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    F.L.Y. (Fast Life Yungstaz) Swag Surfin'(PHU0909-3)
    Fabares, Shelley Johnny Angel(SC2063R-6)
    Fabian Tiger(MM6243-5)
    Fabian, Lara I Will Love Again(SC8629-12)
    Fabian, Lara Love By Grace(SC2295-7)
    Fabolous Breathe(SC8945-6)
    Fabolous Can't Deny It(SC3283-2)
    Fabolous Into You [Radio Version] [w/ Ashanti](SC3377-3)
    Fabolous Into You [w/ Tamia](HTG1011-14)
    Fabolous Make Me Better [w/ Ne-yo](PHU0708-5)
    Fabolous Trade It All Part 2(SC8789-14)
    Fabolous Young'n (Holla Back)(SC8752-8)
    Fabolous & Mike Shorey Baby(SC8914-4)
    Fabolous & Mike Shorey Can't Let You Go(SC8822-6)
    Fabulous Thunderbirds Amnesia(MM6155-8)
    Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff Enuff(SC7545-3)
    Fabulous Thunderbirds Wrap It Up(SC8443-12)
    Faces Stay With Me(SF096-4)
    Faders No Sleep Tonight(SF230-13)
    Fagen, Donald I.G.Y.(SC8790-12)
    Fagen, Donald Tomorrow's Girls(MM6096-14)
    Failure Stuck On You(SC8460-11)
    Fairchild, Barbara Kid Stuff(SC8558-5)
    Fairchild, Barbara Teddy Bear Song(SC8375-4)
    Fairchild, Shelly You Don't Lie Here Anymore(SC8907-9)
    Fairground Attraction Find My Love(SFMW844-15)
    Fairground Attraction Perfect(SF015-8)
    Faith No More Easy(SC8237-11)
    Faith No More Epic(SC8568-5)
    Faith No More Falling To Pieces(SC8869-2)
    Faith No More Last Cup Of Sorrow(HMDK-53)
    Faith No More Midlife Crisis(SFMW894-15)
    Faith No More The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies(HMDK-274)
    Faith No More We Care A Lot(SFMW878-3)
    Faith, Adam How About That(SF083-5)
    Faith, Adam Poor Me(SF074-6)
    Faith, Adam Someone Else's Baby(ZMJB03-3)
    Faith, Adam Time Has Come, The(SFMW865-14)
    Faith, Adam What Do You Want(SF047-2)
    Faithfull, Marianne Ballad Of Lucy Jordan(SF147-6)
    Faithfull, Marianne Come & Stay With Me(SF093-5)
    Faithless Insomnia(SF081-13)
    Faithless & Dido One Step Too Far(SF191-15)
    Falco Rock Me Amadeus [English Version](SC8894-16)
    Falco Rock Me Amadeus [German Version](SC8894-8)
    Falcon, Rose Up Up Up(TU214-15)
    Falcons You're So Fine(MM6401-15)
    Fall Out Boy America's Suitehearts(SC3501-4)
    Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance(PHM0602-3)
    Fall Out Boy Grand Theft Autumn (Where Is Your Boy)(THP0511-11)
    Fall Out Boy I Don't Care(ASKFP97-1-4)
    Fall Out Boy I'm Like A Lawyer(PHM0711-8)
    Fall Out Boy Little Less Sixteen Candles...(SC8966-8)
    Fall Out Boy Sugar, We're Goin' Down(SC8946-15)
    Fall Out Boy Take Over, The Break's Over(SF257-12)
    Fall Out Boy This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race(SC8995-15)
    Fall Out Boy Thnks Fr Th Mmrs(SC9005-6)
    Fall Out Boy XO(HMDK-275)
    Fallon, Jimmy Idiot Boyfriend(CB30028-15)
    Fame Body Electric(LGB02-12)
    Fame, Georgie & The Blue Flames Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde(SF070-2)
    Fame, Georgie & The Blue Flames Get Away(ZMH003-10)
    Fame, Georgie & The Blue Flames Yeah Yeah(SF078-14)
    Fanning, Bernard Wish You Well(SFKK06-8)
    Fannypack Camel Toe(SC8834-11)
    Fantasia Ain't Gon' Beg You(THH0512-13)
    Fantasia Baby Mama(THH0505-17)
    Fantasia Free Yourself(THH0506-15)
    Fantasia Hood Boy(PHU0703-5)
    Fantasia I Believe(SFMW856-11)
    Fantasia Truth Is(SC8914-13)
    Fantasia When I See You(PHU0707-4)
    Fantastics Something Old, Something New(SFMW819-14)
    Fares Cindy Incidentally(SF040-8)
    Fargo, Donna Another Goodbye(SC8676-7)
    Fargo, Donna Do I Love You(SC8411-1)
    Fargo, Donna Don't Be Angry(SC8414-6)
    Fargo, Donna Funny Face(SC7536-4)
    Fargo, Donna Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, The(SC7524-15)
    Fargo, Donna I'll Try A Little Bit Harder(SC8434-7)
    Fargo, Donna It Do Feel Good(SC8564-5)
    Fargo, Donna Little Girl Gone(SC8411-11)
    Fargo, Donna Shame On Me(SC8558-11)
    Fargo, Donna Somebody Special(SC8411-5)
    Fargo, Donna Superman(SC8411-12)
    Fargo, Donna That Was Yesterday(SC8792-11)
    Fargo, Donna You Can't Be A Beacon(SC8411-8)
    Fargo, Donna You Were Always There(SC8375-7)
    Farley Jackmaster Funk Love Can't Turn Around(SFMW903-5)
    Farlow, Chris Out Of Time(SFMW821-5)
    Farm, The All Together Now(ZMH006-8)
    Farm, The Alltogethernow 2004(SF219-2)
    Farmer's Daughter Cornfields Or Cadillacs(KAR005-3)
    Farnham, John Sadie The Cleaning Lady(DU1-10)
    Farnham, John Your The Voice(DU1-16)
    Farrell, Gia Hit Me Up(PHM0702-3)
    Farris, Dionne Don't Ever Touch Me (Again)(SD017-6)
    Farris, Dionne Hopeless(SC8377-5)
    Farris, Dionne I Know(SC8170-5)
    Farris, Dionne Passion(SC8240-12)
    Farris, Rachel I'm Not The Girl(TU224-7)
    Fast Food Rockers Fast Food Song, The(SF206-4)
    Fastball Fire Escape(SC8481-5)
    Fastball Out Of My Head(SC8534-11)
    Fastball Way, The(SC8462-11)
    Fastball You're An Ocean(SC8637-3)
    Faster Pussycat House Of Pain(SC8734-6)
    Fat Boys & The Beach Boys Wipe Out(DK064-4)
    Fat Joe Get It Poppin' [w/ Nelly](PHM0508-7)
    Fat Joe Make It Rain [w/ Lil' Wayne](THP0705-16)
    Fat Joe What's Luv [w/ Ashanti](SC8797-15)
    Fat Larry's Band Act Like You Know(SF067-6)
    Fat Larry's Band Zoom(SFMW806-6)
    Fat Les Vindaloo(SF121-8)
    Fat Les 2000 Jerusalem(SF168-14)
    Fatback Band Backstrokin'(SF068-15)
    Fatback Band I Found Lovin'(SF067-4)
    Fatboy Slim Demons [w/ Macy Gray](SFMW906-13)
    Fatboy Slim Praise You(SC8531-6)
    Fatboy Slim Rockefeller Skank, The(SF122-3)
    Fatboy Slim That Old Pair Of Jeans(SF244-2)
    Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan Be Faithful(EZH29-12)
    Fatone, Joey Ready To Fall(TU097-13)
    Faulkner, Newton All I Got(SF261-15)
    Faulkner, Newton Dream Catch Me(EZH66-5)
    Feeder Buck Rogers(SF176-1)
    Feeder Seven Days In The Sun(SF178-14)
    Feeder Turn(SF181-7)
    Feeling, The Fill My Little World(SF244-8)
    Feeling, The Love It When You Call(THP0702-13)
    Feeling, The Never Be Lonely(SF246-12)
    Feeling, The Sewn(SF241-13)
    Feist 1234(THHP0801-10)
    Felder, Don Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)(SC8917-1)
    Feliciano, Jose Cielito Lindo(MM6009-14)
    Felony Fanatic, The(SC8571-3)
    Fender, Freddie Before The Next Teardrop Falls(SC7524-14)
    Fender, Freddie Wasted Days & Wasted Nights(SC7539-8)
    Fender, Freddie You'll Lose A Good Thing(SC8525-14)
    Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry(PHM0707-2)
    Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry [Radio Version](SC9006-8)
    Fergie Clumsy(PHM0712-1)
    Fergie Fergalicious(PHM0701-1)
    Fergie Finally(SC9019-12)
    Fergie London Bridge(THH0610-10)
    Fergie & Ludacris Glamorous(THHP0704-12)
    Ferguson, Jay Thunder Island(SC8393-14)
    Fernandez, Pedro Yo No Fui(TU236-14)
    Fernandez, Vicente El Rey(TU236-5)
    Ferrell, Rick Different Point Of View(CB20297-10)
    Ferrell, Rick Girl's Got It Goin' On, The(CB20280-10)
    Ferry, Bryan Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, A(SFMW902-2)
    FFH Fly Away(SC8828-13)
    FFH It's A Good Day(TU215-8)
    FFH On My Cross(TU194-12)
    FFH One Of These Days(SC8962-9)
    FFH Ready To Fly(TU215-10)
    FFH Watching Over Me(TU194-18)
    FFH You Found Me(TU215-17)
    Fiasco, Lupe Kick Push(SFMW879-8)
    Fiasco, Lupe Superstar [w/ Matthew Santos](SC9022-15)
    Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven(SFMW825-2)
    Field Mob Sick Of Being Lonely [M/F Duet](HTG1010-4)
    Field Mob So What(PHU0607-7)
    Field, Frank Wayward Wind, The(SF054-12)
    Fields, Gracie In My Little Bottom Drawer(ZMP089-13)
    Fields, Gracie Sally(ZMP089-11)
    Fields, Gracie Sing As We Go(ZMP089-12)
    Fields, Gracie Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye(ZMP089-10)
    Fierce Sweet Love 2K(SF159-4)
    Fighting Instinct I Found Forever(THR0607-12)
    Filter Best Things, The(THR0008-16)
    Filter Hey Man, Nice Shot(SC8756-10)
    Filter Take A Picture(SC8587-3)
    Filter Where Do We Go From Here(THR0210-10)
    Finch What It Is To Burn(THR0305-14)
    Fine Frenzy, A Almost Lover(SD4711-6)
    Fine Young Cannibals Good Thing(SC8527-10)
    Fine Young Cannibals Johnny Come Home(SFMW871-2)
    Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy(SC8425-1)
    Finger Eleven One Thing(SC8883-5)
    Finger Eleven Paralyzer(PHM0709-7)
    Finger Eleven Thousand Mile Wish(PHM0503-5)
    Finger Eleven Thousand Mile Wish [(Elektra Mix](THR0503-18)
    Finian's Rainbow Look To The Rainbow(PS2003-4-12)
    Fireballs Bottle Of Wine(SC8136-2)
    Firefall Just Remember I Love You(SC8188-9)
    Firefall Strange Way(SC8207-11)
    Firefall You Are The Woman(SC8181-6)
    Fireflies You Were Mine(MM6421-2)
    Firehouse Don't Treat Me Bad(SC8917-10)
    Firehouse Here For You(SD017-7)
    Firehouse Hold The Dream(SC8302-6)
    Firehouse I Live My Life For You(SC8164-2)
    Firehouse Love Of A Lifetime(SC2477-3)
    Firehouse Mama Didn't Raise No Fool(SC8238-9)
    Firehouse When I Look Into Your Eyes(SC8791-8)
    Firm Radioactive(SC8514-11)
    Firm Satisfaction Guaranteed(SC8527-15)
    Firm Star Trekkin'(SF042-3)
    First Class Beach Baby(SC8207-12)
    Firstman, Joe Can't Stop Loving You(PHR0409-4)
    Fisher I Will Love You(SC3233-3)
    Fisher, Eddie Dungaree Doll(MM6156-9)
    Fisher, Eddie I'm Walking Behind You(SF092-7)
    Fisher, Eddie Oh My Papa(MM6156-13)
    Fisher, Eddie Outside Of Heaven(SF092-5)
    Fisher, Eddie Rose Tattoo(JV0030-2)
    Fisher, Lisa How Can I Ease The Pain(MH1119-7)
    Fitzgerald, Ella A Tisket A Tasket(TU120-2)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Anything Goes(PI306-14)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Begin The Beguine(PI303-15)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Cheek To Cheek(MM6005-2)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Don't Get Around Much Anymore(PI303-10)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Embraceable You(PI308-17)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Fine Romance, A(MM6269-10)
    Fitzgerald, Ella How Deep Is The Ocean(MM6186-15)
    Fitzgerald, Ella How High The Moon(PI303-11)
    Fitzgerald, Ella I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart(PI304-6)
    Fitzgerald, Ella I Only Have Eyes For You(PSJT313-15)
    Fitzgerald, Ella I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm(MM6269-9)
    Fitzgerald, Ella I've Got Rhythm(BS4017-3)
    Fitzgerald, Ella It's All Right With Me(PSJT313-16)
    Fitzgerald, Ella It's Alright With Me(MM6334-11)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Let's Call The Whole Thing Off [w/ L. Armstrong](PI308-4)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Let's Face The Music & Dance(MM6186-7)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Putting On The Ritz(PSJT016-4)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Stairway To The Stars(PSJT313-17)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Sweet Georgia Brown(MM6180-2)
    Fitzgerald, Ella This Can't Be Love(MM6423-1)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Tisket A Tasket, A(SC7553-14)
    Fitzgerald, Ella Top Hat White Tie & Tails(PSJT016-5)
    Fitzgerald, Ella You Can Have Him(MM6186-14)
    Five & Queen We Will Rock You(SF163-14)
    Five Americans Western Union(LC0004-10)
    Five Blobs Blob, The(SC8550-5)
    Five For Fighting 100 Years(SC8865-10)
    Five For Fighting Beautiful, The(SC2360-6)
    Five For Fighting Easy Tonight(MM6327-11)
    Five For Fighting I Just Love You(SD4712-7)
    Five For Fighting Riddle, The(SC8988-4)
    Five For Fighting Superman(SC8726-13)
    Five For Fighting World(SD4701-5)
    Five Heartbeats You're A Thousand Miles Away(MM6401-4)
    Five Keys Glory Of Love, The(MM6421-5)
    Five Man Electrical Band Signs(SC8510-12)
    Five Satins In The Still Of The Night(SC7513-1)
    Five Satins To The Aisle(SC8182-11)
    Five Star Rain Or Shine(SFMW878-10)
    Five Star System Addict(SFMW834-14)
    Fivespeed Mess, The(THR0603-13)
    Fixx One Thing Leads To Another(SC8221-9)
    Fixx Red Skies(SC8313-12)
    Fixx Saved By Zero(SC8427-5)
    Fixx Stand Or Fall(SC8518-11)
    Flack, Roberta Feel Like Makin' Love(SC7546-1)
    Flack, Roberta First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The(SC8420-9)
    Flack, Roberta Killing Me Softly(SC7530-1)
    Flack, Roberta You Make Me Feel Brand New(SC8318-14)
    Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway Back Together Again(PI013-14)
    Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway Closer I Get To You, The(SC8482-6)
    Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway Where Is The Love(PI055-16)
    Flack, Roberta & Maxi Priest Set The Night To Music Duet(CB40363-7)
    Flaming Lips Do You Realize(SC2477-4)
    Flaming Lips Fight Test(HMDK-276)
    Flaming Lips She Don't Use Jelly(SC8562-15)
    Flaming Lips Wand(THHP0610-14)
    Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You(SC7520-1)
    Flamingos Your Other Love(MM6421-14)
    Flatlanders Now It's Now Again(TU134-8)
    Flatlanders South Wind Of Summer(TU134-12)
    Flatt & Scruggs Ballad Of Jed Clampett(CB20379-7)
    Flatt & Scruggs I'll Go Steppin' Too(CB60060-12)
    Flatt & Scruggs Mountain Dew(DK084-15)
    Flatt & Scruggs Preachin' Prayin' Singin'(CBEP476-2-16)
    Flatt & Scruggs Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms(CB20381-8)
    Flatt & Scruggs Salty Dog(CB20031-7)
    Flatt & Scruggs Where The Soul Never Dies(CB70014-7)
    Fleetwood Mac As Long As You Follow(LG163-7)
    Fleetwood Mac Beauty Of The Beast(LG163-15)
    Fleetwood Mac Bella Donna(LG163-14)
    Fleetwood Mac Big Love(ZMP006-11)
    Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman(ZMP005-2)
    Fleetwood Mac Blue Letter(ZMP006-4)
    Fleetwood Mac Chain, The(SC8785-13)
    Fleetwood Mac Crystal(ZMP006-1)
    Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop(SC8785-2)
    Fleetwood Mac Dreams(SC8785-4)
    Fleetwood Mac Everywhere(SC8658-5)
    Fleetwood Mac Family Man(ZMP006-10)
    Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way(SC8785-1)
    Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman(SC8514-2)
    Fleetwood Mac Gypsy(SC8305-12)
    Fleetwood Mac Hold Me(SC8785-11)
    Fleetwood Mac Kind Of Woman(LG163-9)
    Fleetwood Mac Landslide(SC8785-5)
    Fleetwood Mac Little Lies(SC2377-6)
    Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World(ZMP005-1)
    Fleetwood Mac Monday Morning(ZMP006-5)
    Fleetwood Mac Need Your Love So Bad(ZMP005-3)
    Fleetwood Mac Never Going Back Again(SC8644-1)
    Fleetwood Mac No Questions Asked(LG163-3)
    Fleetwood Mac Oh Daddy(SC8785-3)
    Fleetwood Mac Over My Head(SC8223-3)
    Fleetwood Mac Peacekeeper(MM6387-2)
    Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon(SC8785-10)
    Fleetwood Mac Running Through the Garden(TU200-14)
    Fleetwood Mac Sara(SC8197-12)
    Fleetwood Mac Say You Love Me(SC8785-14)
    Fleetwood Mac Say You Will(MM6392-8)
    Fleetwood Mac Second Hand News(SC8715-9)
    Fleetwood Mac Seven Wonders(ZMP005-10)
    Fleetwood Mac Silver Springs(SC2377-7)
    Fleetwood Mac Songbird(ZMP005-11)
    Fleetwood Mac Sugar Daddy(ZMP006-2)
    Fleetwood Mac Tusk(ZMP006-7)
    Fleetwood Mac Warm Ways(ZMP005-4)
    Fleetwood Mac World Turning(HMDK-277)
    Fleetwood Mac You Make Lovin' Fun(SC8477-1)
    Fleetwoods Come Softly To Me(JV0011-7)
    Fleetwoods Mr. Blue(SC7532-4)
    Fleming & John Ugly Girl(SC8565-11)
    Flesh For Lulu I Go Crazy(HMDK-278)
    Flickerstick Beautiful(TU088-4)
    Flickerstick Chloroform The One You Love(TU075-2)
    Flickerstick Talk Show Host(TU088-16)
    Flight Of The Conchords Albi The Racist Dragon(HMDK-279)
    Flight Of The Conchords Bowies In Space(HMDK-282)
    Flight Of The Conchords Carol Brown(HMDK-289)
    Flight Of The Conchords Hiphopapotamus Vs Rhymenocerous(SFMW908-16)
    Flight Of The Conchords Hurt Feelings(HMDK-287)
    Flight Of The Conchords I'm Not Crying(SFMW915-15)
    Flight Of The Conchords If You're Into It(HMDK-286)
    Flight Of The Conchords Inner City Pressure(HMDK-285)
    Flight Of The Conchords Ladies Of The World(SFMW909-15)
    Flight Of The Conchords Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room), The(SFMW910-15)
    Flight Of The Conchords Prince Of Parties(HMDK-284)
    Flight Of The Conchords Robots(HMDK-288)
    Flight Of The Conchords Sugarlumps(HMDK-280)
    Flight Of The Conchords Think About It(HMDK-281)
    Flight Of The Conchords Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor(HMDK-290)
    Flight Of The Conchords You Don't Have To Be A Prostitute(HMDK-283)
    Flip & Fill Shooting Star(TU149-15)
    Flip & Fill True Love Never Dies [w/ Kelly Llorenna](SF189-10)
    Flirts Jukebox Don't Put Another Dime(SC8329-1)
    Flo Rida Low [w/ T-Pain](PHU0801-4)
    Flo Rida Right Round(EZH78-1)
    Floaters Float On(PI037-7)
    Flock Of Seagulls I Ran(SC8207-14)
    Flock Of Seagulls Space Age Love Song(HMDK-291)
    Flock Of Seagulls Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)(SF113-6)
    Floetry Say Yes(SC8834-5)
    Florence & The Machine Kiss With A Fist, A(SFMW907-12)
    Flower Drum Song I Enjoy Being A Girl(SC2297-2)
    Flowerpot Men Let's Go To San Francisco(SF078-5)
    Floyd, Eddie Bring It On Home To Me(SF073-13)
    Floyd, Eddie Knock On Wood(SC7525-14)
    Flying Burrito Brothers Dark End Of The Street(DK035-18)
    Flying Machine Smile A Little Smile For Me(SC8364-8)
    Flyleaf Fully Alive(THR0609-14)
    Flyleaf I'm So Sick(THR0604-13)
    Flyleaf I'm So Sick [Radio Version](SC8987-15)
    Flynnville Train Last Good Time(THC0707-13)
    Flys Got You Where I Want You(SC8490-7)
    Fogelberg, Dan Hard To Say(SC8577-4)
    Fogelberg, Dan Language Of Love, The(CBEP467-4-11)
    Fogelberg, Dan Leader Of The Band(SC8790-14)
    Fogelberg, Dan Longer(SC7526-5)
    Fogelberg, Dan Love Like This, A(SC8246-12)
    Fogelberg, Dan Magic Every Moment(SC8246-13)
    Fogelberg, Dan Make Love Stay(SC8634-6)
    Fogelberg, Dan Run For The Roses(SC8207-13)
    Fogelberg, Dan Same Old Lang Syne(LG229-14)
    Fogerty, John Centerfield(SC8264-3)
    Fogerty, John Old Man Down The Road, The(SC7564-1)
    Fogerty, John Premonition(SC8478-6)
    Fogerty, John Southern Streamline(MM6216-3)
    Foghat Fool For The City(SC8539-14)
    Foghat I Just Want To Make Love To You(SC8334-15)
    Foghat Slowride(SC8210-4)
    Folds, Ben Landed(EZH47-12)
    Foley, Red Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy(SC8383-1)
    Foley, Red Sugarfoot Rag(SC8445-3)
    Foley, Red Tennessee Saturday Night(SC8592-10)
    Folk Implosion Natural One(SC8349-7)
    Fontaine Sisters Hearts Of Stone(SC8415-3)
    Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders Game Of Love, The(SC8418-4)
    Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders Pamela Pamela(ZMJB03-1)
    Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders Um, Um, Um(SF045-8)
    Foo Fighters All My Life(SC8789-9)
    Foo Fighters Best Of You(THR0508-10)
    Foo Fighters Big Me(SC8348-4)
    Foo Fighters Breakout(SC8607-5)
    Foo Fighters Darling Nikki(PHR0402-4)
    Foo Fighters Dig MC(SC8254-3)
    Foo Fighters DOA(SC8958-4)
    Foo Fighters Everlong(SC8598-10)
    Foo Fighters I'll Be Coming Home Next Year(MM6325-11)
    Foo Fighters I'll Stick Around(SC8638-6)
    Foo Fighters Learn To Fly(SC8572-3)
    Foo Fighters Long Road To Ruin(SF262-1)
    Foo Fighters Low(PHR0310-1)
    Foo Fighters Miracle(PHM0609-7)
    Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench(SFMW882-1)
    Foo Fighters My Hero(SC8453-12)
    Foo Fighters Next Year(SC8637-6)
    Foo Fighters No Way Back(SC8966-6)
    Foo Fighters One, The(THR0204-12)
    Foo Fighters Pretender, The(SC9015-10)
    Foo Fighters Resolve(CB40349-9)
    Foo Fighters Skin & Bones(CB90314-7)
    Foo Fighters Stacked Actors(SC8595-10)
    Foo Fighters This Is A Call(SC8199-10)
    Foo Fighters Times Like These(SC8817-7)
    Foo Fighters Times Like These [Acoustic Version](MM6390-5)
    Foo Fighters Walking After You(SC8473-2)
    Fools Life Sucks When You Die(AMS2001-1)
    Forbert, Steve Romeo's Tune(AMS1502-3)
    Force MD's Tender Love(SC8405-11)
    Ford & Star I'll Never Be Free(SC8408-11)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Ballad Of Davy Crockett(CBE3-01-5)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Country Junction(SC8506-5)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Cry Of The Wild Goose(SC8445-9)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Kissin' Bug Boogie(CB60072-3)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Shot Gun Boogie(SC8392-10)
    Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie Sixteen Tons(SC8142-6)
    Ford, Emile & Checkmates What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At(SF054-2)
    Ford, Frankie Sea Cruise(SC8108-5)
    Ford, Lita Back To The Cave(SC8843-11)
    Ford, Lita Kiss Me Deadly(SC2075-6)
    Ford, Lita Shot Of Poison(SC8600-10)
    Ford, Lita & Ozzy Osbourne Close My Eyes Forever(SC8848-8)
    Ford, Mary & Les Paul Vaya Con Dios(SC8521-6)
    Ford, Robin Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues(HV09-8)
    Ford, Willa I Wanna Be Bad(SC8717-6)
    Fordham, Julia Concrete Love(TU149-5)
    Foreigner Blue Morning Blue Day(SC8721-2)
    Foreigner Cold As Ice(SC8648-11)
    Foreigner Dirty White Boy(SC8721-3)
    Foreigner Double Vision(SC8684-9)
    Foreigner Feels Like The First Time(SC7578-15)
    Foreigner Head Games(SC8721-5)
    Foreigner Hot Blooded(SC8648-6)
    Foreigner I Don't Want To Live Without You(SC8362-1)
    Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is(SC2367-8)
    Foreigner Juke Box Hero(SC8721-6)
    Foreigner Jukebox Hero(BS7517-4)
    Foreigner Long, Long Way From Home(SC8721-1)
    Foreigner Prisoner Of Love(BS7517-2)
    Foreigner Rev On The Red Line(BS7517-15)
    Foreigner Say You Will(SC8425-5)
    Foreigner Soul Doctor(BS7517-1)
    Foreigner That Was Yesterday(SF021-3)
    Foreigner Until The End Of Time(SC8156-14)
    Foreigner Urgent(SC8648-4)
    Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You(SC8368-14)
    Foreigner With Heaven On Our Side(SC8302-1)
    Forerunner Cain's Blood(SC8179-5)
    Forester Sisters Don't You(SC8676-13)
    Forester Sisters I Fell In Love Again Last Night(SC7551-1)
    Forester Sisters Just In Case(SC8398-13)
    Forester Sisters Leave It Alone(SC8561-12)
    Forester Sisters Letter Home(SC8628-5)
    Forester Sisters Lonely Alone(SC7569-12)
    Forester Sisters Lyin' In His Arms Again(DK068-2)
    Forester Sisters Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes(PI217-5)
    Forester Sisters Men(SC7522-4)
    Forester Sisters Nothing's Gonna Bother Me(CB20222-10)
    Forester Sisters That's What You Do When You're In Love(SC7570-8)
    Forester Sisters Too Much Fun(CB20222-12)
    Forester Sisters What'll You Do About Me(CB20222-11)
    Forester Sisters You Again(CB20222-9)
    Formations At The Top Of The Stairs(SFCC01-3)
    Formby, George Leaning On A Lampost...(SF147-2)
    Formby, George When I'm Cleaning Windows(SFMW862-15)
    Forsberg, Ebba Hold Me(SC8487-12)
    Fort Minor & Holly Brook Where'd You Go(SC8983-3)
    Forte, Fabian Turn Me Loose(SC8190-13)
    Fortunes, The Freedom Come, Freedom Go(ZMH001-13)
    Fortunes, The Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling(SC8221R-15)
    Fortunes, The Here It Comes Again(ZMJB06-15)
    Fortunes, The Storm In A Teacup(SFMW822-14)
    Fortunes, The You've Got Your Troubles(SC8651-14)
    Foster & Lloyd Crazy Over You(SC8541-6)
    Foster & Lloyd Fair Shake(SC8525-4)
    Foster & Lloyd Sure Thing(SC8582-12)
    Foster & Lloyd What Do You Want From Me This Time(SC8567-1)
    Foster, Radney Easier Said Than Done(SC8130-2)
    Foster, Radney Everyday Angel(SC8779-1)
    Foster, Radney Half Of My Mistakes(SD148-8)
    Foster, Radney Just Call Me Lonesome(PI216-8)
    Foster, Radney Labor Of Love(SC8129-9)
    Foster, Radney Nobody Wins(SC8157-11)
    Foster, Radney Running Kind, The(SC8287-10)
    Foster, Radney Scary Old World [w/ Georgia Middleman](SD106-12)
    Foster, Radney Texas In 1880 [w/ Pat Green](SC8723-14)
    Foster, Radney Willin' To Walk(SC8160-12)
    Foundations, The Baby, Now That I've Found You(SC8221-8)
    Foundations, The Build Me Up Buttercup(SC7571-9)
    Fountains Of Wayne Maureen(THR0508-17)
    Fountains Of Wayne Mexican Wine(SC3400-7)
    Fountains Of Wayne Stacy's Mom(SC8905-7)
    Four Aces, The Heart & Soul(SC7599-3)
    Four Aces, The Love Is A Many Splendored Thing(SC7554-9)
    Four Aces, The Mister Sandman(SFMW880-9)
    Four Aces, The Three Coins In The Fountain(PI306-17)
    Four Lads, The Moments To Remember(JV0005-9)
    Four Lads, The Standing On The Corner(SC8396-9)
    Four Non Blondes What's Up(SC7546-11)
    Four Pennies Juliet(SF045-5)
    Four Preps 26 Miles(JV0005-10)
    Four Preps Big Man(SF062-3)
    Four Preps Greensleeves(DK037-16)
    Four Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry(SC8222-10)
    Four Seasons Candy Girl(SC8191-4)
    Four Seasons Dawn(SC8364-11)
    Four Seasons December 1963 (Oh What A Night)(SC7535-8)
    Four Seasons Let's Hang On(SC7557-10)
    Four Seasons Rag Doll(SC8686-4)
    Four Seasons Sherry(SC7508-11)
    Four Seasons Walk Like A Man(SC8226-4)
    Four Seasons Working My Way Back To You(SC8191-8)
    Four Tops, The Ain't No Woman(SC7534-15)
    Four Tops, The Baby I Need Your Loving(SC7532-7)
    Four Tops, The Bernadette(DK071-9)
    Four Tops, The I Believe In You & Me(MM6110-15)
    Four Tops, The I Can't Help Myself(SC8110-10)
    Four Tops, The If I Were A Carpenter(SF065-2)
    Four Tops, The Indestructable(TU138-19)
    Four Tops, The It's The Same Old Song(SC8110-2)
    Four Tops, The Keeper Of The Castle(SC8204-3)
    Four Tops, The Loco In Acapulco(SFMW863-14)
    Four Tops, The Reach Out I'll Be There(SC8895-10)
    Four Tops, The Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)(SC8970-8)
    Four Tops, The Standing In The Shadows Of Love(SC8984-1)
    Four Tops, The Walk Away Renee(SC8110-4)
    Four Tops, The When She Was My Girl(SF107-12)
    Fourmost Hello Little Girl(SF087-10)
    Fowler, Kevin Don't Touch My Willie(SD134-11)
    Fox Sleeping Single In A Single Bed(SF104-11)
    Fox, Cass Touch Me(THHP0701-17)
    Fox, George I Gave You My Word(MM6199-11)
    Fox, Samantha I Only Wanna Be With You(SC8417-9)
    Fox, Samantha I Wanna Have Some Fun(SC8333-10)
    Fox, Samantha Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)(DK042-4)
    Fox, Samantha Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now(JV0046-10)
    Fox, Samantha Touch Me(SC8532-14)
    Foxworthy, Jeff Here's Your Sign Christmas(CB20204-7)
    Foxx, Charles & Inez Mockingbird(SC8206-3)
    Foxx, Jamie Can I Take You Home(PHU0610-5)
    Foxx, Jamie DJ Play A Love Song(PHU0606-1)
    Foxx, Jamie Extravaganza(THH0601-16)
    Foxx, Jamie Unpredictable(PHU0602-4)
    Foxx, Jamie Unpredictable [Radio Version](SC8958-15)
    Fragma Everytime You Need Me(SFCC1-11)
    Fragma Toca's Miracle(SF165-2)
    Fragma You Are Alive(SF178-3)
    Frampton, Peter All I Wanna Be(LG229-3)
    Frampton, Peter Baby I Love Your Way(SC8314-14)
    Frampton, Peter Day In The Sun(SC8272-13)
    Frampton, Peter Do You Feel Like We Do(LG229-4)
    Frampton, Peter I Can't Stand It No More(LG229-6)
    Frampton, Peter I'm In You(SC8178-4)
    Frampton, Peter Out Of The Blue(SC8238-6)
    Frampton, Peter Show Me The Way(SC7576-13)
    Francis, Cleve Love Or The Lack Thereof(SC8135-9)
    Francis, Cleve Walkin'(SC8317-12)
    Francis, Connie Among My Souvenirs(SC8196-9)
    Francis, Connie Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart(CB90211-13)
    Francis, Connie Carolina Moon(ZMP108-3)
    Francis, Connie Don't Break The Heart That Loves You(SC8255-8)
    Francis, Connie Everybody's Somebody's Fool(SC7541-8)
    Francis, Connie I'm Sorry I Made You Cry(ZMP108-7)
    Francis, Connie Lipstick On Your Collar(SC2079-7)
    Francis, Connie Mama(CB90211-11)
    Francis, Connie Many Tears Ago(CB90211-12)
    Francis, Connie My Happiness(SC7557-14)
    Francis, Connie My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own(SC8415-15)
    Francis, Connie Robot Man(SF083-2)
    Francis, Connie Stupid Cupid(SC8361-4)
    Francis, Connie Together(CB90211-14)
    Francis, Connie Vacation(CB60129-11)
    Francis, Connie When The Boy In Your Arms(CB90211-15)
    Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are(SC7508-9)
    Francis, Connie Who's Sorry Now(SC8361-3)
    Frankee F.U.R.B. (F**k You Right Back)(SF218-16)
    Frankenreiter, Donavon Free [w/ Jack Johnson](PHR0408-1)
    Frankenreiter, Donavon It Don't Matter(PHR0411-6)
    Frankenreiter, Donavon Move By Yourself(PHAC0608-8)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood Power Of Love, The(SF058-9)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax(SC8420-12)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes(SF056-9)
    Frankie J. Don't Wanna Try(SC8827-9)
    Frankie J. How To Deal(TU269-6)
    Frankie J. More Than Words(PHM0512-3)
    Frankie J. Obsession (No Es Amor)(SC8945-3)
    Frankie J. That Girl(THH0612-14)
    Frankie J. Ya No Es Igual(TU234-15)
    Franklin, Aretha Ain't No Way(SC8776-5)
    Franklin, Aretha Amazing Grace(LG186-10)
    Franklin, Aretha Baby I Love You(SC8841-10)
    Franklin, Aretha Baby, I Love You(SFMW911-8)
    Franklin, Aretha Border Song(SC8984-6)
    Franklin, Aretha Chain Of Fools(SC8841-5)
    Franklin, Aretha Day Dreaming(SC8841-3)
    Franklin, Aretha Deeper Love, A(SF036-14)
    Franklin, Aretha Do Right Woman-Do Right Man(SC8776-7)
    Franklin, Aretha Don't Play That Song(DK048-12)
    Franklin, Aretha Dr. Feelgood(SC8841-14)
    Franklin, Aretha Freeway Of Love(SC8841-2)
    Franklin, Aretha Here We Go Again(SC8478-14)
    Franklin, Aretha Higher Ground(PI025-14)
    Franklin, Aretha House That Jack Built, The(SD026-13)
    Franklin, Aretha I Don't Want To Know(LG013-8)
    Franklin, Aretha I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You)(SC2244-8)
    Franklin, Aretha I Say A Little Prayer(SF065-3)
    Franklin, Aretha Jump To It(PHMR8201-3)
    Franklin, Aretha Natural Woman(SC7571-8)
    Franklin, Aretha Respect(SC7504-11)
    Franklin, Aretha Rock Steady(SC8841-11)
    Franklin, Aretha Rose Is Still A Rose, A(SC8841-7)
    Franklin, Aretha Say A Little Prayer(SF052-14)
    Franklin, Aretha Since You've Been Gone(MM6222-14)
    Franklin, Aretha Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves(LG186-12)
    Franklin, Aretha Think(SC8841-4)
    Franklin, Aretha Til You Come Back To Me(DG02-4)
    Franklin, Aretha Until You Come Back To Me(SC8984-9)
    Franklin, Aretha Walk On By(TU248-18)
    Franklin, Aretha Who's Zoomin' Who(SC8417-10)
    Franklin, Aretha Willing To Forgive(SC8132-8)
    Franklin, Aretha You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman(SC2244-1)
    Franklin, Lynn One For My Baby(MM6259-3)
    Franklin, Lynn One More For My Baby(NUKH026-13)
    Franti, Michael & Spearhead Say Hey (I Love You)(PHU0909-6)
    Frantique Strut Your Funky Stuff(SFMW829-10)
    Franz Ferdinand Can't Stop Feeling(SFMW860-14)
    Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To(SC8948-3)
    Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To(THR0512-12)
    Franz Ferdinand Eleanor Put Your Boots On(THHP0611-18)
    Franz Ferdinand Fallen, The(SC8958-3)
    Franz Ferdinand Matinee(SF218-7)
    Franz Ferdinand Michael(SF221-14)
    Franz Ferdinand No You Girls(EZH78-6)
    Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out(SC8906-11)
    Franz Ferdinand This Fire(THR0501-10)
    Franz Ferdinand Walk Away(EZH52-9)
    Fratellis, The Baby Fratelli(SF253-2)
    Fratellis, The Chelsea Dagger(SF247-6)
    Fratellis, The Flathead(SFMW887-6)
    Fratellis, The Ole Black & Blue Eyes(SF257-8)
    Fratellis, The Whistle For The Choir(SFMW884-2)
    Fray, The (Cable Car) Over My Head(SC8993-14)
    Fray, The All At Once(PHM0712-8)
    Fray, The How To Save A Life(THP0607-13)
    Fray, The Look After You(SC8999-5)
    Fray, The Never Say Never(PHM0905-6)
    Fray, The Over My Head (Cable Car)(SC8966-10)
    Fray, The You Found Me(SC3500-7)
    Frazier River Last Request(SC8341-4)
    Frazier River She Got What She Deserves(MM6143-8)
    Frazier River Tangled Up In Texas(SC8298-6)
    Freak Nasty Da' Dip(SC8476-5)
    Freak Power Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out(SF166-4)
    Freaks Creeps, The (Get On The Dancefloor)(THHP0711-18)
    Fred, John & His Playboy Band Judy In Disguise(SC8413-8)
    Freddie & The Dreamers I'm Telling You Now(SC8686-14)
    Freddie & The Dreamers If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody(SF038-12)
    Freddie & The Dreamers You Were Made For Me(SF045-2)
    Free All Right Now(SC8178-12)
    Free Wishing Well(SF040-15)
    Free Movement I've Found Someone Of My Own(MM6368-10)
    Freeman, Bobby C'mon & Swim(SC8330-13)
    Freeman, Bobby Do You Wanna Dance(SC8418-6)
    Freemasons Rain Down Love(MREH035-13)
    Freemasons Uninvited [w/ Bailey Tzuke](THHP0801-17)
    Freez Southern Freez(SF068-5)
    Freeze I.O.U.(SFMW833-7)
    Frehley, Ace New York Groove(SC8397-10)
    Frenandez, Vicente Me Voy A Quitar De En Medio(SC2194-8)
    French, Nikki Total Eclipse Of The Heart(SC8187-8)
    Frente! Bizarre Love Triangle(SC8374-14)
    Frente! Labour Of Love(SC8363-13)
    Frey, Glenn Heat Is On, The(SC8420-6)
    Frey, Glenn I've Got Mine(SC8270-5)
    Frey, Glenn One You Love, The(AH8004-3)
    Frey, Glenn Party Town(AH8003-2)
    Frey, Glenn You Belong To The City(SFMW812-15)
    Frickie, Janie Always Have, Always Will(SC8767-6)
    Frickie, Janie Don't Worry 'bout Me Baby(MH1093-16)
    Frickie, Janie Down To My Last Broken Heart(SC7568-15)
    Frickie, Janie He's A Heartache(SC8398-6)
    Frickie, Janie I'll Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry(MM6126-15)
    Frickie, Janie Let's Stop Talkin' About It(SC8434-2)
    Frickie, Janie She's Single Again(SC8414-14)
    Frickie, Janie Tell Me A Lie(SC8414-5)
    Frickie, Janie You Don't Know Love(SC8610-10)
    Frickie, Janie Your Heart's Not In It(SC8375-2)
    Frickie, Janie & Merle Haggard Place To Fall Apart, A(PI213-16)
    Frida I Know There's Something Going On(SC8540-8)
    Friedman, Dean Lucky Stars(SF098-12)
    Friend & Lover Reach Out Of The Darkness(SC8686-15)
    Friends Of Distinction Grazing In The Grass(JV0028-10)
    Frizzell, David I'm Gonna Hire A Wino(PI204-14)
    Frizzell, David You're The Reason God Made... [w/ Shelly West](SC8128-15)
    Frizzell, Lefty Always Late With Your Kisses(SC8383-15)
    Frizzell, Lefty Give Me More More More Of Your Kisses(SC8509-1)
    Frizzell, Lefty I Love You A Thousand Ways(SC8491-14)
    Frizzell, Lefty I Overlooked An Orchid(CB20233-9)
    Frizzell, Lefty I Want To Be With You Always(SC8445-15)
    Frizzell, Lefty If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time(SC7589-1)
    Frizzell, Lefty Long Black Veil(DK068-16)
    Frizzell, Lefty Mom & Dad's Waltz(SC8682-10)
    Frizzell, Lefty Saginaw Michigan(MM6122-6)
    Frizzell, Lefty She's Gone Gone Gone(SC7567-10)
    Fuel Bad Day(SC8717-12)
    Fuel Bittersweet(SC8490-14)
    Fuel Falls On Me(SC8855-6)
    Fuel Hemorrhage (In My Hands)(SC3220-1)
    Fuel Innocent(SC8694-10)
    Fuel Last Time(SC8740-5)
    Fuel Million Miles(THR0404-15)
    Fuel Shimmer(SC8465-11)
    Fuel Wasted Time(CB5119-03-14)
    Fuel Won't Back Down(SC8817-2)
    Fugees Killing Me Softly(SC7582-9)
    Fugees No Woman No Cry(SF081-12)
    Full Moon Bay Back Into The Night(SC3099-2)
    Fun Boy Three Tunnel Of Love(SFMW914-5)
    Fun Lovin' Criminals Loco(SFMW896-5)
    Fun Lovin' Criminals Scooby Snacks(SFMW868-9)
    Funboy Three & Bananarama It Ain't What You Do It's The Way(SF076-14)
    Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove(SC8386-1)
    Funkstar Deluxe & Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper [Radio Version](SC8951-9)
    Furtado, Nelly All Good Things(THP0702-14)
    Furtado, Nelly Do It(PHM0710-3)
    Furtado, Nelly Explode(TU252-6)
    Furtado, Nelly Forca(SFMW856-12)
    Furtado, Nelly Hey Man(TU096-7)
    Furtado, Nelly I'm Like A Bird(SC2347-6)
    Furtado, Nelly In God's Hands(SC9022-3)
    Furtado, Nelly Maneater(THP0701-17)
    Furtado, Nelly Powerless (Say What You Want)(SC8855-8)
    Furtado, Nelly Promiscuous(THH0608-11)
    Furtado, Nelly Promiscuous [Radio Version](SC8987-9)
    Furtado, Nelly Say It Right(SC8995-3)
    Furtado, Nelly Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)(SC8740-8)
    Furtado, Nelly Te Busque(SFID003-8)
    Furtado, Nelly Try(SFMW855-3)
    Furtado, Nelly Turn Off The Light(SC8720-9)
    Fury, Billy Because Of Love(LG030-7)
    Fury, Billy Colette(LG030-5)
    Fury, Billy Cross My Heart(ZMP020-4)
    Fury, Billy Do You Really Love Me Too(ZMP020-8)
    Fury, Billy Forget Him(ZMP020-1)
    Fury, Billy Halfway To Paradise(SF038-5)
    Fury, Billy I Will(LG030-12)
    Fury, Billy I'd Never Find Another You(SF038-8)
    Fury, Billy I'm Lost Without You(LG030-13)
    Fury, Billy In Summer(LG030-8)
    Fury, Billy In Thoughts Of You(LG030-14)
    Fury, Billy It's Only Make Believe(ZMP020-10)
    Fury, Billy Jealousy(SF044-5)
    Fury, Billy Last Night Was Made For Love(ZMP020-9)
    Fury, Billy Like I've Never Been Gone(ZMP020-3)
    Fury, Billy Maybe Tomorrow(LG030-4)
    Fury, Billy Once Upon A Dream(SF093-6)
    Fury, Billy Run To My Lovin' Arms(ZMP020-7)
    Fury, Billy Somebody Else's Girl(LG030-10)
    Fury, Billy That's Love(LG030-15)
    Fury, Billy Thousand Stars, A(LG030-6)
    Fury, Billy When Will You Say I Love You(LG030-9)
    Fury, Billy Wondrous Place(SF138-13)
    Future Leaders Of The World Let Me Out(THR0410-17)
    Futureheads Decent Days & Nights(HMDK-676)
    Futureheads Hounds Of Love(EZH44-9)
    Fyffe, Will I Belong To Glasgow(PI326-3)
    Fygi, Laura Autumn Leaves(PSJT313-5)


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