PHR0306-2)
    Black Lace Agadoo(SFG047-1)
    Black Lace Do The Conga(SF042-7)
    Black Lace Gang Bang(SFMW834-5)
    Black Lace Hokey Pokey(SF028-9)
    Black Lace Music Man(BSK002-1)
    Black Lace Penny Arcade(BSK001-4)
    Black Lace Superman(BSK002-2)
    Black Legend You See The Trouble With Me(SF167-16)
    Black Oak Arkansas Hot & Nasty(SC8479-6)
    Black Oak Arkansas Jim Dandy(SC8449-4)
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Feel It Now(PHAC0607-8)
    Black Sabbath Children Of The Grave(SC9002-14)
    Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots(RSZ611-5)
    Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell(SC8830-6)
    Black Sabbath Iron Man(SC8252-4)
    Black Sabbath Mob Rules, The(SC8756-13)
    Black Sabbath Neon Knights(SC8869-10)
    Black Sabbath Paranoid(SC8650-4)
    Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(AH2001-6)
    Black Sabbath Snowblind(SC8928-13)
    Black Sabbath Sweet Leaf(SC8713-13)
    Black Sabbath War Pigs(SC8621-11)
    Black Sabbath Wicked World(RSZ611-4)
    Black Sabbath Wizard, The(RSZ611-6)
    Black, Cilla Alfie(ZMJB05-3)
    Black, Cilla Anyone Who Had A Heart(ZMJB05-1)
    Black, Cilla Love Just A Broken Heart(SF085-11)
    Black, Cilla Something Tells Me(ZMH004-6)
    Black, Cilla Step Inside Love(ZMH004-7)
    Black, Cilla Surround Yourself With Sorrow(SF085-10)
    Black, Cilla You're My World(SF052-2)
    Black, Clint Bad Goodbye, A [w/ Wynonna Judd](SC7544-3)
    Black, Clint Been There [w/ Steve Wariner](SC8584-13)
    Black, Clint Better Man, A(SC2172-6)
    Black, Clint Boogie Man, The(SD119-8)
    Black, Clint Burn One Down(MM6003-1)
    Black, Clint Code Of The West(SD137-9)
    Black, Clint Desperado(SO201-9)
    Black, Clint Drinking Songs & Other Logic(SD139-8)
    Black, Clint Galaxy Song(SC8623-4)
    Black, Clint Good Run Of Bad Luck, A(SC2185-2)
    Black, Clint Half The Man(MH1046-13)
    Black, Clint Half Way Up(CHM9701-3)
    Black, Clint I Raq & Roll(SC8826-3)
    Black, Clint Killin' Time(SC7536-12)
    Black, Clint Life Gets Away(SC8205-12)
    Black, Clint Like The Rain(SC7595-3)
    Black, Clint Loosen Up My Strings(SC8480-1)
    Black, Clint Love She Can't Live Without(SC8623-9)
    Black, Clint Loving Blind(SC2172-4)
    Black, Clint Money Or Love(SC8753-3)
    Black, Clint My Imagination(SD123-13)
    Black, Clint No More To Kill(SO201-4)
    Black, Clint No Time To Kill(SC2185-5)
    Black, Clint Nobody's Home(SC8628-6)
    Black, Clint Nothin' But The Taillights(SC2185-8)
    Black, Clint Nothing News(SO201-14)
    Black, Clint One Emotion(SC2185-4)
    Black, Clint One More Payment(SO201-5)
    Black, Clint Put Yourself In My Shoes(SC2172-1)
    Black, Clint Rainbow In The Rain(SD134-10)
    Black, Clint Shoes You're Wearing, The(SC2185-1)
    Black, Clint Something That We Do(SC2185-7)
    Black, Clint Spend My Time(SC8857-12)
    Black, Clint State Of Mind(SC2172-3)
    Black, Clint Still Holding On [w/ Martina McBride](CHM9707-5)
    Black, Clint Summer's Comin'(SC8179-3)
    Black, Clint This Nightlife(SO201-11)
    Black, Clint Visit, The(CHM0010-7)
    Black, Clint Walkin' Away(DK088-7)
    Black, Clint We Tell Ourselves(SC2172-2)
    Black, Clint When My Ship Comes In(SC2172-8)
    Black, Clint Where Are You Now(SC2172-7)
    Black, Clint Wherever You Go(SC2185-3)
    Black, Clint You Don't Need Me Now(SC8520-1)
    Black, Clint & Lisa Hartman-Black Easy For Me To Say(SC8729-1)
    Black, Clint & Lisa Hartman-Black When I Say I Do(SC8566-10)
    Black, Jack & Cast School Of Rock(THR0401-15)
    Blackbyrds Walking In Rhythm(SC8583-9)
    Blackfoot Highway Song(SC8479-13)
    Blackfoot Train Train(SC8146-10)
    Blackhawk Almost A Memory Now(SC8253-7)
    Blackhawk Big Guitar(SC8298-4)
    Blackhawk Days Of America(SC8736-11)
    Blackhawk Down In Flames(SC8159-5)
    Blackhawk Every Once In A While(SC8234-3)
    Blackhawk Goodbye Says It All(SC8241-5)
    Blackhawk Hole In My Heart(SC8384-13)
    Blackhawk I Need You All The Time(SC8602-7)
    Blackhawk I Sure Can Smell The Rain(SC8137-2)
    Blackhawk I Will(CB20370-11)
    Blackhawk I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No(SC8189-9)
    Blackhawk King Of The World(SC8341-9)
    Blackhawk Like There Ain't No Yesterday(SC8211-8)
    Blackhawk One Night In New Orleans(SD096-12)
    Blackhawk Postmarked Birmingham(SC8436-1)
    Blackhawk That's Just About Right(SC8171-9)
    Blackhawk There You Have It(SC8485-13)
    Blackhawk Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart(SC8520-15)
    Blackstreet Before I Let You Go(SC8145-14)
    Blackstreet Don't Leave Me(SC8476-10)
    Blackstreet Fix(MM6233-12)
    Blackstreet No Diggity(SC7582-13)
    Blackstreet Take Me There(SC8519-14)
    Blackstreet Tonight's The Night(SC8209-9)
    Blaine, Marcie Bobby's Girl(SC8206-13)
    Blair Have Fun Go Mad(SC8462-2)
    Blake & Brian Amnesia(CB20037-10)
    Blake & Brian Another Perfect Day(SC8388-2)
    Blanchard, Jack & Misty Morgan Tennessee Birdwalk(CB60282-8)
    Blanchard, Jack & Misty Morgan You've Got Your Troubles I've Got Mine(MM6314-10)
    Blancmange Living On The Ceiling(SF113-13)
    Bland, Billy Let The Little Girl Dance(THMF12-1)
    Bland, Bobby Stormy Monday Blues(LG206-3)
    Bland, Bobby Turn On Your Love Light(SC8526-15)
    Blaque I Do(SC3194-4)
    Blaque & N'Sync Bring It All To Me(SC8587-13)
    Blaque & N'Sync Dancin' [Radio Version](SC3175-7)
    Blassie, Freddie Pencil Neck Geek(SC8927-7)
    Blatt, Melanie Do Me Wrong(SF209-7)
    Blazin' Squad Children Of The Revolution(SF220-8)
    Blazin' Squad Crossroads(SF196-16)
    Blazin' Squad Flip Reverse(SF211-9)
    Blazin' Squad Here 4 One(SF214-10)
    Blazin' Squad Love On The Line(SF198-5)
    Blazin' Squad Reminisce(SF202-8)
    Blazin' Squad We Just Be Dreamin'(SF207-8)
    Blazin' Squad Where The Story Ends(EZH20-5)
    Blenders I Am In Love With The McDonald's Girl(SC3089-8)
    Bless'd Boo(SF198-14)
    Blessid Union Of Souls All Along(SC8304-10)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)(SC8548-1)
    Blessid Union Of Souls I Believe(SC8164-4)
    Blessid Union Of Souls I Wanna Be There(SC8381-15)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Let Me Be The One(SC8209-1)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Light In Your Eyes, The(MM6224-8)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Oh Virginia(SC8257-13)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Standing At The Edge Of The Earth(SC8572-9)
    Blessid Union Of Souls Story Book Life(MM6327-13)
    Blessid Union Of Souls That's The Girl I've Been Telling You About(SC8607-1)
    Bleu, Corbin Push It To The Limit(THHP0704-18)
    Blige, Mary J. All That I Can Say(CB90302-8)
    Blige, Mary J. Baggage(PHU0705-8)
    Blige, Mary J. Be Happy(SC8150-5)
    Blige, Mary J. Be Without You(PHAC0602-7)
    Blige, Mary J. Dance For Me(SF190-4)
    Blige, Mary J. Deep Inside(CB90302-15)
    Blige, Mary J. Enough Cryin'(PHU0606-2)
    Blige, Mary J. Everything(SF114-4)
    Blige, Mary J. Family Affair(SC8720-10)
    Blige, Mary J. Give Me You(MM6307-10)
    Blige, Mary J. Going Down(SFMW858-10)
    Blige, Mary J. I Can Love You(MM6217-12)
    Blige, Mary J. Just Fine(PHU0801-7)
    Blige, Mary J. Love @ 1st Sight(CB5004-03-6)
    Blige, Mary J. Love Is All We Need(SC2374-7)
    Blige, Mary J. Love No Limit(SC2374-3)
    Blige, Mary J. MJB Da MVP(THHP0703-12)
    Blige, Mary J. More Than I Can Say(SF148-13)
    Blige, Mary J. No More Drama(SC8740-7)
    Blige, Mary J. No More Drama [Nadia's Mix](HTG1005-5)
    Blige, Mary J. Not Gon' Cry(SC8254-10)
    Blige, Mary J. Not Today(CB90302-5)
    Blige, Mary J. Ooh!(SC8849-4)
    Blige, Mary J. Real Love(SC8466-10)
    Blige, Mary J. Take Me As I Am(PHU0611-3)
    Blige, Mary J. We Ride(PHU0702-3)
    Blige, Mary J. You Don't Have To Worry(SC8244-7)
    Blige, Mary J. You Remind Me(SC8274-14)
    Blige, Mary J. & U2 One(SFMW876-7)
    Blind Faith Can't Find My Way Home(SC8724-14)
    Blind Melon Galaxie(HMDK-14)
    Blind Melon No Rain(SC8122-5)
    Blind Melon Skinned(HMDK-15)
    Blind Melon Three Is A Magic Number(SC8290-1)
    Blind Melon Toes Across The Floor(HMDK-16)
    Blindside Pitiful(THR0211-17)
    Blindside Sleepwalking(PHR0306-9)
    Blink 182 Adam's Song(SC8593-13)
    Blink 182 Aliens Exist(SFG035-15)
    Blink 182 All The Small Things(SC8572-8)
    Blink 182 Always(PHR0503-2)
    Blink 182 Dammit(HMDK-168)
    Blink 182 Dammit(PHM9801-9)
    Blink 182 Don't Leave Me(SFG035-14)
    Blink 182 Down(SC8879-12)
    Blink 182 Dumpweed(SFG035-9)
    Blink 182 Feeling This(SC8859-2)
    Blink 182 First Date(SC8758-11)
    Blink 182 Fuck A Dog(HMDK-169)
    Blink 182 I Miss You(SC8876-10)
    Blink 182 Man Overboard(SC3221-8)
    Blink 182 Not Now(THR0602-13)
    Blink 182 Rock Show, The(PHR0108-2)
    Blink 182 Rock Show, The(SC8699-9)
    Blink 182 Stay Together For The Kids(SC8731-15)
    Blink 182 What's My Age Again(SC8548-7)
    Bloc Party Flux(SF262-2)
    Bloc Party I Still Remember(SF254-11)
    Bloc Party Prayer, The(THHP0704-11)
    Blondie Atomic(ZMGY80-1)
    Blondie Blondie Medley, The(ZMP023-12)
    Blondie Call Me(SC7581-4)
    Blondie Denis(SF037-13)
    Blondie Dreaming(SC8535-12)
    Blondie Good Boys(EZH28-9)
    Blondie Hanging On The Telephone(SC8603-2)
    Blondie Heart Of Glass(SC7534-4)
    Blondie I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear(LG084-8)
    Blondie Island Of Lost Souls(LG084-9)
    Blondie Maria(SC8523-10)
    Blondie Nothing Is Real But The Girl(SF140-12)
    Blondie One Way Or Another(SC8331-8)
    Blondie Picture This(SF156-15)
    Blondie Rapture(SC8609-12)
    Blondie Rip Her To Shreds(SC8840-7)
    Blondie Sunday Girl(SF022-15)
    Blondie Tide Is High, The(SC7546-10)
    Blondie Union City Blue(LG084-17)
    Blondie X-Offender(SFMW897-14)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears And When I Die(SC7543-9)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears God Bless The Child(KC001-8)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears Hi De Ho That Old Sweet Roll(SC8540-15)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears Spinning Wheel, The(SC8563-3)
    Blood, Sweat & Tears You've Made Me So Very Happy(SC7550-8)
    Bloodhound Gang Another Dick With No Balls(TU001-1)
    Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch, The(THP0008-18)
    Bloodhound Gang Ballad Of Chasey Lain, The(SF170-3)
    Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn(SC8700-2)
    Bloodhound Gang Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper…(SC8927-1)
    Bloodhound Gang Mope(SF167-7)
    Bloodstone Natural High(MM6368-4)
    Bloom, Bobby Montego Bay(SC8527-14)
    Blow Monkeys It Doesn't Have To Be That Way(SF075-8)
    Blow, Kurtis Basketball(SC8875-2)
    Blow, Kurtis Breaks, The(SC8656-5)
    Blue All Rise(SF182-6)
    Blue Best In Me(SFG038-5)
    Blue Breathe Easy(SF216-5)
    Blue Bubblin'(SF219-12)
    Blue Curtain Falls(SF225-7)
    Blue Fly By(SF190-7)
    Blue Guilty(SF210-2)
    Blue If You Come Back(SF184-7)
    Blue Make It Happen(SFG038-6)
    Blue One Love(SF197-1)
    Blue Too Close(SF183-2)
    Blue U Make Me Wanna(SF203-1)
    Blue & Elton John Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word(SF199-13)
    Blue & Kool & The Gang & L'il Kim Get Down On It(SF227-9)
    Blue & Stevie Wonder Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours(SF213-12)
    Blue County Firecrackers & Ferris Wheels(SD146-11)
    Blue County Good Little Girls(SC8857-5)
    Blue County I Get To(PHN0703-5)
    Blue County Nothin' But Cowboy Boots(THC0504-12)
    Blue County That's Cool(SD120-7)
    Blue Hawaii Beach Boy Blues(MM6288-4)
    Blue Hawaii Moonlight Swim(MM6288-10)
    Blue Hawaii Slicin' Sand(MM6288-14)
    Blue Highway It's A Long, Long Road(CBEP476-6-10)
    Blue Highway Lonesome Pine(CBEP476-4-14)
    Blue Jumpers Good Morning Judge(MM6254-3)
    Blue Man Group & Dave Matthews Sing Along(TU204-13)
    Blue Man Group & Venus Hum I Feel Love(TU252-10)
    Blue Merle Burning In The Sun(PHR0504-5)
    Blue Mink Banner Man(SF090-11)
    Blue Mink Melting Pot(SF065-11)
    Blue October Hate Me(SC8983-12)
    Blue October Into The Ocean(SD4701-6)
    Blue Oyster Cult Burnin' For You(SC8725-15)
    Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear The Reaper(SC8554-15)
    Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla(SC8850-4)
    Blue Pearl Naked In The Rain(SF036-2)
    Blue Rodeo 5 Days in May(KAR004-1)
    Blue Rodeo Bad Timing(KAR004-7)
    Blue Rodeo Hasn't Hit Me Yet(KAR004-3)
    Blue Rodeo Head Over Heels(KAR004-6)
    Blue Rodeo Lost Together(KAR004-5)
    Blue Rodeo Rain Down on Me(KAR004-8)
    Blue Rodeo Till I Am Myself Again(KAR004-2)
    Blue Rodeo Try(KAR004-4)
    Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling(SC8750-10)
    Blue, Barry Dancing On A Saturday Night(SF166-10)
    Blue, Barry Do You Wanna Dance(SF166-11)
    Blue, Deacon Dignity(SF149-4)
    Bluebells Young At Heart(SF012-14)
    Bluegrass Beautiful Life(CB70014-4)
    Bluegrass Album Band Big Spike Hammer(CBEP476-4-4)
    Bluegrass Album Band Blue Ridge Cabin Home(CB80170-13)
    Bluegrass Album Band Somehow Tonight(CB80170-4)
    Bluegrass Album Band Your Love Is Like A Flower(CBEP476-6-6)
    Blues Brothers, The 634 5789(ZMP029-2)
    Blues Brothers, The Blues Brothers Medley 1(ZMP029-13)
    Blues Brothers, The Blues Brothers Medley 2(ZMP029-14)
    Blues Brothers, The Blues Don't Bother Me, The(SFG031-15)
    Blues Brothers, The Can't Turn You Loose(TU102-1)
    Blues Brothers, The Do You Love Me(ZMP029-11)
    Blues Brothers, The Everybody Needs Somebody(ZMP029-5)
    Blues Brothers, The Expressway To Your Heart(TU102-3)
    Blues Brothers, The Flip Flop Fly(TU102-4)
    Blues Brothers, The Funky Nassau(LG190-6)
    Blues Brothers, The Ghost Riders In The Sky(LG190-11)
    Blues Brothers, The Gimme Some Lovin'(SC8297-14)
    Blues Brothers, The Goin' Back To Miami(TU102-8)
    Blues Brothers, The Going Back To Miami(LG190-3)
    Blues Brothers, The Hey Bartender(ZMP029-10)
    Blues Brothers, The Jailhouse Rock(EZA007-4)
    Blues Brothers, The John The Revelator(TU102-10)
    Blues Brothers, The Minnie The Moocher(SC2507-6)
    Blues Brothers, The Minnie The Moocher(ZMP029-4)
    Blues Brothers, The Money(TU102-12)
    Blues Brothers, The New Orleans(TU102-13)
    Blues Brothers, The Rawhide(LG190-8)
    Blues Brothers, The Rawhide(SC2507-5)
    Blues Brothers, The Respect(EZA007-8)
    Blues Brothers, The Riders In The Sky(EZA007-5)
    Blues Brothers, The Riot In Cell Block Number Nine(TU102-15)
    Blues Brothers, The Rubber Biscuit(SC8782-2)
    Blues Brothers, The Shake A Tail Feather(SC2507-8)
    Blues Brothers, The She Caught The Katy(SC2507-7)
    Blues Brothers, The Soul Man(SC7503-5)
    Blues Brothers, The Sweet Home Chicago(SC2507-4)
    Blues Brothers, The Sweet Home Chicago [Radio Version](SC8814-8)
    Blues Brothers, The Who's Making Love(SFG031-16)
    Blues Image Ride Captain Ride(SC8192-1)
    Blues Magoos We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet(SC8750-1)
    Blues Traveler But Anyway(SC8304-2)
    Blues Traveler Carolina Blues(SC8457-11)
    Blues Traveler Hook(SC2054-5)
    Blues Traveler Most Precarious(SC8423-13)
    Blues Traveler Runaround(SC8187-5)
    Bluetones, The After Hours(SF191-7)
    Bluetones, The Slight Return(LGK004-8)
    Blume, Tommy Ain't Misbehavin'(SF064-4)
    Blunt, James 1973(THP0712-10)
    Blunt, James Goodbye My Lover(PHAC0701-1)
    Blunt, James High(THP0608-15)
    Blunt, James No Bravery(SFMW906-8)
    Blunt, James Same Mistake(SF262-13)
    Blunt, James Tears & Rain(PHAC0607-1)
    Blunt, James Wise Men(SF240-13)
    Blunt, James You're Beautiful(THP0604-16)
    Blunt, James You're Beautiful [Radio Version](SC8993-15)
    Blur Beetlebum(SFMW873-15)
    Blur Bug Man(SF140-5)
    Blur Charmless Man(SF061-10)
    Blur Coffee & TV(SF142-8)
    Blur Country House(SF060-1)
    Blur Crazy Beat(THR0307-10)
    Blur End Of The Century(SFG021-15)
    Blur Girls & Boys(SFG021-14)
    Blur No Distance Left To Run(SF150-7)
    Blur Out Of Time(SF205-5)
    Blur Park Life(SFG021-10)
    Blur Song 2(SC8530-3)
    Blur Tender(SF134-5)
    Blur There's No Other Way(SFG021-13)
    Blur This Is A Low(SFG021-11)
    Blur Universal, The(SFMW905-12)
    BMU U Will Know(SC8145-3)
    Bo', Stakka Here We Go(SFMW879-5)
    Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle(SF088-7)
    Bob & Tom Band Blow Me A Kiss(SC8927-11)
    Bob & Tom Band Buzz, Buzz The Vibrator Song(SC8700-5)
    Bob & Tom Band Prisoner Of Love(SC8927-9)
    Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys St. Louis Blues(CBE3-01-15)
    Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Stay A Little Longer(SC8592-6)
    Bobbettes Mr. Lee(SC8450-11)
    Bobby Fuller Four I Fought The Law(SC7520-7)
    Bocelli, Andrea & Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye [Con Te Partirň](SC8885-16)
    Bocelli, Andrea & Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye [English Version](SC8885-15)
    Bodeans Closer To Free(SC8435-15)
    Bodeans Hurt By Love(SC8343-6)
    Bodeans If It Makes You(PHR0409-7)
    Bodyjar Not The Same(SC2400-5)
    Bodyrockers, The I Like The Way You Move(PHM0606-7)
    Bodyrox Yeah Yeah(THP0701-18)
    Bogguss, Suzy Aces(SC8165-4)
    Bogguss, Suzy Cross My Broken Heart(SC8275-7)
    Bogguss, Suzy Drive South(SC8234-12)
    Bogguss, Suzy From Where I Stand(SC8498-10)
    Bogguss, Suzy Give Me Some Wheels(SC8289-2)
    Bogguss, Suzy Goodnight(SC8566-13)
    Bogguss, Suzy Heartache(CB20145-10)
    Bogguss, Suzy Hey Cinderella(SC8112-5)
    Bogguss, Suzy Just Like The Weather(SC8167-14)
    Bogguss, Suzy Letting Go(SC2174-5)
    Bogguss, Suzy No Way Out(SC8319-5)
    Bogguss, Suzy Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt(SC8485-15)
    Bogguss, Suzy Outbound Plane(SC8130-3)
    Bogguss, Suzy She Said He Heard(SC2174-1)
    Bogguss, Suzy Somebody To Love(SC8451-14)
    Bogguss, Suzy Someday Soon(SC8265-11)
    Bogguss, Suzy Somewhere Between(CB20145-11)
    Bogguss, Suzy Souvenirs(SC8137-11)
    Bogguss, Suzy Take It To The Limit(MM6041-5)
    Bogguss, Suzy Through Your Eyes(TU246-15)
    Bogguss, Suzy You Never Will(SC8287-13)
    Bogguss, Suzy You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger(SC8260-7)
    Bolton, Michael Ain't Got Nothing If I Ain't Got Love(MM6057-10)
    Bolton, Michael Back On My Feet Again(SC8425-8)
    Bolton, Michael Best Of Love, The(SC8422-11)
    Bolton, Michael Can I Touch You There(SC8203-1)
    Bolton, Michael Completely(SC8113-4)
    Bolton, Michael Dock Of The Bay, The(SC8378-1)
    Bolton, Michael Georgia On My Mind(SC8363-2)
    Bolton, Michael How Am I Supposed To Live Without You(SC8366-1)
    Bolton, Michael How Can We Be Lovers(PI042-3)
    Bolton, Michael I Found Someone(SC8277-13)
    Bolton, Michael Love Is A Wonderful Thing(SC8235-7)
    Bolton, Michael Love Is The Power(SC8340-7)
    Bolton, Michael Love So Beautiful, A(SC8248-2)
    Bolton, Michael Missing You Now(SC8371-2)
    Bolton, Michael Once In A Lifetime(PI047-5)
    Bolton, Michael Only A Woman Like You(MM6363-7)
    Bolton, Michael Please Forgive Me(MM6040-14)
    Bolton, Michael Reach Out, I'll Be There(MM6000-5)
    Bolton, Michael River, The(SC8263-6)
    Bolton, Michael Safe Place From The Storm(SC8462-8)
    Bolton, Michael Said I Loved You, But I Lied(SC8113-2)
    Bolton, Michael Soul Provider(SFMW826-15)
    Bolton, Michael Steel Bars(SC8374-3)
    Bolton, Michael Time Love & Tenderness(SC8363-8)
    Bolton, Michael To Love Somebody(SC8310-2)
    Bolton, Michael When A Man Loves A Woman(MM6001-2)
    Bolton, Michael When I'm Back On My Feet Again(SC8366-15)
    Bolton, Michael Yesterday(SC8374-11)
    Bolton, Michael You Wouldn't Know Love(SC8264-15)
    Bomb The Bass & Lorraine Don't Make Me Wait(SFMW888-10)
    Bombalurina Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(SFG047-5)
    Bombalurina Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat(SF095-13)
    Bomshel Ain't My Day To Care(PHN0609-4)
    Bomshel Country Music Love Song(SC8989-15)
    Bomshel It Was An Absolutely Finger(CB60350-12)
    Bon Jovi (You Want To) Make A Memory(THC0707-14)
    Bon Jovi All About Loving You(SFMW843-1)
    Bon Jovi Always(SC8140-11)
    Bon Jovi Bad Medicine(SC7548-11)
    Bon Jovi Bed Of Roses(SC8242-5)
    Bon Jovi Born To Be My Baby(SC8716-14)
    Bon Jovi Bounce(TU204-3)
    Bon Jovi Everyday(SC8783-3)
    Bon Jovi Have A Nice Day(THP0603-14)
    Bon Jovi I'll Be There For You(SC8716-8)
    Bon Jovi In & Out Of Love(SC8631-7)
    Bon Jovi In These Arms(SF156-3)
    Bon Jovi It's My Life [Acoustic](LGK003-10)
    Bon Jovi It’s My Life(HMDK-706)
    Bon Jovi Keep The Faith(SC8638-13)
    Bon Jovi Lay Your Hands On Me(SC8756-7)
    Bon Jovi Lie To Me(SF034-10)
    Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer(SC8716-13)
    Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer [Acoustic](SC2336b-7)
    Bon Jovi Living In Sin(JV0068-4)
    Bon Jovi Lost Highway(SD4712-4)
    Bon Jovi Misunderstood(SF200-11)
    Bon Jovi Never Say Goodbye(SC8716-9)
    Bon Jovi One Wild Night(TU054-7)
    Bon Jovi One Wild Night 2001(TU070-10)
    Bon Jovi Only Lonely(LG112-10)
    Bon Jovi Raise Your Hands(SC8843-15)
    Bon Jovi Real Life(SC8531-5)
    Bon Jovi Rockin' In The Free World(TU103-14)
    Bon Jovi Runaway(SC8516-11)
    Bon Jovi Say It Isn't So(TU070-13)
    Bon Jovi Sleep When I'm Dead(SFG056-14)
    Bon Jovi Someday I'll Be Saturday Night(SFG056-13)
    Bon Jovi Something For The Pain(SC8209-8)
    Bon Jovi Thank You For Loving Me(SC8680-1)
    Bon Jovi This Ain't A Love Song(SC8187-9)
    Bon Jovi Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore [w/ Leann Rimes](THC0712-19)
    Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive(HMDK-707)
    Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive(SC7511-1)
    Bon Jovi Welcome To Wherever You Are(SF239-13)
    Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name(SC7579-15)
    Bon Jovi You Want To Make A Memory(PHN0708-3)
    Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles Who Says You Can't Go Home(THC0603-14)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Blaze Of Glory(SC8433-2)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Janie Don't Take Your Love To Town(SC8395-8)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Midnight In Chelsea(SC8448-15)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Miracle(JV0068-5)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Never Die Young(JV0067-10)
    Bon Jovi, Jon Queen Of New Orleans(SF114-13)
    Bonamy, James All I Do Is Love Her(SC8336-6)
    Bonamy, James I Don't Think I Will(SC8289-7)
    Bonamy, James Little Blue Dot(CB20025-10)
    Bonamy, James Naked To The Pain(SC8388-3)
    Bonamy, James She's Got A Mind Of Her Own(SC8232-15)
    Bonamy, James Swing, The(SC3019-4)
    Bonds, Gary U.S. Quarter To Three, A(SC7550-10)
    Boney M Belfast(SFMW804-8)
    Boney M Boney M Megamix [Duet](ZMP119-13)
    Boney M Boney M Megamix [Female Solo](ZMP119-14)
    Boney M Brown Girl In The Ring(ZMP119-10)
    Boney M Daddy Cool(SFMW808-1)
    Boney M Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-holiday(ZMP119-11)
    Boney M Ma Baker(SFMW829-7)
    Boney M Ma Baker [Duet](ZMP119-5)
    Boney M Painter Man(ZMP119-12)
    Boney M Rasputin(SFMW875-12)
    Boney M Rivers Of Babylon(SF023-15)
    Boney M Sunny(ZMP119-9)
    Bonham, Tracy Mother Mother(SC8286-7)
    Bonham, Tracy One, The(SC8316-5)
    Bonham, Tracy Something Beautiful [Radio Version](SC8932-1)
    Bonoff, K. & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band You Believed In Me(SC8289-13)
    Bonoff, Karla Standing Right Next To Me(SC8121-8)
    Bonzo Doo Doo Dah Band I'm The Urban Spaceman(SF089-14)
    Boo, Betty Doin' The Do(SFMW839-4)
    Boo, Betty Where Are You Baby(SFMW913-6)
    Boo, Betty & Beatmasters Hey DJ - I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playi(SFMW893-7)
    Boogie Pimps Somebody To Love(EZH31-5)
    Boomkat Wreckoning, The [Radio Version](SC8812-8)
    Boomtown Rats I Don't Like Mondays(SC8571-10)
    Boomtown Rats Rat Trap(SFMW854-3)
    Boone Creek Can't You Hear Me Calling(CB80170-3)
    Boone Creek Head Over Heels(CBEP476-3-8)
    Boone Creek One Way Track(CBEP476-5-3)
    Boone, Daniel Beautiful Sunday(ZMH001-4)
    Boone, Debbie Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again(SC8412-15)
    Boone, Debbie You Light Up My Life(SC7506-9)
    Boone, Pat April Love(SC8441-3)
    Boone, Pat Don't Forbid Me(PI001-5)
    Boone, Pat Friendly Persuasion(SF063-7)
    Boone, Pat I Almost Lost My Mind(SC7566-2)
    Boone, Pat Love Letters In The Sand(SC7550-7)
    Boone, Pat Moody River(SC8288-12)
    Boone, Pat Remember You're Mine(PI028-11)
    Boone, Pat Speedy Gonzales(PI207-14)
    Boone, Pat We Wish You A Merry Christmas(MM6318-13)
    Boothe, Ken Everying I Own(SF141-6)
    Booty Luv Boogie 2nite(THHP0702-17)
    Booty Luv Don't Mess With My Man(SF260-7)
    Booty Luv Shine(SF255-5)
    Bosson We Live(SC8616-11)
    Boston Amanda(SC8648-12)
    Boston Breaking Up Is Hard To Do(AH2004-11)
    Boston Don't Look Back(SC8539-10)
    Boston Long Time(SC8223-12)
    Boston Man I'll Never Be, A(SC8404-2)
    Boston More Than A Feeling(SC8648-2)
    Boston Peace Of Mind(SC8406-13)
    Boston Rock & Roll Band(SC8334-9)
    Boston Smokin'(SC8586-4)
    Boston Something About You(HMDK-669)
    Boston We're Ready(SC8684-2)
    Boucher, Judi Can't Be With You Tonight(SF057-9)
    Bow Wow Basketball(MM6413-10)
    Bow Wow Bow Wow (That's My Name)(SC8688-15)
    Bow Wow Fresh AZIMIZ(PHU0602-6)
    Bow Wow Shorty Like Mine(PHU0701-5)
    Bow Wow & Baby Let's Get Down(SC3384-6)
    Bow Wow & Ciara Like You(THH0511-12)
    Bow Wow & Omarion Let Me Hold You(PHU0508-4)
    Bow Wow & T-pain Outta My System(PHU0705-7)
    Bow Wow Wow Do You Wanna Hold Me(SC8571-9)
    Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In The Country(HMDK-171)
    Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In The Country(SF105-13)
    Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy(SC2066-6)
    Bowie, David Absolute Beginners(LG001-9)
    Bowie, David All The Madmen(HMDK-188)
    Bowie, David As The World Falls Down(HMDK-173)
    Bowie, David Ashes To Ashes(ZMGY80-6)
    Bowie, David Black Country Rock(HMDK-174)
    Bowie, David Boys Keep Swinging(HMDK-175)
    Bowie, David Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)(SC8782-8)
    Bowie, David Changes(SC8671-10)
    Bowie, David China Girl(SC8477-4)
    Bowie, David Dead Man Walking(HMDK-176)
    Bowie, David Drive-in Saturday(LG001-5)
    Bowie, David Fame(SC2288-4)
    Bowie, David Fashion(SFG055-8)
    Bowie, David Five Years(HMDK-177)
    Bowie, David Golden Years(SC8671-11)
    Bowie, David Hang On To Yourself(HMDK-178)
    Bowie, David Heroes(SC8580-12)
    Bowie, David It Ain't Easy(SFMW838-3)
    Bowie, David Jean Genie(SC8939-4)
    Bowie, David John I'm Only Dancing(HMDK-190)
    Bowie, David Jump They Say(LG001-15)
    Bowie, David Laughing Gnome(BSK001-8)
    Bowie, David Let's Dance(SC8573-5)
    Bowie, David Life On Mars(SF024-4)
    Bowie, David Magic Dance(HMDK-181)
    Bowie, David Man Who Sold The World, The(SFMW897-1)
    Bowie, David Modern Love(SC7561-13)
    Bowie, David Moonage Daydream(HMDK-192)
    Bowie, David Never Let Me Down(HMDK-172)
    Bowie, David Pablo Picasso(HMDK-183)
    Bowie, David Queen Bitch(HMDK-184)
    Bowie, David Rebel Rebel(SC7576-12)
    Bowie, David Rock 'N' Roll Suicide(LG001-3)
    Bowie, David Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)(HMDK-191)
    Bowie, David Slow Burn(TU174-14)
    Bowie, David Sorrow(SF024-5)
    Bowie, David Soul Love(HMDK-185)
    Bowie, David Space Oddity(SC8840-3)
    Bowie, David Starman(SFG055-3)
    Bowie, David Suffragette City(SC8621-7)
    Bowie, David Survive(HMDK-186)
    Bowie, David The London Boys(HMDK-187)
    Bowie, David The Prettiest Star(HMDK-182)
    Bowie, David The Supermen(HMDK-180)
    Bowie, David Tonight(LG001-13)
    Bowie, David Underground(HMDK-189)
    Bowie, David Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed(HMDK-179)
    Bowie, David Young Americans(SC8313-10)
    Bowie, David Ziggy Stardust(AH8015-13)
    Bowie, David & Queen Under Pressure(SC8574-11)
    Bowling For Soup 1985(PHM0410-9)
    Bowling For Soup Almost(SC8915-11)
    Bowling For Soup Almost [Radio Version](MM6429-7)
    Bowling For Soup Baby One More Time(MM6413-11)
    Bowling For Soup Girl All The Bad Guys Want(THR0212-16)
    Bowling For Soup High School Never Ends(SD4612-5)
    Bowling For Soup Ohio (Come Back To Texas)(TU271-10)
    Bowling For Soup When We Die(CB30063-9)
    Bowman, Ronnie Cold Virginia Night(CBEP476-6-8)
    Bowser & Blue Colorectal Surgeon's Song, The(TU235-15)
    Bowser & Blue When Lawyers Take Viagra(TU235-18)
    Box Car Racer There Is(THR0302-15)
    Box Tops Cry Like A Baby(SC7550-5)
    Box Tops Letter, The(SC7520-12)
    Box Tops Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March(SC8686-8)
    Boxcar Racer I Feel So(PHR0209-6)
    Boy George Crying Game, The(SC8310-5)
    Boy Howdy Bigger Fish To Fry(SC8171-10)
    Boy Howdy She Can't Love You(SC8198-14)
    Boy Howdy She'd Give Anything(SC8180-10)
    Boy Howdy They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore(SC8200-15)
    Boy Howdy True To His Word(SC8309-3)
    Boy Krazy That's What Love Can Do(SC8266-9)
    Boy Meets Girl Waiting For A Star To Fall(SC8588-1)
    Boyer, Anita Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered(PI306-18)
    Boys Don't Cry I Wanna Be A Cowboy(SC8522-9)
    Boys Like Girls Great Escape(PHM0709-8)
    Boys Like Girls Hero/heroine(SC9019-5)
    Boys Like Girls Love Drunk(CB30114-5)
    Boystown Gang Can't Take My Eyes Off You(ZMH007-15)
    Boyz II Men Color Of Love, The(MM6364-10)
    Boyz II Men End Of The Road(SC7514-3)
    Boyz II Men Four Seasons Of Lonliness(PHM9711-8)
    Boyz II Men I Remember(SC2072-7)
    Boyz II Men I Will Get There(SC8523-7)
    Boyz II Men I'll Make Love To You(SC8132-1)
    Boyz II Men In The Still Of The Nite (I'll Remember)(SC8891-8)
    Boyz II Men It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday(SC8891-15)
    Boyz II Men Motown/Philly(CBE3-23-13)
    Boyz II Men On Bended Knee(SC8140-3)
    Boyz II Men Pass You By(SC8654-13)
    Boyz II Men Please Don't Go(SC8266-14)
    Boyz II Men Song For Mama, A(SC8440-2)
    Boyz II Men Thank You(SC8156-6)
    Boyz II Men Vibin'(SD017-4)
    Boyz II Men Water Runs Dry(SC8156-7)
    Boyz II Men & MC Lyte What You Won't Do For Love(THH0412-18)
    Boyzone All That I Need(SF120-2)
    Boyzone Baby Can't Hold You Tonight(SF116-11)
    Boyzone Coming Home Now(SF080-5)
    Boyzone Different Beat, A(SF081-14)
    Boyzone Everyday I Love You(SF155-2)
    Boyzone Father & Son(LG007-1)
    Boyzone I Love The Way You Love Me(SF127-16)
    Boyzone Isn't It A Wonder(LG007-4)
    Boyzone Key To My Life(LG007-5)
    Boyzone Love Me For A Reason(PX02-4)
    Boyzone No Matter What(SC8548-15)
    Boyzone Picture Of You, A(LG007-3)
    Boyzone So Good(LG007-7)
    Boyzone When The Going Gets Tough(SF132-8)
    Boyzone Words(SF081-10)
    Boyzone You Needed Me(SF138-1)
    BR5-49 Cherokee Boogie(SC8328-11)
    BR5-49 Even If It's Wrong(SC8358-9)
    BR5-49 Little Ramona(SC8358-2)
    BR5-49 Too Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal(CB20295-12)
    Bradley, Dale Ann Everything You Do (Touches Someone Else)(CBEP476-4-9)
    Bradley, Dale Ann Stop, Look & Listen(CBEP476-2-10)
    Bradshaw, Woody Last Thing You Do, The(PHN0705-9)
    Brady Bunch It's A Sunshine Day(SC8620-3)
    Brady Bunch Keep On(SC8620-5)
    Brady Bunch Time To Change(SC8620-10)
    Brady Bunch, The Sunshine Day(SFMW914-9)
    Bragg, Billy New England(SFMW861-8)
    Bragg, Billy Sexuality(SFMW877-13)
    Bran Van 3000 Drinking In L.A.(SF146-10)
    Branch, Michelle All You Wanted(SC8813-3)
    Branch, Michelle Are You Happy Now(SC8834-9)
    Branch, Michelle Breathe(SC8845-4)
    Branch, Michelle Everywhere(SC8741-13)
    Branch, Michelle Goodbye To You(SC8778-7)
    Branch, Michelle Till I Get Over You(MM6408-6)
    Branch, Michelle Until I Get Over You(SC8865-9)
    Brand New Heavies Dream On Dreamer(PI052-5)
    Brand New Heavies Midnight At The Oasis(SF010-6)
    Brand New Heavies Never Stop(SC8754-13)
    Brand New Heavies Sometimes(SC8457-4)
    Brand New Heavies You Got A Friend(SF114-12)
    Brandt, Paul I Do(SC8319-4)
    Brandt, Paul I Meant To Do That(SC8341-13)
    Brandt, Paul It's A Beautiful Thing(SC8570-15)
    Brandt, Paul Little In Love, A(SC8409-10)
    Brandt, Paul My Heart Has A History(SC8267-8)
    Brandt, Paul Take It From Me(SC3022-2)
    Brandt, Paul That Hurts(SC3186-5)
    Brandt, Paul That's The Truth(SC8533-14)
    Brandt, Paul What's Come Over You(CB20027-9)
    Brandy Afrodisiac(SF223-15)
    Brandy Almost Doesn't Count(SC8531-8)
    Brandy Angel In Disguise(SC8519-2)
    Brandy Another Day In Paradise(SF180-15)
    Brandy Baby(SC8156-11)
    Brandy Best Friend(SC8199-5)
    Brandy Broken Hearted [w/ Wanya Morris](SC8203-6)
    Brandy Full Moon(SC8758-3)
    Brandy Have You Ever(SC3105-7)
    Brandy He Is(CB30028-6)
    Brandy I Tried(SFMW861-11)
    Brandy I Wanna Be Down(SC8150-2)
    Brandy Missing You(SC8316-9)
    Brandy Talk About Our Love(SF219-9)
    Brandy Top Of The World [w/ Mase](SF127-5)
    Brandy U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)(SC8569-8)
    Brandy What About Us(SC8796-7)
    Brandy Who Is She 2 You(THH0412-13)
    Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The(SC8469-9)
    Brandy & Monica Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)(SC2249-8)
    Brandy & Monica Sittin' Up In My Room(SC2249-2)
    Branigan, Laura Didn't We Almost Win It All(SC8246-7)
    Branigan, Laura Gloria(SC7581-12)
    Branigan, Laura How Am I Supposed To Live Without You(PI052-11)
    Branigan, Laura Lucky One(MM6092-5)
    Branigan, Laura Self Control(SC8329-5)
    Branigan, Laura Solitaire(SC8210-11)
    Brannon, Kippi Daddy's Little Girl(SC3011-7)
    Brannon, Kippi I'd Be With You(SC3028-5)
    Brat Chalk Dust(SFMW833-4)
    Bravery An Honest Mistake(EZH44-12)
    Bravery Honest Mistake(SFMW864-5)
    Bravery Unconditional(SC8949-13)
    Braxton, Toni Another Sad Love Song(SC8371-9)
    Braxton, Toni Breathe Again(SC8111-3)
    Braxton, Toni He Wasn't Man Enough(SC8616-7)
    Braxton, Toni How Do I Live(LG216-16)
    Braxton, Toni How Many Ways(SC8140-10)
    Braxton, Toni I Belong To You(MM6096-2)
    Braxton, Toni I Don't Want To(SC3009-2)
    Braxton, Toni I Don't Want You(SC8476-2)
    Braxton, Toni I Love Me Some Him(SC8377-7)
    Braxton, Toni In The Late Of The Night(PI053-1)
    Braxton, Toni Just Be A Man About It(SC8625-15)
    Braxton, Toni Let It Flow(SC8281-5)
    Braxton, Toni Love Shoulda Brought You Home(SC8363-9)
    Braxton, Toni Please(TU267-9)
    Braxton, Toni Seven Whole Days(PI045-15)
    Braxton, Toni Spanish Guitar(SC8673-13)
    Braxton, Toni There's No Me Without You(PI048-2)
    Braxton, Toni Trippin'(PHAC0512-1)
    Braxton, Toni Unbreak My Heart(SC8325-14)
    Braxton, Toni Why Should I Care(PI052-4)
    Braxton, Toni You Mean The World To Me(SC8121-1)
    Braxton, Toni You're Making Me High(SC8349-2)
    Braxton, Toni & Kenny G How Could An Angel Break My Heart(SC3049-1)
    Braxtons So Many Ways(SC8316-13)
    Bread Aubrey(HMDK-671)
    Bread Aubrey(PLC11-7)
    Bread Baby I'm A Want You(SC8362-2)
    Bread Diary, The(SC8540-12)
    Bread Everything I Own(SC8261-6)
    Bread Guitar Man, The(SC8283-10)
    Bread If(SC7542-5)
    Bread It Don't Matter To Me(SC7535-2)
    Bread Lost Without Your Love(PLC11-10)
    Bread Make It With You(SC8354-7)
    Bread Sweet Surrender(PLC11-9)
    Breaking Benjamin Diary Of Jane, The(THR0609-11)
    Breaking Benjamin Rain(PHMHR25-1)
    Breaking Benjamin Rain(PHR0509-1)
    Breaking Benjamin Skin(PHR0305-1)
    Breaking Benjamin So Cold(THR0409-14)
    Breaking Benjamin Sooner Or Later(THR0504-13)
    Breathe Hands To Heaven(SC8518-10)
    Breathe How Can I Fall(MH1157-15)
    Breeders Cannonball(SC8562-3)
    Breen, Ann Pal Of My Cradle Days(SF139-5)
    Breen, Ann Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra(SC8737-8)
    Breezer, Jo Venus & Mars(SF184-10)
    Bremers, Beverly Don't Say You Don't Remember(SC8575-8)
    Brendan Gimme Some(BSK002-10)
    Bresslaw, B Mad Passionate Love(SF095-14)
    Brewer & Shipley One Toke Over The Line(SC8679-9)
    Brewer, Teresa Music! Music! Music!(SC8249-14)
    Brian & Michael Matchstickmen & Matchstick Cats & Dogs(SF141-1)
    Brian Setzer Orchestra Everytime I Hear That Mellow Saxophone(MM6254-9)
    Brian Setzer Orchestra Gettin' In The Mood(MM6316-11)
    Brian Setzer Orchestra Jump Jive & Wail(SC8478-2)
    Brian Setzer Orchestra This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof(SC8501-1)
    Brice, Lee Happy Endings(SD161-11)
    Brice, Lee She Ain't Right(PHN0709-8)
    Brick Dusic(SC8386-11)
    Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians Good Times(SD003-6)
    Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians What I Am(SC8378-4)
    Brickman, Jim Love I Found In You, The(SC3216-3)
    Brickman, Jim Never Alone(PHM0706-7)
    Brickman, Jim When It Snows(PHAC0701-4)
    Brickman, Jim & Jane Krakowski You(SC8809-12)
    Brickman, Jim & Jordan Hill & Billy Porter Destiny(SC3136-4)
    Brickman, Jim & Laura Creamer By Heart(SC8268-11)
    Brickman, Jim & Michael W. Smith Love Of My Life(SC8523-3)
    Brickman, Jim & Olivia Newton John Change Of Heart(SC8664-2)
    Brickman, Jim & Rebecca Lynn Howard Simple Things, The(SC8730-5)
    Bridges, Alicia I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)(SC7597-15)
    Bridgewater, Dee Dee Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)(MM6423-6)
    Brigadoon There But For You Go I(PSJT334-12)
    Brightman, Sarah Deliver Me(SC8542-6)
    Brightman, Sarah & Hot Gossip I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper(ZMH010-1)
    Bristol, Johnny Hang On In There Baby(SF091-10)
    British Whale This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us(SF235-10)
    Britt, Catherine Upside Of Being Down, The(SC3420-1)
    Britt, Catherine What I Did Last Night(PHN0704-5)
    Britt, Catherine & Elton John Where We Both Say Goodbye(SC8936-14)
    Broadway/42nd St. 42nd Street(LGB07-14)
    Broadway/42nd St. Lullaby Of Broadway(LGB02-8)
    Broadway/42nd St. We're In The Money(SC8127-10)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Am I My Resume(STS6010-2)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line At The Ballet(STS6010-4)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Dance Ten Looks Three(STS6010-8)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Hello Twelve Hello Thirteen(STS6010-6)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line I Can Do That(STS6010-3)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line I Hope I Get It(STS6010-1)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Music & The Mirror(STS6010-9)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Nothing(SC8547-4)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line One(MM6015-3)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line Sing(STS6010-5)
    Broadway/A Chorus Line What I Did For Love(NUKH019-10)
    Broadway/Aida Another Pyramid(PS1495-19)
    Broadway/Aida Dance Of The Robe(PS1495-23)
    Broadway/Aida Easy As Life(PS1495-27)
    Broadway/Aida Elaborate Lives(PS1495-25)
    Broadway/Aida Enchantment Passing Through(PS1495-22)
    Broadway/Aida Every Story Is A Love Story / Fortune Favors The(PS1495-17)
    Broadway/Aida Gods Love Nubia, The(PS1495-26)
    Broadway/Aida How I Know You(PS1495-20)
    Broadway/Aida I Know The Truth(PS1495-32)
    Broadway/Aida Like Father, Like Son(PS1495-29)
    Broadway/Aida My Strongest Suit(PS1495-21)
    Broadway/Aida Not Me(PS1495-24)
    Broadway/Aida Past Is Another Land, The(PS1495-18)
    Broadway/Aida Radame's Letter(PS1495-30)
    Broadway/Aida Step Too Far, A(PS1495-28)
    Broadway/Aida Written In The Stars(PS1495-31)
    Broadway/Ain't Misbehavin' I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling(MMBH1-2-12)
    Broadway/Ain't Misbehavin' Your Feet's Too Big(MM6175-6)
    Broadway/Annie Annie: Overture(STS6003-1)
    Broadway/Annie Chewing Gum(SF222-15)
    Broadway/Annie Easy Street(STS6003-8)
    Broadway/Annie Hooverville(STS6003-4)
    Broadway/Annie I Don't Need Anything But You(STS6003-11)
    Broadway/Annie I Think I'm Gonna Like It(STS6003-6)
    Broadway/Annie It's A Hard Knock Life(SC2233-1)
    Broadway/Annie Little Girls(SC2297-6)
    Broadway/Annie Maybe(SC8547-5)
    Broadway/Annie NYC(STS6003-7)
    Broadway/Annie Something Was Missing(STS6003-10)
    Broadway/Annie Tomorrow(SC7538-4)
    Broadway/Annie Tomorrow [Movie Version](SC8930-16)
    Broadway/Annie You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile(STS6003-9)
    Broadway/Annie You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile [Movie](SC8930-20)
    Broadway/Annie Get Your Gun Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better(SC2222-2)
    Broadway/Annie Get Your Gun Hooray For Hollywood(MMBH1-4-3)
    Broadway/Annie Get Your Gun There's No Business Like Show Business(SC8127-1)
    Broadway/Anyone Can Whistle Anyone Can Whistle(PR9062-7)
    Broadway/Anything Goes Anything Goes(SC2297-3)
    Broadway/Anything Goes Heaven Hop(SC2233-3)
    Broadway/Anything Goes Take Me Back To Manhattan(PS2003-4-16)
    Broadway/Anything Goes You're The Top(SC2222-5)
    Broadway/Aspects Of Love Anything But Lonely(PS1559-22)
    Broadway/Aspects Of Love Love Changes Everything(MMBH1-3-16)
    Broadway/Breakfast At Tiffany's Moon River(MMBH1-4-15)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Honestly Sincere(STS6008-19)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie How Lovely To Be A Woman(STS6008-16)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Hymn For A Sunday Evening(STS6008-20)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Intro / An English Teacher(STS6008-14)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Kids(STS6008-24)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Lot Of Livin To Do, A(STS6008-23)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie One Boy(STS6008-18)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie One Last Kiss(STS6008-21)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Put On A Happy Face(STS6008-17)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Rosie(STS6008-26)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Spanish Rose(STS6008-25)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie Telephone Hour(STS6008-15)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie What Did I Ever See In Him(STS6008-22)
    Broadway/Bye Bye Birdie You Gotta Be Sincere(MM6219-10)
    Broadway/Cabaret Cabaret(DK2024-7)
    Broadway/Cabaret Don't Tell Mama(MM6282-10)
    Broadway/Cabaret Maybe This Time(MMBH1-1-15)
    Broadway/Cabaret Mein Herr(MM6282-8)
    Broadway/Cabaret Money(MMBH1-5-15)
    Broadway/Cabaret Wilkommen(TU140-17)
    Broadway/Can Can I Love Paris(LGB03-15)
    Broadway/Carousel If I Loved You(LGB03-6)
    Broadway/Carousel June Is Busting Out All Over(MMBH1-5-9)
    Broadway/Carousel You'll Never Walk Alone(SC8127-3)
    Broadway/Cats Memory(SC7599-5)
    Broadway/Cats Mister Mistoffelees(LGB07-5)
    Broadway/Cats Rum Tug Tugger(LGB06-4)
    Broadway/Chess Anthem(PSJT060-7)
    Broadway/Chess Heaven Help My Heart(PR9062-1)
    Broadway/Chess I Know Him So Well(PSJT060-11)
    Broadway/Chess Lullaby(PSJT060-13)
    Broadway/Chess No Contest(PSJT060-9)
    Broadway/Chess Nobody's Side(PSJT060-6)
    Broadway/Chess Pity The Child(PSJT060-12)
    Broadway/Chess Someone Else's Story(PSJT060-3)
    Broadway/Chess Story Of Chess, The(PSJT060-1)
    Broadway/Chess Terrace Duet(PSJT060-5)
    Broadway/Chess Where I Want To Be(PSJT060-2)
    Broadway/Chess You & I(PSJT060-10)
    Broadway/Chess You & I (Reprise)(PSJT060-14)
    Broadway/Chicago All I Care About(PS1526-19)
    Broadway/Chicago All That Jazz, And(SC3362-3)
    Broadway/Chicago Cell Block Tango(PS1526-17)
    Broadway/Chicago Class(PS1526-27)
    Broadway/Chicago Funny Honey(PS1526-16)
    Broadway/Chicago I Move On(SC8827-6)
    Broadway/Chicago Little Bit Of Good, A(PS1526-20)
    Broadway/Chicago Me & My Baby(PS1526-24)
    Broadway/Chicago Mister Cellophane(STS6005-11)
    Broadway/Chicago Mr. Cellophane(PS1526-25)
    Broadway/Chicago My Own Best Friend(PS1526-23)
    Broadway/Chicago Nowadays(PS1526-28)
    Broadway/Chicago Razzle Dazzle(PS1526-26)
    Broadway/Chicago Roxie(PS1526-22)
    Broadway/Chicago Roxie(SC8834-4)
    Broadway/Chicago We Both Reached For The Gun(PS1526-21)
    Broadway/Chicago When You're Good To Mama(MM6282-13)
    Broadway/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang(PI307-1)
    Broadway/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Truly Scrumptious(TU158-20)
    Broadway/Crazy For You I Got Rhythm(PS2003-4-18)
    Broadway/Crazy For You Someone To Watch Over Me(LGB06-9)
    Broadway/Dames At Sea Broadway Baby(MM6175-14)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees Heart(MM6175-15)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees Hernando's Hideaway(LGB07-8)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees Lola(LGB02-13)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees Two Lost Souls(SC2222-6)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees Whatever Lola Wants(MMBH1-5-3)
    Broadway/Damn Yankees You Gotta Have Heart(MM6100B-11)
    Broadway/Dance A Little Closer There's Always One You Can't Forget(PSJT334-11)
    Broadway/Day By Day Day By Day(SC2233-5)
    Broadway/Evita Another Suitcase, Another Hall(PS1557-2-5)
    Broadway/Evita Buenos Aires(PS1557-2-1)
    Broadway/Evita Charity Concert(PS1557-2-4)
    Broadway/Evita Don't Cry For Me Argentina(SC8127-7)
    Broadway/Evita Goodnight & Thank You(PS1557-2-2)
    Broadway/Evita High Flying, Adored(PS1557-2-9)
    Broadway/Evita I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You(PS1557-2-3)
    Broadway/Evita Lament(PS1557-2-12)
    Broadway/Evita New Argentina, A(PS1557-2-7)
    Broadway/Evita Peron's Latest Flame(PS1557-2-6)
    Broadway/Evita Rainbow Tour(PS1557-2-10)
    Broadway/Evita Waltz For Evita & Che(PS1557-2-11)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Fantasticks Overture(STS6001-1)
    Broadway/Fantasticks I Can See It(STS6001-9)
    Broadway/Fantasticks It Depends On What You Pay(STS6001-6)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Metaphor(STS6001-4)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Much More(STS6001-3)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Never Say No(STS6001-5)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Plant A Radish(STS6001-10)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Soon It's Gonna Rain(STS6001-7)
    Broadway/Fantasticks They Were You(STS6001-11)
    Broadway/Fantasticks This Plum Is Too Ripe(STS6001-8)
    Broadway/Fantasticks Try To Remember(AH2010-14)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Do You Love Me(SC2222-3)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Far From The Home I Love(PR9062-14)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof If I Were A Rich Man(SC8547-9)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Matchmaker(MMBH1-4-17)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Sabbath Prayer(PR9062-15)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Sunrise Sunset(MM6023-6)
    Broadway/Fiddler On The Roof Tradition(PR9062-13)
    Broadway/Follies Losing My Mind(LGB05-12)
    Broadway/Follies Not A Day Goes By(PR9062-10)
    Broadway/For Me & My Girl Melody Lilly Of Languna(PX05-2)
    Broadway/Full Monty Big Black Man(LGB06-13)
    Broadway/Full Monty Man(TU140-5)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Cornet Man(STS6014-3)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Find Yourself A Man(STS6014-11)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Happy Days(MMBH1-5-17)
    Broadway/Funny Girl His Love Makes Me Beautiful(STS6014-5)
    Broadway/Funny Girl I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight(STS6014-6)
    Broadway/Funny Girl I'm The Greatest Star(STS6014-2)
    Broadway/Funny Girl If A Girl Isn't Pretty(STS6014-1)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Rat-tat-tat-tat(STS6014-12)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Sadie, Sadie(STS6014-10)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Who Are You Now(STS6014-13)
    Broadway/Funny Girl Who Taught Her Everything She Knows(STS6014-4)
    Broadway/Funny Girl You Are Woman, I Am Man(STS6014-8)
    Broadway/Gigi Thank Heaven For Little Girls(AH2010-3)
    Broadway/Grease Beauty School Dropout(SC8910-5)
    Broadway/Grease Freddy My Love(STS6009-3)
    Broadway/Grease Grease Megamix 2, The(ZMP060-20)
    Broadway/Grease Grease Megamix, The(ZMP060-19)
    Broadway/Grease It's Raining On Prom Night(ZMP060-9)
    Broadway/Grease Mooning(STS6009-5)
    Broadway/Grease Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay(ZMP060-11)
    Broadway/Grease Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen(ZMP060-16)
    Broadway/Guys & Dolls Adelaide's Lament(MM6175-4)
    Broadway/Guys & Dolls I've Never Been In Love Before(SC2222-1)
    Broadway/Guys & Dolls Luck Be A Lady(SC2195-3)
    Broadway/Hair Ain't Got No(SC8663-3)
    Broadway/Hair Ain't Got No (Reprise)(SC8663-2)
    Broadway/Hair Air(SC8663-16)
    Broadway/Hair Black Boys(SC8663-14)
    Broadway/Hair Donna(SC8663-6)
    Broadway/Hair Easy To Be Hard(SC8663-9)
    Broadway/Hair Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)(SC8663-11)
    Broadway/Hair Frank Mills(SC8663-13)
    Broadway/Hair Going Down(SC8663-18)
    Broadway/Hair Good Morning Starshine(SC8663-20)
    Broadway/Hair Hair(SC8663-5)
    Broadway/Hair I Believe In Love(SC8663-19)
    Broadway/Hair I Got Life(SC8663-7)
    Broadway/Hair Manchester England(SC8663-10)
    Broadway/Hair Manchester England (Reprise)(SC8663-21)
    Broadway/Hair My Conviction(SC8663-12)
    Broadway/Hair Sodomy(SC8663-15)
    Broadway/Hair What A Piece Of Work Is Man(SC8663-1)
    Broadway/Hair Where Do I Go?(SC8663-8)
    Broadway/Hair White Boys(SC8663-17)
    Broadway/Hairspray Big, Blonde & Beautiful(PR1552-2)
    Broadway/Hairspray Good Morning Baltimore(PR1552-1)
    Broadway/Hairspray I Can Hear The Bells(PR1552-3)
    Broadway/Hairspray I Know Where I've Been(PR1552-4)
    Broadway/Hairspray You Can't Stop The Beat(PR1552-5)
    Broadway/Hello Dolly Don't Rain On My Parade(LGB07-1)
    Broadway/Hello Dolly Hello Dolly(MM6015-7)
    Broadway/Hello Dolly Red, Red Robin(PX05-1)
    Broadway/HMS Pinafore I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore(STS6019-7)
    Broadway/HMS Pinafore I'm Called Little Buttercup(STS6019-6)
    Broadway/HMS Pinafore When I Was A Lad I Served A Term(STS6019-8)
    Broadway/Hooray For Hollywood Hooray For Hollywood(MM6100A-1)
    Broadway/I'm Forever Bubbles Melody Are You Lonesome(PX05-11)
    Broadway/I'm Lookin Over Melody Pack Up Your Troubles(PX05-5)
    Broadway/I'm Shy Mary Melody I'll Be Your Sweetheart(PX05-4)
    Broadway/Ice Castles Through The Eyes Of Love(MM6023-5)
    Broadway/Iolanthe If You Go In You're Sure To Win(STS6020-10)
    Broadway/Iolanthe When I Went To The Bar As A Very Young Man(STS6020-8)
    Broadway/Iolanthe When You're Lying Awake(STS6020-9)
    Broadway/It Happened At The World's Fair They Remind Me Too Much Of You(MM6288-15)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde Confrontation(PS1401-18)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde Dangerous Game(PS1401-16)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde In His Eyes(PS1401-15)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde New Life, A(PS1401-17)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde No One Knows Who I Am(PS1401-11)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde Once Upon A Dream(LGB03-2)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde Someone Like You(PS1401-13)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde Take Me As I Am(PS1401-10)
    Broadway/Jekyll & Hyde This Is The Moment(PS1401-12)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Damned For All Time/Blood Money(PS1558-17)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Everything's Alright(PS1558-15)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)(PS1558-19)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Heaven On Their Minds(PS1558-13)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Hosanna(PS1558-14)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar I Don't Know How To Love Him(SC2191-8)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar(PS1558-21)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar John 19:41 [Instrumental](PS1558-22)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar King Herod's Song (Try It & See)(PS1558-20)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Last Supper, The(PS1558-18)
    Broadway/Jesus Christ Superstar Superstar Overture [Instrumental](PS1558-12)
    Broadway/Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoa Any Dream Will Do(SC8547-14)
    Broadway/Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoa Close Every Door To Me(SC2233-6)
    Broadway/Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoa Jacob & Sons / Joseph's Coat(PS1559-19)
    Broadway/Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoa Pharaoh's Story(PS1559-17)
    Broadway/King & I, The Getting To Know You(SC8127-5)
    Broadway/Kiss Of The Spider Woman Kiss Of The Spider Woman(PS1513-17)
    Broadway/Knees Up Mother Brown Melody Roll Out The Barrell(PX05-9)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Best Of Times,The(STS6017-20)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Cocktail Conterpoint (Dishes)(STS6017-19)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles I Am What I Am(STS6017-16)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles La Cage Aux Folles(STS6017-15)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Look Over There(STS6017-18)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Mascara(STS6017-12)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Masculinity Lesson(STS6017-17)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles Song On The Sand(STS6017-14)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles We Are What We Are(STS6017-11)
    Broadway/La Cage Aux Folles With Anne On My Arm(STS6017-13)
    Broadway/Leading Men Don't Dance Sara Lee(PS1513-19)
    Broadway/Les Miserables ABC Cafe-Red & Black, The(STS6013-14)
    Broadway/Les Miserables At The End Of The Day(STS6013-3)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Bring Him Home(PS1350-13)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Castle On A Cloud(PS1350-9)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Come To Me (Fantine's Death)(STS6013-7)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Confrontation(STS6013-8)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Do You Hear The People Sing(STS6013-15)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Drink With Me(STS6013-22)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Empty Chairs At Empty Tables(STS6013-26)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Finale(STS6013-27)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Heart Full Of Love, A(STS6013-17)
    Broadway/Les Miserables I Dreamed A Dream(SC2044-6)
    Broadway/Les Miserables In My Life(MM6015-2)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Javert's Suicide(STS6013-24)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Little Fall Of Rain, A(STS6013-21)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Little People(STS6013-20)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Look Down (Beggars)(STS6013-12)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Lovely Ladies(STS6013-5)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Master Of The House(STS6013-10)
    Broadway/Les Miserables On My Own(SC2044-5)
    Broadway/Les Miserables One Day More(STS6013-18)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Prologue (Chain Gang)(STS6013-1)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Stars(STS6013-13)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Thenardier Waltz Of Treachery, The(STS6013-11)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Turning(STS6013-25)
    Broadway/Les Miserables What Have I Done? (Valjean's Soliloquy)(STS6013-2)
    Broadway/Les Miserables Who Am I(STS6013-6)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Dentist!(SC2231-5)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Feed Me (Git It)(SC2231-3)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)(PS1400-2-12)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Grow For Me(SC8547-13)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Little Shop Of Horrors(SFG033-8)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Mean, Green Mother From Outerspace(PS1400-2-11)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Meek Shall Inherit, The(PS1400-2-10)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Now (It's Just The Gas)(SC2231-2)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Prologue (Little Shop Of Horrors)(SC2231-1)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Skid Row(SFG033-7)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Some Fun Now(SFG033-3)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Somewhere That's Green(SC2231-8)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Suddenly, Seymour(SC2222-7)
    Broadway/Little Shop Of Horrors Suppertime(SC2231-4)
    Broadway/Maizy Doats Melody Pretty Baby / Paper Doll(PX05-12)
    Broadway/Mame If He Walked Into My Life(MM6015-13)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Aldonza(PS1527-27)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Barber Song(PS1527-21)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Dulcinea(SC8547-11)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Golden Helmet(PS1527-22)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha I Really Like Him(STS6011-5)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha I'm Only Thinking Of Him(STS6011-4)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha I, Don Quiote(STS6011-1)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Impossible Dream, The(SC8127-4)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha It's All The Same(STS6011-2)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Knight Of The Woeful Countenance(STS6011-12)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Little Bird(PS1527-25)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Little Gossip(STS6011-14)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha Man Of La Mancha(SC2195-8)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha To Each His Dulcinea(PS1527-23)
    Broadway/Man Of La Mancha What Does He Want Of Me(PS1527-20)
    Broadway/Maybe It's Because Melody Underneath The Arches(PX05-8)
    Broadway/Miss Saigon Last Night Of The World, The(SC2044-8)
    Broadway/Mother Kelly's Doorstep Melody Happy Days(PX05-10)
    Broadway/Moulin Rouge Because We Can(SFG048-16)
    Broadway/Moulin Rouge Diamond Dogs(SFG048-15)
    Broadway/Moulin Rouge Nature Boy(SFG048-12)
    Broadway/Moulin Rouge Rhythm Of The Night(SFG048-14)
    Broadway/Moulin Rouge Your Song(SFG048-10)
    Broadway/Muppet Movie Rainbow Connection, The(MM6023-10)
    Broadway/Muriel's Wedding Fernando(MM6100B-15)
    Broadway/Music Man Seventy-Six Trombones(SC8127-14)
    Broadway/Music Man Til There Was You(MM6100A-14)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady Get Me To The Church On Time(SC8127-8)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady I Could Have Danced All Night(SC7599-15)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady On The Street Where You Live(SC2196-1)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady Rain In Spain, The(SC2196-5)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady Show Me(SC2196-4)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady With A Little Bit Of Luck(SC8547-8)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady Without You(SC2196-3)
    Broadway/My Fair Lady Wouldn't It Be Loverly(SC2196-2)
    Broadway/Napoleon XIV They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!(SC8544-1)
    Broadway/New York, New York But The World Goes Round(PS1513-18)
    Broadway/Oklahoma I Can't Say No(MM6100B-3)
    Broadway/Oklahoma Oh What A Beautiful Morning(SC8127-2)
    Broadway/Oklahoma Oklahoma(SC8127-11)
    Broadway/Oklahoma People Will Say We're In Love(SF008-11)
    Broadway/Oliver As Long As He Needs Me(SC2297-8)
    Broadway/Oliver Consider Yourself(SC2233-7)
    Broadway/Oliver Good Morning Starshine(DK029-14)
    Broadway/Oliver I'd Do Anything(MM6015-10)
    Broadway/Oliver Jean(PI304-15)
    Broadway/Oliver Who Will Buy(DK089-17)
    Broadway/On A Clear Day On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)(PSJT334-8)
    Broadway/On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Come Back To Me(PSJT334-6)
    Broadway/On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Hurry, It's Lovely Up Here(PSJT334-7)
    Broadway/On A Clear Day You Can See Forever She Wasn't You(PSJT334-9)
    Broadway/On The Town Luck Be A Lady(LGB07-12)
    Broadway/One Fine Day For The First Time(MM6219-13)
    Broadway/One Fine Day One Fine Day(MM6219-6)
    Broadway/Paint Your Wagon Born Under A Wanderin' Star(PSJT334-3)
    Broadway/Paint Your Wagon I Talk To The Trees(PSJT334-2)
    Broadway/Paint Your Wagon They Call The Wind Maria(PSJT334-1)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera All I Ask Of You(PS1185-15)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Angel Of Music(PS1185-11)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Masquerade(PS1185-16)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Music Of The Night, The(SC7599-7)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of The Opera(PS1559-28)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Point Of No Return(PS1185-18)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Prima Donna(PS1185-14)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Think Of Me(PS1559-29)
    Broadway/Phantom Of The Opera Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again(PS1185-17)
    Broadway/Pippin Corner In The Sky(STS6007-2)
    Broadway/Pippin Glory(STS6007-3)
    Broadway/Pippin I Guess I'll Miss The Man(STS6007-10)
    Broadway/Pippin Kind Of Woman(STS6007-9)
    Broadway/Pippin Magic To Do(STS6007-1)
    Broadway/Pippin Morning Glow(STS6007-8)
    Broadway/Pippin No Time At All(STS6007-5)
    Broadway/Pippin Simple Joys(STS6007-4)
    Broadway/Pippin Spread A Little Sunshine(STS6007-7)
    Broadway/Pippin With You(STS6007-6)
    Broadway/Pirates Of Penzance I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General(SC2233-8)
    Broadway/Pirates Of Penzance Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast(STS6019-2)
    Broadway/Pirates Of Penzance Poor Wand'ring One(STS6019-3)
    Broadway/Pirates Of Penzance When A Felon's Not Engaged(STS6019-5)
    Broadway/Pirates Of Penzance When Fredric Was A Little Lad(STS6019-1)
    Broadway/Porgy & Bess Summertime(LGB01-17)
    Broadway/Producers Springtime For Hitler(MMBH1-2-1)
    Broadway/Producers What's He Got(RT0011-15)
    Broadway/Producers When You Got It, Flaunt It(TU140-16)
    Broadway/Rent Another Day(PS1396-2-7)
    Broadway/Rent Halloween(STS6002-4)
    Broadway/Rent I'll Cover You(STS6002-5)
    Broadway/Rent One Song Glory(PR9062-2)
    Broadway/Rent Out Tonight(MM6282-5)
    Broadway/Rent Rent(MM6282-4)
    Broadway/Rent Seasons Of Love(PR9062-3)
    Broadway/Rent Take Me Or Leave Me(STS6002-10)
    Broadway/Rent What You Own(STS6002-9)
    Broadway/Rent With You(STS6002-3)
    Broadway/Rent Would You Light My Candle(MM6282-2)
    Broadway/Rent Your Eyes(STS6002-11)
    Broadway/Rent [Movie Version] Seasons Of Love(SC8957-3)
    Broadway/Shaft Mucho Mambo Sway(SF149-15)
    Broadway/Shine On Melody Carolina In The Morning(PX05-3)
    Broadway/Showboat Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man(SC2297-1)
    Broadway/Showboat Ol' Man River(LGB03-16)
    Broadway/Side By Side Melody Lambeth Walk(PX05-6)
    Broadway/Sister Act Deeper Love, A(PS1252-10)
    Broadway/Sister Act His Eye Is On The Sparrow(PS1252-12)
    Broadway/Sister Act I Will Follow Him(PS1252-16)
    Broadway/Sister Act My God (My Guy)(PS1252-14)
    Broadway/Sister Act Never Should've Let You Go(PS1252-13)
    Broadway/Sister Act Pay Attention(PS1252-11)
    Broadway/Sister Act Shout!(PS1252-15)
    Broadway/Sister Act 2 Joyful Joyful(LGB02-7)
    Broadway/Sleepless In Seattle When I Fall In Love(MMBH1-3-13)
    Broadway/Song & Dance Last Man In My Life, The(PS1559-26)
    Broadway/Song & Dance Take That Look Off Your Face(PS1559-24)
    Broadway/Song & Dance Tell Me On A Sunday(PS1559-25)
    Broadway/Song & Dance Unexpected Song(PS1559-23)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music Climb Every Mountain(SC2198-8)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music Do Re Mi(SC2198-4)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music Edelweiss(SC7599-4)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music I Have Confidence(SC2198-6)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music My Favorite Things(SC2198-7)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music Sixteen Going On Seventeen(SC8127-6)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music So Long Farewell(SC2198-3)
    Broadway/Sound Of Music Sound Of Music, The(SC2198-2)
    Broadway/South Pacific Cockeyed Optimist(SC2206-6)
    Broadway/South Pacific Happy Talk(LGB05-9)
    Broadway/South Pacific Honey Bun(SC8547-3)
    Broadway/South Pacific I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair(SC2206-1)
    Broadway/South Pacific I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy(SC2206-8)
    Broadway/South Pacific My Girl Back Home(SC2206-4)
    Broadway/South Pacific Some Enchanted Evening(SC8127-9)
    Broadway/South Pacific There Is Nothing Like A Dame(SC2206-2)
    Broadway/South Pacific This Nearly Was Mine(SC2206-7)
    Broadway/South Pacific Younger Than Springtime(DK092-5)
    Broadway/Spamalot All For One(STS6021-5)
    Broadway/Spamalot Brave Sir Robin(STS6021-9)
    Broadway/Spamalot Come With Me(STS6021-3)
    Broadway/Spamalot Find Your Grail(STS6021-7)
    Broadway/Spamalot Fisch Schlapping Dance(STS6021-1)
    Broadway/Spamalot His Name Is Lancelot(STS6021-12)
    Broadway/Spamalot I Am Not Dead Yet(STS6021-2)
    Broadway/Spamalot I'm All Alone(STS6021-13)
    Broadway/Spamalot Knights Of The Round Table(STS6021-6)
    Broadway/Spamalot Song That Goes Like This, The(STS6021-4)
    Broadway/Spamalot Whatever Happened To My Part(STS6021-11)
    Broadway/Spamalot You Won't Succeed On Broadway(STS6021-10)
    Broadway/Stop The World I Want To Get Off What Kind Of Fool Am I(MMBH1-3-2)
    Broadway/Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard(PS1559-31)
    Broadway/Sunset Boulevard Too Much In Love To Care(SC2222-8)
    Broadway/Sunset Boulevard With One Look(PS1559-30)
    Broadway/Sweet Charity Big Spender(MH1054-13)
    Broadway/Sweet Charity If My Friends Could See Me Now(MH1054-1)
    Broadway/Tap Dance Kid, The Dancing Is Everything(PS2003-4-17)
    Broadway/That's Entertainment Hooray For Hollywood(LGB05-1)
    Broadway/That's Entertainment That's Entertainment(LGB05-15)
    Broadway/The Music Man Till There Was You(SFMW913-7)
    Broadway/Victor Victoria Le Jazz Hot(LGB02-10)
    Broadway/Walkin' My Baby Melody Singin In The Rain(PX05-15)
    Broadway/West Side Story America(SC2297-5)
    Broadway/West Side Story Gee Officer Krupke(MMBH1-5-14)
    Broadway/West Side Story I Feel Pretty(SC8547-2)
    Broadway/West Side Story Maria(SC8547-12)
    Broadway/West Side Story Something's Coming(MMBH1-2-5)
    Broadway/West Side Story Somewhere(MMBH1-1-7)
    Broadway/West Side Story Tonight(SC2222-4)
    Broadway/When Harry Met Sally It Had To Be You(MMBH1-5-13)
    Broadway/Wiz, The Brand New Day(LGB01-13)
    Broadway/Wiz, The Home(LGB02-9)
    Broadway/Woman Of The Year Grass Is Always Greener(PS1513-20)
    Broadway/Yankee Doodle Dandy Give My Regards To Broadway(MMBH1-2-10)
    Broadway/Yankee Doodle Dandy You're A Grand Old Flag(LGB05-8)
    Broadway/Yeoman Of The Guard When Maiden Loves, She Sits & Sighs(STS6020-11)
    Brock, Chad Evangeline(SC8480-4)
    Brock, Chad Lightning Does The Work(SC8543-7)
    Brock, Chad Man's Gotta Do, A(SD098-13)
    Brock, Chad Ordinary Life(SC8498-4)
    Brock, Chad Tell Me How(SC8723-10)
    Brock, Chad That Was Us(SD106-13)
    Brock, Chad Visit, The(SC8630-12)
    Brock, Chad Yes(SC8602-12)
    Brock, Chad You Are(SD115-10)
    Brock, Chad, Hank Williams Jr. & George Jones Country Boy Can Survive, A [Y2K Version](SC8584-15)
    Brock, Stevie All For Love(MM6404-2)
    Brokop, Lisa Ain't Enough Roses(SC8520-2)
    Brokop, Lisa Before He Kissed Me(SC8256-13)
    Brokop, Lisa Give Me A Ring Sometime(SC8229-2)
    Brokop, Lisa How Do I Let Go(SC3075-6)
    Brokop, Lisa One Of Those Nights(SC8171-6)
    Brokop, Lisa She Can't Save Him(SC8224-14)
    Brokop, Lisa Take That(SC8152-4)
    Brokop, Lisa When You Get To Be You(SC8498-15)
    Brokop, Lisa Who Needs You(SC8198-3)
    Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy(SC8678-2)
    Bronski Beat Why(SFMW880-4)
    Brook Brothers Warpaint(ZMJB04-1)
    Brook, Holly What I Wouldn't Give(PHAC0607-5)
    Brooklyn Bridge Worst That Could Happen, The(SC8206-7)
    Brooks & Dunn Against The Wind(SC8590-11)
    Brooks & Dunn Ain't Nothing 'bout You(SC8743-14)
    Brooks & Dunn Beer Thirty(SC8578-3)
    Brooks & Dunn Believe(THC0602-16)
    Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie(SC8505-9)
    Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man(SC8505-4)
    Brooks & Dunn Building Bridges(THC0609-12)
    Brooks & Dunn Cowgirls Don't Cry(SC3501-2)
    Brooks & Dunn Days Of Thunder(SD047-11)
    Brooks & Dunn Every River(SC8784-6)
    Brooks & Dunn Few Good Rides Away, A(SC8282-2)
    Brooks & Dunn God Must Be Busy(THC0802-16)
    Brooks & Dunn Good Girls Go To Heaven(TU057-4)
    Brooks & Dunn Hard Workin' Man(SC8505-5)
    Brooks & Dunn He's Got You(SC2331-4)
    Brooks & Dunn Hillbilly Deluxe(SC8996-5)
    Brooks & Dunn Honky Tonk Truth(SC3044-3)
    Brooks & Dunn How Long Gone(SC2178-3)
    Brooks & Dunn Husbands & Wives(SC9505-6)
    Brooks & Dunn I Am That Man(SC2178-6)
    Brooks & Dunn I Can't Get Over You(SC8512-14)
    Brooks & Dunn I'll Never Forgive My Heart(SC8139-2)
    Brooks & Dunn If That's The Way You Want It(SC8296-1)
    Brooks & Dunn It's Getting Better All The Time(SC3429-7)
    Brooks & Dunn Little Miss Honky Tonk(SC8505-7)
    Brooks & Dunn Long Goodbye, The(SC3281-5)
    Brooks & Dunn Lost & Found(SC8505-13)
    Brooks & Dunn Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing(SC8319-15)
    Brooks & Dunn Man This Lonely, A(SC8351-10)
    Brooks & Dunn Missing You(SC3156-6)
    Brooks & Dunn My Heart Is Lost To You(SC8764-7)
    Brooks & Dunn My Maria(SC8271-4)
    Brooks & Dunn My Next Broken Heart(SC8505-3)
    Brooks & Dunn Neon Moon(SC8505-11)
    Brooks & Dunn Only In America(SC8711-8)
    Brooks & Dunn Only In America [Radio Version](HPK1-29-25)
    Brooks & Dunn Play Something Country(SC8931-9)
    Brooks & Dunn Proud Of The House We Built(PHN0709-4)
    Brooks & Dunn Red Dirt Road(SD107-3)
    Brooks & Dunn Red Dirt Road [Radio Version](SC8826-9)
    Brooks & Dunn Rock My World (Little Country Girl)(SC7596-7)
    Brooks & Dunn She Used To Be Mine(SC8215-7)
    Brooks & Dunn She's Not The Cheatin' Kind(SC8141-1)
    Brooks & Dunn South Of Santa Fe(SC8543-14)
    Brooks & Dunn Texas Women Don't Stay Lonely Long(SC8236-8)
    Brooks & Dunn That Ain't No Way To Go(SC8120-6)
    Brooks & Dunn That's What It's All About(SC8884-1)
    Brooks & Dunn That's What She Gets For Loving Me(SC8867-1)
    Brooks & Dunn Unloved(TU057-14)
    Brooks & Dunn We'll Burn That Bridge(SC8130-9)
    Brooks & Dunn Whiskey Under The Bridge(SC8198-1)
    Brooks & Dunn Why I Say Goodbye(CHM97M5-3)
    Brooks & Dunn Why Would I Say Goodbye(SC8504-15)
    Brooks & Dunn You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl(SC8903-8)
    Brooks & Dunn You'll Always Be Loved By Me(SC8608-9)
    Brooks & Dunn You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone(SC9507-15)
    Brooks & Dunn You're My Angel(CB20151-8)
    Brooks & Dunn & Coldplay Put A Girl In It(SC9021-2)
    Brooks, Elkie Lilac Wine(PI325-7)
    Brooks, Elkie No More The Fool(SF076-10)
    Brooks, Elkie Pearl's A Singer(SF071-11)
    Brooks, Garth Against The Grain(SC8234-4)
    Brooks, Garth Ain't Goin' Down Til The Sun Comes Up(SC7593-1)
    Brooks, Garth American Honky-Tonk Bar Association(SC8136-8)
    Brooks, Garth Beaches Of Cheyenne, The(SC8247-2)
    Brooks, Garth Belleau Woods(CB20023-9)
    Brooks, Garth Big Money(CB20313-8)
    Brooks, Garth Burnin' The Roadhouse Down [w/ Steve Wariner](SC8474-1)
    Brooks, Garth Callin' Baton Rouge(SC8751-5)
    Brooks, Garth Change, The(SC8250-5)
    Brooks, Garth Cowboy Cadillac(MM6226-13)
    Brooks, Garth Cowboys & Angels(SC8267-10)
    Brooks, Garth Dance, The(SC7510-3)
    Brooks, Garth Dixie Chicken(SC8215-3)
    Brooks, Garth Do What You Gotta Do(SC8596-3)
    Brooks, Garth Don't Cross The River(SC8751-6)
    Brooks, Garth Every Now & Then(SC8278-6)
    Brooks, Garth Face To Face(SC8265-3)
    Brooks, Garth Fever(SC8224-5)
    Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places(SC7515-1)
    Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places [Live Version W/ 3rd Verse](RSZ610-21)
    Brooks, Garth Gift, The(SC8990-4)
    Brooks, Garth Good Ride Cowboy(THC0602-11)
    Brooks, Garth Hard Luck Woman(SC8228-5)
    Brooks, Garth How You Ever Gonna Know(RSZ610-8)
    Brooks, Garth If Tomorrow Never Comes(SC8162-2)
    Brooks, Garth In Lonesome Dove(THMP030-6)
    Brooks, Garth Ireland 99(CHT9905-1)
    Brooks, Garth It's Midnight Cinderella(SC2090-2)
    Brooks, Garth It's Your Song(SC3109-6)
    Brooks, Garth Kickin' & Screamin'(SC8243-2)
    Brooks, Garth Learning To Live Again(SC8162-14)
    Brooks, Garth Long Neck Bottle(SC8416-13)
    Brooks, Garth More Than A Memory(THC0712-11)
    Brooks, Garth Mr. Blue(THMP030-8)
    Brooks, Garth Mr. Midnight(CB20313-9)
    Brooks, Garth Mr. Right(THMP030-9)
    Brooks, Garth Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old(SC7551-8)
    Brooks, Garth New Way To Fly(TU195-10)
    Brooks, Garth Night I Called The Old Man Out, The(SC8291-8)
    Brooks, Garth Night Will Only Know, The(SC8301-2)
    Brooks, Garth Not Counting You(SC8162-13)
    Brooks, Garth Old Stuff, The(MM6129-10)
    Brooks, Garth One Night A Day(SC8123-3)
    Brooks, Garth Papa Loved Mama(SC8162-10)
    Brooks, Garth Pushing Up Daisies(SC8745-6)
    Brooks, Garth Red Strokes, The(SC8229-12)
    Brooks, Garth River, The(SC8162-11)
    Brooks, Garth Rodeo(SC8162-12)
    Brooks, Garth Rollin'(MM6130-6)
    Brooks, Garth Same Old Story(THMP030-12)
    Brooks, Garth Shameless(SC2109-5)
    Brooks, Garth She's Every Woman(SC8194-13)
    Brooks, Garth She's Gonna Make It(SC8436-2)
    Brooks, Garth Somewhere Other Than The Night(SC8162-15)
    Brooks, Garth Standing Outside The Fire(SC8219-2)
    Brooks, Garth Tearin' It Up & Burnin' It Down(SC8498-8)
    Brooks, Garth That Girl Is A Cowboy(THC0608-14)
    Brooks, Garth That Ol' Wind(SC8271-13)
    Brooks, Garth That Summer(SC8162-6)
    Brooks, Garth Thicker Than Blood(SC8736-14)
    Brooks, Garth This Ain't Tennessee(CB20046-7)
    Brooks, Garth Thunder Rolls, The(SC8162-7)
    Brooks, Garth To Make You Feel My Love(SC8495-9)
    Brooks, Garth Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House(SC8162-8)
    Brooks, Garth Two Pina Coladas(SC8451-3)
    Brooks, Garth Unanswered Prayers(SC8162-9)
    Brooks, Garth Uptown Down-Home Good Ol' Boy(MM6245-15)
    Brooks, Garth Walkin' After Midnight(THMP030-14)
    Brooks, Garth We Bury The Hatchet(THMP030-15)
    Brooks, Garth We Shall Be Free(SC8260-3)
    Brooks, Garth What She's Doing Now(SC8162-3)
    Brooks, Garth When You Come Back To Me Again(SC8623-1)
    Brooks, Garth Why Ain't I Running(SC8748-3)
    Brooks, Garth Wild As The Wind(THMP006-18)
    Brooks, Garth Wild Horses(SC8665-2)
    Brooks, Garth Wolves(SC8228-11)
    Brooks, Garth Wrapped Up In You(SC8733-9)
    Brooks, Garth You Move Me(SC8480-11)
    Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood Like We Never Had A Broken Heart(SC8128-8)
    Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood Love Will Always Win(SC8982-2)
    Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood Squeeze Me In(SC8736-13)
    Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood Wild As The Wind(SC8507-5)
    Brooks, Garth [as Chris Gaines] It Don't Matter To The Sun(SC8566-1)
    Brooks, Garth [as Chris Gaines] Lost In You(SC3153-3)
    Brooks, Garth [as Chris Gaines] Right Now(SC8569-12)
    Brooks, Mel It's Good To Be The King(HMDK-193)
    Brooks, Meredith Bitch(SC8787-4)
    Brooks, Meredith I Need(SC3043-4)
    Brooks, Meredith Stop(SC3079-4)
    Brooks, Meredith What Would Happen(SC8422-9)
    Brooks, Meredith & Queen Latifah Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)(SC3197-8)
    Brookstein, Steve Against All Odds(SF227-5)
    Bros Drop The Boy(SF108-9)
    Bros I Owe You Nothing(SFMW807-3)
    Bros When Will I Be Famous(SFMW844-11)
    Brother Beyond Harder I Try, The(SFMW911-11)
    Brother Cane And Fools Shine On(SC8199-9)
    Brother Cane Got No Shame(SC8530-2)
    Brother Cane Hard Act To Follow(NT046-4)
    Brother Cane I Lie In The Bed I Make(SC8465-7)
    Brother Cane Machete(SC8481-4)
    Brother Cane That Don't Satisfy Me(SC8638-14)
    Brother Cane Voice Of Eujena(SC8257-7)
    Brother Phelps Eagle Over Angel(SC8236-10)
    Brother Phelps Ever Changing Woman(SC8137-6)
    Brother Phelps Let Go(SC8133-12)
    Brother Phelps Were You Really Livin'(SC8309-7)
    Brother, O Big Rock Candy Mountain(KBA28262-6)
    Brother, O Cindy(KBA28262-4)
    Brother, O I'll Fly Away(KBA28262-3)
    Brother, O Salty Dog(KBA28262-7)
    Brother, O Say Darlin' Say(KBA28262-8)
    Brother, O You Are My Sunshine(KBA28262-2)
    Brotherhood Of Man Angelo(ZMH006-13)
    Brotherhood Of Man Figaro(SF098-8)
    Brotherhood Of Man My Sweet Rosalie(ZMH004-8)
    Brotherhood Of Man Save Your Kisses For Me(SF055-2)
    Brotherhood Of Man United We Stand(CB20354-9)
    Brothers Four Green Leaves Of Summer, The(THMF12-4)
    Brothers Four Greenfields(DK016-17)
    Brothers Four Try To Remember(JV0051-10)
    Brothers Johnson I'll Be Good To You(DG10-8)
    Brothers Johnson Stomp(SF067-14)
    Brothers Johnson Strawberry Letter #23(SC8824-14)
    Brown, Bobby Don't Be Cruel(PI032-17)
    Brown, Bobby Every Little Step(SC8606-10)
    Brown, Bobby Girlfriend(PI037-13)
    Brown, Bobby Good Enough(SC8433-3)
    Brown, Bobby Humpin' Around(SF050-7)
    Brown, Bobby My Prerogative(SC8667-9)
    Brown, Bobby On Our Own(JV0053-4)
    Brown, Bobby Rock Wit'cha(JV0053-5)
    Brown, Bobby Roni(SC8439-4)
    Brown, Bobby Two Can Play That Game(SF039-2)
    Brown, Chris Forever(CB5119-02-15)
    Brown, Chris Kiss Kiss [w/ T-Pain](PHU0712-3)
    Brown, Chris Run It(SF240-4)
    Brown, Chris Say Goodbye(PHU0611-4)
    Brown, Chris Take You Down(CB5119-03-8)
    Brown, Chris Wall To Wall(PHU0708-9)
    Brown, Chris With You(CB5119-01-5)
    Brown, Chris Yo (Excuse Me Miss)(PHU0604-1)
    Brown, Chris & Jay Biz Poppin'(THP0704-13)
    Brown, Chris & Lil Wayne Gimme That(PHU0606-3)
    Brown, Chubby Who The Fuck Is Alice(SF060-2)
    Brown, Cooter Pure Bred Redneck(SC8232-3)
    Brown, Horace One For The Money(SC8281-3)
    Brown, Horace Things We Do For Love, The(SC8316-8)
    Brown, Ian My Star(SF118-4)
    Brown, James Bewildered(LG210-11)
    Brown, James Cold Sweat(LG210-10)
    Brown, James Cold Sweat, Pt. 1(MH1126-6)
    Brown, James Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine, (Part I)(SC8870-5)
    Brown, James Get Up Offa That Thing(SFMW896-4)
    Brown, James Hot Pants(LG210-7)
    Brown, James Hot Pants, Pt. 1(SC8969-6)
    Brown, James I Feel Good(DK087-15)
    Brown, James I Got The Feeling(LG210-4)
    Brown, James I Got You (I Feel Good)(SC8704-1)
    Brown, James I'll Go Crazy(SC8339-11)
    Brown, James I've Got Soul (and I'm Super Bad)(DG11-10)
    Brown, James It's A Man's Man's Man's World(SFMW807-8)
    Brown, James Licking Stick(LG210-13)
    Brown, James Living In America(SC8704-2)
    Brown, James Mother Popcorn(LG210-12)
    Brown, James Papa Don't Take No Mess(SC8386-7)
    Brown, James Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1)(SC7571-15)
    Brown, James Please Please Please(SC8339-2)
    Brown, James Prisoner Of Love(LG210-6)
    Brown, James Say It Loud, I'm Black & I'm Proud(MM6279-8)
    Brown, James Sex Machine(DK049-10)
    Brown, James Super Bad(LG210-3)
    Brown, James This Is A Man's World(SC8327-1)
    Brown, Jim Ed Morning(SC8567-4)
    Brown, Jim Ed Pop A Top(SC8509-12)
    Brown, Jim Ed & Helen Cornelius I Don't Want To Have To Marry You(PI209-17)
    Brown, Jocelyn Somebody Else's Guy(SF067-1)
    Brown, Joe Picture Of You(PX12-11)
    Brown, Joe That's What Love Will Do(SF078-7)
    Brown, Julie Cause I'm A Blonde(SC8669-4)
    Brown, Julie Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun(SC8544-9)
    Brown, Junior I Hung It Up(SC3032-5)
    Brown, Junior My Wife Thinks You're Dead(SC8239-14)
    Brown, Junior Venom Wearin' Denim(MM6162-5)
    Brown, Kaci Unbelievable(THP0511-17)
    Brown, Koffee After Party(SC8695-2)
    Brown, Marty Cryin' Lovin' Leavin'(SC8245-10)
    Brown, Marty You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around A Memory(SC8344-8)
    Brown, Miguel So Many Men(MM6192-9)
    Brown, Roger Swing City(MM6174-2)
    Brown, Ruth Lucky Lips(JV0020-1)
    Brown, Ruth Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean(DK097-8)
    Brown, Sawyer I'll Be Around(SD111-12)
    Brown, Shannon Baby I Lied(SC8729-4)
    Brown, Shannon Corn Fed(THC0604-19)
    Brown, Shannon I Won't Lie(SC8498-12)
    Brown, Shannon Pearls(CB60351-8)
    Brown, Shannon Untangle My Heart(SC8753-7)
    Brown, T. Graham Darlene(SC8567-12)
    Brown, T. Graham Don't Go To Strangers(SC8434-6)
    Brown, T. Graham Happy Ever After(SC3129-6)
    Brown, T. Graham Hell & High Water(SC8525-10)
    Brown, T. Graham I Tell It Like It Used To Be(SC8380-14)
    Brown, T. Graham If You Could Only See Me Now(SC8359-15)
    Brown, T. Graham Memphis Women & Chicken(SC8578-8)
    Brown, T. Graham Moonshadow Road(CB20254-7)
    Brown, T. Graham Never In A Million Tears(SC8546-9)
    Brown, T. Graham Wine Into Water(SC8488-2)
    Brown, T. Graham With This Ring(CB20254-12)
    Browne, Jackson Boulevard(MH1123-4)
    Browne, Jackson Cocaine(BS6817-5)
    Browne, Jackson Doctor My Eyes(AH2012-2)
    Browne, Jackson Here Come Those Tears Again(MM6118-4)
    Browne, Jackson I'm The Cat(SC8316-4)
    Browne, Jackson In The Shape Of A Heart(MH1127-9)
    Browne, Jackson Lawyers In Love(MH1123-15)
    Browne, Jackson Let It Be Me [w/ Timothy B. Schmit](SC8170-12)
    Browne, Jackson Load-Out/Stay(MH1123-2)
    Browne, Jackson Love Needs A Heart(BS6817-7)
    Browne, Jackson My Problem Is You(SC8238-13)
    Browne, Jackson Nothing But Time(BS6817-8)
    Browne, Jackson Pretender, The(MH1123-14)
    Browne, Jackson Road, The(BS6817-2)
    Browne, Jackson Rock Me On The Water(AH8005-14)
    Browne, Jackson Rosie(MH1123-5)
    Browne, Jackson Running On Empty(MH1123-7)
    Browne, Jackson Shaky Town(BS6817-6)
    Browne, Jackson Shape Of A Heart(BS6817-11)
    Browne, Jackson Somebody's Baby(SC8467-6)
    Browne, Jackson Stay(HSPAK3-06-1)
    Browne, Jackson Take It Easy(LG242-15)
    Browne, Jackson Tender Is The Nght(MH1123-16)
    Browne, Jackson You Love The Thunder(BS6817-4)
    Browne, Jann It Only Hurts When I Laugh(CB60141-2)
    Browne, Sam Stop(SFMW811-2)
    Browne, Tom Funking For Jamaica(SF067-8)
    Browns Looking Back To See(CB60282-9)
    Browns Old Lamplighter, The(SC8599-9)
    Browns Three Bells, The(SC8191R-13)
    Brownstone 5 Miles To Empty(SC8381-9)
    Brownstone If You Love Me(SC8150-10)
    Bruce, Ed After All(SC8558-4)
    Bruce, Ed Diane(SC8647-12)
    Bruce, Ed Ever, Never Lovin' You(SC7570-14)
    Bruce, Ed Girls, Women & Ladies(SC8414-7)
    Bruce, Ed My First Taste Of Texas(SC8576-14)
    Bruce, Ed Nights(SC8426-4)
    Bruce, Ed You Turn Me On(SC8326-10)
    Bruce, Ed You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever(SC7537-8)
    Bryan, Luke All My Friends Say(PHN0704-7)
    Bryan, Luke All My Friends Say(SD152-8)
    Bryan, Luke We Rode In Trucks(SD162-8)
    Bryna, Laura I Don't Have A Thing To Wear(SD153-11)
    Bryson, Peabo Can You Stop The Rain(SC8274-1)
    Bryson, Peabo Closer Than Close(SC8318-10)
    Bryson, Peabo Feel The Fire(LG228-15)
    Bryson, Peabo If Ever You're In My Arms Again(SC8261-1)
    Bryson, Peabo Minute By Minute(LG228-13)
    Bryson, Peabo Show & Tell(LG228-12)
    Bryson, Peabo Why Goodbye(SC8132-11)
    Bryson, Peabo & Celine Dion Beauty & The Beast(LG228-16)
    Bryson, Peabo & Kenny G. By The Time This Night Is Over(SC8126-2)
    Bryson, Peabo & Leasa Longa How Wonderful We Are(SC8212-8)
    Bryson, Peabo & Regina Belle Whole New World, A(SFMW810-2)
    Bryson, Peabo & Roberta Flack Tonight, I Celebrate My Love(SC8482-9)
    BT Express Do It 'Til You're Satisfied(SC8284-9)
    Bubba Sparxxx Deliverance(TU227-8)
    Bubba Sparxxx Heat It Up(THH0609-10)
    Bublé, Michael Can't Buy Me Love(PSJT342-2)
    Bublé, Michael Come Fly With Me(SC8890-11)
    Bublé, Michael Crazy Little Thing Called Love(ZMP077-2)
    Bublé, Michael Everything(SC9015-11)
    Bublé, Michael Feeling Good(PSJT342-3)
    Bublé, Michael Fever(ZMP077-3)
    Bublé, Michael Foggy Day (In London Town)(PSJT342-1)
    Bublé, Michael For Once In My Life(ZMP077-4)
    Bublé, Michael Home(SC8948-4)
    Bublé, Michael How Can You Mend A Broken Heart(ZMP074-5)
    Bublé, Michael How Sweet It Is(PSJT342-13)
    Bublé, Michael It Had Better Be Tonight(SFID003-9)
    Bublé, Michael Lost(SC9022-4)
    Bublé, Michael Moondance(ZMP074-2)
    Bublé, Michael More I See You, The(PSJT342-7)
    Bublé, Michael Put Your Head On My Shoulder(ZMP074-6)
    Bublé, Michael Quando, Quando, Quando(PSJT342-6)
    Bublé, Michael Save The Last Dance For Me(SC8983-9)
    Bublé, Michael Song For You, A(PSJT342-11)
    Bublé, Michael Spider-man Theme(SC8885-9)
    Bublé, Michael Sway(PS1630-10)
    Bublé, Michael That's All(ZMP077-7)
    Bublé, Michael Try A Little Tenderness(PSJT342-9)
    Bublé, Michael Way You Look Tonight, The(ZMP074-7)
    Bublé, Michael You & I(PSJT342-12)
    Bublé, Michael You Don't Know Me(PSJT342-4)
    Bublé, Michael You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine(ZMP074-4)
    Buchanan, Lindsey Countdown(SC8274-13)
    Buchanan, Lindsey Soul Drifter(SC8318-3)
    Buckcherry Crazy Bitch(HMDK-194)
    Buckcherry Crazy Bitch(SC9022-10)
    Buckcherry For The Movies(SC8569-7)
    Buckcherry Lit Up(SC7585-4)
    Buckcherry Ridin'(SC8694-11)
    Buckingham, Lindsey Holiday Road(SC8782-13)
    Buckingham, Lindsey Trouble(SFMW867-3)
    Buckinghams Don't You Care(LC0001-11)
    Buckinghams Hey Baby(SC7557-8)
    Buckinghams Kind Of A Drag(SC7573-4)
    Buckinghams Mercy Mercy Mercy(LC0007-9)
    Buckinghams Susan(LC0007-10)
    Buckley, Jeff Grace(SFMW859-6)
    Buckley, Jeff Last Goodbye(SC8942-3)
    Buckner & Garcia Pac-man Fever(SC8927-6)
    Bucks Fizz Land Of Make Believe, The(ZMGY81-14)
    Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up(ZMGY81-3)
    Bucks Fizz My Camera Never Lies(SFMW840-4)
    Buddy Blu Band St James Infirmary(LG206-7)
    Buena, Mutya Just A Little Bit(THP0801-17)
    Buffalo Club Heart Hold On(SD044-10)
    Buffalo Club If She Don't Love You(SC8376-7)
    Buffalo Club Nothin' Less Than Love(SC8384-14)
    Buffalo Springfield For What It's Worth(SC7506-7)
    Buffalo, Grant Lee Truly Truly(SC8481-13)
    Buffett, Jimmy A Pirate Looks At Forty(TU123-1)
    Buffett, Jimmy Another Saturday Night(SC8951-14)
    Buffett, Jimmy Bama Breeze(SD148-9)
    Buffett, Jimmy Boat Drinks(SC8147-3)
    Buffett, Jimmy Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude(SC8147R-8)
    Buffett, Jimmy Cheeseburger In Paradise(SC8147-1)
    Buffett, Jimmy Come Monday(SC8147R-12)
    Buffett, Jimmy Far Side Of The World(TU123-5)
    Buffett, Jimmy Fins(SC8147R-4)
    Buffett, Jimmy Fruit Cakes(SC8821-3)
    Buffett, Jimmy God's Own Drunk(MM6189-12)
    Buffett, Jimmy Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit(SC8147-6)
    Buffett, Jimmy He Went To Paris(SC8147R-13)
    Buffett, Jimmy Hey Good Lookin' [w/ His Friends](SC3411-7)
    Buffett, Jimmy Ho Ho Ho & A Bottle Of Rum(SC8557-13)
    Buffett, Jimmy Honey Do(TU123-9)
    Buffett, Jimmy Last Mango In Paris(TU123-10)
    Buffett, Jimmy Livingston Saturday Night(SC8147R-15)
    Buffett, Jimmy Margaritaville(SC8147R-5)
    Buffett, Jimmy Mele Kalikimaka(SC8557-11)
    Buffett, Jimmy One Particular Harbor(TU123-12)
    Buffett, Jimmy Pencil Thin Mustache(SC8147-10)
    Buffett, Jimmy Piece Of Work [w/ Toby Keith](SC8897-10)
    Buffett, Jimmy Pirate Looks At Forty, A(SC8147-2)
    Buffett, Jimmy Pre-you(TU123-14)
    Buffett, Jimmy Sea Of Heartbreak [w/ George Strait](SD123-14)
    Buffett, Jimmy Son Of A Son Of A Sailor(SC8147R-9)
    Buffett, Jimmy Southern Cross(TU123-16)
    Buffett, Jimmy Souvenirs(SC8821-4)
    Buffett, Jimmy Trip Around The Sun [w/ Martina McBride](SC8884-7)
    Buffett, Jimmy Volcano(SC8147-11)
    Buffett, Jimmy Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful, The(SC8147R-7)
    Buffett, Jimmy Why Don't We Get Drunk(SC8147R-14)
    Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star(SC8522-15)
    Bugsy Malone Bugsy Malone(SFMW864-6)
    Bullens, Cindy Freddy My Love(SC8910-11)
    Bullens, Cindy It's Raining On Prom Night(SC8910-8)
    Bulletboys Smooth Up In Ya(SC8756-11)
    Bunton, Emma Downtown(MREH034-11)
    Bunton, Emma Maybe(SF210-7)
    Bunton, Emma Take My Breath Away(SF182-1)
    Bunton, Emma We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight(EZH06-9)
    Bunton, Emma What Took You So Long(SF178-7)
    Burdon, Eric San Franciscan Nights(LG042-7)
    Burdon, Eric & War Spill The Wine(SC8221R-6)
    Burke, Keni Risin' To The Top, Give It All You Got(SF068-6)
    Burke, Solomon Cry To Me(SFMW864-11)
    Burkhart, Jerry Dodging Memories(TU249-6)
    Burnett, Johnny Dreamin'(SF084-8)
    Burnett, Johnny You're Sixteen(MM6016-11)
    Burnette, Billy What A Woman Feels(CB20271-9)
    Burnette, Dorsey There Was A Tall Oak Tree(SC8770-8)
    Burnin' Daylight Live To Love Again(SC3038-6)
    Burnin' Daylight Love Worth Fighting(MM6183-2)
    Burnin' Daylight Say Yes(SC8382-4)
    Bus Boys Boys Are Back In Town, The(SC8782-7)
    Bush Chemicals Between Us, The(SC8569-14)
    Bush Comedown(SC8209-13)
    Bush Everything Zen(SC8562-10)
    Bush Glycerine(SC8894-5)
    Bush Glycerine Medley(HMDK-195)
    Bush Greedy Fly(SC3007-4)
    Bush Headful Of Ghosts(THR0203-12)
    Bush Letting The Cables Sleep(SC8593-15)
    Bush Little Things(SC8598-6)
    Bush Machinehead(SC7585-14)
    Bush People That We Love, The(THR0112-15)
    Bush Swallowed(SC8638-12)
    Bush Warm Machine(SC8618-5)
    Bush, Kate Army Dreamers(SFMW898-2)
    Bush, Kate Babooshka(SFMW835-14)
    Bush, Kate Cloudbusting(SFMW879-4)
    Bush, Kate Hounds Of Love(HMDK-196)
    Bush, Kate Hounds Of Love(SFMW868-10)
    Bush, Kate King Of The Mountain(SF237-10)
    Bush, Kate Love & Anger(SFMW913-4)
    Bush, Kate Man With The Child In His Eyes, The(SFMW895-15)
    Bush, Kate Running Up That Hill(SC8687-6)
    Bush, Kate Sensual World, The(SFMW896-11)
    Bush, Kate This Woman's Work(HMDK-197)
    Bush, Kate This Woman's Work(SFMW899-12)
    Bush, Kate Wow(SFMW900-5)
    Bush, Kate Wuthering Heights(SF055-9)
    Bush, Terry Maybe Tomorrow(SFMW854-15)
    Busted 3AM(ZMP061-8)
    Busted Air Hostess(ZMP061-7)
    Busted Crashed The Wedding(ZMP061-5)
    Busted Nerdy(ZMP061-11)
    Busted She Wants To Be Me(SF226-11)
    Busted Sleeping With The Light On(SF208-3)
    Busted Teenage Kicks(ZMP061-10)
    Busted That Thing You Do(ZMP061-12)
    Busted That's What I Go To School For(SF197-8)
    Busted Thunderbirds Are Go(SF220-6)
    Busted What I Go To School For(ZMP061-1)
    Busted Who's David(SF215-3)
    Busted Year 3000(SF202-15)
    Busted You Said No(SF205-10)
    Butler, Carl Don't Let Me Cross Over(SC8262-2)
    Butler, Jerry For Your Precious Love(MMDWCP5-15)
    Butler, Jerry He Will Break Your Heart(SC8251-1)
    Butler, Jerry Let It Be Me(MM6401-14)
    Butler, Jerry Only The Strong Survive(SC8364-1)
    Butler, Jerry What's The Use Of Breaking Up(SC8755-15)
    Butler, Jerry & The Impressions Make It Easy On Yourself(MMDWCP5-8)
    Butthole Surfers Pepper(SC8856-10)
    Buxton, Sarah Innocence(CB60356-11)
    Buxton, Sarah That Kind Of Day(SD153-9)
    Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Should't've)(SF109-10)
    Bygraves, Max Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer(SFMW846-4)
    Byrd, Tracy 10 Rounds With Jose Cuervo(TU145-1)
    Byrd, Tracy 4 To 1 In Atlanta(SC8285-9)
    Byrd, Tracy Better Places Than This(SD155-13)
    Byrd, Tracy Big Love(SC8319-12)
    Byrd, Tracy Cheapest Motel(PHN0609-9)
    Byrd, Tracy Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine(SC8382-8)
    Byrd, Tracy Don't Take Her She's All I Got(SC8358-15)
    Byrd, Tracy Drinkin' Bone(SC8862-11)
    Byrd, Tracy First Step, The(SC8149-12)
    Byrd, Tracy Good Ol' Fashioned Love(MM6220-7)
    Byrd, Tracy Good Way To Get On My Bad Side(SC8690-8)
    Byrd, Tracy Good Way To Get On My Bad Side [w/ Dixie Chicks](TU037-1)
    Byrd, Tracy Heaven In My Woman's Eyes(SC8232-1)
    Byrd, Tracy Holdin' Heaven(SC2127-6)
    Byrd, Tracy How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica(CBEP484-3-15)
    Byrd, Tracy I Wanna Feel That Way Again(SC8464-8)
    Byrd, Tracy I'm From The Country(SC8444-7)
    Byrd, Tracy Just Let Me Be In Love(SC8723-7)
    Byrd, Tracy Keeper Of The Stars, The(SC8152-2)
    Byrd, Tracy Lately(SC3347-8)
    Byrd, Tracy Lately(TU161-9)
    Byrd, Tracy Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous(SC8123-15)
    Byrd, Tracy Love Lessons(SC2127-5)
    Byrd, Tracy Love You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me(SD072-6)
    Byrd, Tracy Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me(SC8614-9)
    Byrd, Tracy On Again, Off Again(CB20059-10)
    Byrd, Tracy Put Your Hand In Mine(SC8566-7)
    Byrd, Tracy Put Your Hands In Mine(MM6283-1)
    Byrd, Tracy Revenge Of A Middle-Aged Woman(MM6425-7)
    Byrd, Tracy Take Me With You When You Go(SC8633-15)
    Byrd, Tracy Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo(SC8798-1)
    Byrd, Tracy Truth About Men, The(SC8823-10)
    Byrd, Tracy Walking To Jerusalem(SC8189-3)
    Byrd, Tracy Watermelon Crawl(SC8152-10)
    Byrd, Tracy When Mama Ain't Happy(SC8507-14)
    Byrd, Tracy Why Don't That Telephone Ring(SC8228-8)
    Byrds All I Really Want To Do(LC0008-7)
    Byrds Eight Miles High(SC8683-14)
    Byrds Mr. Tambourine Man(SC7554-10)
    Byrds My Back Pages(SC8615-10)
    Byrds So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star(SC7560-1)
    Byrds Teach Your Children(SC8683-15)
    Byrds Turn Turn Turn(SC7531-8)


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