So you think you like what you see so far?  Want to see what we're really all about?

Welcome to the only serious portion of the web site.

View our poster, a .pdf featuring our spokesmodel, Irena Gee. Formatted for an 11x17 sheet, you can use it to promote us in your venue to let your customers know when we'll be there. It has a box at the bottom for you to print out the day and time of the show:


View our brochure, called the "K.W.A. Survival Guide"

View our official K.W.A. logo
(Right click and Save to use as a promotional tool for your venue)

Our K.W.A. Promotional Video:

Contact us using the e-mail link below.  We used to give out our phone number, but we started getting death threats from people who couldn't handle the noise.  Oh yeah, this is supposed to be the serious part.  Our bad.


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