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Right.  So we asked if you were at all interested in having K.W.A. slips available to download from the site. You answered, and we listened. You can download a page of 10 slips here. It's in .pdf format, so you'll have to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, but who doesn't?


Our search engine is online! 

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Bert and Ernie would be so proud of us...



So, uh... some people decided to be real nice and say some things about our show. Check it out!


Phil Mead

Well I guess I'll be the first to review the show. Two words, loud and proud. I'll start with the first. This sound system is unbelieveably crystal clear, even at high output. There's not too many Karaoke show's I've been to where the sound is so clear and precise, you can really hear the singer's voice, and how they "may" or "may-not" sound. Zero Distortion, Maximum Rock !!!

Secondly, being a huge fan of the 80's, KWA has a Sunday night "ALL METAL" show which occurs at Brooklyn's Bar and Bistro located on Queenston Road near the Bedrock Bistro. The crowd is great, the building is very atmospheric, and the tunes are in full "hair-raising" force. Wide selection of songs for all music lovers and MC's that can make you laugh throughout the show, not to mention "ROCK THE MIC" like some bad-ass mutha fuck@'s. If your down with Karaoke, and you like to laugh and sing. KWA is the show for you...

Phil Mead
Hamilton, ON

Aw, thanks, Phil!

Adam Pipe

Most comprehensive playlist in the industry. best sound/show system for ANY like minded company.. K.W.A. are the real "big stars" in Southern Ontario..

We think these guys deserve a hug. From April. Because, you know, she's got... nevermind.





Has anyone ever tried clicking on the speaker at the top of the page?  Just wonderin'...

Are you a bar owner or manager looking to see what we're all about?  We now have an Electronic Press Kit for your viewing convenience.  It will give you some idea of what to expect... but not really.  In order to really understand it, you need to experience it first hand, live.

But this is a pretty good place to start.

If you're looking for all the old stuff that used to be here, we now keep an archive section.  You can find all that crap by clicking here.


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