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    Gabe Dixon Band, The All Will Be Well(PHAC0605-1)
    Gabriel, Ana Hablame De Frente(BS4717-5)
    Gabriel, Juan Abrazame Muy Fuerte(TU234-2)
    Gabriel, Peter Big Time(SC8568-11)
    Gabriel, Peter Book Of Love, The(SC8885-10)
    Gabriel, Peter Digging In The Dirt(PSJT090-4)
    Gabriel, Peter Don't Give Up [w/ Kate Bush](SC8583-3)
    Gabriel, Peter Games Without Frontiers(SFMW865-2)
    Gabriel, Peter In Your Eyes(SC8611-13)
    Gabriel, Peter Lovetown(SC8237-6)
    Gabriel, Peter Red Rain(SC8603-11)
    Gabriel, Peter Shock The Monkey(SC8611-6)
    Gabriel, Peter Sledgehammer(SC8151-5)
    Gabriel, Peter Solsbury Hill(SFMW909-6)
    Gabriel, Peter Solsbury Hill [Live Version](SC8840-15)
    Gabriel, Peter Steam(PSJT090-2)
    Gabrielle Because Of You(SFG012-4)
    Gabrielle Don't Need The Sun To Shine(SF185-8)
    Gabrielle Dreams(SF005-10)
    Gabrielle Forget About The World(SFG012-6)
    Gabrielle Give Me A Little More Time(SFG012-5)
    Gabrielle Going Nowhere(SFG012-2)
    Gabrielle I Wish(SFG012-3)
    Gabrielle If I Walked Away(SFG012-16)
    Gabrielle If You Ever(SFG012-7)
    Gabrielle If You Really Cared(SFG012-8)
    Gabrielle Out Of Reach(SF177-6)
    Gabrielle Rise(SF159-1)
    Gabrielle Rise / Knocking On Heavens Door(SFMW845-10)
    Gabrielle Should I Stay(SF170-5)
    Gabrielle Stay The Same(SF218-12)
    Gabrielle Sunshine(SF148-15)
    Gabrielle Ten Years Time(SF221-9)
    Gabrielle Walk On By(SFG012-9)
    Gabrielle When A Woman(SF163-11)
    Gabrielle Why(SF260-4)
    Gaines, Rosie Surrender(SF116-14)
    Gainsbourg, Serge Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus [w/ Jane Birkin](SFMW900-6)
    Gala Let A Boy Cry(SF118-6)
    Galactic Cowboys I'm Not Amused(HMDK-54)
    Galactic Cowboys Kill Floor(HMDK-55)
    Gallagher & Lyle Heart On My Sleeve(SF168-12)
    Gallagher, Liam & Stefe Carddock Carnation(SF152-12)
    Gallery Nice To Be With You(SC8218-9)
    Galliana, Luke To Die For(SF179-12)
    Game Dreams(PHM0508-17)
    Game It's Okay (One Blood)(THHP0701-13)
    Game Wouldn't Get Far [w/ Kanye West](PHU0706-7)
    Game & 50 Cent Hate It Or Love It(SC3446-7)
    Game & 50 Cent How We Do(THH0505-18)
    Game & 50 Cent How We Do [Radio Version](SC8945-7)
    Gap Band Big Fun(SFMW844-1)
    Gap Band Early In The Morning(SC8704-9)
    Gap Band Oops Upside Your Head(SF028-14)
    Gap Band Party Train(SC8667-5)
    Gap Band You Dropped A Bomb On Me(SC8176-9)
    Garbage #1 Crush(SC8448-12)
    Garbage Bleed Like Me(PHR0508-8)
    Garbage I Think I'm Paranoid(SC8600-7)
    Garbage Milk(SC8343-12)
    Garbage Only Happy When It Rains(SC8348-8)
    Garbage Push It(SC8462-5)
    Garbage Queer(SC8263-4)
    Garbage Special(SC8503-11)
    Garbage Stupid Girl(SC8471-6)
    Garbage Temptation Waits(SFMW889-5)
    Garbage When I Grow Up(SC8553-10)
    Garbage Why Do You Love Me(THR0506-11)
    Garbage World Is Not Enough, The(SF152-9)
    Garbage You Look So Fine(SF142-9)
    Gardiner, Boris I Want To Wake Up With You(SF058-2)
    Gardner, Aston & Dyke Resurrection Shuffle(SF090-8)
    Garfunkel, Art All I Know(RSZ624-20)
    Garfunkel, Art Bright Eyes(LG060-14)
    Garfunkel, Art I Only Have Eyes For You(RSZ624-21)
    Garfunkel, Art Second Avenue(LG060-12)
    Garfunkel, Art Since I Don't Have You(LG058-17)
    Garfunkel, Art Wonderful World(LG060-13)
    Garland, Judy But The World Goes Round(LG015-8)
    Garland, Judy Come Rain Or Come Shine(PI303-2)
    Garland, Judy Get Happy(LG015-13)
    Garland, Judy I Can't Give You Anything But Love(MM6329-15)
    Garland, Judy Man I Love, The(LG015-7)
    Garland, Judy Man That Got Away, The(SC7553-15)
    Garland, Judy Meet Me In St. Louis(PR0012-4)
    Garland, Judy Over The Rainbow(SC7505-5)
    Garland, Judy Rock-A-Bye Your Baby(SC8124-1)
    Garland, Judy Swanee(MM6137-14)
    Garland, Judy Trolley Song, The(PI303-1)
    Garland, Judy When You're Smiling(SC8288-14)
    Garland, Judy You Made Me Love You(CBE3-15-4)
    Garland, Judy Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart(LG015-14)
    Garlick, Jessica Come Back(SF192-12)
    Garner, Kristin Let's Burn It Down(SC8714-6)
    Garner, Kristin Lightly(CB20283-11)
    Garner, Kristin Singing To The Scarecrow(CB20310-11)
    Garnet Mimms & Enchanters Cry Baby(SC8521-5)
    Garnett, Gale We'll Sing In The Sunshine(SC8353-1)
    Garrett, Pat Saddam Stomp(TU212-9)
    Garrett, Siedah & Quincy Jones & El Debarge I'm Yours(SC8542-4)
    Gately, Stephen I Believe(SF171-6)
    Gately, Stephen New Beginning(SF165-6)
    Gately, Stephen Stay(SF179-6)
    Gates, David Love Is Always Seventeen(SC8317-2)
    Gates, David Save The Last Dance For Me(SC8171-7)
    Gates, Gareth Any One Of Us(SF193-17)
    Gates, Gareth Say It Isn't So(SF212-4)
    Gates, Gareth Spirit In The Sky(EZH21-12)
    Gates, Gareth Sunshine(SF208-15)
    Gates, Gareth Suspicious Minds(SF197-3)
    Gates, Gareth Unchained Melody(SF190-17)
    Gates, Gareth What My Heart Wants To Say(SF200-16)
    Gathering, The Amity(HMDK-137)
    Gathering, The Analog Park(HMDK-140)
    Gathering, The Bad Movie Scene(HMDK-138)
    Gathering, The Colorado Incident(HMDK-139)
    Gathering, The Debris(HMDK-144)
    Gathering, The Herbal Movement(HMDK-141)
    Gathering, The Liberty Bell(HMDK-145)
    Gathering, The Morphia's Waltz(HMDK-143)
    Gathering, The Nighttime Birds(HMDK-56)
    Gathering, The Rollercoaster(HMDK-135)
    Gathering, The Saturnine(HMDK-142)
    Gathering, The Shot To Pieces(HMDK-136)
    Gathering, The Strange Machines(HMDK-146)
    Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers All The Gold In California(SC7590-14)
    Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers Broken Lady(PI211-12)
    Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers Houston(SC8431-1)
    Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers I've Done Enough Dyin' Today(CBE3-04-6)
    Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers Take Me To Your Lovin' Place(SC8326-9)
    Gattis, Keith Little Drops Of My Heart(SC8256-9)
    Gattis, Keith Real Deal(SC8303-12)
    Gaudino, Alex Destination Calabria(SFKK17-13)
    Gaudino, Alex Destination Calabria [w/ Crystal Waters](SF254-7)
    Gaye, Marvin Ain't That Peculiar(DK067-12)
    Gaye, Marvin Can I Get A Witness(SM8853-13)
    Gaye, Marvin Got To Give It Up(SC8153-14)
    Gaye, Marvin How Sweet It Is(SC8226-10)
    Gaye, Marvin I Heard It Through The Grapevine(SC7527-15)
    Gaye, Marvin I'll Be Doggone(DK077-8)
    Gaye, Marvin Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)(SC8984-14)
    Gaye, Marvin It Takes Two [w/ Kim Weston](DK080-12)
    Gaye, Marvin Let's Get It On(SC7542-10)
    Gaye, Marvin Let's Get It On [The MPG Groove Mix](THH0507-15)
    Gaye, Marvin Lucky Lucky Me(LG035-16)
    Gaye, Marvin Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)(SC8362-3)
    Gaye, Marvin Onion Song, The(LG035-10)
    Gaye, Marvin Pride & Joy(MM6067-1)
    Gaye, Marvin Sexual Healing(SC7534-13)
    Gaye, Marvin Too Busy Thinking About My Baby(SC8110-8)
    Gaye, Marvin Trouble Man(MH1110-13)
    Gaye, Marvin What's Goin' On(SC8273-5)
    Gaye, Marvin You're A Special Part Of Me [w/ Diana Ross](DK087-16)
    Gaye, Marvin You're A Wonderful One(SM8865-14)
    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell Ain't No Mountain High Enough(TU138-2)
    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing(SC8226-8)
    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell Two Can Have A Party(SFCC01-4)
    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell You're All I Need To Get By(DK2035-15)
    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell Your Precious Love(MM6067-12)
    Gayle, Crystal Cry(PI210-12)
    Gayle, Crystal Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue(SC7507-15)
    Gayle, Crystal Half The Way(SC8642-11)
    Gayle, Crystal I'll Get Over You(SC8401-3)
    Gayle, Crystal I've Cried(SC8401-15)
    Gayle, Crystal If You Ever Change Your Mind(SC8494-1)
    Gayle, Crystal It's Like We Never Said Goodbye(SC8401-9)
    Gayle, Crystal Our Love Is On The Faultline(SC8461-1)
    Gayle, Crystal Somebody Loves You(SC8401-6)
    Gayle, Crystal Talking In Your Sleep(SC7537-13)
    Gayle, Crystal Three Good Reasons(SC8317-10)
    Gayle, Crystal Too Many Lovers(SC8676-2)
    Gayle, Crystal When I Dream(SC8375-11)
    Gayle, Crystal Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For(SC8355-1)
    Gayle, Crystal Wrong Road Again(SC8414-9)
    Gayle, Crystal You Never Miss A Real Good Thing(SC8401-8)
    Gayle, Crystal & Eddie Rabbitt I Made A Promise(SC8179-14)
    Gayle, Michelle Freedom(SF027-5)
    Gayle, Michelle Sweetness(PX02-2)
    Gaylor, Ruth My Funny Valentine(PI303-3)
    Gaynor, Gloria Honeybee(SFMW910-8)
    Gaynor, Gloria I Am What I Am(SFMW804-7)
    Gaynor, Gloria I Never Knew(TU163-6)
    Gaynor, Gloria I Will Survive(SC2426-2)
    Gaynor, Gloria I Will Survive [1993 Remix](LG056-15)
    Gaynor, Gloria Never Can Say Goodbye(SC7549-9)
    Gazza & Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne (Revisited)(SF112-8)
    Gearing, Ashley Can You Hear Me(MM6391-15)
    Gearing, Ashley Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You?(SC8837-9)
    Geggy Tah Whoever You Are(SC8325-10)
    Geiger, Teddy For You I Will (Confidence)(SC8967-9)
    Geiger, Teddy These Walls(PHAC0610-2)
    Gellar, Sarah Michelle Going Through The Motions(SFMW887-1)
    Gene Loves Jezebel Jealous(SC8466-5)
    General Public I'll Take You There(JV1006-10)
    General Public Tenderness(SC8510-3)
    Generation X King Rocker(SF109-7)
    Genesis Abacab(BS8617-17)
    Genesis Follow You Follow Me(SC8594-1)
    Genesis Hold On My Heart(SC8366-6)
    Genesis I Can't Dance(SC8530-7)
    Genesis In Too Deep(SFMW827-10)
    Genesis Invisible Touch(PI030-6)
    Genesis Jesus He Knows Me(SFMW839-11)
    Genesis Keep It Dark(SFMW897-2)
    Genesis Land Of Confusion(PSJT090-14)
    Genesis Mama(SFMW828-6)
    Genesis Man On The Corner(SC8611-7)
    Genesis Misunderstanding(SC7563-2)
    Genesis No Reply At All(SC8568-2)
    Genesis No Son Of Mine(SFMW865-11)
    Genesis That's All(SC8535-4)
    Genesis Throwing It All Away(MH1145-7)
    Genesis Tonight, Tonight, Tonight(LG151-14)
    Genesis Trick Of The Tail(SFMW828-13)
    Genesis Turn In On Again(HMDK-677)
    Genesis Turn It On Again(SFMW871-3)
    Genies Who's That Knockin'(MM6400-12)
    Gentry, Bobbie I'll Never Fall In Love Again(SF065-4)
    Gentry, Bobbie Ode To Billy Joe(SC7543-14)
    Gentrys Keep On Dancing(SC8589-9)
    George Baker Selection Little Green Bag(SFMW872-15)
    George, Barbara I Know(SC8251-5)
    Georgia Satellites Hippy Hippy Shake(MM6135-1)
    Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands To Yourself(SC7509-15)
    Gerardo Rico Suave(SC8656-11)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying(SC8651-15)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers Ferry Cross The Mersey(SC8563-14)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Do It To Me(SC8221R-11)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers I Like It(SF038-13)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers I'll Be There(ZMJB04-2)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers I'm The One(SF078-6)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers It's Gonna Be All Right(ZMJB04-3)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers Walk Hand In Hand(ZMJB04-4)
    Gerry & The Pacemakers You'll Never Walk Alone(SF028-12)
    Getz, Stan & Astrid Gilberto Girl From Ipanema, The(PI301-15)
    Geyer, Dean If You Don't Mean It(SFKK17-4)
    Ghostface Killah & Amy Winehouse You Know I'm No Good(THP0704-11)
    Ghosts Stay The Night(SFMW891-11)
    Ghosts World Is Outside, The(SFMW890-13)
    GI Jane Goodbye(MM6219-2)
    Gibb, Andy An Everlasting Love(ZMP045-11)
    Gibb, Andy Andy Gibb Medley, The(ZMP028-13)
    Gibb, Andy Desire(JV0048-6)
    Gibb, Andy Don't Throw It All Away, (Our Love)(JV0048-5)
    Gibb, Andy Everlasting Love, An(JV0048-4)
    Gibb, Andy Flowing Rivers(ZMP045-12)
    Gibb, Andy I Can't Help It [w/ Olivia Newton-John](JV0048-7)
    Gibb, Andy I Just Want To Be Your Everything(SC8181-15)
    Gibb, Andy Love Is Thicker Than Water(SC8650-1)
    Gibb, Andy Shadow Dancing(SC8514-9)
    Gibb, Robin Saved By The Bell(SF065-6)
    Gibbons, Steve Tulane(PX08-7)
    Gibbs, Georgia Dance With Me Henry(CBE3-16-10)
    Gibbs, Georgia Kiss Of Fire(DK036-18)
    Gibbs, Terri Somebody's Knockin'(SC7544-14)
    Gibson Brothers Que Sera Mi Vida(SFG047-3)
    Gibson Miller Band Johnny Get Your Gun(SC8324-7)
    Gibson Miller Band Red, White & Blue Collar(SC8228-14)
    Gibson Miller Band Texas Tattoo(PI216-10)
    Gibson, Debbie Electric Youth(PSJT203-3-11)
    Gibson, Debbie Foolish Beat(PI020-9)
    Gibson, Debbie Lost In Your Eyes(SC8585-6)
    Gibson, Debbie Only In My Dreams(PI008-9)
    Gibson, Debbie Out Of The Blue(PI020-6)
    Gibson, Debbie Shake Your Love(PI020-7)
    Gibson, Don Blue Blue Day(SC8208-4)
    Gibson, Don Country Green(SC8434-5)
    Gibson, Don Just One Time(SC8509-3)
    Gibson, Don Lonesome Number One(SC8555-6)
    Gibson, Don Oh Lonesome Me(SC7539-9)
    Gibson, Don Sea Of Heartbreak(SC8158-3)
    Gibson, Don Touch The Morning(SC8421-10)
    Gibson, Don Who Cares(SC8579-13)
    Gibson, Don Woman Sensuous Woman(SC8494-2)
    Gibson, Wayne Under My Thumb(SFCC01-5)
    Gigolo Aunts Where I Find My Heaven(SFMW900-12)
    Gilder, Nick Hot Child In The City(SC8368-11)
    Gill, Johnny It's Your Body [w/ Roger Troutman](SC8476-13)
    Gill, Johnny Let's Get The Mood Right(SC8320-9)
    Gill, Johnny Mr.Telephone Man(JV0053-10)
    Gill, Johnny My My My(SC8405-5)
    Gill, Johnny Rub You The Right Way(PI037-6)
    Gill, Vince Cinderella(SC8332-11)
    Gill, Vince Don't Come Crying To Me(SC8512-1)
    Gill, Vince Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away(SC8180-8)
    Gill, Vince Feels Like Love(SC3203-6)
    Gill, Vince Feels Like This(SD074-11)
    Gill, Vince Go Rest High On That Mountain(SC8194-8)
    Gill, Vince High Lonesome Sound(SC8280-13)
    Gill, Vince How Lonely Looks(THC0802-18)
    Gill, Vince I Never Knew Lonely(SC8219-3)
    Gill, Vince I Still Believe In You(SC2171-5)
    Gill, Vince If You Ever Have Forever In Mind(SC8464-1)
    Gill, Vince In These Last Few Days(THC0407-15)
    Gill, Vince Key To Life, The(SC8751-3)
    Gill, Vince Kindly Keep It Country(SC3101-2)
    Gill, Vince Let Her In(CHT9911-3)
    Gill, Vince Let There Be Peace On Earth(SC8781-9)
    Gill, Vince Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye(SC8596-1)
    Gill, Vince Little More Love, A(SC8370-13)
    Gill, Vince Liza Jane(SC8265-4)
    Gill, Vince Look At Us(SC8215-4)
    Gill, Vince Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart(SC8282-1)
    Gill, Vince Loving You Makes Me A Better Man(SC8570-9)
    Gill, Vince My Kind Of Woman My Kind Of Man [w/ P. Loveless](SC8543-8)
    Gill, Vince Never Knew Lonely(MH1057-3)
    Gill, Vince Next Big Thing(SC8802-10)
    Gill, Vince No Future In The Past(SC8260-13)
    Gill, Vince Oklahoma Borderline(SC7570-13)
    Gill, Vince One More Last Chance(SC8200-6)
    Gill, Vince Pocket Full Of Gold(SC8269-5)
    Gill, Vince Pretty Little Adriana(SC8344-6)
    Gill, Vince Pretty Words(SC8296-6)
    Gill, Vince Reason Why, The(SC8989-5)
    Gill, Vince Shoot Straight From Your Heart(SC8681-7)
    Gill, Vince Someday(SC8823-12)
    Gill, Vince Take Your Memory With You(SC8213-1)
    Gill, Vince Tryin' To Get Over You(SC8112-6)
    Gill, Vince What The Cowgirls Do(SC8141-3)
    Gill, Vince What You Give Away(THC0707-20)
    Gill, Vince When I Call Your Name(SC8217-9)
    Gill, Vince When I Look Into Your Heart [w/ Amy Grant](SD083-12)
    Gill, Vince When Love Finds You(SC8139-11)
    Gill, Vince Whenever You Come Around(SC8120-7)
    Gill, Vince Which Bridge To Cross(SC8230-15)
    Gill, Vince Worlds Apart(SC8307R-12)
    Gill, Vince You & You Alone(CHM9709-5)
    Gill, Vince You Better Think Twice(SC8179-9)
    Gill, Vince Young Man's Town(SC8857-3)
    Gilley, Mickey Blue Christmas(CBE3-14-9)
    Gilley, Mickey City Lights(SC8403-11)
    Gilley, Mickey Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time(SC8403-8)
    Gilley, Mickey Headache Tomorrow Or A Heartache Tonight, A(SC8434-8)
    Gilley, Mickey Here Comes The Hurt Again(SC8582-15)
    Gilley, Mickey Honky Tonk Wine(SC8400-14)
    Gilley, Mickey I Overlooked An Orchid(SC8335-6)
    Gilley, Mickey Lonely Nights(SC8461-3)
    Gilley, Mickey Put Your Dreams Away(SC8403-9)
    Gilley, Mickey Room Full Of Roses, A(PI214-15)
    Gilley, Mickey She's Pulling Me Back Again(SC8412-10)
    Gilley, Mickey Talk To Me(SC8403-4)
    Gilley, Mickey That's All That Matters To Me(SC8455-6)
    Gilley, Mickey True Love Ways(SC8421-12)
    Gilley, Mickey Window Up Above, The(SC8403-14)
    Gilman, Billy Elizabeth(SD089-13)
    Gilman, Billy Oklahoma(SC8652-12)
    Gilman, Billy One Voice(SC8619-11)
    Gilman, Billy She's My Girl(SC8705-10)
    Gilman, Billy Snake Song, The(SC8711-13)
    Gilman, Billy There's A Hero(SC8698-12)
    Gilmer, Jimmy & The Fireballs Sugar Shack(SC7554-14)
    Gin Blossoms Allison Road(SC8145-12)
    Gin Blossoms As Long As It Matters(SC8348-10)
    Gin Blossoms Day Job(SC8290-12)
    Gin Blossoms Follow You Down(SC8257-2)
    Gin Blossoms Found Out About You(SC8122-1)
    Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy(SC8132-5)
    Gin Blossoms Til I Hear It From You(SC8199-15)
    Gin Blossoms Until I Fall Away(SC8148-9)
    Gina G. Gimme Some Love(SC8390-13)
    Gina G. Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit(SC8369-1)
    Ginuwine Differences(SC8717-7)
    Ginuwine Hell Yeah(TU225-5)
    Ginuwine In Those Jeans [Radio Version](SC8844-1)
    Ginuwine Love You More(SC8858-13)
    Ginuwine Love You More [Radio Version](SC3390-2)
    Ginuwine Pony(SC8476-12)
    Ginuwine So Anxious(SC8559-6)
    Ginuwine Stingy(SC8805-10)
    Ginuwine Tell Me Do U Wanna(SC3015-8)
    Ginuwine There It Is(SC8695-14)
    Ginuwine Tribute To A Woman(SC8752-1)
    Girl Called Jane, A He's Alive(PHM0706-6)
    Girl Happy Cross My Heart, Hope To Die(MM6288-7)
    Girl Happy Girl Happy(MM6288-3)
    Girls Aloud Biology(SF237-7)
    Girls Aloud Call The Shots(SF262-3)
    Girls Aloud I Think We're Alone Now(MREH034-3)
    Girls Aloud I'll Stand By You(SF225-4)
    Girls Aloud Jump(SF211-4)
    Girls Aloud Life Got Cold(SF208-8)
    Girls Aloud Long Hot Summer(SF234-2)
    Girls Aloud Love Machine(EZH38-3)
    Girls Aloud No Good Advice(SF204-2)
    Girls Aloud See the Day(EZH52-1)
    Girls Aloud Sexy No No No(THP0712-16)
    Girls Aloud Show, The(SF220-2)
    Girls Aloud Some Kind Of Miracle(SF207-9)
    Girls Aloud Something Kinda Ooooh(SF248-8)
    Girls Aloud Sound Of The Underground(SF201-1)
    Girls Aloud Stay Another Day(SF201-15)
    Girls Aloud Wake Me Up(SF227-2)
    Girls Aloud Whole Lotta History(SF241-4)
    Girls Aloud Vs. Sugababes Walk This Way(THMRM02-10)
    Gisselle Huele A Peligro(SC2194-6)
    Glamma Kid & Shola Ama Taboo(SF140-11)
    Glass Tiger Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone(SC8583-8)
    Glass Tiger My Town(SFMW907-1)
    Glass Tiger Someday(SC8314-5)
    Gleaming Spires Are You Ready For The Sex Girls(SC8333-7)
    Glitter Band Angel Face(SF071-13)
    Glitter, Gary Do You Want To Touch Me(SF035-1)
    Glitter, Gary Hello Hello I'm Back Again(SF096-12)
    Glitter, Gary I Love You Love Me Love(SF024-3)
    Glitter, Gary Leader Of The Gang(SF023-1)
    Glitter, Gary Rock & Roll Part 2(SC8687-7)
    Glitter, Gary Rock & Roll Parts 1 & 2 [Megamix](PX14-13)
    Gnarls Barkley Crazy(SC9005-11)
    Gnarls Barkley Gone Daddy Gone(PHM0611-3)
    Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces(THHP0612-10)
    Gnarls Barkley Who Cares(SF249-2)
    Go West Call Me(SFMW868-7)
    Go West King Of Wishful Thinking(SC8518-15)
    Go West We Close Our Eyes(SF033-3)
    Go West What You Won't Do For Love(SC8246-9)
    Go, Gary Wonderful(PHM0909-7)
    Go-Go's Head Over Heels(SC7561-15)
    Go-Go's Our Lips Are Sealed(SC7581-9)
    Go-Go's Unforgiven(MM6340-9)
    Go-Go's Vacation(SC8420-4)
    Go-Go's We Got The Beat(SC7523-10)
    Goapele First Love(THH0604-15)
    God Lives Underwater From Your Mouth(HMDK-57)
    Godley & Creme Under Your Thumb(SFMW868-4)
    Godsmack Awake(SC8659-11)
    Godsmack Awake [Album Version](SC8765-1)
    Godsmack Bad Magic(PHR0112-7)
    Godsmack Greed(SC8694-12)
    Godsmack I Stand Alone(SC8757-5)
    Godsmack Keep Away(SC2241-2)
    Godsmack Re-Align(PHR0402-9)
    Godsmack Running Blind(PHR0406-3)
    Godsmack Serenity(PHR0309-2)
    Godsmack Speak(SC8983-4)
    Godsmack Straight Out Of Line(SC8817-9)
    Godsmack Voodoo(SC8803-4)
    Godsmack Whatever(SC2221-3)
    Gogol Bordello Start Wearing Purple(HMDK-292)
    Gogol Bordello Wonderlust King(HMDK-293)
    Gold, Andrew Lonely Boy(SC8314-11)
    Gold, Andrew Never Let Her Slip Away(SFMW808-5)
    Gold, Andrew Thank You For Being A Friend(SC8939-8)
    Golden Earring Radar Love(SC8115-10)
    Golden Earring Twilight Zone(SC8456-3)
    Goldfinger 99 Red Balloons(HMDK-294)
    Goldfrapp Fly Me Away(SF243-6)
    Goldfrapp Number One(SF237-8)
    Goldfrapp Ooh La La(SC8967-4)
    Goldfrapp Ride A White Horse(SF240-9)
    Goldfrapp Strict Machine(SFMW887-5)
    Goldfrapp Yes Sir, I Can Boogie(SFMW909-14)
    Goldie Lookin Chain Gun's Don't Kill People Rappers Do(EZH38-12)
    Goldie Lookin Chain Your Mother's Got A Penis(SF223-10)
    Goldsboro, Bobby Autumn Of My Life(SC8255-9)
    Goldsboro, Bobby Honey(SC8361-12)
    Goldsboro, Bobby Little Things(SC8615-5)
    Goldsboro, Bobby Summer(SF137-8)
    Goldsboro, Bobby Watching Scotty Grow(SC8342-9)
    Gomez How We Operate(PHAC0607-6)
    Gomez See The World(PHAC0701-2)
    Gondoliers Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes(STS6019-11)
    Gonna Bees Queen Of Pop(THP0407-11)
    Gonzalez I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet(SFMW868-11)
    Goo Goo Dolls Better Days(SC8948-6)
    Goo Goo Dolls Big Machine(SC8783-5)
    Goo Goo Dolls Black Balloon(SC8548-3)
    Goo Goo Dolls Broadway(SC8613-6)
    Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy(SC8523-12)
    Goo Goo Dolls Fiction (Before It's Too Late)(CB30066-15)
    Goo Goo Dolls Give A Little Bit(SC8909-2)
    Goo Goo Dolls Here Is Gone(SC8758-6)
    Goo Goo Dolls Iris(SC3071-5)
    Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In(THP0608-16)
    Goo Goo Dolls Long Way Down(SC2093-3)
    Goo Goo Dolls Naked(SC8248-12)
    Goo Goo Dolls Name(SC8212-5)
    Goo Goo Dolls Slide(SC8490-12)
    Goo Goo Dolls Stay With You(SC8983-7)
    Goo Goo Dolls Sympathy(THR0306-13)
    Good Charlotte Anthem, The(THR0304-13)
    Good Charlotte Boys & Girls(TU216-2)
    Good Charlotte Dance Floor Anthem(PHM0710-7)
    Good Charlotte Girls & Boys(SC8839-5)
    Good Charlotte Hold On(SC2447-5)
    Good Charlotte I Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)(CB30066-12)
    Good Charlotte I Just Wanna Live(SC8914-9)
    Good Charlotte Keep Your Hands Off My Girl(SFMW886-13)
    Good Charlotte Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous(SC3352-1)
    Good Charlotte Little Things(THR0102-16)
    Good Charlotte Predictable(SC8888-6)
    Good Charlotte River, The(SF256-3)
    Good Charlotte We Believe(THP0507-16)
    Good Charlotte Young & The Hopeless, The(THR0309-13)
    Good Size Pineapple Song, The(SF224-10)
    Good The Bad & The Queen, The Kingdom Of Doom(THP0704-16)
    Goodies Black Pudding Bertha(SFG041-11)
    Goodies Blowing Off(SFG041-13)
    Goodies Funky Gibbon, The(SFMW825-3)
    Goodies Goodies Theme(SFMW826-7)
    Goodies In Betweenies, The(SFG041-14)
    Goodies Last Chance Dance, The(SFG041-16)
    Goodies Please Let Us Play(SFG041-12)
    Goodies Sick Man Blues(SFG041-15)
    Goodies Wild Thing(SFG041-10)
    Goodrem, Delta Almost Here [w/ Brian McFadden](SF227-1)
    Goodrem, Delta Born To Try(SC8827-3)
    Goodrem, Delta In This Life(THP0801-16)
    Goodrem, Delta Innocent Eyes(SF210-16)
    Goodrem, Delta Little Too Late, A(DU2-1)
    Goodrem, Delta Lost Without You(THP0512-16)
    Goodrem, Delta Mistaken Identity(SF229-11)
    Goodrem, Delta Not Me Not I(SFMW858-15)
    Goodrem, Delta Out Of The Blue(SF224-11)
    Goodrem, Delta Predictable(EZH32-8)
    Goons Ying Tong Song, The(SFMW835-6)
    Gordon, Nina Now I Can Die(THP0105-16)
    Gordon, Nina Tonight & The Rest Of My Life(SC8637-2)
    Gore, Leslie California Nights(SC8364-10)
    Gore, Leslie It's My Party(SC7502-10)
    Gore, Leslie Judy's Turn To Cry(SC8396-7)
    Gore, Leslie Maybe I Know(SC8364-13)
    Gore, Leslie She's A Fool(SC8429-3)
    Gore, Leslie Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows(LG048-10)
    Gore, Leslie That's The Way Boys Are(SC8415-13)
    Gore, Leslie You Don't Own Me(SC8415-5)
    Gorilla Zoe Hood Nigga(PHU0711-4)
    Gorillaz 19-2000(SC8735-4)
    Gorillaz Clint Eastwood(SC8732-1)
    Gorillaz Dare(PHM0603-7)
    Gorillaz Eastwood, Clint(TU082-6)
    Gorillaz El Manana(SFMW879-12)
    Gorillaz Feel Good Inc [Radio Version](SC3444-7)
    Gorillaz Kids With Guns(SFMW877-2)
    Gorillaz & De La Soul Feel Good Inc(THP0508-15)
    Gorme, Eydie Blame It On The Bossa Nova(DK019-15)
    Gorme, Eydie Eres Tu(MM6009-5)
    Gorme, Eydie I'll Take Romance(MM6367-15)
    Gorme, Steve & Eydie Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen(MM6180-7)
    Gosdin, Vern Chiseled In Stone(SC8561-6)
    Gosdin, Vern Do You Believe Me Now(SC7570-9)
    Gosdin, Vern Garden, The(CB20257-11)
    Gosdin, Vern I Can Tell By The Way You Dance(SC8332-15)
    Gosdin, Vern I'm Still Crazy(SC7556-13)
    Gosdin, Vern If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)(SC8558-8)
    Gosdin, Vern Is It Raining At Your House(SC8728-14)
    Gosdin, Vern That Just About Does It(SC8728-7)
    Gosdin, Vern This Ain't My First Rodeo(SC8767-2)
    Gosdin, Vern Till The End(SC8792-12)
    Gosdin, Vern Way Down Deep(SC8434-11)
    Gosdin, Vern Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time(SC8494-8)
    Gospel Abide With Me(SC2021-6)
    Gospel Are You Washed In The Blood(CBEP456-2-13)
    Gospel At The Cross(CBEP456-2-14)
    Gospel Banner Of The Cross, The(CBEP456-1-10)
    Gospel Blessed Assurance(SC2020-2)
    Gospel Bringing In The Sheaves(SC2021-8)
    Gospel Christ Receiveth Sinful Men(CBEP456-2-15)
    Gospel Come Thou Fount(CBEP456-3-14)
    Gospel Face To Face(CBEP456-2-10)
    Gospel Glory To His Name(CBEP456-3-13)
    Gospel Have Faith In God(CBEP456-1-7)
    Gospel Haven Of Rest, The(CBEP456-2-2)
    Gospel Heavenly Sunlight(CBEP456-3-2)
    Gospel His Way With Thee(CBEP456-3-4)
    Gospel Holy, Holy, Holy(CBEP456-1-1)
    Gospel I Am Resolved(CBEP456-2-9)
    Gospel I Am Thine, O' Lord(CBEP456-1-8)
    Gospel I Need Thee Every Hour(CBEP456-3-16)
    Gospel I'll Fly Away(SC2021-5)
    Gospel It Is No Secret(SC2020-3)
    Gospel It Is Well With My Soul(CBEP456-2-1)
    Gospel Jesus Is Calling(CBEP456-1-9)
    Gospel Jesus Saves(CBEP456-1-4)
    Gospel Just A Closer Walk With Thee(SC2021-1)
    Gospel Just As I Am(SC2020-4)
    Gospel Lord's Prayer, The(SC2181-1)
    Gospel Make Me A Channel Of Blessing(CBEP456-1-11)
    Gospel My Jesus I Love Thee(CBEP456-3-5)
    Gospel Oh Promise Me(SC2181-5)
    Gospel Old Rugged Cross, The(CBEP456-1-16)
    Gospel Onward, Christian Soldiers(CBEP456-1-6)
    Gospel Precious Memories(SC2021-3)
    Gospel Redeemed(CBEP456-2-5)
    Gospel Rescue The Perishing(CBEP456-2-3)
    Gospel Revive Us Again(CBEP456-3-6)
    Gospel Rock Of Ages(SC2021-4)
    Gospel Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us(CBEP456-1-3)
    Gospel Send The Light(CBEP456-3-1)
    Gospel Shall We Gather At The River(PI023-18)
    Gospel Since I Have Been Redeemed(CBEP456-2-12)
    Gospel Softly & Tenderly(SC2021-7)
    Gospel Solid Rock, The(CBEP456-2-6)
    Gospel Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus(CBEP456-1-5)
    Gospel Standing On The Promises(CBEP456-2-16)
    Gospel Sweet By & By(SC2020-6)
    Gospel Sweet Hour Of Prayer(SC2021-2)
    Gospel Take My Life, & Let It Be(CBEP456-3-12)
    Gospel Tell It To Jesus(CBEP456-2-11)
    Gospel There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing(CBEP456-2-7)
    Gospel To The Work(CBEP456-1-13)
    Gospel Uncloudy Day, The(CBEP456-2-4)
    Gospel We're Marching To Zion(CBEP456-1-2)
    Gospel What A Friend We Have In Jesus(SC2020-1)
    Gospel When I Survey The Wondrous Cross(CBEP456-3-15)
    Gospel When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder(SC2020-8)
    Gospel Where He Leads Me(CBEP456-3-10)
    Gospel Whispering Hope(SC2020-7)
    Gospel Who Is On The Lord's Side(CBEP456-1-12)
    Gospel Will Jesus Find Us Watching(CBEP456-1-14)
    Gospel Will The Circle Be Unbroken(DK038-2)
    Gospel Ye Must Be Born Again(CBEP456-1-15)
    Gospel/Maverick's Choir Amazing Grace(MM6062-6)
    Gossip, The Jealous Girls(THP0711-12)
    Gossip, The Listen Up!(SF257-2)
    Gossip, The Standing In The Way Of Control(SF253-4)
    Goulet, Robert If Ever I Would Leave You(PI304-11)
    Goulet, Robert What Kind Of Fool Am I(MM6184-7)
    Gowan (You're A) Strange Animal(GM1000-2)
    Gowan A Criminal Mind(HMDK-713)
    Gowan Moonlight Desires(HMDK-712)
    GQ Disco Nights(AH8014-6)
    Gracie, Charlie Butterfly(JV0020-4)
    Gracin, Josh Favorite State Of Mind(THC0606-15)
    Gracin, Josh I Keep Coming Back(THC0702-17)
    Gracin, Josh I Want To Live(SC3406-5)
    Gracin, Josh Nothin' To Lose(SC8907-6)
    Gracin, Josh Stay With Me (Brass Bed)(SC8944-14)
    Gracin, Josh We Weren't Crazy(SD162-7)
    Graham, Larry One In A Million(SC8126-12)
    Graham, Larry Sooner Or Later(SFMW899-10)
    Graham, Tammy Cool Water(SC3034-5)
    Graham, Tammy Dozen Red Roses, A(SC8376-6)
    Graham, Tammy Tell Me Again(SC8294-12)
    Gramm, Lou Just Between You & Me(SC8721-7)
    Gramm, Lou Midnight Blue(SC8721-4)
    Grand Funk Railroad Bad Time(SC8197-4)
    Grand Funk Railroad Closer To Home(AMS1506-6)
    Grand Funk Railroad Footstompin' Music(SC7562-3)
    Grand Funk Railroad Heartbreaker(AMS1506-5)
    Grand Funk Railroad I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)(DG11-4)
    Grand Funk Railroad Locomotion, The(SC8106-10)
    Grand Funk Railroad Mean Mistreater(SC8539-9)
    Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind Of Wonderful(SPC11-7)
    Grand Funk Railroad We're An American Band(SC8368-3)
    Grand, Gil Famous First Words(SC3075-7)
    Grand, Gil I Already Fell(SC8546-4)
    Grand, Gil Let's Start Livin'(SC8520-13)
    Grandad Roberts & His Son Elvis Meat Pie, Sausage Roll(SF121-3)
    Grandmaster Flash Message, The(SC8612-5)
    Grandmaster Flash White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)(SC8656-7)
    Grandpa Jones Falling Leaves(CBEP476-2-17)
    Grandpa Jones Mountain Dew(CB20031-12)
    Grant, Amy Angels(SC2045-4)
    Grant, Amy Baby Baby(SC2182-5)
    Grant, Amy Believe(THP0602-16)
    Grant, Amy Big Yellow Taxi(SC8187-4)
    Grant, Amy Every Heartbeat(SC2182-2)
    Grant, Amy Everywhere I Go(SC2182-7)
    Grant, Amy Good For Me(SC8266-3)
    Grant, Amy House Of Love [w/ Vince Gill](SC8145-6)
    Grant, Amy I Like You(MM6234-1)
    Grant, Amy I Will Be Your Friend(SC3094-7)
    Grant, Amy I Will Remember You(MM6049-14)
    Grant, Amy Like I Love You(SC8453-2)
    Grant, Amy Lucky One(SC2182-4)
    Grant, Amy Say You'll Be Mine(SD010-13)
    Grant, Amy Takes A Little Time(SC8389-6)
    Grant, Amy That's What Love Is For(SC2182-1)
    Grant, Amy Things We Do For Love, The(SC8277-1)
    Grant, Earl End (Of A Rainbow), The(JV0020-5)
    Grant, Earl Ol' Man River(MM6254-6)
    Grant, Eddy Do You Feel My Love(SFMW808-7)
    Grant, Eddy Electric Avenue(SC8176-11)
    Grant, Eddy Gimme Hope Jo'anna(ZMH004-16)
    Grant, Eddy I Don't Wanna Dance(SFMW805-5)
    Grant, Gogi Wayward Wind, The(SC8196-13)
    Grant, Hugh Way Back Into Love [w/ Hayley Bennett-Jones](THHP0710-17)
    Grant, Natalie Held(PHAC0511-9)
    Grant, Natalie I Will Be(TU194-9)
    Grant, Natalie Real Me, The(PHAC0609-2)
    Grascals & Dolly Parton Viva Las Vegas(SC8965-13)
    Grass Roots Heaven Knows(SC8575-6)
    Grass Roots Let's Live For Today(SC7566-6)
    Grass Roots Midnight Confession(SC7543-15)
    Grass Roots Sooner Or Later(SC7548-9)
    Grass Roots Temptation Eyes(SC8227-10)
    Grass Roots Two Divided By Love(SC8644-2)
    Grass Roots Wait A Million Years(SC7562-9)
    Grateful Dead Alabama Getaway(HMDK-296)
    Grateful Dead Casey Jones(SC8172-4)
    Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower(HMDK-297)
    Grateful Dead Franklin's Tower(HMDK-298)
    Grateful Dead Friend Of The Devil(AH8010-5)
    Grateful Dead Hell In A Bucket(DM103-9)
    Grateful Dead Ripple(SC8510-4)
    Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia(HMDK-295)
    Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey(SC8197-6)
    Grateful Dead Truckin'(SC8204-4)
    Grateful Dead Uncle John's Band(SC8724-5)
    Gravity Kills One Thing(THR0206-16)
    Gray, David Alibi(PHAC0607-3)
    Gray, David Babylon(THR0101-16)
    Gray, David Be Mine(TU191-4)
    Gray, David One I Love, The(THP0512-18)
    Gray, David Other Side, The(SF199-12)
    Gray, David Please Forgive Me(SF172-13)
    Gray, David Sail Away(SF181-13)
    Gray, David Say Hello, Wave Goodbye(SFMW835-2)
    Gray, David Tell Me Something(PHAC0604-9)
    Gray, David This Year's Love(SF176-3)
    Gray, Dobie Drift Away(SC8138-9)
    Gray, Dobie In Crowd, The(PI002-13)
    Gray, Dobie Out On The Floor(SFCC01-6)
    Gray, Macy Do Something(SC8559-3)
    Gray, Macy I Try(SC3177-5)
    Gray, Macy Oblivion(TU096-15)
    Gray, Macy Related To A Psychopath(TU096-17)
    Gray, Macy Sexual Revolution(SF186-2)
    Gray, Macy Still(THP0102-12)
    Gray, Macy Sweet Baby(MM6348-6)
    Gray, Macy Why Didn't You Call Me(SC8625-3)
    Great Divide Break In The Storm(CB20064-11)
    Great Divide Lost In The Night(TU161-11)
    Great Divide Out Of Here Tonight(CB20281-7)
    Great Divide Pour Me A Vacation(SC3087-6)
    Great Divide San Isabella(SC8533-12)
    Great Plains Dancin' With The Wind(SC8294-10)
    Great Plains Healin' Hands(SC8315-12)
    Great White Once Bitten Twice Shy(SC8540-2)
    Great White Rock Me(SC8597-4)
    Great White Rollin' Stoned(SC8843-14)
    Great White Save Your Love(SC8917-5)
    Greaves, R.B. Take A Letter Maria(DK032-16)
    Greek Favorites Agapa Me(SC8193-13)
    Greek Favorites Aspres Kordeles(SC8193-3)
    Greek Favorites Den Pao Pouthena(SC8193-7)
    Greek Favorites Eime Anevazmenos(SC8193-9)
    Greek Favorites Garifallo Sto Afti(SC8193-10)
    Greek Favorites Gia Pes Mou Ti Sou Ekana(SC8193-15)
    Greek Favorites Lege Oti Thes(SC8193-11)
    Greek Favorites Maria Meta Kitrino(SC8193-2)
    Greek Favorites Melachrinaki(SC8193-8)
    Greek Favorites Never On Sunday(SC8193-6)
    Greek Favorites Nina Na E Na E(SC8193-4)
    Greek Favorites Samiotissa(SC8193-12)
    Greek Favorites Simera Gamos Ginete(SC8193-14)
    Green Day American Idiot(THR0411-10)
    Green Day Basket Case(SC8263-14)
    Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(THR0501-12)
    Green Day Brain Stew(SC8248-10)
    Green Day Castaway(HMDK-299)
    Green Day Give Me Novocaine(SD4603-11)
    Green Day Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)(SC2448-7)
    Green Day Holiday(THR0506-10)
    Green Day I Fought The Law(SC8876-1)
    Green Day Jesus Of Suburbia(SFMW873-6)
    Green Day Know Your Enemy(EZH78-12)
    Green Day Longview(AH8003-11)
    Green Day Minority(MM6325-4)
    Green Day Tired Of Waiting(HV06a-7)
    Green Day Waiting(THR0107-17)
    Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends(THR0510-10)
    Green Day Walking Contradiction(SC8348-15)
    Green Day Warning(THR0103-10)
    Green Day When I Come Around(SC8148-8)
    Green Day Working Class Hero(SC9006-13)
    Green Jelly Anarchy In Bedrock(HMDK-300)
    Green Jelly Three Little Pigs(NT004-6)
    Green River Ordinance Come On(CB30114-4)
    Green, Al Call Me (Come Back Home)(LG214-15)
    Green, Al For The Good Times(SC8860-9)
    Green, Al Here I Am (Come & Take Me)(SC8755-8)
    Green, Al How Can You Mend A Broken Heart(LG136-12)
    Green, Al I'm Still In Love With You(LG214-17)
    Green, Al L-O-V-E(LG214-7)
    Green, Al Let's Stay Together(SC7574-2)
    Green, Al Look What You Done For Me(LG214-16)
    Green, Al Love & Happiness(MH1126-9)
    Green, Al Sha La La (Make Me Happy)(LG214-14)
    Green, Al Tired Of Being Alone(SC8755-3)
    Green, Al You Ought To Be With Me(SC8755-2)
    Green, Al Your Heart's In Good Hands(SC8248-8)
    Green, Ben Finest Hour,The (A Soldier's Story)(PHAC0608-2)
    Green, Pat Baby Doll(THC0506-17)
    Green, Pat Carry On(SC8727-12)
    Green, Pat Country Star(PHN0907-7)
    Green, Pat Dixie Lullaby(SC9004-13)
    Green, Pat Don't Break My Heart Again(THC0501-11)
    Green, Pat Feels Just Like It Should(SC8989-7)
    Green, Pat Guy Like Me(SD115-4)
    Green, Pat Somewhere Between Texas & Mexico(THC0504-14)
    Green, Pat Texas On My Mind [w/ Cory Morrow](SC3257-5)
    Green, Pat Three Days(SC8748-4)
    Green, Pat Wave On Wave(SC8854-3)
    Green, Pat Way Back Texas(THC0612-20)
    Green, Pat What I'm For(PHN0908-6)
    Green, Robert & Jerome Flyn Three Is Family(SF027-2)
    Green, Steve Cherish The Treasure(SC2045-2)
    Green, Vivian Emotional Rollercoaster(SC8822-14)
    Green, Vivian Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired)(PHAC0512-5)
    Greenbaum, Norman Spirit In The Sky(SC8425-14)
    Greene & Seely Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You(SC8511-9)
    Greene, Jack All The Time(SC8276-12)
    Greene, Jack There Goes My Everything(SC8428-7)
    Greene, Lorne Ringo(SC8579-5)
    Greenway, Cook My Baby Loves Lovin'(DG01-12)
    Greenwheel Breathe(THR0212-15)
    Greenwheel Shelter(TU171-13)
    Greenwood, Lee Another Year Of Love(MM6128-8)
    Greenwood, Lee Before I'm Ever Over You(SC8245-2)
    Greenwood, Lee Dixie Road(SC8380-4)
    Greenwood, Lee Fool's Gold(SC8541-11)
    Greenwood, Lee God Bless The USA(SC8104-7)
    Greenwood, Lee Going Going Gone(SC8326-12)
    Greenwood, Lee Great Defenders, The(SC8291-3)
    Greenwood, Lee Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Love)(SC7556-8)
    Greenwood, Lee Holdin' A Good Hand(CB20230-7)
    Greenwood, Lee Hopelessly Yours [w/ Suzy Bogguss](SC8128-12)
    Greenwood, Lee I Don't Mind The Thorns(SC8431-8)
    Greenwood, Lee I Never Thought Your Memory Would Ever Go(SC8278-8)
    Greenwood, Lee I.O.U.(SC8158-11)
    Greenwood, Lee It Turns Me Inside Out(SC8398-14)
    Greenwood, Lee Mornin' Ride(SC8332-10)
    Greenwood, Lee Pledge Of Allegiance, The(CB20352-8)
    Greenwood, Lee Ring On Her Finger(MM6088-5)
    Greenwood, Lee Somebody's Gonna Love You(SC8269-15)
    Greenwood, Lee Touch & Go Crazy(SC8642-14)
    Greenwood, Lee You've Got A Good Love Comin'(CB20230-11)
    Greg Kihn Band Breakup Song, The(SC8313-1)
    Greg Kihn Band For You(TU035-5)
    Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy(SC8425-4)
    Gregg, Ricky Lynn Can You Feel It(SC8287-3)
    Gregg, Ricky Lynn Careful What You Wish For(CB20278-11)
    Gregg, Ricky Lynn If I Had A Cheatin' Heart(SC8301-7)
    Gregg, Ricky Lynn Three Nickels & A Dime(SC8275-15)
    Gregg, Ricky Lynn To Find Where I Belong(SC8171-2)
    Gregory, Clinton Rocking The Country(CB20093-11)
    Gregory, Clinton Standing On The Edge Of Love(SC8317-15)
    Gregory, Clinton You Didn't Miss A Thing(SC8160-9)
    Griffin, Alistair You & Me Tonight(SF216-11)
    Griffin, Stewie Rocket Man(HMDK-301)
    Griffiths, Marcia Electric Boogie(SC8330-8)
    Griffiths, Marcia Electric Slide(TU012-8)
    Griggs, Andy How Cool Is That(SC3259-3)
    Griggs, Andy I'll Go Crazy(SC3152-6)
    Griggs, Andy If Heaven(SC8907-12)
    Griggs, Andy She Thinks She Needs Me(SC8881-1)
    Griggs, Andy She's More(SC3176-4)
    Griggs, Andy This I Gotta See(SD133-7)
    Griggs, Andy Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man(SC8748-1)
    Griggs, Andy Waitin' On Sundown(SC8646-2)
    Griggs, Andy You Made Me That Way(SC8646-13)
    Griggs, Andy You Won't Ever Be That Lonely(SC3120-8)
    Groban, Josh All'improvviso Amore(PSJT363-1)
    Groban, Josh Awake(CB5119-01-10)
    Groban, Josh Broken Vow(TU252-4)
    Groban, Josh February Song(PHM0706-8)
    Groban, Josh For Always(PSJT363-4)
    Groban, Josh Home To Stay(PSJT363-11)
    Groban, Josh Let Me Fall(TU164-9)
    Groban, Josh Mi Morena(PSJT363-7)
    Groban, Josh My Confession(PSJT363-8)
    Groban, Josh Never Let Go(PSJT363-6)
    Groban, Josh Oceano(PSJT363-2)
    Groban, Josh Remember(PSJT363-9)
    Groban, Josh Remember When It Rained(PHM0410-5)
    Groban, Josh Si Volvieras A Mi(SC8878-7)
    Groban, Josh Sometimes I Dream(PSJT363-12)
    Groban, Josh To Where You Are(SC8762-2)
    Groban, Josh When You Say You Love Me(SC8878-9)
    Groban, Josh You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)(PHAC0612-3)
    Groban, Josh You Raise Me Up(SC2477-8)
    Groban, Josh You Raise Me Up [Radio Version](SC8855-15)
    Groban, Josh You're Still You(SC8818-3)
    Groce, Larry Junk Food Junkie(SC8544-10)
    Groove Armada I See You Baby(SF155-1)
    Groove Armada Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) [w/ Mutya Buena](SF258-3)
    Groove Armada Song For Mutya(SFKK19-4)
    Groove Generation You Make Me Feel Like Dancing(SF124-12)
    Groove Theory Baby Luv(SC8312-11)
    Groove Theory Tell Me(SC8349-11)
    Groovegrass Boyz Macarena(SC8351-11)
    Gross, Henry Shannon(SC8580-5)
    Grover, Dana Rain(MM6387-13)
    Groves, Shaun After The Music Fades(SC8828-8)
    Groves, Shaun Should I Tell Them(THMS0304-12)
    Grupo Limite Ay! Papacito(TU236-1)
    Guarini, Justin Foolish(TU214-8)
    Guerra, Juan Luis Palomita Blanca(SC2194-3)
    Guess Who Albert Flasher(SKK004-2)
    Guess Who American Woman(SKK004-1)
    Guess Who Bus Rider(SKK003-7)
    Guess Who Clap For The Wolfman(SKK004-4)
    Guess Who Dancin' Fool(SKK004-7)
    Guess Who Follow Your Daughter Home(SKK004-10)
    Guess Who Glamour Boy(SKK004-6)
    Guess Who Hand Me Down World(SKK003-5)
    Guess Who Laughing(SKK003-2)
    Guess Who Life In The Bloodstream(SKK004-8)
    Guess Who No Sugar Tonight/ New Mother Nature(SC7562-8)
    Guess Who No Time(SKK003-3)
    Guess Who Orly(SKK004-5)
    Guess Who Rain Dance(SKK004-9)
    Guess Who Runnin' Back To Saskatoon(SKK003-10)
    Guess Who Shakin' All Over(SC7566-3)
    Guess Who Share The Land(SC8577-3)
    Guess Who Sour Suite(SKK003-9)
    Guess Who Star Baby(SKK004-3)
    Guess Who These Eyes(SKK003-1)
    Guess Who Undun(SC8563-11)
    Guess Who Wednesday In Your Garden, A(SKK003-8)
    Guetta, David Love Is Gone [w/ Chris Willis](SF259-9)
    Gun Word Up(SF009-10)
    Gunne, Jo Jo Run Run Run(SFMW910-1)
    Guns N' Roses Ain't It Fun(ZMP067-1)
    Guns N' Roses Back Off Bitch(SC8791-14)
    Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy(HMDK-302)
    Guns N' Roses Civil War(ZMP066-4)
    Guns N' Roses Don't Cry(SFG056-7)
    Guns N' Roses Don't Cry [Original](SC8597-14)
    Guns N' Roses Knockin' On Heaven's Door(SC8869-1)
    Guns N' Roses Live & Let Die(SC8917-14)
    Guns N' Roses Mr. Brownstone(SC8516-2)
    Guns N' Roses My Michelle(SC8830-12)
    Guns N' Roses Nightrain(HMDK-304)
    Guns N' Roses November Rain(SC8791-9)
    Guns N' Roses Paradise City(SC8713-8)
    Guns N' Roses Patience(SC8684-6)
    Guns N' Roses Rocket Queen(HMDK-305)
    Guns N' Roses Shackler's Revenge(HMDK-303)
    Guns N' Roses Since I Don't Have You(SC8237-14)
    Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine(SC8252-7)
    Guns N' Roses Sympathy For The Devil(ZMP066-6)
    Guns N' Roses Used To Love Her(SC8756-14)
    Guns N' Roses Welcome To The Jungle(SC8660-7)
    Guns N' Roses Yesterdays(ZMP067-7)
    Guns N' Roses You Could Be Mine(SC8843-2)
    Gurvitz, Adrian Classic(SF076-6)
    Guster Careful(PHR0404-1)
    Guster Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again)(SC8622-1)
    Guster One Man Wrecking Machine(PHAC0607-4)
    Guthrie, Arlo Alice's Restaurant(MM6172-8)
    Guthrie, Arlo City Of New Orleans(SC8201-15)
    Guthrie, Arlo Coming Into Los Angeles(LG207-15)
    Guthrie, Woody John Henry(MM6328-6)
    Guthrie, Woody This Land Is Your Land(DK093-17)
    Guy Dancin'(SC8587-14)
    Guy, Buddy Damn Right I've Got The Blues(MM6272-15)
    Guy, Buddy Money(LG206-4)
    Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off(PHM0707-6)
    Gym Class Heroes Cupid's Chokehold(SC8999-2)
    Gypsy All I Need Is The Girl(STS6012-7)
    Gypsy If Momma Was Married(STS6012-6)
    Gypsy Let Me Entertain You(MM6015-1)
    Gypsy Little Lamb(STS6012-4)
    Gypsy Mr. Goldstone(STS6012-3)
    Gypsy Rose's Turn(STS6012-12)
    Gypsy Small World(STS6012-2)
    Gypsy Some People(STS6012-1)
    Gypsy Together Wherever We Go(STS6012-9)
    Gypsy You Gotta Get A Gimmick(STS6012-10)
    Gypsy You'll Never Get Away From Me(STS6012-5)
    Gypsy Kings Bamboleo(MM6009-1)
    Gypsy Kings Mi Manera, A(MM6138-15)


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