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    L'Trimm Cars With The Boom(SC8656-9)
    L.A. Guns Ballad Of Jayne, The(SC8373-9)
    L.L. Cool J. Around The Way Girl(MM6170-10)
    L.L. Cool J. Control Myself [w/ Jennifer Lopez](PHU0605-8)
    L.L. Cool J. Father(MM6299-7)
    L.L. Cool J. Freeze [w/ Lyfe Jennings](THH0608-14)
    L.L. Cool J. Going Back To Cali(SC8875-1)
    L.L. Cool J. Headsprung(SC8888-13)
    L.L. Cool J. Hey Lover(SC2072-6)
    L.L. Cool J. I'm Bad(SC8875-4)
    L.L. Cool J. Imagine That(SC8654-14)
    L.L. Cool J. Luv U Better(SC3336-7)
    L.L. Cool J. Mama Said Knock You Out(SC8656-8)
    L.L. Cool J. Paradise [Radio Version] [w/ Amerie](SC8812-10)
    L.T.D. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again(SC7574-8)
    L.T.D. Holding On(LG225-12)
    L.T.D. Love Ballad(SC8824-12)
    L.T.D. Stranger(LG225-14)
    L7 Shitlist(HMDK-69)
    La Bouche Be My Lover(SC8746-5)
    La Bouche Sweet Dreams(SC8286-6)
    La Roux In For The Kill(EZH78-3)
    La Roux Quicksand(SFMW915-4)
    La's There She Goes(SF151-15)
    LaBelle, Patti Ain't No Way [w/ Mary J. Blige](THH0511-16)
    LaBelle, Patti I Don't Do Duets(SC8244-6)
    LaBelle, Patti If Only You Knew(SC8405-14)
    LaBelle, Patti If You Don't Know Me By Now(TU138-17)
    LaBelle, Patti Lady Marmalade(SC7549-11)
    LaBelle, Patti Love, Need & Want You(SC8606-9)
    LaBelle, Patti My Love, Sweet Love(SC8286-2)
    LaBelle, Patti New Attitude(SC8425-6)
    LaBelle, Patti New Day(THH0407-15)
    LaBelle, Patti On My Own [w/ Michael McDonald](SC8119-5)
    LaBelle, Patti Over The Rainbow(SC2434-3)
    LaBelle, Patti When You Talk About Love(SC8423-15)
    LaBelle, Patti When You've Been Blessed(SC8318-15)
    Lace I Want A Man(SC3157-6)
    Lace Kiss 'Em All(CB20189-7)
    Lachey, Nick I Can't Hate You Anymore(PHM0610-9)
    Lachey, Nick This I Swear(TU233-15)
    Lachey, Nick What's Left Of Me(SC8967-6)
    Lacuna Coil Cold Heritage(HMDK-70)
    Lady Antebellum I Was Here(PHN0909-7)
    Lady Antebellum Love Don't Live Here(THC0802-14)
    Lady Gaga Just Dance [w/ Colby O'Donis](ASKFP97-1-9)
    Lady Gaga Love Game(SC3503-3)
    Lady Gaga Paparazzi(CB30114-6)
    Lady Gaga Poker Face(SC3500-2)
    Lagwagon Bad Moon Rising(HMDK-340)
    Lagwagon Brown Eyed Girl(HMDK-341)
    Laine, Frankie Cool Water(SFMW825-1)
    Laine, Frankie High Noon(SF164-9)
    Laine, Frankie Jezebel(SFMW863-3)
    Laine, Frankie Mule Train(ZMJB04-15)
    Laine, Frankie North To Alaska(ZMJB04-14)
    Laine, Frankie On The Sunny Side Of The Street(MH1039-7)
    Laine, Frankie Wanted Man(ZMJB09-10)
    Laine, Frankie Woman In Love, A(SF062-4)
    Lamar, Holly So This Is Life(CB20360-8)
    Lamar, Holly These Are The Days(SC8784-11)
    Lambert, Miranda Bring Me Down(SC8923-6)
    Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex-girlfriend(SC8996-9)
    Lambert, Miranda Famous In A Small Town(SC8998-15)
    Lambert, Miranda Gunpowder & Lead(PHN0801-8)
    Lambert, Miranda Kerosene(SC3440-4)
    Lambert, Miranda Me & Charlie Talking(SC8907-14)
    Lambert, Miranda More Like Her(PHN0712-7)
    Lambert, Miranda New Strings(SC3464-16)
    Lambert, Miranda New Strings [Radio Version](SC8982-8)
    Lamontagne, Ray Forever My Friend(PHR0507-6)
    LaMontagne, Ray Three More Days(PHAC0611-6)
    LaMontagne, Ray Trouble(THHP0610-13)
    Lampa, Rachael Blessed(TU076-5)
    Lampa, Rachael Live For You(SC2283-5)
    Lampa, Rachael No Greater Love(SC8828-15)
    Landsborough, Charlie What Colour Is The Wind(ZMH006-6)
    Landscape Einstein A Go Go(SFMW845-6)
    Lane, Cristy One Day At A Time(DK077-15)
    Lane, Cristy Simple Little Words(SC7568-10)
    Lane, Frankie Answer Me(SF062-5)
    Lane, Frankie Making Memories(AH8012-4)
    Lane, Frankie Rain Rain Rain(SF063-3)
    Lane, Frankie Rawhide(PI017-3)
    Lane, Tom Doughnut Song(AMS2001-11)
    Lang, Johnny Anything's Possible(THP0611-18)
    Lang, Johnny Leaving To Stay(MM6272-13)
    Lang, Johnny Lie To Me(SC8562-12)
    Lang, Johnny Still Rainin'(SC8515-11)
    Lang, K.D. Big Big Love(CB20226-9)
    Lang, K.D. Constant Craving(SC7514-6)
    Lang, K.D. Down To My Last Cigarette(CB20226-10)
    Lang, K.D. Helpless(PHR0411-9)
    Lang, K.D. I'm Down To My Last Cigarette(DK091-2)
    Lang, K.D. If I Were You(SC8220-6)
    Lang, K.D. Joker, The(SC8389-11)
    Lang, K.D. Lock, Stock & Teardrops(CB20226-11)
    Lang, K.D. Miss Chatelaine(SC8270-3)
    Lang, K.D. Sexuality(SC8257-4)
    Lang, K.D. Summerfling(MM6313-11)
    Lang, K.D. Three Days(CB20226-8)
    Lang, K.D. Trail Of Broken Hearts(CB20226-12)
    Lanza, Mario Drink Drink Drink(SFMW902-5)
    Larsen, Blaine Best Man, The(SC8931-12)
    Larsen, Blaine How Do You Get That Lonely(SC8898-8)
    Larsen, Blaine I Don't Know What She Said(THC0611-15)
    Larsen, Blaine In My High School(SD120-11)
    Larsen, Blaine Spoken Like A Man(SD151-7)
    Larson, Brie She Said(PHM0503-9)
    Larson, Nicolette Lotta Love(SC7547-4)
    Las Ketchup Asereje(TU234-4)
    Las Ketchup Ketchup, The(SC8793-15)
    Lasgo Alone(LG215-14)
    Lasgo Pray(SF200-4)
    Lasgo Something(SFMW839-6)
    Lasgo Something [Radio Version](SC8809-14)
    Last Goodnight, The Pictures Of You(PHM0710-9)
    Lattimore, Kenny For You(SC8381-5)
    Lattimore, Kenny If I Lose My Woman(SC8519-15)
    Lattimore, Kenny Never Too Busy(SC8290-6)
    Lattimore, Kenny & Heather Headley Love Will Find A Way(SC3110-7)
    Lattisaw, Stacy Love On A Two Way Street(SC8754-15)
    Lauper, Cyndi Above The Clouds [w/ Jeff Beck](PHAC0606-4)
    Lauper, Cyndi All Through The Night(SC8297-15)
    Lauper, Cyndi Change Of Heart(HMDK-342)
    Lauper, Cyndi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(SC7533-2)
    Lauper, Cyndi Goonies 'R' Good Enough(HMDK-343)
    Lauper, Cyndi I Drove All Night(SC8552-13)
    Lauper, Cyndi Money Changes Everything(SC8634-9)
    Lauper, Cyndi She Bop(SC8192-5)
    Lauper, Cyndi Time After Time(SC8368-4)
    Lauper, Cyndi Time After Time [w/ Sarah McLachlan](PHAC0602-2)
    Lauper, Cyndi True Colors(SC8477-11)
    Lauper, Cyndi Who Let In The Rain(SC8302-9)
    Laurel Trail Of The Lonesome Pine, The(SF042-14)
    Lavigne, Avril Anything But Ordinary(ZMP019-11)
    Lavigne, Avril Complicated(SC8796-9)
    Lavigne, Avril Complicated [Radio Version](SC8813-1)
    Lavigne, Avril Don't Tell Me(SC8876-2)
    Lavigne, Avril Fall To Pieces(THP0508-11)
    Lavigne, Avril Falling Down(SC2452-7)
    Lavigne, Avril Forgotten(ZMP058-8)
    Lavigne, Avril Freak Out(ZMP058-11)
    Lavigne, Avril Girlfriend(SF254-5)
    Lavigne, Avril Girlfriend [Radio Version](SC8999-11)
    Lavigne, Avril He Wasn't(SC3438-5)
    Lavigne, Avril Hot(SC9015-12)
    Lavigne, Avril How Does It Feel(ZMP058-5)
    Lavigne, Avril I Always Get What I Want(SC8888-8)
    Lavigne, Avril I Don't Give(SC3381-3)
    Lavigne, Avril I'm With You(SC2452-6)
    Lavigne, Avril Innocence(THHP0711-14)
    Lavigne, Avril Keep Holding On(SC8999-6)
    Lavigne, Avril Knockin' On Heaven's Door(SF205-16)
    Lavigne, Avril Losing Grip(SC2452-5)
    Lavigne, Avril Mobile(ZMP019-7)
    Lavigne, Avril My Happy Ending(SC8883-2)
    Lavigne, Avril My World(ZMP019-3)
    Lavigne, Avril Naked(TU196-7)
    Lavigne, Avril Nobody's Fool(SFMW855-6)
    Lavigne, Avril Nobody's Home(SF224-6)
    Lavigne, Avril Sk8er Boi(SC3329-3)
    Lavigne, Avril Slipped Away(ZMP058-12)
    Lavigne, Avril Take Me Away(ZMP058-1)
    Lavigne, Avril Things I'll Never Say(ZMP019-1)
    Lavigne, Avril Together(ZMP058-2)
    Lavigne, Avril Tomorrow(ZMP019-2)
    Lavigne, Avril Unwanted(ZMP019-9)
    Lavigne, Avril When You're Gone(SF256-8)
    Lavigne, Avril Who Knows(ZMP058-9)
    Lawrence, Steve Go Away Little Girl(LG158-9)
    Lawrence, Steve I've Gotta Be Me(LG158-6)
    Lawrence, Steve Poor Little Rich Girl(LG158-7)
    Lawrence, Steve Portrait Of My Love, A(MM6005-9)
    Lawrence, Steve Pretty Blue Eyes(SC8521-7)
    Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme Besame Mucho(MM6009-4)
    Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme Green Eyes(MM6367-12)
    Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme I Want To Stay Here(SF094-6)
    Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme This Could Be The Start Of Something Big(MM6269-11)
    Lawrence, Steve & Eydie Gorme Together Wherever We Go(MM6367-1)
    Lawrence, Tracy Alibis(SC8200-11)
    Lawrence, Tracy As Any Fool Can See(SC8229-10)
    Lawrence, Tracy Better Man Better Off(SC8358-1)
    Lawrence, Tracy Can't Break It To My Heart(SC8167-1)
    Lawrence, Tracy Coast Is Clear, The(SC8409-3)
    Lawrence, Tracy Find Out Who Your Friends Are(SC9003-15)
    Lawrence, Tracy How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye(SC3030-2)
    Lawrence, Tracy I See It Now(SC8141-12)
    Lawrence, Tracy I'll Never Pass This Way Again(SC8496-8)
    Lawrence, Tracy If I Don't Make It Back(SC8959-11)
    Lawrence, Tracy If The Good Die Young(SC2101-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy If The World Had A Front Porch(SC8189-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy If You Loved Me(SC8232-6)
    Lawrence, Tracy Is That A Tear(SC8307R-5)
    Lawrence, Tracy It's All How You Look At It(MM6418-12)
    Lawrence, Tracy Lessons Learned(SC3172-3)
    Lawrence, Tracy Life Don't Have To Be So Hard(SC8727-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy Lonely(SC8619-4)
    Lawrence, Tracy My Second Home(SC8103-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy One Step Ahead Of The Storm(SD047-8)
    Lawrence, Tracy Paint Me A Birmingham(SC8867-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy Renegades, Rebels & Rogues(SC8129-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy Runnin' Behind(SC8175-5)
    Lawrence, Tracy Sawdust On Her Halo(THC0501-19)
    Lawrence, Tracy Somebody Paints The Wall(SC8177-9)
    Lawrence, Tracy Stars Over Texas(SC8285-6)
    Lawrence, Tracy Sticks & Stones(SC8161-6)
    Lawrence, Tracy Texas Tornado(SC8173-4)
    Lawrence, Tracy Time Marches On(SC8267-3)
    Lawrence, Tracy Today's Lonely Fool(SC8180-9)
    Lawrence, Tracy Unforgiven(SC8698-8)
    Lawrence, Tracy Up To Him(PHN0907-2)
    Lawrence, Tracy Used To The Pain(SD134-6)
    Lawrence, Tracy What A Memory(SC8748-7)
    Lawrence, Tracy While You Sleep(SC8409-6)
    Lawrence, Tracy You Find Out Who Your Friends Are(SD148-12)
    Lawrence, Vicki Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, The(SC8204-8)
    Laws, Debra Very Special(SC8405-13)
    Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver How Long Have I Been Waiting For You(CBEP476-5-9)
    Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Take Me In Your Lifeboat(CB20381-12)
    Lawson, Maria Sleepwalking(SFMW881-12)
    Lawson, Shannon Dream Your Way To Me(SC8779-6)
    Lawson, Shannon Goodbye On A Bad Day(SC8753-9)
    Lawson, Shannon Just Like A Redneck(SD121-12)
    Lawson, Shannon Smokin' Grass(SD119-12)
    Lazy Town Bing Bang (Time To Dance)(THHP0703-13)
    Le Click Call Me(TU122-6)
    Le Click Tonight Is The Night(TU122-14)
    Leapy Lee Little Arrows(SF100-11)
    Leary, Denis Asshole(SC8700-4)
    LeBlanc, Larry Above All(TU076-1)
    Led Zeppelin All My Love(SC8674-12)
    Led Zeppelin Babe I'm Gonna Leave You(SC8437-9)
    Led Zeppelin Black Dog(SC8334-3)
    Led Zeppelin Bring It On Home(SC8674-6)
    Led Zeppelin Celebration Day(SC8674-14)
    Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown(SC8437-1)
    Led Zeppelin Crunge, The(SC8674-13)
    Led Zeppelin Custard Pie(SC8674-5)
    Led Zeppelin D'yer Mak'er(SC8430-11)
    Led Zeppelin Dancing Days(SC8674-2)
    Led Zeppelin Dazed & Confused(LG115-2)
    Led Zeppelin Fool In The Rain(SC8840-13)
    Led Zeppelin Four Sticks(HMDK-346)
    Led Zeppelin Going To California(SC8437-10)
    Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times(SC8437-14)
    Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker(SC8437-6)
    Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid(HV01-3)
    Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I Do(SC8674-7)
    Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy(SC8674-9)
    Led Zeppelin How Many More Times(SC8830-9)
    Led Zeppelin I Can't Quit You Baby(SC8675-7)
    Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song(SC8437-3)
    Led Zeppelin In The Evening(HMDK-344)
    Led Zeppelin Kashmir(SC8674-4)
    Led Zeppelin Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)(SC8674-8)
    Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop(SC8437-7)
    Led Zeppelin Ocean, The(SC8437-5)
    Led Zeppelin Out On The Tiles(SC8674-11)
    Led Zeppelin Over The Hills & Far Away(SC8437-15)
    Led Zeppelin Ramble On(SC8437-11)
    Led Zeppelin Rock & Roll(SC8437-4)
    Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven(SC8437-2)
    Led Zeppelin Tangerine(HMDK-347)
    Led Zeppelin Thank You(SC8674-3)
    Led Zeppelin Trampled Under Foot(HMDK-345)
    Led Zeppelin What Is & What Should Never Be(SC8437-8)
    Led Zeppelin When The Levee Breaks(SC8674-1)
    Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love(SC8674-10)
    Led Zeppelin You Shook Me(NU2017-5)
    Led Zeppelin Your Time Is Gonna Come(SC8674-15)
    Ledoux, Chris Airborne Cowboy(CB60345-14)
    Ledoux, Chris Bareback Jack(CB20348-10)
    Ledoux, Chris Cadillac Ranch(CB20330-7)
    Ledoux, Chris County Fair(CB20330-10)
    Ledoux, Chris Cowboy Up(CB20385-11)
    Ledoux, Chris Dallas Days & Fort Worth Nights(SC8211-15)
    Ledoux, Chris Everytime I Roll The Dice(SC8112-13)
    Ledoux, Chris Five Dollar Fine(SC8341-10)
    Ledoux, Chris Get Back On That Pony(JV0071-7)
    Ledoux, Chris Gravitational Pull(MM6148-10)
    Ledoux, Chris He Rides Wild Horses(CB20267-11)
    Ledoux, Chris Honky Tonk World(SC8275-10)
    Ledoux, Chris Horsepower(SC3374-6)
    Ledoux, Chris I Believe In America(CB20352-7)
    Ledoux, Chris Life Is A Highway(CBE3-09-7)
    Ledoux, Chris Look At You Girl(SC8287-5)
    Ledoux, Chris Ride, The(SD133-13)
    Ledoux, Chris Riding For A Fall(SC8306-14)
    Ledoux, Chris Silence On The Line(CB20330-11)
    Ledoux, Chris Slow Down(SC8173-11)
    Ledoux, Chris Stampede(SC8578-15)
    Ledoux, Chris Tougher Than The Rest(SC8215-14)
    Ledoux, Chris Under This Old Hat(SC8236-3)
    Ledoux, Chris Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy [w/ Garth Brooks](SC8234-8)
    Ledoux, Chris Wild & Wooly(SC8301-13)
    Lee, Amos Shout Out Loud(PHAC0611-2)
    Lee, Ann Two Times(SF150-10)
    Lee, Ann Voices(SF157-6)
    Lee, Ben Love Me Like The World Is Ending(SFKK19-7)
    Lee, Brenda All Alone Am I(SC8191-5)
    Lee, Brenda As Usual(ZMP054-11)
    Lee, Brenda Big Four Poster Bed(CB90123-10)
    Lee, Brenda Break It To Me Gently(CB90123-8)
    Lee, Brenda Brenda Lee Medley, The(ZMP054-13)
    Lee, Brenda Broken Trust(CB90123-15)
    Lee, Brenda Cowgirl & The Daddy, The(CB90123-14)
    Lee, Brenda Dum Dum(SC8364-5)
    Lee, Brenda Emotions(DK046-18)
    Lee, Brenda Fool #1(SC8276-4)
    Lee, Brenda He's My Rock(CB90123-12)
    Lee, Brenda Here Comes That Feeling(ZMP054-7)
    Lee, Brenda I Want To Be Wanted(SC8415-6)
    Lee, Brenda I'm Sorry(SC7531-5)
    Lee, Brenda If You Love Me(SFMW816-3)
    Lee, Brenda Is It True(ZMP054-12)
    Lee, Brenda Johnny One Time(CB90123-5)
    Lee, Brenda Let's Jump The Broomstick(SF083-15)
    Lee, Brenda Losing You(ZMP054-10)
    Lee, Brenda Nobody Wins(CB90123-7)
    Lee, Brenda Rock On Baby(CB90123-11)
    Lee, Brenda Speak To Me Pretty(SF074-15)
    Lee, Brenda Sweet Nothin's(SC8222-6)
    Lee, Brenda Tell Me What It's Like(CB90123-13)
    Lee, Brenda Too Many Rivers(CB90123-4)
    Lee, Brenda Wrong Ideas(CB90123-9)
    Lee, Coco Do You Want My Love(MM6300-1)
    Lee, Curtis Pretty Little Angel Eyes(SC8399-9)
    Lee, DC See The Day(SFMW847-10)
    Lee, Dickey Laurie(SC8804-15)
    Lee, Dickey Patches(SC8804-3)
    Lee, Dickey Rocky(SC8676-4)
    Lee, Garry & Showdown Rodeo Song(SC7598-13)
    Lee, Jackie White Horses(SFMW881-8)
    Lee, Johnny Be There For Me Baby(SC8567-6)
    Lee, Johnny Bet Your Heart On Me(SC8434-3)
    Lee, Johnny Cherokee Fiddle(SC8414-2)
    Lee, Johnny Hey Bartender(SC8136-7)
    Lee, Johnny Lookin' For Love(SC7539-13)
    Lee, Johnny One In A Million(SC8332-4)
    Lee, Johnny Pickin' Up Strangers(SC8642-6)
    Lee, Johnny Prisoner Of Hope(SC8529-13)
    Lee, Johnny Sounds Like Love(SC8582-6)
    Lee, Lewis Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes(SC8550-8)
    Lee, Murphy & Jermaine Dupri Wat Da Hook Gon Be(SC8858-14)
    Lee, Murphy & Jermaine Dupri Wat Da Hook Gon Be [Radio Version](SC3390-1)
    Lee, Peggy Come Rain Or Come Shine(SC7540-1)
    Lee, Peggy Fever(SC7599-12)
    Lee, Peggy How Long Has This Been Going On(MM6423-8)
    Lee, Peggy I'm A Woman(MM6393-3)
    Lee, Peggy Is That All There Is(MM6423-13)
    Lee, Peggy Johnny Guitar(JV0055-6)
    Lee, Peggy My Heart Belongs To Daddy(MM6367-5)
    Lee, Peggy Why Don't You Do Right(MM6393-12)
    Lee, Robin Black Velvet(SC8230-3)
    Lee, Tommy Good Times [w/ Butch Walker](PHM0511-8)
    Lee, Tommy Hold Me Down(SC8775-2)
    Left Banke Walk Away Renee(DK095-7)
    Leftfield & John Lydon Open Up(SFMW880-5)
    Legend, John Each Day Gets Better(CB5119-02-10)
    Legend, John Ordinary People(SC8946-7)
    Legend, John Save Room(SC9015-6)
    Legend, John So High(THH0511-13)
    Legend, John Used To Love U(THH0501-14)
    Legend, John & Kanye West Number One(PHU0507-3)
    Legend, Tobi Time Will Pass You By(SFMW911-5)
    Lehrer, Tom Masochism Tango, The(SC8707-6)
    Lehrer, Tom Poisoning Pigeons In The Park(SC8707-14)
    Leigh, Danni 29 Nights(SC8512-4)
    Leigh, Danni Honey I Do(SC8617-11)
    Leigh, Danni House Of Pain(SC3322-5)
    Leigh, Danni I Don't Feel That Way Anymore(SC8630-15)
    Leigh, Danni If The Jukebox Took Teardrops(SC3096-7)
    Leigh, Danni Longnecks & Cigarettes(CB20269-12)
    Leigh, Danni Sometimes(SC8748-13)
    Leith, Damien 22 Steps(SFKK18-11)
    Lekakis, Paul Boom Boom Let's Go Back To My Room(SC8333-1)
    Lema Someone Should Tell You(SF249-15)
    Lemar 50:50:00(SF213-6)
    Lemar Another Day(SF215-13)
    Lemar Dance With U(SF209-9)
    Lemar Don't Give It Up(SF233-7)
    Lemar If There's Any Justice(SF226-7)
    Lemar It's Not That Easy(SF247-9)
    Lemar No Pressure(SF218-5)
    Lemar Time To Grow(SF230-2)
    Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine(SC8589-7)
    Lemonheads If I Could Talk I'd Tell You(SC8343-15)
    Lemonheads Into Your Arms(SC8598-13)
    Lemonheads Mrs. Robinson(SFMW869-6)
    Len Steal My Sunshine(SC8553-7)
    Lennon, John #9 Dream(RSZ607-4)
    Lennon, John Beautiful Boy Darling Boy(ZMH005-5)
    Lennon, John Cold Turkey(RSZ607-11)
    Lennon, John Crippled Inside(LG122-9)
    Lennon, John Give Me Some Truth(LG122-8)
    Lennon, John Give Peace A Chance(SFG061-1)
    Lennon, John Happy Xmas (War Is Over)(LG122-12)
    Lennon, John How Do You Sleep(LG122-7)
    Lennon, John Imagine(SC7509-4)
    Lennon, John Instant Karma (We All Shine On)(SC7573-9)
    Lennon, John Jealous Guy(SC8568-12)
    Lennon, John Just Like Starting Over(SC7533-14)
    Lennon, John Love(RSZ607-15)
    Lennon, John Mind Games(SC8588-5)
    Lennon, John Mother(RSZ607-17)
    Lennon, John Nobody Told Me(SC8886-14)
    Lennon, John Number 9 Dream(SFG061-7)
    Lennon, John Power To The People(RSZ607-2)
    Lennon, John Stand By Me(THMRM10-14)
    Lennon, John Starting Over (Just Like)(SFG061-5)
    Lennon, John Watching The Wheels(SC8510-2)
    Lennon, John Whatever Gets You Thru The Night(SC7563-8)
    Lennon, John Woman(SC7535-4)
    Lennon, John Working Class Hero(ZMH005-6)
    Lennon, Julian Day After Day(MM6265-5)
    Lennon, Julian Saltwater(ZMH005-14)
    Lennon, Julian Too Late For Goodbyes(SC8552-7)
    Lennon, Julian Valotte(SC8942-5)
    Lennox, Annie I Can't Get Next To You(MM6119-6)
    Lennox, Annie Lighter Shade Of Pale, A(SFG029-4)
    Lennox, Annie Little Bird(PI035-11)
    Lennox, Annie No More 'I Love You's'(SC8164-9)
    Lennox, Annie Put A Little Love In Your Heart [w/ Al Green](MM6025-6)
    Lennox, Annie Shining Light(PHM0905-9)
    Lennox, Annie Thin Line Between Love & Hate(SC8600-8)
    Lennox, Annie Train In Vain(SC8800-2)
    Lennox, Annie Waiting In Vain(SC8856-11)
    Lennox, Annie Walking On Broken Glass(SC8486-8)
    Lennox, Annie Whiter Shade Of Pale, A(SF027-4)
    Lennox, Annie Why(SC8235-12)
    Lennox, Annie Wonderful Tonight(LG235-8)
    Leonardo's Bride Even When I'm Sleeping(DU2-6)
    Leontiou, Kristian Shining(SFMW856-1)
    Leontiou, Kristian Some Say(SF225-12)
    Leontiou, Kristian Story Of My Life(SFMW853-13)
    Less Than Jake History Of A Boring Town(SC8515-15)
    Less Than Jake Science Of Selling Yourself Short, The(THR0310-15)
    Lester, Ketty Love Letter(SF044-6)
    Letoya Obvious(PHU0704-8)
    LeToya She Don't(THH0611-17)
    LeToya Torn(PHU0607-5)
    Letters To Cleo Dangerous Type(SC8286-9)
    Letters To Cleo Here & Now(SC8209-5)
    Level 42 Almost There(SFMW909-13)
    Level 42 It's Over(SF110-13)
    Level 42 Lessons In Love(SF007-15)
    Level 42 Living It Up(SFMW865-4)
    Level 42 Running In The Family(ZMH008-2)
    Level 42 Something About You(SC8456-2)
    Levellers Just The One(SFMW881-10)
    Levellers What A Beautiful Day(SF114-1)
    Levert, Gerald Answering Service(SC8156-9)
    Levert, Gerald Baby Hold On To Me(SC8374-8)
    Levert, Gerald Can't Help Myself(SC8150-7)
    Levert, Gerald Casanova(SC8583-5)
    Levert, Gerald In My Songs(PHU0705-5)
    Levert, Gerald Mr. Too Damn Good(SC8622-6)
    Levert, Gerald One Million Times(THH0504-18)
    Lewie, Jona Stop The Calvary(SF042-17)
    Lewis, Aaron & Fred Durst Outside(SC8673-6)
    Lewis, Barbara Baby, I'm Yours(SC8418-13)
    Lewis, Barbara Hello Stranger(SC2372-6)
    Lewis, Barbara Make Me Your Baby(SC7560-13)
    Lewis, Bobby Tossin' N' Turnin'(SC8353-2)
    Lewis, C.J. Sweets For My Sweets(MM6375-8)
    Lewis, Crystal My Redeemer Lives(SC8919-3)
    Lewis, Crystal Only Fools(SC8661-4)
    Lewis, Crystal Trust Me(SC8828-10)
    Lewis, Donna Falling(MM6265-14)
    Lewis, Donna I Could Be The One(SC8469-6)
    Lewis, Donna I Love You Always Forever(THM9608-2)
    Lewis, Donna Love Him(SC8484-4)
    Lewis, Donna Mother(SC3021-3)
    Lewis, Donna Without Love(SC8343-13)
    Lewis, Donna & Richard Marx At The Beginning(SC8422-10)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Count Me In(MM6113-11)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Everybody Loves A Clown(SC8218-7)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Save Your Heart For Me(SC8599-14)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys She's Just My Style(SC8190-3)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys Sure Gonna Miss Her(SC8615-15)
    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys This Diamond Ring(SC7541-2)
    Lewis, Glenn Don't You Forget It(SC8757-11)
    Lewis, Huey & Gwyneth Paltrow Cruisin'(SC8709-11)
    Lewis, Huey & The News 100 Years From Now(SC2106-8)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Bad Is Bad(SC8985-13)
    Lewis, Huey & The News But It's Alright(SC8709-10)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Do You Believe In Love(SC8393-15)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Doing It All For My Baby(DK027-15)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Feeling Alright(SC8709-13)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Heart & Soul(SC8715-3)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Heart Of Rock & Roll(SC7511-9)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Hip To Be Square(SC8709-14)
    Lewis, Huey & The News I Want A New Drug(SC2323-2)
    Lewis, Huey & The News If This Is It(SC8621-5)
    Lewis, Huey & The News It's Alright(SC8891-13)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Jacob's Ladder(SC8709-12)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Let Her Go & Start Over(MM6351-11)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Little Bitty Pretty One(PR9091-14)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Lonely Teardrops(SFMW866-4)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Mother In Law(PR9091-13)
    Lewis, Huey & The News New Drug(JV0037-5)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Perfect World(DK033-7)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Power Of Love, The(SC8573-7)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Some Kind Of Wonderful(SC8709-7)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Stuck With You(SC8709-3)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Walking On A Thin Line(SC8684-13)
    Lewis, Huey & The News Working For A Living(SC8715-6)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Another Place, Another Time(CB90082-11)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Breathless(SC8513-5)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee(CB90082-7)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire(SC7502-7)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee High School Confidential(SC8770-15)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Middle Age Crazy(CB90082-12)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Once More With Feeling(CB90082-8)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee One Minute Past Eternity(CB90082-6)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Rockin' My Life Away(JV0060-9)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye(CB90082-10)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee There Must Be More To Love Than This(CB90082-13)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Thirty Nine & Holding(PI210-10)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee What Made Milwaukee Famous(SC8183-8)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee What'd I Say(SF083-8)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On(SC7520-15)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee Would You Take Another Chance On Me(CB90082-14)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee You Win Again(CB90082-2)
    Lewis, Jerry Lee & Bruce Springsteen Pink Cadillac(SD152-14)
    Lewis, Leona Bleeding Love(SC9021-14)
    Lewis, Leona Footprints In The Sand(SFMW912-12)
    Lewis, Leona I Will Be(PHM0905-2)
    Lewis, Leona Moment Like This, A(THHP0703-17)
    Lewis, Michelle Nowhere & Everywhere(SC8487-7)
    Lewis, Shaznay I've Never Felt Like This Before(SF220-16)
    Lewis, Shaznay You(SF223-13)
    Lewis, Smiley I Hear You Knockin'(SC8513-9)
    Leyton, John Johnny Remember Me(SF038-15)
    LFO Every Other Time(SC8726-8)
    LFO Girl On TV(SC8572-2)
    LFO I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight(SC8616-15)
    LFO Summer Girls(SC8553-5)
    LFO West Side Story(MM6313-4)
    Libertines Can't Stand Me Now(SF222-10)
    Libertines Don't Look Back Into The Sun(SFMW856-8)
    Libertines What Became Of The Likely Lads(SF223-16)
    Liberty Thinkin' It Over(SF182-15)
    Liberty X Doing It(SF188-2)
    Liberty X Everybody Cries(SF213-10)
    Liberty X Got To Have Your Love(SF195-15)
    Liberty X Holding On For You(SF200-1)
    Liberty X Jumpin'(SF210-8)
    Liberty X Just A Little(ZML003-9)
    Liberty X Night To Remember, A(SF238-12)
    Liberty X X(SF244-14)
    Liberty X & Rev. Run Song 4 Lovers(SF236-14)
    Liesching, Adrienne & Geoff Moore In Christ Alone(TU215-7)
    Lifehouse Blind(PHM0602-9)
    Lifehouse Breathe(MM6355-3)
    Lifehouse Breathing(PHR0112-3)
    Lifehouse First Time(SC9015-5)
    Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment(SC8742-2)
    Lifehouse Just Another Name(TU188-12)
    Lifehouse Sick Cycle Carousel(SC8717-9)
    Lifehouse Spin(SC8783-7)
    Lifehouse Whatever It Takes(CB5119-03-6)
    Lifehouse You & Me(SC8915-13)
    Lifehouse You & Me [Performance Version](TU269-17)
    Light Of The World London Town(SF067-10)
    Light, Jan Mr. Big Stuff(MM6071-5)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Baby Step Back(SKK009-7)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Beautiful(SKK009-9)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Bitter Green(SKK009-6)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Canadian Railroad Trilogy(SKK009-11)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Carefree Highway(SC8174-15)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Circle Is Small, The(SC8594-8)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Cotton Jenny(SKK008-5)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Daylight Katy(SKK009-5)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Don Quixote(SC8821-13)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Early Mornin Rain(SKK009-1)
    Lightfoot, Gordon For Lovin Me / Did She Mention My Name Medley(SKK008-3)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Go-go Round(SKK008-8)
    Lightfoot, Gordon I'm Not Sayin / Ribbon Of Darkness Medley(SKK009-4)
    Lightfoot, Gordon If You Could Read My Mind(SC2399-1)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Inspiration Lady(SKK008-1)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Pussy Willows Cat Tails(SKK009-10)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Race Among The Ruins(SKK008-9)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Rainy Day People(SKK008-10)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Song For A Winter's Night(SKK008-11)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Summer Side Of Life(SKK008-7)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Sundown(SKK009-3)
    Lightfoot, Gordon Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald(SC8467-1)
    Lightfoot, Gordon You Are What I Am(SKK008-6)
    Lighthouse One Fine Morning(SC8750-14)
    Lighthouse Family High(SC8503-12)
    Lighthouse Family Lifted(SF080-6)
    Lighthouse Family Lost In Space(SF122-11)
    Lighthouse Family Postcards From Heaven(SF130-11)
    Lighthouse Family Question Of Faith(SF126-4)
    Lighthouse Family Raincloud(SF115-5)
    Lighthouse Family Run(SF190-13)
    Lightman, Toby Holding Me Down(PHAC0611-8)
    Lightning Seeds Change(SFG023-3)
    Lightning Seeds Life Of Riley(SFG023-1)
    Lightning Seeds Lucky You(SFG023-2)
    Lightning Seeds Perfect(SFG023-5)
    Lightning Seeds Pure(SF149-7)
    Lightning Seeds Ready Or Not(SFG023-7)
    Lightning Seeds Sugar Coated Iceberg(SFG023-6)
    Lightning Seeds Three Lions(SFG023-8)
    Lil Boosie Wipe Me Down [w/ Foxx & Webbie](PHU0706-8)
    Lil Chris Checkin' It Out(THP0702-10)
    Lil Chris Getting Enough(THHP0703-18)
    Lil Jon Get Low [w/ East Side Boys](SC8844-12)
    Lil Jon Let's Go [w/ Trick Daddy](SC8889-5)
    Lil Jon Snap Yo Fingers [w/ E40 & Sean Paul](PHU0607-3)
    Lil Scrappy Money In The Bank(PHU0612-4)
    Lil' Chris Figure It Out(THP0705-13)
    Lil' Flip Sunshine(TU256-12)
    Lil' Kim How Many Licks [w/ Sisqo](SC8700-13)
    Lil' Kim Jump Off, The(TU204-16)
    Lil' Kim Jump Off, The [Radio Version] [w/ Mr. Cheeks](SC8822-10)
    Lil' Kim Lighters Up(THH0512-15)
    Lil' Kim Magic Stick [w/ 50 Cent](SC8853-10)
    Lil' Kim Whoa(PHU0604-6)
    Lil' Mama Lip Gloss(PHU0707-7)
    Lil' Mo Superwoman(SC8702-11)
    Lil' Romeo & Ms. Peaches My Baby(SC8708-3)
    Lil' Ru Nasty Song(PHU0907-8)
    Lil' Wayne Go DJ(SC8889-4)
    Lil' Wayne Hustler Musik(PHU0605-7)
    Lilli Hi Lo Alan Price Set Hi(SF099-3)
    Lillix It's About Time(SC3375-6)
    Lillix Tomorrow(MM6403-3)
    Lillix What I Like About You(SC8845-1)
    Limahl Never Ending Story(SC8782-14)
    Limmie & The Family Cooking You Can Do Magic(SF101-1)
    Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes(SF213-15)
    Limp Bizkit Boiler(SC8720-2)
    Limp Bizkit Break Stuff(SC8629-8)
    Limp Bizkit Crushed(SC2241-3)
    Limp Bizkit Don't Go Off Wandering(SFG034-14)
    Limp Bizkit Faith(SC8626-12)
    Limp Bizkit Full Nelson(SFG034-15)
    Limp Bizkit My Way(SC8694-5)
    Limp Bizkit Nookie(SC7585-5)
    Limp Bizkit Re-Arranged(SC7585-8)
    Limp Bizkit Rollin'(SC3228-5)
    Limp Bizkit Take A Look Around(SC8626-8)
    Lind, Bob Elusive Butterfly(DK030-12)
    Lindell, Eric Give It Time(PHAC0609-8)
    Lindisfarne Lady Eleanor(SF071-9)
    Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner(SF104-5)
    Lindisfarne Run For Home(SFMW832-9)
    Lindsay No Dream Impossible(SF179-5)
    Lines, Aaron Love Changes Everything(SC3365-2)
    Lines, Aaron Waitin' On The Wonderful(CBE6-11-4)
    Lines, Aaron You Can't Hide Beautiful(SC8784-8)
    Linkin Park Bleed It Out(HMDK-348)
    Linkin Park Crawling(SC8699-13)
    Linkin Park Faint(SFMW853-10)
    Linkin Park Forgotten(SFG034-7)
    Linkin Park In The End(SC8720-5)
    Linkin Park Lying From You(PHR0405-3)
    Linkin Park Numb(THR0401-11)
    Linkin Park One Step Closer(SC8659-13)
    Linkin Park Papercut(SC8758-4)
    Linkin Park Point Of Authority(SF189-11)
    Linkin Park Pushing Me Away(SFG034-8)
    Linkin Park Run Away(TU105-13)
    Linkin Park Runaway(PHR0208-8)
    Linkin Park Shadow Of The Day(SD4801-8)
    Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong(THR0306-10)
    Linkin Park What I've Done(SF255-2)
    Linkin Park With You(TU105-19)
    Linkin Park & Jay-Z Numb/Encore(SFMW863-10)
    Lipps Inc. Funkytown(SC8650-13)
    Liquid Gold Dance Yourself Dizzy(SFMW832-10)
    Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam All Cried Out(DK046-7)
    Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Head To Toe(DK027-3)
    Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam Lost In Emotion(DK046-8)
    Lit Addicted(THR0204-13)
    Lit Lipstick & Bruises(SC8731-13)
    Lit Looks Like They Were Right(THR0410-14)
    Lit Miserable(SC8601-14)
    Lit Miserable [Radio Version](SC3187-7)
    Lit My Own Worst Enemy(SC8534-2)
    Lit Over My Head(THR0010-13)
    Lit Zip-Lock(SC8559-11)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Goin' Out Of My Head(SC8258-14)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Hurt So Bad(MMDWCP2-3)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials I Miss You So(LG219-8)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials I'm On The Outside Looking In(DG06-6)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Just Two Kinds Of People(MM6341-14)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Shimmey Shimmy Ko Ko Bop(SC8544-7)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Take Me Back(LG219-6)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Tears On My Pillow(SC8418-14)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Those Oldies But Goodies(SC8206-8)
    Little Anthony & The Imperials Wishful Thinking(LG219-7)
    Little Big Town Boondocks(SC8956-5)
    Little Big Town Bring It On Home(SC8965-9)
    Little Big Town Don't Waste My Time(SC8759-7)
    Little Big Town Everything Changes(SC8774-13)
    Little Big Town Good As Gone(SC9003-11)
    Little Big Town I'm With The Band(THC0712-17)
    Little Big Town Little More You, A(SC9003-3)
    Little Big Town Looking For A Reason(CB60353-8)
    Little Big Town We Go Together(SC8998-10)
    Little Eva Keep Your Hands Off My Baby(SC8415-1)
    Little Eva Locomotion, The(SC7502-6)
    Little Feat Dixie Chicken(SC8449-6)
    Little Feat Fat Man In The Bathtub(SC8479-2)
    Little Feat Oh Atlanta(SC8397-3)
    Little Feat Willin'(SC8624-12)
    Little Milton Grits Ain't Groceries(SC8675-15)
    Little Night Magic Send In The Clowns(PR9062-6)
    Little Prince I Never Met A Rose(PSJT334-5)
    Little Prince Little Prince(PSJT334-4)
    Little Richard Good Golly Miss Molly(SC8190-14)
    Little Richard Jenny Jenny(DK001-8)
    Little Richard Keep A Knockin'(LG052-13)
    Little Richard Long Tall Sally(SC2092R-8)
    Little Richard Lucille(SC8526-4)
    Little Richard Rip It Up(SF048-15)
    Little Richard She's Got It(LG052-16)
    Little Richard Tutti Frutti(SC8353-5)
    Little River Band Cool Change(SC8404-13)
    Little River Band Happy Anniversary(SC8197-9)
    Little River Band Help Is On Its Way(SC2272-7)
    Little River Band It's A Long Way There(LG243-8)
    Little River Band Lady(SC2272-4)
    Little River Band Lonesome Loser(SC2272-2)
    Little River Band Night Owls, The(SC8283-11)
    Little River Band Other Guy, The(SC8583-10)
    Little River Band Reminiscing(SC8174-6)
    Little River Band Take It Easy On Me(SC8223R-2)
    Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul I Am A Patriot(SC8947-13)
    Little Texas Amy's Back In Austin(SC8198-2)
    Little Texas Bad For Us(SC3008-5)
    Little Texas Call, The(MM6220-13)
    Little Texas Country Crazy(SC8232-13)
    Little Texas First Time For Everything(PI213-5)
    Little Texas God Blessed Texas(SC8104-13)
    Little Texas I'd Rather Miss You(SC8157-9)
    Little Texas Kick A Little(SC8636-5)
    Little Texas Life Goes On(SC8194-4)
    Little Texas Missing Years(SD153-12)
    Little Texas My Love(SC8636-10)
    Little Texas Some Guys Have All The Love(PI213-6)
    Little Texas Southern Grace(SC8173-6)
    Little Texas Stop On A Dime(SC8123-5)
    Little Texas What Might Have Been(SC8636-1)
    Little Texas What Were You Thinkin'(CB20236-12)
    Little Texas You & Forever & Me(SC8636-8)
    Little Texas Your Mama Won't Let Me(SC3026-8)
    Little Willies Roll On(PHAC0606-7)
    Littrell, Brian Welcome Home(PHAC0610-3)
    Live All Over You(SC8199-3)
    Live Deep Enough(TU088-6)
    Live Dolphin's Cry, The(SC8572-10)
    Live Heaven(SC8845-12)
    Live I Alone(SC2054-4)
    Live Lakini's Juice(SC8357-3)
    Live Lightning Crashes(SC2062-1)
    Live Overcome(TU103-11)
    Live Run To The Water(SC8595-13)
    Live Simple Creed(THR0111-12)
    Live They Stood Up For Love(SC3214-8)
    Live Turn My Head(PHM9708-6)
    Live White Discussion(SC8203-7)
    Live A Little, Love A Little Little Less Conversation, A(MM6288-11)
    Liverpool Express Every Man Must Have A Dream(SFMW884-3)
    Livin' Joy Don't Stop Movin'(SF061-5)
    Livin' Joy Dreamer(SF029-3)
    Living Color Cult Of Personality(SC8609-7)
    Living Color Love Rears Its Ugly Head(SC8598-15)
    Living In A Box Living In A Box(SFMW891-3)
    Llorenna, Kelly Heart Of Gold 2002(TU181-4)
    Llorenna, Kelly Tell It To My Heart(SF195-8)
    Lloyd Get It Shawty(PHU0706-4)
    Lloyd & Lil Wayne You(PHU0702-1)
    LMC vs. U2 Take Me To The Clouds Above(EZH32-13)
    LMNT Hey Juliet(TU108-8)
    LMNT Juliet(MM6404-7)
    LMNT Whole New World, A(DISMANIA2-8)
    Lo-Pro Sunday(THR0405-15)
    Lobo Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend(SC8393-8)
    Lobo Don't Tell Me Goodnight(SC8594-9)
    Lobo I'd Love You To Want Me(SC8138-2)
    Lobo Me & You & A Dog Named Boo(SC7548-8)
    Lobo Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love(SC8634-15)
    Local H All The Kids Are Right(SC8490-8)
    Local H Hands On The Bible(TU175-8)
    Locke, Kimberley 8th World Wonder(SC8865-8)
    Locke, Kimberley Band Of Gold(SC9019-11)
    Locke, Kimberley Change(SD4704-9)
    Locke, Kimberley Coulda Been(THP0506-13)
    Locke, Kimberley Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A(DISMANIA2-5)
    Locke, Kimberley Wrong(MM6420-7)
    Locklin, Hank Geisha Girl(SC8555-5)
    Locklin, Hank It's A Little More Like Heaven(SC8555-1)
    Locklin, Hank Let Me Be The One(SC8491-3)
    Locklin, Hank Please Help Me, I'm Falling(SC7589-9)
    Locklin, Hank Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On(SC7567-2)
    Lodger I'm Leaving(SF120-11)
    Loeb, Lisa All Day(SC8508-5)
    Loeb, Lisa Do You Sleep(SC8471-9)
    Loeb, Lisa I Do(SC2228-4)
    Loeb, Lisa Let's Forget About It(SC8453-8)
    Loeb, Lisa Stay (I Missed You)(SC8348-6)
    Loeb, Lisa Taffy(SC8254-12)
    Loeb, Lisa Underdog(MM6378-13)
    Loeb, Lisa Waiting For Wednesday(SC8299-7)
    Logan, Jimmy I Love A Lassie(SFST01-13)
    Logan, Johnny Hold Me Now(ZMH013-8)
    Logan, Johnny What's Another Year(ZMH013-7)
    Loggins & Messina Angry Eyes(LG103-10)
    Loggins & Messina Danny's Song(SC8413-1)
    Loggins & Messina Peace Of Mind(LG103-15)
    Loggins & Messina Run River Run(LG103-11)
    Loggins & Messina Va Hev Ala(LG103-12)
    Loggins & Messina Your Mama Don't Dance(SC7529-14)
    Loggins, Dave Please Come To Boston(SC7530-9)
    Loggins, Kenny Danger Zone(SC8573-10)
    Loggins, Kenny Footloose(SC7506-13)
    Loggins, Kenny For The First Time(SC8457-10)
    Loggins, Kenny Forever Love(SC8477-12)
    Loggins, Kenny House At Pooh Corner(LG103-13)
    Loggins, Kenny I Am Not Hiding(SC8389-13)
    Loggins, Kenny I'm Alright [Theme from Caddyshack](SC8554-3)
    Loggins, Kenny I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)(HMDK-349)
    Loggins, Kenny Meet Me Half Way(SC8588-14)
    Loggins, Kenny Nobody's Fool [Theme From Caddyshack II](SC8283-3)
    Loggins, Kenny Real Thing, The(SC8274-10)
    Loggins, Kenny This Is It(SC8264-5)
    Loggins, Kenny Whenever I Call You Friend [w/ Stevie Nicks](SC8482-14)
    Loggins, Kenny Your Mama Don't Dance [w/ Jo Dee Messina](MMRP01-4-9)
    Lohan, Lindsay Confessions Of A Broken Heart(THP0602-13)
    Lohan, Lindsay First(PHM0508-9)
    Lohan, Lindsay I Decide(TU262-11)
    Lohan, Lindsay I Live For The Day(PHM0603-6)
    Lohan, Lindsay Nobody 'Till You(TU262-12)
    Lohan, Lindsay Over(PHM0503-1)
    Lohan, Lindsay Rumors(THP0501-17)
    Lohan, Lindsay Speak(TU262-15)
    Lohan, Lindsay Ultimate(MM6404-6)
    Lola No Strings(THH0603-17)
    Lolly Mickey(SF148-6)
    Lolly Viva La Radio(SF144-12)
    London Beat Come Back(SC8164-3)
    London Beat I've Been Thinking About You(SF004-9)
    London Boys London Nights(SFMW812-2)
    London, Julie Cry Me A River(SC7599-13)
    London, Laurie He's Got The Whole World(PI307-25)
    Lonely Island Boombox(HMDK-351)
    Lonely Island Dreamgirl(HMDK-352)
    Lonely Island I'm On A Boat(HMDK-350)
    Lonely Island Jizz In My Pants(HMDK-359)
    Lonely Island Lazy Sunday (feat. Chris Parnell)(HMDK-358)
    Lonely Island Like A Boss(HMDK-353)
    Lonely Island Natalie's Rap (feat. Natalie Portman)(HMDK-356)
    Lonely Island Punch You In The Jeans(HMDK-357)
    Lonely Island Ras Trent(HMDK-355)
    Lonely Island We Like Sportz(HMDK-354)
    Lonesome River Band Am I A Fool(CBEP476-5-6)
    Lonesome River Band Mary Ann(CBEP476-6-11)
    Lonesome River Band Sittin' On Top Of The World(CB80170-15)
    Lonestar Amazed(SC8636-4)
    Lonestar Amazed [Uptempo Mix](SPC04-3)
    Lonestar Class Reunion(SC8916-1)
    Lonestar Come Cryin' To Me(SC8382-6)
    Lonestar Every Little Thing She Does(TU063-6)
    Lonestar Everything's Changed(SC8480-2)
    Lonestar Heartbroke Every Day(SC3006-2)
    Lonestar I'll Die Tryin'(PHN0603-1)
    Lonestar I'm Already There(SC8743-5)
    Lonestar Let's Be Us Again(SC8877-10)
    Lonestar Mountains(THC0610-11)
    Lonestar Mr. Mom(SC8898-12)
    Lonestar My Front Porch Looking In(SC8823-9)
    Lonestar No News(SC8636-13)
    Lonestar Not A Day Goes By(SC8748-5)
    Lonestar Nothing To Prove(PHN0704-6)
    Lonestar Runnin' Away With My Heart(SC8294-15)
    Lonestar Saturday Night(SC8524-11)
    Lonestar Say When(SC8444-3)
    Lonestar Smile(SC8636-12)
    Lonestar Tell Her(SC8646-11)
    Lonestar Tequila Talkin'(SC8216-5)
    Lonestar Unusually Unusual(SC8714-9)
    Lonestar Walking In Memphis(SC8842-7)
    Lonestar What About Now(SC8614-12)
    Lonestar When Cowboys Didn't Dance(SC8328-8)
    Lonestar With Me(SC8723-11)
    Lonestar You Walked In(SC8402-11)
    Lonestar You're Like Coming Home(SD133-4)
    Long Pigs, The On & On(SFMW908-7)
    Long, Brice Anywhere But Here(CB60345-6)
    Long, Brice Meat & Potato Man(CB60353-11)
    Long, Janna Greater Is He(THMS0303-14)
    Longthom, Joe When You're Old Wedding Ring Was New(SF133-10)
    Lonzo & Oscar I Am My Own Grandpa(TU083-4)
    Look, The I Am The Beat(SFMW878-2)
    Looking Glass Brandy You're A Fine Girl(SC7513-8)
    Loose Ends Hangin' On A String(SF067-2)
    Lopez, Jennifer Ain' It Funny [Remix](TU201-1)
    Lopez, Jennifer Ain't It Funny(SC8735-3)
    Lopez, Jennifer Alive(SC8768-6)
    Lopez, Jennifer All I Have [w/ L.L. Cool J.](SC8805-13)
    Lopez, Jennifer Baby I Love You(SC8844-13)
    Lopez, Jennifer Cherry Pie(SF234-11)
    Lopez, Jennifer Could This Be Love(MM6308-9)
    Lopez, Jennifer Do It Well(THHP0801-11)
    Lopez, Jennifer Feelin' So Good(SC2375-3)
    Lopez, Jennifer Get Right(SC8914-6)
    Lopez, Jennifer Hold You Down(SF231-2)
    Lopez, Jennifer I'm Glad(SC3366-3)
    Lopez, Jennifer I'm Gonna Be Alright(SC3314-5)
    Lopez, Jennifer I'm Real(SC2387-3)
    Lopez, Jennifer If You Had My Love(SC8542-15)
    Lopez, Jennifer Jenny From The Block(SC2437-7)
    Lopez, Jennifer Jenny From The Block [M/F Duet](HTG1009-13)
    Lopez, Jennifer Let's Get Loud(SF168-15)
    Lopez, Jennifer Love Don't Cost A Thing(SC3235-5)
    Lopez, Jennifer Loving You(TU181-6)
    Lopez, Jennifer One, The(TU201-12)
    Lopez, Jennifer Play(SC8695-13)
    Lopez, Jennifer Promise Me You'll Try(MM6308-10)
    Lopez, Jennifer Should've Never(MM6308-11)
    Lopez, Jennifer Too Late(MM6308-12)
    Lopez, Jennifer Waiting For Tonight(SC8559-9)
    Lopez, Trini Guantanamera(SFMW901-7)
    Lopez, Trini If I Had A Hammer(SF064-15)
    Lopez, Trini Lemon Tree(DK060-5)
    Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah(SF244-6)
    Loring, Gloria & Carl Anderson Friends & Lovers(SC8119-11)
    Los Bravos Black Is Black(SC8429-13)
    Los Del Rio Macarena(SC8330-4)
    Los Huracanes Del Norte Falsas Ilusiones(TU236-7)
    Los Lobos Kiko & The Lavender Moon(MM6115-6)
    Los Lobos La Bamba(SC7506-12)
    Los Lobos We Belong Together(PI026-11)
    Los Lonely Boys Diamonds(SC8987-3)
    Los Lonely Boys Heaven(SC8879-11)
    Los Lonely Boys More Than Love(SC8888-10)
    Los Lonely Boys My Way(PHAC0702-6)
    Los Tigres Del Norte Con La Soga Al Cuello(TU236-3)
    Los Umbrellos No Tengo Dinero(MM6224-4)
    Lost Trailers, The Call Me Crazy(SC8986-13)
    Lost Trailers, The Chicken Fried(SD142-12)
    Lost Trailers, The Country Folks Livin' Loud(PHN0909-8)
    Lost Trailers, The Holler Back(SC9021-4)
    Lost Trailers, The Why Me(THC0611-14)
    Lostprophets Can't Catch Tomorrow(THP0703-11)
    Lostprophets I Don't Know(THR0502-12)
    Lostprophets Last Train Home(PHR0403-7)
    Lostprophets Rooftops(THR0609-13)
    Lostprophets Town Called Hypocrisy, A(SF247-12)
    Lostprophets Wake Up (Make A Move)(THR0409-13)
    Louisana's Leroux New Orleans Ladies(SC8577-9)
    Louise 2 Faced(SF169-15)
    Louise Arms Around The World(SF115-10)
    Louise Let's Go Round Again(SF117-3)
    Louise Light Of My Life(SF029-9)
    Louise Pandora's Kiss(SF209-6)
    Louise Stuck In The Middle With You(SF183-7)
    Louvin Brothers I Don't Believe You've Met Me Baby(SC8538-15)
    Love My Little Red Book(SC8970-14)
    Love & Rockets So Alive(SC8696-12)
    Love & Rockets Sweet Lover Hangover(SC8277-7)
    Love Affair Bringing On Back The Good Times(SF099-14)
    Love Affair Everlasting Love(SF052-5)
    Love Affair Rainbow Valley(SF100-2)
    Love Life Here I'll Stay(PSJT334-10)
    Love, Courtney Mono(THR0404-13)
    Love, Darlene Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry(MM6400-2)
    Love, Inc. You're A Superstar(SF201-5)
    Loveless, Patty Blame It On Your Heart(SC8144-14)
    Loveless, Patty Blue Memories(SC8217-13)
    Loveless, Patty Boys Are Back In Town, The(SC8729-6)
    Loveless, Patty Can't Get Enough(SC8512-11)
    Loveless, Patty Can't Stop Myself From Loving You(SC8165-8)
    Loveless, Patty Chains(SC8177-5)
    Loveless, Patty Don't Toss Us Away(SC8157-1)
    Loveless, Patty Halfway Down(SC8186-10)
    Loveless, Patty Here I Am(SC8149-11)
    Loveless, Patty High On Love(SC8464-13)
    Loveless, Patty How Can I Help You Say Goodbye(SC8120-1)
    Loveless, Patty Hurt Me Bad In A Real Good Way(SC8217-2)
    Loveless, Patty I Try To Think About Elvis(SC8139-7)
    Loveless, Patty I Wanna Believe(SC3409-2)
    Loveless, Patty I'm That Kind Of Girl(SC2149-4)
    Loveless, Patty Jealous Bone(SC2149-5)
    Loveless, Patty Keep Your Distance(SC3454-3)
    Loveless, Patty Last Thing On My Mind, The(SC8677-15)
    Loveless, Patty Like Water Into Wine(SC8496-7)
    Loveless, Patty Lonely Side Of Love, The(SC8200-2)
    Loveless, Patty Lonely Too Long(SC8315-14)
    Loveless, Patty Lovin' All Night [Radio Version](SC8842-8)
    Loveless, Patty Night's Too Long, The(SC8161-10)
    Loveless, Patty Nothing But The Wheel(MM6028-11)
    Loveless, Patty On Down The Line(SC8355-4)
    Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home(SC8857-13)
    Loveless, Patty Out Of Control Raging Fire [w/ Travis Tritt](SC8736-15)
    Loveless, Patty Over My Shoulder(MM6121-12)
    Loveless, Patty She Drew A Broken Heart(SC8351-8)
    Loveless, Patty Soul Of Constant Sorrow(SC8751-1)
    Loveless, Patty Strong Heart(SC8652-5)
    Loveless, Patty Tear Stained Letter(MM6191-7)
    Loveless, Patty That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In(SC8623-8)
    Loveless, Patty Thousand Times A Day, A(SC8280-2)
    Loveless, Patty Timber I'm Falling In Love(SC8131-1)
    Loveless, Patty To Have You Back Again(SC8444-1)
    Loveless, Patty Trouble With The Truth, The(SC8376-15)
    Loveless, Patty When The Fallen Angels Fly(SC2170-2)
    Loveless, Patty You Can Feel Bad(SC8232-14)
    Loveless, Patty You Don't Even Know Who I Am(SC8163-1)
    Loveless, Patty You Don't Seem To Miss Me(SC8416-10)
    Loveless, Patty You Will(SC8112-4)
    Loverboy D.O.A.(GM1001-4)
    Loverboy Heaven In Your Eyes(SFMW912-6)
    Loverboy Hot Girls In Love(SC8425-9)
    Loverboy Kid Is Hot Tonight, The(SC8942-10)
    Loverboy Lovin' Every Minute Of It(SC7565-1)
    Loverboy Notorious(SFMW906-3)
    Loverboy Queen Of The Broken Hearts(SC8624-14)
    Loverboy This Could Be The Night(SC8641-15)
    Loverboy Turn Me Loose(SC7563-5)
    Loverboy Working For The Weekend(SC8292-14)
    Lovestation Teardrops(SFCC1-9)
    Lovett, Lyle Funny How Time Slips Away [w/ Al Green](DK092-14)
    Lovett, Lyle She's No Lady(DK083-10)
    Lovett, Ruby Little Bitty Crack In His Heart(SC3077-8)
    Lovich, Lene Lucky Number(SF109-15)
    Lovin' Spoonful Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind(SC8218-8)
    Lovin' Spoonful Do You Believe In Magic(SC8750-9)
    Lovin' Spoonful Nashville Cats(LC0008-3)
    Lovin' Spoonful Summer In The City(SC7531-9)
    Lovin' Spoonful You Didn't Have To Be So Nice(SC8599-1)
    Lovin' Spoonfull Daydream(ZMJB08-3)
    Low Millions Eleanor(PHR0502-9)
    Lowe, Jim Green Door, The(SC8196-3)
    Lowe, Nick Cruel To Be Kind(SC8427-13)
    Lowe, Nick I Knew The Bride(AH2015-11)
    Luba Everytime I See Your Picture(HMDK-717)
    Luba How Many (Rivers To Cross)(GM1001-8)
    Lucas With The Lid Off(SO208-8)
    Lucas, Lauren Carolina Kind, The(SD133-6)
    Lucas, Lauren What You Ain't Gonna Get(THC0507-18)
    Ludacris Act A Fool [Radio Version](SC8844-15)
    Ludacris Area Codes(SC3276-7)
    Ludacris Fatty Girl(SC3290-8)
    Ludacris Georgia(PHU0602-9)
    Ludacris Get Back(SC8909-3)
    Ludacris Number One Spot(SC8915-2)
    Ludacris Potion, The(THH0507-16)
    Ludacris Rollout(SC8740-15)
    Ludacris Runaway Love(PHU0702-4)
    Ludacris Saturday (Oooh! Oooh!)(SC8757-15)
    Ludacris Stand Up [Radio Version](SC8849-2)
    Ludacris & Pharrell Money Maker(THH0612-11)
    Ludacris & Pharrell Southern Hospitality(SC8688-7)
    Ludo Love Me Dead(HMDK-360)
    Luhrmann, Baz Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen(MM6271-11)
    Lulu Boat That I Row, The(SF100-13)
    Lulu Boom Bang A Bang(ZMJB05-9)
    Lulu Man With The Golden Gun, The(SC8468-8)
    Lulu Shout(ZMJB05-7)
    Lulu To Sir, With Love(SC7520-13)
    Luman, Bob Let's Think About Living(SF083-14)
    Luman, Bob Lonely Women Make Beautiful Lovers(SC8537-10)
    Luman, Bob Still Loving You(SC8567-13)
    Luman, Bob When You Say Love(SC8582-10)
    Lumidee Never Leave You(PHM0309-4)
    Luniz I Got 5 On It(SFMW863-13)
    Lupe Fiasco Daydreamin'(THHP0612-16)
    Lupe Fiasco I Gotcha(THHP0702-15)
    Luscious Jackson Ladyfingers(SC8548-10)
    Luscious Jackson Naked Eye(SC8381-11)
    Luscious Jackson Under Your Skin(SC3029-7)
    Lustra Scotty Doesn't Know(HMDK-361)
    Luther, Bill You Will Always Be Mine(CB20280-11)
    Lymon, Frankie ABC's Of Love, The(LG219-14)
    Lymon, Frankie Goody Goody(SC8255-11)
    Lymon, Frankie I Want You To Be My Girl(LG219-11)
    Lymon, Frankie Little Pitty Pretty One(LG219-9)
    Lymon, Frankie Promise To Remember(LG219-12)
    Lymon, Frankie Who Can Explain(LG219-13)
    Lymon, Frankie Why Do Fools Fall In Love(SC8399-1)
    Lynch, Claire If Wishes Were Horses(CB20376-11)
    Lynch, Claire Out Among The Stars(CBEP476-5-10)
    Lynch, Claire Second Wind(CBEP476-2-4)
    Lynch, Liam United States Of Whatever(PHR0306-5)
    Lynn, Barbara You'll Lose A Good Thing(SC8651-7)
    Lynn, Cheryl Encore(SF067-5)
    Lynn, Cheryl Got To Be Real(SC8568-3)
    Lynn, Loretta Coal Miner's Daughter(SC7512-9)
    Lynn, Loretta Country In My Genes(SC8652-6)
    Lynn, Loretta Dear Uncle Sam(SC8579-9)
    Lynn, Loretta Don't Come Home A Drinkin'(SC8269-8)
    Lynn, Loretta Fist City(SC8538-4)
    Lynn, Loretta Hey Loretta(SC8537-11)
    Lynn, Loretta I Can't Hear The Music(SC3254-2)
    Lynn, Loretta I'm A Honky Tonk Girl(TU043-6)
    Lynn, Loretta I've Got A Picture Of Us On My Mind(SC8642-8)
    Lynn, Loretta Lonesome 77203(SF014-12)
    Lynn, Loretta Love Is The Foundation(SC2275-6)
    Lynn, Loretta Miss Being Mrs.(SC8881-11)
    Lynn, Loretta One's On The Way(SC8367-6)
    Lynn, Loretta Out Of My Head & Back In My Bed(SC8412-1)
    Lynn, Loretta Rated X(SC8367-5)
    Lynn, Loretta Somebody Somewhere(SC8367-8)
    Lynn, Loretta Table For Two(SC8733-2)
    Lynn, Loretta They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy(SC8628-8)
    Lynn, Loretta When The Tingle Becomes A Chill(SC8367-15)
    Lynn, Loretta You Ain't Woman Enough(SC7537-15)
    Lynn, Loretta You're Lookin' At Country(SC8506-8)
    Lynn, Loretta Your Squaw Is On The Warpath(SC8367-1)
    Lynn, Loretta & Jack White Portland Oregon(SC3416-6)
    Lynn, Tami I'm Gonna Run Away From You(SFCC01-10)
    Lynn, Vera Lili Marlene(ZMP089-7)
    Lynn, Vera My Son My Son(SF092-10)
    Lynn, Vera Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, A(ZMP089-4)
    Lynn, Vera Now Is The Hour(ZMP089-5)
    Lynn, Vera We'll Meet Again [With Choir](ZMP089-1)
    Lynn, Vera We'll Meet Again [Without Choir](ZMP089-2)
    Lynn, Vera When The Lights Go On Again(ZMP089-6)
    Lynn, Vera White Cliffs Of Dover(SF149-12)
    Lynne, Rockie Do We Still(SD144-7)
    Lynne, Rockie Lipstick(SC8952-4)
    Lynne, Rockie More(SD151-10)
    Lynne, Shelby Another Chance At Love(SC8280-7)
    Lynne, Shelby Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight(CB60141-9)
    Lynne, Shelby Gotta Get Back(SC8637-8)
    Lynne, Shelby Killin' Kind(MM6343-14)
    Lynne, Shelby Slow Me Down(CB60141-8)
    Lynne, Shelby Telephone(SC8847-12)
    Lynne, Shelby Tell Me I'm Crazy(SFMW871-14)
    Lynne, Shelby Things Are Tough All Over(MM6126-11)
    Lynne, Shelby Wall In Your Heart(SC8727-13)
    Lynns Nights Like These(SC8504-13)
    Lynns What Am I Doing Loving You(CB20047-10)
    Lynns Woman To Woman(SC8495-2)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Ballad Of Curtis Loew(SC8459-1)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Call Me The Breeze(SC8814-13)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Don't Ask Me No Questions(SC8459-8)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Double Trouble(LG204-7)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird(SC8146-4)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimme Back My Bullets(SC8459-7)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimme Three Steps(SC8459-14)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd I Ain't The One(LG204-5)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd I Know A Little(LG204-13)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Needle & The Spoon, The(SC8459-15)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Poison Whiskey(SC8459-5)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Red, White & Blue(SC8826-5)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Saturday Night Special(SC8459-9)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Searching(SGB43-6)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man(SC8922-11)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Swamp Music(SC8459-11)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama(SC7519-14)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd T For Texas(SGB43-3)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd That Smell(SC8459-4)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday's Gone(SC8568-7)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd What's Your Name(SC8146-8)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Whiskey Rock-A-Roller(CB90156-8)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Wildflower(SGB05-12)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd Working For MCA(SC8459-3)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd You Got That Right(SC8459-6)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd & Kid Rock Gimme Back My Bullets(SC3381-8)
    Lyttle, Kevin Turn Me On(SF210-6)


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