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    C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat(SC8892-14)
    C & C Music Factory Things That Make You Go... Hmmm(DK099-7)
    C Note Wait Till I Get Home(SC3146-7)
    Cabrera, Ryan 40 Kinds Of Sadness(PHM0506-5)
    Cabrera, Ryan On The Way Down(SC8888-1)
    Cabrera, Ryan Photo(PHM0603-4)
    Cabrera, Ryan Shine On(THP0512-12)
    Cabrera, Ryan True(SC8909-12)
    Cactus Choir Step Right Up(MM6235-7)
    Cadillacs Gloria(MM6385-13)
    Cadillacs Speedo(MM6385-9)
    Caedmon's Call Holy Is Your Name(THMS0301-13)
    Caesars Jerk It Out(SC8915-10)
    Cafferty, John & The Beaver Brown Band Hearts On Fire(SFMW877-3)
    Cafferty, John & The Beaver Brown Band On The Dark Side(SC8176-13)
    Cafferty, John & The Beaver Brown Band Tender Years(AH8013-10)
    Cagle, Chris Chicks Dig It(SC8842-12)
    Cagle, Chris Country By The Grace Of God(SC8764-1)
    Cagle, Chris I Breathe In, I Breathe Out(SC8727-14)
    Cagle, Chris I'd Be Lying(SC8877-3)
    Cagle, Chris Laredo(SC8677-4)
    Cagle, Chris Miss Me Baby(SC8956-14)
    Cagle, Chris My Love Goes On & On(SC3215-2)
    Cagle, Chris Wal-Mart Parking Lot(THC0606-20)
    Cagle, Chris What A Beautiful Day(SC8802-15)
    Cagle, Chris What Kinda Gone(THC0711-18)
    Caillat, Colbie Bubbly(PHM0711-4)
    Caillat, Colbie Fallin' For You(PHM0909-1)
    Caillat, Colbie Realize(PHM0801-8)
    Cake Comfort Eagle(HMDK-198)
    Cake Distance, The(SC8448-10)
    Cake I Will Survive(SC8942-7)
    Cake Let Me Go(SC8565-3)
    Cake Never There(SC8503-13)
    Cake No Phone(THR0412-15)
    Cake Short Skirt, Long Jacket(THR0110-16)
    Calderon, Tego Metele Sazon(SC8937-13)
    Caldwell, Bobby Love Lite(SC8302-5)
    Caldwell, Bobby Stuck On You(AH8017-14)
    Caldwell, Bobby What You Won't Do For Love(SC8293-15)
    Cale, J.J. & Eric Clapton Ride The River(PHAC0612-1)
    Callea, Anthony Prayer, The(SFMW861-12)
    Callea, Anthony Rain(DU1-17)
    Calling Adrienne(SC8775-3)
    Calling Anything(THP0501-13)
    Calling Could It Be Any Harder(PHR0211-6)
    Calling For You(SC8817-12)
    Calling Our Lives(SC8878-4)
    Calling These Are The Days(SF201-8)
    Calling Wherever You Will Go(SC8765-15)
    Calloway, Cab Minnie The Moocher(SC8890-3)
    Cam'ron Hey Ma [Male Solo](HTG1010-2)
    Cam'ron & Juelz Santana Hey Ma(SC8778-12)
    Cam'ron & Juelz Santana Oh Boy(SC8766-6)
    Cameo Candy(SC8755-12)
    Cameo She's Strange(SF067-12)
    Cameo Word Up(SC8704-11)
    Camp, Jeremy This Man(SC8962-12)
    Campbell, Ali That Look In Your Eye(SF039-6)
    Campbell, Archie & Lorene Mann Dark End Of The Street(MM6314-7)
    Campbell, Glen By The Time I Get To Phoenix(SC7539-15)
    Campbell, Glen Country Boy You Got Your Feet In L.A.(SC8506-7)
    Campbell, Glen Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife(SC8509-14)
    Campbell, Glen Everything A Man Could Ever Need(SC8414-15)
    Campbell, Glen Faithless Love(SC7569-13)
    Campbell, Glen Galveston(SC2334-4)
    Campbell, Glen Gentle On My Mind(SC7589-11)
    Campbell, Glen God Must Have Blessed America(CB20357-11)
    Campbell, Glen Honey Come Back(SC8400-6)
    Campbell, Glen I Wanna Live(SC8428-4)
    Campbell, Glen It's Only Make Believe(DK2027-5)
    Campbell, Glen Lady Like You, A(SC8426-11)
    Campbell, Glen Rhinestone Cowboy(SC7551-6)
    Campbell, Glen Southern Nights(SC7590-6)
    Campbell, Glen Try A Little Kindness(SC7558-6)
    Campbell, Glen Wichita Lineman(SC8445-6)
    Campbell, Stacy Dean Honey I Do(SC8205-2)
    Campbell, Stacy Dean Makin' Good Time(SC3159-3)
    Campbell, Stacy Dean Poor Man's Roses, A(JV0063-3)
    Campbell, Tevin Always In My Heart(SC8132-3)
    Campbell, Tevin Back To The World(SC8295-9)
    Campbell, Tevin Can We Talk(SC8132-10)
    Campbell, Tevin Don't Say Goodbye Girl(SC8145-1)
    Campbell, Tevin I Got It Bad(SC8320-12)
    Campbell, Tevin I'm Early(JV1006-6)
    Campbell, Tevin I'm Ready(SC8121-13)
    Campbell, Tevin Round & Round(PI008-17)
    Candice Hello(SF222-11)
    Candlebox Cover Me(SC8466-12)
    Candlebox Far Behind(SC8638-2)
    Candlebox Happy Pills(SC8519-5)
    Candlebox It's Alright(SC8481-12)
    Candlebox You(SC8530-12)
    Canned Heat Goin' Up To The Country(DG05-4)
    Canned Heat Let's Work Together(SC8814-2)
    Canned Heat On The Road Again(SC8686-10)
    Cannibal & The Headhunters Land Of 1000 Dances(MM6016-6)
    Cannon, Freddie Palisades Park(SC2073R-2)
    Cannon, Freddie Tallahassee Lassie(SC7531-7)
    Cannon, Freddie Way Down Yonder In New Orleans(SC8258-8)
    Cannon, Nick & R. Kelly Gigolo [Radio Version](SC8864-2)
    Cantrell, Blu Don't Wanna Say Goodbye(TU197-12)
    Cantrell, Blu Hit 'em Up Style (Oops!)(SC3253-8)
    Cantrell, Blu Make Me Wanna Scream(SF212-8)
    Cantrell, Blu Till I'm Gone(SC8747-9)
    Cantrell, Blu & Sean Paul Breathe(TU197-11)
    Cantrell, Jerry Anger Rising(THR0208-13)
    Cantrell, Jerry Leave Me Alone(SC8308-14)
    Canyon, George My Name(SC3436-6)
    Canyon, George Who Would You Be(PHN0511-6)
    Canyon, George You're In The Right Place(SD137-13)
    Capella U Got To Let The Music(SF036-13)
    Capitols Cool Jerk(SC8206-4)
    Caprice Oh Yeah(SF146-13)
    Capris Morse Code Of Love(MM6409-4)
    Capris There's A Moon Out Tonight(SC8450-15)
    Captain & Tennille Do That To Me One More Time(SC8182-15)
    Captain & Tennille Lonely Night (Angel Face)(LG097-5)
    Captain & Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together(SC7534-2)
    Captain & Tennille Muskrat Love(SC8378-13)
    Captain & Tennille Shop Around(LG097-3)
    Captain & Tennille Way I Want To Touch You, The(SC8634-2)
    Captain Sensible Happy Talk(PI307-9)
    Cara, Irene Fame(SC7523-4)
    Cara, Irene Flashdance(SC7503-15)
    Cara, Irene Out Here On My Own(SC8585-9)
    Caravelles You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry(SC8206-15)
    Cardigans Been It(SC3021-6)
    Cardigans Erase/Rewind(SF136-7)
    Cardigans Lovefool(SC8343-10)
    Cardigans My Favorite Game(SC8508-8)
    Cardigans Your New Cuckoo(MM6197-14)
    Cardigans & Tom Jones Burnin' Down The House(SF153-15)
    Carey, Mariah Against All Odds(THMRM02-14)
    Carey, Mariah All I Want For Christmas Is You(ZMH009-2)
    Carey, Mariah All In Your Mind(SFMW831-1)
    Carey, Mariah Always Be My Baby(SC8497-1)
    Carey, Mariah Anytime You Need A Friend(SC8497-8)
    Carey, Mariah Boy (I Need You)(SF203-14)
    Carey, Mariah Bringing On The Heartbreak(TU181-2)
    Carey, Mariah Butterfly(SC8497-5)
    Carey, Mariah Bye Bye(CB5119-03-12)
    Carey, Mariah Can't Let Go(SC8497-6)
    Carey, Mariah Can't Take That Away(PSJT123-12)
    Carey, Mariah Can't Take That Away [Radio Version](SC8613-8)
    Carey, Mariah Don't Forget About Us(THH0601-17)
    Carey, Mariah Dreamlover(SC8497-2)
    Carey, Mariah Emotions(SC8497-3)
    Carey, Mariah Endless Love [w/ Luther Vandross](SC8132-4)
    Carey, Mariah Fantasy(SC8203-10)
    Carey, Mariah Fly Like A Bird(PHM0605-1)
    Carey, Mariah Forever(SC8295-5)
    Carey, Mariah Heartbreaker(MM6284-5)
    Carey, Mariah Hero(SC7514-11)
    Carey, Mariah Honey(LG019-10)
    Carey, Mariah I Don't Wanna Cry(SC8366-9)
    Carey, Mariah I Still Believe(SC3115-2)
    Carey, Mariah I Wish I Knew(LG218-11)
    Carey, Mariah I'll Be There(SC8860-14)
    Carey, Mariah I'll Be There [Duet w/ Trey Lorenz](SC7514-12)
    Carey, Mariah It's Like That(THH0505-13)
    Carey, Mariah Looking In(SC8277-12)
    Carey, Mariah Love Takes Time(UK3112-2)
    Carey, Mariah Loverboy [w/ Cameo](SC3266-4)
    Carey, Mariah Make It Happen(SC8497-7)
    Carey, Mariah Mine Again(THH0511-17)
    Carey, Mariah My All(SC8497-12)
    Carey, Mariah Never Forget You(SC8497-15)
    Carey, Mariah Never Too Far(SC8726-1)
    Carey, Mariah Never Too Far/Hero Medley(SC8744-9)
    Carey, Mariah Nowhere To Go(MM6165-11)
    Carey, Mariah One Sweet Day [w/ Boyz II Men](SC8233-10)
    Carey, Mariah One, The(SC8834-3)
    Carey, Mariah Say Somethin' [w/ Snoop Dogg](PHM0606-1)
    Carey, Mariah Shake It Off(SC8948-11)
    Carey, Mariah So Blessed(UK3111-10)
    Carey, Mariah Someday(UK3111-8)
    Carey, Mariah Stay The Night(LG218-5)
    Carey, Mariah Thank God I Found You [w/ Joe & 98](SC8581-7)
    Carey, Mariah Through The Rain(SC8818-9)
    Carey, Mariah Touch My Body(CB5119-01-3)
    Carey, Mariah Underneath The Stars(SC8343-2)
    Carey, Mariah Vision Of Love(UK3111-2)
    Carey, Mariah We Belong Together(THH0507-14)
    Carey, Mariah When You Believe [w/ Whitney Houston](SC8497-9)
    Carey, Mariah Whenever You Call(MM6252-1)
    Carey, Mariah Without You(SC8113-13)
    Carey, Mariah You Need Me(SFMW829-15)
    Cargill, Henson Skip A Rope(SC8392-13)
    Carlile, Brandi Story, The(SC9005-13)
    Carlile, Brandi Throw It All Away(PHAC0608-6)
    Carlile, Brandi What Can I Say(PHAC0605-6)
    Carlisle, Belinda Circle In The Sand(SC8540-3)
    Carlisle, Belinda Heaven Is A Place On Earth(SC8368-9)
    Carlisle, Belinda I Get Weak(SC8425-11)
    Carlisle, Belinda In Too Deep(SC8389-12)
    Carlisle, Belinda La Luna(SFID002-11)
    Carlisle, Belinda Leave A Light On(SFMW864-3)
    Carlisle, Belinda Live Your Life Be Free(SFMW903-6)
    Carlisle, Belinda Mad About You(SC2074-7)
    Carlisle, Belinda Summer Rain(SFMW846-6)
    Carlisle, Belinda We Want The Same Thing(SF112-7)
    Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses(SC8381-2)
    Carlisle, Bob Father's Love(SC8501-4)
    Carlisle, Bob Lately (Dreaming About Babies)(SC8661-8)
    Carlos, Roberto Mujer Pequena(BS4717-7)
    Carlson, Paulette Chain Just Broke, The(CB60141-7)
    Carlson, Paulette Not With My Heart You Don't(SC8321-1)
    Carlton, Carl She's A Bad Mama Jama(AH8014-7)
    Carlton, Vanessa A Thousand Miles(SC8757-2)
    Carlton, Vanessa Nolita Fairytale(SD4712-10)
    Carlton, Vanessa Ordinary Day(SC8778-5)
    Carlton, Vanessa Pretty Baby(SC8806-11)
    Carlton, Vanessa Thousand Miles, A(SC8796-6)
    Carlton, Vanessa White Houses(THP0412-15)
    Carmel More More More(SFMW828-3)
    Carmen, Eric All By Myself(SC8706-3)
    Carmen, Eric Change Of Heart(RC6903-5)
    Carmen, Eric Hungry Eyes(SC8706-4)
    Carmen, Eric Make Me Lose Control(SC8706-6)
    Carmen, Eric Never Gonna Fall In Love Again(SC8706-7)
    Carmichael, Hoagy Lazy River(MH1039-4)
    Carnes, Kim Bette Davis Eyes(SC7581-13)
    Carnes, Kim Crazy In The Night(SC8514-8)
    Carol, Dinah Don't Be A Stranger(BSK001-12)
    Carol, Dinah Without Love(SF144-15)
    Carol, Douglas Doctor's Orders(MM6278-14)
    Carolina Rain Get Outta My Way(SC8986-15)
    Carolina Rain I Ain't Scared(SD126-12)
    Carolina Rain Isn't She(THC0704-20)
    Caroline's Spine Nothing To Prove(SC8616-8)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Almost Here(SD064-8)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Almost Home(CHT9908-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Bug, The(SC8105-5)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On Come On(SC8245-11)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Down At The Twist & Shout(SC8103-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Flesh & Blood [w/ Sheryl Crow & E. Harris](SC8856-7)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Going Out Tonight(SC8175-6)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Grow Old With Me(SC8263-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Hard Way, The(SC8177-4)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin He Thinks He'll Keep Her(SC8177-10)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin House Of Cards(SC8230-10)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Feel Lucky(SC7522-5)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Take My Chances(SC8123-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Want To Be Your Girlfriend(MM6191-14)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin It's Only Love(CB20065-10)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin John Doe #24(SC8152-12)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Let Me Into Your Heart(CHM9612-4)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin My Dear Old Friend(SC8759-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Not Too Much To Ask [w/ Joe Diffie](SC8180-14)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Only A Dream(SC8282-13)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Passionate Kisses(SC2016-7)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Right Now(SC8217-11)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shut Up & Kiss Me(SC8139-10)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Simple Life(CB20286-8)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones In The Road(SC8296-14)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Tender When I Want To Be(SC8152-14)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin This Is Me Leaving You(MM6347-13)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Wherever You Are(MM6289-9)
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin Why Walk When You Can Fly(SC8219-8)
    Carpenter, Thelma More Than You Know(MM6259-7)
    Carpenters (They Long To Be) Close To You(SC7534-9)
    Carpenters All You Get From Love Is A Love Song(ZMP052-6)
    Carpenters Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft(LG004-6)
    Carpenters Close To You(DK2005-15)
    Carpenters For All We Know(SC2116-2)
    Carpenters Goodbye To Love(SC8362-13)
    Carpenters Hurting Each Other(SC8138-3)
    Carpenters I Won't Last A Day Without You(SC8391-8)
    Carpenters It's Going To Take Some Time(SC7559-15)
    Carpenters Jambalaya(DK032-13)
    Carpenters Only Yesterday(SFG043-9)
    Carpenters Please Mr. Postman(DK022-12)
    Carpenters Rainy Days & Mondays(SC8138-6)
    Carpenters Sing(SC2188-5)
    Carpenters Superstar(SC8362-5)
    Carpenters There's A Kind Of Hush(DK021-16)
    Carpenters This Masquerade(SFG043-12)
    Carpenters Ticket To Ride(SFG043-1)
    Carpenters Top Of The World(SC2188-3)
    Carpenters Touch Me When We're Dancing(SC8634-7)
    Carpenters We've Only Just Begun(SC7545-7)
    Carpenters Yesterday Once More(SC7549-7)
    Carpets, Inspiral I Want You(SFMW877-5)
    Carr, Pearl & Teddy Johnson Sing Little Birdie(ZMH013-10)
    Carr, Vicki For Once In My Life(MM6005-10)
    Carr, Vicki I'll Wait For You(MM6005-15)
    Carr, Vicki It Must Be Him(SC8526-3)
    Carr, Vicki Otra Vez Enamorada(MM6138-7)
    Carr, Vicki Vamos De Frente(MM6138-11)
    Carr, Vicki Yo Sego Siendo Como Soy(MM6138-5)
    Carr, Vikki Cuando Caliente El Sol(MM6009-3)
    Carrack, Paul Don't Shed A Tear(DK027-8)
    Carrack, Paul Eyes Of Blue(MM6231-7)
    Carrack, Paul For Once In Our Lives(SC8389-7)
    Carrey, Jim Cuban Pete(SC8782-12)
    Carrington, Rodney Dancing With A Man(SC8669-13)
    Carrington, Rodney Fred(SC8739-12)
    Carrington, Rodney Great To Be A Man(SC8739-7)
    Carrington, Rodney Letter To My Penis(SC8700-1)
    Carrington, Rodney More Of A Man(SC8665-10)
    Carrington, Rodney Morning Wood(SC8739-13)
    Carrington, Rodney Show Them To Me [Radio Version](SC9004-15)
    Carrington, Rodney Who Put The Dick On The Snowman(SC8780-16)
    Carroll, Dina Ain't No Man(SFMW830-1)
    Carroll, Dina So Close(SFMW868-5)
    Carroll, Jason Michael Alyssa Lies(SC8996-12)
    Carroll, Jason Michael Livin' Our Love Song(PHN0705-1)
    Carroll, Ronnie Roses Are Red(SF066-9)
    Carrott, J. Funky Mopedmagic Round(SF095-7)
    Cars, The Dangerous Type(SC8861-14)
    Cars, The Drive(SC8554-11)
    Cars, The Good Times Roll(SC8627-3)
    Cars, The Just What I Needed(SC2322-7)
    Cars, The Let's Go(SC8393-11)
    Cars, The Magic(SC8840-4)
    Cars, The Moving In Stereo(SC8861-10)
    Cars, The My Best Friend's Girl(SC7563-9)
    Cars, The Shake It Up(SC8427-4)
    Cars, The Since Your Gone(SC8942-2)
    Cars, The Tonight She Comes(SC8671-2)
    Cars, The You Might Think(SC7559-10)
    Carson, Jeff Butterfly Kisses(SD039-3)
    Carson, Jeff Car, The(SC8205-3)
    Carson, Jeff Cheatin' On Her Heart(SC8436-7)
    Carson, Jeff Do It Again(SC3030-3)
    Carson, Jeff Here's The Deal(MM6216-7)
    Carson, Jeff Holdin' On To Something(SC8253-14)
    Carson, Jeff I Can Only Imagine(SC8837-7)
    Carson, Jeff Not On Your Love(SC8186-3)
    Carson, Jeff Real Life (I Never Was The Same Again)(SC8714-1)
    Carson, Jeff Shine On(SC8474-4)
    Carson, Jeff That Last Mile(SC8311-5)
    Carson, Jeff Until We Fall Back In Love Again(SC8753-8)
    Carson, Jeff Yeah Buddy(SC8171-4)
    Cartana, Alex Hey Papi(SF218-14)
    Cartel Honestly(THP0612-13)
    Carter Family Wildwood Flower(PSJT085-8)
    Carter, Aaron Aaron's Party Come & Get It(TU146-1)
    Carter, Aaron American A O(TU177-3)
    Carter, Aaron Bounce(TU033-2)
    Carter, Aaron How I Beat Shaq(TU033-5)
    Carter, Aaron I Want Candy(TU146-10)
    Carter, Aaron I'm All About You(TU146-11)
    Carter, Aaron Not Too Young, Not Too Old(TU146-16)
    Carter, Aaron Oh Aaron(TU146-17)
    Carter, Aaron Stride (Jump On The Frizzy)(TU146-18)
    Carter, Aaron That's How I Beat Shaq(TU146-20)
    Carter, Aaron & Dreamstreet Feel The Rain(TU146-7)
    Carter, Carlene Come On Back(SC8157-5)
    Carter, Carlene Every Little Thing(SC8167-2)
    Carter, Carlene Hurricane(SC8160-4)
    Carter, Carlene I Fell In Love(SC8412-12)
    Carter, Carlene I Love You 'Cause I Want To(SC8168-1)
    Carter, Carlene Love Like This, A(CB60141-12)
    Carter, Carlene Something Already Gone(SC8123-2)
    Carter, Carlene Sweetest Thing, The(SC8228-6)
    Carter, Carlene Unbreakable Heart(SC8309-11)
    Carter, Clarence I Fell In Love(MM6050-4)
    Carter, Clarence Kiss You All Over(SC8117-9)
    Carter, Clarence Patches(DK056-18)
    Carter, Clarence Slip Away(SC8521-11)
    Carter, Clarence Strokin'(SC8117-12)
    Carter, Deana Absence Of The Heart(SC8488-1)
    Carter, Deana Angels Working Overtime(SC8533-1)
    Carter, Deana Before We Ever Said Goodbye(CHM9804-6)
    Carter, Deana Count Me In(SC8376-4)
    Carter, Deana Did I Shave My Legs For This?(SC8416-9)
    Carter, Deana How Do I Get There(SC2210-6)
    Carter, Deana I'm Just A Girl(SC3370-4)
    Carter, Deana On The Road Again [w/ Willie Nelson](SD162-14)
    Carter, Deana Once Upon A December(SD046-12)
    Carter, Deana One Day At A Time(SD131-13)
    Carter, Deana Ruby Brown(SD068-7)
    Carter, Deana Strawberry Wine(SC7596-11)
    Carter, Deana That's How You Know It's Love(SC8344-7)
    Carter, Deana There's No Limit(SC8802-1)
    Carter, Deana We Danced Anyway(SC8370-7)
    Carter, Deana You Still Shake Me(SC8512-7)
    Carter, Mel Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me(SC8108-15)
    Carter, Mel I Turn To You(SF167-10)
    Carter, Mel & Left Eye Never Be The Same Again(SF163-8)
    Carter, Nick Do I Have To Cry For You(TU174-2)
    Carter, Nick Help Me(SC3344-3)
    Cartoons Doo Dah(SF140-6)
    Cartoons Witch Doctor(SF136-16)
    Cartwright, Lionel Be My Angel(SC8282-4)
    Cartwright, Lionel Family Tree(SC8245-5)
    Cartwright, Lionel Leap Of Faith(PI212-3)
    Cartwright, Lionel Miles & Years(CB20088-12)
    Cartwright, Lionel Standing On The Promises(SC8296-15)
    Cartwright, Lionel What Kind Of Fool(SC8352-14)
    Cascada Everytime We Touch(THP0603-10)
    Cascada Everytime We Touch [Radio Version](SC8967-1)
    Cascada Miracle [Radio Mix](THP0610-17)
    Cascada Truly Madly Deeply(THHP0702-14)
    Cascada What Hurts The Most [Radio Version](SC9019-15)
    Cascades Dreamin'(MM6409-15)
    Cascades Hushabye(MMDWCP2-15)
    Cascades Rhythm Of The Rain(SC7526-7)
    Case Missing You(SC8695-9)
    Case Touch Me Tease Me(SC8299-10)
    Cash, Johnny 25 Minutes To Go(SFMW846-15)
    Cash, Johnny All Over Again(CB90295-7)
    Cash, Johnny Any Old Wind That Blows(SC8604-7)
    Cash, Johnny Away In A Manger(SC8990-3)
    Cash, Johnny Ballad Of A Teenage Queen(SC8383-9)
    Cash, Johnny Ballad Of Ira Hayes, The(SC8835-10)
    Cash, Johnny Big River(SC8579-4)
    Cash, Johnny Blistered(CB5050-03-1)
    Cash, Johnny Boy Named Sue, A(SC7589-12)
    Cash, Johnny Cocaine Blues(HMDK-200)
    Cash, Johnny Come In Stranger(CB90297-7)
    Cash, Johnny Cry Cry Cry(ASK1547-3)
    Cash, Johnny Cry, Cry, Cry(CB90297-10)
    Cash, Johnny Daddy Sang Bass(SC7536-2)
    Cash, Johnny Don't Take Your Guns To Town(SC8262-8)
    Cash, Johnny Drive On(SC8324-4)
    Cash, Johnny Father & Son [w/ Fiona Apple](SC8867-3)
    Cash, Johnny Five Feet High & Rising(CB90074-12)
    Cash, Johnny Flesh & Blood(SC8431-6)
    Cash, Johnny Folsom Prison Blues(SC8835-2)
    Cash, Johnny For You [w/ Dave Matthews](SC8759-13)
    Cash, Johnny Get Rhythm(SC8392-3)
    Cash, Johnny Ghost Riders In The Sky(SC8442-15)
    Cash, Johnny Give My Love To Rose(SC8823-6)
    Cash, Johnny God's Gonna Cut You Down(SC8988-14)
    Cash, Johnny Guess Things Happen That Way(SC8158-1)
    Cash, Johnny Hey Porter(CB90295-3)
    Cash, Johnny Home Of The Blues(CB90295-4)
    Cash, Johnny Honk Tonk Girl(HSPAK3-01-3)
    Cash, Johnny Hurt(SC8835-12)
    Cash, Johnny I Got Stripes(SC8592-5)
    Cash, Johnny I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow(CB5050-02-8)
    Cash, Johnny I Still Miss Someone(ASK1547-9)
    Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line(SC8835-11)
    Cash, Johnny I've Been Everywhere(ASK1547-12)
    Cash, Johnny In The Jailhouse Now(HMDK-199)
    Cash, Johnny It Ain't Me Babe(CB90295-11)
    Cash, Johnny It's Just About Time(CB5050-03-13)
    Cash, Johnny Kate(CB90297-2)
    Cash, Johnny Luther Played The Boogie(SC8712-1)
    Cash, Johnny Man In Black(SC2138-3)
    Cash, Johnny One On The Right Is On The Left, The(SC8442-8)
    Cash, Johnny One Piece At A Time(SC8144-7)
    Cash, Johnny Oney(SC8442-12)
    Cash, Johnny Orange Blossom Special(SC8400-15)
    Cash, Johnny Ragged Old Flag(CB90297-9)
    Cash, Johnny Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)(PI211-5)
    Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire(SC8835-13)
    Cash, Johnny Rock Island Line(CB90297-14)
    Cash, Johnny Rosanna's Going Wild(CB90295-13)
    Cash, Johnny San Quentin(SFMW847-6)
    Cash, Johnny San Quentin [Live](ZMP102-10)
    Cash, Johnny Seasons Of My Heart(CB5050-01-8)
    Cash, Johnny Smiling Bill McCall(CB90297-15)
    Cash, Johnny So Doggone Lonesome(SC8538-2)
    Cash, Johnny Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down(SC8442-1)
    Cash, Johnny Thanks A Lot(CB90297-12)
    Cash, Johnny There Ain't No Good Chain Gang [w/ W. Jennings](SC7569-1)
    Cash, Johnny There You Go(SC8445-4)
    Cash, Johnny Thing Called Love, A(SC7568-3)
    Cash, Johnny Understand Your Man(SC8835-14)
    Cash, Johnny Ways Of A Woman In Love, The(SC8509-7)
    Cash, Johnny What Do I Care(CB90295-8)
    Cash, Johnny What Is Truth(SC8558-10)
    Cash, Johnny Why Me Lord(SFID004-10)
    Cash, Johnny Word Called Love, A(SFMW835-3)
    Cash, Johnny Wreck Of The Old '97, The(CB90297-13)
    Cash, Johnny You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven(CB5050-02-9)
    Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash If I Were A Carpenter(CB90297-1)
    Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash Jackson(SC8262-12)
    Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man(CB90295-12)
    Cash, June Carter Keep On The Sunny Side(SC3386-7)
    Cash, Rosanne Blue Moon With Heartache(SC8647-7)
    Cash, Rosanne I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me(SC8576-8)
    Cash, Rosanne I Don't Want To Spoil The Party(MM6122-10)
    Cash, Rosanne If You Change Your Mind(SC8398-9)
    Cash, Rosanne My Baby Thinks He's A Train(SC8676-15)
    Cash, Rosanne Never Be You(SC8564-11)
    Cash, Rosanne Runaway Train(SC8414-13)
    Cash, Rosanne Seven Year Ache(SC8412-11)
    Cash, Rosanne Tennessee Flat Top Box(SC8114-14)
    Cash, Rosanne & Johnny Cash September When It Comes(SC8847-1)
    Cashman & West American City Suite(AMS1507-6)
    Casinos Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye(SC8181-8)
    Cass, Mama Dream A Little Dream Of Me(SC8686-1)
    Cass, Mama It's Getting Better(ZMJB03-12)
    Cassidy My Drink N' My 2 Step [w/ Swiss Beatz](PHU0712-6)
    Cassidy, David Could It Be Forever(ZMH004-1)
    Cassidy, David Daydreamer(ZMH004-3)
    Cassidy, David How Can I Be Sure(SF055-13)
    Cassidy, David I Am A Clown(ZMH004-2)
    Cassidy, David Last Kiss, The(SFMW838-9)
    Cassidy, David No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross(SC8519-8)
    Cassidy, Eva Ain't No Sunshine(ZMP003-5)
    Cassidy, Eva At Last(ZMP003-10)
    Cassidy, Eva Autumn Leaves(ZMP003-8)
    Cassidy, Eva Blue Skies(MM6393-10)
    Cassidy, Eva Bridge Over Troubled Water(ZMP003-7)
    Cassidy, Eva Danny Boy(SC2421-2)
    Cassidy, Eva Early Morning Rain(SC2421-7)
    Cassidy, Eva Fever [w/ Chuck Brown](SC2421-17)
    Cassidy, Eva Fields Of Gold(ZMP003-11)
    Cassidy, Eva I Know You By Heart(ZMP010-4)
    Cassidy, Eva I Wandered By A Brookside(ZMP010-5)
    Cassidy, Eva Imagine(SC2421-5)
    Cassidy, Eva It Doesn't Matter Anymore(SC2421-8)
    Cassidy, Eva Kathy's Song(ZMP003-3)
    Cassidy, Eva Natural Woman(ZMP010-9)
    Cassidy, Eva Over The Rainbow(SC2421-1)
    Cassidy, Eva Penny To My Name(ZMP010-7)
    Cassidy, Eva People Get Ready(ZMP003-9)
    Cassidy, Eva Song Bird(SFMW811-14)
    Cassidy, Eva Songbird(SC8885-4)
    Cassidy, Eva Tennessee Waltz(SC2421-6)
    Cassidy, Eva Time After Time(ZMP010-8)
    Cassidy, Eva Time Is A Healer(ZMP010-10)
    Cassidy, Eva Wade In The Water(ZMP003-4)
    Cassidy, Eva Wayfaring Stranger(ZMP010-3)
    Cassidy, Eva What A Wonderful World(ZMP003-6)
    Cassidy, Eva Who Knows Where The Time Goes(ZMP010-6)
    Cassidy, Eva You Don't Know Me [w/ David Gray](MM6393-8)
    Cassie Long Way 2 Go(PHM0611-4)
    Cassie Me & U(SC8987-12)
    Cast Walk Away(SFMW848-4)
    Castaways Liar Liar(SC7557-12)
    Casting Crowns Who Am I(SC8919-12)
    Casuals Jesamine(SF070-8)
    Cat Empire No Longer There(SFKK19-10)
    Catatonia Dead From The Waist Down(SF136-8)
    Catatonia Karaoke Queen(SF140-9)
    Catatonia Londinium(SF144-11)
    Catatonia Mulder & Scully(SF118-2)
    Catatonia Road Rage(SF120-14)
    Catatonia Stone By Stone(SF182-9)
    Catatonia Strange Glue(SF124-14)
    CatDog Cat Diggity Dog(SM9921-13)
    Cathedral Ride(HMDK-672)
    Catherine Wheel Sparks Are Gonna Fly(THR0009-9)
    Cause & Effect It's All Over(AH9821-10)
    Cave In Anchor(THR0308-16)
    Caviar Tangerine Speedo(SC8707-15)
    Cavo Champagne(PHM0909-3)
    Cee-Lo Closet Freak(SC8758-9)
    Cetera, Peter Do You Love Me That Much(MM6217-7)
    Cetera, Peter Faithfully(SD026-10)
    Cetera, Peter Feels Like Heaven [w/ Chaka Khan](MM6025-10)
    Cetera, Peter Forever Tonight [w/ Crystal Bernard](SC8212-15)
    Cetera, Peter Glory Of Love, The(DK007-1)
    Cetera, Peter Next Time I Fall, The [w/ Amy Grant](SC8119-13)
    Cetera, Peter One Clear Voice(SC8312-13)
    Chad & Jeremy Summer Song, A(SC7566-11)
    Chain, Michael Becky Takes Off Her Clothes(TU085-4)
    Chairmen Of The Board Carolina Girls(SC8251-13)
    Chairmen Of The Board Give Me Just A Little More Time(SC8361-15)
    Chairmen Of The Board You Got Me Dangling On A String(SF088-9)
    Cham & Alicia Keys Ghetto Story(PHU0612-8)
    Chamandy, Chantal Feels Like Love(PHAC0609-5)
    Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today(SC8615-2)
    Chambers, Kasey Captain, The(DU2-14)
    Chambers, Kasey Cry Like A Baby(CB20272-9)
    Chambers, Kasey I Still Pray(TU190-5)
    Chambers, Kasey Little Bit Lonesome(TU106-8)
    Chambers, Kasey Not Pretty Enough(SC8759-8)
    Chambers, Kasey On A Bad Day(TU106-13)
    Chamillionaire Hip Hop Police [w/ Slick Rick](THHP0801-13)
    Chamillionaire Ridin' [w/ Krayzie Bone](PHU0606-4)
    Chamillionaire Turn It Up(PHU0603-9)
    Champaign How 'Bout Us(SC8606-11)
    Champs Tequila(DK082-12)
    Chandler, Gene Duke Of Earl(SC7502-5)
    Chandler, Gene Get Down(SF103-14)
    Chandler, Gene Groovy Situation(SC8420-14)
    Chanel, Bruce Hey Baby(SC8526-12)
    Chanel, Bruce Keep On(SF100-3)
    Change Lover's Holiday, A(SFMW874-8)
    Changing Faces G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.(SC8390-4)
    Changing Faces That Other Woman(BS3517-8)
    Channels Closer You Are, The(MM6400-9)
    Channing, Stockard Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee(SC2055-7)
    Channing, Stockard There Are Worse Things I Could Do(SC8910-13)
    Chantels Look In My Eyes(MMDWCP1-7)
    Chantels Maybe(MM6361-11)
    Chapin, Harry 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas(SC8668-15)
    Chapin, Harry Cat's In The Cradle(SC7511-2)
    Chapin, Harry Sequel(SC8668-5)
    Chapin, Harry Taxi(SC8439-11)
    Chapin, Harry W*O*L*D*(SC8668-11)
    Chapman, Beth Nielsen Happy Girl(SC3043-5)
    Chapman, Beth Nielsen In The Time It Takes(MM6045-13)
    Chapman, Beth Nielsen Sand & Water(SC8423-7)
    Chapman, Beth Nielsen Shake My Soul(SC8629-3)
    Chapman, Donovan House Like That(SD151-8)
    Chapman, Donovan There Is No War(SD114-6)
    Chapman, Steven Curtis Dive(TU190-3)
    Chapman, Steven Curtis Dive [Radio Version](SC8828-7)
    Chapman, Steven Curtis How Does It Look(THMS0304-18)
    Chapman, Steven Curtis Jesus Is Life(THMS0301-15)
    Chapman, Steven Curtis We Fall Down [w/ Chris Tomlin](SC8919-14)
    Chapman, Tracy Baby Can I Hold You(RSX001-4)
    Chapman, Tracy Fast Car(SC7548-5)
    Chapman, Tracy Give Me One Reason(SC7587-7)
    Chapman, Tracy New Beginning(SC8316-14)
    Chapman, Tracy Smoke & Ashes(SC8343-9)
    Chapman, Tracy Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution(SC8338-15)
    Chapman, Tracy Telling Stories(SC8595-3)
    Chapman, Tracy Wedding Song, The(MM6310-11)
    Charlatans UK Only One I Know, The(SFMW864-4)
    Charlene I've Never Been To Me(DK072-3)
    Charles & Eddie House Is Not A Home, A(SC8246-2)
    Charles & Eddie Would I Lie To You(SC8310-9)
    Charles, Jimmy Million To One, A(MM6279-4)
    Charles, Ray America The Beautiful(SC2336b-3)
    Charles, Ray Born To Lose(DK089-8)
    Charles, Ray Busted(SC8142-5)
    Charles, Ray Cryin' Time(DK088-11)
    Charles, Ray Don't Set Me Free(LG209-12)
    Charles, Ray Drown In My Own Tears(SC8890-14)
    Charles, Ray Georgia On My Mind(SC7505-2)
    Charles, Ray Hallelujah I Love Her So(LG209-4)
    Charles, Ray Here We Go Again(SC8258-6)
    Charles, Ray Hit The Road, Jack(SC7571-3)
    Charles, Ray I Believe To My Soul(LG209-11)
    Charles, Ray I Can't Stop Loving You(SC8118-9)
    Charles, Ray I Got A Woman(SC8941-11)
    Charles, Ray In The Heat Of The Night(PI303-16)
    Charles, Ray It Had To Be You(LG209-13)
    Charles, Ray Let's Go Get Stoned(SC8893-7)
    Charles, Ray Mess Around(LG209-5)
    Charles, Ray Nightime Is The Right Time(LG209-7)
    Charles, Ray Shake A Tailfeather(AH2005-15)
    Charles, Ray Shake Your Tailfeather(AH8005-15)
    Charles, Ray Song For You, A(SC8969-12)
    Charles, Ray Take These Chains From My Heart(LG022-5)
    Charles, Ray That Lucky Old Sun(PI306-16)
    Charles, Ray Unchain My Heart(MM6067-9)
    Charles, Ray What'd I Say(SC8222-5)
    Charles, Ray What'd I Say (Part 1)(SC7571-10)
    Charles, Ray Yesterday(LG209-9)
    Charles, Ray You Are My Sunshine(LG209-15)
    Charles, Ray You Don't Know Me(MM6067-6)
    Charles, Ray & Betty Carter Baby It's Cold Outside(SC8899-14)
    Charles, Ray & Elton John Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word(LG209-10)
    Charles, Ray & Norah Jones Here We Go Again(SC8889-14)
    Charles, Tina Dr. Love(SF098-3)
    Charles, Tina I Love To Love(PX09-12)
    Charlie Daniels Band America, I Believe In You(CB90132-12)
    Charlie Daniels Band Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues(SC8506-1)
    Charlie Daniels Band Devil Went Down To Georgia, The(SC7516-8)
    Charlie Daniels Band Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye(SC8455-2)
    Charlie Daniels Band Few More Rednecks (What The World Needs Is), A(CB90132-13)
    Charlie Daniels Band Funky Junky(CB90132-9)
    Charlie Daniels Band In America(SC8479-5)
    Charlie Daniels Band Last Fallen Hero, The(SC3328-2)
    Charlie Daniels Band Legend Of Wooley Swamp, The(SC7568-1)
    Charlie Daniels Band Little Folks(CB90132-14)
    Charlie Daniels Band Long Haired Country Boy(SC8449-1)
    Charlie Daniels Band Road Dogs(CB20190-12)
    Charlie Daniels Band Simple Man(SC8525-5)
    Charlie Daniels Band South's Gonna Do It Again, The(SC8449-14)
    Charlie Daniels Band Southern Boy [w/ Travis Tritt](SD105-10)
    Charlie Daniels Band Still In Saigon(LG213-6)
    Charlie Daniels Band This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag(SC8733-8)
    Charlie Daniels Band Uneasy Rider(SC8146-12)
    Charlie Daniels Band Wichita Jail(CB90132-10)
    Charts Deserie(MM6409-3)
    Chas & Dave Ain't No Pleasin' You(PX14-4)
    Chas & Dave Gertcha(SFMW874-10)
    Chas & Dave Rabbit [Duet Version](PX14-3)
    Chas & Dave Rabbit [Solo Version](PX14-2)
    Chas & Dave Sideboard Song, The(SFMW908-13)
    Chas & Dave Snooker Loopy(SFMW833-13)
    Chasez, J.C. Blowin' Me Up(SF217-3)
    Chasez, J.C. Until Yesterday(SD4701-10)
    Chavalier, Maurice Thank Heaven For Little Girls(PI306-10)
    Cheap Trick Ain't That A Shame [Live Version](SC8870-13)
    Cheap Trick Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love(SC8433-8)
    Cheap Trick Don't Be Cruel(DK002-1)
    Cheap Trick Dream Police(SC8725-13)
    Cheap Trick Flame, The(SC8223R-13)
    Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me(SC2500-6)
    Cheap Trick She's Tight(SC2500-4)
    Cheap Trick Surrender(SC8334-11)
    Cheap Trick You're All I Wanna Do(SC8238-14)
    Checker, Chubby Hucklebuck, The(SC8364-3)
    Checker, Chubby Let's Twist Again(SC8415-11)
    Checker, Chubby Limbo Rock(SC8191R-3)
    Checker, Chubby Pony Time(DK043-16)
    Checker, Chubby Twist, The(SC8106-11)
    Cheech & Chong Earache My Eye(SC8927-10)
    Cheeky Girls Cheeky Song(SF199-15)
    Cheeky Girls Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)(EZH26-12)
    Cheeky Girls Take Your Shoes Off(ZML010-11)
    Cheers Black Denim Trousers & Motorcyle Boots(JV0011-9)
    Cheese, Richard Closer(HMDK-202)
    Cheese, Richard Down With The Sickness(HMDK-203)
    Cheese, Richard Material Girl(HMDK-201)
    Cheese, Richard Rape Me(HMDK-204)
    Chemical Brothers Galvanize(EZH44-14)
    Cher After All [w/ Peter Cetera](SC8482-12)
    Cher All I Really Want To Do(SFG053-7)
    Cher All Or Nothing(THMP038-2)
    Cher Bang Bang(RSZ606-15)
    Cher Believe(SC8508-13)
    Cher Body To Body(TU136-2)
    Cher Cowboy's Work Is Never Done, A(RSZ606-2)
    Cher Dark Lady(DK052-15)
    Cher Dov'e L'Amore(SF152-4)
    Cher Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves(SC8138-14)
    Cher Half-Breed(SC7547-3)
    Cher Heart Of Stone(LG040-8)
    Cher I Found Someone(RSZ606-16)
    Cher If I Could Turn Back Time(SC8374-1)
    Cher Just Like Jesse James(SC8259-9)
    Cher Little Man(RSZ606-21)
    Cher Love & Understanding(LG040-11)
    Cher Music's No Good Without You(SF186-5)
    Cher One By One(SC8304-3)
    Cher Shoop Shoop Song, The(SC7506-8)
    Cher Song For The Lonely, A(THMP038-1)
    Cher Star Spangled Banner, The(MM6263-16)
    Cher Strong Enough(SC8542-9)
    Cher Take Me Home(RSZ606-20)
    Cher This Is A Song For The Lonely(SC8747-15)
    Cher Walking In Memphis(SFG053-15)
    Cher Way Of Love, The(SC8410-10)
    Cher We All Sleep Alone(RSZ606-4)
    Cher Working Girl(SC8142-4)
    Cher You Better Sit Down Kids(RSZ606-8)
    Cherie I'm Ready(THP0407-15)
    Cherie Older Than My Years(PHM0410-4)
    Cherish Unappreciated(PHU0612-6)
    Cherish & Sean Paul Do It To It(THH0609-17)
    Cherrelle Saturday Love(DK024-4)
    Cherry Ghost People Help The People(EZH64-16)
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies Brown Derby Jump(SC8487-2)
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Car Line(US01-7)
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies Here Comes The Snake(SC8501-14)
    Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot(SC8462-13)
    Cherry, Don Band Of Gold(SC8191-12)
    Cherry, Eagle-Eye Are You Still Having Fun(SF165-13)
    Cherry, Eagle-Eye Falling In Love Again(SC8534-7)
    Cherry, Eagle-Eye Feels So Right(MM6355-15)
    Cherry, Eagle-Eye Long Way Around(SF169-11)
    Cherry, Eagle-Eye Save Tonight(SC8478-13)
    Cherry, Neneh Buffalo Stance(SC8477-10)
    Cherry, Neneh Manchild(SFMW881-9)
    Cherry, Neneh Woman(SF061-2)
    Chesney, Kenny A Lot Of Things Different(TU134-1)
    Chesney, Kenny All I Need To Know(SC8189-4)
    Chesney, Kenny Anything But Mine(SC8944-6)
    Chesney, Kenny Back In My Arms Again(SC8271-9)
    Chesney, Kenny Be As You Are(SC8933-3)
    Chesney, Kenny Beer In Mexico(SC8956-3)
    Chesney, Kenny Better As A Memory(SC9021-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Big Star(SC8816-5)
    Chesney, Kenny Chance, A(SC8416-5)
    Chesney, Kenny Don't Blink(PHN0711-2)
    Chesney, Kenny Don't Happen Twice(SC8743-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Dreams(CB20367-12)
    Chesney, Kenny Fall In Love(SC2246-5)
    Chesney, Kenny Flip Flop Summer(THC0710-15)
    Chesney, Kenny For The First Time(CB20336-11)
    Chesney, Kenny From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell(CB20015-7)
    Chesney, Kenny Good Stuff, The(SC8764-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Grandpa Told Me So(SC8216-2)
    Chesney, Kenny Guitars & Tiki Bars(SC8920-7)
    Chesney, Kenny How Forever Feels(SC8887-14)
    Chesney, Kenny I Go Back(SC8887-3)
    Chesney, Kenny I Lost It(SC8633-12)
    Chesney, Kenny I Remember(CB20367-9)
    Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand(SC3093-7)
    Chesney, Kenny It Don't Happen Twice(SD080-7)
    Chesney, Kenny Just Put A Ribbon In Your Hair(SC3176-7)
    Chesney, Kenny Keg In The Closet(SC3341-7)
    Chesney, Kenny Live Those Songs(SC8769-2)
    Chesney, Kenny Living In Fast Forward(SC8992-9)
    Chesney, Kenny Lot Of Things Different, A(SC3325-2)
    Chesney, Kenny Me & You(SC8298-12)
    Chesney, Kenny Never Gonna Feel That Way Again(CB20367-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Never Wanted Nothing More(SC9004-1)
    Chesney, Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems(SC8921-15)
    Chesney, Kenny Old Blue Chair(SC8916-6)
    Chesney, Kenny Old Blue Chair [Ocean Mix](SC8916-16)
    Chesney, Kenny On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful(TU148-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Outta Here(TU250-9)
    Chesney, Kenny Pretty Paper(TU246-14)
    Chesney, Kenny She Gets That Way(CB20048-10)
    Chesney, Kenny She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy(SC8887-15)
    Chesney, Kenny She's Got It All(SC8382-10)
    Chesney, Kenny Shiftwork [w/ George Strait](THC0801-17)
    Chesney, Kenny Summertime(THC0607-12)
    Chesney, Kenny That's Why I'm Here(SC8887-10)
    Chesney, Kenny There Goes My Life(SC8903-2)
    Chesney, Kenny Tin Man, The(SC8723-8)
    Chesney, Kenny What I Need To Do(CHM0005-7)
    Chesney, Kenny What I Need To Do [Radio Version](SC8596-15)
    Chesney, Kenny When I Close My Eyes(SC8370-14)
    Chesney, Kenny Who You'd Be Today(SC8936-13)
    Chesney, Kenny Woman With You, The(SC8897-8)
    Chesney, Kenny You Had Me From Hello(SC8887-7)
    Chesney, Kenny You Save Me(SC8989-4)
    Chesney, Kenny Young(SC8745-4)
    Chesney, Kenny & Uncle Kracker When The Sun Goes Down(SC8903-1)
    Chesney, Kenny & Whitney Duncan My World Is Over(SD121-10)
    Chesnutt, Mark A Saint, The(SD126-14)
    Chesnutt, Mark Almost Goodbye(SC8177-13)
    Chesnutt, Mark As The Honky Tonk Turns(SC8205-15)
    Chesnutt, Mark Blame It On Texas(CB20138-8)
    Chesnutt, Mark Broken Promise Land(SC8359-6)
    Chesnutt, Mark Brother Jukebox(SC8180-13)
    Chesnutt, Mark Bubba Shot The Jukebox(SC8167-15)
    Chesnutt, Mark Down In Tennessee(SC8186-9)
    Chesnutt, Mark Fallin' Never Felt So Good(SC8617-1)
    Chesnutt, Mark Goin' Through The Big 'D'(SC8183-2)
    Chesnutt, Mark Gonna Get A Life(SC8160-3)
    Chesnutt, Mark Half Of Everything(SC8245-8)
    Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want To Miss A Thing(SC8507-6)
    Chesnutt, Mark I Just Wanted You To Know(SC8112-2)
    Chesnutt, Mark I Might Even Quit Lovin' You(SC8451-1)
    Chesnutt, Mark I Want My Baby Back(CB20375-7)
    Chesnutt, Mark I'll Think Of Something(SC8130-7)
    Chesnutt, Mark I'm A Saint(MM6425-6)
    Chesnutt, Mark I'm In Love With A Married Woman(SC3365-1)
    Chesnutt, Mark It Sure Is Monday(SC8200-13)
    Chesnutt, Mark It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings(SC8232-8)
    Chesnutt, Mark It's A Little Too Late(SC8328-7)
    Chesnutt, Mark It's Not Over(SC8432-3)
    Chesnutt, Mark Let It Rain(SC8376-5)
    Chesnutt, Mark Lord Loves A Drinking Man, The(SD122-10)
    Chesnutt, Mark Lost In The Feeling(SC2357-3)
    Chesnutt, Mark Old Country(SC8165-11)
    Chesnutt, Mark Old Flames Have New Names(SC8133-9)
    Chesnutt, Mark Rollin' With The Flow(THC0802-20)
    Chesnutt, Mark She Dreams(SC8152-3)
    Chesnutt, Mark She Was(SC8753-6)
    Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers(SC8388-1)
    Chesnutt, Mark This Heartache Never Sleeps(SC8533-8)
    Chesnutt, Mark Too Cold At Home(SC8352-10)
    Chesnutt, Mark Trouble(SC8198-11)
    Chesnutt, Mark Wherever You Are(SC8488-6)
    Chesnutt, Mark Woman Sensuous Woman(SC8120-14)
    Chesnutt, Mark Wrong Place, Wrong Time(SC8280-14)
    Chesnutt, Mark Your Love Is A Miracle(SC7552-2)
    Chevelle Clincher, The(THR0504-16)
    Chevelle Closure(THR0311-18)
    Chevelle Panic Prone(THR0511-18)
    Chevelle Red, The(SC8806-5)
    Chevelle Send The Pain Below(SC8831-14)
    Chevelle Vitamin R(THR0411-12)
    Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her(SC8969-7)
    Chi-Lites Homely Girl(SF091-6)
    Chi-Lites Oh Girl(SC8354-5)
    Chi-Lites You Don't Have To Go(SF097-5)
    Chic Dance Dance Dance(SF103-8)
    Chic Good Times(SC8667-10)
    Chic I Want Your Love(MM6278-11)
    Chic Le Freak(SC8650-11)
    Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4(SC8261-11)
    Chicago Along Comes A Woman(SC8314-2)
    Chicago Baby What A Big Surprise(SC8322-2)
    Chicago Beginnings(SC8259-12)
    Chicago Call On Me(LG238-3)
    Chicago Color My World(SC8181-5)
    Chicago Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is(SC8223R-8)
    Chicago Feeling Stronger Every Day(LG238-9)
    Chicago Hard Habit To Break(PI011-16)
    Chicago Hard To Say I'm Sorry(SFMW808-14)
    Chicago Here In My Heart(SC3021-7)
    Chicago I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love(SC8362-8)
    Chicago If You Leave Me Now(MMCH03-16)
    Chicago Jolly Old St. Nicholas(SC8900-13)
    Chicago Just You & Me(LG238-1)
    Chicago Look Away(DK071-2)
    Chicago Love Will Come Back(PHAC0608-1)
    Chicago Make Me Smile(LG238-2)
    Chicago No Tell Lover(BS7817-6)
    Chicago Old Days(LG238-5)
    Chicago Only One, The(MM6221-8)
    Chicago Question 67 & 68(AH8004-9)
    Chicago Saturday In The Park(SC8273-1)
    Chicago Will You Still Love Me(HV09-9)
    Chicago Wishing You Were Here(LG238-7)
    Chicago You're The Inspiration(SC8182-6)
    Chicane Don't Give Up [w/ Bryan Adams](SF161-13)
    Chicane Stoned In Love [w/ Tom Jones](MREH029-5)
    Chicken Shed Theatre Co. I Am In Love With The World(SF117-9)
    Chico Chico Time(SF242-11)
    Chicory Tip Son Of My Father(SF055-12)
    Chieftans, The & The Corrs I Know My Love(SF138-9)
    Chiffons He's So Fine(SC8399-13)
    Chiffons One Fine Day(SC7541-13)
    Chiffons Sweet Talkin' Guy(SC8226-3)
    Child, Jane I Don't Wanna Fall In Love(SFMW843-3)
    Children's A B C Song(PR1192-5)
    Children's All Night, All Day(SC7004-3)
    Children's All The Pretty Little Horses(SC7004-1)
    Children's All Through The Night(SC7004-2)
    Children's Alphabet Song, The(SC7001-11)
    Children's Ants Go Marching, The(SC7001-3)
    Children's Apples & Bananas(PR1192-17)
    Children's B-I-N-G-O(SC7001-8)
    Children's Baa Baa Black Sheep(SC7001-4)
    Children's Blue-Tail Fly, The(PR9041-11)
    Children's Braham's Lullaby(SC7004-5)
    Children's Bunny Hop(PR9041-13)
    Children's Bye Baby Bunting(SC7004-4)
    Children's Clean Up(PR1192-10)
    Children's Clementine(TU183-7)
    Children's Do The Hokey Pokey(CBE3-14-1)
    Children's Do Your Ears Hang Low?(SC7001-18)
    Children's Down By The Riverside(PR9041-14)
    Children's Dry Bones(SC7002-25)
    Children's Easter Parade(TU158-7)
    Children's Eensie Weensie Spider(SC7002-19)
    Children's Farmer In The Dell(BS4917-4)
    Children's Frere Jacques(BS4917-9)
    Children's Froggie Went A Courtin'(SC7003-17)
    Children's German Lullaby(SC7004-22)
    Children's God Bless America(TU183-12)
    Children's Good Ship Lollipop(TU158-8)
    Children's Grandfather's Clock(DK038-8)
    Children's Green Grass Grows All Aound, The(PR1192-11)
    Children's He's Got The Whole World In His Hands(PR0005-5)
    Children's Head Shoulders Knees & Toes(TU183-15)
    Children's Hey Diddle Diddle(SC7003-22)
    Children's Hickory Dickory Dock(SC7003-19)
    Children's How Much Is That Doggie In The Window(TU158-9)
    Children's Humpty Dumpty(SC7003-10)
    Children's Hurry Hurry Drive The Firetruck(PR1192-20)
    Children's Hush Little Baby(SC7004-23)
    Children's Hush-A-Bye(SC7004-24)
    Children's I'm A Little Teapot(SC7001-21)
    Children's I've Been Working On The Railroad(SC7001-17)
    Children's If All The Raindrops [No Graphics](PR1192-7)
    Children's If You're Happy & You Know It(SC7001-16)
    Children's It's Raining It's Pouring(PI307-4)
    Children's Itsy Bitsy Spider, The(PR1192-18)
    Children's Jack & Jill(SC7001-25)
    Children's John Brown's Baby(SC7002-6)
    Children's John Brown's Baby(SC7002-22)
    Children's Kookaburra(PR1192-8)
    Children's Little Bo Peep(SC7001-7)
    Children's Little Boy Blue(SC7003-9)
    Children's Little Bunny Foo Foo(SC7001-29)
    Children's Little Jack Horner(SC7003-20)
    Children's Little Miss Muffet(SC7003-11)
    Children's London Bridge Is Falling Down(SC7001-6)
    Children's Mama Look A Boo-Boo(MM6107-11)
    Children's Mary Had A Little Lamb(SC7001-14)
    Children's Michael Row The Boat Ashore(TU183-22)
    Children's More We Get Together, The(PR9041-16)
    Children's Mozart's Lullaby(SC7004-28)
    Children's Mr. Knickerbocker(PR1192-13)
    Children's Muffin Man(PR9041-3)
    Children's Mulberry Bush, The(SC7002-29)
    Children's My Bonnie(PR0005-8)
    Children's My Hand On My Head(SC7002-21)
    Children's My Hat Has Three Corners(SC7002-2)
    Children's My Old Kentucky Home(DK038-16)
    Children's O Susanna(PR9041-9)
    Children's Oh Susanna(SC7001-26)
    Children's Old King Cole(SC7003-23)
    Children's Old MacDonald(SC7001-12)
    Children's On Top Of Old Smokey(CBE3-14-3)
    Children's On Top Of Spaghetti(PI307-12)
    Children's Once An Austrian Went Yodeling(SC7002-16)
    Children's One Bottle Of Pop(SC7002-23)
    Children's Over The River & Through The Woods(TU246-13)
    Children's Pat-A-Cake(SC7003-8)
    Children's Peanut Butter & Jelly(PR1192-6)
    Children's Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track, A(SC7002-17)
    Children's Pease Porridge Hot(SC7003-30)
    Children's Polly Wolly Doodle(TU183-28)
    Children's Pop! Goes The Weasel(SC7002-20)
    Children's Rain, Rain Go Away(SC7003-28)
    Children's Ring Around The Rosy(SC7002-14)
    Children's Rock A Bye Baby(PR9041-5)
    Children's Rock-A-Bye Baby(SC7004-27)
    Children's Row, Row, Row Your Boat(SC7003-16)
    Children's Rub A Dub Dub(SDK106-7)
    Children's Russian Cradle Song(SC7004-31)
    Children's Sally The Camel(PR0005-7)
    Children's Sarasponda(PR1192-12)
    Children's She'll Be Coming 'round The Mountain(TU183-31)
    Children's Sing A Song Of Sixpence(SC7003-15)
    Children's Sing A Song Of Sixpence(SC7003-31)
    Children's Six Little Ducks(PR1192-9)
    Children's Skip To My Lou(TU183-32)
    Children's Sleep, Baby Sleep(SC7004-29)
    Children's Taps(SC7004-25)
    Children's Ten In A Bed(SC7004-26)
    Children's Ten Little Indians(SC7002-27)
    Children's This Old Man(SC7002-24)
    Children's Three Blind Mice(SC7002-26)
    Children's Three Jolly Fisherman(SC7002-31)
    Children's Three Little Kittens(SC7003-13)
    Children's Tisket A Tasket, A(SC7003-5)
    Children's Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(SC7001-15)
    Children's Wee Willie Winkle(SC7004-30)
    Children's What Did Delaware(SC7002-28)
    Children's Wheels On The Bus (Go Round & Round)(TU183-38)
    Children's Where Has My Little Dog Gone?(SC7003-18)
    Children's Yankee Doodle Boy(PR0005-4)
    Children's Yankee Doodle Dandy(TU183-41)
    Children's Yellow Rose Of Texas, The(PR9041-21)
    Children's You Are My Sunshine(PR9041-22)
    Children's/Barney I Love You, You Love Me [No Graphics](PR1192-3)
    Children's/Barney My Family's Just Right For Me [No Graphics](PR1192-15)
    Children's/Barney Purple Dinosaur [No Graphics](PR1192-1)
    Children's/Barney Sister Song, The [No Graphics](PR1192-14)
    Children's/Barney Strangers [No Graphics](PR1192-4)
    Children's/Blue's Clues Buddy Boogie(SM9923-9)
    Children's/Blue's Clues Colors(SM9924-10)
    Children's/Blue's Clues Healthy Snacks(SM9924-11)
    Children's/Blue's Clues Oranges Grow On Trees(SM9923-12)
    Children's/Blue's Clues Planet Song(SM9924-12)
    Children's/Blue's Clues So Long Song(SM9923-11)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Blond Haired Girl In A Hard Hat(TU158-1)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Can We Fix It(TU158-3)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Crocodile Rock(TU158-5)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Mambo #5(TU158-15)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Right Tool For The Job(TU158-18)
    Children's/Bob the Builder Super Spud(TU158-19)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer Back Pack(SM9924-16)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer Bouncy Ball(SM9924-14)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer Grumpy Old Troll(SM9924-13)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer I Love My Boots(SM9924-15)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer Map Song(SM9923-16)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer Travel Song(SM9923-15)
    Children's/Dora The Explorer We Did It(SM9923-13)
    Children's/Fairly Odd Parents Icky Vicky(SM9921-16)
    Children's/Rugrats Someplace(SM9922-10)
    Children's/Rugrats This Is Our Place(SM9922-11)
    Children's/Sesame Street Abc-def-ghi(SC8930-13)
    Children's/Sesame Street Bein' Green(SC8930-6)
    Children's/Sesame Street C Is For Cookie(SC8930-12)
    Children's/Sesame Street I Love Trash(SC8930-14)
    Children's/Sesame Street Rubber Duckie(SC8930-17)
    Children's/Sesame Street Sing(SC8930-15)
    Children's/Spongebob Square Pants All You Need Is Friends To Fly(SM9922-16)
    Children's/Spongebob Square Pants Do The Sponge(SM9922-13)
    Children's/SpongeBob Square Pants F.U.N. Song(SM9921-10)
    Children's/Spongebob Square Pants He's Flying(SM9922-15)
    Children's/Spongebob Square Pants I Wish I Could Fly(SM9922-14)
    Children's/Spongebob Square Pants Ripped Pants(SM9922-12)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs B-I-B-L-E, The(SC7006-7)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Deep & Wide(SC7006-6)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Do Lord(SC7006-24)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Give Me Oil In My Lamp(SC7006-29)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Heavenly Sunshine(SC7006-12)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Jesus Loves Me(SC7006-10)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Jesus Loves The Little Children(SC7006-32)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam(SC7006-18)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Lord Is My Shepherd, The(SC7006-30)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Peace Like A River(SC7006-11)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Rock-A-My Soul(SC7006-5)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs This Little Light Of Mine(SC7006-19)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Who Did Swallow Jonah(SC7006-4)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Wise Man Built This House, The(SC7006-15)
    Children's/Sunday School Songs Zacchaeus(SC7006-9)
    Children's/Telletubbies Telletubbies Say 'Eh-Oh'(SF116-15)
    Children's/Willy Wonka Oompa Loompa(SC8930-18)
    Children's/Willy Wonka Pure Imagination(SC8930-19)
    Children's/Wizard Of Oz Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead(CBE3-15-8)
    Children's/Wizard Of Oz Merry Old Land Of Oz(TU158-16)
    Children's/Wizard Of Oz We're Off To See The Wizard(CBE3-15-10)
    Children's/Wizard Of Oz, The If I Only Had A Brain(SC8930-11)
    Childs, Andy Broken(SC8306-4)
    Chilliwack Fly At Night(KAR007-5)
    Chilliwack My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)(KAR007-4)
    Chilliwack Whatcha Gonna Do (When I'm Gone)(KAR007-3)
    Chimes Once In A While(THMF04-10)
    China Black Searching(SF009-14)
    China Crisis Wishful Thinking(SFMW801-13)
    Chingy Balla Baby [Radio Version](SC8889-15)
    Chingy Dem Jeans(PHU0612-7)
    Chingy Holidae In [w/ Snoop Dogg & Ludacris](SC8849-10)
    Chingy Right Thurr(TU225-11)
    Chingy Right Thurr [Radio Version](SC8844-7)
    Chingy & Tyrese Pulling Me Back(THH0609-18)
    Chisel, Cold Khe Sanh(DU1-5)
    Choirboys Boys Will Be Boys(SFID004-9)
    Chordettes Lollipop(SC2073-6)
    Chordettes Mr. Sandman(PI024-12)
    Chords Sh-Boom(SC8399-11)
    Christians Harvest For The World(SF082-2)
    Christians Ideal World(SF059-8)
    Christie Yellow River(SF042-1)
    Christie, Lauren Color Of The Night, The(MM6096-11)
    Christie, Lou Gypsy Cried, The(MM6071-4)
    Christie, Lou Lightnin' Strikes(SC8651-13)
    Christie, Lou Two Faces Have I(SC7566-13)
    Christie, Tony Avenues & Alleyways(ZMH010-18)
    Christie, Tony Drive Safely Darling(ZMH010-16)
    Christie, Tony I Did What I Did For Maria(SF055-10)
    Christie, Tony Is This The Way To Amarillo(ZMH010-17)
    Christie, Tony Is This The Way To The World Cup(EZH56-14)
    Christie, Tony Las Vegas(SF090-12)
    Christmas All I Want For Christmas(SC2031-8)
    Christmas All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth(CB20158-9)
    Christmas All I Want For Christmas Is You(SC8184-1)
    Christmas And So This Is Christmas(MM6108-15)
    Christmas Angels From The Realms Of Glory(SC2128-8)
    Christmas Angels We Have Heard On High(SC2019-8)
    Christmas Away In A Manger(SC2018-5)
    Christmas Blue Christmas(SC8185-3)
    Christmas Christ Was Born On Christmas Day(MM6374-7)
    Christmas Christmas In Dixie(SC8184-3)
    Christmas Christmas In Killarney(JV0050-4)
    Christmas Christmas In My Home Town(SC8185-7)
    Christmas Christmas Song, The(SC8185-5)
    Christmas Christmastime Is Here(MM6374-11)
    Christmas Deck The Halls(SC2018-3)
    Christmas Do They Know It's Christmas(SC8184-2)
    Christmas Do You Hear What I Hear(SC2128-6)
    Christmas Feliz Navidad(SC2047-5)
    Christmas First Noel, The(SC2128-5)
    Christmas Frosty The Snowman(SC8475-4)
    Christmas Gift, The(SC2173-5)
    Christmas Go Tell It On The Mountain(SC2128-3)
    Christmas God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen(SC2019-7)
    Christmas Good Christian Friends Rejoice(SC2128-1)
    Christmas Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer(SC8184-8)
    Christmas Greatest Gift Of All, The(SD005-13)
    Christmas Happy Xmas (War Is Over)(SC8184-7)
    Christmas Hard Candy Christmas(SC8184-14)
    Christmas Hark! The Herld Angels Sing(SC2019-1)
    Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas(TU065-8)
    Christmas Here Comes Santa Claus(SC8475-14)
    Christmas Holly Jolly Christmas/A(SC8185-10)
    Christmas Holly Leaves & Christmas Trees(MM6215-4)
    Christmas I Only Want You For Christmas(SC2173-7)
    Christmas I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus(SC8475-7)
    Christmas I Wonder As A Wander(SC2019-3)
    Christmas I'll Be Home For Christmas(SC8185-6)
    Christmas If Every Day Was Like Christmas(SC2173-8)
    Christmas If I Get Home On Christmas Day(MM6215-9)
    Christmas If We Make It Through December(SC8185-15)
    Christmas It Came Upon A Midnight Clear(SC2019-2)
    Christmas It Wasn't His Child(SC2173-3)
    Christmas It Won't Seem Like Christmas(MM6215-8)
    Christmas It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas(SC8475-1)
    Christmas Jingle Bell Rock(SC2173-4)
    Christmas Jingle Bells(SC8475-5)
    Christmas Jolly Old St. Nicholas(SC8475-3)
    Christmas Joy To The World(BS4217-3)
    Christmas Joy To The World(SC2128-4)
    Christmas Leroy The Redneck Reindeer(SC2173-2)
    Christmas Let It Snow(SC8475-8)
    Christmas Let There Be Peace On Earth(SC2128-2)
    Christmas Little Drummer Boy, The(DK092-17)
    Christmas Little Saint Nick(SC8185-4)
    Christmas Merry Christmas Darling(SC8185-9)
    Christmas Mistletoe & Holly(MM6020-11)
    Christmas Nuttin' For Christmas(CB20157-12)
    Christmas O Come O Come Emmanuel(SC2018-8)
    Christmas O Holy Night(SC8086-3)
    Christmas O Little Town Of Bethlehem(SC2128-7)
    Christmas O Tannenbaum(PI305-17)
    Christmas O' Christmas Tree(SC2018-2)
    Christmas O' Come All Ye Faithful(SC2018-6)
    Christmas O' Holy Night(SC2019-4)
    Christmas O, Christmas Tree(TU165-12)
    Christmas Old Man's Back In Town, The(MM6108-2)
    Christmas On A Snowy Christmas Night(MM6215-11)
    Christmas One Bright Star(SD005-12)
    Christmas Please Come Home For Christmas(SC8184-15)
    Christmas Pretty Paper(SC8185-12)
    Christmas Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart(SC2173-1)
    Christmas Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree(SC8185-1)
    Christmas Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer(SC8475-2)
    Christmas Santa Baby(SC8184-11)
    Christmas Santa Bring My Baby Back(MM6108-12)
    Christmas Santa Claus Boogie(SC8184-10)
    Christmas Santa Claus Is Back In Town(MM6108-10)
    Christmas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town(SC8475-6)
    Christmas Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy(SC8185-14)
    Christmas Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck(SD005-8)
    Christmas Senor Santa Claus(SC8184-6)
    Christmas Silent Night(SC2018-4)
    Christmas Silver Bells(SC2032-5)
    Christmas Sleigh Ride(SC2032-4)
    Christmas Step Into Christmas(SC8184-9)
    Christmas Thank God For Kids(SC8184-13)
    Christmas There's A New Kid In Town(SD005-10)
    Christmas Twelve Days Of Christmas(SC2018-1)
    Christmas Up On The Housetop(SC8475-9)
    Christmas We Three Kings(SC2019-6)
    Christmas We Wish You A Merry Christmas(SC8475-15)
    Christmas What Child Is This(SC2019-5)
    Christmas White Christmas(SC8185-13)
    Christmas Winter Wonderland(SC8475-13)
    Christmas With Bells On(SC8184-12)
    Christmas Wonderful World Of Christmas/The(MM6215-14)
    Christmas/3 Of Hearts Christmas Shoes(TU166-3)
    Christmas/Adams, Bryan Run Run Rudolph(TU166-13)
    Christmas/Aiken, Clay First Noel, The(SC8899-5)
    Christmas/Alabama Christmas In Dixie(BS8317-2)
    Christmas/Autrey, Gene Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer(SC8086-8)
    Christmas/Band Aid 20 Do They Know It's Christmas(SF225-1)
    Christmas/Beach Boys, The Little Saint Nick(TU166-9)
    Christmas/Bellamy Brothers Old Hippie Christmas(CB20204-11)
    Christmas/Berry, Chuck Merry Christmas Baby(LG049-9)
    Christmas/Berry, Chuck Run Rudolph Run(SC8557-12)
    Christmas/Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Hard Candy Christmas(MMBH1-3-14)
    Christmas/Bogguss, Suzy Mr. Santa(TU246-12)
    Christmas/Bogguss, Suzy Two-Step 'round The Christmas Tree(TU246-16)
    Christmas/Bon Jovi Please Come Home For Christmas(SC8781-14)
    Christmas/Boney M Mary's Boy Child(TU246-10)
    Christmas/Boney M Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord(SF030-5)
    Christmas/Brian Setzer Orchestra Boogie Woogie Santa Claus(SC8900-14)
    Christmas/Brian Setzer Orchestra Jingle Bells(SC8900-4)
    Christmas/Buffett, Jimmy Christmas Island(SC8900-11)
    Christmas/Buffett, Jimmy Merry Christmas/Alabama(TU246-11)
    Christmas/Byrd, Tracy Christmas Like Mama Used To Make It(CB20205-7)
    Christmas/Canned Heat Christmas Blues(CB20202-10)
    Christmas/Carey, Mariah Jesus Born On This Day(PR9073-9)
    Christmas/Carey, Mariah Joy To The World(PR9073-8)
    Christmas/Carey, Mariah O Holy Night(PR9073-10)
    Christmas/Carpenters Merry Christmas Darlin'(TU166-10)
    Christmas/Carrey, Jim You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch(PR1437-3)
    Christmas/Carson, Jeff Santa Got Lost In Texas(CB20158-8)
    Christmas/Carter, Clarence Back Door Santa(SC8780-4)
    Christmas/Chesney, Kenny All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan(SC8900-8)
    Christmas/Chesney, Kenny Christmas In Dixie(TU249-3)
    Christmas/Chicago White Christmas(SC8899-6)
    Christmas/Christie, Tony Here It Is Merry Xmas(EZH52-14)
    Christmas/Christie, Tony Merry Christmas Everyone(SF238-1)
    Christmas/Clint Black Till Santa's Gone(CB20158-12)
    Christmas/Cole, Nat 'King' Christmas Song, The(DK017-13)
    Christmas/Como, Perry No Place Like Home For The Holidays(TU165-11)
    Christmas/Como, Perry There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays(MM6318-1)
    Christmas/Crazy Frog Last Xmas(MREH034-18)
    Christmas/Crosby, Bing Silver Bells(LG110-16)
    Christmas/Crosby, Bing White Christmas(SC8086-2)
    Christmas/Crosby, Bing & David Bowie Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy(SC8781-15)
    Christmas/Darkness Christmastime (Don't Let The Bells End)(SF213-9)
    Christmas/Dave Edmunds Band Run Rudolph Run(CB20202-9)
    Christmas/Diamond, Neil Sleigh Ride(MM6318-2)
    Christmas/Dido Christmas Day(TU166-2)
    Christmas/Dion, Celine Christmas Eve(PR9073-15)
    Christmas/Dion, Celine Don't Save It All For Christmas Day(PR9073-13)
    Christmas/Dion, Celine Magic Of Christmas/The(PR9073-14)
    Christmas/Dion, Celine O Holy Night(SC8781-3)
    Christmas/Dion, Celine These Are The Special Times(PR9073-12)
    Christmas/Drifters, The White Christmas(SC2514-4)
    Christmas/Echelons Christmas Long Ago, A (Jingle Jingle)(CB20202-11)
    Christmas/Enya Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)(SC2514-7)
    Christmas/Evans, Sara O Come All Ye Faithful(SC8990-9)
    Christmas/Ewing, Skip Christmas Carol(CB20205-11)
    Christmas/Fat Les Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office)(SF128-15)
    Christmas/Feliciano, Jose Feliz Navidad(TU066-5)
    Christmas/Foxworthy, Jeff Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas(SC8780-14)
    Christmas/Foxworthy, Jeff Twas The Night After Christmas(CB20204-10)
    Christmas/Freberg, Stan Nuttin' For Christmas(SC8557-3)
    Christmas/Gill, Vince What Child Is This(SC8990-11)
    Christmas/Glitter, Gary Another Rock & Roll Christmas(SF030-15)
    Christmas/Goodies Make A Daft Noise For Christmas(SFG041-9)
    Christmas/Grant, Amy Breath Of Heaven(PR9073-1)
    Christmas/Grant, Amy Emmanuel, God With Us(PR9073-3)
    Christmas/Grant, Amy Heirlooms(PR9073-5)
    Christmas/Grant, Amy Night Before Christmas/The(PR9073-2)
    Christmas/Grant, Amy Winter Wonderland(MM6318-6)
    Christmas/Grinch Cast, The Welcome Christmas(PR1437-4)
    Christmas/Groban, Josh O Holy Night [Live Version](SC2514-1)
    Christmas/Harris, Emmylou O Little Town Of Bethlehem(SC8990-14)
    Christmas/Hathaway, Donny This Christmas(SC8781-12)
    Christmas/Hill, Faith Where Are You Christmas(SC8781-7)
    Christmas/How The Grinch Stole Christmas You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch(SC8557-14)
    Christmas/Jackson Five, The Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town(SC2514-8)
    Christmas/Jackson, Alan Let It Be Christmas(SC8990-10)
    Christmas/Jackson, Alan Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck(CB20158-7)
    Christmas/John, Elton Ho! Ho! Ho! Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas(SC8557-15)
    Christmas/John, Elton Step Into Christmas(PI325-12)
    Christmas/Judds, The What Child Is This(SC8990-5)
    Christmas/Keith, Toby Night Before Christmas/The(SC8990-2)
    Christmas/Kershaw, Sammy Christmas Time's A Comin'(TU166-4)
    Christmas/King, B.B. Merry Christmas Baby(SC2514-6)
    Christmas/Kinks, The Father Christmas(SC8900-6)
    Christmas/Kitt, Eartha Santa Baby(SC8780-12)
    Christmas/Kyser, Kay Jingle Jangle Jingle(SC8249-9)
    Christmas/Lake, Greg I Believe In Father Christmas(ZMH009-10)
    Christmas/Lavigne, Avril Holy Night [w/ Chantal Kreviazuk](SC8899-3)
    Christmas/Lavigne, Avril & Kreviazuk, Chantal O Holy Night(SC2455-3)
    Christmas/Lehrer, Tom Christmas Carol(SC8557-5)
    Christmas/Little People O' White Christmas(SC8780-13)
    Christmas/Little Stinkers I Farted On Santa's Lap(SC8780-8)
    Christmas/Lonestar Winter Wonderland(SC8990-13)
    Christmas/Madonna Santa Baby(TU165-14)
    Christmas/Mathis, Johnny Christmas Song, The(PR1061-3)
    Christmas/Mathis, Johnny Sleigh Ride(SC8086-5)
    Christmas/Mathis, Johnny When A Child Is Born(SF030-13)
    Christmas/McCartney, Paul Wonderful Christmastime(SC8781-10)
    Christmas/McDonald, Michael On Christmas Morning(CB20312-11)
    Christmas/McEntire, Reba Christmas Letter, A(TU246-1)
    Christmas/McKenzie, Bob & Doug Twelve Days Of Christmas, The(SC8780-9)
    Christmas/Mell & Kim Rocking Around The Christmas Tree(SF030-6)
    Christmas/Momson, Taylor Christmas/Why Can't I Find You(PR1437-2)
    Christmas/Monte, Lou Dominick The Donkey(SC8780-15)
    Christmas/Montgomery Gentry Merry Christmas From The Family(CB20312-9)
    Christmas/Moody Blues What Child Is This(SC8899-13)
    Christmas/Mud Lonely This Christmas(SF030-12)
    Christmas/Murray, Anne Little Drummer Boy, The(SC8990-6)
    Christmas/Nelson, Willie Please Come Home For Christmas(SC2453-1)
    Christmas/Newsong Christmas Shoes, The(SC8781-11)
    Christmas/Oak Ridge Boys Thank God For Kids(CB20243-12)
    Christmas/Owens, Buck Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy(CB20158-10)
    Christmas/Page, Patti Boogie Woogie Santa Claus(CB20157-10)
    Christmas/Peevey, Gayla I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas(SC8557-7)
    Christmas/Peters, Red Holy Shit, It's Christmas!(SC8780-1)
    Christmas/Peters, Red You Ain't Gettin' Shit For Christmas(SC8900-15)
    Christmas/Point Of Grace Hope Is Born Again(PR9073-6)
    Christmas/Pointer Sisters Santa Claus Is Coming To Town(DK017-14)
    Christmas/Pop Idols Happy Christmas (War Is Over)(SF213-1)
    Christmas/Presley, Elvis Blue Christmas(TU028-5)
    Christmas/Presley, Elvis I'll Be Home For Christmas(MM6399-15)
    Christmas/Presley, Elvis O Come All Ye Faithful(SF030-10)
    Christmas/Queen Thank God It's Christmas(SFMW858-1)
    Christmas/Rea, Chris Driving Home For Christmas(ZMH009-6)
    Christmas/Reed, Jerry Christmas Time's A Comin'(CB20158-11)
    Christmas/Richard, Cliff 21st Century Christmas(MREH034-17)
    Christmas/Richards, Cliff Saviours Day(SF030-9)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire(HMDK-205)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Holi-daze (S'cuze Me, I've Got Gifts To Buy)(HMDK-208)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob I Am Santa Claus(SC8780-11)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Sled Zeppelin(HMDK-206)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob The Restroom Door Said 'Gentlemen'(HMDK-209)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Twelve Pains Of Christmas, The(SC8900-1)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Twisted Chipmunk Song(HMDK-207)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear(SC8557-1)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells(SC8900-9)
    Christmas/Rivers, Bob Wreck The Malls(SC8900-12)
    Christmas/Robson & Jerome I Believe(SF030-1)
    Christmas/Rogers, Kenny & Wynonna Mary Did You Know(PR9073-7)
    Christmas/Ronstadt, Linda I'll Be Home For Christmas(SC8899-9)
    Christmas/Royal Guardsmen Snoopy's Christmas(SC8780-3)
    Christmas/Run DMC Christmas In Hollis(SC8780-2)
    Christmas/Seger, Bob Little Drummer Boy, The(SC8781-13)
    Christmas/Seville, David Chipmunk Song, The [w/ The Chipmunks](TU066-3)
    Christmas/Shakin' Stevens Best Christmas Of Them All, The(ZMH009-8)
    Christmas/Shakin' Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone(SF030-7)
    Christmas/Shakin' Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone(SF030-7)
    Christmas/Shedaisy That's What I Want For Christmas(CB20312-12)
    Christmas/Sherman, Allan Twelve Days Of Christmas, The(SC8557-9)
    Christmas/Sherman, Allan Twelve Days Of Christmas/The(SC8557-9)
    Christmas/Showaddywaddy Hey Mister Christmas(ZMP113-6)
    Christmas/Simpson, Jessica Little Drummer Boy [w/ Ashley Simpson](SFMW858-8)
    Christmas/Singing Dogs Jingle Bells(TU165-8)
    Christmas/Sixpence None The Richer Christmastime Is Here(SC8899-7)
    Christmas/Slade Merry Christmas Everybody(SF030-18)
    Christmas/South Park I'm A Lonely Jew(SC8557-4)
    Christmas/South Park Merry Fuckin' Christmas(SC8900-2)
    Christmas/Spector, Phil We Wish You A Merry Christmas(SF030-17)
    Christmas/Spector, Phil Winter Wonderland(SF030-16)
    Christmas/Springsteen, Bruce Santa Claus Is Coming To Town(SC8899-1)
    Christmas/Springsteen, Bruce & E Street Band Merry Christmas Baby(SC8781-2)
    Christmas/Stevens, Ray Santa Claus Is Watching(SC8557-2)
    Christmas/Strait, George Christmas Cookies(CB20312-7)
    Christmas/Strait, George Old Time Christmas(CB20205-9)
    Christmas/Temptations Silent Night(SC8899-12)
    Christmas/Thorogood, George & The Destroyers Rock & Roll Christmas(CB20202-12)
    Christmas/Tomlinson, Ricky Christmas, My Arse!(SF250-1)
    Christmas/Tractors Santa Claus Is Comin' In A Boogie Woogie Choo Cho(CB20203-7)
    Christmas/Traditional Santa Claus Is Coming To Town(SC8086-1)
    Christmas/Trans-Siberian Orchestra Perfect Christmas Night(PR1437-5)
    Christmas/Travis, Randy Christmas Song, The(SC8990-8)
    Christmas/Travis, Randy How Do I Wrap My Heart Up For Christmas(TU246-8)
    Christmas/Tweenies I Believe In Christmas(SF186-15)
    Christmas/Waitresses Christmas Wrapping(SC8780-5)
    Christmas/Wham! Last Christmas(DK058-14)
    Christmas/Williams, Andy Happy Holidays(MM6318-9)
    Christmas/Williams, Andy It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year(MM6318-12)
    Christmas/Williams, Andy Silver Bells(MM6318-7)
    Christmas/Williams, Vanessa Do You Hear What I Hear(SC2380-8)
    Christmas/Wilson, Kevin Bloody Ho Ho Fucking Ho(SC8900-5)
    Christmas/Wilson, Kevin Bloody Santa's Fuckin Roadies(SC8900-10)
    Christmas/Wizzard I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day(SF030-3)
    Christmas/Wombles Wombling Merry Christmas(PX01-6)
    Christmas/Wonder, Stevie & India.Arie Christmas Song, The(SC8899-2)
    Christmas/Wood, Roy I Wish It Could Be Christmas(PX01-2)
    Christmas/Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Christmas At Ground Zero(SC8557-10)
    Christmas/Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Night Santa Went Crazy, The(SC8780-7)
    Christmas/Year Without A Santa Claus Heat Miser / Snow Miser(SC8900-7)
    Christy, June In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning(MM6259-11)
    Christy, Tony Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast(BSK003-2)
    Christy, Tony Night Of A Thousand Stars, The(BSK003-3)
    Chroma Key America The Video(HMDK-673)
    Chroma Key Even The Waves(HMDK-674)
    Chroma Key On The Page(HMDK-675)
    Chuck Wagon & The Wheels Beauty's In The Eye Of The Beerholder(CB20187-11)
    Chuck Wagon & The Wheels Play That Country Music Cowboy(CB20266-11)
    Chumbawamba Amnesia(PHM9804-8)
    Chumbawamba Top Of The World(SF121-13)
    Chumbawamba Tubthumping(SC8422-14)
    Church Under The Milky Way(SC8571-7)
    Church, Charlotte All That Love Can Be(TU220-1)
    Church, Charlotte Call My Name(SF234-7)
    Church, Charlotte Crazy Chick(SF232-10)
    Church, Charlotte Ding Dong Merrily On High(TU246-7)
    Church, Charlotte Even God Can't Change The Past(EZH52-8)
    Church, Charlotte Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming(TU246-9)
    Church, Charlotte Moodswings(SF241-11)
    Church, Claudia Home In My Heart (North Carolina)(SC8549-8)
    Church, Claudia It's All Your Fault(SC3162-8)
    Church, Claudia What's The Matter With You Baby(SC8520-8)
    Church, Eric Guys Like Me(SC9004-11)
    Church, Eric How 'Bout You(SC8965-5)
    Church, Eric Sinners Like Me(CB60355-7)
    Church, Eric Two Pink Lines(SC8989-3)
    Ciara 1, 2 Step [w/ Missy Elliott](SC8945-5)
    Ciara Can't Leave Him Alone(PHU0709-2)
    Ciara Get Up [w/ Chamillionaire](SC9005-10)
    Ciara Goodies [w/ Petey Pablo](SC8889-3)
    Ciara Like A Boy(PHU0704-4)
    Ciara Love Sex Magic [w/ Justin Timberlake](EZH78-5)
    Ciara Oh [w/ Ludacris](SC8924-4)
    Ciara Pick Up the Phone(SC8949-10)
    Ciara Promise(SC8995-4)
    Cinderella Don't Know What You Got(SC8346-1)
    Cinderella Gypsy Road(SC8917-12)
    Cinderella Heartbreak Station(SC8917-9)
    Cinderella I'm Coming Home(DG06-12)
    Cinderella Nobody's Fool(SC8516-6)
    Cinderella Shake Me(SC8843-5)
    Cinderella Somebody Save Me(SC7565-14)
    Circle Jerks Back Against The Wall(HMDK-210)
    Citizen King Better Days(SC8534-15)
    City High What Would You Do(SC8695-7)
    City High & Eve Caramel(SC8735-1)
    City On A Hill God Of Wonders(SC8962-7)
    CKY Familiar Realm(THR0509-18)
    Clanton, Jimmy Just A Dream(SC8196-12)
    Clanton, Jimmy Venus In Blue Jeans(SC8396-14)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Skin Of My Country Yellow Teeth(HMDK-211)
    Clapton, Eric After Midnight [Original Version](SC8882-15)
    Clapton, Eric After Midnight [Unplugged Version](SC8354-9)
    Clapton, Eric Anything For Your Love(DG03-9)
    Clapton, Eric Before You Accuse Me(SC8882-2)
    Clapton, Eric Behind The Mask(SFMW871-11)
    Clapton, Eric Believe In Life(CB90172-7)
    Clapton, Eric Blue Eyes Blue(SC8569-3)
    Clapton, Eric Blues Power(SFMW838-2)
    Clapton, Eric Change The World(SC8299-6)
    Clapton, Eric Cocaine(SC8882-4)
    Clapton, Eric Don't Think Twice It's Alright(AH2006-10)
    Clapton, Eric Don't Think Twice [w/ Bob Dylan](NUKH025-9)
    Clapton, Eric Forever Man(SC8609-5)
    Clapton, Eric I Can't Stand It(TU113-16)
    Clapton, Eric I Get Lost(TU005-10)
    Clapton, Eric I Shot The Sheriff(SC8882-10)
    Clapton, Eric I'm Tore Down(SC8274-3)
    Clapton, Eric I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart(SC8580-15)
    Clapton, Eric If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day(SC8878-8)
    Clapton, Eric It's In The Way That You Use It(SC8715-1)
    Clapton, Eric Knock On Wood(BS5517-11)
    Clapton, Eric Lay Down Sally(SC7509-9)
    Clapton, Eric Layla(CBE3-20-7)
    Clapton, Eric Let It Rain(SC8539-4)
    Clapton, Eric Motherless Child(SC8882-7)
    Clapton, Eric My Father's Eyes(SC8452-3)
    Clapton, Eric Old Love(DG02-11)
    Clapton, Eric Only You Know & I Know(AH2014-11)
    Clapton, Eric Pilgram(MM6252-3)
    Clapton, Eric Promises(SC8514-12)
    Clapton, Eric Running On Faith(SC8270-2)
    Clapton, Eric See What Love Can Do(CB90172-13)
    Clapton, Eric She's Gone(SC8462-12)
    Clapton, Eric She's Waiting(BS5517-13)
    Clapton, Eric Superman Inside(THR0106-13)
    Clapton, Eric Tears In Heaven(SC8235-11)
    Clapton, Eric Tulsa Time(LG042-16)
    Clapton, Eric When You Got A Good Friend(PHR0410-4)
    Clapton, Eric Willie & The Hand Jive(DK097-9)
    Clapton, Eric Wonderful Tonight(SC8107-7)
    Clark Family Experience Going Away(SC8769-6)
    Clark Family Experience Meanwhile Back At The Ranch(SC8646-7)
    Clark Family Experience Standin' Still(SC8705-12)
    Clark Family Experience Standing Still(SD085-13)
    Clark Family Experience To Quote Shakespeare(CB20307-11)
    Clark, Chris Graduation Day(SC8254-6)
    Clark, Claudine Party Lights(SC8191R-9)
    Clark, Dee Nobody But You(SC8526-6)
    Clark, Dee Raindrops(SC8251-4)
    Clark, Jameson Don't Play Any Love Songs(SC3281-7)
    Clark, Jameson Still Smokin'(SD094-12)
    Clark, Jameson You Da Man(SD100-12)
    Clark, Petula Color My World(LG155-9)
    Clark, Petula Don't Sleep In The Subway(SC7560-7)
    Clark, Petula Downtown(SC7517-5)
    Clark, Petula I Couldn't Live Without Your Love(SC8599-8)
    Clark, Petula I Know A Place(SC8686-3)
    Clark, Petula My Love(SC8396-12)
    Clark, Petula Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener, The(LG155-10)
    Clark, Petula Round Every Corner(LG155-8)
    Clark, Petula Sailor(SF074-10)
    Clark, Petula Sign Of The Times, A(SC8651-2)
    Clark, Petula This Is My Song(SC8651-3)
    Clark, Roy Come Live With Me(SC8412-5)
    Clark, Roy Honeymoon Feelin'(SC8426-10)
    Clark, Roy I Never Picked Cotton(SC8576-10)
    Clark, Roy If I Had To Do It All Over Again(SC8767-1)
    Clark, Roy Thank God & Greyhound(SC8335-10)
    Clark, Roy Tips Of My Fingers, The(SC7567-3)
    Clark, Roy Yesterday When I Was Young(SC8262-9)
    Clark, Sanford Fool, The(SC8579-6)
    Clark, Terri Better Things To Do(SC8189-10)
    Clark, Terri Damn Right(THC0605-18)
    Clark, Terri Dirty Girl(SC8998-3)
    Clark, Terri Easy From Now On(CB20264-11)
    Clark, Terri Emotional Girl(SC8370-4)
    Clark, Terri Empty(SC8748-12)
    Clark, Terri Everytime I Cry(SC8512-2)
    Clark, Terri Getting There(SC8714-13)
    Clark, Terri Girls Lie Too(SC8880-13)
    Clark, Terri I Just Wanna Be Mad(CBE3-13-12)
    Clark, Terri I Think The World Needs A Drink(THC0501-18)
    Clark, Terri I Wanna Do It All(SC3380-3)
    Clark, Terri If I Were You(SC8253-12)
    Clark, Terri Just The Same(SC3022-3)
    Clark, Terri Keeper Of The Flame(SC8351-14)
    Clark, Terri Little Gasoline, A(SC8653-3)
    Clark, Terri No Fear(THC0105-15)
    Clark, Terri Now That I Found You(SC8451-9)
    Clark, Terri Pain To Kill(SC8823-11)
    Clark, Terri Poor Poor Pitiful Me(SC8336-10)
    Clark, Terri Real Thing, The(CB20264-10)
    Clark, Terri She Didn't Have Time(THC0511-14)
    Clark, Terri Something You Should've Said(MM6162-12)
    Clark, Terri Sometimes Goodbye(CB20264-9)
    Clark, Terri Suddenly Single(SC8298-13)
    Clark, Terri Take My Time(CB20264-12)
    Clark, Terri Three Mississippi(SC8823-3)
    Clark, Terri Unsung Hero(SC8546-10)
    Clark, Terri When Boy Meets Girl(SC8216-14)
    Clark, Terri World Needs A Drink, The(SC8920-9)
    Clark, Terri You're Easy On The Eyes(SC8480-15)
    Clarke, Jeremiah Trumpet Voluntary(SC2181-8)
    Clarkson, Kelly Anytime(TU252-3)
    Clarkson, Kelly Beautiful Disaster(TU210-3)
    Clarkson, Kelly Beautiful Disaster [Live](ZMP087-9)
    Clarkson, Kelly Because Of You(SC8957-10)
    Clarkson, Kelly Before Your Love(SC8793-2)
    Clarkson, Kelly Behind These Hazel Eyes(SC8924-15)
    Clarkson, Kelly Breakaway(SC8888-3)
    Clarkson, Kelly Go(BH0311-1)
    Clarkson, Kelly Gone(PHM0604-2)
    Clarkson, Kelly Just Missed The Train(TU210-6)
    Clarkson, Kelly Low(SC8839-12)
    Clarkson, Kelly Miss Independent(SC8827-13)
    Clarkson, Kelly Moment Like This, A(SC2391-6)
    Clarkson, Kelly My Life Would Suck Without You(SC3501-1)
    Clarkson, Kelly Never Again(PHM0707-3)
    Clarkson, Kelly Never Again [Radio Version](SC9006-9)
    Clarkson, Kelly One Minute(THHP0712-16)
    Clarkson, Kelly Ou Thought Wrong(TU210-12)
    Clarkson, Kelly Since U Been Gone(SC8908-2)
    Clarkson, Kelly Sober(HMDK-680)
    Clarkson, Kelly Sober(PHM0709-5)
    Clarkson, Kelly Some Kind Of Miracle(SC8834-15)
    Clarkson, Kelly Thankful(TU210-10)
    Clarkson, Kelly Trouble With Love Is, The(SC8885-8)
    Clarkson, Kelly Walk Away(SC8958-13)
    Clarkson, Kelly Where Is Your Heart(TU262-10)
    Clarkson, Kelly & Justin Guarini Timeless(MM6390-13)
    Clarkson, Kelly & Tamyra Gray You Thought Wrong(SC8845-15)
    Clash I Fought The Law(SFMW849-11)
    Clash London Calling(SC8719-13)
    Clash Magnificent Seven, The(SC8942-1)
    Clash Rock The Casbah(SC8425-2)
    Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go?(SC2151-1)
    Clash Train In Vain(SC8719-12)
    Clash, The (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais(HMDK-212)
    Clash, The Bankrobber(HMDK-214)
    Clash, The Guns Of Brixton(SFMW909-1)
    Clash, The Tommy Gun(HMDK-213)
    Clash, The White Riot(HMDK-215)
    Class Of '99 Another Brick In The Wall(PHT9903-8)
    Classics IV Spooky(SC7532-13)
    Classics IV Stormy(THMF12-13)
    Classics IV Sunny(LG227-12)
    Classics IV Traces(DK043-14)
    Classics, The Til Then(MM6160-12)
    Claypool, Philip Circus Leaving Town(SC8285-14)
    Claypool, Philip Feel Like Makin' Love(MM6117-6)
    Claypool, Philip Perfect World(CB20096-9)
    Claypool, Philip Strength Of A Woman, The(SC8239-7)
    Clayton, Kimber Bless His Heart(SC8245-3)
    Clayton, Merry Yes(SFG040-11)
    Clea Stuck In The Middle(SF215-15)
    Clean Living In Heaven There Is No Beer(SC8136-15)
    Cleftones Little Girl Of Mine(MM6361-14)
    Cleopatra Cleopatra's Theme(SC8478-9)
    Cleopatra I Want You Back(SF125-9)
    Cleopatra Life Ain't Easy(SF122-9)
    Click Five Catch Your Wave(PHM0602-7)
    Click Five Just The Girl(SC3450-3)
    Click Five Pop Princess(THP0605-15)
    Cliff, Jimmy Harder They Come, The(SC8947-9)
    Cliff, Jimmy I Can See Clearly Now(SC8111-15)
    Cliff, Jimmy Many Rivers To Cross(SC8947-1)
    Cliff, Jimmy We Are All One(SC8500-11)
    Cliff, Jimmy Wonderful World, Beautiful People(SFMW857-12)
    Climax Precious & Few(SC8181-3)
    Climax Blues Band Couldn't Get It Right(SC8223-6)
    Climax Blues Band I Love You(MM6208-5)
    Climie Fisher Love Changes Everything(SF108-8)
    Cline, Patsy Always(SC8426-12)
    Cline, Patsy Anytime(CB60129-6)
    Cline, Patsy Back In Baby's Arms(SC8712-14)
    Cline, Patsy Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home(CBE3-30-7)
    Cline, Patsy Blue Moon Of Kentucky(SC8158-2)
    Cline, Patsy Church, A Courtroom & Then Goodbye, A(MM6218-10)
    Cline, Patsy Crazy(SC8101-11)
    Cline, Patsy Crazy Arms(MM6086-14)
    Cline, Patsy Eyes Of A Child, The(MM6084-11)
    Cline, Patsy Faded Love(SC2002-5)
    Cline, Patsy Foolin' Around(CB90146-13)
    Cline, Patsy Half As Much(CB90146-4)
    Cline, Patsy Have You Ever Been Lonely(PI040-13)
    Cline, Patsy He Called Me Baby(CB90148-5)
    Cline, Patsy Heart You Break May Be Your Own, The(MM6218-11)
    Cline, Patsy I Cried All The Way To The Altar(MM6218-12)
    Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces(SC8103-11)
    Cline, Patsy I Love You So Much That It Hurts(CB90148-6)
    Cline, Patsy I'm Blue Again(MM6218-7)
    Cline, Patsy I've Loved & Lost Again(MM6218-9)
    Cline, Patsy If I Could See The World(CB90148-7)
    Cline, Patsy Imagine That(SC7567-5)
    Cline, Patsy Just A Closer Walk With Thee(MM6218-8)
    Cline, Patsy Just Out Of Reach(MM6218-4)
    Cline, Patsy Leavin' On Your Mind(SC2002-7)
    Cline, Patsy Pick Me Up On Your Way Down(CB90148-15)
    Cline, Patsy Poor Man's Roses, A(MM6084-6)
    Cline, Patsy Rose Of San Antone(CB90146-6)
    Cline, Patsy San Antonio Rose(CB90148-8)
    Cline, Patsy Shake, Rattle & Roll(MM6218-2)
    Cline, Patsy She's Got You(SC8105-11)
    Cline, Patsy So Wrong(SC7539-4)
    Cline, Patsy Someday(MM6084-2)
    Cline, Patsy South Of The Border(CB90148-9)
    Cline, Patsy Strange(NUKH022-4)
    Cline, Patsy Stranger In My Arms, A(MM6218-5)
    Cline, Patsy Stupid Cupid(MM6218-15)
    Cline, Patsy Sweet Dreams(SC8102-12)
    Cline, Patsy Then You'll Know(MM6218-13)
    Cline, Patsy There He Goes(CB90148-10)
    Cline, Patsy Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray(MM6218-14)
    Cline, Patsy Tra Le La Le La Triangle(SC8555-7)
    Cline, Patsy Turn The Cards Slowly(MM6218-6)
    Cline, Patsy Walkin' After Midnight(SC7516-5)
    Cline, Patsy Wayward Wind, The(CB90148-12)
    Cline, Patsy When I Get Thru With You(CB90146-15)
    Cline, Patsy When My Dreamboat Comes Home(MM6218-3)
    Cline, Patsy Why Can't He Be You(MM6084-7)
    Cline, Patsy You Took Him Off My Hands(MM6084-14)
    Cline, Patsy You're Stronger Than Me(MM6084-8)
    Clinton, George Atomic Dog(SC8580-3)
    Clipse Grindin'(SC8773-11)
    Clipse When The Last Time(SC8801-7)
    Clock Blame It On The Boogie(SF129-9)
    Clooney, Rosemary Anniversary Song(MM6004-10)
    Clooney, Rosemary Come On-A-My House(SC8249-7)
    Clooney, Rosemary Don't Worry About Me(DK036-16)
    Clooney, Rosemary Hey There(SC7553-5)
    Clooney, Rosemary Mambo Italiano(SC2418-7)
    Clooney, Rosemary My Old Flame(MM6259-6)
    Clooney, Rosemary This Ole House(SC8124-5)
    Clooney, Rosemary & Betty Sisters(MM6423-5)
    Clout Substitute(ZMH007-8)
    Clovers Devil Or Angel(MMDWCP3-17)
    Club Nouveau Lean On Me(SC8650-12)
    Clutch Shogun Named Marcus, A(HMDK-17)
    Coal Chamber & Ozzy Osbourne Shock The Monkey(SC2300-8)
    Coast To Coast Do The Hucklebuck(SFMW826-4)
    Coasters Along Came Jones(SC8707-8)
    Coasters Charlie Brown(SC7504-2)
    Coasters Framed(MM6074-6)
    Coasters Poison Ivy(SC7532-5)
    Coasters Searchin'(SC7532-3)
    Coasters Yakety Yak(SC7508-5)
    Coasters Young Blood(SC7543-3)
    Coasters & Elvis Little Egypt(JV0014-5)
    Cobra Starship & Gym Class Heroes Snakes On A Plane(PHM0611-9)
    Cochran, Anita Daddy Can You See Me(SC8394-9)
    Cochran, Anita For Crying Out Loud(SC8556-13)
    Cochran, Anita Good Times(SC8619-9)
    Cochran, Anita I Could Love A Man Like That(MM6202-7)
    Cochran, Anita I Wanna Hear A Cheatin' Song(CBEP484-4-13)
    Cochran, Anita Will You Be Here(SC8463-6)
    Cochran, Anita You With Me(SC8633-4)
    Cochran, Anita & Jim Brickman After All These Years(SC8469-1)
    Cochran, Anita & Steve Wariner What If I Said(SC8432-5)
    Cochran, Eddie C'mon Everybody(SC8686-6)
    Cochran, Eddie Sittin' In The Balcony(DK015-17)
    Cochran, Eddie Somethin' Else(SF139-6)
    Cochran, Eddie Summertime Blues(SC8770-7)
    Cochran, Eddie Three Steps To Heaven(SF038-1)
    Cochran, Eddie Twenty Flight Rock(SFMW811-13)
    Cochran, George M. Over There(CB20359-8)
    Cochran, Tammy Angels In Waiting(SC8738-13)
    Cochran, Tammy I Believe(SC8759-11)
    Cochran, Tammy I Cry(SC8733-11)
    Cochran, Tammy If You Can(SC8617-12)
    Cochran, Tammy Life Happened(SD097-8)
    Cochran, Tammy Love Won't Let Me(SC3347-3)
    Cochran, Tammy So What(SC8652-4)
    Cochran, Tammy What Kind Of Woman Would I Be(MM6389-11)
    Cochrane, Tom Life Is A Highway(SKK006-1)
    Cochrane, Tom No Regrets(SKK006-7)
    Cochrane, Tom Sinking Like A Sunset(KAR009-7)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Big League(SKK006-2)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Boy Inside The Man(SKK006-10)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Good Man (Feeling Bad)(SKK006-9)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Good Times(SKK006-6)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider I Wish You Well(SKK006-8)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Lunatic Fringe(SKK006-3)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider Victory Day(SKK006-5)
    Cochrane, Tom & Red Rider White Hot(SKK006-4)
    Cockburn, Bruce Lovers In A Dangerous Time(GM1000-9)
    Cocker, Joe Bye Bye Blackbird(MM6201-6)
    Cocker, Joe Cry Me A River(BS4617-12)
    Cocker, Joe Delta Lady(SF070-4)
    Cocker, Joe Feelin' All Right(SC8447-7)
    Cocker, Joe Give Me A Ticket(TU013-7)
    Cocker, Joe Have A Little Faith In Me(SC8164-7)
    Cocker, Joe High Time We Went(DK087-7)
    Cocker, Joe I Believe(SF025-9)
    Cocker, Joe Let The Healing Begin(SF025-10)
    Cocker, Joe Letter, The(SC8456-12)
    Cocker, Joe She Came In Through The Bathroom Window(SC8552-8)
    Cocker, Joe Simple Things, The(SF026-6)
    Cocker, Joe Summer In The City(SF019-15)
    Cocker, Joe Unchain My Heart(SC7523-9)
    Cocker, Joe When The Night Comes(SC8486-9)
    Cocker, Joe With A Little Help From My Friends(SC7508-8)
    Cocker, Joe You Are So Beautiful(SC7503-14)
    Cocker, Joe You Can Leave Your Hat On(SC8585-1)
    Cocker, Joe & Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong(SC8119-10)
    Cockerel Chorus Nice One Cyril(SFMW818-8)
    Cockney Rebel Make Me Smile(SF035-8)
    Coe, David Allan If That Ain't Country(SC2324-5)
    Coe, David Allan Jack Daniel's If You Please(SC2324-1)
    Coe, David Allan Longhaired Redneck(SC8582-2)
    Coe, David Allan Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile(SC2324-2)
    Coe, David Allan Ride, The(SC8431-5)
    Coe, David Allan She Used To Love Me A Lot(SC8647-2)
    Coe, David Allan Waylon, Willie & Me(SC2324-3)
    Coe, David Allan You Never Even Called Me By My Name(SC7515-8)
    Coffey, Kellie At The End Of The Day(SC8779-8)
    Coffey, Kellie Dance With My Father(MM6416-9)
    Coffey, Kellie Outside Looking In(CB20383-11)
    Coffey, Kellie Texas Plates(SC8847-13)
    Coffey, Kellie Whatever It Takes(SC8816-14)
    Coffey, Kellie When You Lie Next To Me(SC8795-7)
    Coffey, Kellie Why Wyoming(TU126-17)
    Cogan, Alma Dreamboat(SF063-14)
    Cohan, George M. Yankee Doodle Boy(MM6349-6)
    Coheed & Cambria Blood Red Summer(THR0503-14)
    Coheed & Cambria Favor House Atlantic, A(THR0412-16)
    Coheed & Cambria Suffering, The(THR0601-12)
    Cohen, Leonard Bird On A Wire(TU110-1)
    Cohen, Leonard Everybody Knows(TU110-2)
    Cohen, Leonard Hallelujah(TU110-3)
    Cohen, Leonard Joan Of Arc(TU110-4)
    Cohen, Leonard Lady Midnight(TU110-5)
    Cohen, Leonard Partisan, The(TU110-9)
    Cohen, Leonard Seems So Long Ago, Nancy(TU110-6)
    Cohen, Leonard So Long Marianne(TU110-7)
    Cohen, Leonard Suzanne(TU110-8)
    Cohn, Marc Paper Walls(SC8302-4)
    Cohn, Marc Walking In Memphis(SC8397-2)
    Colbert, John I Can't Let You Go(TU141-7)
    Colbert, Stephen Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)(HMDK-216)
    Cold Different Kind Of Pain, A(PHAC0603-3)
    Cold Gone Away(PHR0206-9)
    Cold Happens All The Time(THR0511-15)
    Cold Just Got Wicked(SC3228-2)
    Cold No One(THR0105-14)
    Cold Stupid Girl(SC8831-12)
    Cold Suffocate(PHR0311-1)
    Coldplay Amsterdam(TU226-1)
    Coldplay Clocks(SC8852-4)
    Coldplay Don't Panic(SFG036-9)
    Coldplay Fix You(SC8935-4)
    Coldplay God Put A Smile Upon Your Face(THR0312-16)
    Coldplay Hardest Part(SC8966-3)
    Coldplay In My Place(SC8775-13)
    Coldplay Life In Technicolor(PHM0905-4)
    Coldplay Life In Technicolor Ii(SC3501-5)
    Coldplay Lost(SC9022-13)
    Coldplay Moses(THR0403-16)
    Coldplay Politik(TU204-11)
    Coldplay Rush Of Blood To The Head, A(SFG036-14)
    Coldplay Scientist, The(SC2468-2)
    Coldplay Shiver(THR0108-17)
    Coldplay Speed Of Sound(SC8924-14)
    Coldplay Talk(SC8957-4)
    Coldplay Til Kingdom Come(SC8932-16)
    Coldplay Trouble(SC2468-6)
    Coldplay Viva La Vida(SC9021-12)
    Coldplay Warning Signs(TU226-7)
    Coldplay Yellow(SC8742-4)
    Cole I Can Do Too(BS3417-4)
    Cole, Beccy Rest In Pieces(DU2-10)
    Cole, Jude Believe In You(SC8240-2)
    Cole, Keyshia I Changed My Mind(THH0412-16)
    Cole, Keyshia I Remember(SC9022-5)
    Cole, Keyshia I Should Have Cheated(THH0512-17)
    Cole, Keyshia Let It Go(PHU0709-3)
    Cole, Keyshia Love(THH0604-13)
    Cole, Keyshia Shoulda Let You Go(PHU0801-1)
    Cole, Keyshia To Be Over, (I Just Want It)(THH0508-12)
    Cole, Keyshia Trust [w/ Monica](PHU0907-2)
    Cole, Keyshia Where This Love Could End Up(PHU0909-8)
    Cole, Lloyd & The Commotions Lost Weekend(SFMW837-2)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Answer Me, My Love(DK092-18)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Around The World(ZMP112-1)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Ballerina(JV0057-6)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Blossom Fell, A(LG020-3)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Deck The Halls(MM6318-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Don't Get Around Much Anymore(SC7538-8)
    Cole, Nat 'King' For Sentimental Reasons(SC8288-15)
    Cole, Nat 'King' I'm In The Mood For Love(DK084-12)
    Cole, Nat 'King' I'm Through With Love(MM6242-13)
    Cole, Nat 'King' It's Only A Paper Moon(DK016-16)
    Cole, Nat 'King' L-O-V-E(PI308-16)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Let There Be Love(SF094-2)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Let's Face The Music & Dance(TU179-13)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Love Is Here To Stay(PI306-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Love Letters(ZMP112-4)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Mona Lisa(SC7538-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' My Baby Just Cares For Me(MM6242-14)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)(JV0057-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Pretender, The(SC8450-4)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Ramblin' Rose(SC7518-6)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Route 66(DK062-11)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Sentimental Reasons(DK045-6)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Smile(LG020-2)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Straighten Up & Fly Right(PI304-17)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer(DK025-8)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Three Little Words(PI306-6)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Too Young(PI302-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Unforgettable(DK083-1)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Very Thought Of You, The(PR0012-5)
    Cole, Nat 'King' Walkin' My Baby Back Home(MM6104-7)
    Cole, Nat 'King' When I Fall In Love(SFMW887-13)
    Cole, Nat 'King' When You're Smiling(PI303-4)
    Cole, Nat 'King' You Stepped Out Of A Dream(MM6242-15)
    Cole, Natalie Angel On My Shoulder(SC8673-11)
    Cole, Natalie Dangerous(PI053-9)
    Cole, Natalie Day Dreaming(PHAC0612-5)
    Cole, Natalie I'm Beginning To See The Light(MM6269-8)
    Cole, Natalie I've Got Love On My Mind(SC8427-15)
    Cole, Natalie Inseparable(SC7547-2)
    Cole, Natalie Jump Start My Heart(JV0022-10)
    Cole, Natalie L-O-V-E(SC8466-11)
    Cole, Natalie Miss You Like Crazy(SC8126-5)
    Cole, Natalie Mr. Melody(DG05-14)
    Cole, Natalie Orange Colored Sky(MM6180-8)
    Cole, Natalie Our Love(SC8323-12)
    Cole, Natalie Pink Cadillac(SC8202-6)
    Cole, Natalie Smile Like Yours, A(SC8390-9)
    Cole, Natalie Snowfall On The Sahara(SC8559-15)
    Cole, Natalie Take A Look(SC8318-12)
    Cole, Natalie This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)(SC8606-1)
    Cole, Natalie Very Thought Of You, The(MM6005-8)
    Cole, Natalie When I Fall In Love(BS3917-6)
    Cole, Natalie Wild Women Do(SF002-11)
    Cole, Natalie & Nat 'King' Cole Unforgettable(SC8107-6)
    Cole, Natalie & Nat 'King' Cole When I Fall In Love(SC8337-8)
    Cole, Paula Feelin' Love(SC8530-14)
    Cole, Paula I Believe In Love(SC3163-8)
    Cole, Paula I Don't Want To Wait(SC8390-1)
    Cole, Paula Me(SC8440-12)
    Cole, Paula Where Have All The Cowboys Gone(SC8343-8)
    Cole, Samantha Happy With You(SC8395-6)
    Cole, Samantha Without You(MM6231-11)
    Collage I'll Be Loving You(AH9821-7)
    Collective Soul Better Now(THR0505-16)
    Collective Soul Blame(SC3015-4)
    Collective Soul Counting The Days(THR0501-18)
    Collective Soul December(SC8350-2)
    Collective Soul Gel(SC8530-4)
    Collective Soul Heavy(SC7585-12)
    Collective Soul Hollywood(SD4712-11)
    Collective Soul How Do You Love(THR0605-14)
    Collective Soul Listen(SC8639-11)
    Collective Soul Needs(MM6292-4)
    Collective Soul Needs [Radio Version](SC8595-9)
    Collective Soul Next Homecoming(TU089-12)
    Collective Soul No More, No Less(SC8545-6)
    Collective Soul Perfect Day(THR0104-13)
    Collective Soul Precious Declaration(SC8357-1)
    Collective Soul Promises Broken(THM9602-2)
    Collective Soul Run(SC8515-5)
    Collective Soul She Said(MM6227-13)
    Collective Soul Shine(SC8164-5)
    Collective Soul Where The River Flows(SC8639-8)
    Collective Soul Why Pt. 2(SC8649-12)
    Collective Soul World I Know, The(SC8233-7)
    Collie, Mark Born To Love You(SC8131-9)
    Collie, Mark Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin'(SC8130-8)
    Collie, Mark Hard Lovin' Woman(SC8168-3)
    Collie, Mark It Is No Secret(SC8123-14)
    Collie, Mark Lipstick Don't Lie(SC8271-6)
    Collie, Mark Looks Aren't Everything(CB20238-10)
    Collie, Mark Love To Burn(SC8250-11)
    Collie, Mark Shame Shame Shame(SC8245-15)
    Collie, Mark She's Never Coming Back(SC8352R-1)
    Collie, Mark Something's Gonna Change Her Mind(SC8359-8)
    Collie, Mark Steady As She Goes(SC8211-10)
    Collie, Mark Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night(SC8189-8)
    Collie, Mark Where There's Smoke(MM6128-12)
    Collins, Albert Brick(HV06-11)
    Collins, Albert I Ain't Drunk(SC8893-3)
    Collins, Albert Master Charge(SC8893-9)
    Collins, Edwyn Girl Like You, A(THM9511-7)
    Collins, Jim My First, Last, One & Only(CB20029-10)
    Collins, Jim Next Step, The(SC3058-6)
    Collins, Judy Both Sides Now(SC7541-14)
    Collins, Judy Send In The Clowns(PI301-14)
    Collins, Judy Someday Soon(DK035-17)
    Collins, Phil Against All Odds(SC8611-15)
    Collins, Phil Another Day In Paradise(LG151-13)
    Collins, Phil Both Sides Of The Story(SC8238-1)
    Collins, Phil Can't Stop Loving You(SC8852-14)
    Collins, Phil Can't Turn Back The Years(SC8237-1)
    Collins, Phil Dance Into The Light(SC8325-7)
    Collins, Phil Do You Remember(LG151-5)
    Collins, Phil Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away(MM6426-10)
    Collins, Phil Don't Lose My Number(PI030-7)
    Collins, Phil Everyday(SC8113-11)
    Collins, Phil Find A Way To My Heart(PSJT140-11)
    Collins, Phil Groovy Kind Of Love, A(DK018-1)
    Collins, Phil I Don't Care Anymore(SC8671-7)
    Collins, Phil I Missed Again(SC8580-13)
    Collins, Phil I Wish It Would Rain Down(SC8808-7)
    Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight(SC8621-2)
    Collins, Phil It's In Your Eyes(SC3007-2)
    Collins, Phil Never A Time(BS8617-11)
    Collins, Phil One More Night(SC8305-10)
    Collins, Phil Separate Lives [w/ Marilyn Martin](SC7517-9)
    Collins, Phil Something Happened On The Way To Heaven(SC8611-8)
    Collins, Phil Sussudio(SC8609-11)
    Collins, Phil Take Me Home(PSJT140-13)
    Collins, Phil True Colors(SC8490-10)
    Collins, Phil Two Hearts(SFMW809-11)
    Collins, Phil You Can't Hurry Love(DK010-2)
    Collins, Phil You'll Be In My Heart(LG151-16)
    Collins, Tyler Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby)(SC8233-1)
    Colonel Abrams Trapped(SF143-8)
    Color Me Badd All 4 Love(SC8374-4)
    Color Me Badd Choose(SC8266-12)
    Color Me Badd Earth, The Sun, The Rain, The(SC8286-8)
    Color Me Badd I Adore Mi Amor(SC8363-6)
    Color Me Badd I Wanna Sex You Up(SC7582-15)
    Color Me Badd Remember When(SC8469-3)
    Colourfield Thinking Of You(SFMW900-11)
    Colter, Jessie I'm Not Lisa(SC2121-4)
    Colter, Jessie What's Happened To Blue Eyes(SC8494-7)
    Coltrane, Chi Thunder & Lightning(SC8634-14)
    Colvin, Shawn Fill Me Up(PHAC0611-1)
    Colvin, Shawn Get Out Of This House(SC8340-8)
    Colvin, Shawn I Don't Know Why(RSX001-5)
    Colvin, Shawn Nothin' On Me(SC8452-13)
    Colvin, Shawn Sunny Came Home(SC8369-14)
    Colvin, Shawn When The Rainbow Comes(SC8478-15)
    Colvin, Shawn Whole New You(THP0106-16)
    Colvin, Shawn You & The Mona Lisa(SC8423-14)
    Comeaux, Amie Moving Out(SC8306-10)
    Commander Cody Hot Rod Lincoln(SC8202-7)
    Commitments Bring It On Home To Me(SFTC01-13)
    Commitments Dark End Of The Street(SFTC01-4)
    Commitments Destination Anywhere(SFTC01-5)
    Commitments Do Right Woman, Do Right Man(SFTC01-9)
    Commitments Hard To Handle(SFTC01-3)
    Commitments I Can't Stand The Rain(MM6219-5)
    Commitments In The Midnight Hour(SFTC01-12)
    Commitments Mr. Pitiful(SFTC01-10)
    Commitments Mustang Sally(THMRM11-12)
    Commitments Show Me(SFTC01-11)
    Commitments Slip Away(SFTC01-14)
    Commitments Take Me To The River(SFTC01-2)
    Commitments Treat Her Right(MM6219-8)
    Commitments Try A Little Tenderness(SFTC01-7)
    Commodores Brick House(SC8386-13)
    Commodores Easy(SC7535-5)
    Commodores Just To Be Close To You(SC8405-8)
    Commodores Lady (You Bring Me Up)(SC8293-7)
    Commodores Nightshift(DK021-9)
    Commodores Nightshift(ZMP121-5)
    Commodores Sail On(ZMP121-3)
    Commodores Still(SC7525-12)
    Commodores Three Times A Lady(SC7534-11)
    Common Corner, The(PHU0508-7)
    Common Drivin' Me Wild [w/ Lily Allen](THP0801-12)
    Common Testify(PHU0602-2)
    Common & Mary J. Blige Come Close To Me(CB5003-02-13)
    Communards Don't Leave Me This Way(PI326-7)
    Como, Perry And I Love You So(SC7505-3)
    Como, Perry As Time Goes By(DK009-15)
    Como, Perry Catch A Falling Star(SC8118-7)
    Como, Perry Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes(MM6367-11)
    Como, Perry For The Good Times(SF153-10)
    Como, Perry Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)(SC8196-9)
    Como, Perry If(DK075-12)
    Como, Perry It's Impossible(SC8288-7)
    Como, Perry Kewpie Doll(SF164-8)
    Como, Perry Magic Moments(JV0008-6)
    Como, Perry Make Someone Happy(MM6367-4)
    Como, Perry Round & Round(LG023-8)
    Como, Perry Some Enchanted Evening(DK025-7)
    Como, Perry Til The End Of Time(DK045-9)
    Como, Perry When You Were Sweet Sixteen(DK077-14)
    Company B Fascinated(AH8014-16)
    Con Funk Shun Ffun(SC8386-12)
    Concrete Blonde Everybody Knows(SC8749-9)
    Concrete Blonde God Is A Bullet(SC8894-2)
    Concrete Blonde Heal It Up(SC8122-11)
    Concrete Blonde Joey(SC8338-11)
    Coney Hatch Monkey Bars(SC8713-9)
    Confederate Railroad Big One, The(SC8739-5)
    Confederate Railroad Bill's Laundromat, Bar & Grill(MM6117-4)
    Confederate Railroad Cowboy Cadillac(SC8533-5)
    Confederate Railroad Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind(SC8120-15)
    Confederate Railroad Elvis & Andy(SC8133-4)
    Confederate Railroad I Hate Rap(SC8739-11)
    Confederate Railroad Jesus & Mama(SC8130-13)
    Confederate Railroad Keep On Rockin'(CB20127-11)
    Confederate Railroad One You Love The Most, The(SC8336-2)
    Confederate Railroad Queen Of Memphis(SC8165-6)
    Confederate Railroad See Ya(SC8294-4)
    Confederate Railroad She Never Cried(SC8217-10)
    Confederate Railroad Summer In Dixie(SC8167-7)
    Confederate Railroad That's What Brothers Do(SC8727-9)
    Confederate Railroad Toss A Little Bone(CB20198-10)
    Confederate Railroad Trashy Women(SC7510-12)
    Confederate Railroad When & Where(SC8194-10)
    Confederate Railroad When You Leave That Way You Can Never Come Back(SC8152-1)
    Confederate Railroad White Trash With Money(CB20374-11)
    Conjunto Primavera No Le Ruegues(TU236-9)
    Conlee, John Baby, You're Something(SC8537-15)
    Conlee, John Back Side Of Thirty(SC8424-5)
    Conlee, John Busted(SC8421-4)
    Conlee, John Common Man(SC7551-3)
    Conlee, John Friday Night Blues(SC8426-13)
    Conlee, John Got My Heart Set On You(SC8558-2)
    Conlee, John I Don't Remember Loving You(SC8525-7)
    Conlee, John I'm Only In It For The Love(SC8642-7)
    Conlee, John In My Eyes(SC8792-5)
    Conlee, John Lady Lay Down(SC8385-3)
    Conlee, John Miss Emily's Picture(SC8455-10)
    Conlee, John Rose Colored Glasses(SC8355-10)
    Conley, Arthur Sweet Soul Music(SC8951-3)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Chance Of Lovin' You(SC8576-13)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Don't Make It Easy For Me(SC8567-7)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Fire & Smoke(SC8385-5)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Heavenly Bodies(SC8558-13)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Holding Her & Loving You(SC8380-1)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Honor Bound(SC8529-4)
    Conley, Earl Thomas I Can't Win For Losin' You(SC8326-13)
    Conley, Earl Thomas I Have Loved You, Girl(SC8792-8)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Love Don't Care(SC8431-15)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Love's The Only Voice(CB20320-11)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Nobody Falls Like A Fool(SC8676-9)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Once In A Blue Moon(SC8426-3)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Right From The Start(SC8421-14)
    Conley, Earl Thomas Somewhere Between Right & Wrong(SC8610-1)
    Conley, Earl Thomas What I'd Say(SC8494-4)
    Conley, Earl Thomas What She Is(SC8412-9)
    Connells 74-75(SF039-4)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans(SC8246-15)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Goodnight My Love(MM6410-15)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Hear Me In The Harmony(SC8325-9)
    Connick, Harry Jr. If I Could Only Whisper Your Name(MM6091-12)
    Connick, Harry Jr. It Had To Be You(SC7506-3)
    Connick, Harry Jr. On The Street Where You Live(MM6005-4)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Recipe For Love(SFMW890-14)
    Connick, Harry Jr. We Are In Love(MM6410-14)
    Connick, Harry Jr. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve(SC8899-16)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Whisper Your Name(SC8150-8)
    Connick, Harry Jr. Wink & A Smile, A(MM6040-13)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Bud The Spud(KAR001-1)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Consumer, The(KAR001-7)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Hockey Song, The(KAR001-4)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Ketchup Song, The(KAR001-5)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Margo's Cargo(KAR001-2)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Poor, Poor Farmer(KAR001-6)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Rubberhead(KAR001-8)
    Connors, Stompin' Tom Sudbury Saturday Night(KAR001-3)
    Conroy, Patricia What Else Can I Do(SC8285-13)
    Contours Do You Love Me(MM6036-13)
    Cook & Glenn Shining Star(SD157-12)
    Cook, Elizabeth Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman(PHN0708-9)
    Cook, Elizabeth Stupid Things(SC8794-7)
    Cooke, Jesse Fall At Your Feet(TU174-7)
    Cooke, Sam Another Saturday Night(SC8963-7)
    Cooke, Sam Bring It On Home To Me(SC8963-2)
    Cooke, Sam Chain Gang(SC8963-3)
    Cooke, Sam Change Is Gonna Come, A(SC8963-1)
    Cooke, Sam Cupid(SC8963-4)
    Cooke, Sam Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha(SC8963-8)
    Cooke, Sam Good Times(SC8963-5)
    Cooke, Sam Having A Party(SC8963-6)
    Cooke, Sam Meet Me At Mary's Place(SC8963-9)
    Cooke, Sam Only Sixteen(SC8963-11)
    Cooke, Sam Send Me Some Lovin'(SC8963-10)
    Cooke, Sam Soothe Me(SC8963-12)
    Cooke, Sam Twistin' The Night Away(SC8963-15)
    Cooke, Sam Wonderful World(SC8963-14)
    Cooke, Sam You Send Me(SC8963-13)
    Cookies Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)(SC7560-8)
    Coolidge, Rita All Time High(SC8468-13)
    Coolidge, Rita Higher & Higher(PI008-8)
    Coolidge, Rita I'd Rather Leave While I'm In(SF014-13)
    Coolidge, Rita We're All Alone(SC8410-2)
    Coolidge, Rita Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher & Higher(SC7547-8)
    Coolio 1, 2, 3, 4, Sumpin' New(SF049-3)
    Coolio Fantastic Voyage(AH9821-4)
    Coolio Gangsta's Paradise(SC8281-14)
    Coolio Too Hot(SF034-15)
    Cooper, Alice Ballad Of Dwight Fry(SGB09-14)
    Cooper, Alice Be My Lover(SC8583-6)
    Cooper, Alice Billion Dollar Babies(SC8624-2)
    Cooper, Alice Dead Babies(SGB09-15)
    Cooper, Alice Desperado(SGB09-6)
    Cooper, Alice Eighteen(SC7578-5)
    Cooper, Alice Elected(SC8734-11)
    Cooper, Alice Feed My Frankenstein(SC8734-1)
    Cooper, Alice Generation Landslide(SGB09-4)
    Cooper, Alice Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets(HMDK-219)
    Cooper, Alice Hello Hooray(SGB09-13)
    Cooper, Alice Hey Stoopid(SC8843-12)
    Cooper, Alice I Love The Dead(AH2014-10)
    Cooper, Alice I Never Cry(SGB09-7)
    Cooper, Alice I'm Eighteen(SC2316-3)
    Cooper, Alice Is It My Body(DG03-10)
    Cooper, Alice It's Me(SC8238-11)
    Cooper, Alice Lost In America(HMDK-217)
    Cooper, Alice Muscle Of Love(HMDK-218)
    Cooper, Alice No More Mr. Nice Guy(SC8430-1)
    Cooper, Alice Only Women Bleed(SC8650-2)
    Cooper, Alice Poison(SC8734-4)
    Cooper, Alice Raped & Freezing(SGB09-5)
    Cooper, Alice School's Out(SC8404-7)
    Cooper, Alice Sick Things(SGB09-12)
    Cooper, Alice Some Folks(SGB09-10)
    Cooper, Alice Under My Wheels(SC8684-11)
    Cooper, Alice Welcome To My Nightmare(SC8550-1)
    Cooper, Alice You & Me(SC8734-12)
    Coppola, Imani Legend Of A Cowgirl(SC8422-6)
    Coral Dreaming Of You(SFMW853-12)
    Coral In The Morning(EZH46-10)
    Coral Pass It On(EZH26-10)
    Coral Who's Gonna Find Me(THHP0711-12)
    Corbett, John Good To Go(CB60350-15)
    Corbetta, Jerry & Sugarloaf Don't Call Us We'll Call You(SC8539-1)
    Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Too Late To Turn Back Now(SC8492-1)
    Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Treat Her Like A Lady(SC8182-7)
    Cornell, Chris Billie Jean(SC9021-6)
    Cornell, Chris You Know My Name(THP0702-16)
    Cornershop Brimful Of Asha(SF118-14)
    Corona Rhythm Of The Night(SC8145-7)
    Corona Try Me Out(SF027-12)
    Corr, Ida Vs. Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It(THHP0801-15)
    Corrosion Of Conformity Clean My Wounds(HMDK-18)
    Corrosion Of Conformity Congratulations Song(SC8673-3)
    Corrs, The All The Love In The World(MM6348-14)
    Corrs, The Angel(SF222-12)
    Corrs, The Breathless(SC8645-14)
    Corrs, The Dreams(SF122-16)
    Corrs, The Give Me A Reason(SF176-2)
    Corrs, The I Never Loved You Anyway(SF118-5)
    Corrs, The Irresistible(SF172-12)
    Corrs, The Long Night(SF225-14)
    Corrs, The On My Father's Wings(SC8530-8)
    Corrs, The One Night(SF178-2)
    Corrs, The Radio(SF154-2)
    Corrs, The Right Time, The(SC8277-10)
    Corrs, The Runaway(SC8212-11)
    Corrs, The So Young(SC8534-6)
    Corrs, The Summer Sunshine(SF218-15)
    Corrs, The What Can I Do(PHT9905-7)
    Corrs, The What Can I Do [Acoustic](LGK003-12)
    Corrs, The Would You Be Happier(SF184-1)
    Corrs, The & Bono When The Stars Go Blue(SC8762-1)
    Costa, Paul Never On Sunday(PI308-13)
    Costello, Elvis Accidents Will Happen(SC8522-7)
    Costello, Elvis Alison(SC7545-12)
    Costello, Elvis Chelsea, (I Don't Want To Go To)(ZMP092-2)
    Costello, Elvis Everyday I Write The Book(SC8518-2)
    Costello, Elvis Good Year For The Roses(ZMP092-6)
    Costello, Elvis I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down(ZMP092-3)
    Costello, Elvis Oliver's Army(SC8939-5)
    Costello, Elvis Peace, Love & Understanding(SC8687-8)
    Costello, Elvis Pump It Up(AH8005-7)
    Costello, Elvis Radio Radio(SC8671-3)
    Costello, Elvis Red Shoes(SC8856-1)
    Costello, Elvis Veronica(SC8413-7)
    Costello, Elvis Watching The Detectives(SC8719-15)
    Costello, Elvis What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding(SC2332-8)
    Costello, Elvis & Burt Bacharach She(TU008-2)
    Costello, Elvis & Burt Bacharach Toledo(SC8531-11)
    Costs, Matt Cold December(PHAC0701-3)
    Cotter, Brad I Meant To(SC8880-6)
    Cotton, Josie He Could Be The One(SC8571-14)
    Cotton, Josie Johnny, Are You Queer(SC8522-1)
    Coty, Neal Legacy(SC3234-4)
    Coty, Neal Right Down Through The Middle Of Us(SC8711-7)
    Coty, Neal You Got Lucky(CB20287-11)
    Couch, Danny Ah' My Hawaii(MM6102-5)
    Coulter, Ricki-Lee Can't Touch It(SFKK19-1)
    Coulter, Ricki-Lee Sunshine(SFKK06-3)
    Counting Crows Accidentally In Love(PHR0407-4)
    Counting Crows Accidently In Love(MM6417-5)
    Counting Crows Angels Of The Silences(SC8337-15)
    Counting Crows Daylight Fading(SC8377-6)
    Counting Crows Hanginaround(SC8581-6)
    Counting Crows Long December, A(SC3003-3)
    Counting Crows Mr. Jones(SC8122-6)
    Counting Crows Murder Of One, A(SC8145-9)
    Counting Crows Rain King(SC8148-5)
    Counting Crows Round Here(SC8140-5)
    Counting Crows & Sheryl Crow American Girls(SC8768-15)
    Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton Big Yellow Taxi(SC8806-13)
    Country Dollar Wine Dance(MM6167-15)
    Country Gentlemen Fox On The Run(SC8693-10)
    Country Gentlemen Legend Of The Rebel Soldier(CBEP476-2-15)
    Country Gentlemen Matterhorn(CBEP476-4-8)
    Country Gentlemen Nine Pound Hammer(CBE3-15-15)
    Course Of Nature Caught In The Sun(SC8803-7)
    Course Of Nature Wall Of Shame(TU171-17)
    Cousins, Tina Mysterious Times Sash!(SF124-16)
    Coven One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack(SC8651-1)
    Cover Girls Show Me(AH8421-13)
    Cover Girls Wishing On A Star(SC8310-6)
    Covington, Bucky Different World, A(SC8998-14)
    Covington, Bucky I Want My Life Back(PHN0907-3)
    Covington, Bucky It's Good To Be Us(THC0802-19)
    Cowboy Copas Alabam(CB60282-3)
    Cowboy Crush Hillbilly Nation(SC8986-2)
    Cowboy Junkies Common Disaster, A(SC8299-13)
    Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane(SC8749-13)
    Cowboy Mouth Jenny Says(MM6204-8)
    Cowboy Mouth Whatcha Gonna Do(SC3103-2)
    Cowboy Troy & Big & Rich I Play Chicken With The Train [Duet Version](SC3447-17)
    Cowsills, The Hair(LG148-15)
    Cowsills, The Indian Lake(SC8620-4)
    Cowsills, The Rain, The Park & Other Things, The(SC8620-15)
    Cox Family I Am Weary (Let Me Rest)(CBEP476-3-17)
    Cox Family & Alison Krauss Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown(CB20376-12)
    Cox, Deborah Absolutely Not(MM6364-6)
    Cox, Deborah I Never Knew(TU122-9)
    Cox, Deborah It's Over Now(SC8531-10)
    Cox, Deborah Nobody's Supposed To Be Here(SC8501-15)
    Cox, Deborah Sentimental(SC8209-10)
    Cox, Deborah Sound Of My Tears(MM6178-8)
    Cox, Deborah Things Just Ain't The Same(MM6210-14)
    Cox, Deborah Where Do We Go From Here(SC8304-15)
    Cox, Deborah Who Do You Love(SC8248-6)
    Cox, Don I Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like(SC8247-14)
    Cox, Don Man Overboard(SC8285-3)
    Cox, Michael Angela Jones(SF083-4)
    Coxon, Graham Standing On My Own Again(HMDK-678)
    Cozier, Jimmy She's All I Got(SC8717-3)
    Cracker Golden Age, The(SC8294-11)
    Cracker I Hate My Generation(SC8277-6)
    Cracker Low(SC8148-11)
    Cracker Nothing To Believe In(SC8304-14)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' Broken Down In Tiny Pieces(SC8385-15)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' Easy As Pie(SC8400-4)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love(SC8564-14)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' I Love The Blues & The Boogie Woogie(SC8792-1)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' Rub It In(SC8114-12)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' Still Thinkin' 'bout You(SC8551-3)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' Sweet Magnolia Blossom(SC8494-9)
    Craddock, Billy 'Crash' You Rubbed It In All Wrong(SC8525-2)
    Craft, Earl Paul Hey Girls!This Is Earl! Didn't Die(CB20266-7)
    Craig, David World Filled With Love(SF210-14)
    Cranberries Analyse(MM6351-8)
    Cranberries Dreams(SC8199-12)
    Cranberries Free To Decide(SC8308-3)
    Cranberries Linger(SC8111-4)
    Cranberries Ode To My Family(SC8199-7)
    Cranberries Promises(SF136-9)
    Cranberries Salvation(SC8281-10)
    Cranberries This Is The Day(TU081-15)
    Cranberries Wake Up & Smell The Coffee(TU081-16)
    Cranberries When You're Gone(SC3003-2)
    Cranberries Zombie(SC8238-4)
    Cranberries, The Dying In The Sun(HMDK-220)
    Cranberries, The Just My Imagination(HMDK-221)
    Crash Test Dummies Afternoons & Coffee Spoons(SFMW877-8)
    Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm(SC8148-7)
    Craven, Beverly Promise Me(SF053-8)
    Crawford, Randy Almaz(SF082-12)
    Crawford, Randy Cajun Moon(SC8295-6)
    Crawford, Randy Give Me The Night(SF116-5)
    Crawford, Randy Mad Over You(SC8318-11)
    Crawford, Randy One Day I'll Fly Away(SF110-1)
    Crawford, Randy Street Life(PX09-1)
    Crawford, Randy Who's Crying Now(SC8363-7)
    Crawford, Randy You Bring The Sun Out(SFMW901-6)
    Crawford, Randy You Might Need Somebody(SF110-15)
    Crawl, Australian Boys Light Up(DU1-3)
    Cray, Robert Foul Play(MM6144-8)
    Cray, Robert I Guess I Showed Her(MM6155-5)
    Cray, Robert Moan(MM6155-3)
    Cray, Robert More Than I Can Stand(MM6155-6)
    Cray, Robert Nothin' But A Woman(MM6144-7)
    Cray, Robert Smoking Gun(SC8893-11)
    Cray, Robert & Shemekia Copeland I Pity The Fool [Live Version](SC8893-1)
    Crazy Elephant Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'(SC8255-2)
    Crazy Frog Axel F(EZH47-8)
    Crazy Town Butterfly(THR0105-10)
    Crazy Town Drowning(THR0302-16)
    Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Fire(SC8750-12)
    Cream Badge(SC8589-5)
    Cream Born Under A Bad Sign(BS5517-9)
    Cream Crossroads(SC8675-4)
    Cream I Feel Free(SC8586-12)
    Cream I'm So Glad(DG05-5)
    Cream Strange Brew(SC8750-5)
    Cream Sunshine Of Your Love(SC8221R-2)
    Cream Tales Of Brave Ulysses(SC8724-1)
    Cream White Room(SC8882-12)
    Creed Are You Ready?(SC8645-10)
    Creed Bullets(SC8740-10)
    Creed Don't Stop Dancing(SC8801-15)
    Creed Freedom Fighter(SC2354-1)
    Creed Hide(SC2354-4)
    Creed Higher(SC8569-13)
    Creed I'm Eighteen(PHT9903-9)
    Creed My Own Prison(SC3067-6)
    Creed My Sacrifice(SC8765-2)
    Creed One(SC8515-12)
    Creed One Last Breath(SC8803-2)
    Creed Riders On The Storm(THR0103-17)
    Creed Signs(SC3291-4)
    Creed Stand Here With Me(SC2354-8)
    Creed To Whom It May Concern(SC8757-14)
    Creed Torn(SC8638-4)
    Creed Weathered(THR0303-15)
    Creed What If(SC8587-4)
    Creed What's This Life For(SC8478-7)
    Creed Who's Got My Back(TU105-18)
    Creed With Arms Wide Open(SC8616-10)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising(SC8489-6)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Born On The Bayou(SC8609-15)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Cotton Fields(DK037-15)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Down On The Corner(SC8489-2)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son(SC8489-13)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River(SC8489-5)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain(SC8489-8)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Hey Tonight(SC8489-12)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival I Put A Spell On You(SC8540-6)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Lodi(SC2451-4)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Long As I Can See The Light(SC8489-15)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin' Out My Back Door(SC8489-1)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Midnight Special, The(SC8814-6)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Proud Mary(SC7572-4)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Run Through The Jungle(SC8489-14)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Someday Never Comes(SC8895-11)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Suzie Q(SC8489-4)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Travelin' Band(SC8489-10)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Up Around The Bend(SC8489-9)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Who'll Stop The Rain(SC8489-7)
    Crenshaw, Marshall Someday, Someway(SC8178-14)
    Crests Angels Listened In, The(SC8258-7)
    Crests Sixteen Candles(SC8361-6)
    Crests Step By Step(MM6149-11)
    Crew Cuts Sh-Boom(DK046-17)
    Cribbens, Bernard Hole In The Ground, A(SF089-6)
    Cribbens, Bernard Right Said Fred(SF089-7)
    Crime Mob Rock Yo Hips(PHU0706-3)
    Crittenden, Melodie Broken Road(CHM9805-4)
    Crittenden, Melodie Broken Wing, A(SC8436-5)
    Crittenden, Melodie I Should've Known(SC8464-6)
    Critters Mr. Dyingly Sad(MM6409-1)
    Croce, Jim Bad Bad Leroy Brown(SC7509-2)
    Croce, Jim Don't Mess Around With Jim(LG028-10)
    Croce, Jim I Got A Name(SC8354-3)
    Croce, Jim I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song(SC2204-8)
    Croce, Jim I've Got A Name(CB90204-5)
    Croce, Jim Lover's Cross(SC2204-3)
    Croce, Jim New York's Not My Home(SC2399-7)
    Croce, Jim One Less Set Of Footsteps(SC8821-2)
    Croce, Jim Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels)(SC7575-8)
    Croce, Jim Photographs & Memories(SC8540-1)
    Croce, Jim Rapid Roy(SC2399-8)
    Croce, Jim Roller Derby Queen(SC2399-6)
    Croce, Jim Speedball Tucker(CB90204-15)
    Croce, Jim These Dreams(CB90204-13)
    Croce, Jim Time In A Bottle(SC7503-10)
    Croce, Jim Workin' At The Car Wash Blues(SC8142-14)
    Croce, Jim You Don't Mess Around With Jim(SC8176-1)
    Crosby & Nash Lay Me Down(PHR0411-2)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) 4 + 20(SC8874-4)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Almost Cut My Hair(LG043-4)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Carry On(SC8941-4)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Carry On [No w/vocal Version](SC8941-16)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Chicago (We Can Change The World)(LG043-8)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Cowgirl In The Sand(LG043-5)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Deja Vu(LG043-10)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Find The Cost Of Freedom(SC8891-10)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Helplessly Hoping(SC8891-14)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Judy Blue Eyes(MM6211-1)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Just A Song Before I Go(SC8683-1)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Long Time Gone(SC8568-13)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Marrakesh Express(SC8683-2)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Military Madness(LG043-11)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Ohio(SC8231-5)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Only Waiting For You(SC8302-8)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Our House(SC8174-3)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Simple Man(LG043-7)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Southern Cross(DM103-10)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Southern Man(LG043-1)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Suite: Judy Blue Eyes(SC8683-6)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Teach Your Children(SC8192-9)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Wasted On The Way(SC8197-1)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Wooden Ships(SC8683-3)
    Crosby Stills & Nash (& Young) Woodstock(SC8261-12)
    Crosby, Bing Around The World In 80 Days(JV0030-3)
    Crosby, Bing Deep In The Heart Of Texas(SC8288-9)
    Crosby, Bing Don't Fence Me In(AH8012-14)
    Crosby, Bing Far Away Places(SC2037-6)
    Crosby, Bing Mele Kalikimaka(TU165-9)
    Crosby, Bing Pennies From Heaven(DK025-5)
    Crosby, Bing Singin' In The Rain(MH1039-2)
    Crosby, Bing Swinging On A Star(SC7553-7)
    Crosby, Bing True Love(LG110-14)
    Crosby, Bing You Are My Sunshine(SC7528-13)
    Crosby, Bing You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby(PI303-6)
    Crosby, Rob Fallin' In & Crawlin' Out(SC8294-7)
    Crosby, Rob Lady's Man(MM6134-15)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed 17(SC8807-12)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Alabama(SD128-8)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Constantly(SD114-10)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Fightin' For(SD137-10)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Long Way Home(SC8826-11)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Seventeen(CB20390-11)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed Sick & Tired(SD117-11)
    Cross Canadian Ragweed This Time Around(CB60352-10)
    Cross Section Hi-Heel Sneakers(SFMW878-4)
    Cross, Christopher Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)(SC8261-8)
    Cross, Christopher Ride Like The Wind(SC8554-14)
    Cross, Christopher Sailing(SC7547-12)
    Cross, Christopher Save Your Sadness(SC8170-2)
    Crosse, Clay I Will Follow Christ(TU076-13)
    Crossfade Cold(THR0407-13)
    Crossfade Colors(THR0508-16)
    Crossfade Drown You Out(PHM0612-7)
    Crossfade Invincible(THR0610-11)
    Crossfade So Far Away(PHR0501-2)
    Crossin' Dixon Guitar Slinger(SD157-11)
    Crouch, Andre Soon & Very Soon(PI025-10)
    Crow, Sheryl All I Wanna Do(SC7514-10)
    Crow, Sheryl Anything But Down(SC8836-6)
    Crow, Sheryl Blue Christmas(SC8781-6)
    Crow, Sheryl C'mon, C'mon(SC8806-15)
    Crow, Sheryl Can't Cry Anymore(SC8836-5)
    Crow, Sheryl Change Would Do You Good, A(SC8381-12)
    Crow, Sheryl Diamond Road(TU137-4)
    Crow, Sheryl Different Kind, The(SC8559-10)
    Crow, Sheryl Difficult Kind, The(SC8836-13)
    Crow, Sheryl Every Day Is A Winding Road(PHMR9701-5)
    Crow, Sheryl Everyday Is A Winding Road(SC8836-9)
    Crow, Sheryl First Cut Is The Deepest, The(SC8855-9)
    Crow, Sheryl Good Is Good(THP0511-10)
    Crow, Sheryl Hard To Make A Stand(SC3013-7)
    Crow, Sheryl Home(SC2413-4)
    Crow, Sheryl I Shall Believe(PR1546-5)
    Crow, Sheryl If It Makes You Happy(SC8836-7)
    Crow, Sheryl It's Only Love(TU149-11)
    Crow, Sheryl Kiss That Girl(MM6340-7)
    Crow, Sheryl Leaving Las Vegas(SC2209-6)
    Crow, Sheryl Light In Your Eyes(MM6420-14)
    Crow, Sheryl My Favorite Mistake(SC7583-9)
    Crow, Sheryl Real Gone(THP0610-15)
    Crow, Sheryl Run Baby Run(LG012-7)
    Crow, Sheryl Safe & Sound(TU149-14)
    Crow, Sheryl Shine Over Babylon(PHM0801-6)
    Crow, Sheryl Soak Up The Sun(SC8757-10)
    Crow, Sheryl Soak Up The Sun [Radio Version](SC8836-8)
    Crow, Sheryl Steve McQueen(SC8778-9)
    Crow, Sheryl Steve Mcqueen [Radio Version](SC8836-1)
    Crow, Sheryl Strong Enough(SC8836-11)
    Crow, Sheryl Sweet Child O' Mine(SC8836-14)
    Crow, Sheryl That's My Favourite Mistake(SF125-2)
    Crow, Sheryl There Goes The Neighborhood(SC8836-15)
    Crow, Sheryl Tomorrow Never Dies(SC8468-9)
    Crow, Sheryl & Don Henley It's So Easy(SC8762-3)
    Crow, Sheryl & Kid Rock Picture(SC8816-12)
    Crow, Sheryl & Sting Always On Your Side(THP0606-10)
    Crowded House Distant Sun(SFG020-14)
    Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over(SC8223-10)
    Crowded House Don't Stop Now(SFKK17-12)
    Crowded House Fall At Your Feet(SFG020-15)
    Crowded House Four Seasons In One Day(SFMW881-4)
    Crowded House Instinct(SFG020-11)
    Crowded House It's Only Natural(SFG020-10)
    Crowded House Pineapple Head(SFG020-12)
    Crowded House Sister Madly(SFG020-13)
    Crowded House Something So Strong(SC8456-6)
    Crowded House Weather With You(SF112-3)
    Crowe, J.D. & The New South I'll Stay Around(CBEP476-5-8)
    Crowe, J.D. & The New South Old Home Place(SC8693-14)
    Crowe, J.D. & The New South Some Old Day(CBEP476-3-6)
    Crowell, Rodney Big Heart(SC8241-12)
    Crowell, Rodney Earthbound(SD115-12)
    Crowell, Rodney Even Cowgirls Get The Blues(SC8275-1)
    Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand(TU235-1)
    Crowell, Rodney I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried(SC8455-15)
    Crowell, Rodney I Don't Fall In Love So Easy(SC8301-14)
    Crowell, Rodney If Looks Could Kill(SC8131-7)
    Crowell, Rodney It Must Be Love(MM6174-8)
    Crowell, Rodney Let The Picture Paint Itself(SC8287-2)
    Crowell, Rodney Lovin' All Night(SC8130-4)
    Crowell, Rodney Many A Long & Lonesome Highway(SC8610-15)
    Crowell, Rodney Please Remember Me(SC8171-14)
    Crowell, Rodney Riding Out The Storm(TU249-12)
    Crowell, Rodney She's Crazy For Leavin'(SC8517-7)
    Crowell, Rodney What Kind Of Love(SC8200-10)
    Crowell, Rodney & Johnny Cash I Walk The Line(SC3111-2)
    Crowell, Rodney & Johnny Cash It's Such A Small World(SC8511-2)
    Crowns, Casting If We Are The Body(SC8962-3)
    Crowns, Casting Lifesong(SC8962-4)
    Cruise, Julee Falling(SFMW911-12)
    Cruise, Pablo Love Will Find A Way(SC8540-7)
    Cruise, Pablo Whatcha Gonna Do(SC8535-2)
    Crush Jellyhead(SC8316-12)
    Cruz, Celia Quimbara(MM6138-12)
    Cruz, Celia Toro Mata(MM6138-13)
    Cruz, Celia Usted Abuso(MM6138-14)
    Cry Of Love Peace Pipe(SC8242-12)
    Cry Of Love Too Cold In Winter(NU2043-10)
    Crying Shames Please Stay(SFMW817-2)
    Cryner, Bobbie You'd Think He'd Know Me Better(SC8247-15)
    Crystal Method, The Born Too Slow(THR0403-11)
    Crystals Da Doo Ron Ron(SC7513-6)
    Crystals He's A Rebel(SC8222-11)
    Crystals Then He Kissed Me(SC8968-7)
    Crystals Uptown(DK054-18)
    CSS Let's Make Love & Listen To Death From Above(SF256-6)
    Cuff Links Tracy(SC8804-4)
    Cullum, Jamie All At Sea(PHR0409-9)
    Cullum, Jamie All At Sea(ZMP074-8)
    Cullum, Jamie Blame It On My Youth(ZMP077-8)
    Cullum, Jamie But For Now(ZMP077-9)
    Cullum, Jamie Frontin'(SFMW852-8)
    Cullum, Jamie Get Your Way(SF236-8)
    Cullum, Jamie High & Dry(ZMP074-9)
    Cullum, Jamie I Could Have Danced All Night(ZMP077-10)
    Cullum, Jamie I Get A Kick Out Of You(ZMP077-11)
    Cullum, Jamie It's About Time(ZMP074-12)
    Cullum, Jamie Lover, You Should Have Come Over(ZMP077-12)
    Cullum, Jamie Next Year, Baby(ZMP074-13)
    Cullum, Jamie Old Devil Moon(ZMP077-13)
    Cullum, Jamie Singin' In The Rain(ZMP077-14)
    Cullum, Jamie These Are The Days(ZMP074-10)
    Cullum, Jamie Twentysomething(ZMP074-11)
    Cullum, Jamie What A Difference A Day Made(ZMP077-15)
    Cullum, Jamie Wind Cries Mary, The(ZMP074-14)
    Cult Fire Woman(SC8603-5)
    Cult Love Removal Machine(SC8850-2)
    Cult Painted On My Heart(THR0010-17)
    Cult Rise(SC8699-11)
    Cult She Sells Sanctuary(SC8756-15)
    Culture Beat Anything(SF006-9)
    Culture Beat Mr. Vain(SF005-6)
    Culture Beat Take Me Away(SC3037-6)
    Culture Club Church Of The Poison Mind(ZMP085-9)
    Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me(SC8420-15)
    Culture Club I Just Wanna Be Loved(SF127-12)
    Culture Club I'll Tumble 4 Ya(SC8207-9)
    Culture Club It's A Miracle(ZMP085-12)
    Culture Club Karma Chameleon(SC8197-7)
    Culture Club Miss Me Blind(SD022-12)
    Culture Club Time (Clock Of The Heart)(SF033-6)
    Culture Club Victims(SFMW810-14)
    Cummings, Burton Break It To Them Gently(GM1001-7)
    Cummings, Burton My Own Way To Rock(KAR007-9)
    Cummings, Burton Stand Tall(SC8527-11)
    Cummings, Burton Your Backyard(KAR007-10)
    Cummings, Chris Kind Of Heart That Breaks, The(SC3062-8)
    Cupid's Inspiration Yesterday Has Gone(SF065-10)
    Cure Boys Don't Cry(SFMW835-7)
    Cure Close To Me(SFMW856-2)
    Cure End Of The World, The(THR0409-12)
    Cure Fascination Street(SC8696-10)
    Cure Friday, I'm In Love(SC8242-14)
    Cure In Between Days(SFMW915-8)
    Cure Just Like Heaven(SC8111-2)
    Cure Letter To Elise, A(SC8719-6)
    Cure Love Cats(SFMW808-8)
    Cure Love Song(SC8603-12)
    Cure Lullaby(SFMW912-3)
    Cure Mint Car(SC8295-13)
    Cure Pictures Of You(SC8861-8)
    Cure, The Burn(HMDK-224)
    Cure, The High(HMDK-222)
    Cure, The Lullaby(HMDK-223)
    Curfman, Shannon Playing With Fire(SC8618-6)
    Curfman, Shannon True Friends(SC8587-15)
    Curfman, Shannon True Friends [Radio Version](SC3175-8)
    Curiosity Killed The Cat Down To Earth(SF075-2)
    Currington, Billy Good Directions(SC8998-13)
    Currington, Billy I Got A Feelin'(SC8867-5)
    Currington, Billy Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right(SC3452-8)
    Currington, Billy Tangled Up(THC0711-13)
    Currington, Billy Walk A Little Straighter(SC8833-14)
    Currington, Billy Why, Why, Why(SC8965-11)
    Custom Beat Me(TU133-2)
    Cutting Crew I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight(SC8492-14)
    Cymbal, Johnny Mr. Bass Man(MM6071-15)
    Cypress Hill Hits From The Bong(SC8875-9)
    Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain(SC8612-2)
    Cyrkle Red Rubber Ball(SC8218-10)
    Cyrkle Turn-down Day(SC8750-3)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Achy Breaky Heart(SC7515-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Ain't Your Dog No More(SC8236-7)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Burn Down The Trailer Park(SC8681-14)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Busy Man(SC8496-13)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Could've Been Me(SC8214-5)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Crazy 'bout You Baby(SD083-11)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Deja Blue(SC8278-4)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Give My Heart To You(SC8533-10)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray In The Heart Of A Woman(SC8131-15)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray It Won't Be The Last(SC8291-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray It's All The Same To Me(SD041-14)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray One Last Thrill(SC8171-12)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Ready, Set, Don't Go(THC0711-20)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray She's Not Crying Anymore(SC8215-15)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Some Gave All(SC8215-13)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Somebody New(SC8175-11)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Southern Rain(CB20295-11)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Storm In The Heartland(SC8149-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Talk Some(SC8123-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Three Little Words(SC8307R-13)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Time For Letting Go(CHT9810-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Trail Of Tears(SC8315-11)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Under The Hood(SC8512-13)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray We The People(CB20308-11)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray When I'm Gone(SC8301-4)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Where Am I Gonna Live(SC8183-14)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray Words By Heart(SC8219-6)
    Cyrus, Billy Ray You Won't Be Lonely Now(SC8655-9)
    Cyrus, Miley Climb, The(SC3502-17)


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