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    D'Agostino, Gigi I'll Fly With You(TU073-12)
    D'Angelo Cruisin'(SC8220-12)
    D'Angelo Lady(SC8263-12)
    D'Angelo Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine(SC8295-15)
    D'Angelo Untitled (How Does It Feel)(SC8755-14)
    D'arby, Terence Trent Delicate [w/ Des'ree](SFMW910-11)
    D'Arby, Terrence Trent Dance Little Sister(SF059-7)
    D'Arby, Terrence Trent If You Let Me Stay(SF108-4)
    D'Arby, Terrence Trent Sign Your Name(SC8540-14)
    D'Arby, Terrence Trent Wishing Well(SC8176-4)
    D-12 How Come(SF221-5)
    D-12 My Band(EZH34-4)
    D-12 Purple Hills(SC8708-8)
    D-12 Purple Hills [Radio Version](EZH02-10)
    D-Side Invisible(SF208-1)
    D-Side Real World(SF213-13)
    D-Side Speechless(SF205-11)
    D.C. Talk Between You & Me(SC8457-9)
    D4l Betcha Can't Do It Like Me [Vulgar](SC8957-8)
    D4l Laffy Taffy(THH0603-10)
    D4l Laffy Taffy [Radio Version](SC8949-8)
    D:Ream Shoot Me With Your Love(SFMW817-11)
    D:Ream Things Can Only Get Better(SF006-15)
    D:Ream U R The Best Thing(SF026-10)
    Da Brat & Cherish In Love Wit Chu [Radio Version](SC8834-8)
    Da Buzz Let Me Love You(TU074-6)
    Da Silva, Rui & Cassandra Touch Me(SF176-16)
    Da Vinci's Notebook Enormous Penis(SC8927-14)
    Dactyl, Terry & The Dinosaurs Seaside Shuffle(SF095-3)
    Dada Dizz Knee Land(SC8749-6)
    Daddy Daddy DJ(TU122-7)
    Daddy Dewdrop Chick-A-Boom(SC8231-8)
    Daddy Yankee Brugal [Remix](SC8937-7)
    Daddy Yankee Gasolina(SC8937-11)
    Daddy Yankee Lo Que Paso, Paso(SC8937-1)
    Daddy Yankee Rompe(THH0608-16)
    Daddy Yankee Rompe [Radio Version](SC8957-7)
    Daft Punk Digital Love(HMDK-226)
    Daft Punk One More Time(SF174-7)
    Daft Punk Technologic(HMDK-225)
    Dakota Moon Another Day Goes By(SC8481-2)
    Dakota Moon Looking For A Place To Land(MM6355-10)
    Dakota Moon Promise I Make, A(SC8453-14)
    Dale & Grace I'm Leaving It Up To You(CB60282-6)
    Dalley, Amy Good Kind Of Crazy(PHN0706-4)
    Dalley, Amy I Think You're Beautiful(SD112-13)
    Dalley, Amy I Would Cry(THC0506-19)
    Dalley, Amy Love's Got An Attitude(SD105-9)
    Dalley, Amy Men Don't Change(SC8881-7)
    Dalton, Lacy J. 16th Avenue(SC7555-11)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Black Coffee(SC8230-13)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Everybody Makes Mistakes(SC8541-15)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Hard Times(SC8541-12)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Hillbilly Girl With The Blues(SC8558-1)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Losing Kind Of Love(SC7569-7)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Takin' It Easy(SC8455-5)
    Dalton, Lacy J. Whisper(SC8676-12)
    Daltry, Roger Giving It All Away(SFMW873-13)
    Daltry, Roger Without Your Love(AMS1502-2)
    Damage After The Love Has Gone(SF187-13)
    Damage Forever(SFMW850-13)
    Damage So What If I(SF181-15)
    Damageplan Save Me(PHR0404-8)
    Damn Yankees Come Again(SC8631-11)
    Damn Yankees Coming Of Age(SC8406-6)
    Damn Yankees High Enough(SC7579-3)
    Damned Eloise(SF056-3)
    Damned Love Song(SF109-9)
    Damned New Rose(SFMW847-2)
    Damned Shadow Of Love(SFMW909-4)
    Damone, Vic Look Of Love, The(THMF12-7)
    Dana All Kinds Of Everything(ZMH013-14)
    Dance Dance Revolution Butterfly(TU247-3)
    Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You(THR0011-15)
    Daniel, Dale You Gave Her Your Name(SC8317-14)
    Daniel, Davis I Miss Her Missing Me(SC8236-13)
    Daniel, Davis I'm Not Listening Anymore(SC8307-2)
    Daniel, Davis Tyler(SC8321-12)
    Daniels, Clint Fool's Progress, A(SC8470-2)
    Daniels, Clint Letter, The(SD108-14)
    Daniels, Clint When I Grow Up(SC8496-10)
    Danity Kane Ride For You(PHM0702-6)
    Danity Kane Showstopper(PHU0612-1)
    Danko Jones First Date(THR0609-18)
    Danleers One Summer Night(MM6018-8)
    Danny & The Juniors At The Hop(SC7502-11)
    Danny & The Juniors Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay(MM6071-8)
    Danzig Mother(SC8530-6)
    Darin, Bobby 18 Yellow Roses(SC8255-6)
    Darin, Bobby Artificial Flowers(MM6427-9)
    Darin, Bobby As Long As I'm Singing(MM6427-1)
    Darin, Bobby Baby Face(MM6293-12)
    Darin, Bobby Beyond The Sea(SC8441-13)
    Darin, Bobby Bill Bailey(PI001-13)
    Darin, Bobby Clementine(SC8589-13)
    Darin, Bobby Don't Rain On My Parade(SFMW882-15)
    Darin, Bobby Dreamlover(SC7532-11)
    Darin, Bobby Hello Young Lovers(MM6427-15)
    Darin, Bobby If I Were A Carpenter(SC7550-9)
    Darin, Bobby La Mer(LG014-4)
    Darin, Bobby Lazy River(SC8364-6)
    Darin, Bobby Mack The Knife(SC7513-3)
    Darin, Bobby More(MM6427-10)
    Darin, Bobby Multiplication(SF074-9)
    Darin, Bobby Queen Of Hop(SC8521-1)
    Darin, Bobby Some Of These Days(MM6427-3)
    Darin, Bobby Splish Splash(SC8191R-6)
    Darin, Bobby Sunday In New York(MM6427-8)
    Darin, Bobby There's A Rainbow 'round My Shoulder(MM6427-7)
    Darin, Bobby Things(SC8396-4)
    Darin, Bobby Up A Lazy River(HSPAK3-02-4)
    Darin, Bobby Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey(MM6427-14)
    Darin, Bobby You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby(SC8222-15)
    Darin, Bobby You're The Reason I'm Living(SC7526-11)
    Darius Colour Blind(SF194-11)
    Darius Girl In The Moon(SF206-14)
    Darius Incredible(SF203-7)
    Darius Live Twice(SF225-13)
    Darius Rushes(SF199-5)
    Dark New Day Brother(PHR0507-9)
    Dark New Day Pieces(THR0603-12)
    Darkness Friday Night(ZMP073-7)
    Darkness Get Your Hands Off My Woman(ZMP073-11)
    Darkness Girlfriend(SFMW876-5)
    Darkness Givin' Up(ZMP073-12)
    Darkness Growing On Me(THR0407-17)
    Darkness Holding My Own(ZMP073-10)
    Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love(SC8859-8)
    Darkness Is It Just Me?(SF241-6)
    Darkness It's Friday Night(EZH29-2)
    Darkness Love Is Only A Feeling(ZMP073-9)
    Darkness One Way Ticket(THR0602-15)
    Darkness One Way Ticket [Radio Version](SC8957-1)
    Darling, Helen Full Deck Of Cards(SC8336-3)
    Darling, Helen I Haven't Found It Yet(SC8239-2)
    Darling, Helen Jenny Come Back(MM6109-4)
    Darren, James Goodbye Cruel World(SC8513-7)
    Darren, James Her Royal Majesty(SC8615-9)
    Darts, The Boy From New York City, The(SFMW828-1)
    Darts, The Come Back My Love(SFMW818-15)
    Darts, The Daddy Cool(SFMW820-4)
    Darts, The It's Raining(SFMW907-6)
    Dashboard Confessional Don't Wait(SC8987-13)
    Dashboard Confessional Hands Down(SC8845-10)
    Dashboard Confessional Rapid Hope Loss(PHR0403-6)
    Dashboard Confessional Screaming Infidelities(SC8762-15)
    Dashboard Confessional Screaming Infidelities [Radio Version](SC2447-9)
    Dashboard Confessional Stolen(SD4701-11)
    Dashboard Confessional Vindicated(SC8883-12)
    Daughtry Crashed(CB30067-12)
    Daughtry Home(SC8999-12)
    Daughtry It's Not Over(PHM0702-4)
    Daughtry It's Not Over [Radio Version](SC8999-10)
    Daughtry Over You(PHM0710-1)
    Dave & Sugar Golden Tears(SC8697-6)
    Dave Clark Five Because(SC7543-11)
    Dave Clark Five Bits & Pieces(SC8589-14)
    Dave Clark Five Can't You See That She's Mine(SC7566-15)
    Dave Clark Five Catch Us If You Can(SC8221R-14)
    Dave Clark Five Do You Love Me(SC8750-11)
    Dave Clark Five Everybody Knows(ZMP071-10)
    Dave Clark Five Glad All Over(SC8225-10)
    Dave Clark Five I Like It Like That(SC8225-7)
    Dave Clark Five Over & Over(SC7554-11)
    Dave Clark Five, The I Like It Like That(LG240-13)
    Dave Matthews Band American Baby(THR0507-18)
    Dave Matthews Band Ants Marching(SC8199-6)
    Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me(HV02-8)
    Dave Matthews Band Crush(MM6256-9)
    Dave Matthews Band Everyday(SC8744-4)
    Dave Matthews Band Grace Is Gone(CB30028-9)
    Dave Matthews Band Gravedigger(SC3389-3)
    Dave Matthews Band I Did It(SC3248-5)
    Dave Matthews Band Oh(PHR0407-9)
    Dave Matthews Band Satellite(SC8233-11)
    Dave Matthews Band So Much To Say(SC8308-2)
    Dave Matthews Band Space Between, The(SC8702-5)
    Dave Matthews Band Stay (Wasting Time)(MM6250-2)
    Dave Matthews Band Too Much(SC8281-4)
    Dave Matthews Band Tripping Billies(MM6214-12)
    Dave Matthews Band What Would You Say(SC8187-15)
    Dave Matthews Band Where Are You Going(SC8768-2)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch Save Me(ZMJB09-6)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch You'll Never Walk Alone(PX10-3)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Trich Bend It(SF099-15)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Trich Hold Tight(SF078-10)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Trich Legend Of Xanadu(SF087-6)
    Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Trich Zabadak(SF064-3)
    David, Craig 7 Days(SC8799-5)
    David, Craig All The Way(SF234-13)
    David, Craig Don't Love You No More(SFMW877-9)
    David, Craig Fill Me In(SC8708-10)
    David, Craig Hidden Agenda(SC3356-2)
    David, Craig Hidden Agenda [Radio Version](TU191-12)
    David, Craig Rendezvous(SF175-2)
    David, Craig Traditional/Spanish(SF207-16)
    David, Craig Unbelievable(SF241-9)
    David, Craig Walking Away(SC8758-2)
    David, Craig What's Your Flava(SF198-7)
    David, Craig You Don't Miss Your Water(SF213-4)
    David, Craig & Sting Rise & Fall(SF204-8)
    David, F.R. Words(SFMW814-4)
    Davidson, Clay I Can't Lie To Me(SC3213-6)
    Davidson, Clay Sometimes(SD081-8)
    Davidson, Clay Unconditional(SC8596-10)
    Davies, Dave Death Of A Clown(SF099-11)
    Davies, Gail Break Away(SC8697-11)
    Davies, Windsor & Don Estelle Whispering Grass(SF095-6)
    Davis Sisters I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know(PI204-11)
    Davis, Alana 32 Flavors(SC8440-6)
    Davis, Alana Crazy(SC8469-11)
    Davis, Linda Company Time(SC8114-11)
    Davis, Linda From The Inside Out(SC8528-14)
    Davis, Linda How Can I Make You Love Me(SC8321-2)
    Davis, Linda I Took The Torch Out Of His Old Flame(CB20155-11)
    Davis, Linda I Wanna Remember This(SC8463-7)
    Davis, Linda I'm Yours(SC8496-4)
    Davis, Linda Love Didn't Do It(SC8129-5)
    Davis, Linda Love Story In The Making, A(SC8256-1)
    Davis, Linda Some Things Are Meant To Be(SC8216-15)
    Davis, Linda Walk Away(SC8311-11)
    Davis, Mac Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me(DK026-16)
    Davis, Mac Hard To Be Humble(DG02-6)
    Davis, Mac Hooked On Music(SC7569-6)
    Davis, Mac I Believe In Music(PI012-12)
    Davis, Mac It's Hard To Be Humble(SC7591-6)
    Davis, Mac Let's Keep It That Way(SC8676-10)
    Davis, Mac One Hell Of A Woman(SC8588-15)
    Davis, Mac Stop & Smell The Roses(SC8283-15)
    Davis, Mac Texas In My Rear View Mirror(SC8332-2)
    Davis, Mac You're My Bestest Friend(SC8326-7)
    Davis, Paul 65 Love Affair(SC8297-10)
    Davis, Paul Cool Night(SC8535-10)
    Davis, Paul Do Right(SC8634-5)
    Davis, Paul I Go Crazy(SC8573-12)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Birth Of The Blues, The(MM6180-14)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Candy Man(SC7538-12)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Hey There(MM6137-13)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. I've Gotta Be Me(SC7538-3)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Love Me Or Leave Me(LG022-13)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Me & My Shadow(LG022-14)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Mr. Bojangles(SC7553-4)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. Something's Gotta Give(MM6137-15)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. That Old Black Magic(LG022-11)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. What Kind Of Fool Am I(LG022-12)
    Davis, Sammy Jr. You Don't Know Me(LG022-8)
    Davis, Skeeter End Of The World, The(SC7510-10)
    Davis, Skeeter I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too(MH1076-9)
    Davis, Skeeter I Can't Stay Mad At You(SC7566-1)
    Davis, Skeeter What Does It Take(SC8579-8)
    Davis, Stephanie All In The Heart(SC8282-10)
    Davis, Stephanie Moonlighter(SC8296-5)
    Davis, Tyrone Turn Back The Hands Of Time(SC8492-15)
    Dawn, Laura I Would(SC3279-4)
    Day, Bobby Rockin' Robin(SC7508-12)
    Day, Doris Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered(ZMP118-10)
    Day, Doris Black Hills Of Dakota, The(SFMW916-8)
    Day, Doris Black Hills Of Dakota, The(ZMP118-5)
    Day, Doris Deadwood Stage, The(SFMW889-11)
    Day, Doris Everybody Loves A Lover(SC8396-1)
    Day, Doris Guy Is A Guy, A(SC7554-5)
    Day, Doris If I Give My Heart To You(SC7560-14)
    Day, Doris Little Girl Blue(LG200-10)
    Day, Doris Lullabye Of Broadway(LG200-8)
    Day, Doris Move Over Darling(FIK12-5)
    Day, Doris On Moonlight Bay(SFMW907-10)
    Day, Doris On The Sunny Side Of The Street(PI302-6)
    Day, Doris Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps(SFMW834-11)
    Day, Doris Pillow Talk(ZMP118-2)
    Day, Doris Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)(SC8124-4)
    Day, Doris Ready, Willing & Able(ZMP118-12)
    Day, Doris Secret Love(SC8288-5)
    Day, Doris Sentimental Journey(SC8124-3)
    Day, Doris Sugarbush [w/ Frankie Laine](ZMP118-13)
    Day, Doris Tea For Two(JV0055-8)
    Day, Doris Teacher's Pet(ZMP118-4)
    Day, Doris When I Fall In Love(CBE3-15-7)
    Day, Howie Collide(SC8915-6)
    Day, Howie Perfect Time Of Day(SC8855-11)
    Day, Howie She Says(THP0511-13)
    Day, Inya Nasty Girl(EZH48-5)
    Day, Jennifer Completely(SC2406-2)
    Day, Jennifer Fun Of Your Love, The(SC8590-6)
    Day, Jennifer What If It's Me(SC8623-13)
    Day, Otis & The Knights Shout(SC7527-4)
    Dayne, Taylor As Long As I Can Dream(MM6038-10)
    Dayne, Taylor Can't Get Enough Of Your Love(SC8310-15)
    Dayne, Taylor Don't Rush Me(SC8366-4)
    Dayne, Taylor Heart Of Stone(SC8363-3)
    Dayne, Taylor I'll Always Love You(SC8439-9)
    Dayne, Taylor I'll Be Your Shelter(PI010-17)
    Dayne, Taylor Love Will Lead You Back(SC7545-8)
    Dayne, Taylor Prove Your Love(SC8362-10)
    Dayne, Taylor Tell It To My Heart(SC8362-9)
    Dayne, Taylor Whatever You Want(TU136-15)
    Dayne, Taylor With Every Beat Of My Heart(SC8366-8)
    Days Of The New Down Town, The(SC8469-13)
    Days Of The New Enemy(SC8569-5)
    Days Of The New Hang On To This(PHR0111-1)
    Days Of The New Shelf In The Room(SC8462-9)
    Days Of The New Touch Peel & Stand(SC8452-10)
    Dazz Band Let It Whip(SC8870-11)
    DB Boulevard Point Of View(SF189-9)
    DC Talk Consume Me(TU131-3)
    DC Talk Jesus Freak(TU076-16)
    DC Talk My Will(TU077-3)
    DC Talk Say The Words(TU131-16)
    DC Talk Supernatural(TU131-18)
    De La Cruz, Valerie That's Why I Like Your Love(CB20301-8)
    De La Hoya, Oscar Run To Me(SC8654-6)
    De La Soul Me Myself & I(SC8612-7)
    De Marco, Don Juan Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman(MM6100B-14)
    De Paul, Lynsey Sugar Me(SF071-7)
    De Vita, Franco Calido Y Frio(BS4717-8)
    Deacon Blue Chocolate Girl(BSK001-16)
    Deacon Blue Fergus Sings The Blues(SFMW821-7)
    Deacon Blue I'll Never Fall In Love Again(SFMW864-8)
    Deacon Blue Queen Of The New Year(SFMW857-3)
    Deacon Blue Real Gone Kid(SF059-13)
    Deacon Blue Twist & Shout(BSK002-12)
    Dead Kennedys California Uber Allies(HMDK-229)
    Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia(HMDK-228)
    Dead Kennedys Police Truck(HMDK-227)
    Dead Kennedys Too Drunk To Fuck(SC8700-14)
    Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl(SC8313-11)
    Dead Or Alive Brand New Lover [Radio Version](SC8942-15)
    Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)(SC8573-8)
    Deadeye Dick New Age Girl(SC8169-3)
    Deal, Bill & The Rhondels What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am(SC8251-8)
    Dean, Billy Billy The Kid(SC8157-3)
    Dean, Billy Cowboy Band(SC8167-13)
    Dean, Billy I Wanna Take Care Of You(SC8161-8)
    Dean, Billy I Wouldn't Be A Man(SC8341-3)
    Dean, Billy I'm In Love With You(SC3394-8)
    Dean, Billy I'm Not Built That Way(SC8236-6)
    Dean, Billy If There Hadn't Been You(SC8219-14)
    Dean, Billy Innocent Bystander(SC8498-9)
    Dean, Billy It's What I Do(SC8247-11)
    Dean, Billy Let Them Be Little(SC3435-6)
    Dean, Billy Once In A While(SC8161-11)
    Dean, Billy Only Here For A Little While(SC8271-1)
    Dean, Billy Only The Wind(SC8168-10)
    Dean, Billy Real Man(SC8470-4)
    Dean, Billy Somewhere In My Broken Heart(SC8105-9)
    Dean, Billy Swinging For The Fence(CB60353-13)
    Dean, Billy Thank God I'm A Country Boy(SC8881-8)
    Dean, Billy That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me(SC8294-1)
    Dean, Billy This Is The Life(SD133-8)
    Dean, Billy Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark(SC8241-1)
    Dean, Billy We Just Disagree(SC8104-10)
    Dean, Billy You Don't Count The Cost(CB20213-8)
    Dean, Billy, Suzy Bogguss & Jillian Keep Mom & Dad In Love(SC8711-15)
    Dean, Hazell Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)(SFMW915-3)
    Dean, Hazell Who's Leaving Who(SFMW885-9)
    Dean, Jimmy Big Bad John(SC7536-3)
    Dean, Kiley Who Will I Run To?(TU247-15)
    Dean, Roxie Everyday Girl(SD112-11)
    Dean, Roxie Soldier's Wife, A(SD121-13)
    Dean, Tyler Somebody Who Would Die For You(SD139-13)
    Deanda, Paula Easy [w/ Bow Wow](PHU0708-6)
    Deanda, Paula Walk Away(PHM0701-6)
    Deanda, Paula When It Was Me(PHU0705-6)
    Deanda, Paula & Baby Bash Doing Too Much(PHM0608-4)
    Death Cab For Cutie Crooked Teeth(PHAC0604-8)
    Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark(PHM0612-4)
    Death Cab For Cutie I Will Possess Your Heart(SC9021-9)
    Death Cab For Cutie Soul Meets Body(SC3451-7)
    DeBarge All This Love(SC8323-4)
    DeBarge Can't Get Enough(NT033-1)
    DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night(SC8223-14)
    DeBarge Where Are You(SC8170-3)
    DeBarge Who's Holding Donna Now(SFMW808-2)
    DeBarge, Kristinia Goodbye(PHM0907-1)
    Debison, Aselin Driftwood(CB20386-12)
    DeBurgh, Chris A Spaceman Came Travelling(ZMH009-4)
    DeBurgh, Chris Don't Pay The Ferryman(SC7563-15)
    DeBurgh, Chris Lady In Red(SC7506-10)
    DeBurgh, Chris Patricia The Stripper(SFMW840-7)
    Decemberists, The When The War Came(HMDK-230)
    Dee, Joey & The Starlighters Peppermint Twist(SC7526-13)
    Dee, Kiki I've Got The Music In Me(SC8391-15)
    Dee, Kiki Star(SFMW828-11)
    Dee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart(DG06-4)
    Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany's(SC8203-8)
    Deep Dish Flashdance(SFMW859-7)
    Deep Purple Black Night(SF040-11)
    Deep Purple Fireball(SFMW904-15)
    Deep Purple Highway Star(SC8334-13)
    Deep Purple Hush(SC8724-4)
    Deep Purple Kentucky Woman(SC8724-13)
    Deep Purple Knocking At Your Back Door(SC8756-1)
    Deep Purple My Woman From Tokyo(SC8586-1)
    Deep Purple Never Before(SFMW895-10)
    Deep Purple Perfect Strangers(SC8660-8)
    Deep Purple Smoke On The Water(SC8430-14)
    Deep Purple Space Truckin'(SC9002-3)
    Deepest Blue Deepest Blue(EZH26-13)
    Deepest Blue Give It Away(SFMW851-8)
    Dees, Rick & His Cast Of Idiots Disco Duck (Part 1)(SC8707-13)
    Def Leppard Animal(SC8716-4)
    Def Leppard Armageddon It(SC8872-3)
    Def Leppard Bringin' On The Heartbreak(SC8373-8)
    Def Leppard Foolin'(SC8872-4)
    Def Leppard Hysteria(SC8872-13)
    Def Leppard Let's Get Rocked(SC8716-2)
    Def Leppard Love Bites(SC8231-6)
    Def Leppard No Matter What(SD4507-14)
    Def Leppard Now(TU142-11)
    Def Leppard Photograph(SC7578-13)
    Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me(SC8872-1)
    Def Leppard Promises(SC8872-10)
    Def Leppard Rock Of Ages(SC8404-10)
    Def Leppard Rock On(PHM0610-6)
    Def Leppard Rock Rock (Till You Drop)(SC8928-2)
    Def Leppard Rocket(SC8872-11)
    Def Leppard Slang(HMDK-231)
    Def Leppard Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)(HMDK-232)
    Def Leppard Too Late For Love(SC8631-14)
    Def Leppard Two Steps Behind(SC8872-2)
    Def Leppard When Love & Hate Collide(SC8220-8)
    Def Leppard Women(SC9002-12)
    Default Deny(THR0207-18)
    Default Live A Lie(THR0302-17)
    Default Taking My Life Away(PHR0401-4)
    Default Throw It All Away(THR0407-10)
    Default Wasting My Time(SC8765-9)
    Deftones Around The Fur(HMDK-234)
    Deftones Back To School(SC8662-14)
    Deftones Be Quiet & Drive(HMDK-235)
    Deftones Change (In The House Of Flies)(SC8662-8)
    Deftones Digital Bath(SC8694-6)
    Deftones Minerva(THR0308-11)
    Deftones Rx Queen(HMDK-233)
    DeGarmo, Diana Dreams(SPC26-9)
    Deggs, Cole & The Lonesome I Got More(SC9004-12)
    DeGraw, Gavin Chariot(SC8932-12)
    DeGraw, Gavin Follow Through(THP0512-17)
    DeGraw, Gavin I Don't Want To Be(SC8946-6)
    Degraw, Gavin In Love With A Girl(CB5119-02-12)
    DeGraw, Gavin We Belong Together(THP0604-13)
    Dekker, Desmond & The Aces Israelites(MM6375-9)
    Dekker, Desmond & The Aces You Can Get It If You Really Want It(SF090-6)
    Del Amitri Always The Last To Know(SC8433-7)
    Del Amitri Don't Come Home Too Soon(SF121-9)
    Del Amitri Driving With The Brakes On(SFMW878-13)
    Del Amitri Here & Now(SFMW895-4)
    Del Amitri Kiss This Thing Goodbye(SFMW837-7)
    Del Amitri Not Where It's At(SC8460-14)
    Del Amitri Nothing Ever Happens(SFMW825-8)
    Del Amitri Roll To Me(SC8212-6)
    Del Amitri Spit In The Rain(ZMH010-3)
    Del McCoury Band Black Lightening(CBEP476-1-10)
    Del McCoury Band Cheek To Cheek With The Blues(CB80170-9)
    Del McCoury Band Cold Hard Facts(CBEP476-5-12)
    Del Shannon Kelly(SFMW864-15)
    Delaney & Bonnie Never Ending Song Of Love(SC8941-9)
    Delerium & Sara McLachlan Silence(PHT9809-6)
    Delfonics Didn't I Blow Your Mind (This Time)(MM6303-1)
    Delfonics La-la Means I Love You(SC7543-1)
    Delirious Deeper(TU076-9)
    Dell Vikings Come Go With Me(SC7520-2)
    Dells Oh What A Night(SC8251-10)
    Dells Stay In My Corner(MM6361-4)
    Dells & Dramatics & Delfonics Hey There Lonely Girl(MM6421-4)
    Deluca & The Burden Colorful(PHAC0701-8)
    Deluca, Rocco & The Burden Colorful(SD4704-8)
    Deluna, Kat Whine Up [w/ Elephant Man](PHU0708-7)
    Dem Franchize Boyz Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It(SC8994-6)
    Dem Franchize Boyz Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It [Radio Version](PHU0603-5)
    Dem Franchize Boyz Oh I Think Dey Like Me(PHU0512-4)
    Dem Franchize Boyz Ridin' Rims(PHU0607-8)
    Demus & Chaka Murder She Wrote(KC004-9)
    Demus & Chaka Tease Me(KC004-10)
    Denney, Kevin Cadillac Tears(SC8774-3)
    Denney, Kevin It'll Go Away(SD101-11)
    Denney, Kevin That's Just Jesse(CBE3-13-5)
    Denney, Kevin Year At A Time, A(SD113-9)
    Dennis, Cathy Irresistible(SC8266-10)
    Dennis, Cathy Touch Me (All Night Long)(SC8466-8)
    Dennis, Cheri I Love You(PHU0609-9)
    Dennis, Wesley Borrowed Angel(SC8173-10)
    Dennis, Wesley I Don't Know(SC8163-15)
    Denver, John Annie's Song(SC7537-12)
    Denver, John Back Home Again(SC8385-10)
    Denver, John Calypso(SC8790-4)
    Denver, John Fly Away(PS1259-14)
    Denver, John Follow Me(PS1259-20)
    Denver, John I'm Sorry(LG138-6)
    Denver, John Leaving On A Jet Plane(PS1259-17)
    Denver, John My Sweet Lady(HMDK-679)
    Denver, John My Sweet Lady(SC8558-6)
    Denver, John Perhaps Love(PS1259-19)
    Denver, John Rocky Mountain High(SC7539-6)
    Denver, John Some Days Are Diamonds(SC8326-8)
    Denver, John Sunshine On My Shoulders(SC8790-1)
    Denver, John Sweet Surrender(SC8529-3)
    Denver, John Take Me Home, Country Roads(SC7536-1)
    Denver, John Thank God I'm A Country Boy(SC7552-1)
    Department S Is Vic There(SFMW905-14)
    Depeche Mode Barrel Of A Gun(HMDK-236)
    Depeche Mode Barrel Of A Gun(SFG037-3)
    Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel(HMDK-238)
    Depeche Mode Black Celebration(HMDK-239)
    Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumours(HMDK-240)
    Depeche Mode Blue Dress (piano)(HMDK-237)
    Depeche Mode Condemnation(HMDK-241)
    Depeche Mode Damaged People(HMDK-21)
    Depeche Mode Darkest Star, The(HMDK-22)
    Depeche Mode Dream On(SC3256-8)
    Depeche Mode Dreaming Of Me(SFG037-7)
    Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence(HMDK-250)
    Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence(SC8894-1)
    Depeche Mode Everything Counts(SFG037-6)
    Depeche Mode Home(SFG037-5)
    Depeche Mode I Feel Loved(HMDK-242)
    Depeche Mode I Feel Loved(TU082-11)
    Depeche Mode I Feel You(HMDK-243)
    Depeche Mode I Want It All(HMDK-23)
    Depeche Mode In Your Room(SFG037-12)
    Depeche Mode It's No Good(SC3031-3)
    Depeche Mode John The Revelator(HMDK-24)
    Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough(SC8678-14)
    Depeche Mode Lillian(HMDK-25)
    Depeche Mode Little 15(HMDK-244)
    Depeche Mode Macrovision(HMDK-26)
    Depeche Mode Master & Servant(SFG037-15)
    Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again(SFG037-10)
    Depeche Mode New Life(HMDK-245)
    Depeche Mode Nothing's Impossible(HMDK-27)
    Depeche Mode One Caress(HMDK-246)
    Depeche Mode Only When I Lose Myself(SFG037-13)
    Depeche Mode Pain That I'm Used To, A(SF239-11)
    Depeche Mode People Are People(SC8492-10)
    Depeche Mode Personal Jesus(SC8313-13)
    Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth(SC8588-10)
    Depeche Mode Precious(SC8967-12)
    Depeche Mode Question Of Lust, A(SFG037-9)
    Depeche Mode Question Of Time, A(SFG037-17)
    Depeche Mode See You(HMDK-247)
    Depeche Mode Shake The Disease(HMDK-248)
    Depeche Mode Sinner In Me, The(HMDK-28)
    Depeche Mode Somebody(SFG037-8)
    Depeche Mode Suffer Well(HMDK-29)
    Depeche Mode The Sweetest Perfection(HMDK-249)
    Depeche Mode Useless(SFG037-14)
    Depeche Mode Waiting For The Night(HMDK-251)
    Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes(NT004-7)
    Depeche Mode World In My Eyes(SFMW851-9)
    Derailers Bar Exam(SC8753-11)
    Derailers More Of Your Love(CB20304-8)
    Derailers Right Place, The(SC8584-14)
    Derek & The Dominos Bell Bottom Blues(SC8882-9)
    Derek & The Dominos Layla(SC7576-5)
    Derek & The Dominos Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out(SC8327-8)
    Dern, Daisy Gettin' Back To You(SC8736-5)
    Derringer, Rick Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo(SC8573-1)
    Des'ree Kissing You [Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet](SC8885-1)
    Des'ree Life(SF122-13)
    Des'ree You Gotta Be(SC8145-10)
    Desario, Teri & KC Yes I'm Ready(SC8482-5)
    Desert Rose Band He's Back & I'm Blue(SC8564-9)
    Desert Rose Band I Still Believe In You(SC8529-6)
    Desert Rose Band In Another Lifetime(SC8359-5)
    Desert Rose Band Love Reunited(SC8792-3)
    Desert Rose Band One Step Forward(SC8567-5)
    Desert Rose Band Story Of Love(SC8352R-11)
    DeShannon, Jackie Put A Little Love In Your Heart(SC8651-9)
    DeShannon, Jackie What The World Needs Now Is Love(SC7532-8)
    Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills(SC8553-3)
    Destiny's Child Bootylicious(SC8741-7)
    Destiny's Child Bug-A-Boo(TU176-4)
    Destiny's Child Cater 2 U(THH0507-10)
    Destiny's Child Emotion(SC8726-12)
    Destiny's Child Girl(SC8924-12)
    Destiny's Child Independent Woman(SF174-9)
    Destiny's Child Independent Woman, Pt. 1(SC8649-9)
    Destiny's Child Jumpin, Jumpin(SC2303-1)
    Destiny's Child Lose My Breath(SC3422-6)
    Destiny's Child No No No(TU176-11)
    Destiny's Child Say My Name(SC8595-4)
    Destiny's Child So Good(SF169-10)
    Destiny's Child Soldier [w/ T.I. & Lil' Wayne](SC8908-13)
    Destiny's Child Stand Up For Love(PHM0512-4)
    Destiny's Child Survivor(SC8741-4)
    Destiny's Child Where My Girls At(TU022-8)
    Detroit Emeralds Feel The Need In Me(SF072-8)
    Devo Beautiful World(ZMH010-8)
    Devo Girl U Want(ZMH010-7)
    Devo Through Being Cool(SC8678-6)
    Devo Whip It(SC7511-4)
    Devo Working In A Coal Mine(SC8939-14)
    Devotion, Sheila B. Singin' In The Rain(LGK002-11)
    Dewey Cox Walk Hard(HMDK-252)
    Dexter Freebish Leaving Town(SC8649-13)
    Dexter Freebish My Madonna(THR0110-18)
    Dexter, Al & His Troopers Pistol Packin' Mama(SC8538-10)
    Dexy's Midnight Runners Come On Eileen(ZSH80-1-14)
    Dexy's Midnight Runners Geno(ZMGY80-4)
    Dexy's Midnight Runners Jackie Wilson Said(AMS1508-3)
    Deyo, Jeff More Love, More Power(THMS0303-16)
    DeYoung, Dennis Desert Moon(SC8725-5)
    DF Dub Country Girl(TU191-9)
    DHT I Go Crazy(PHAC0701-6)
    DHT Listen To Your Heart(SC3446-1)
    DHT Listen To Your Heart [Unplugged Version](SC8946-1)
    Diamond Rio Beautiful Mess(SC8798-5)
    Diamond Rio Bubba Hyde(SC8230-5)
    Diamond Rio Can't You Tell(SC8884-14)
    Diamond Rio Completely(SD115-6)
    Diamond Rio Finish What We've Started(SC8198-15)
    Diamond Rio God Only Cries For The Living(PHN0606-4)
    Diamond Rio Gone Out Of My Mind(SC8243-6)
    Diamond Rio How Your Love Makes Me Feel(SC8692-1)
    Diamond Rio I Believe(SD102-1)
    Diamond Rio I Know How The River Feels(SC3133-8)
    Diamond Rio Imagine That(SC8416-4)
    Diamond Rio In A Week Or Two(SC8692-5)
    Diamond Rio In God We Still Trust(CB60346-3)
    Diamond Rio It's All In Your Head(SC8328-3)
    Diamond Rio Love A Little Stronger(SC8692-10)
    Diamond Rio Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me(SC8502-15)
    Diamond Rio Meet In The Middle(SC8144-6)
    Diamond Rio Mirror Mirror(SC8135-6)
    Diamond Rio Night Is Fallin' In My Heart(SC8692-13)
    Diamond Rio Norma Jean Riley(SC8101-14)
    Diamond Rio Nowhere Bound(SC8157-13)
    Diamond Rio Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby(SC8133-14)
    Diamond Rio One Believer(CBE6-11-12)
    Diamond Rio One More Day(SC8655-11)
    Diamond Rio Sawmill Road(SC8215-10)
    Diamond Rio Stuff(SC8619-5)
    Diamond Rio Sweet Summer(SC8705-6)
    Diamond Rio That's Just That(SC8733-6)
    Diamond Rio That's What I Get For Lovin' You(SC8280-8)
    Diamond Rio This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet(SC8177-15)
    Diamond Rio Unbelievable(SC8507-13)
    Diamond Rio Walkin' Away(SC8232-11)
    Diamond Rio We All Fall Down(SC8867-10)
    Diamond Rio Wild Blue Yonder(SC8321-5)
    Diamond Rio Wrinkles(SC8837-5)
    Diamond Rio You're Gone(SC8692-4)
    Diamond Rio, Steve Wariner & Lee Roy Parnell Workin' Man's Blues(SC8159-2)
    Diamond, Jim Hi Ho Silver(SF106-9)
    Diamond, Jim I Should've Known Better(SF135-1)
    Diamond, Neil America(SC7506-1)
    Diamond, Neil And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind(THMP037-1)
    Diamond, Neil Beautiful Noise(TU067-3)
    Diamond, Neil Blue Highway(PSJT202-1-4)
    Diamond, Neil Brooklyn Roads(THMP036-2)
    Diamond, Neil Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show(SC8347-8)
    Diamond, Neil Can Anybody Hear Me(PSJT202-1-6)
    Diamond, Neil Cherry Cherry(SC8347-10)
    Diamond, Neil Coming To America(CB20354-8)
    Diamond, Neil Cracklin' Rosie(SC8347-2)
    Diamond, Neil Crunchy Granola Suite(SFMW873-14)
    Diamond, Neil Deep Inside Of You(PSJT202-1-9)
    Diamond, Neil Desiree(PSJT202-1-10)
    Diamond, Neil Do You Know The Way To San Jose(PSJT202-1-11)
    Diamond, Neil Don't Be Cruel(PSJT202-1-12)
    Diamond, Neil Don't Make Me Over(PSJT202-1-13)
    Diamond, Neil Forever In Blue Jeans(SC8627-9)
    Diamond, Neil Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon(SC8347-15)
    Diamond, Neil Groovy Kind Of Love, A(PSJT202-2-1)
    Diamond, Neil He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother(SC8314-8)
    Diamond, Neil Headed For The Future(THMP037-4)
    Diamond, Neil Heartlight(SC8347-6)
    Diamond, Neil Hello Again(SC8347-12)
    Diamond, Neil Holly Holy(SC8347-3)
    Diamond, Neil I Am I Said(SC8679-3)
    Diamond, Neil I Believe In Happy Endings(THMP036-7)
    Diamond, Neil I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)(TU067-15)
    Diamond, Neil I Haven't Played This Song In Years(THMP037-7)
    Diamond, Neil I Who Have Nothing(PSJT202-2-6)
    Diamond, Neil I'm A Believer(THMP036-8)
    Diamond, Neil I'm Alive(THMP037-8)
    Diamond, Neil I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight(SC8347-1)
    Diamond, Neil If You Know What I Mean(TU067-18)
    Diamond, Neil Kentucky Woman(SC7525-7)
    Diamond, Neil Last Thing On My Mind(DK029-18)
    Diamond, Neil Leave A Little Room For God(THMP037-9)
    Diamond, Neil Longfellow Serenade(SC8535-15)
    Diamond, Neil Love On The Rocks(SC7534-6)
    Diamond, Neil Marry Me [w/ Buffy Lawson](SC8298-5)
    Diamond, Neil Matter Of Love, A(PSJT202-1-1)
    Diamond, Neil Morningside(THMP036-11)
    Diamond, Neil No Limit(PSJT202-2-13)
    Diamond, Neil One Good Love [w/ Waylon Jennings](SC8253-4)
    Diamond, Neil One Hand One Heart(SC8264-9)
    Diamond, Neil Play Me(SC8347-4)
    Diamond, Neil Red Red Wine(SC8347-11)
    Diamond, Neil Save The Last Dance For Me(PSJT202-3-2)
    Diamond, Neil September Morn(SC8347-14)
    Diamond, Neil Shilo(SC8347-5)
    Diamond, Neil Solitary Man(SC8261-13)
    Diamond, Neil Song Sung Blue(SC8347-7)
    Diamond, Neil Songs Of Life(PSJT202-3-7)
    Diamond, Neil Soolaimon(THMP037-13)
    Diamond, Neil Spanish Harlem(PSJT202-3-9)
    Diamond, Neil Stomes(LG197-13)
    Diamond, Neil Stones(THMP036-14)
    Diamond, Neil Story Of My Life, The(DG05-6)
    Diamond, Neil Summer Love(SFMW904-4)
    Diamond, Neil Sweet Caroline(SC7572-8)
    Diamond, Neil Talking Optimist Blues(PSJT202-3-11)
    Diamond, Neil Tennessee Moon(MM6143-2)
    Diamond, Neil Thank The Lord For The Night Time(DKM1102-11)
    Diamond, Neil Until It's Time For You To Go(PSJT202-3-13)
    Diamond, Neil Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow(PSJT202-3-14)
    Diamond, Neil Yesterday's Songs(THMP036-15)
    Diamond, Neil You Are The Best Part Of Me(THMP036-16)
    Diamond, Neil You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'(PSJT202-3-16)
    Diamonds Little Darlin'(SC7541-3)
    Diamonds Stroll, The(SC8330-12)
    Diaz, Dian Color Everywhere(THP0606-17)
    Diaz, Dian No More Tears(PHAC0609-6)
    Dickens, Little Jimmy Country Boy(SC7558-5)
    Dickens, Little Jimmy May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose(SC7567-1)
    Dickies Banana Splits(SF095-11)
    Dickson, Barbara Caravan Song(SFMW821-3)
    Diddley, Bo Bo Diddley(MM6074-15)
    Diddley, Bo Road Runner(PX12-5)
    Diddy Last Night [w/ Keyshia Cole](PHU0704-3)
    Diddy Tell Me [w/ Christina Aguilera](PHU0701-6)
    Diddy Through The Pain [w/ Mario Winans](THP0711-14)
    Dido Closer(ZMP075-3)
    Dido Do You Have A Little Time(ZMP075-4)
    Dido Don't Leave Home(SC8878-13)
    Dido Here With Me(SC8548-9)
    Dido Hunter(SF181-6)
    Dido Life For Rent(EZH29-3)
    Dido Mary's In India(ZMP072-3)
    Dido Sand In My Shoes(THP0412-16)
    Dido See The Sun(ZMP075-5)
    Dido See You When You're 40(ZMP072-4)
    Dido Stoned(ZMP072-2)
    Dido Thank You(SC8741-12)
    Dido This Land Is Mine(ZMP075-6)
    Dido White Flag(SC8905-15)
    Dido White Flag [Radio Version](SC8839-1)
    Dido Who Makes You Feel(ZMP072-6)
    Die Trying Oxygen's Gone(PHR0308-3)
    Dietrich, Marlene Falling In Love Again(SF153-7)
    Diffie, Joe Behind Closed Doors(SC8507-3)
    Diffie, Joe Bigger Than The Beatles(SC8216-9)
    Diffie, Joe C-O-U-N-T-R-Y(SC8256-12)
    Diffie, Joe Honky Tonk Attitude(SC7524-10)
    Diffie, Joe I Wanna Know(MM6346-6)
    Diffie, Joe I'm In Love With A Capital 'U'(SC8179-15)
    Diffie, Joe If I Could Only Bring You Back(SC8897-14)
    Diffie, Joe If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)(CB20133-12)
    Diffie, Joe In Another World(SC8723-9)
    Diffie, Joe In My Own Backyard(SC8120-10)
    Diffie, Joe Is It Cold In Here Or Is It You(PI205-13)
    Diffie, Joe It's Always Somethin'(SC8602-6)
    Diffie, Joe John Deere Green(SC8168-14)
    Diffie, Joe Leroy The Redneck Reindeer(CB20157-11)
    Diffie, Joe Life's So Funny(SC8250-13)
    Diffie, Joe New Way (To Light Up An Old Flame)(MH1050-8)
    Diffie, Joe Next Thing Smokin'(SC8234-6)
    Diffie, Joe Night To Remember, A(SC8528-10)
    Diffie, Joe Pickup Man(SC8139-12)
    Diffie, Joe Poor Me(SC8488-4)
    Diffie, Joe Pretender, The(CB20344-7)
    Diffie, Joe Promised Land, The(CB20018-11)
    Diffie, Joe Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox(SC7516-14)
    Diffie, Joe Quittin' Kind, The(SC8566-5)
    Diffie, Joe Ships That Don't Come In(SC8241-2)
    Diffie, Joe So Help Me Girl(SC8230-9)
    Diffie, Joe Something Like This(SC3034-2)
    Diffie, Joe Startin' Over Blues(SC8324-11)
    Diffie, Joe Texas Size Heartache(SC8495-14)
    Diffie, Joe That Road Not Taken(SC8194-3)
    Diffie, Joe Third Rock From The Sun(SC8141-2)
    Diffie, Joe This Is Your Brain(SC8504-3)
    Diffie, Joe This Pretender(MM6362-15)
    Diffie, Joe Tougher Than Nails(SC8884-10)
    Diffie, Joe White Lightnin'(SC8243-11)
    Diffie, Joe Whole Lotta Gone(SC8303-7)
    Diffuser Karma(THR0104-15)
    DiFranco, Ani Little Plastic Castles(MM6241-9)
    DiFranco, Ani Wishin' & Hopin'(MM6219-9)
    Digable Planets Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)(SC8656-15)
    Digby, Marie Unfold(ASKFP97-2-1)
    Digital Without You(TU122-18)
    Digital Allies Where Are You My Love(TU122-16)
    Digital Underground Humpty Dance(SC7586-9)
    Dilated Peoples & Kanye West This Way(THH0407-14)
    Dillards Dooley(SC8693-4)
    Dillards Somebody Touched Me(CB20379-12)
    Dillon, Dean Hot Country & Single(SC8321-9)
    Dina Ooh Child(SC8266-13)
    Dinning, Mark Teen Angel(SC8361-5)
    Dino I Like It(SC8667-11)
    Dio Don't Talk To Strangers(SC8869-13)
    Dio Holy Diver(SC8516-3)
    Dio Last In Line, The(SC8756-3)
    Dio Rainbow In The Dark(SC7565-7)
    Dion A Teenager In Love(SPC30-24)
    Dion Abraham, Martin & John(SC8218-2)
    Dion Donna The Prima Donna(SC7557-2)
    Dion I Wonder Why(MH1134-6)
    Dion Lonely Teenager(SC8804-7)
    Dion Lovers Who Wander(MM6164-13)
    Dion Ruby Baby(SC7550-13)
    Dion Runaround Sue(SC7504-13)
    Dion Teenager In Love, A(SC7520-14)
    Dion That's My Desire(MM6385-4)
    Dion Wanderer, The(SC7525-10)
    Dion Where Or When(MM6385-11)
    Dion, Celine A New Day Has Come(SC8752-10)
    Dion, Celine All By Myself(SC8454-11)
    Dion, Celine Any Other Way(SC8235-2)
    Dion, Celine At Last(SC8800-4)
    Dion, Celine Ave Maria(SC8899-4)
    Dion, Celine Beautiful Boy(MM6426-2)
    Dion, Celine Because You Loved Me(SC7545-1)
    Dion, Celine Call The Man(SC8381-6)
    Dion, Celine Color Of My Love, The(SC8246-6)
    Dion, Celine Dance With My Father(PHAC0604-1)
    Dion, Celine Declaration Of Love(SC8457-1)
    Dion, Celine Drip Drop(SC8450-5)
    Dion, Celine Falling Into You(SC8471-1)
    Dion, Celine First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The(SF163-15)
    Dion, Celine God Bless America(SC2336b-1)
    Dion, Celine Goodbye's(SC8806-1)
    Dion, Celine Have You Ever Been In Love(SC8827-2)
    Dion, Celine Here There & Everywhere(SC8499-15)
    Dion, Celine I Drove All Night(SC3357-6)
    Dion, Celine I Drove All Night [Dance Remix](LG179-9)
    Dion, Celine I Drove All Night [Hex Hector Remix](TU229-6)
    Dion, Celine I Know What Love Is(TU229-7)
    Dion, Celine I Want You To Need Me(SC3192-2)
    Dion, Celine I'm Alive(SC3327-5)
    Dion, Celine I'm Your Angel [w/ R. Kelly](SC2445-3)
    Dion, Celine If There Was Any Other Way(SC2043-1)
    Dion, Celine If Walls Could Talk(SF161-1)
    Dion, Celine If We Could Start Over(SC8454-9)
    Dion, Celine If You Asked Me To(SC2043-4)
    Dion, Celine Immortality(TU054-2)
    Dion, Celine In Some Small Way(THP0506-18)
    Dion, Celine It's All Coming Back To Me Now(SC2166-1)
    Dion, Celine Last To Know, The(SC8266-2)
    Dion, Celine Like A Natural Woman(MM6133-11)
    Dion, Celine Love Can Move Mountains(SC2166-2)
    Dion, Celine Love Doesn't Ask Why(TU229-11)
    Dion, Celine Miles To Go(SFMW841-11)
    Dion, Celine Misled(SC8454-12)
    Dion, Celine My Heart Will Go On(SC2310-6)
    Dion, Celine My Heart Will Go On [Dance Remix](LG179-14)
    Dion, Celine New Day Has Come, A(SC8796-10)
    Dion, Celine Nothing Broken But My Heart(SC8363-15)
    Dion, Celine One Heart(TU229-12)
    Dion, Celine Only One Road(PI054-5)
    Dion, Celine Power Of Love, The(SC7514-9)
    Dion, Celine Power Of The Dream, The(SC8348-1)
    Dion, Celine Prayer, The(SC8501-12)
    Dion, Celine Reason, The(SF117-15)
    Dion, Celine River Deep, Mountain High(LGK002-1)
    Dion, Celine Send Me A Lover(SC8340-10)
    Dion, Celine Stand By Your Side(MM6403-12)
    Dion, Celine Taking Chances(PHM0712-4)
    Dion, Celine That's The Way It Is(SC8581-3)
    Dion, Celine Then You Look At Me(LG179-6)
    Dion, Celine Think Twice(SC8371-11)
    Dion, Celine To Love You More(SC8465-10)
    Dion, Celine Treat Her Like A Lady(SF142-1)
    Dion, Celine Us(TU054-16)
    Dion, Celine Water From The Moon(SC8454-14)
    Dion, Celine When I Fall In Love [w/ Clive Griffin](SC7530-7)
    Dion, Celine Where Does My Heart Beat Now(SC8454-1)
    Dion, Celine You & I(SC8883-3)
    Dire Straits Brothers In Arms(SFMW817-3)
    Dire Straits Lady Writer(ZMP082-6)
    Dire Straits Money For Nothing(SC8115-13)
    Dire Straits Romeo & Juliet(ZMP082-5)
    Dire Straits So Far Away(SC7564-11)
    Dire Straits Sultans Of Swing(SC7546-7)
    Dire Straits Twisting By The Pool(LG019-8)
    Dire Straits Walk Of Life(SC8391-5)
    Dirty Dancing Loverboy(SFMW837-11)
    Dirty Dancing Stay(SFMW816-13)
    Dirty Polka Band Dirty Polka(AMS2001-3)
    Dirty Polka Band Dirty Polka [Male Solo](AMS2001-21)
    Dirty Pretty Things Bang Bang You're Dead(EZH56-8)
    Dirty Vegas Simple Things(TU174-13)
    Disco Tex & Sex-O-Letts I Wanna Dance Wit Choo(SF097-1)
    Dishwalla Angels Or Devils(TU171-2)
    Dishwalla Charlie Brown's Parents(SC8337-1)
    Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars(SC8277-5)
    Dishwalla Give(PHM9704-6)
    Dishwalla Once In A While(SC8481-11)
    Dishwalla Somewhere In The Middle(TU125-14)
    Disney/101 Dalmations Cruella De Vil(DISVOL3-20)
    Disney/Aladdin Arabian(DISALADN-1)
    Disney/Aladdin Friend Like Me(DISALADN-4)
    Disney/Aladdin One Jump Ahead(DISALADN-2)
    Disney/Aladdin One Jump Ahead (Reprise)(DISALADN-3)
    Disney/Aladdin Prince Ali(DISALADN-5)
    Disney/Aladdin Proud Of Your Boy(DISALADN-6)
    Disney/Aladdin Whole New World, A(DISALADN-7)
    Disney/Aladdin Whole New World, A [Single Pop Version](DISALADN-8)
    Disney/Beauty & The Beast Beauty & The Beast(DISVOL2-17)
    Disney/Brother Bear Great Spirits(DISBROBR-2)
    Disney/Brother Bear Look Through My Eyes(DISBROBR-1)
    Disney/Brother Bear No Way Out(DISBROBR-6)
    Disney/Brother Bear On My Way(DISBROBR-5)
    Disney/Brother Bear Transformation(DISBROBR-4)
    Disney/Brother Bear Welcome(DISBROBR-3)
    Disney/Cars Behind The Clouds(DISCARS-4)
    Disney/Cars Find Yourself(DISCARS-3)
    Disney/Cars My Heart Would Know(DISCARS-8)
    Disney/Cars Our Town(DISCARS-5)
    Disney/Cars Real Gone(DISCARS-1)
    Disney/Cars Route 66(DISCARS-6)
    Disney/Cars Sh-boom(DISCARS-7)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Cherish The Moment(DISCHTHG2-8)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Dance With Me(DISCHTHG2-3)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Do Your Own Thing(DISCHTHG2-5)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 It's Over(DISCHTHG2-6)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Party's Just Begun, The(DISCHTHG2-1)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Step Up(DISCHTHG2-7)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Strut(DISCHTHG2-2)
    Disney/Cheetah Girls 2 Why Wait(DISCHTHG2-4)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Breakthrough(DISCHTHG-7)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters C'mon(DISCHTHG-5)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Cheetah Sisters(DISCHTHG-1)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Cinderella(DISCHTHG-2)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters End Of The Line(DISCHTHG-8)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Girl Power(DISCHTHG-3)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Girlfriend(DISCHTHG-6)
    Disney/Cheetah Sisters Together We Can(DISCHTHG-4)
    Disney/Chicken Little Ain't No Mountain High Enough(DISCHICK-7)
    Disney/Chicken Little All I Know(DISCHICK-4)
    Disney/Chicken Little Don't Go Breaking My Heart(DISCHICK-8)
    Disney/Chicken Little It's The End Of The World As We Know It(DISCHICK-3)
    Disney/Chicken Little It's Too Late(DISCHICK-5)
    Disney/Chicken Little One Little Slip(DISCHICK-1)
    Disney/Chicken Little Shake A Tail Feather(DISCHICK-2)
    Disney/Cinderella So This Is Love(DISVOL3-13)
    Disney/Dumbo Baby Mine(DISVOL2-20)
    Disney/Hannah Montana I Got Nerve(DISHAMO-3)
    Disney/Hannah Montana If We Were A Movie(DISHAMO-5)
    Disney/Hannah Montana Just Like You(DISHAMO-8)
    Disney/Hannah Montana Other Side Of Me, The(DISHAMO-6)
    Disney/Hannah Montana Pumpin' Up The Party(DISHAMO-1)
    Disney/Hannah Montana This Is The Life(DISHAMO-7)
    Disney/Hannah Montana Who Said(DISHAMO-2)
    Disney/Hercules Go The Distance(DISVOL1-15)
    Disney/Hercules I Won't Say (I'm In Love)(DISVOL3-15)
    Disney/High School Musical Bop To The Top(DISHSM-5)
    Disney/High School Musical Breaking Free(DISHSM-6)
    Disney/High School Musical Get'cha Head In The Game(DISHSM-2)
    Disney/High School Musical Get'cha Head In The Game [DVD Version](ZMP114-4)
    Disney/High School Musical I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You(DISHSM-8)
    Disney/High School Musical Start Of Something New(DISHSM-1)
    Disney/High School Musical Stick To The Status Quo(ZMP114-7)
    Disney/High School Musical Stick To The Status Quo [without Backing Vox](ZMP114-8)
    Disney/High School Musical We're All In This Together(DISHSM-7)
    Disney/High School Musical We're All In This Together [without Backing Vox](ZMP114-10)
    Disney/High School Musical What I've Been Looking For(DISHSM-3)
    Disney/High School Musical What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)(ZMP114-12)
    Disney/High School Musical When There Was Me & You(DISHSM-4)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 Bet On It(DISHSM2-7)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 Everyday(DISHSM2-8)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 Fabulous(DISHSM2-2)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 Gotta Go My Own Way(DISHSM2-6)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 I Don't Dance(DISHSM2-5)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 What Time Is It(DISHSM2-1)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 Work This Out(DISHSM2-3)
    Disney/High School Musical 2 You Are The Music In Me(DISHSM2-4)
    Disney/Jungle Book Bare Necessities, The(DISVOL2-13)
    Disney/Jungle Book I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)(DISVOL1-13)
    Disney/Jungle Book 2 Never Smile At A Crocodile(DISGRTST-3)
    Disney/Lady & The Tramp Bella Notte(DISVOL2-19)
    Disney/Lady & The Tramp He's A Tramp(DISVOL1-14)
    Disney/Lion King Be Prepared(DISLNKNG-6)
    Disney/Lion King Hakuna Matata(DISVOL1-12)
    Disney/Lion King He Lives In You(DISLNKNG-7)
    Disney/Lion King I Just Can't Wait To Be King(DISLNKNG-2)
    Disney/Lion King Queen Of The Jungle(DISVOL3-22)
    Disney/Lion King Warthog Rhapsody(DISLNKNG-4)
    Disney/Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl(DISVOL3-16)
    Disney/Little Mermaid Les Possions(TU158-14)
    Disney/Little Mermaid Part Of Your World(DISVOL1-18)
    Disney/Little Mermaid Under The Sea(DISGRTST-7)
    Disney/Lizzie McGuire Girl In The Band(DISLZZMG-8)
    Disney/Lizzie McGuire Have A Nice Life(DISLZZMG-7)
    Disney/Lizzie McGuire I Can't Wait(DISLZZMG-1)
    Disney/Lizzie McGuire Supermodel(DISLZZMG-6)
    Disney/Lizzie McGuire Tide Is High (Get The Feeling), The(DISLZZMG-5)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Chim-chim-cher-ee(DISMARYP-7)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Feed The Birds(ZMP047-5)
    Disney/Mary Poppins I Love To Laugh(DISMARYP-5)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday(DISMARYP-2)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Let's Go Fly A Kite(DISMARYP-8)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Spoonful Of Sugar(DISMARYP-1)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Stay Awake(DISMARYP-4)
    Disney/Mary Poppins Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(DISMARYP-3)
    Disney/Mickey Mouse Club Mickey Mouse Club March(DISGRTST-1)
    Disney/Monsters Inc. If I Didn't Have You(DSNYDUET-4)
    Disney/Mulan I'll Make A Man Out Of You(DISVOL3-17)
    Disney/Mulan Reflection(DISVOL1-17)
    Disney/Pete's Dragon Candle On The Water(DISVOL3-14)
    Disney/Pinocchio Give A Little Whistle(SC8930-7)
    Disney/Pinocchio I've Got No Strings(SC8930-3)
    Disney/Pinocchio When You Wish Upon A Star(SC8930-1)
    Disney/Pocahontas Colors Of The Wind(DISVOL2-16)
    Disney/Pocahontas Just Around The Riverbend(DISVOL1-16)
    Disney/Radio Disney All Star(DISRADIO-5)
    Disney/Radio Disney Are You Happy Now(DISRADIO-7)
    Disney/Radio Disney Invisible(DISRADIO-2)
    Disney/Radio Disney Miss Independent(DISRADIO-4)
    Disney/Radio Disney YMCA(DISRADIO-8)
    Disney/Shrek 2 Disco Inferno(DISSHREK2-7)
    Disney/Shrek 2 Hooked On A Feeling(DISSHREK2-10)
    Disney/Shrek 2 I Can See Clearly Now(DISSHREK2-9)
    Disney/Shrek 2 I'm Too Sexy(DISSHREK2-11)
    Disney/Shrek 2 These Boots Are Made For Walkin(DISSHREK2-8)
    Disney/Shrek 2 What I Like About You(DISSHREK2-12)
    Disney/Sleeping Beauty Once Upon A Dream(DISVOL1-19)
    Disney/Snow White Heigh-ho(SC8930-5)
    Disney/Snow White Someday My Prince Will Come(SC8930-9)
    Disney/Snow White Whistle While You Work(SC8930-2)
    Disney/Song Of The South Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah(DISVOL1-11)
    Disney/Tarzan Son Of Man(DISBROBR-7)
    Disney/Tarzan You'll Be In My Heart(DISVOL2-15)
    Disney/That's So Raven Jungle Boogie(DISRAVEN-6)
    Disney/That's So Raven More To Life, (There's Gotta Be)(DISRAVEN-5)
    Disney/That's So Raven Shine(DISRAVEN-2)
    Disney/That's So Raven Supernatural(DISRAVEN-1)
    Disney/That's So Raven Ultimate(DISRAVEN-4)
    Disney/That's So Raven We Are Family(DISRAVEN-3)
    Disney/That's So Raven You Gotta Be(DISRAVEN-7)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Bear Band Serenade,The(DISTHMPRK-8)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Everybody Has A Laughing Place(DISTHMPRK-7)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Grim Grinning Ghosts(DISTHMPRK-4)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Hefflumps & Woozles(DISTHMPRK-5)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites It's A Small World After All(DISTHMPRK-1)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Remember When(DISTHMPRK-6)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow(DISTHMPRK-2)
    Disney/Theme Park Favorites Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)(DISTHMPRK-3)
    Disney/Three Little Pigs Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf(SC8930-10)
    Disney/Toy Story You've Got A Friend In Me(DISVOL3-12)
    Disney/Winnie-The-Pooh Winnie-The-Pooh(DISVOL3-21)
    Distel, Sacha Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head(SF090-3)
    Distillers Drain The Blood(PHR0402-6)
    Distillers, The City Of Angels(HMDK-253)
    Disturbed Awaken(HMDK-708)
    Disturbed Down With The Sickness(SC8720-8)
    Disturbed Fear(HMDK-259)
    Disturbed Guarded(THR0510-14)
    Disturbed Indestructible(HMDK-709)
    Disturbed Inside The Fire(HMDK-263)
    Disturbed Inside The Fire(SC9021-11)
    Disturbed Land Of Confusion(SC8995-14)
    Disturbed Liberate(PHR0309-1)
    Disturbed Meaning Of Life(HMDK-260)
    Disturbed Night, The(SC3502-4)
    Disturbed Numb(HMDK-254)
    Disturbed Perfect Insanity(HMDK-262)
    Disturbed Prayer(SC8783-4)
    Disturbed Remember(SC8817-3)
    Disturbed Shout 2000(HMDK-258)
    Disturbed Stricken(SC8957-5)
    Disturbed Stupify(SC8662-15)
    Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists(HMDK-261)
    Disturbed The Game(HMDK-710)
    Disturbed Violence Fetish(HMDK-257)
    Disturbed Voices(SC8673-7)
    Disturbed Want(HMDK-255)
    Disturbed Want (acoustic)(HMDK-256)
    Divine Lately(SC8499-11)
    Divine One More Try(SC8519-13)
    Divine You Think You're A Man(SFMW914-3)
    Divine Brown Old Skool Love(PHAC0511-8)
    Divine Comedy Becoming More Like Alfie(SFMW893-5)
    Divine Comedy Generation Sex(SF126-9)
    Divine Comedy National Express(SF132-3)
    Divine Comedy Something For The Weekend(SFMW892-6)
    Divinyls I Touch Myself(SC7587-6)
    Dixie Chicks Am I The Only One(RSZ602-12)
    Dixie Chicks Cold Day In July(SC8617-15)
    Dixie Chicks Cowboy Take Me Away(SC7596-3)
    Dixie Chicks Don't Waste Your Heart(SC8665-14)
    Dixie Chicks Everybody Knows(THC0608-16)
    Dixie Chicks Give It Up Or Let Me Go(RSZ602-11)
    Dixie Chicks Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)(SC8833-9)
    Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl(SC8570-6)
    Dixie Chicks Heartbreak Town(SC3279-3)
    Dixie Chicks Hello Mr. Heartache(CB20153-11)
    Dixie Chicks Hole In My Head(CB20164-8)
    Dixie Chicks Home, A(ZMP078-1)
    Dixie Chicks I Believe In Love(SC2336b-8)
    Dixie Chicks I Can Love You Better(SC2216-7)
    Dixie Chicks I Hope(SD138-13)
    Dixie Chicks I'll Take Care Of You(RSZ602-9)
    Dixie Chicks If I Fall You're Going Down With Me(SC3246-8)
    Dixie Chicks Landslide(SC8784-13)
    Dixie Chicks Landslide [Album Version](TU185-7)
    Dixie Chicks Let 'Er Rip(SC8524-4)
    Dixie Chicks Let Him Fly(SC2317-5)
    Dixie Chicks Let'er Rip(SC2216-4)
    Dixie Chicks Long Time Gone(SC8795-10)
    Dixie Chicks Loving Arms(CB20085-9)
    Dixie Chicks Mississippi(RSZ617-1)
    Dixie Chicks More Love(CB20382-9)
    Dixie Chicks Never Say Die(RSZ602-6)
    Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice(SC8965-10)
    Dixie Chicks Once You've Loved Somebody(TU058-7)
    Dixie Chicks Ready To Run(SC8788-13)
    Dixie Chicks Roly Poly(RSZ602-13)
    Dixie Chicks Roses In The Snow(TU126-12)
    Dixie Chicks Sin Wagon(SC3178-5)
    Dixie Chicks Some Days You Gotta Dance(SC8788-15)
    Dixie Chicks Strong Enough(TU126-14)
    Dixie Chicks There's Your Trouble(SC8788-1)
    Dixie Chicks Tonight The Heartache's On Me(SC8528-8)
    Dixie Chicks Top Of The World(CB20382-12)
    Dixie Chicks Tortured, Tangled Hearts(SC8794-1)
    Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier(SC8736-7)
    Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier [Live Version](SC8851-8)
    Dixie Chicks Truth No. 2(SC8877-5)
    Dixie Chicks Voice Inside My Head(PHAC0609-1)
    Dixie Chicks Walk Softly [w/ Ricky Skaggs](SC8693-12)
    Dixie Chicks White Trash Wedding(SC8788-14)
    Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces(SC8788-2)
    Dixie Chicks Without You(SC8788-10)
    Dixie Chicks You Can't Hurry Love(MM6283-4)
    Dixie Chicks You Were Mine(SC8788-3)
    Dixie Chicks Your Were Here(RSZ602-1)
    Dixie Cups Chapel Of Love(SC8968-11)
    Dixie Cups People Say(SC8575-5)
    Dixon, Willie I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man(SC8327-15)
    Dixon, Willie Little Red Rooster, The(SC8327-9)
    Dixon, Willie You Shook Me(SC8339-5)
    Dizzee Rascal Bonkers [w/ Armand Van Helden](EZH78-14)
    DJ Bobo Chihuahua(SFMW841-9)
    DJ Casper Cha Cha Slide(SFMW851-5)
    DJ Encore I See Right Through To You(TU122-10)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Boom Shake The Room(SF050-14)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Nightmare On My Street, A(SC8086-9)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Parents Just Don't Understand(SC8667-8)
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Summertime(SFG025-1)
    DJ Khaled I'm So Hood(PHU0712-4)
    DJ Kool Let Me Clear My Throat(SC8892-15)
    DJ Maj & T Bone & Natalie Larue King Of My Life(TU128-8)
    DJ Otzi Do Wah Diddy(SF184-16)
    DJ Otzi Hey Baby(SF184-9)
    DJ Otzi Hey Baby [World Cup Remix](EZH12-7)
    DJ Pied Piper Do You Really Like It(SF180-3)
    DJ Sammy Boys Of Summer, The(SF202-16)
    DJ Sammy Heaven [Disco Version](TU136-6)
    DJ Sammy Heaven [Slow Version](SFMW837-10)
    DJ Sammy Sunlight(SF206-10)
    Dj Unk 2 Step(PHU0705-2)
    Djay Whoop That Trick(SC8935-7)
    DK Arrangement Cotton Fields(DK2034-4)
    DK Arrangement Dixie(DK2034-5)
    DK Arrangement Let Me Call You Sweetheart(DK2034-10)
    DK Arrangement Star Spangled Banner, The(DK2023-5)
    DK Arrangement Swing Low, Sweet Chariot(DK2034-11)
    DK Arrangement When Irish Eyes Are Smiling(DK2023-4)
    DMC & Sarah McLachlan Just Like Me(PHM0607-7)
    DNA & Suzanne Vega Tom's Diner(SC8433-5)
    Dobson, Fefe Don't Let It Go To Your Head(THP0511-15)
    Dobson, Fefe Everything(SF217-13)
    Dobson, Fefe Take Me Away(SC8859-5)
    Dobson, Fefe This Is My Life(THP0607-16)
    Doc Walker I Am Ready(PHN0511-8)
    Dodd, Deryl Bitter End(SC8488-11)
    Dodd, Deryl Friends Don't Drive Friends To Drinkin'(SC8336-1)
    Dodd, Deryl Good Idea Tomorrow(SC8533-6)
    Dodd, Deryl Honky Tonk Champagne(CB20368-11)
    Dodd, Deryl John Roland Wood(SC3144-7)
    Dodd, Deryl One Ride In Vegas(CB20311-8)
    Dodd, Deryl Pearl Snaps(CB20350-11)
    Dodd, Deryl That's How I Got To Memphis(SC8344-9)
    Dodd, Deryl Time On My Hands(MM6244-14)
    Dodd, Deryl Wood, John Roland(CB20090-12)
    Dodd, Ken Promises(SF094-11)
    Dodd, Ken River, The(SF066-15)
    Dodd, Ken Tears(SF074-14)
    Dodgy Good Enough(SF061-15)
    Dog's Eye View Everything Falls Apart(SC8281-7)
    Dog's Eye View Small Wonders(SC8337-7)
    Doggys Angels & Latoya Williams Baby If You're Ready(SC8664-11)
    Dokken Alone Again(SC8373-11)
    Dokken Breaking The Chains(SC8660-14)
    Dokken Burning Like A Flame(SC8252-9)
    Dokken Dream Warriors(SC8631-3)
    Dokken In My Dreams(SC8597-10)
    Dokken Into The Fire(SC8843-13)
    Dokken It's Not Love(ASKFP89-1-5)
    Dokken It's Not Love(SC8928-3)
    Dokken Unchain The Night(SC9002-2)
    Dolan, Joe Make Me An Island(SFMW858-7)
    Dolby, Thomas Hyperactive!(SC8678-5)
    Dolby, Thomas She Blinded Me With Science(SC8696-1)
    Dolce, Joe Shaddap A You Face(SF028-15)
    Dollar Give Me Back My Heart(SFMW909-9)
    Dollar Loves Got A Hold Of Me(SFMW813-8)
    Dollar Mirror Mirror(SFMW829-14)
    Dollar Ring Ring(SFMW802-13)
    Dollar Shooting Star(SFMW914-10)
    Domino, Fats Ain't That A Shame(SC7502-2)
    Domino, Fats Blue Monday(SC7508-2)
    Domino, Fats Blueberry Hill(SC7520-3)
    Domino, Fats I Hear You Knockin'(DK044-18)
    Domino, Fats I Want To Walk You Home(SC8191-15)
    Domino, Fats I'm In Love Again(SC8450-14)
    Domino, Fats I'm Ready(SC8364-4)
    Domino, Fats I'm Walkin'(SC8222-4)
    Domino, Fats Im In Love Again(MH1138-6)
    Domino, Fats Walking To New Orleans(SC8441-2)
    Domino, Fats Whole Lotta Loving(SC8364-2)
    Dominoes 60 Minute Man(SC8110-6)
    Don & Juan What's Your Name(MM6160-1)
    Donaghy, Siobhan Don't Give It Up(SF254-12)
    Donaghy, Siobhan Overrated(SFMW840-3)
    Donaldson, Bo & The Heywoods Billy Don't Be A Hero(SC8297-9)
    Donegan, Lonnie Cumberland Gap(SF047-14)
    Donegan, Lonnie Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor(SC8222-8)
    Donegan, Lonnie I'm A Gamblin' Man(SF063-2)
    Donegan, Lonnie Jack O' Diamonds(SFMW887-9)
    Donegan, Lonnie My Old Man's A Dustman(SF042-8)
    Donegan, Lonnie Rock Island Line(SFMW843-10)
    Donnas Fall Behind Me(SC8906-6)
    Donnas Take It Off(SC8852-5)
    Donnas Who Invited You(THR0307-15)
    Donovan Atlantis(RSX001-1)
    Donovan Catch The Wind(SF086-5)
    Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man(SC8450-9)
    Donovan Jennifer Juniper(SF100-6)
    Donovan Mellow Yellow(SC8225-9)
    Donovan Season's Of The Witch(LG224-15)
    Donovan Sunshine Superman(SC8190-7)
    Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven(SC8895-14)
    Donovan, Jason Too Many Broken Hearts(PI326-12)
    Doobie Brothers Black Water(SC7509-3)
    Doobie Brothers China Grove(SC8840-12)
    Doobie Brothers Doctor, The(SC8580-11)
    Doobie Brothers It Keeps You Runnin'(SC8207-1)
    Doobie Brothers Jesus Is Just Alright(SC2286-1)
    Doobie Brothers Listen To The Music(SC2286-2)
    Doobie Brothers Long Train Running(SC8724-9)
    Doobie Brothers Minute By Minute(SC8861-9)
    Doobie Brothers Real Love(LG045-15)
    Doobie Brothers Rockin' Down The Highway(SC8939-1)
    Doobie Brothers South City Midnight Lady(SC8939-7)
    Doobie Brothers Take Me In Your Arms(SC8985-9)
    Doobie Brothers Takin' It To The Streets(SC8404-15)
    Doobie Brothers What A Fool Believes(SC8621-1)
    Doobie Brothers Without You(SC8985-5)
    Dood, Ken Happiness(SFMW821-14)
    Doolally Straight From The Heart(SF146-15)
    Dooleys Wanted(SFMW822-7)
    Doonican, Val Elusive Butterfly(SF066-3)
    Doonican, Val Special Years, The(SFMW910-9)
    Doonican, Val Walk Tall(SF100-7)
    Doonican, Val What Would I Be(SF094-12)
    Doors, The Alabama Song(DG10-1)
    Doors, The Back Door Man(SC8814-5)
    Doors, The Been Down So Long(LG098-5)
    Doors, The Break On Through(SC8300-9)
    Doors, The Crystal Ship(LG098-9)
    Doors, The End, The(SO206-15)
    Doors, The Five To One(MH1127-11)
    Doors, The Hello, I Love You(SC8218-3)
    Doors, The L.A. Woman(LG098-2)
    Doors, The Light My Fire(SC8172-3)
    Doors, The Love Her Madly(LG098-11)
    Doors, The Love Me Two Times(LG098-12)
    Doors, The Peace Frog(HMDK-264)
    Doors, The People Are Strange(SC8361-9)
    Doors, The Riders On The Storm(UK3103-3)
    Doors, The Roadhouse Blues(DG01-9)
    Doors, The Runnin' Blue(HMDK-265)
    Doors, The Strange Days(SO206-14)
    Doors, The Touch Me(SC8169-11)
    Doors, The Unknown Soldier, The(LG098-10)
    Doors, The When The Music's Over(LG098-3)
    Dope Slipping Away(THR0206-18)
    Dore, Charlie Pilot Of The Airwaves(SC8577-14)
    Dork Eddie's Song(SF240-7)
    Dorrough Walk That Walk(PHU0907-3)
    Dorsey, Jimmy I Remember You(DK093-15)
    Dorsey, Lee Holy Cow(SF100-14)
    Dorsey, Lee Working In A Coal Mine(SC8429-9)
    Dorsey, Lee Ya Ya(SC8251-12)
    Dotson, Amber I'll Try Anything(SC3436-2)
    Double Captain Of Her Heart, The(SC8621-8)
    Doubledrive Imprint(THR0308-18)
    Doucette Mama Let Him Play(SC8840-1)
    Doug & The Slugs Day By Day(GM1002-6)
    Doug & The Slugs Making It Work(GM1002-5)
    Doug & The Slugs Too Bad(GM1002-4)
    Douglas, Carl Kung Fu Fighting(SC8223R-11)
    Douglas, Craig Only Sixteen(SF062-1)
    Douglas, Craig Pretty Blue Eyes(ZMJB03-7)
    Dovells Bristol Stomp(MM6400-11)
    Doves Black & White Town(SFMW865-3)
    Doves Catch The Sun(TU059-2)
    Doves There Goes The Fear(TU133-16)
    Doves Words(TU133-18)
    Downey, Robert Jr Smile(MM6005-3)
    Downing, Will Break Up To Make Up(SC8374-13)
    Downing, Will Something Special(PHU0909-7)
    Dr. Alban It's My Life(SF050-12)
    Dr. Dre Forgot About Dre [w/ Eminem](SC8656-2)
    Dr. Dre Let Me Ride(SC8875-5)
    Dr. Dre Nuttin' But A G Thang [w/ Snoop Dogg](SC7586-15)
    Dr. Evil Hard Knock Life(SF195-5)
    Dr. Hook Better Love Next Time(SC8668-2)
    Dr. Hook Carry Me Carrie(LG207-11)
    Dr. Hook Cover Of A Rolling Stone, The(SC8115-2)
    Dr. Hook Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me(SFMW853-14)
    Dr. Hook Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball(SC8941-1)
    Dr. Hook I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight(SFMW822-10)
    Dr. Hook If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body(LG207-7)
    Dr. Hook If Not You(ZMP015-6)
    Dr. Hook In Over My Head(SFMW858-11)
    Dr. Hook Little Bit More, A(SC8603-9)
    Dr. Hook Millionaire, The(SC2318-3)
    Dr. Hook More Like The Movies(ZMP015-2)
    Dr. Hook Only Sixteen(ZMP015-3)
    Dr. Hook Sexy Eyes(SC8585-12)
    Dr. Hook Sharing The Night Together(SC8443-15)
    Dr. Hook Sweetest Of All(SFG028-4)
    Dr. Hook Sylvia's Mother(SC8539-13)
    Dr. Hook When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman(SC8535-8)
    Dr. Hook Years From Now(SFMW822-11)
    Dr. John Low Rider(NT046-13)
    Dr. John Making Whoopie [w/ Rickie Lee Jones](MM6329-8)
    Dr. John Right Place Wrong Time(SC8231-14)
    Dragon Rain(DU1-8)
    Drain STH Enter My Mind(SC2262-2)
    Drake, Dusty And Then(SC8779-5)
    Drake, Dusty I Am The Working Man(SD125-10)
    Drake, Dusty One Last Time(MM6386-5)
    Drake, Dusty Say Yes(SD153-6)
    Drake, Dusty Smaller Pieces(TU228-13)
    Drake, Dusty Smaller Pieces [Radio Version](SC8842-15)
    Dramarama Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)(SC8942-8)
    Dramatics In The Rain(SC8393-10)
    Dramatics Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get(SC8941-15)
    Dream He Loves U Not(SC8654-10)
    Dream I Luv Your Girl(SC9022-7)
    Dream In My Dreams(TU027-8)
    Dream Shawty Is A 10(THP0802-17)
    Dream This Is Me(SC8708-9)
    Dream Academy Life In A Northern Town(SC8719-8)
    Dream Theater 600(HMDK-42)
    Dream Theater Another Day(HMDK-43)
    Dream Theater As I Am(HMDK-30)
    Dream Theater Burning My Soul(HMDK-31)
    Dream Theater Caught In A Web(HMDK-44)
    Dream Theater Constant Motion(HMDK-266)
    Dream Theater Hollow Years(HMDK-45)
    Dream Theater Learning To Live(HMDK-46)
    Dream Theater Lie(HMDK-47)
    Dream Theater Metropolis, Pt. 1(HMDK-48)
    Dream Theater Mirror, The(HMDK-32)
    Dream Theater Misunderstood(HMDK-33)
    Dream Theater Peruvian Skies(HMDK-34)
    Dream Theater Pull Me Under(HMDK-35)
    Dream Theater Space-dye Vest(HMDK-36)
    Dream Theater Surrounded(HMDK-37)
    Dream Theater Take Away My Pain(HMDK-38)
    Dream Theater Under A Glass Moon(HMDK-39)
    Dream Theater Voices(HMDK-40)
    Dream Theater You Not Me(HMDK-41)
    Dream Warriors My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style(SFMW893-13)
    Dreamgirls Dreamgirls(SC8127-13)
    Dreamgirls I Am Changing(LGB01-12)
    Dreamlovers When We Get Married(SC8182-2)
    Dreamstreet I Sing Yeah(TU146-9)
    Dreamstreet It Happens Every Time(TU146-13)
    Dreamstreet Sugar Rush(TU146-19)
    Dreamstreet They Don't Understand(TU146-21)
    Dresden Dolls Coin-Operated Boy(HMDK-267)
    Drifters At The Club(SF091-1)
    Drifters Come On Over To My Place(ZMP070-2)
    Drifters Down On The Beach Tonight(ZMP063-5)
    Drifters Every Night's A Saturday Night With You(ZMP063-6)
    Drifters Hello Happiness(ZMP063-3)
    Drifters I Count The Tears(MM6401-2)
    Drifters Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies(SF091-7)
    Drifters Like Sister & Brother(SF091-3)
    Drifters Little Red Book(SC8251-14)
    Drifters My Girl(LG003-16)
    Drifters On Broadway(SC7550-14)
    Drifters Saturday Night At The Movies(SF023-9)
    Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me(SC8182-1)
    Drifters Some Kind Of Wonderful(DK013-16)
    Drifters Spanish Harlem(LG003-8)
    Drifters There Goes My Baby(SC8513-2)
    Drifters There Goes My First Love(SF055-1)
    Drifters This Magic Moment(PI002-1)
    Drifters Under The Boardwalk(SC8110-14)
    Drifters Up On The Roof(SC7517-6)
    Drifters You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book(ZMP063-4)
    Drifters, The Dance With Me(ZMJB10-4)
    Driscoll & Auger This Wheel's On Fire(SF070-13)
    Drivin N Cryin Fly Me Courageous(SC8638-9)
    Dropkick Murphys 3rd Man In(HMDK-49)
    Dropkick Murphys Fightstarter(HMDK-50)
    Dropline Fly Away From Here(MM6366-14)
    Drowning Pool 37 Stitches(PHM0907-5)
    Drowning Pool Bodies(SC8720-4)
    Drowning Pool Sinner(PHR0202-7)
    Drowning Pool Step Up(THR0407-12)
    Drowning Pool Tear Away(THR0207-17)
    Drusky & Mitchell Yes, Mr. Peters(MM6314-12)
    Dry Cell Body Crumbles(TU133-3)
    Dubliners Black Velvet Band, The(SC8737-6)
    Dubliners Seven Drunken Nights(SC8737-7)
    Dubs Could This Be Magic(MM6421-1)
    Dubs I Will Be Your Girlfriend(SF118-8)
    Dubstar Stars(SFMW882-12)
    Ducas, George Every Time She Passes By(SC8289-8)
    Ducas, George Hello Cruel World(SC8173-7)
    Ducas, George Lipstick Promises(SC8159-6)
    Ducas, George Long Trail Of Tears(MM6195-4)
    Ducas, George Teardrops(SC8200-5)
    Dudley, Dave Comin' Down(CB90136-12)
    Dudley, Dave Cowboy Boots(CB90136-5)
    Dudley, Dave Fly Away Again(CB90136-13)
    Dudley, Dave George (and The North Woods)(CB90136-11)
    Dudley, Dave If It Feels Good Do It(CB90136-15)
    Dudley, Dave Last Day In The Mines(CB90136-6)
    Dudley, Dave Mad(CB90136-7)
    Dudley, Dave Me & Ole CB(CB90136-10)
    Dudley, Dave Pool Shark, The(CB90136-3)
    Dudley, Dave Six Days On The Road(SC7552-10)
    Dudley, Dave There Ain't No Easy Run(CB90136-9)
    Dudley, Dave Truck Drivin' Man(CB90136-2)
    Dudley, Dave Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun(CB90136-8)
    Dudley, Dave Two Six Packs Away(CB90136-14)
    Dudley, Dave What We're Fighting For(CB90136-4)
    Duff, Hilary Beat Of My Heart(SC8949-14)
    Duff, Hilary Come Clean(SC8858-4)
    Duff, Hilary Fly(THP0412-18)
    Duff, Hilary I Can't Wait(TU232-4)
    Duff, Hilary So Yesterday(SC8845-3)
    Duff, Hilary Someone's Watching Over Me(SFID002-4)
    Duff, Hilary Stranger(SFKK20-9)
    Duff, Hilary Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room, The(DISMANIA2-6)
    Duff, Hilary Wake Up(SC8935-11)
    Duff, Hilary What Dreams Are Made Of(DISLZZMG-3)
    Duff, Hilary Where Did I Go Right(TU232-13)
    Duff, Hilary Why Not(SC8876-5)
    Duff, Hilary With Love(CB30063-12)
    Duff, Hilary Workin' It Out(TU232-16)
    Duffy Mercy(SC9019-6)
    Dugan, Jeff Don't Tell Her(CB20075-12)
    Duice Dazzey Duks(SC8892-5)
    Duncan, James Sooner Or Later(SF244-15)
    Duncan, Johnny It Couldn't Have Been Any Better(SC7569-8)
    Duncan, Johnny Last Train To San Fernando(SF063-8)
    Duncan, Johnny She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed (Anytime)(SC8564-8)
    Duncan, Johnny Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous(SC8529-8)
    Duncan, Whitney Skinny Dippin'(PHN0909-3)
    Dundas, David Jeans On(ZMH001-12)
    Dunn, Clive Grandad(SF089-11)
    Dunn, Holly Are You Ever Gonna Love Me(SC8133-2)
    Dunn, Holly As Long As You Belong To Me(SC8269-7)
    Dunn, Holly Daddy's Hands(SC7512-11)
    Dunn, Holly Golden Years(MM6012-15)
    Dunn, Holly I Am Who I Am(SC8163-5)
    Dunn, Holly It's Not About Blame(SC8211-9)
    Dunn, Holly Love Someone Like Me(MM6086-9)
    Dunn, Holly Maybe I Mean Yes(MM6011-4)
    Dunn, Holly No Love Have I(SC8324-12)
    Dunn, Holly Only When I Love(SC8541-2)
    Dunn, Holly Strangers Again(SC8561-14)
    Dunn, Holly That's What Your Love Does To Me(CB20223-12)
    Dunn, Holly There Goes My Heart Again(SC8161-14)
    Dunn, Holly You Really Had Me Going(SC8183-7)
    Dupree, Robbie Steal Away(AH8002-11)
    Dupree, Simon & Big Sound Kites(SF087-13)
    Duprees Have You Heard(MM6018-3)
    Duprees My Own True Love(MM6400-4)
    Duprees Take Me As I Am(MM6409-10)
    Duprees Why Don't You Believe Me(MM6400-14)
    Duprees You Belong To Me(SC8418-3)
    Dupri, Jermaine & Ludacris Welcome To Atlanta(SC8744-5)
    Duran Duran (Reach Up For The) Sunrise(THP0412-12)
    Duran Duran All She Wants Is(SFG004-11)
    Duran Duran Chauffeur, The(LGK001-1)
    Duran Duran Come Undone(SFG004-13)
    Duran Duran Electric Barbarella(HMDK-268)
    Duran Duran Girls On Film(SC8571-6)
    Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf(SC8447-1)
    Duran Duran I Don't Want Your Love(SFG004-15)
    Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know(ZML008-11)
    Duran Duran New Moon On Monday(SFG004-16)
    Duran Duran Notorious(DK094-16)
    Duran Duran Ordinary World(SC8242-10)
    Duran Duran Planet Earth(SFG004-14)
    Duran Duran Reflex, The(SC8808-4)
    Duran Duran Rio(SC8397-4)
    Duran Duran Save A Prayer(SC8609-10)
    Duran Duran Skin Trade(SFMW864-14)
    Duran Duran Someone Else Not Me(SC8622-7)
    Duran Duran Union Of The Snake(SC8207-8)
    Duran Duran View To A Kill, A(SC8468-2)
    Duran Duran What Happens Tomorrow(SF225-15)
    Duran Duran Wild Boys, The(SC8671-12)
    Durante, Jimmy As Time Goes By(SC7553-3)
    Durante, Jimmy Glory Of Love, The(LG109-11)
    Durante, Jimmy Inka Dinka Do(LG109-9)
    Durante, Jimmy Make Someone Happy(SFMW911-7)
    Durante, Jimmy September Song(LG109-12)
    Durante, Jimmy Smile(LG109-10)
    Durcal, Rocio Para Toda La Vida(SC2197-6)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads Clever Trevor(SF113-14)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick(SF029-11)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads Reason To Be Cheerful, Pt. 3(SF079-6)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll(SFMW808-6)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads Wake Up & Make Love(SF113-15)
    Dury, Ian & The Blockheads What A Waste(SFMW857-15)
    Dust For Life Step Into The Light(SC8673-4)
    DVDA America (Fuck Yeah)(HMDK-270)
    DVDA Now You're A Man(HMDK-269)
    Dwight Twilley Band I'm On Fire(MM6194-2)
    Dylan, Bob All Along The Watchtower(LG224-1)
    Dylan, Bob Blowin' In The Wind(SC8821-10)
    Dylan, Bob Don't Think Twice, It's All Right(CB90231-8)
    Dylan, Bob Forever Young(SC8856-14)
    Dylan, Bob Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall, A(LG224-12)
    Dylan, Bob Hurricane(CB90231-13)
    Dylan, Bob It Ain't Me Babe(CB90231-10)
    Dylan, Bob It's All Over Now, Baby Blue(SFMW869-3)
    Dylan, Bob Just Like A Woman(SC2441-6)
    Dylan, Bob Knockin' On Heaven's Door(SC8850-1)
    Dylan, Bob Lay Lady Lay(SC8182-4)
    Dylan, Bob Like A Rolling Stone(SC7572-1)
    Dylan, Bob Maggies Farm(LG102-16)
    Dylan, Bob Mr. Tambourine Man(THMRM11-9)
    Dylan, Bob Positively 4th Street(CB90231-5)
    Dylan, Bob Rainy Day Women #12 & 35(SC8172-1)
    Dylan, Bob Shelter From The Storm(SC8850-15)
    Dylan, Bob Subterranean Homesick Blues(SC8941-8)
    Dylan, Bob Tambourine Man(MM6328-8)
    Dylan, Bob Tangled Up In Blue(SC8588-9)
    Dylan, Bob Times They Are A-Changin'(SC8821-9)
    Dylan, Bob When The Ship Comes In(SFMW863-15)


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