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    H & Claire All Out Of Love(SF199-3)
    H & Claire DJ(SF192-13)
    H & Claire Half A Heart(SF195-12)
    H-Town Knockin' Da Boots(PI037-18)
    H-Town Thin Line Between Love & Hate(SC2072-8)
    Haddaway I Miss You(SF006-8)
    Haddaway Rock My Heart(SF026-3)
    Haddaway What Is Love(SC8892-11)
    Hagar, Sammy Give To Live(CB40242-11)
    Hagar, Sammy Heavy Metal(SC8782-3)
    Hagar, Sammy I Can't Drive 55(SC8202-9)
    Hagar, Sammy Let Sally Drive(THR0103-16)
    Hagar, Sammy Little White Lie(SC8448-9)
    Hagar, Sammy Mas Tequila(SC8531-12)
    Hagar, Sammy Serious Juju(SC8673-12)
    Hagar, Sammy Shag(SC8548-5)
    Hagar, Sammy There's Only One Way To Rock(SC8843-1)
    Hagar, Sammy Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy(SC8427-8)
    Haggard, Marty Amnesia(SC8250-4)
    Haggard, Marty Hello God(SC8341-12)
    Haggard, Marty In The Afterlife(SC8315-3)
    Haggard, Merle America First(SC8965-3)
    Haggard, Merle Are The Good Times Really Over(DG08-2)
    Haggard, Merle Back To The Barrooms(DK071-17)
    Haggard, Merle Big City(SC8728-4)
    Haggard, Merle Branded Man(SC8365-4)
    Haggard, Merle Bull & The Beaver, The [w/ Leona Williams](SC8511-10)
    Haggard, Merle Carolyn(SC8431-4)
    Haggard, Merle Chill Factor(DG08-8)
    Haggard, Merle Daddy Frank(SC8728-15)
    Haggard, Merle Emptiest Arms In The World(CB90299-3)
    Haggard, Merle Everybody's Had The Blues(DG08-1)
    Haggard, Merle Fightin' Side Of Me, The(SC8342-3)
    Haggard, Merle From Graceland To The Promised Land(CB90299-7)
    Haggard, Merle Fugitive, The(SC8365-12)
    Haggard, Merle Going Where The Lonely Go(SC7568-7)
    Haggard, Merle Hungry Eyes(SC8400-3)
    Haggard, Merle I Am An Island(SC8245-12)
    Haggard, Merle I Can't Be Myself(CB90299-5)
    Haggard, Merle I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am(SC8365-7)
    Haggard, Merle I Think I'll Just Stay Here & Drink(SC8424-1)
    Haggard, Merle I Wonder If They Ever Think Of Me(CB90299-2)
    Haggard, Merle I'm Always On A Mountain When I Fall(CB90299-12)
    Haggard, Merle If We're Not Back In Love By Monday(SC8335-9)
    Haggard, Merle It's Been A Great Afternoon(DG08-7)
    Haggard, Merle It's Not Love But It's Not Bad(SC8421-9)
    Haggard, Merle Jesus, Take Hold(CB90299-4)
    Haggard, Merle Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde, The(SC8419-2)
    Haggard, Merle Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room(SC8345-15)
    Haggard, Merle Mama Tried(SC7539-12)
    Haggard, Merle Misery & Gin(CBE3-04-15)
    Haggard, Merle Motorcycle Cowboy(CB20186-10)
    Haggard, Merle Movin' On(PI201-16)
    Haggard, Merle My Favorite Memory(DK076-17)
    Haggard, Merle My Friends Are All Gonna Be Strangers(PSJT085-2)
    Haggard, Merle My Own Kind Of Hat(CB90299-11)
    Haggard, Merle Okie From Muskogee(SC7537-6)
    Haggard, Merle Rainbow Stew(SC8400-11)
    Haggard, Merle Ramblin' Fever(SC8728-5)
    Haggard, Merle Reasons To Quit(DK035-14)
    Haggard, Merle Red Bandana(CB90299-14)
    Haggard, Merle Roots Of My Raisin(CB90299-1)
    Haggard, Merle Sing Me Back Home(SC8365-14)
    Haggard, Merle Soldier's Last Letters(CB90299-15)
    Haggard, Merle Swinging Doors(SC8365-3)
    Haggard, Merle That's The Way Love Goes [w/ Jewel](SC8461-14)
    Haggard, Merle Things Aren't Funny Anymore(DG08-9)
    Haggard, Merle Think About A Lullaby(CB20270-12)
    Haggard, Merle Today I Started Loving You Again(CB60072-10)
    Haggard, Merle Truck Driver's Blues(SC8289-14)
    Haggard, Merle Turnin' Off A Memory(CB90299-9)
    Haggard, Merle Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star(SC8380-2)
    Haggard, Merle Workin' Man's Blues(MM6094-11)
    Haggard, Noel Once You Learn(SC3011-6)
    Hain, Marshall Dancing In The City(SFMW872-4)
    Haircut One Hundred Fantastic Day(SFMW810-4)
    Haircut One Hundred Love Plus One(SC8313-5)
    Haitt, John Something Wild(NU2043-7)
    Hale, Kristin Useless(CB20386-10)
    Haley, Bill & His Comets Rock Around The Clock(SC7508-1)
    Haley, Bill & His Comets Saints Rock 'N Roll, The(PI303-12)
    Haley, Bill & His Comets See You Later Alligator(SC8190-9)
    Haley, Bill & His Comets Shake, Rattle & Roll(SC8108-2)
    Halfway To Hazard Daisy(SD155-6)
    Halfway To Hazard Devil & The Cross(SD161-9)
    Hall, Aaron All The Places I Will Kiss You(SC8515-8)
    Hall, Daryl Gloryland(BS5317-3)
    Hall, Daryl I'm In A Philly Mood(SC8237-13)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Adult Education(SC8641-3)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Did It In A Minute(CB90203-10)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Do It For Love(SC8783-2)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Everything Your Heart Desires(CB90203-14)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Family Man(CB90203-12)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates I Can't Go For That(SC2449-1)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Kiss On My List(SC8427-6)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Maneater(SC8283-12)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Method Of Modern Love(SC8687-15)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates One On One(SC8588-4)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Out Of Touch(SC8577-5)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Private Eyes(SC8231-12)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Promise Ain't Enough(SC8395-15)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Rich Girl(SC8391-11)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Sara Smile(SC7587-13)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Say It Isn't So(SC8378-6)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates She's Gone(SC7561-5)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates So Close(BS5317-1)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates Throw The Roses Away(SC8481-7)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates You Make My Dreams(SC8725-6)
    Hall, Daryl & John Oates You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling(LG103-4)
    Hall, Robin & Jim MacGregor Charlie Is My Darling(PI325-10)
    Hall, Tom T. A Week In County Jail(CB90107-9)
    Hall, Tom T. Ballad Of Forty Dollars(CB90107-13)
    Hall, Tom T. Country Is(SC8506-11)
    Hall, Tom T. Deal(CB90107-15)
    Hall, Tom T. Faster Horses (The Cowboy & The Poet)(CB90107-1)
    Hall, Tom T. Fox On The Run(CB90107-2)
    Hall, Tom T. I Care(SC8558-12)
    Hall, Tom T. I Like Beer(SC8208-12)
    Hall, Tom T. I Love(SC8494-12)
    Hall, Tom T. Negatory Romance(CB90107-4)
    Hall, Tom T. Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine(SC7537-1)
    Hall, Tom T. Ravishing Ruby(SC8576-11)
    Hall, Tom T. That Song Is Driving Me Crazy(SC8592-2)
    Hall, Tom T. Week In A Country Jail, A(SC8428-9)
    Hall, Tom T. Year That Clayton Delaney Died, The(SC8276-8)
    Hall, Tom T. Your Man Loves You, Honey(CB90107-14)
    Halliwell, Geri Bag It Up(SF161-12)
    Halliwell, Geri Calling(SF184-6)
    Halliwell, Geri It's Raining Men(ZML003-8)
    Halliwell, Geri Lift Me Up(SF150-1)
    Halliwell, Geri Look At Me(SC3143-4)
    Halliwell, Geri Mi Chico Latino(SF144-14)
    Halliwell, Geri Ride It(SF225-8)
    Halliwell, Geri Scream If You Wanna Go Faster(SF180-2)
    Hamilton IV, George Abilene(SC8158-4)
    Hamilton, Anthony Can't Let Go(PHU0604-8)
    Hamilton, Anthony Charlene(SC8889-12)
    Hamilton, Joe & Frank Reynolds Don't Pull Your Love(SC8391-1)
    Hamilton, Joe & Frank Reynolds Falling In Love(MH1088-11)
    Hammer, M.C. Addams Groove(SC8550-6)
    Hammer, M.C. Praise The Lord Together(MM6170-3)
    Hammer, M.C. Too Legit To Quit(DK2021-3)
    Hammer, M.C. U Can't Touch This(SC8310-3)
    Hammond, Albert Free Electric Band(SFMW866-13)
    Hammond, Albert It Never Rains In Southern California(SC8420-8)
    Handsome Devil Makin' Money(THR0201-12)
    Hanna-McEuen Something Like A Broken Heart(THC0506-15)
    Hanoi Rocks Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(SC8928-8)
    Hanson I Will Come To You(SC8422-2)
    Hanson If Only(SC8618-7)
    Hanson Lost Without Each Other(SF230-8)
    Hanson Mmm Bop(SC8377-3)
    Hanson Penny & Me(SF227-12)
    Hanson This Time Around(SC8607-15)
    Hanson Weird(SC8452-12)
    Hanson Where Is The Love(SC8389-2)
    Hanson, Jennifer Beautiful Goodbye(SC8851-3)
    Hanson, Jennifer Half A Heart Tattoo(SC8842-14)
    Hanson, Jennifer Joyride(THC0711-19)
    Hanson, Jennifer This Far Gone(SD107-6)
    Hanson, Joel & Sara Groves Traveling Light(THMS0301-17)
    Happenings I Got Rhythm(DK015-9)
    Happenings See You In September(NUKH022-20)
    Happy Mondays 24 Hour Party People(SFG030-14)
    Happy Mondays Hallelujah(SFG030-12)
    Happy Mondays Kinky Afro(SFG030-9)
    Happy Mondays Loose Fit(SFG030-11)
    Happy Mondays Step On(SFG030-10)
    Happy Mondays Stinkin' Thinkin'(SFG030-13)
    Happy Mondays Sunshine & Love(SFG030-16)
    Happy Mondays Wrote For Luck(SFG030-15)
    Hard-Fi Can't Get Along(THHP0802-13)
    Hard-Fi Cash Machine(THR0604-18)
    Hard-Fi Living For The Weekend(SF236-5)
    Hard-Fi Suburban Knights(THP0711-15)
    Hardiman, Gloria Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On(SC7598-8)
    Harlequin Innocence(GM1001-5)
    Harley, Steve Here Comes The Sun(SFMW834-7)
    Harling, Keith Bring It On(SC3168-2)
    Harling, Keith Coming Back For You(SC8480-7)
    Harling, Keith Easy Makin' Love(CB20186-7)
    Harling, Keith Hands Of A Working Man(CB20066-12)
    Harling, Keith Papa Bear(SC8495-12)
    Harling, Keith Santa's Got A Semi(CB20203-11)
    Harling, Keith There Goes The Neighborhood(SC8520-14)
    Harling, Keith Write It In Stone(SC8498-11)
    Harms, Joni Two Steppin' Texas Blue(CB20065-12)
    Harp, Jessica Boy Like Me(PHN0905-8)
    Harper, Ben Get It Like You Like It(PHAC0610-4)
    Harper, Ben Morning Yearning(PHAC0702-4)
    Harper, Ben Steal My Kisses(SC8616-1)
    Harper, Toni Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered(MM6259-2)
    Harpo, Slim I'm A King Bee(SC8339-12)
    Harptones Life Is But A Dream [Slow Version](MMDWCP5-1)
    Harptones Sunday Kind Of Love [Slow Version](MM6361-15)
    Harris, Anita Trains & Boats & Planes(SFMW819-6)
    Harris, Calvin Acceptable In The 80s(SF254-1)
    Harris, Calvin Girls, The(SF256-12)
    Harris, Calvin I'm Not Alone(EZH78-2)
    Harris, Emmylou Bang The Drum Slowly(TU106-1)
    Harris, Emmylou Beneath Still Waters(SC8375-14)
    Harris, Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl(SC8431-13)
    Harris, Emmylou Born To Run(SC7570-12)
    Harris, Emmylou Boulder To Birmingham(TU172-2)
    Harris, Emmylou Boxer, The(TU180-15)
    Harris, Emmylou Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn [w/ Ricky Skaggs](CBEP476-1-15)
    Harris, Emmylou Get Up John(CBEP476-6-15)
    Harris, Emmylou Heartbreak Hill(MM6086-1)
    Harris, Emmylou Heaven Only Knows(SC8885-7)
    Harris, Emmylou High Powered Love(SC8321-7)
    Harris, Emmylou If I Could Only Win Your Love(SC8426-8)
    Harris, Emmylou Last Cheater's Waltz(TU240-15)
    Harris, Emmylou Lost His Love On Our Last Date(SC8412-7)
    Harris, Emmylou Making Believe(CBE3-02-13)
    Harris, Emmylou Mr. Sandman(MM6122-5)
    Harris, Emmylou One Of These Days(SC8728-2)
    Harris, Emmylou Pearl, The(TU077-14)
    Harris, Emmylou Rollin' & Ramblin'(CB60129-3)
    Harris, Emmylou Save The Last Dance For Me(TU242-3)
    Harris, Emmylou Sweet Dreams(MH1093-11)
    Harris, Emmylou Thanks To You(MM6048-10)
    Harris, Emmylou To Daddy(PI201-18)
    Harris, Emmylou Together Again(SC8414-10)
    Harris, Emmylou Two More Bottles Of Wine(SC8421-7)
    Harris, Emmylou You Never Can Tell C'est La Vie(SC8647-1)
    Harris, Larnelle How Excellent Is Thy Name(SC2045-8)
    Harris, Major Love Won't Let Me Wait(SC7542-2)
    Harris, Peppermint I Got Loaded(SC8136-5)
    Harris, Richard Camelot(PI306-11)
    Harris, Richard MacArthur Park(KC001-10)
    Harris, Rolf Court Of King Caractacus(SFMW844-3)
    Harris, Rolf Jake The Peg(SF095-15)
    Harris, Rolf Stairway To Heaven(SFMW853-9)
    Harris, Rolf Tie Me Kangaroo Down(SC8927-2)
    Harris, Rolf When We Were Two Little Boys(SFMW851-13)
    Harris, Sam Bridge Over Troubled Water(MM6410-13)
    Harris, Sam Over The Rainbow(MM6410-12)
    Harris, Thurston Little Bitty Pretty One(SC8190-2)
    Harrison, George All Those Years Ago(SC8305-7)
    Harrison, George Give Me Love(SC8204-1)
    Harrison, George Got My Mind Set On You(SC8790-5)
    Harrison, George Isn't It A Pity(SFMW904-5)
    Harrison, George My Sweet Lord(SC8735-16)
    Harrison, George What Is Life(SC8552-11)
    Harrison, George When We Was Fab(SFMW897-3)
    Harrison, Wilbert Kansas City(SC7517-10)
    Harry J & The All Stars Well Well Well(SF187-2)
    Harry, Debbie French Kissin' In The USA(SF075-14)
    Harry, Debbie I Want That Man(SF143-3)
    Harry, Debby & Iggy Pop Well Did You Evah(SF145-8)
    Hart, Beth Delicious Surprise (I Believe)(SC8622-15)
    Hart, Beth L.A. Song(SC8572-13)
    Hart, Corey Never Surrender(SC8393-9)
    Hart, Corey Sunglasses At Night(SC8492-7)
    Hart, Freddie Easy Loving(SC8398-12)
    Hart, Freddie Got The All Overs For You(SC8792-15)
    Hart, Freddie My Hang-Up Is You(SC7570-6)
    Hart, Freddie Super Kind Of Woman(SC8767-3)
    Hart, Tara Lyn Don't Ever Let Me Go(SC8614-3)
    Hart, Tara Lyn Stuff That Matters(SC8584-3)
    Hart, Tara Lyn That's When You Came Along(SC8623-15)
    Harter, J. Michael Hard Call To Make(CB20348-12)
    Hartford, John Big Rock Candy Mountain(CBEP476-3-12)
    Hartman, Dan I Can Dream About You(SC8259-14)
    Hartman, Dan Instant Replay(SC8840-11)
    Hartman, Dan Relight My Fire(SFMW830-13)
    Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta(SC8465-6)
    Harvey, PJ Downby The Water(SC8600-3)
    Harvey, PJ Good Fortune(SC8680-10)
    Harvey, PJ One Line(SC8800-12)
    Harvick, Kerry Cowgirls(SD125-14)
    Haskell, Gordon How Wonderful You Are(EZH08-11)
    Hasselhoff, David Jump In My Car(THHP0612-14)
    Hatfield, Juliana My Sister(SFMW915-11)
    Hathaway, Lalah Forever, For Always, For Love(THH0502-17)
    Haun, Lindsey Broken(THC0701-17)
    Haven Say Something(SF189-8)
    Havens, Richie Here Comes The Sun(SC8210-14)
    Hawkes, Chesney One & Only, The(SF112-15)
    Hawkins, Brad We Lose(SC3068-5)
    Hawkins, Hawkshaw Lonesome 77203(CB60282-5)
    Hawkins, Ronnie Mary Lou(SC8521-12)
    Hawkins, Screamin' Jay I Put A Spell On You(SC8970-9)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. As I Lay Me Down(SC8156-13)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover(SC7583-1)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. Lose Your Way(SC3143-3)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. Only Love(SC8254-8)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. Right Beside You(SF025-15)
    Hawkins, Sophie B. Walking In My Blue Jeans(MM6340-14)
    Hawkwind Silver Machine(SF040-5)
    Hawthorne Heights Ohio Is For Lovers(SC3450-6)
    Hawthorne Heights Saying Sorry(THR0605-12)
    Hayes, Darren Darkness(SFMW860-10)
    Hayes, Darren Insatiable(SF191-10)
    Hayes, Darren On The Verge Of Something Wonderful(THHP0711-10)
    Hayes, Darren So Beautiful(SD4603-12)
    Hayes, Darren Strange Relationship(SF194-8)
    Hayes, Isaac Theme From Shaft(SC8760-16)
    Hayes, Isaac Walk On By(SC8969-3)
    Hayes, Wade Day She Left Tulsa, The(CHM9805-7)
    Hayes, Wade Don't Stop(SC8186-11)
    Hayes, Wade Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go(SC8619-8)
    Hayes, Wade How Do You Sleep At Night(SC8470-8)
    Hayes, Wade I'm Still Dancin' With You(SC8163-14)
    Hayes, Wade It's Over My Head(SC3006-4)
    Hayes, Wade Old Enough To Know Better(SC8149-8)
    Hayes, Wade On A Good Night(SC8289-10)
    Hayes, Wade Tore Up From The Floor Up(SC8512-15)
    Hayes, Wade Up North (Down South, Back East, Out West)(SC8602-1)
    Hayes, Wade What I Meant To Say(SC8211-3)
    Hayes, Wade When The Wrong One Loves You Right(SC8463-8)
    Hayes, Wade Where Do I Go To Start All Over(SC8319-9)
    Hayes, Wade Wichita Lineman(SC8394-10)
    Haymes, Dick It Might As Well Be Spring(SC8249-1)
    Haynes, Susan Drinkin' In My Sunday Dress(THC0604-16)
    Hayward, Justin Forever Autumn(ZMH007-1)
    Haywire Dance Desire(KAR009-10)
    Head Automatica Graduation Day(SC8988-13)
    Head East Never Been Any Reason(SC8594-15)
    Head, Murray One Night In Bangkok(SC8696-2)
    Head, Roy Treat Her Right(SC8563-6)
    Headley, Heather He Is(SC8793-4)
    Headley, Heather I Wish I Wasn't [Radio Version](SC8831-15)
    Headley, Heather In My Mind(THH0602-13)
    Headley, Heather Me Time(PHU0608-7)
    Headpins Don't It Make Ya Feel(KAR005-2)
    Headstrong Adriana(THR0205-13)
    Hear'say Another Lover(SFG001-4)
    Hear'say Breathe(SFG001-8)
    Hear'say Bridge Over Troubled Water(SFG001-15)
    Hear'say Carried Away(SFG001-9)
    Hear'say Colour Blind(SFG001-12)
    Hear'say Everybody(SF185-1)
    Hear'say I Don't Want You Anyway(SFG001-11)
    Hear'say Love Will Never End(SFG001-13)
    Hear'say Lovin' Is Easy(SF194-9)
    Hear'say Make It Happen(SFG001-7)
    Hear'say Monday Monday(SFG001-14)
    Hear'say Not The Kind(SFG001-6)
    Hear'say One(SFG001-5)
    Hear'say One Step Closer(SFG001-3)
    Hear'say Pure & Simple(ZML003-10)
    Hear'say Sweet Alibi(SFG001-10)
    Hear'say Way To Your Love, The(SF179-1)
    Heart All I Wanna Do(SC7577-8)
    Heart All I Want To Do(PSJT203-1-5)
    Heart Alone(SC8658-11)
    Heart Barracuda(SC8322-5)
    Heart Crazy On You(SC8204-5)
    Heart Dog & Butterfly(SC8346-5)
    Heart Dreamboat Annie(SC8338-13)
    Heart Even It Up(SC8331-5)
    Heart Heartless(SC8658-3)
    Heart If Looks Could Kill(SC8600-6)
    Heart Magic Man(SC2175-5)
    Heart Never(SC7559-12)
    Heart Nothin' At All(SC8305-3)
    Heart Secret(TU081-13)
    Heart Straight On(SC8329-4)
    Heart Stranded(SC8466-13)
    Heart Tell It Like It Is(SC8800-10)
    Heart These Dreams(SC7549-3)
    Heart What About Love(SC8641-10)
    Heart Who Will You Run To(HMDK-306)
    Heart Will You Be There In The Morning(SC8113-8)
    Heart Woman In Me, The(SC8121-10)
    Heartbreakers Here Comes My Girl(PI019-16)
    Heartland Built To Last(SD151-13)
    Heartland I Loved Her First(SC8988-11)
    Heartland Let's Get Dirty(SD155-10)
    Heartland Once A Woman Gets A Hold Of Your Heart(PHN0710-9)
    Heatherly, Eric Flowers On The Wall(SC8602-10)
    Heatherly, Eric Last Man Committed, The(SC3322-2)
    Heatherly, Eric Sometimes It's Just Your Time(SD102-11)
    Heatherly, Eric Swimming In Champagne(SC8646-10)
    Heatherly, Eric Wrong Five O'Clock(SC8655-1)
    Heatwave Always & Forever(SC7600-7)
    Heatwave Boogie Nights(SC8386-6)
    Heatwave Groove Line, The(SC8969-11)
    Heatwave Mind Blowing Decisions(SF097-10)
    Heaven 17 Come Live With Me(SFMW844-2)
    Heaven 17 Temptation(SF111-10)
    Heavy D & The Boys Black Coffee(NU2043-6)
    Hebb, Bobby Sunny(SC8804-12)
    Hedge Hoppers It's Good News(SF086-7)
    Heights How Do You Talk To An Angel(SC8279-1)
    Heinz Just Like Eddie(SF069-11)
    Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms)(PHM0702-5)
    Hellogoodbye Here (In Your Arms)(SF256-15)
    Helmet Unsung(HMDK-58)
    Helmet Unsung(SC9002-4)
    Helms, Bobby Fraulein(SC8538-12)
    Helms, Bobby My Special Angel(THMF04-8)
    Henderson, Ainsley Keep Me A Secret(EZH21-11)
    Hendrix, Jimi All Along The Watchtower(DG05-16)
    Hendrix, Jimi Angel(SC2279-5)
    Hendrix, Jimi Are You Experienced(SC8941-7)
    Hendrix, Jimi Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, The(SFG019-7)
    Hendrix, Jimi Castles Made Of Sand(BS7317-5)
    Hendrix, Jimi Cross Town Traffic(SC8724-8)
    Hendrix, Jimi Fire(SC8404-5)
    Hendrix, Jimi Foxy Lady(SC2279-3)
    Hendrix, Jimi Gypsy Eyes(SFG019-8)
    Hendrix, Jimi Hey Joe(SC7525-4)
    Hendrix, Jimi Little Miss Lover(DG06-1)
    Hendrix, Jimi Little Wing(SC2279-6)
    Hendrix, Jimi Long Hot Summer(BS7317-6)
    Hendrix, Jimi Manic Depression(SC2279-2)
    Hendrix, Jimi Purple Haze(SC7572-11)
    Hendrix, Jimi Red House(SC8327-11)
    Hendrix, Jimi Stone Free(AH8015-1)
    Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)(SFG019-4)
    Hendrix, Jimi Wind Cries Mary, The(SC2279-8)
    Hendrix, Jimi You Got Me Floatin'(DG10-2)
    Henley, Don All She Wants To Do Is Dance(ZMP041-3)
    Henley, Don Boys Of Summer, The(ZMP041-2)
    Henley, Don Dirty Laundry(ZMP041-1)
    Henley, Don End Of The Innocence, The(ZMP041-6)
    Henley, Don For My Wedding(SC8655-8)
    Henley, Don Heart Of The Matter, The(ZMP041-10)
    Henley, Don I Will Not Go Quietly(ZMP041-9)
    Henley, Don Last Worthless Evening, The(ZMP041-7)
    Henley, Don New York Minute(ZMP041-8)
    Henley, Don Not Enough Love In The World(ZMP041-4)
    Henley, Don Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat(SC2298-1)
    Henley, Don Sunset Grill(ZMP041-5)
    Henley, Don Through Your Hands(SC2298-5)
    Henley, Don You Don't Know Me At All(ZMP041-11)
    Hennessy, Carly I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind(MM6340-12)
    Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' Ain't Got No Home(SC8544-14)
    Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' But I Do(SC8258-12)
    Henry, Clarence 'Frogman' You Always Hurt The One You Love(SF074-11)
    Henry, Pauline Feel Like Makin' Love(SF025-7)
    Hepburn Bugs(SF146-12)
    Hepburn Deep Deep Down(SF159-15)
    Hepburn I Quit(SF140-13)
    Herd From The Underworld(SF069-6)
    Herman's Hermits Can't You Hear My Heartbeat(SC8225-8)
    Herman's Hermits Dandy(SC8255-12)
    Herman's Hermits End Of The World(LG240-9)
    Herman's Hermits Herman's Hermits Medley 1(ZMP034-12)
    Herman's Hermits Herman's Hermits Medley 2(ZMP034-13)
    Herman's Hermits I'm Henry The VIII, I Am(SC7541-9)
    Herman's Hermits I'm Into Something Good(SC8418-7)
    Herman's Hermits Just A Little Bit Better(SC8770-9)
    Herman's Hermits Listen People(SC8615-4)
    Herman's Hermits Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter(SC8429-8)
    Herman's Hermits Must To Avoid, A(ZMP034-1)
    Herman's Hermits My Sentimental Friend(SF065-5)
    Herman's Hermits No Milk Today(SF099-8)
    Herman's Hermits Silhouettes(SC8396-5)
    Herman's Hermits Sleepy Joe(ZMP034-8)
    Herman's Hermits Something's Happening(SF100-12)
    Herman's Hermits Sunshine Girl(ZMP034-7)
    Herman's Hermits There's A Kind Of Hush(SC8513-15)
    Herman's Hermits What A Wonderful World(LG240-7)
    Herman's Hermits Wonderful World(ZMP034-4)
    Herman's Hermits Years May Come, Years May Go(ZMP034-9)
    Hermes House Band Country Roads(SF185-3)
    Hermes House Band Que Sera Sera(SF190-10)
    Hernandez, Marcos If You Were Mine(THP0512-11)
    Hernandez, Marcos Way I Do, The(THP0606-18)
    Hernandez, Miriam Un Hombre Secreto(BS4717-2)
    Hernandez, Patrick Born To Be Alive(AH8014-8)
    Herndon, Ty Few Short Years, A(CB20362-11)
    Herndon, Ty Hands Of A Working Man(SC8507-9)
    Herndon, Ty Heather's Wall(SC8745-3)
    Herndon, Ty I Have To Surrender(SC8402-14)
    Herndon, Ty I Want My Goodbye Back(MM6109-1)
    Herndon, Ty In Your Face(SC8256-6)
    Herndon, Ty It Must Be Love(SC8480-5)
    Herndon, Ty Living In A Moment(SC8294-13)
    Herndon, Ty Love Like That, A(SC3210-3)
    Herndon, Ty Loved Too Much(SC8382-13)
    Herndon, Ty Man Holdin' On, A(SC8451-10)
    Herndon, Ty No Mercy(SC8596-11)
    Herndon, Ty Right About Now(SD153-13)
    Herndon, Ty She Wants To Be Wanted Again(SC8344-15)
    Herndon, Ty Steam(SC8560-12)
    Herndon, Ty What Mattered Most(SC8160-2)
    Herndon, Ty You Can Leave Your Hat On(CB20256-10)
    Herndon, Ty & Stephanie Bentley Heart Half Empty(SC8232-10)
    Herndon, Ty & Tanya Tucker Don't Stop Breaking My Heart(SD115-13)
    Hewitt, Colleen Dreaming My Dreams With You(SFMW883-5)
    Hewitt, Jennifer Love Bare Naked(MM6370-7)
    Hewitt, Jennifer Love How Do I Deal(SC8503-10)
    Hi Gloss You'll Never Know(SFMW832-13)
    Hi-Five Never Should've Let You Go(SC8270-1)
    Hi-Five She's Playing Hard To Get(PI042-12)
    Hiatt, John Little Head(MM6217-14)
    Hicks, Taylor Do I Make You Proud(THP0609-13)
    Hicks, Taylor Just To Feel That Way(SD4704-14)
    Higgins, Bertie Just Another Day In Paradise(MM6115-5)
    Higgins, Bertie Key Largo(SC7517-12)
    Higgins, Missy Scar(DU2-11)
    Higgins, Missy Special Two, The(DU2-15)
    Higgins, Missy Steer(SFKK16-6)
    Higgins, Missy Where I Stood(SFKK18-4)
    High Numbers, The Zoot Suit(SFMW897-10)
    Highway 101 Bed You Made For Me, The(SC8398-2)
    Highway 101 Do You Love Me Just Say Yes(SC8564-2)
    Highway 101 Honky Tonk Baby(MM6010-13)
    Highway 101 Honky Tonk Heart(SC7555-10)
    Highway 101 It Must Be Love(SC8285-10)
    Highway 101 Somewhere Tonight(SC8424-6)
    Highway 101 Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin'(SC8144-8)
    Highway 101 Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From(MM6143-14)
    Highway 101 Whiskey, If You Were A Woman(SC7551-15)
    Highway 101 Who's Gonna Love You(SC8324-15)
    Highway 101 Who's Lonely Now(MM6080-9)
    Highwaymen Cotton Fields(SC7528-12)
    Highwaymen It Is What It Is(SC8171-11)
    Highwaymen Michael Row The Boat Ashore(PI307-2)
    Highwaymen, The Highwayman(SC8561-11)
    Hill, Benny Older Woman(ZMJB12-16)
    Hill, Bryan Ernie(SF095-2)
    Hill, Dan Sometimes When We Touch(SC8518-9)
    Hill, Dan & Rique Franks In Your Eyes(NU2043-9)
    Hill, Dan & Vonda Sheppard Can't We Try(SC8119-4)
    Hill, Dru I Should Be...(SC3351-1)
    Hill, Dru I Should Be... [Radio Version](SC8812-1)
    Hill, Dru In My Bed(SC8476-11)
    Hill, Dru Never Make A Promise(SC8395-7)
    Hill, Dru Tell Me(SC8337-4)
    Hill, Dru These Are The Times(SC8515-13)
    Hill, Dru We're Not Making Love No More(MM6231-5)
    Hill, Faith Breathe(SC8868-12)
    Hill, Faith Bringing Out The Elvis(SC8608-2)
    Hill, Faith But I Will(SC8129-4)
    Hill, Faith Cry(SC8784-4)
    Hill, Faith Dearly Beloved(AKS10003-3)
    Hill, Faith Fireflies(TU272-4)
    Hill, Faith Free(CB20386-7)
    Hill, Faith Hard Way, The(CB20080-8)
    Hill, Faith I Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore(AKS10003-4)
    Hill, Faith I Can't Do That Anymore(SC8336-15)
    Hill, Faith I Got My Baby(SC9505-13)
    Hill, Faith I Want You(AKS10003-8)
    Hill, Faith If I Should Fall Behind(CB20168-10)
    Hill, Faith If I'm Not In Love(CB20167-11)
    Hill, Faith If My Heart Had Wings(SC2242-7)
    Hill, Faith If You Ask(AKS10003-10)
    Hill, Faith It Matters To Me(SC8868-7)
    Hill, Faith It Will Be Me(CB20167-9)
    Hill, Faith Just About Now(SC8324-6)
    Hill, Faith Let Me Let Go(SC8868-13)
    Hill, Faith Let's Go To Vegas(SC8189-13)
    Hill, Faith Life's Too Short To Love Like This(MM6121-1)
    Hill, Faith Like We Never Loved At All(THC0511-15)
    Hill, Faith Lost(PHN0708-5)
    Hill, Faith Love Ain't Like That(SC8512-10)
    Hill, Faith Love Is A Sweet Thing(CB20168-8)
    Hill, Faith Lucky One, The(SC3454-5)
    Hill, Faith Man's Home Is His Castle, A(SC8250-1)
    Hill, Faith Me(CB20080-9)
    Hill, Faith Mississippi Girl(SC8943-13)
    Hill, Faith Mississippi Girl [Performance Version](TU270-17)
    Hill, Faith One(PHM0309-9)
    Hill, Faith Paris(AKS10003-14)
    Hill, Faith Piece Of My Heart(SC8129-6)
    Hill, Faith Red Umbrella(THC0801-14)
    Hill, Faith Secret Of Life, The(SC8868-9)
    Hill, Faith Somebody Stand By Me(CB20080-7)
    Hill, Faith Someone Else's Dream(SC8253-3)
    Hill, Faith Star Spangled Banner(TU198-2)
    Hill, Faith Stealing Kisses(SC8936-7)
    Hill, Faith Stronger(SC8809-4)
    Hill, Faith Sunshine & Summertime(SC8986-1)
    Hill, Faith Take Me As I Am(SC8135-13)
    Hill, Faith That's How Love Moves(SC8602-14)
    Hill, Faith There Will Come A Day(SC8652-2)
    Hill, Faith There You'll Be(SC8868-6)
    Hill, Faith This Kiss(SC8495-3)
    Hill, Faith Way You Love Me, The(SC8596-6)
    Hill, Faith We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove(AKS10003-11)
    Hill, Faith What's In It For Me(CB20168-12)
    Hill, Faith When The Lights Go Down(SC8851-7)
    Hill, Faith When You Cry(CB20093-12)
    Hill, Faith Wild One(SC8104-5)
    Hill, Faith Wish For You(AKS10003-13)
    Hill, Faith You Can't Lose Me(SC8303-2)
    Hill, Faith You Give Me Love(CB20085-12)
    Hill, Faith You Stay With Me(AKS10003-12)
    Hill, Faith You're Still Here(SC8826-13)
    Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw Just To Hear You Say You Love Me(SC8495-8)
    Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw Like We Never Loved At All(SC3449-4)
    Hill, Jessie Ooh Poo Pah Doo(DK037-10)
    Hill, Jordan For The Love Of You(SC8299-2)
    Hill, Jordan Remember Me This Way(SC8187-3)
    Hill, Kim Janie's Gone Fishing(MM6056-14)
    Hill, Lauryn Doo Wop That Thing(PHT9903-3)
    Hill, Lauryn Everything Is Everything(SC8553-8)
    Hill, Lauryn Ex-Factor(SC8523-13)
    Hill, Lauryn Nothing Even Matters(HSPAK3-07-19)
    Hill, Lauryn Oh Happy Days(SFMW843-9)
    Hill, Lauryn That Thing You Do(SFMW847-3)
    Hill, Lauryn Turn The Lights Down Low [w/ Bob Marley](SF154-14)
    Hillside Singers I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing(SC8207-7)
    Hilton, Paris Nothing In This World(THP0612-11)
    Hilton, Paris Stars Are Blind(PHM0609-3)
    Hilton, Ronnie Around The World(SF063-6)
    Hilton, Ronnie No Other Love(SF092-15)
    Hilton, Tyler How Love Should Be(PHM0508-4)
    Him Wings Of A Butterfly(SC8966-2)
    Hinder Best Is Yet To Come, The(PHM0907-8)
    Hinder Better Than Me(SD4702-2)
    Hinder Better Than Me [Radio Version](SC8999-9)
    Hinder Get Stoned(THR0604-10)
    Hinder Lips Of An Angel(SC8988-5)
    Hinder Without You(ASKFP97-1-5)
    Hitman Sammy Sam Step Daddy(SC8834-6)
    Hives Hate To Say I Told You So(SC2393-1)
    Hives Main Offender(TU171-10)
    Hives Walk Idiot Walk(SC8883-15)
    Ho, Don E Lei Ka Lei Lei(MM6102-6)
    Ho, Don Hawaiian Wedding Song(MM6016-9)
    Ho, Don Hukilau Song, The(SC2419-2)
    Ho, Don I'll Remember(MM6102-11)
    Ho, Don Ku'uipo/Bora Bora(MM6102-13)
    Ho, Don Lovers Prayer, A(MM6102-3)
    Ho, Don Molokai(MM6102-2)
    Ho, Don Pua Carnation(MM6102-12)
    Ho, Don Sweet Someone(MM6102-10)
    Ho, Don Tiny Bubbles(SC7540-5)
    Hobbs, Becky Country Girls(CB20048-11)
    Hobbs, Becky I Can't Fight This Feeling(SC8236-9)
    Hobbs, Becky Jones On The Jukebox(MM6050-8)
    Hoffman, Billy All I Wanted Was You(SC8729-10)
    Hoffman, Billy Perfect Night(SC3207-3)
    Hoffman, Billy You're The Ticket(SC8677-6)
    Hoffs, Susanna All I Want(SC8337-11)
    Hogan, Brooke Falling [w/ Stacks](PHM0909-8)
    Hogan, Brooke & Paul Wall About Us(THH0611-11)
    Hoge, Josh 360(SD4611-11)
    Hoku Another Dumb Blonde(SC8607-10)
    Hoku Perfect Day(THP0508-14)
    Hole Awful(SC8534-4)
    Hole Be A Man(SC3180-2)
    Hole Celebrity Skin(SC8490-6)
    Hole Doll Parts(SC8749-12)
    Hole Gold Dust Woman(SC8316-2)
    Hole Malibu(SC8503-4)
    Hole Miss World(NU2043-5)
    Holiday, Billie Ain't Nobody's Business(MM6142-6)
    Holiday, Billie All Of Me(MM6259-15)
    Holiday, Billie All The Way(MM6259-5)
    Holiday, Billie Come Rain Or Come Shine(MM6259-1)
    Holiday, Billie Crazy He Calls Me(MM6142-13)
    Holiday, Billie Don't Explain(LG016-7)
    Holiday, Billie Don't Worry About Me(PSJT016-17)
    Holiday, Billie Easy Living(PSJT016-16)
    Holiday, Billie Gloomy Sunday(SFMW914-6)
    Holiday, Billie God Bless The Child(SC7599-6)
    Holiday, Billie Good Morning Heartache(LG016-1)
    Holiday, Billie Harbour Lights(LG016-10)
    Holiday, Billie He's Funny That Way(HSPAK3-11-10)
    Holiday, Billie I Can't Give You Anything But Love(PI306-7)
    Holiday, Billie I Hear Music(PSJT313-14)
    Holiday, Billie It Might As Well Be Spring(LG016-12)
    Holiday, Billie Misty(LG016-14)
    Holiday, Billie My Man(LG016-6)
    Holiday, Billie Night & Day(MM6259-9)
    Holiday, Billie Orange Colored Sky(LG016-15)
    Holiday, Billie Solitude(PSJT016-15)
    Holiday, Billie Strange Fruit(SC8890-4)
    Holiday, Billie Them There Eyes(PSJT016-13)
    Holiday, Billie Tweedle Dee(LG016-11)
    Holiday, Billie Until The Real Thing Comes Along(MM6259-12)
    Holiday, Billie What A Difference A Day Makes(LG016-9)
    Holiday, Billie You've Changed(LG016-8)
    Holiday, J. Bed(THP0712-15)
    Holiday, J. Suffocate(SC9022-11)
    Holiday, Jennifer And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going(SC8776-15)
    Holland, Greg When I Come Back(SC8152-15)
    Holliday, Michael Starrey Eyed(SF066-12)
    Holliday, Michael Story Of My Life, The(SF063-5)
    Hollies Air That I Breathe, The(SC8204-7)
    Hollies Bus Stop(SC8399-5)
    Hollies Carrie Ann(SC8221-5)
    Hollies Gasoline Alley Bred(ZMJB09-13)
    Hollies He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother(SC8589-8)
    Hollies Here I Go Again(SF069-7)
    Hollies I Can't Let Go(ZMJB04-11)
    Hollies I'm Alive(ZMP007-6)
    Hollies If I Needed Someone(ZMJB09-12)
    Hollies Jennifer Eccles(ZMP007-11)
    Hollies Just One Look(SF045-4)
    Hollies Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)(SC7573-1)
    Hollies Look Through Any Window(SC8874-9)
    Hollies On A Caroousel(SC8575-9)
    Hollies Sorry Suzanne(ZMH003-11)
    Hollies Stay(ZMP007-10)
    Hollies Stop Stop Stop(SC8225-13)
    Hollies We're Through(ZMJB04-12)
    Hollies Yes I Will(ZMJB06-10)
    Hollister, Dave One Woman Man(SC3238-8)
    Hollister, Dave Tell Me Why(CB5003-01-4)
    Holloway, Stanley Any Old Iron(SFMW909-8)
    Holloways, The Generator(SF257-5)
    Holly, Buddy Baby I Don't Care(ZMP048-2)
    Holly, Buddy Bo Diddley(PX11-9)
    Holly, Buddy Brown Eyed Handsome Man(ZMP048-6)
    Holly, Buddy Crying, Waiting, Hoping(ZMP049-7)
    Holly, Buddy Early In The Morning(ZMP048-4)
    Holly, Buddy Everyday(SC8563-4)
    Holly, Buddy Fools Paradise(ZMP049-9)
    Holly, Buddy Heartbeat(ZMP042-9)
    Holly, Buddy I'm Gonna Love You Too(ZMP048-7)
    Holly, Buddy It Doesn't Matter Anymore(SC7566-9)
    Holly, Buddy It's So Easy(ZMP042-2)
    Holly, Buddy Learning The Game(ZMP049-4)
    Holly, Buddy Listen To Me(ZMP048-8)
    Holly, Buddy Look At Me(ZMP049-10)
    Holly, Buddy Love Is Strange(ZMP049-1)
    Holly, Buddy Love's Made A Fool Of You(ZMP049-6)
    Holly, Buddy Maybe Baby(SC8396-3)
    Holly, Buddy Medley (True Love Ways/Raining In My.../Heartbeat)(ZMP042-13)
    Holly, Buddy Medley 2 (Oh Boy/Peggy Sue/That'll Be The Day)(ZMP042-12)
    Holly, Buddy Medley 3(ZMP048-12)
    Holly, Buddy Medley 4(ZMP048-13)
    Holly, Buddy Medley 5 Fools/Crying, Waiting, Hoping/Look At Me(ZMP049-12)
    Holly, Buddy Medley 6 Love Is Strange/ What To Do/Reminiscing(ZMP049-13)
    Holly, Buddy Midnight Shift(ZMP049-3)
    Holly, Buddy Not Fade Away(ZMP048-11)
    Holly, Buddy Oh Boy(SC8353-12)
    Holly, Buddy Peggy Sue(SC7513-5)
    Holly, Buddy Peggy Sue Got Married(ZMP048-5)
    Holly, Buddy Raining In My Heart(ZMP042-7)
    Holly, Buddy Rave On(ZMP042-8)
    Holly, Buddy Reminiscing(ZMP049-2)
    Holly, Buddy Take Your Time(ZMP049-11)
    Holly, Buddy That'll Be The Day(SC7504-14)
    Holly, Buddy Think It Over(ZMP042-10)
    Holly, Buddy True Love Ways(SC8589-4)
    Holly, Buddy Valley Of Tears(ZMP049-8)
    Holly, Buddy Well All Right(ZMP048-3)
    Holly, Buddy What To Do(ZMP049-5)
    Holly, Buddy Wishing(ZMP048-10)
    Holly, Buddy Words Of Love(ZMP048-9)
    Hollywood Argyles Alley Oop(SC7504-5)
    Hollywood Undead Young(HMDK-307)
    Holman, Eddie Hey There Lonely Girl(SC8284-14)
    Holmes, Monty Alone(SC8485-11)
    Holmes, Monty Leave My Mama Out Of This(SC8498-1)
    Holmes, Monty Why'd You Start Lookin' So Good(SC3075-1)
    Holmes, Rupert Escape (The Pina Colada Song)(SC8368-15)
    Holmes, Rupert Him(SC8577-12)
    Holt, John Help Me Make It Through The Night(SFMW866-5)
    Holt, John I'll Take A Melody(SFMW848-5)
    Holt, John Mr. Bojangles(SFMW845-4)
    Holy, Steve Blue Moon(SC8617-7)
    Holy, Steve Brand New Girlfried(SC8998-2)
    Holy, Steve Come On Rain(SD149-6)
    Holy, Steve Don't Make Me Beg(SC8570-14)
    Holy, Steve Good Morning Beautiful(SC8723-2)
    Holy, Steve Hunger, The(SC3234-6)
    Holy, Steve I'm Not Breakin'(SC8784-1)
    Holy, Steve Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots)(SD157-9)
    Holy, Steve Put Your Best Dress On(SD120-9)
    Holy, Steve Rock-A-Bye Heart(SC8816-10)
    Hombres Let It All Hang Out(LC0008-5)
    Hombres Let It Out(SC8218-15)
    Homer & Jethro Battle Of Kookamonga, The(MM6330-11)
    Hometown News Minivan(SC8769-4)
    Hometown News Wheels(SC8794-4)
    Hondells Little Honda(SC8202-3)
    Honey Cone Want Ads(SC8284-5)
    Honeybus I Can't Let Maggie Go(SF070-7)
    Honeycombs Have I The Right(SF046-5)
    Honeydrippers Rockin' At Midnight(AMS1508-2)
    Honeydrippers Sea Of Love(SC7511-5)
    Honeymoon Suite Feel It Again(KAR009-9)
    Honeymoon Suite New Girl Now(SC8514-3)
    Honeyz End Of The Line(SF128-5)
    Honeyz Finally Found(SF126-2)
    Honeyz I Don't Know(EZH02-2)
    Honeyz Never Let You Down(SF152-8)
    Hoobastank Crawling In The Dark(SC8803-9)
    Hoobastank Disappear(TU264-4)
    Hoobastank Disappear [Pop Remix](THP0501-15)
    Hoobastank If I Were You(SC8966-14)
    Hoobastank Inside Of You(SC8983-11)
    Hoobastank Out Of Control(SC3398-6)
    Hoobastank Reason, The(SC8905-6)
    Hoobastank Remember Me(SC8789-13)
    Hoobastank Right Before Your Eyes(TU186-9)
    Hoobastank Running Away(SC8768-12)
    Hoobastank Same Direction(THR0409-17)
    Hood, Ray What's A Little More Water(TU063-16)
    Hooker, John Lee Boom Boom Boom(SC8327-12)
    Hooker, John Lee I'm In The Mood(MM6272-9)
    Hooker, John Lee Mr. Lucky(MM6155-9)
    Hooker, John Lee One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer(MM6206-8)
    Hoosiers, The Goodbye Mr. A(THP0801-13)
    Hoosiers, The Worried About Ray(SF258-2)
    Hooters All You Zombies(SC8942-14)
    Hooters And We Danced(SC8568-9)
    Hooters Satellite(SFMW879-7)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Be The One(PI046-3)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Drowning(SC8212-4)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Hannah Jane(SC8254-5)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Hold My Hand(SC8140-14)
    Hootie & The Blowfish I Go Blind(SC2033-5)
    Hootie & The Blowfish I Will Wait(SC8487-4)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Let Her Cry(SC8156-5)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Let It Breathe(PI047-13)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Old Man & Me(SC8281-8)
    Hootie & The Blowfish One Love(PHAC0602-9)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Only Lonely(SC8501-13)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Only Wanna Be With You(SC8187-1)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Sad Caper(SC8325-13)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Time(SC8471-12)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Tootie(PI054-15)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Tucker's Town(SC8299-12)
    Hootie & The Blowfish Wishing(SC8553-11)
    Hope, Bob Thanks For The Memory(SC7505-9)
    Hopkin, Mary Goodbye(ZMJB03-9)
    Hopkin, Mary Knock Knock Who's There(ZMJB03-8)
    Hopkin, Mary Those Were The Days(SF052-8)
    Horn, James Texas Diary(MM6225-8)
    Horn, Shirley Hit The Road, Jack(PSJT313-11)
    Horne, Lena I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues(MM6142-4)
    Horne, Lena Love Me Or Leave Me(TU120-11)
    Horne, Lena Stormy Weather(SC8124-6)
    Hornsby, Bruce Fields Of Gray(MM6021-3)
    Hornsby, Bruce Gonna Be Some Changes Made(PHR0410-5)
    Hornsby, Bruce Great Divide(MM6256-12)
    Hornsby, Bruce Mandolin Rain(SC8580-6)
    Hornsby, Bruce Rainbows Cadillac(SC8235-10)
    Hornsby, Bruce River Runs Low, The(SFMW890-8)
    Hornsby, Bruce Valley Road, The(DK088-14)
    Hornsby, Bruce Walk In The Sun(SC8195-9)
    Hornsby, Bruce Way It Is, The(SC8514-13)
    Horton, Johnny All For The Love Of A Girl(PSJT085-3)
    Horton, Johnny Battle Of New Orleans, The(SC7512-1)
    Horton, Johnny Honky-Tonk Man(SC7558-2)
    Horton, Johnny Johnny Reb(SC7558-4)
    Horton, Johnny Mansion You Stole, The(SC8276-7)
    Horton, Johnny North To Alaska(SC8269-4)
    Horton, Johnny Sink The Bismarck(SC8243-10)
    Horton, Johnny When It's Springtime In Alaska(SC8509-15)
    Horton, Johnny Whispering Pines(PSJT085-4)
    Hot Angel In Your Arms(SC8588-7)
    Hot Apple Pie Easy Does It(CB60351-12)
    Hot Apple Pie Hillbillies(THC0507-16)
    Hot Apple Pie Hillbillies [Radio Version](SC8933-9)
    Hot Apple Pie We're Makin' Up(CB60346-4)
    Hot Chocolate Brother Home(SF055-6)
    Hot Chocolate Emma(SFMW808-15)
    Hot Chocolate Everyone's A Winner(SC8284-13)
    Hot Chocolate No Doubt About It(SFMW825-7)
    Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing(SC8492-5)
    Hot Hot Heat Bandages(THR0308-15)
    Hot Hot Heat Goodnight Goodnight(SC8924-6)
    Hot Hot Heat Middle Of Nowhere(SC8932-2)
    Hot Hot Heat Talk To Me, Dance With Me(PHR0401-5)
    Hot Rize Blue Night(CB80170-10)
    Hothouse Flowers Don't Go(LGK006-9)
    Hotlegs Neanderthal Man(SF090-5)
    Hotshots Snoopy vs. The Red Baron(SF095-4)
    House Of Pain Jump Around(SC8760-3)
    House, James Anything For Love(SD019-13)
    House, James Little By Little(SC8159-10)
    House, James This Is Me Missing You(SC8173-9)
    Housemartins Caravan Of Love(CK032-1)
    Housemartins Happy Hour(SFMW830-5)
    Houser, Randy Boots On(PHN0905-5)
    Houston & Chingy & Nate Dogg & I-20 I Like That(SC8888-12)
    Houston, David Almost Persuaded(PI211-10)
    Houston, David Baby, Baby (I Know You're A Lady)(SC8592-7)
    Houston, David Have A Little Faith(SC8509-11)
    Houston, David I Do My Swinging At Home(SC8610-14)
    Houston, David With One Exception(SC8712-7)
    Houston, David Woman Always Knows, A(SC8455-14)
    Houston, David You Mean The World To Me(SC8419-15)
    Houston, David & Barbara Mandrell After Closing Time(MM6314-13)
    Houston, Marques All Because Of You(CB30053-3)
    Houston, Marques Circle(PHU0703-1)
    Houston, Marques Favorite Girl(PHU0611-9)
    Houston, Marques Naked(THH0511-18)
    Houston, Marques & Mila J. Good Lookin' Out(PHU0609-5)
    Houston, Randy Let There Be One Cowboy Left(SC8278-2)
    Houston, Thelma Don't Leave Me This Way(SC7547-15)
    Houston, Thelma First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The(MM6259-13)
    Houston, Whitney All At Once(SFMW827-3)
    Houston, Whitney All The Man That I Need(SC2007-6)
    Houston, Whitney Count On Me [w/ CeCe Winans](SC8268-13)
    Houston, Whitney Didn't We Almost Have It All(MH1056-8)
    Houston, Whitney Exhale(SC8212-2)
    Houston, Whitney Greatest Love Of All, The(SC7503-7)
    Houston, Whitney Heartbreak Hotel [w/ Price Evans](SC3125-2)
    Houston, Whitney Hold Me [w/ Teddy Pendergrass](SC8482-11)
    Houston, Whitney How Will I Know(PI012-7)
    Houston, Whitney I Believe In You & Me(SC8369-7)
    Houston, Whitney I Have Nothing(SC8371-6)
    Houston, Whitney I Learned From The Best(SC3171-2)
    Houston, Whitney I Love The Lord (preachers Wife)(LG149-8)
    Houston, Whitney I Wanna Dance With Somebody(SC2007-1)
    Houston, Whitney I Will Always Love You(SC7514-2)
    Houston, Whitney I'm Every Woman(SC8600-5)
    Houston, Whitney I'm Your Baby Tonight(SC8366-7)
    Houston, Whitney If I Told You That [w/ George Michael](SF167-3)
    Houston, Whitney It's Not Right But It's Okay(SC8534-1)
    Houston, Whitney Love Will Save The Day(SFMW824-4)
    Houston, Whitney Miracle, The(MM6052-7)
    Houston, Whitney My Heart Is Calling(SC8476-15)
    Houston, Whitney My Love Is Your Love(SC8508-1)
    Houston, Whitney My Love Is Your Love [Techno Mix](HTG1003-8)
    Houston, Whitney My Name Is Not Susan(SFMW827-4)
    Houston, Whitney On My Own(SF203-10)
    Houston, Whitney One Moment In Time(SC7523-7)
    Houston, Whitney One Of Those Days(SC3351-8)
    Houston, Whitney One Of Those Days [Radio Version](SC8809-1)
    Houston, Whitney Queen Of The Night(MM6038-12)
    Houston, Whitney Run To You(SC8111-6)
    Houston, Whitney Saving All My Love For You(SC2007-2)
    Houston, Whitney So Emotional(JV0035-1)
    Houston, Whitney Star Spangled Banner(SC2335-9)
    Houston, Whitney Step By Step(SC8476-6)
    Houston, Whitney Try It On My Own(MM6384-7)
    Houston, Whitney Try It On My Own [Radio Version](SC8831-8)
    Houston, Whitney Unashamed(TU181-15)
    Houston, Whitney Whatchulookinat(SC8778-11)
    Houston, Whitney Where Do Broken Hearts Go(SC2007-8)
    Houston, Whitney Why Does It Hurt So Bad(SC8299-8)
    Houston, Whitney You Give Good Love(SC8362-14)
    Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias Could I Have This Kiss Forever(SC8616-14)
    Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias Same Script, Different Cast(SC8622-8)
    Howard, Adina Freak Like Me(SC8656-10)
    Howard, Eddy You'll Never Walk Alone(MM6005-12)
    Howard, Miki Ain't Nobody Like You(SC8754-14)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn Forgive(SC8795-3)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners(CB20195-10)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn I Need A Vacation(SC3392-5)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn No One'll Ever Love Me(THC0508-13)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn Out Here In The Water(SC8602-2)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn That's Why I Hate Pontiacs(SC8920-14)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn This Love(SC8807-13)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn What A Shame(SC8842-3)
    Howard, Rebecca Lynn When My Dreams Come True(SC3149-1)
    Howlin' Wolf Evil(MM6206-2)
    Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightning(SC8339-1)
    Howlin' Wolf Spoonful(SC8893-12)
    Hudgens, Vanessa Come Back To Me(PHM0701-2)
    Hudson, Jennifer And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going(SC8999-1)
    Hue & Cry Labour Of Love(ZMH010-2)
    Hue & Cry Looking For Linda(ZMH008-6)
    Hues Corporation Rock The Boat(SC7548-13)
    Huey Pop, Lock & Drop It(PHU0706-5)
    Huffamoose Wait(MM6214-11)
    Hughes, Jedd High Lonesome(SD122-12)
    Hughes, Jedd Soldier For The Lonely(SD130-13)
    Hugues, Tim Here I Am To Worship(TU207-5)
    Human Beinz Nobody But Me(AH8011-5)
    Human League Don't You Want Me(SC8427-14)
    Human League Human(DK021-2)
    Human League Keep Feeling Fascination(SC8314-15)
    Human League Louise(LGK001-4)
    Human League Love Action(SF105-8)
    Human League Mirror Man(NUKH027-11)
    Human League Sound Of The Crowd, The(SFMW869-7)
    Human League Tell Me When(SF029-1)
    Human League Together In Electric Dreams(SFMW841-13)
    Humble Pie 30 Days In The Hole(SC8539-5)
    Humble Pie Hot & Nasty(SC8204-6)
    Humble Pie I Don't Need No Doctor(SC8895-8)
    Humble Pie Natural Born Boogie(SF070-15)
    Hummon, Marcus God's Country USA(MM6143-7)
    Hummon, Marcus Honky Tonk Mona Lisa(SC8298-7)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert A Man Without Love(SFMW856-13)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert After The Lovin'(SC7518-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Am I That Easy To Forget(CB90214-5)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Angeles(BS8817-5)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Another Place, Another Time(BS8817-15)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Another Time Another Place(CB90214-7)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Bella Italia(SF164-11)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert By The Time I Get To Phoenix(LG111-6)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Call On Me(LG111-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Can't Take My Eyes Off You(LG111-8)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Domage Domage (too Bad, Too Bad)(LG111-11)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert El Mondo(BS8817-9)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Everybody Knows We're Through(BS8817-16)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert From Here To Eternity(LG111-5)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Funny Familiar Forgotton Feelings(LG074-5)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert I Never Said Goodbye(CB90214-8)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert I'm A Better Man(CB90214-14)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert I'm Leavin' You(CB90214-9)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Last Waltz, The(SC7540-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Les Bicyclettes De Belsize(LG074-3)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Let Me Make It Through The Night(MM6269-14)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Love Me With All Your Heart(JV0032-4)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Man & A Woman, A(LG074-6)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Man Without Love, A(CB90214-1)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Misty Blue(LG074-13)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Mona Lisa(LG074-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert On The Wings Of A Silver Bird(SFID003-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert One World(SF164-10)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Quando, Quando, Quando(NUKH020-9)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Release Me(SC7518-5)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Shadow Of Your Smile, The(LG111-9)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Spanish Eyes(AH8012-8)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Stardust(LG111-4)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Sweetheart(CB90214-11)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Ten Guitars(LG074-11)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert There Goes My Everything(LG074-14)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert There's A Kind Of Hush(LG074-4)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert This Moment In Time(AH8022-15)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Up, Up & Away(LG074-12)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Way It Used To Be, The(MM6269-7)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert What A Wonderful World(LG074-8)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert What Now My Love(LG111-3)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert When I Say Goodnight(LG074-9)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Winter Wonderland(LG074-2)
    Humperdinck, Engelbert Winter World Of Love(CB90214-13)
    Hunter, Alfonzo Weekend Thang(SC8460-9)
    Hunter, Ian Cleveland Rocks(SC8624-10)
    Hunter, Ivory Joe Since I Met You Baby(SC8196-7)
    Hunter, Jesse By The Way She's Lookin'(SC8324-1)
    Hunter, Jesse Long Legged Hannah(SC8152-8)
    Hunter, Tab Young Love(SF048-3)
    Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay(PHU0709-1)
    Hurricane Chris Hand Clap, The(PHU0712-7)
    Hurricane Chris She's Fine [w/ Superstar](PHU0905-9)
    Husky, Ferlin Country Music Is Here To Stay(SC8491-15)
    Husky, Ferlin Cuzz Yore So Sweet(CB90138-9)
    Husky, Ferlin Fallen Star, A(CB90138-10)
    Husky, Ferlin Gone(SC8392-12)
    Husky, Ferlin Heavenly Sunshine(CB90138-14)
    Husky, Ferlin I Can't Stop Loving You(CB90138-12)
    Husky, Ferlin I Feel Better All Over(SC8509-8)
    Husky, Ferlin I Really Don't Want To Know(DK026-17)
    Husky, Ferlin Just For You(CB90138-5)
    Husky, Ferlin Little Tom(CB90138-8)
    Husky, Ferlin Money Greases The Wheels(CB90138-13)
    Husky, Ferlin My Reason For Living(CB90138-11)
    Husky, Ferlin Once(CB90138-4)
    Husky, Ferlin Timber I'm Falling(CB90138-6)
    Husky, Ferlin Wings Of A Dove(SC8208-13)
    Huston, Randy Lookin The Wolf In The Eye(SC8291-9)
    Hutchinson, Eric Ok, It's Alright With Me(PHM0909-4)
    Hutton, Betty It Had To Be You(TU178-9)
    Hybrid Mutants One More Beer(HMDK-308)
    Hyland, Brian Baby Face(DK061-11)
    Hyland, Brian Ginny Come Lately(SF074-4)
    Hyland, Brian Gypsy Woman(MM6149-2)
    Hyland, Brian Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(SC8222-1)
    Hyland, Brian Sealed With A Kiss(SC7550-6)


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