We use 'em.  We endorse 'em.  We think they're great.  Find out why. Here's a list of company links for what we use at our shows:


Peavey - We use 'em for our amp and speaker cabinets.

Shure - We use 'em as our main vocal microphones.

Line 6 - Cameron's cordless mic manufacturer. This microphone is literally the best we've ever worked with or even seen.

TC-Helicon - Amazing vocal effects, intelligent harmony, correction, monitors and plug-ins that we quite like.

Sound Choice - Our favourite CD+G distributors because their music doesn't suck, even if they do.

Planet Waves - Cables guaranteed for life?  Okay!

Crate - Our compressor/limiter's made by these guys.

Alesis - We use the Midiverb III to round out the sound.

Digitech - Another processor we use for singers.

Behringer - Okay, so their stuff is a little dicey at times, but they're cheap, and when they work they're like gold.

American DJ - We have a Galaxian laser. We think it's cool.

Chauvet Lighting - Their LED floodlights help us out with our ambience and stay cool for immediate teardown after a show.

Performance Design Products - We use an X-Box 360 fog machine/lighting rig made by PDP for our show. Don't ask us how.

Gator Cases - It's for holding all the crap we buy together.


As you can tell, we're not your average run-of-the-mill amp and 2 microphone type of karaoke show. Nope. Nuh-uh, not us.


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