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    I Nine Same In Any Language(PHAC0602-5)
    I Nine Seven Days Of Lonely(SD4712-12)
    I-Dee Forever(SFCC1-3)
    I5 Distracted(SC8645-6)
    Ian, Janis At Seventeen(SC7526-4)
    Ian, Janis Days Like These(SC8302-13)
    Ian, Janis From Me To You(SC8510-7)
    Ian, Janis Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)(SC8750-15)
    Icehouse Baby You're So Strange(SFID004-6)
    Icehouse Electric Blue(DK027-7)
    Icehouse Hey Little Girl(SFID003-5)
    Icehouse We Can Get Together(SFID006-9)
    Icicle Works Whisper To A Scream(SC8522-8)
    Ides Of March Vehicle(SC8202-4)
    Idlewild American English(TU171-1)
    Idol, Billy Billy Idol Medley(ZMP035-12)
    Idol, Billy Cradle Of Love(SC8433-14)
    Idol, Billy Dancing With Myself(SC8671-13)
    Idol, Billy Eyes Without A Face(SC8223-9)
    Idol, Billy Flesh For Fantasy(SC8641-7)
    Idol, Billy Hot In The City(SC8715-5)
    Idol, Billy I Forgot To Be Your Lover(PI033-12)
    Idol, Billy L.A. Woman(ZMP035-6)
    Idol, Billy Mony Mony(SC2321-3)
    Idol, Billy Mony Mony [Live](SC8715-14)
    Idol, Billy Rebel Yell(SC8477-5)
    Idol, Billy Scream(SC8915-5)
    Idol, Billy Shock To The System(ZMP035-9)
    Idol, Billy Sweet Sixteen(ZMP035-10)
    Idol, Billy White Wedding(SC8182-3)
    Ifield, Frank Confessin'(SF066-1)
    Ifield, Frank I Remember You(SF043-15)
    Ifield, Frank Lovesick Blues(SF038-10)
    Iggy & The Stooges Gimme Danger(HMDK-309)
    Iglesias, Enrique Addicted(SC8858-2)
    Iglesias, Enrique Alabao(TU024-1)
    Iglesias, Enrique Bailamos(PHT9911-7)
    Iglesias, Enrique Be With You(SC8601-6)
    Iglesias, Enrique Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)(SF257-7)
    Iglesias, Enrique Don't Turn Off The Lights(SC8775-9)
    Iglesias, Enrique Escape(SC8747-11)
    Iglesias, Enrique Hero(SC2352-2)
    Iglesias, Enrique I Have Always Loved You(TU024-7)
    Iglesias, Enrique I'm Your Man(TU024-8)
    Iglesias, Enrique Love To See You Cry(SF195-3)
    Iglesias, Enrique Maybe(SF200-12)
    Iglesias, Enrique Oyeme(TU024-11)
    Iglesias, Enrique Rhythm Divine(SC8581-4)
    Iglesias, Enrique Sad Eyes(SC8645-9)
    Iglesias, Enrique Somebody's Me(CB30066-10)
    Iglesias, Enrique Tired Of Being Sorry(SF259-15)
    Iglesias, Enrique You're My #1(TU024-16)
    Iglesias, Enrique & Kelis Not In Love(SFMW852-12)
    Iglesias, Julio A Veces Tu A Veces(BS4717-9)
    Iglesias, Julio Abrazame(BS4717-10)
    Iglesias, Julio Amor, Amor, Amor(MM6009-6)
    Iglesias, Julio Cucurucu Paloma(MM6009-8)
    Iglesias, Julio Hey(MM6009-9)
    Iglesias, Julio Por Ella(MM6009-10)
    II D Extreme If I Knew Then What I Know Now(SC8299-15)
    IIIrd Tyme Out Raining In L.A.(CBEP476-4-11)
    IIO Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)(SC8757-7)
    Ike & Tina Turner Nutbush City Limits(SC8926-14)
    Ill Nino How Can I Live(PHR0311-6)
    Ill Nino What Comes Around(THR0204-18)
    Imaani Where Are You(SF120-13)
    Images In Vogue In The House(HMDK-715)
    Imagination Body Talk(SF075-10)
    Imagination Flashback(SFMW844-5)
    Imagination Just An Illusion(SF033-10)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Beauty On The Fire(SF195-6)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Big Mistake(SF118-10)
    Imbruglia, Natalie City(BS6417-8)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Counting Down The Days(SF233-9)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Glorious(THP0712-12)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Identify(SC8565-6)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Shiver(SF229-2)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Smoke(SC8501-11)
    Imbruglia, Natalie That Day(SF183-10)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Torn(SC8452-4)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Wishing I Was There(SC8469-7)
    Imbruglia, Natalie Wrong Impression(SC8752-15)
    Immature Lover's Groove(SC8320-3)
    Immature Never Lie(JV1007-11)
    Immature Please Don't Go(SC8286-10)
    Immature We Got It(MM6233-11)
    Immature & Smooth Ed Watch Me Do My Thing(SC8460-7)
    Imogen Heap Goodnight & Go(SD4607-12)
    Impalas Sorry I Ran All The Way Home(MM6074-8)
    Impressions I'm So Proud(SC8770-5)
    Impressions It's All Right(SC7566-12)
    Impressions People Get Ready(PI026-9)
    Imx Stay The Night [Radio Version](SC3185-8)
    Inc. & Ja Rule & Ashanti & Charli Baltimore & Vita Down 4 U(SC8773-9)
    Incubus Anna Molly(SC9015-3)
    Incubus Circles(TU142-3)
    Incubus Drive(SFMW854-9)
    Incubus Drive(THR0103-11)
    Incubus I Wish You Were Here(SC3284-7)
    Incubus Make A Move(THR0509-12)
    Incubus Megalomaniac(THR0404-10)
    Incubus Nice To Know You(SC8735-15)
    Incubus Pardon Me(SC8613-1)
    Incubus Stellar(SC3220-4)
    Incubus Talk Show On Mute(THR0408-11)
    Incubus Warning(SC8758-12)
    Incubus Wish You Were Here(SC8765-7)
    Indeep Last Night A DJ Saved My Life(ZMH008-14)
    India Seduceme(TU234-12)
    India.Arie Brown Skin(MM6394-7)
    India.Arie Can I Walk With You(CB5004-02-6)
    India.Arie I Am Not My Hair(THH0604-11)
    India.Arie Purify Me(THH0508-18)
    India.Arie Ready For Love(TU163-15)
    India.Arie There's Hope(THH0611-15)
    India.Arie Video(SC8695-6)
    Indigo Girls Closer To Fine(SC7583-10)
    Indigo Girls Galileo(SC8874-5)
    Indigo Girls Galileo [Duet Version](SC8874-16)
    Indigo Girls I Don't Wanna Talk About It(SC8122-8)
    Indigo Girls Least Complicated(SC8270-15)
    Indigo Girls Little Perennnials(PHAC0611-5)
    Indigo Girls Power Of Two(SC8170-4)
    Indigo Girls Shame On You(SC8381-14)
    Indigo Girls, The Fill It Up Again(PHMHR12-3)
    Indigo Swing Indigo Swing, The(US01-10)
    Infernal From Paris To Berlin(SF244-1)
    Infernal Self Control(SFMW900-14)
    Information Society What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)(SC8313-8)
    Ingram Hill Almost Perfect(THP0506-17)
    Ingram, Jack Barefoot & Crazy(SC3503-7)
    Ingram, Jack Flutter(SC8394-12)
    Ingram, Jack How Many Days(SC8578-5)
    Ingram, Jack Lips Of An Angel(SC8996-2)
    Ingram, Jack Love You(SC8986-4)
    Ingram, Jack Maybe She'll Get Lonely(SD162-6)
    Ingram, Jack Measure Of A Man(SC9004-3)
    Ingram, Jack Mustang Burn(CB20193-12)
    Ingram, Jack One Thing(CB20366-8)
    Ingram, Jack Wherever You Are(SC8965-7)
    Ingram, James Get Ready(LG228-5)
    Ingram, James I Don't Have The Heart(SC8126-7)
    Ingram, James Just Once(SC7509-11)
    Ingram, James One Hundred Ways(SC8824-11)
    Ingram, James Somebody To Love(SC8270-9)
    Ingram, James Someone Like You(SC8270-7)
    Ingram, James There's No Easy Way(LG228-3)
    Ingram, James Treat Her Right(SC8244-12)
    Ingram, James Whatever We Imagine(BS5317-15)
    Ingram, James Where Did My Heart Go(SC8318-7)
    Ingram, James & John Tesh Forever More I'll Be The One(SC8515-1)
    Ingram, James & Michael McDonald Yah Moh B There(SC8790-9)
    Ingram, James & Patti Austin How Do You Keep The Music Playing(SC8482-1)
    Ingram, Luther I Don't Want To(MM6198-11)
    Ingram, Luther If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right(SC7542-8)
    Injected Faithless(THR0205-14)
    Inner Circle Bad Boys(SC8435-17)
    Inner Circle Games People Play(THMRM09-10)
    Inner Circle Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(MM6375-7)
    Inner Circle Sweat (A La La La La Long)(SC7597-1)
    Inner City Good Life(SFCC1-14)
    Innosense Say No More(SC3204-3)
    INOJ Time After Time(PHT9810-6)
    Insane Clown Posse Fuck The World(HMDK-20)
    Insane Clown Posse Homies(HMDK-310)
    Inspiral Carpets This Is How It Feels(LGK004-7)
    Intenso Project Luv Da Sunshine(SFCC1-4)
    Interpol PDA(HMDK-311)
    Interpol Slow Hands(THR0502-11)
    Intocable Sonador Eterno(TU236-13)
    Intruders Cowboys To Girls(SC8599-10)
    INXS After Glow(PHAC0606-6)
    INXS Baby Don't Cry(SFG020-8)
    INXS Beautiful Girl(SC8270-6)
    INXS Burn For You(SFID003-2)
    INXS By My Side(HMDK-312)
    INXS Devil Inside(SC2252-4)
    INXS Disappear(JV0037-9)
    INXS Don't Change(SC8671-14)
    INXS Elegantly Wasted(SC8369-10)
    INXS Good Times(SFG020-5)
    INXS I Send A Message(SFID002-1)
    INXS Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain )(SFID005-3)
    INXS Listen Like Thieves(SFMW869-8)
    INXS Mystify(SF162-14)
    INXS Need You Tonight(SC8671-9)
    INXS Never Tear Us Apart(SC2314-8)
    INXS New Sensation(SC8585-3)
    INXS One Thing, The(SC7564-10)
    INXS Original Sin(SC2314-5)
    INXS Pretty Vegas(THP0601-11)
    INXS Suicide Blonde(SC8530-9)
    INXS This Time(SFID006-11)
    INXS What You Need(SC8204-10)
    Iommi, Tony & Dave Grohl Goodbye Lament(SC8672-8)
    Iris, Donnie Ah! Leah!(SC8597-12)
    Iris, Donnie Love Is Like A Rock(PHMR8201-4)
    Irish Rovers Whiskey In The Jar(SC8737-3)
    Iron Butterfly In A Gadda Da Vida(SC8540-9)
    Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida(SC9509-9)
    Iron Maiden 2 Minutes To Midnight(SFMW889-2)
    Iron Maiden Aces High(SC8660-13)
    Iron Maiden Can I Play With Madness(SFMW881-1)
    Iron Maiden Different World(SF251-2)
    Iron Maiden Evil That Men Do, The(SFMW888-1)
    Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark(HMDK-315)
    Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name(HMDK-316)
    Iron Maiden Number Of The Beast, The(SFMW880-1)
    Iron Maiden Phantom Of The Opera(HMDK-317)
    Iron Maiden Run To The Hills(SC8252-6)
    Iron Maiden Trooper, The(SC8713-10)
    Iron Maiden Wasted Years(HMDK-314)
    Iron Maiden Wrathchild(HMDK-313)
    Isaacs, Gregory When I See An Elephant Fly(SC8930-8)
    Isaacs, Sonya Baby Don't You Let Go(TU126-1)
    Isaacs, Sonya Barefoot In The Grass(SC8652-7)
    Isaacs, Sonya How Can I Forget(SC8655-14)
    Isaacs, Sonya I've Forgotten How You Feel(SC8590-8)
    Isaacs, Sonya No Regrets Yet(SD114-13)
    Isaacs, Sonya On My Way To You(SC8608-11)
    Isaacs, Sonya That's What Love Demands(CB20194-12)
    Isaak, Chris American Boy(SC8809-5)
    Isaak, Chris Baby Did A Bad Thing(SC8559-1)
    Isaak, Chris Blue Hotel(SFID002-5)
    Isaak, Chris Can't Do A Thing(SC8266-1)
    Isaak, Chris Dark Moon(SC8317-4)
    Isaak, Chris Flying(MM6265-6)
    Isaak, Chris Let Me Down Easy(MM6363-13)
    Isaak, Chris Life Will Go On(TU125-11)
    Isaak, Chris One Day(TU135-9)
    Isaak, Chris Please(SC8487-11)
    Isaak, Chris San Francisco Days(SC8272-7)
    Isaak, Chris Solitary Man(SC8302-11)
    Isaak, Chris Somebody's Crying(SC8471-8)
    Isaak, Chris Think Of Tomorrow(SC8340-14)
    Isaak, Chris Wicked Game(SC7546-13)
    Isle Of Q Bag Of Tricks(THR0103-15)
    Isley Brothers Behind A Painted Smile(SF088-14)
    Isley Brothers Fight The Power(SC8143-12)
    Isley Brothers It's Your Thing(SC8863-13)
    Isley Brothers Just Came Here To Chill(THH0608-18)
    Isley Brothers Shout(DK2020-6)
    Isley Brothers Summer Breeze(SF072-13)
    Isley Brothers Tears(SC8476-4)
    Isley Brothers That Lady(DK021-13)
    Isley Brothers This Old Heart Of Mine(DK071-5)
    Isley Brothers & Ronald Isley Contagious(SC8717-2)
    Issacs, Sonja Since I Gave My Heart Away(CB20189-12)
    It Bites Calling All The Heroes(SFMW842-1)
    It's A Beautiful Day White Bird(SC8724-3)
    Italian Job Ensemble, The Self-Preservation Society, The(SFMW882-4)
    Ives, Burl Funny Way Of Laughin'(JV0059-5)
    Ives, Burl Holly Jolly Christmas(TU165-5)
    Ives, Burl Little Bitty Tear, A(SC8262-3)
    Ivy League Funny How Love Can Be(SF064-7)
    Ivy League Tossing & Turning(ZMJB04-5)
    Ivy Queen Papi Te Quero(SC8937-14)
    Izak, Kit & Pony West Stay With Me(TU180-14)
    Izibor, Laura Shine(PHU0909-9)


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