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    K's Choice Everything For Free(SC8484-15)
    K's Choice Not An Addict(SC8457-13)
    K-Ci & JoJo All My Life(SC8453-11)
    K-Ci & JoJo Crazy(SC8672-10)
    K-Ci & JoJo Tell Me It's Real(SC8545-13)
    K-Ci & JoJo You Bring Me Up(SC8390-3)
    K-Doe, Ernie Mother In Law(SC8109-14)
    K., Andrew W. We Want Fun(TU174-17)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Boogie Shoes(LG150-7)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight(SC8143-10)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Give It Up(AH8021-3)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band I'm Your Boogie Man(SC8143-2)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Keep It Comin' Love(SC8634-13)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Please Don't Go(SC8323-3)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Queen Of Clubs(SF091-11)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band Shake Your Booty (Shake Shake Shake)(SC8227-15)
    K.C. & The Sunshine Band That's The Way I Like It(DK056-3)
    K7 Come Baby Come(SFMW854-2)
    Kaci I Think I Love You(SF188-8)
    Kaci Just An Old Boyfriend(TU124-12)
    Kadison, Joshua Beau's All Night Radio Love Line(SC8164-1)
    Kadison, Joshua Beautiful In My Eyes(SC8121-2)
    Kadison, Joshua Jessie(SC8279-11)
    Kadison, Joshua Picture Postcards From L.A.(SC8140-8)
    Kadison, Joshua Take It On Faith(SD022-8)
    Kahn, Madeline I'm Tired(HMDK-322)
    Kaiser Chiefs Angry Mob, The(SF258-7)
    Kaiser Chiefs Everyday I Love You Less & Less(SFMW865-12)
    Kaiser Chiefs Everything Is Average Nowadays(THHP0707-13)
    Kaiser Chiefs I Predict A Riot(PHR0506-7)
    Kaiser Chiefs Modern Way(SF237-12)
    Kaiser Chiefs Oh My God(SF229-15)
    Kaiser Chiefs Ruby(THHP0704-15)
    Kajagoogoo Too Shy(SC8313-4)
    Kalapana Naturally(MM6102-15)
    Kallen, Kitty Little Things Mean A Lot(SC7550-1)
    Kamakawiwo'Ole, Israel Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World(SC8850-8)
    Kamoze, Ini Here Comes The Hotstepper(SC8746-8)
    Kandi Don't Think I'm Not(SC8645-7)
    Kane, Eden Boy's Cry(SF064-5)
    Kane, Helen Forget Me Not(SF083-11)
    Kane, Helen I Wanna Be Loved By You(PI303-5)
    Kane, Helen Well I Ask You(SF054-5)
    Kansas Carry On Wayward Son(SC8648-7)
    Kansas Dust In The Wind(SC7526-12)
    Kansas Fight Fire With Fire(SC8624-7)
    Kansas Play The Game Tonight(SC8644-7)
    Kansas Point Of Know Return(SC8648-9)
    Kaoma Lambada(SF028-17)
    Kasabian Cutt Off(SFMW861-1)
    Kasabian Empire(SF246-4)
    Kasabian Shoot The Runner(SF249-14)
    Katatonia Deliberation(HMDK-64)
    Katatonia Follower(HMDK-65)
    Katatonia In The White(HMDK-66)
    Katatonia Leaders(HMDK-67)
    Kate & Kacey Dreaming Love(PHN0908-5)
    Katrina & The Waves Love Shine A Light(ZMH013-12)
    Katrina & The Waves Walking On Sunshine(SC8210-1)
    Kavana Special Kind Of Something(SF125-11)
    Kayle, Kortney Don't Let Me Down(SC3254-3)
    Kayle, Kortney Unbroken By You(SC8711-14)
    Keane Bad Dream, A(SF251-9)
    Keane Bedshaped(ZMP068-10)
    Keane Bend & Break(ZMP069-7)
    Keane Better Than This(SFMW910-3)
    Keane Can't Stop Now(ZMP068-8)
    Keane Crystal Ball(SF246-6)
    Keane Everybody's Changing(ZMP069-10)
    Keane Is It Any Wonder(SC8987-2)
    Keane Nothing In My Way(SF249-9)
    Keane She Has No Time(ZMP069-11)
    Keane Somewhere Only We Know(SC8906-8)
    Keane Sunshine(ZMP068-11)
    Keane This Is The Last Time(SF225-9)
    Keane Untitled 1(ZMP069-8)
    Keane We Might As Well Be Strangers(ZMP069-9)
    Keane Your Eyes Open(ZMP068-9)
    Kearney, Mat Breathe In, Breathe Out(PHM0712-5)
    Kearney, Mat Closer To Love(PHM0908-5)
    Kearney, Mat Nothing Left To Lose(SC8995-9)
    Kearney, Mat Undeniable(THHP0711-15)
    Keating, Ronan All Over Again [w/ Kate Rusby](THHP0610-16)
    Keating, Ronan Father & Son [w/ Yusuf Islam](SF226-4)
    Keating, Ronan I Hope You Dance(SF223-7)
    Keating, Ronan I Love It When We Do(SF195-7)
    Keating, Ronan If Tomorrow Never Comes(SF192-3)
    Keating, Ronan Iris(EZH058-13)
    Keating, Ronan Life Is A Rollercoaster(SF167-12)
    Keating, Ronan Long Goodbye, The(SF205-7)
    Keating, Ronan Lost For Words(SF211-6)
    Keating, Ronan Love Won't Work(SF187-16)
    Keating, Ronan Loving Each Day(SC8730-4)
    Keating, Ronan Now That I Know What I Want [w/ Brian Kennedy](SFMW872-8)
    Keating, Ronan She Believes In Me(SF215-11)
    Keating, Ronan Way You Make You Feel, The(SF170-15)
    Keating, Ronan We've Got Tonight [w/ Lulu](SF199-7)
    Keating, Ronan When You Say Nothing At All(SF142-4)
    Keb 'Mo Love In Vain(MM6272-14)
    Keel, Howard Bless Your Beautiful Hide(SFMW905-11)
    Keel, Howard Higher Than A Hawk (Deeper Than A Well)(SFMW908-14)
    Keel, Howard I Won't Send Roses(SF160-9)
    Keel, Howard Send In The Clowns(SF160-10)
    Keen, Robert Earl Happy Holidays Y'all(CB20204-9)
    Keen, Robert Earl Walkin' Cane(SC3285-6)
    Keith 98.6(SC8521-4)
    Keith, Brent Looking For A Road (Theme From Dale)(SD160-13)
    Keith, Lisa Better Than You(MM6045-9)
    Keith, Toby A Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action(SC8810-15)
    Keith, Toby Ain't It Just Like You(CB20372-11)
    Keith, Toby American Soldier(SC8976-6)
    Keith, Toby As Good As I Once Was(SC8944-13)
    Keith, Toby Beer For My Horses [w/ Willie Nelson](SC8976-2)
    Keith, Toby Big Blue Note(SC8976-4)
    Keith, Toby Big Dog Daddy(SC9004-14)
    Keith, Toby Big Ol' Truck(SC8186-12)
    Keith, Toby Broken Bridges(SC8996-10)
    Keith, Toby Closin' Time At Home(SC8285-7)
    Keith, Toby Country Comes To Town(SC8976-15)
    Keith, Toby Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue(SC8810-8)
    Keith, Toby Crash Here Tonight(THC0612-13)
    Keith, Toby Critic, The(SC8867-4)
    Keith, Toby Die With Your Boots On(MM6301-13)
    Keith, Toby Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You(SC8253-15)
    Keith, Toby Don't Leave, I Think I Love You(TU249-7)
    Keith, Toby Double Wide Paradise(SC8464-7)
    Keith, Toby Dream Walkin'(SC8976-11)
    Keith, Toby Every Night(SC8280-11)
    Keith, Toby Get Drunk & Be Somebody(SC8959-9)
    Keith, Toby Get My Drink On(THC0802-13)
    Keith, Toby Getcha Some(SC8810-3)
    Keith, Toby Go With Her(SC8907-3)
    Keith, Toby Good To Go To Mexico(CB20372-12)
    Keith, Toby He Ain't Worth Missing(SC2325-6)
    Keith, Toby Hell No(SC3463-4)
    Keith, Toby High Maintenance Woman(PHN0705-4)
    Keith, Toby High Maintenance Woman [radio Version](SC8998-8)
    Keith, Toby Honky Tonk U(SC3435-5)
    Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now(SC7596-2)
    Keith, Toby I Got It Bad(AMM001-9)
    Keith, Toby I Know She Hung The Moon(SC9004-9)
    Keith, Toby I Love This Bar(SC8847-6)
    Keith, Toby I Wanna Talk About Me(SC8810-5)
    Keith, Toby I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight(SC8711-9)
    Keith, Toby I'm So Happy(TU162-10)
    Keith, Toby I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying [w/ Sting](SC3052-1)
    Keith, Toby If A Man Answers(SC3128-7)
    Keith, Toby If I Was Jesus(SC8880-10)
    Keith, Toby It Works For Me(CB20372-10)
    Keith, Toby It's All Good(CB20372-8)
    Keith, Toby Jacky Don Tucker (Play By The Rules...)(SD152-9)
    Keith, Toby Just The Guy To Do It(AMM001-5)
    Keith, Toby Knock Yourself Out(AMM001-7)
    Keith, Toby Little Less Talk & A Lot More Action, A(SC8101-15)
    Keith, Toby Little Too Late, A(SC8982-14)
    Keith, Toby Losing My Touch(CB20372-9)
    Keith, Toby Love Me If You Can(SC9004-6)
    Keith, Toby Me Too(SC8344-12)
    Keith, Toby Mockingbird [w/ Krystal](SC8976-12)
    Keith, Toby My List(SC3292-5)
    Keith, Toby Nights I Can't Remember(TU249-11)
    Keith, Toby Note To Self(SC8986-5)
    Keith, Toby Pull My Chain(ZMP021-11)
    Keith, Toby Rock You Baby(SC8976-9)
    Keith, Toby She Ain't Hooked On Me No More [w/ Merle Haggard](SC8933-14)
    Keith, Toby She Left Me(AMM001-6)
    Keith, Toby Should've Been A Cowboy(SC2325-3)
    Keith, Toby Stays In Mexico(SC8944-5)
    Keith, Toby Taliban Song, The(SC8862-6)
    Keith, Toby Time For Me To Ride(SC8880-2)
    Keith, Toby Upstairs Downtown(SC8152-9)
    Keith, Toby We Were In Love(SC8384-10)
    Keith, Toby Weed With Willie(SC8862-13)
    Keith, Toby Weed With Willie [w/ Scotty Emerick](SC8976-7)
    Keith, Toby When Love Fades(SC8570-1)
    Keith, Toby Where You Gonna Go(AMM001-11)
    Keith, Toby Whiskey Girl(SC8877-13)
    Keith, Toby Who's That Man(SC8141-6)
    Keith, Toby Who's Your Daddy(SC8921-11)
    Keith, Toby Wish I Didn't Know Now(SC8133-3)
    Keith, Toby Woman's Touch, A(SC8303-13)
    Keith, Toby You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya)(SC8933-1)
    Keith, Toby You Ain't Much Fun(SC8810-13)
    Keith, Toby You Caught Me At A Bad Time(SC8936-1)
    Keith, Toby You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This(SC8810-14)
    Keith, Toby Your Smile(AMM001-10)
    Kelis Caught Out There (I Hate You)(SF159-11)
    Kelis Get Along With You(SF170-8)
    Kelis Good Stuff(SF167-11)
    Kelis In Public(SF228-11)
    Kelis Milkshake(SC8858-7)
    Kelis Milkshake [Radio Version](SC8902-9)
    Kelis Millionaire(SF221-11)
    Kelis Trick Me(SF216-13)
    Kelis Young Fresh 'n' New(SF185-7)
    Kelis & Cee-lo Lil' Star(SF253-5)
    Kelis & Too Short Bossy(PHU0608-3)
    Keller, Joanie If Heartaches Had Wings(TU203-8)
    Keller, Joanie Three Little Teardrops(SC8608-7)
    Keller, Terry Here Comes Summer(SF062-10)
    Kelley, Irene Little Bluer Than That, A(TU064-1)
    Kelley, Josh Almost Honest(THP0605-18)
    Kelley, Josh Amazing(SC8855-13)
    Kelley, Josh Only You(SD4509-14)
    Kelly, Gene All I Do Is Dream Of You(MM6242-9)
    Kelly, Gene Singin' In The Rain(SC7540-7)
    Kelly, Gene So Wonderful(TU179-18)
    Kelly, R. Bad Man(TU003-8)
    Kelly, R. Bump 'N Grind(SC8140-12)
    Kelly, R. Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)(SC8263-8)
    Kelly, R. Feelin' On Yo Booty(SC8726-3)
    Kelly, R. Fiesta [w/ Boo & Gotti](SC8695-10)
    Kelly, R. Gotham City(SC8390-12)
    Kelly, R. Happy People(SF221-13)
    Kelly, R. Happy People [Radio Version](SC3413-8)
    Kelly, R. I Believe I Can Fly(SC8343-7)
    Kelly, R. I Can't Sleep Baby(SC8299-9)
    Kelly, R. I Wish(SC3233-7)
    Kelly, R. I'm A Flirt [w/ T-Pain](PHU0708-1)
    Kelly, R. If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time(SC8565-8)
    Kelly, R. Ignition(SF205-8)
    Kelly, R. Only The Loot Can Make You Happy(SF163-2)
    Kelly, R. Playas Only [w/ The Game](SF235-12)
    Kelly, R. She's Got That Vibe(SF026-1)
    Kelly, R. Slow Wind(SC8958-11)
    Kelly, R. Snake(SF208-13)
    Kelly, R. Soldiers Heart(TU206-16)
    Kelly, R. Step In The Name Of Love(SC8864-8)
    Kelly, R. Storm Is Over, The(TU033-12)
    Kelly, R. Supaman High [w/ OJ Da Juiceman](PHU0908-8)
    Kelly, R. Thoia Thoing(SF213-11)
    Kelly, R. When A Woman's Fed Up(SC3119-7)
    Kelly, R. Wonderful [Radio Version] [w/ Ashanti & Ja Rule](SC8889-9)
    Kelly, R. Wonderful [w/ Ashanti & Ja Rule](EZH41-7)
    Kelly, R. World's Greatest, The(CBE3-28-7)
    Kelly, R. You Remind Me Of Something(SC8220-15)
    Kelly, R. Your Body's Callin'(SC2110-8)
    Kem Find Your Way (Back In My Life)(THH0601-18)
    Kem I Can't Stop Loving You(THH0505-14)
    Kemp, Johnny Just Got Paid(SC8527-6)
    Kemp, Tara Hold On Tight(HMDK-133)
    Kendalls Heaven's Just A Sin Away(SC8208-2)
    Kendalls It Don't feel Like Sinnin' To Me(SC8529-15)
    Kendalls Sweet Desire(SC8494-13)
    Kendalls Thank God For The Radio(SC8767-8)
    Kendalls You'd Make An Angel Wanna Cheat(SC7570-1)
    Kendricks, Eddie Boogie Down(DK084-18)
    Kendricks, Eddie Keep On Truckin'(DK068-6)
    Kenner, Chris I Like It Like That(SC8206-9)
    Kentucky Headhunters Dumas Walker(SC8104-12)
    Kentucky Headhunters Jessico(CB20278-12)
    Kentucky Headhunters Oh Lonesome Me(CB20229-8)
    Kentucky Headhunters Rag Top(CB20229-9)
    Kentucky Headhunters Rock 'N' Roll Angel(SC8161-3)
    Kentucky Headhunters Too Much To Lose(CB20206-12)
    Kentucky Headhunters Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine(SC8157-8)
    Kentucky Headhunters With Body & Soul(CB20229-12)
    Kern, Jerome All The Things You Are(PSJT132-1)
    Kern, Jerome Don't Ever Leave Me(PSJT132-2)
    Kern, Jerome Fine Romance, A(PSJT132-3)
    Kern, Jerome Folks Who Live On The Hill, The(PSJT132-4)
    Kern, Jerome I'm Old Fashioned(PSJT132-5)
    Kern, Jerome Last Time I Saw Paris, The(PSJT132-6)
    Kern, Jerome Long Ago & Far Away(PSJT132-7)
    Kern, Jerome Make Believe(PSJT132-8)
    Kern, Jerome Pick Yourself Up(PSJT132-9)
    Kern, Jerome She Didn't Say Yes(PSJT132-10)
    Kern, Jerome Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(PSJT132-11)
    Kern, Jerome Sure Thing(PSJT132-12)
    Kern, Jerome They Didn't Believe Me(PSJT132-13)
    Kern, Jerome Way You Look Tonight, The(PSJT132-14)
    Kern, Jerome Yesterdays(PSJT132-15)
    Kersh, David Another You(CHM9704-9)
    Kersh, David Breaking Hearts & Taking Names(SC8294-8)
    Kersh, David Day In, Day Out(SC8382-3)
    Kersh, David Goodnight Sweetheart(SC8315-1)
    Kersh, David If I Never Stop Loving You(SC8432-15)
    Kersh, David Something To Think About(SC8488-15)
    Kersh, David Wonderful Tonight(SC3068-7)
    Kershaw, Nik I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me(ZSH80-1-12)
    Kershaw, Nik Riddle, The(ZMH002-7)
    Kershaw, Nik Wouldn't It Be Good(SC8719-1)
    Kershaw, Sammy Anywhere But Here(SC8131-14)
    Kershaw, Sammy Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On(SD151-11)
    Kershaw, Sammy Beer, Bait & Ammo(TU213-2)
    Kershaw, Sammy Cadillac Style(SC7594-6)
    Kershaw, Sammy Don't Go Near The Water(SC8502-2)
    Kershaw, Sammy Fit To Be Tied Down(SC8504-10)
    Kershaw, Sammy Haunted Heart(SC8167-5)
    Kershaw, Sammy Honky Tonk America(SC8470-1)
    Kershaw, Sammy I Can't Reach Her Anymore(SC8168-15)
    Kershaw, Sammy I Know A Little(SC8301-6)
    Kershaw, Sammy I Want My Money Back(SC3363-7)
    Kershaw, Sammy If You Ever Come This Way Again(SC8275-8)
    Kershaw, Sammy If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl(SC8163-8)
    Kershaw, Sammy Louisiana Hot Sauce(CB20206-7)
    Kershaw, Sammy Love Of My Life(SC8416-6)
    Kershaw, Sammy Matches(SC3063-5)
    Kershaw, Sammy Maybe Not Tonight [w/ Lorrie Morgan](SC8524-2)
    Kershaw, Sammy Me & Maxine(SC8584-11)
    Kershaw, Sammy Meant To Be(SC2056-5)
    Kershaw, Sammy National Working Woman's Holiday(SC8142-1)
    Kershaw, Sammy One Day Left To Live(SC8496-6)
    Kershaw, Sammy Politics Religion & Her(SC8344-2)
    Kershaw, Sammy Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer(SC7593-2)
    Kershaw, Sammy She Don't Know She's Beautiful(SC8229-1)
    Kershaw, Sammy Southbound(SC8149-3)
    Kershaw, Sammy Still Lovin' You(SC8224-10)
    Kershaw, Sammy Tennessee Girl(CB60354-13)
    Kershaw, Sammy Third Rate Romance(SC8175-7)
    Kershaw, Sammy Too Far Gone To Leave(SC8287-14)
    Kershaw, Sammy Vidalia(SC8315-5)
    Kershaw, Sammy When You Love Someone(SC8556-8)
    Kershaw, Sammy Yard Sale(SC8183-5)
    Kershaw, Sammy Your Tattoo(SC8194-12)
    Ketchum, Hal Don't Let Go(SC8729-11)
    Ketchum, Hal Every Little Word(SD019-11)
    Ketchum, Hal Five O'Clock World(SC8234-13)
    Ketchum, Hal Girl Like You, A(CB20052-9)
    Ketchum, Hal Hang In There Superman(SC8298-9)
    Ketchum, Hal Hearts Are Gonna Roll(SC8130-15)
    Ketchum, Hal I Know Where Love Lives(SC8260-6)
    Ketchum, Hal I Miss My Mary(SC8319-11)
    Ketchum, Hal I Saw The Light(SC3068-3)
    Ketchum, Hal Just This Side Of Heaven(CB60350-4)
    Ketchum, Hal Mama Knows The Highway(SC8241-15)
    Ketchum, Hal My Love Will Not Change(SD122-9)
    Ketchum, Hal Past The Point Of Rescue(SC8243-15)
    Ketchum, Hal She Is(SC8681-13)
    Ketchum, Hal Small Town Saturday Night(SC8265-1)
    Ketchum, Hal Someplace Far Away(SC8324-9)
    Ketchum, Hal Stay Forever(SC8159-11)
    Ketchum, Hal Sure Love(SC8213-5)
    Ketchum, Hal That's What I Get(SC8175-8)
    Ketchum, Hal Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again(SC8228-1)
    Ketchum, Hal Veil Of Tears(SC8211-12)
    Ketchum, Hal When Love Looks Back At You(CB20044-9)
    Keys, Alicia Butterflyz(TU173-4)
    Keys, Alicia Diary(SC8883-4)
    Keys, Alicia Every Little Bit Hurts(PHU0604-4)
    Keys, Alicia Fallin'(SC8776-11)
    Keys, Alicia Fallin' [Radio Version](SC2484-1)
    Keys, Alicia Girlfriend(TU181-3)
    Keys, Alicia How Come You Don't Call Me(SC3308-7)
    Keys, Alicia If I Ain't Got You(SC8902-6)
    Keys, Alicia If I Was Your Woman(SC3401-7)
    Keys, Alicia Jane Doe(SC8752-5)
    Keys, Alicia Karma(THH0502-10)
    Keys, Alicia Karma [Radio Version](SC8889-2)
    Keys, Alicia Like You'll Never See Me(PHU0801-2)
    Keys, Alicia Loving You(TU137-11)
    Keys, Alicia My Boo [w/ Usher](SC3422-4)
    Keys, Alicia No One(THHP0712-13)
    Keys, Alicia Unbreakable(THH0512-11)
    Keys, Alicia Unbreakable [Unplugged Version](SC8948-2)
    Keys, Alicia Why Do I Feel So Sad(THMP038-14)
    Keys, Alicia Woman's Worth, A(SC8731-5)
    Keys, Alicia You Don't Know My Name(SC8858-15)
    Keys, Alicia You Don't Know My Name [Radio Version](SC2484-8)
    Khaleel No Mercy(SC8503-5)
    Khan, Chaka I Feel For You(SC8284-10)
    Khan, Chaka I'm Every Woman(MH1124-6)
    Khan, Chaka Through The Fire(SC8585-10)
    Khia My Neck, My Back (Lick It)(SC8773-8)
    Kid Creole & The Coconuts Annie I'm Not Your Daddy(SFMW870-14)
    Kid Creole & The Coconuts Stool Pigeon(SF111-3)
    Kid Cudi Day 'n' Nite(PHU0905-8)
    Kid Galahad I Got Lucky(MM6288-8)
    Kid Rock All Summer Long(CB5119-02-13)
    Kid Rock Amen(CB5119-03-4)
    Kid Rock American Bad Ass(SC3200-7)
    Kid Rock Bawitdaba(SC8626-4)
    Kid Rock Born To Be A Hick(TU098-4)
    Kid Rock Cocky(SC8740-11)
    Kid Rock Cold & Empty(MM6408-5)
    Kid Rock Cowboy(SC8626-13)
    Kid Rock Dark & Grey(TU098-6)
    Kid Rock Devil Without A Cause(TU098-7)
    Kid Rock Feel Like Makin' Love(SC3396-7)
    Kid Rock Fist Of Rage(TU098-8)
    Kid Rock Forever(SC8732-5)
    Kid Rock I Am The Bullgod(SC2364-7)
    Kid Rock Jackson, Mississippi(THR0406-17)
    Kid Rock Lonely Road Of Faith(SC8747-3)
    Kid Rock Only God Knows Why(SC8626-7)
    Kid Rock Prodigal Son(TU098-14)
    Kid Rock Rock 'n Roll Jesus(HMDK-323)
    Kid Rock Roll On(HMDK-324)
    Kid Rock Single Father(TU252-14)
    Kid Rock Three Sheets To The Wind(TU098-1)
    Kid Rock Wasting Time(TU098-15)
    Kid Rock Where U At Rock(SC8626-14)
    Kidman, Nicole Come What May [w/ Ewan McGregor](SC8717-10)
    Kidman, Nicole Elephant Love Medley(PR1432-4)
    Kidman, Nicole One Day I'll Fly Away(SC8762-7)
    Kidman, Nicole Sparkling Diamonds(SC8850-7)
    Kids From Fame Hi Fidelity(SFMW841-4)
    Kids From Fame Starmaker(SFMW842-2)
    Kilgore, Jerry Cactus In A Coffee Can(CB20193-9)
    Kilgore, Jerry Look, The(SC3179-5)
    Kilgore, Jerry Love Trip(SC3156-4)
    Killer Mike & Big Boi ADIDAS [Radio Version](TU191-1)
    Killers, The All These Things That I've Done(SC8934-15)
    Killers, The Andy You're A Star(HMDK-326)
    Killers, The Believe Me Natalie(HMDK-327)
    Killers, The Bones(THP0702-11)
    Killers, The Don't Shoot Me, Santa(HMDK-698)
    Killers, The Dustland Fairytale, A(PHM0909-9)
    Killers, The Everything Will Be Alright(HMDK-328)
    Killers, The For Reasons Unknown(SF255-1)
    Killers, The Mr. Brightside(SC3428-7)
    Killers, The On Top(HMDK-325)
    Killers, The Read My Mind(SD4703-7)
    Killers, The Smile Like You Mean It(THR0504-18)
    Killers, The Somebody Told Me(SC8946-8)
    Killers, The Spaceman(SC3502-6)
    Killers, The Tranquilize(THHP0801-16)
    Killers, The When You Were Young(SC8993-10)
    Killswitch Engage End Of Heartache(HMDK-334)
    Killswitch Engage Eye Of The Storm(HMDK-333)
    Killswitch Engage Fixation On The Darkness(HMDK-329)
    Killswitch Engage Holy Diver(HMDK-330)
    Killswitch Engage My Curse(HMDK-331)
    Killswitch Engage My Last Serenade(HMDK-332)
    Killswitch Engage Rose Of Sharyn(HMDK-335)
    Kim, Andy Rock Me Gently(SC8210-2)
    Kimball, Cheyenne Hanging On(THP0608-17)
    Kimes, Royal Wade & Garth Brooks Night Birds(SD106-11)
    Kina Girl From The Gutter(SC8629-10)
    King Love & Pride(SF106-6)
    King Brothers White Sport Coat, A(SF063-1)
    King Floyd Groove Me(SC8443-10)
    King Harvest Dancing In The Moonlight(SC8679-1)
    King Missile Detachable Penis(SC8700-6)
    King Sisters Take The 'A' Train(MM6186-13)
    King's X It's Love(SC8928-12)
    King's X Over My Head(SC8869-5)
    King's X Summerland(SC8830-5)
    King, Albert Born Under A Bad Sign(SC8327-2)
    King, Albert Call My Job(AH8023-9)
    King, Albert Good Time Charlie(AH8023-7)
    King, B.B. Big Boss Man(KBA30702-13)
    King, B.B. Caldonia(SC8339-4)
    King, B.B. Every Day I Have The Blues(SC8893-15)
    King, B.B. How Blue Can You Get(SFMW894-8)
    King, B.B. I'll Survive(MM6272-5)
    King, B.B. Is You Or Is You Ain't(LG206-11)
    King, B.B. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss(SC8339-15)
    King, B.B. Riding With The King [w/ Eric Clapton](SC8814-7)
    King, B.B. Rock Me Baby(SC8675-5)
    King, B.B. Thrill Is Gone, The(SC8339-3)
    King, B.B. Why I Sing The Blues(SC8327-13)
    King, Ben E. Don't Play That Song(SC8255-7)
    King, Ben E. I Who Have Nothing(JV0029-4)
    King, Ben E. Spanish Harlem(SC8191-6)
    King, Ben E. Stand By Me(SC7527-13)
    King, Carole Anyone At All(SC8503-6)
    King, Carole Beautiful(DK021-18)
    King, Carole Home Again(MM6333-3)
    King, Carole I Feel The Earth Move(SC2366-1)
    King, Carole It Might As Well Rain Until September(LG034-5)
    King, Carole It's Too Late(SC8800-6)
    King, Carole Jazzman(SC8210-12)
    King, Carole Nightingale(SC8410-4)
    King, Carole Now & Forever(SC8302-7)
    King, Carole One Fine Day(SC8305-13)
    King, Carole Smackwater Jack(SC2366-2)
    King, Carole So Far Away(SC8391-3)
    King, Carole Sweet Seasons(SC8410-3)
    King, Carole Way Over Yonder(MM6333-9)
    King, Carole Where You Lead(MM6333-5)
    King, Carole Will You Love Me Tomorrow(SC8259-15)
    King, Carole You've Got A Friend(SC2366-7)
    King, Claude Wolverton Mountain(SC8191R-10)
    King, Diana I Say A Little Prayer(SC8395-2)
    King, Diana Shy Guy(SF041-2)
    King, Evelyn 'Champagne' Love Come Down(SC8606-13)
    King, Evelyn 'Champagne' Shame(SC8420-5)
    King, Freddy Down Home Blues(MM6144-14)
    King, Freddy I'm Torn Down(LG206-10)
    King, Freddy Messin' With The Kid(MM6155-10)
    King, Jill 98.6 Degrees & Falling(SC3399-8)
    King, Jill Hand Me Down Heartache(SC8837-14)
    King, Jill One Mississippi(TU195-11)
    King, Jonathan Everyone's Gone To The Moon(MM6236-7)
    King, Jonathan Una Paloma Blanca(SFMW872-11)
    King, Matt From Your Knees(SC8546-3)
    King, Matt Rub It In(SC8560-11)
    King, Matt Woman Like You, A(SC8394-14)
    King, Matt Woman's Tears, A(SC3060-6)
    King, Pee Wee Slow Poke(CB60282-13)
    King, Pee Wee Tennessee Waltz(TU242-15)
    King, Solomon She Wears My Ring(SF065-7)
    Kings Switch Into Glide(AH8022-10)
    Kings Of Leon Bucket, The(THR0504-17)
    Kings Of Leon Molly's Chambers(SFMW868-13)
    Kings Of Leon Notion(PHM0909-5)
    Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire(SC3500-4)
    Kings Of Leon Use Somebody(SC3503-5)
    Kingsmen Louie, Louie(SC8108-14)
    Kingsmen Money (That's What I Want)(DK011-9)
    Kingston Trio MTA(MM6328-4)
    Kingston Trio Scotch & Soda(SC8136-14)
    Kingston Trio Sloop John B(MM6172-15)
    Kingston Trio They Call The Wind Maria(MM6172-5)
    Kingston Trio Tom Dooley(SC8563-12)
    Kingston Trio Where Have All The Flowers Gone(PI308-10)
    Kingston, Sean Beautiful Girls(SC9006-5)
    Kingston, Sean Me Love(PHM0710-2)
    Kingston, Sean Take You There(SC9022-9)
    Kinison, Sam Wild Thing(SC8843-3)
    Kinks, The A Well Respected Man(SC2504-7)
    Kinks, The All Day & All Of The Night(SC8450-1)
    Kinks, The Ape Man(LG038-10)
    Kinks, The Autumn Almanac(LG038-9)
    Kinks, The Celluloid Heroes(SC8941-3)
    Kinks, The Come Dancing(AH8013-14)
    Kinks, The Days(LG038-17)
    Kinks, The Dead End Street(LG038-13)
    Kinks, The Dedicated Follower Of Fashion(ZMJB06-4)
    Kinks, The Don't Forget To Dance(LG038-11)
    Kinks, The Everybody's Gonna Be Happy(ZMJB12-7)
    Kinks, The Lola(SC2504-4)
    Kinks, The Phenomenal Cat(HMDK-336)
    Kinks, The See My Friend(LG038-5)
    Kinks, The Set Me Free(LG038-7)
    Kinks, The Stop Your Sobbing(ZMJB12-6)
    Kinks, The Sunny Afternoon(SC8221-10)
    Kinks, The Superman(SC8985-15)
    Kinks, The Superman (Wish I Could Fly Like)(HMDK-337)
    Kinks, The Supersonic Rocket Ship(LG038-12)
    Kinks, The Tired Of Waiting For You(SC8225-15)
    Kinks, The Village Green(HMDK-338)
    Kinks, The Waterloo Sunset(SF087-2)
    Kinks, The Well Respected Man, A(SC8941-2)
    Kinks, The You Really Got Me(SC8353-14)
    Kinleys Dance In The Boat(SC8463-10)
    Kinleys Dare To Be A Daniel(CB20103-11)
    Kinleys I'm In(SC8655-10)
    Kinleys Just Between You & Me(SC8432-8)
    Kinleys My Heart Is Still Beating(SC3156-1)
    Kinleys Ooh Aah Crazy Kind Of Love Thing(CB20080-11)
    Kinleys Please(SC8394-4)
    Kinleys She Ain't The Girl For You(SC8653-2)
    Kinleys Somebody's Out There Watching(SC8512-8)
    Kinleys You Make It Seem So Easy(SC8474-2)
    Kinleys You're Still Here(SC8711-5)
    Kinney, Fern Together We Are Beautiful(SF105-14)
    Kirby, Kathy Let Me Go Lover(SF085-5)
    Kirby, Kathy Secret Love(SF066-10)
    Kismet Stranger In Paradise(LGB02-5)
    KISS Beth(SC8896-12)
    KISS Beth [Unplugged](LGK003-6)
    KISS Calling Dr. Love(SC8896-7)
    KISS Christine Sixteen(SC8896-2)
    KISS Cold Gin(SC8896-11)
    KISS Crazy Nights(SF021-12)
    KISS Detroit Rock City(SC8896-1)
    KISS Deuce(SC8404-12)
    KISS Domino(SC8896-5)
    KISS Firehouse(SC8701-13)
    KISS Forever(SC8896-6)
    Kiss God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You Ii(SC9002-8)
    KISS God Of Thunder(SC8896-3)
    KISS Hard Luck Woman(SC8346-3)
    KISS Heaven's On Fire(SC8734-2)
    KISS I Love It Loud(SC8830-10)
    KISS I Was Made For Loving You(SC8701-15)
    KISS Lick It Up(SC8597-11)
    KISS Love Gun(SC8701-1)
    KISS Nothing Can Keep Me From You(PHT9912-4)
    KISS Plaster Caster(DM104-14)
    KISS Psycho Circus(SC8501-6)
    KISS Rock & Roll All Night(SC8277-8)
    KISS Rocket Ride(LG203-11)
    KISS Shout It Out Loud(SC8516-15)
    KISS Strutter(SC8406-12)
    KISS Tears Are Falling(SC8843-7)
    KISS You Wanted The Best(SC8515-9)
    Kissoon, Mac & Katie Sugar Candy Kisses(SFMW883-3)
    Kitchell, Sonya Let Me Go(PHAC0611-7)
    Kittie Charlotte(SC2262-6)
    Kittie Safe(HMDK-68)
    Kix Don't Close Your Eyes(SC8597-15)
    Klaxons Golden Skans(MREH035-8)
    KLF & Tammy Wynette Justified & Ancient(SF003-9)
    Klymaxx I Miss You(SC8456-5)
    Klymaxx Meeting In The Ladies Room(SC8754-1)
    Knack Good Girl's Don't(SC8447-2)
    Knack My Sharona(SC2086-3)
    Knapp, Jennifer Breathe On Me(TU128-5)
    Knapp, Jennifer By & By(TU128-6)
    Knapp, Jennifer Say Won't You Say(TU128-11)
    Knapp, Jennifer Sing Alleluia(TU128-12)
    Knapp, Jennifer Way I Am, The(TU128-15)
    Knickerbockers Lies(SC8750-4)
    Knight, Beverley Come As You Are(SFMW877-10)
    Knight, Beverley Get Up(SF186-13)
    Knight, Beverley Keep This Fire Burning(SF229-14)
    Knight, Beverley No Man's Land(SF255-11)
    Knight, Beverley Piece Of My Heart(SFMW876-6)
    Knight, Beverley Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda(SF190-3)
    Knight, Chris Highway Junkie(CB20306-12)
    Knight, Chris It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy(CB20059-11)
    Knight, Gladys Baby Don't Change Your Mind(SF103-3)
    Knight, Gladys Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me(SC7574-1)
    Knight, Gladys Every Beat Of My Heart(MM6116-6)
    Knight, Gladys Help Me Make It Through The Night(SF158-15)
    Knight, Gladys I Don't Want To Do Wrong(SC8776-14)
    Knight, Gladys I Heard It Through The Grapevine(LG013-10)
    Knight, Gladys I've Got To Use My Imagination(DG09-9)
    Knight, Gladys If I Were Your Woman(SC8261-10)
    Knight, Gladys License To Kill(SC8468-11)
    Knight, Gladys Midnight Train To Georgia(SC7519-8)
    Knight, Gladys Neither One Of Us(SC7549-8)
    Knight, Gladys Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First(DK048-14)
    Knight, Gladys Next Time(BS4817-6)
    Knight, Gladys On & On(SC8634-4)
    Knight, Gladys Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me(LG013-13)
    Knight, Gladys Way We Were, The(SF077-5)
    Knight, Gladys You're The Best Thing That Happened To Me(SFG024-14)
    Knight, Jean Mr. Big Stuff(SC7547-10)
    Knight, Jordan Give It To You(SC8531-13)
    Knight, Jordan I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man(SC8553-1)
    Knight, Jordan Where Is Your Heart Tonight(THP0601-18)
    Knight, Robert Everlasting Love(SC8251-2)
    Knopfler, Mark Nobody's Got The Gun(SC8294-6)
    Knopfler, Mark & Emmy Lou Harris This Is Us(PHAC0608-3)
    Knopfler, Mark & James Taylor Sailing To Philadelphia(ZMP082-7)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Baby Boy [w/ Sean Paul](SC8853-5)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Beautiful Liar [w/ Shakira](PHM0706-3)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Check On It [w/ Slim Thug](SC8957-6)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Closer I Get To You, The [w/ Luther Vandross](SC8844-9)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Dangerously In Love(TU224-4)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Ego(PHM0908-1)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Get Me Bodied(PHU0707-1)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Green Light [Freemasons Remix](SF258-6)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Irreplaceable(PHU0701-1)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Listen(PHAC0702-1)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Me, Myself & I(SC8858-3)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Naughty Girl(SC8878-5)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Ring The Alarm(PHU0611-2)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)(SC3500-8)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Wishing On A Star(PHM0512-6)
    Knowles, Beyoncé Work It Out(SC8768-4)
    Knowles, Beyoncé & Jay-Z Crazy In Love(SC8853-7)
    Knowles, Beyoncé & Jay-Z Deja Vu(THH0610-11)
    Knowles, Beyoncé & Jay-Z Upgrade U(THH0612-17)
    Knox, Buddy Party Doll(SC8190-12)
    Kolander, Stevel Black Dresses(MM6128-14)
    Kooks, The Naive(SFMW876-3)
    Kooks, The Ooh La(SF248-13)
    Kooks, The She Moves In Her Own Way(SF245-13)
    Kool & The Gang Celebration(SC7511-12)
    Kool & The Gang Cherish(SC8667-12)
    Kool & The Gang Fresh(SC8755-11)
    Kool & The Gang Get Down On It(SC8580-14)
    Kool & The Gang Joanna(PI037-8)
    Kool & The Gang Jungle Boogie(SC8621-9)
    Kool & The Gang Ladies Night(SC7546-5)
    Kool & The Gang Too Hot(SF158-1)
    Korgis Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime(SFMW871-15)
    Korn ADIDAS(SC8626-10)
    Korn Alone I Break(THR0302-18)
    Korn Blind(SC2364-4)
    Korn Coming Undone(THR0606-15)
    Korn Falling Away From Me(SC2241-1)
    Korn Freak On A Leash(SC8626-6)
    Korn Freak On A Leash [Unplugged Version, w/ Amy Lee](SC8999-15)
    Korn Got The Life(SC8626-5)
    Korn Hating (Everything That I Could Find)(TU142-5)
    Korn Here To Stay(SC3315-3)
    Korn Make Me Bad(SC2300-5)
    Korn Somebody Someone(SC8626-9)
    Korn Thoughtless(TU142-17)
    Korn Twisted Transistor(SC8957-9)
    Korn Word Up(HMDK-339)
    Kosheen Hide U(SFCC1-7)
    Kraftwerk Model, The(SFMW840-12)
    Krall, Diana All Right, Okay, You Win [w/ Tony Bennett](MM6393-5)
    Krall, Diana As Long As I Live(TU178-2)
    Krall, Diana Blossom Fell, A(PS1625-11)
    Krall, Diana Body & Soul(TU178-3)
    Krall, Diana Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(PS1625-12)
    Krall, Diana Devil May Care(TU178-5)
    Krall, Diana Fly Me To The Moon(PS1625-13)
    Krall, Diana Hit That Jive Jack(MM6254-2)
    Krall, Diana I'll String Along With You(PS1625-14)
    Krall, Diana I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm(TU178-8)
    Krall, Diana If I Had You(PS1625-16)
    Krall, Diana Let's Face The Music & Dance(TU178-12)
    Krall, Diana Let's Fall In Love(TU178-13)
    Krall, Diana Look Of Love, The(PSJT313-7)
    Krall, Diana Peel Me A Grape(MM6334-1)
    Krall, Diana Pick Yourself Up(PS1625-17)
    Krall, Diana Popsicle Toes(TU178-17)
    Krall, Diana S Wonderful(PS1625-18)
    Krall, Diana Straighten Up & Fly Right(TU178-18)
    Krall, Diana This Can't Be Love(PS1625-19)
    Krall, Diana You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me(MM6334-6)
    Krall, Diana You're Looking At Me(PS1625-20)
    Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas Bad To Me(SC7557-11)
    Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas Do You Want To Know A Secret(SF078-1)
    Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas Little Children(SF045-3)
    Kramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas Trains & Boats & Planes(SF069-14)
    Krauss, Alison Baby Mine(SC8911-5)
    Krauss, Alison Baby, Now That I've Found You(SC8194-9)
    Krauss, Alison Down To The River To Pray(SC8751-16)
    Krauss, Alison Every Time You Say Goodbye(SC8234-1)
    Krauss, Alison Find My Way BackTo My Heart(SC8504-8)
    Krauss, Alison Forget About It(SC8556-10)
    Krauss, Alison Ghost In This House(TU038-6)
    Krauss, Alison Goodbye Is All We Have(CB60345-10)
    Krauss, Alison I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby(CBEP476-3-4)
    Krauss, Alison I Give You To His Heart(SC2402-1)
    Krauss, Alison I'll Fly Away [High Harmony](TU064-8)
    Krauss, Alison I'll Fly Away [Low Harmony](TU064-7)
    Krauss, Alison I'll Fly Away [w/ Gillian Welch](SC2363-5)
    Krauss, Alison If I Didn't Know Any Better(SC8982-9)
    Krauss, Alison In The Palm Of Your Hand [w/ The Cox Family](CBEP476-5-7)
    Krauss, Alison It Doesn't Matter(SFMW890-7)
    Krauss, Alison Let Me Touch You For A While(SC8745-1)
    Krauss, Alison Lucky One, The(SC2362-4)
    Krauss, Alison Maybe(SC8665-12)
    Krauss, Alison Maybe [Radio Version](SC8911-7)
    Krauss, Alison New Favorite(SD102-12)
    Krauss, Alison New Fool(SC8911-4)
    Krauss, Alison Oh Atlanta(SC8224-12)
    Krauss, Alison Restless(SC8923-9)
    Krauss, Alison Scarlet Tide, The(SC8885-14)
    Krauss, Alison Simple Love(THC0712-18)
    Krauss, Alison Sitting In The Window Of My Room(SC8774-9)
    Krauss, Alison Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew(CB80170-8)
    Krauss, Alison Two Highways(SC8751-13)
    Krauss, Alison When You Say Nothing At All(SC8159-15)
    Krauss, Alison & James Taylor Find My Way Back To My Heart(SC8911-2)
    Krauss, Alison & James Taylor How's The World Treating You(SC8911-15)
    Krauss, Alison & James Taylor Lucky One, The(SC8911-13)
    Krauss, Alison & Robert Plant Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)(SC9015-8)
    Krauss, Alison & Robert Plant Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson(SFMW911-9)
    Krauss, Alison & Robert Plant Please Read The Letter(SFMW912-9)
    Krauss, Allison Missing You 2007 [w/ John Waite](THC0704-14)
    Kravitz, Lenny Again(SC8742-5)
    Kravitz, Lenny Always On The Run(SFMW872-6)
    Kravitz, Lenny American Woman(PHT9915-6)
    Kravitz, Lenny Are You Gonna Go My Way(SC8466-1)
    Kravitz, Lenny Believe(DK079-3)
    Kravitz, Lenny Black Velveteen(SF150-9)
    Kravitz, Lenny Can't Get You Off My Mind(SC8277-15)
    Kravitz, Lenny Dig In(SC8731-11)
    Kravitz, Lenny Fly Away(SC8490-5)
    Kravitz, Lenny Heaven Help(SC2315-3)
    Kravitz, Lenny I Belong To You(SC8601-2)
    Kravitz, Lenny I'll Be Waiting(SC9019-10)
    Kravitz, Lenny It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over(SC2315-7)
    Kravitz, Lenny Lady(SC8909-5)
    Kravitz, Lenny Live [Radio Version](SC3181-7)
    Kravitz, Lenny Stillness Of Heart(SC8747-10)
    Kravitz, Lenny Thinking Of You(SC8481-10)
    Kravitz, Lenny Where Are We Runnin'(THR0407-16)
    Kreviazuk, Chantal Feels Like Home(TU233-1)
    Kreviazuk, Chantal In This Life(SC8831-5)
    Kreviazuk, Chantal Leaving On A Jet Plane(KAR005-8)
    Kreviazuk, Chantal Surrounded(MM6227-6)
    Krippayne, Scott I'm Not Cool(SC8828-3)
    Kris Kross Jump(SC8366-12)
    Kris Kross Warm It Up(SC8274-12)
    Kristofferson, Kris Me & Bobby McGee(SFMW851-4)
    Kristofferson, Kris Silver Tongued Devil & I(TU134-9)
    Kristofferson, Kris Why Me(MH1041-13)
    Kroeger, Chad & Josey Scott Hero(SC8762-4)
    Krokus Eat The Rich(SC8791-6)
    Krokus Midnite Maniac(SC8928-14)
    Krokus Screaming In The Night(SC8631-8)
    Krush My Hawaii(MM6102-7)
    Kuban, Bob & Inmen Cheater, The(SC8251-11)
    Kubb Grow For Me(EZH54-10)
    Kutless Run(TU194-13)
    Kutless Strong Tower(SC8962-5)
    KWS Please Don't Go(JV1003-10)
    Kyper Tic Tac Toe(SC8117-11)


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