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    M Pop Muzik(SC8153-12)
    M People Angel St.(SF120-16)
    M People Don't Look Any Further(SF026-5)
    M People Dreaming(SF134-2)
    M People Itchycoo Park(SF034-7)
    M People Moving On Up(SC8121-6)
    M People One Night In Heaven(SF036-12)
    M People Search For A Hero(SF027-11)
    M People Sight For Sore Eyes(LG002-9)
    M People Testify(SF127-7)
    M.I.A. Paper Planes(ASKFP97-1-10)
    M/A/R/R/S Pump Up The Volume(SC8892-7)
    M2M Don't Say You Love Me(SC8572-11)
    M2M Everything You Do(TU108-6)
    M2M Mirror Mirror(SC8618-14)
    Ma, Remy Conceited(THH0605-15)
    Ma, Remy Feels So Good(PHU0608-6)
    Mac Band Roses Are Red(SF068-8)
    Mac, Toby Irene(TU190-6)
    MacColl, Kirsty England 2, Columbia 9(SFMW878-7)
    MacColl, Kirsty There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's(ZMH010-12)
    Machines Of Loving Grace Golgotha Tenement Blues(HMDK-89)
    Mack, Warner Bridge Washed Out, The(SC8383-10)
    Macnee, Patrick & Honor Blackman Kinky Boots(SFMW848-14)
    MacNeil, Rita Working Man(SF112-6)
    Mad At Gravity Walk Away(TU133-17)
    Mad'House Holiday(SF198-15)
    Mad'House Like A Prayer(SF195-2)
    Made In London Dirty Water(SF165-15)
    Made In London Shut Your Mouth(SF170-9)
    Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby(SF166-1)
    Madison Avenue Everything You Need(SF175-4)
    Madison Avenue Who The Hell Are You(SF171-7)
    Madness Baggy Trousers(ZMGY80-12)
    Madness Cardiac Arrest(SFG006-13)
    Madness Driving In My Car(SF075-13)
    Madness Embarrassment(SFG006-10)
    Madness Grey Day(SFG006-8)
    Madness House Of Fun(ZSH80-2-1)
    Madness It Must Be Love(SF010-8)
    Madness Michael Caine(SFG006-11)
    Madness My Girl(SF105-2)
    Madness Night Boat To Cairo(SFG006-15)
    Madness One Better Day(SFG006-12)
    Madness Our House(SC8522-11)
    Madness Shut Up(SFG006-14)
    Madness Sun & The Rain, The(SFG006-9)
    Madness Wings Of A Dove(SF133-7)
    Madonna Amazing(SF183-15)
    Madonna American Life(SF204-6)
    Madonna American Life [Radio Version](SC8827-14)
    Madonna American Pie(SC8595-12)
    Madonna Angel(SC8305-5)
    Madonna Beautiful Stranger(SC8545-7)
    Madonna Borderline(SC8554-5)
    Madonna Cherish(PI013-15)
    Madonna Crazy For You(SC8771-2)
    Madonna Deeper & Deeper(SFG010-9)
    Madonna Die Another Day(SC8793-9)
    Madonna Die Another Day [Radio Version](SC2403-8)
    Madonna Don't Cry For Me Argentina(LG033-16)
    Madonna Don't Tell Me(SC8771-14)
    Madonna Dress You Up(SC8667-13)
    Madonna Drowned World (Substitute For Love)(SF125-5)
    Madonna Erotica(SC8800-5)
    Madonna Express Yourself(JV1003-15)
    Madonna Express Yourself [Album Version](SFMW885-15)
    Madonna Fever(SC8246-4)
    Madonna Frozen(PHM9804-1)
    Madonna Get Together(THP0609-14)
    Madonna Hanky Panky(SC8333-11)
    Madonna Holiday(SC8894-4)
    Madonna Hollywood(SC3373-2)
    Madonna Human Nature(HMDK-362)
    Madonna Hung Up(THP0601-15)
    Madonna I'll Remember(SC8771-6)
    Madonna Impressive Instant(SF187-8)
    Madonna Intervention(TU211-6)
    Madonna Into The Groove(SC8106-7)
    Madonna Jump(SF249-4)
    Madonna Justify My Love(SC8800-7)
    Madonna La Isla Bonita(PI022-7)
    Madonna Like A Prayer(PI013-16)
    Madonna Like A Virgin(SC2403-3)
    Madonna Live To Tell(SC8782-4)
    Madonna Love Don't Live Here Anymore(SC8281-15)
    Madonna Love Profusion(TU211-9)
    Madonna Lucky Star(SC8771-11)
    Madonna Madonna Megamix(ZMP100-13)
    Madonna Material Girl(SC2403-2)
    Madonna Mother & Father(TU211-11)
    Madonna Music(SC8771-4)
    Madonna Nothing Fails(TU247-11)
    Madonna Nothing Really Matters(SC8523-1)
    Madonna Open Your Heart(SC8771-15)
    Madonna Papa Don't Preach(SC8771-9)
    Madonna Physical Attraction(AH8014-15)
    Madonna Power Of Goodbye(SC8499-14)
    Madonna Rain(SC8310-12)
    Madonna Ray Of Light(SF120-4)
    Madonna Rescue Me(SC8274-4)
    Madonna Secret(SC8140-4)
    Madonna Sooner Or Later(BS6517-6)
    Madonna Sorry(THP0605-11)
    Madonna Swim(BS6517-3)
    Madonna Take A Bow(SC8145-5)
    Madonna This Used To Be My Playground(SC8771-8)
    Madonna True Blue(SF009-13)
    Madonna Vogue(SC8771-12)
    Madonna What It Feels Like For A Girl(SC8702-15)
    Madonna Who's That Girl(SC8771-7)
    Madonna X-Static Process(TU211-16)
    Madonna You Must Love Me(SC8340-9)
    Madonna You'll See(SC8212-12)
    Magic Numbers Love Me Like You(SF235-14)
    Magic Numbers Take A Chance(THHP0701-15)
    Magic Numbers, The This Is A Song(THP0705-18)
    Magic, Blue Sideshow(SC8969-4)
    Magnapop Open The Door(SC8308-13)
    Magneto Sugar Sugar(BS4717-12)
    Main Ingredient Everybody Plays The Fool(SC8153-15)
    Main Ingredient Just Don't Want To Be Lonely(AH8023-1)
    Maines, Natalie & Sheryl Crow Abilene(SC8784-12)
    Maisonettes, The Heartache Avenue(SFMW874-11)
    Maja All 'Bout The Money(SF126-15)
    Major, Charlie I Do It For The Money(SC8294-3)
    Major, Charlie Tell Me Something I Don't Know(SC8341-15)
    Malcolm, Carl Fattie Bum Bum(PI325-5)
    Malibu Storm Photograph(SD122-11)
    Mallan, Peter Annie Laurie(DK038-13)
    Mallet, Timmy Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(SFG025-13)
    Malloy, Mitch Nobody Wins In This War(SC8274-15)
    Malmsteen, Yngwie J. Heaven Tonight(SC8830-14)
    Malone, Tony & The Rapparees Wearin' Of The Green(SC8737-2)
    Mamas & The Papas California Dreamin'(SC7508-7)
    Mamas & The Papas Creeque Alley(SC8615-3)
    Mamas & The Papas Dedicated To The One I Love(ZMJB07-14)
    Mamas & The Papas Do You Wanna Dance(LG220-11)
    Mamas & The Papas I Dig Rock & Roll Music(SD020-14)
    Mamas & The Papas I Saw Her Again(LG220-10)
    Mamas & The Papas Monday, Monday(SC7532-6)
    Mamas & The Papas Words Of Love(SC8450-3)
    Man To Man Male Stripper [w/ Man Parrish](SFMW891-8)
    Maná Mariposa Traicionera(TU234-9)
    Manchester, Melissa Come In From The Rain(SC8264-14)
    Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud(SC7523-15)
    Manchester, Melissa I Want To Be In Love(MM6345-3)
    Manchester, Melissa Midnight Blue(SC8227-1)
    Manchester, Melissa Through The Eyes Of Love(SC7529-2)
    Manchester, Melissa You Should Hear How She Talks About You(SC8417-8)
    Mandrell, Barbara Crackers(SC8401-4)
    Mandrell, Barbara Fast Lanes & Counry Roads(SC8506-2)
    Mandrell, Barbara Happy Birthday Dear Heartache(SC8401-1)
    Mandrell, Barbara I Don't Want To Be Right(SC8375-1)
    Mandrell, Barbara I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool(SC8101-8)
    Mandrell, Barbara If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right(SC7590-1)
    Mandrell, Barbara In Times Like These(SC8401-5)
    Mandrell, Barbara Married, But Not To Each Other(CB20210-12)
    Mandrell, Barbara No One Mends A Broken Heart Like You(SC8537-12)
    Mandrell, Barbara One Of A Kind, Pair Of Fools(SC8355-7)
    Mandrell, Barbara Only A Lonely Heart Knows(SC8455-7)
    Mandrell, Barbara Sleeping Single In A Double Bed(SC7524-1)
    Mandrell, Barbara Standing Room Only(CB20325-9)
    Mandrell, Barbara Ten Pound Hammer(SC8309-10)
    Mandrell, Barbara There's No Love In Tennessee(SC8401-14)
    Mandrell, Barbara Till You're Gone(SC8401-12)
    Mandrell, Barbara Tonight My Baby's Comng Home(SC7570-15)
    Mandrell, Barbara Wish You Were Here(CB20325-10)
    Mandrell, Barbara Years(CB20325-8)
    Mandrell, Barbara & Lee Greenwood It Should Have Been Love By Now(CB20325-11)
    Mandrell, Barbara & Lee Greenwood To Me(SC8128-11)
    Mandrell, Louise Beautiful Inside(SF172-10)
    Mandrell, Louise I Wanna Say Yes(SC7570-4)
    Mandrell, Louise I'm Not Through Loving You Yet(SC8676-8)
    Mandrell, Louise Save Me(SC8697-12)
    Manfred Mann 5-4-3-2-1(SF069-5)
    Manfred Mann Blinded By The Light(SC8188-14)
    Manfred Mann Come Tomorrow(SF078-3)
    Manfred Mann Davy's On The Road Again(ZMJB03-4)
    Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy(SC7513-7)
    Manfred Mann Ha Ha Said The Clown(SF099-13)
    Manfred Mann If You Gotta Go Go Now(SF086-13)
    Manfred Mann Just Like A Woman(SF099-5)
    Manfred Mann Mighty Quinn(SC8514-1)
    Manfred Mann My Name Is Jack(ZMP071-13)
    Manfred Mann Oh No Not My Baby(SF086-2)
    Manfred Mann Pretty Flamingo(SF045-15)
    Manfred Mann Quinn The Eskimo(PI031-14)
    Manfred Mann Ragamuffin Man(ZMJB09-7)
    Manfred Mann Shalalala(SC8225-4)
    Manfred Mann Spirit In The Night(SC8724-6)
    Manhattan Transfer Boy From New York City, The(DK2022-15)
    Manhattan Transfer Chanson D'Amour(SF023-11)
    Manhattan Transfer Operator(SC8891-4)
    Manhattan Transfer Too Busy Thinking About My Baby [w/ Phil Collins](SC8164-8)
    Manhattan Transfer Trickle, Trickle(MM6254-8)
    Manhattans Kiss & Say Goodbye(SC7574-10)
    Manhattans Shining Star(SC8293-5)
    Manheit, Jane My Foolish Heart(MM6393-6)
    Manic Street Preachers Autumnsong(THHP0710-10)
    Manic Street Preachers Design For Life, A(SF080-9)
    Manic Street Preachers Everlasting, The(SF128-7)
    Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go(SF061-6)
    Manic Street Preachers Found That Soul(SF177-13)
    Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next(SF124-7)
    Manic Street Preachers Let Robeson Sing(SF183-11)
    Manic Street Preachers Masses Against The Classes(SF157-10)
    Manic Street Preachers Motorcycle Emptiness(SFMW843-8)
    Manic Street Preachers Ocean Spray(SF178-9)
    Manic Street Preachers Why So Sad(SF176-6)
    Manic Street Preachers You Stole The Sun From My Heart(SF132-9)
    Manilow, Barry All Or Nothing At All(MM6186-3)
    Manilow, Barry And The Angels Sing(MM6186-2)
    Manilow, Barry Can't Smile Without You(SC8790-2)
    Manilow, Barry Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You(SD4701-14)
    Manilow, Barry Chattanooga Choo-Choo(MM6186-9)
    Manilow, Barry Copacabana(SC7509-7)
    Manilow, Barry Could It Be Magic(SC8790-3)
    Manilow, Barry Even Now(MM6051-11)
    Manilow, Barry I Made It Through The Rain(MM6293-8)
    Manilow, Barry I Should Care(MM6186-12)
    Manilow, Barry I Write The Songs(SC2397-6)
    Manilow, Barry It's A Miracle(SC8644-11)
    Manilow, Barry Looks Like We Made It(SC8985-1)
    Manilow, Barry Love Is A Many Splendored Thing(SC8983-15)
    Manilow, Barry Mandy(SC2397-4)
    Manilow, Barry Moonlight Serenade(AH8012-2)
    Manilow, Barry N.Y. City Rhythm(MM6293-1)
    Manilow, Barry Old Songs, The(LG014-10)
    Manilow, Barry One Voice(SC8891-12)
    Manilow, Barry Read 'em & Weep(SC8603-13)
    Manilow, Barry Ready To Take A Chance Again(DK082-15)
    Manilow, Barry Ships(SC8985-4)
    Manilow, Barry Somewhere In The Night(SFMW836-1)
    Manilow, Barry Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again(SC8609-8)
    Manilow, Barry Weekend In New England(SC8518-7)
    Manilow, Barry When October Goes(SFMW828-14)
    Mann, Aimee Going Through The Motions [Studio Version](PHR0508-5)
    Mann, Barry Come On Over To My Place [w/ Cynthia Weil](SF079-15)
    Mann, Barry Who Put The Bomp(SC7554-8)
    Mansun Wide Open Space(SFMW873-5)
    Marathons Peanut Butter(MM6047-7)
    Marcel Country Rock Star(SC8769-14)
    Marcels Blue Moon(SC7502-3)
    Marcels Heartaches(JV0009-9)
    March, Little Peggy I Will Follow Him(SC8226-6)
    Marcy Playground It's Saturday(SC8581-12)
    Marcy Playground Saint Joe On The School Bus(SC8469-15)
    Marcy Playground Sex & Candy(SC8440-11)
    Marcy Playground Sherry Frazier(MM6258-6)
    Mardones, Benny Into The Night(SC8447-13)
    Maresca, Ernie Shout! Shout!(SC8206-1)
    Marie Sisters Real Bad Mood(SC8764-8)
    Marie Sisters Real Bad Mood [Radio Version](SC3312-8)
    Marie, Kelly Feels Like I'm In Love(ZMGY80-7)
    Marie, Teena Behind The Groove(SF067-7)
    Marie, Teena Lovergirl(SC8338-12)
    Marillion Incommunicado(SFMW897-15)
    Marillion Kayleigh(SF021-13)
    Marillion Lavender(SFMW898-1)
    Marillion Sugar Mice(SFMW904-14)
    Marillion Warm Wet Circles(SFMW903-8)
    Marilyn Manson Beautiful People, The(SFMW883-4)
    Marilyn Manson Cake & Sodomy(HMDK-365)
    Marilyn Manson Coma White(HMDK-366)
    Marilyn Manson Disposable Teens(SC8672-6)
    Marilyn Manson Dope Hat(HMDK-363)
    Marilyn Manson Dope Show(AMS1504-3)
    Marilyn Manson Get Your Gun(HMDK-364)
    Marilyn Manson Lunchbox(HMDK-368)
    Marilyn Manson Personal Jesus(PHR0412-7)
    Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)(SC9002-15)
    Marilyn Manson Tainted Love(SC8740-6)
    Marilyn Manson Tourniquet(HMDK-367)
    Marino, Frank I'm A King Bee/Backdoor Man Medley(AH8006-11)
    Mario Break Up [w/ Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett] [w/ Vox](PHU0909-10)
    Mario Crying Out For Me(PHU0712-8)
    Mario Here I Go Again(SF233-8)
    Mario How Could You(THH0507-13)
    Mario How Do I Breathe(PHU0707-2)
    Mario Just A Friend 2002(SC8778-8)
    Mario Let Me Love You(THH0501-16)
    Mario Music For Love(CB5119-03-7)
    Mario & Juvenile Boom(PHU0512-1)
    Mark & Sam Measure Of A Man(EZH32-11)
    Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch Good Vibrations(SC8746-6)
    Marley, Bob Buffalo Soldier(SC8500-10)
    Marley, Bob Could You Be Loved(SC8870-4)
    Marley, Bob Get Up Stand Up(SC8947-2)
    Marley, Bob I Shot The Sheriff(SC8947-6)
    Marley, Bob Iron, Lion, Zion(SF004-10)
    Marley, Bob Is This Love(SC8947-12)
    Marley, Bob Jammin'(SC8500-4)
    Marley, Bob Kaya(MM6375-13)
    Marley, Bob Lively Up Yourself(SC8500-15)
    Marley, Bob No Woman, No Cry(SC7597-6)
    Marley, Bob One Love(MM6083-4)
    Marley, Bob Put It On(MM6375-4)
    Marley, Bob Redemption Song(SC8861-16)
    Marley, Bob Redemption Song [Acoustic Version](SC8947-16)
    Marley, Bob Stir It Up(SC8500-5)
    Marley, Bob Sun Is Shining(SF148-4)
    Marley, Bob Sun Is Shining [w/ Funkstar De Luxe](SFG025-3)
    Marley, Bob Three Little Birds(SC8500-9)
    Marley, Bob Waiting In Vain(SFMW833-2)
    Marley, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Welcome To Jamrock(SC8947-10)
    Marley, Ziggy Beautiful Day(MM6375-12)
    Marley, Ziggy Love Is My Religion(PHAC0610-6)
    Marley, Ziggy Small People(SC8500-13)
    Marley, Ziggy Tomorrow People(SC8500-14)
    Marlin, Lene Sitting Down Here(SF164-5)
    Marlin, Lene Where I'm Headed(SF174-14)
    Marmalade Baby Make It Soon(ZMJB07-2)
    Marmalade Cousin Norman(ZMJB07-3)
    Marmalade Falling Apart At The Seams(ZMJB07-5)
    Marmalade Rainbow(ZMJB07-4)
    Marmalade Reflections Of My Life(SC8750-7)
    Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe(SC2468-8)
    Maroon 5 If I Never See Your Face Again [w/ Rihanna](SC9022-1)
    Maroon 5 It Makes Me Wonder(EZH63-10)
    Maroon 5 Makes Me Wonder(SC9005-9)
    Maroon 5 Must Get Out(SF230-6)
    Maroon 5 Not Coming Home(ZMP069-6)
    Maroon 5 Secret(ZMP069-5)
    Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved(SC3419-2)
    Maroon 5 Shiver(ZMP069-2)
    Maroon 5 Sun, The(ZMP068-6)
    Maroon 5 Sunday Morning(SC8906-7)
    Maroon 5 Sweetest Goodbye(ZMP068-5)
    Maroon 5 Tangled(ZMP069-3)
    Maroon 5 This Love(SC8905-5)
    Maroon 5 Through With You(ZMP069-4)
    Maroon 5 Wake Up Call(THP0711-18)
    Maroon 5 Won't Go Home Without You(THP0802-18)
    Mars Volta, The Widow, The(SC8932-3)
    Marsden, Matthew Heart's Lone Desire, The(SF122-4)
    Marsh, Kym Come On Over(SF207-11)
    Marsh, Kym Cry(SF204-4)
    Marshall Dyllon Live It Up(SD078-12)
    Marshall Dyllon She Ain't Gonna Cry(SC8714-14)
    Marshall Dyllon You(SC8690-12)
    Marshall Tucker Band 24 Hours At A Time(AH8017-13)
    Marshall Tucker Band Can't You See(SC8210-5)
    Marshall Tucker Band Falling In & Out Of Love(LG213-11)
    Marshall Tucker Band Fire On The Mountain(SC8479-9)
    Marshall Tucker Band Heard It In A Love Song(SC8146-7)
    Marshall Tucker Band Last Of The Singing Cowboys(SC8922-15)
    Marshall, Amanda Believe In You(PR3003-4)
    Marshall, Amanda Birmingham(SC8325-3)
    Marshall, Amanda Dark Horse(KAR009-5)
    Marshall, Amanda Everybody's Got A Story(SC3298-7)
    Marshall, Amanda Fall From Grace(MM6197-3)
    Marshall, Amanda Let It Rain(KAR005-7)
    Marshall, Amanda Sunday Morning After(TU108-15)
    Marshall, Amanda This Could Take All Night(HSPAK3-12-6)
    Martell, Lena One Day At A Time(SF141-8)
    Martha & The Muffins Echo Beach(ZMH020-11)
    Martha & The Vandellas (Love Is Like A) Heatwave(SC8951-6)
    Martha & The Vandellas Dancing In The Street(SC8863-10)
    Martha & The Vandellas Heatwave(DK005-5)
    Martha & The Vandellas I'm Ready For Love(LG106-12)
    Martha & The Vandellas Jimmy Mack(SC8863-3)
    Martha & The Vandellas Nowhere To Run(SC8984-12)
    Martha & The Vandellas Quicksand(SM8853-11)
    Martha & The Vandellas Third Finger Left Hand(SF018-1)
    Martika Love...Thy Will Be Done(SC8274-7)
    Martika Toy Soldiers(SC8417-3)
    Martin, Barry Hummers In Heaven(SC8700-15)
    Martin, Billy Ray Your Loving Arms(SC8312-6)
    Martin, Brad Before I Knew Better(SC8753-13)
    Martin, Brad Just Like Love(CB20370-12)
    Martin, Brad One Of Those Days(SC8826-10)
    Martin, Brad Rub Me The Right Way(SD101-13)
    Martin, Dean Ain't That A Kick In The Head(MM6184-9)
    Martin, Dean Ain't That A Kick In The Head(THMRM04-11)
    Martin, Dean Baby It's Cold Outside(TU246-3)
    Martin, Dean Baby It's Cold Outside [w/ Martina McBride](TU246-4)
    Martin, Dean Buono Sera(LG142-5)
    Martin, Dean Dream(MM6419-2-17)
    Martin, Dean Everybody Loves Somebody(SC8118-14)
    Martin, Dean Houston(LG142-8)
    Martin, Dean How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning [M/F Duet](SFMW870-3)
    Martin, Dean I Will(LG142-9)
    Martin, Dean I Wish You Love(MM6419-2-30)
    Martin, Dean I'll Always Love You(MM6367-7)
    Martin, Dean I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm(THMRM09-13)
    Martin, Dean Imagination(MM6329-5)
    Martin, Dean In The Chapel In The Moonlight(MM6419-2-24)
    Martin, Dean Innamorata (Sweetheart)(SC8890-1)
    Martin, Dean Kiss Me(LG009-5)
    Martin, Dean Let Me Go Lover(MM6419-2-18)
    Martin, Dean Little Old Wine Drinker Me(MM6419-1-15)
    Martin, Dean Mambo Italiano(MM6419-2-28)
    Martin, Dean Memories Are Made Of This(SC7553-8)
    Martin, Dean My Rifle, My Pony & Me [w/ Ricky Nelson](SC8885-2)
    Martin, Dean Object Of My Affection(MM6367-3)
    Martin, Dean On An Evening In Roma(LG142-6)
    Martin, Dean Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone(MM6419-2-26)
    Martin, Dean Powder Your Face With Sunshine(MM6419-2-21)
    Martin, Dean Return To Me(SC2418-8)
    Martin, Dean Sam's Song [w/ Sammy Davis Jr.](TU120-17)
    Martin, Dean Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On(MM6419-2-23)
    Martin, Dean Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)(MM6419-2-29)
    Martin, Dean Somewhere There's A Someone(MM6419-2-25)
    Martin, Dean Standing On The Corner(MM6419-2-19)
    Martin, Dean Sway(MM6137-2)
    Martin, Dean That's Amore(SC8288-6)
    Martin, Dean Too Marvelous For Words(MM6075-7)
    Martin, Dean Two Sleepy People [w/ Renaud](MM6367-9)
    Martin, Dean Volare(SC8399-12)
    Martin, Dean You Belong To Me(MM6419-2-20)
    Martin, Dean You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You(SC7540-8)
    Martin, Dusty Wrong Mr. Right Again, The(SC8321-15)
    Martin, Jimmy Honey You Don't Know My Mind(CB60060-5)
    Martin, Jimmy Long Journey Home(CBEP476-6-1)
    Martin, Jimmy Sunny Side Of The Mountain(CB20380-10)
    Martin, Jimmy Will The Circle Be Unbroken(CBE3-14-8)
    Martin, Keith Never Find Someone Like You(SC8156-8)
    Martin, Lene Unforgivable Sinner(SF171-12)
    Martin, Marilyn Through His Eyes(SC8159-13)
    Martin, Ricky Come To Me(TU024-4)
    Martin, Ricky Cup Of Life, The(PHT9909-1)
    Martin, Ricky Drop It On Me [w/ Daddy Yankee](SC8949-5)
    Martin, Ricky I Don't Care(SF237-15)
    Martin, Ricky La Copa De La Vida(HSPAK3-11-19)
    Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca(SC3135-3)
    Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca [Spanish](HSPAK3-04-14)
    Martin, Ricky Loaded(TU024-10)
    Martin, Ricky Nobody Wants To Be Lonely [w/ Christina Aguilera](SC8680-8)
    Martin, Ricky Private Emotion [w/ Meja](SC8601-7)
    Martin, Ricky Shake Your Bon Bon(PHT9914-1)
    Martin, Ricky She Bangs(SC8649-6)
    Martin, Ricky She's All I Ever Had(PHT9911-5)
    Martin, Ricky St. Tropez(SFMW815-10)
    Martin, Steve & Toot Uncommons King Tut(SC8544-4)
    Martin, Tony I Get Ideas(SC8249-3)
    Martindale, Wink Deck Of Cards(SF131-4)
    Martinez, Angie Coast 2 Coast (Suavemente)(SC3258-8)
    Martinez, Angie If I Could Go(SC8778-14)
    Martinez, Angie Take You Home(TU202-17)
    Martino, Al Daddy's Little Girl(SC8109-3)
    Martino, Al Here In My Heart(SC8249-11)
    Martino, Al I Have But One Heart(SC8890-13)
    Martino, Al I Love You Because(MM6240-3)
    Martino, Al I Love You Truly(AH8012-12)
    Martino, Al Mary In The Morning(LG158-13)
    Martino, Al More Than The Eyes Can See(LG158-12)
    Martino, Al My Foolish Heart(LG158-11)
    Martino, Al Spanish Eyes(SC8288-11)
    Martino, Al Wanted(LG158-15)
    Marvelettes Beechwood 4-5789(SC8984-13)
    Marvelettes Don't Mess With Bill(SC8968-9)
    Marvelettes Playboy(SFMW899-5)
    Marvelettes Please Mr. Postman(NUKH019-8)
    Marvelettes When You're Young & In Love(SFMW898-5)
    Marvelous 3 Freak Of The Week(SC8519-6)
    Marvin & Tamera Groove Machine(SF146-5)
    Marvin, Lee Wandrin' Star(SF077-6)
    Marx, Richard Angelia(SC8264-12)
    Marx, Richard Chains Around My Heart(JV1002-4)
    Marx, Richard Children Of The Night(JV0052-9)
    Marx, Richard Days In Avalon(THP0102-15)
    Marx, Richard Don't Mean Nothing(SC8580-9)
    Marx, Richard Edge Of Forever [w/ Chely Wright](TU119-6)
    Marx, Richard Endless Summer Nights(SC8456-1)
    Marx, Richard Hazard(SC8266-4)
    Marx, Richard Hold On To The Night(JV0052-3)
    Marx, Richard Keep Coming Back(JV0052-10)
    Marx, Richard Love Unemotional(SFMW830-9)
    Marx, Richard Nothing Left Behind Us(SD007-7)
    Marx, Richard Now & Forever(SC8111-14)
    Marx, Richard Ready To Fly(MM6426-11)
    Marx, Richard Right Here Waiting(SC8366-3)
    Marx, Richard Satisfied(JV0052-4)
    Marx, Richard Shine(TU054-11)
    Marx, Richard Should've Known Better(SC8641-1)
    Marx, Richard Straight From My Heart(MM6339-7)
    Marx, Richard Take This Heart(SC8235-6)
    Marx, Richard Too Late To Say Goodbye(JV0052-8)
    Marx, Richard Until I Find You Again(SC3013-2)
    Marx, Richard Way She Loves Me, The(SC8140-1)
    Mary Jane Girls In My House(SC8393-12)
    Mary Mary God In Me [w/ Kierra Sheard](PHU0909-5)
    Mary Mary Shackles (Praise You)(TU077-9)
    Mary Mary Yesterday(THH0608-17)
    Mashonda Back Of Da Club(THH0506-16)
    Mason vs. Princess Superstar Perfect (Exceeder)(THHP0704-10)
    Mason, Dave We Just Disagree(DK090-12)
    Mason, Michael Cape Lonely(CB20347-9)
    Mason, Mila Closer To Heaven(SC8432-6)
    Mason, Mila Dark Horse(SC8370-5)
    Mason, Mila Strong One, The(SC8463-13)
    Mason, Mila That's Enough Of That(SC8315-8)
    Mason, Mila That's The Kinda Love(SC8384-8)
    Mason, Mila This Heart(SC8474-11)
    Massive Attack Angel(HMDK-369)
    Massive Attack Inertia Creeps(HMDK-370)
    Massive Attack Karmacoma(SFMW892-7)
    Massive Attack Live With Me(HMDK-371)
    Massive Attack Protection(SFMW893-12)
    Massive Attack Teardrop(SFMW891-10)
    Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy(SFMW874-14)
    Master P. Ooohhhwee(SC3304-3)
    Matchbox When You Ask About Love(ZMJB04-9)
    Matchbox Twenty 3 AM(PHM9712-5)
    Matchbox Twenty All I Need(TU226-8)
    Matchbox Twenty Angry(SC2259-3)
    Matchbox Twenty Back 2 Good(SC8523-4)
    Matchbox Twenty Bed Of Lies(SC2259-2)
    Matchbox Twenty Bent(THR0008-14)
    Matchbox Twenty Black & White People(SC2259-8)
    Matchbox Twenty Bright Lights(SC8839-6)
    Matchbox Twenty Disease(SC8793-3)
    Matchbox Twenty Downfall(TU226-12)
    Matchbox Twenty Feel(THR0310-17)
    Matchbox Twenty Hand Me Down(TU226-13)
    Matchbox Twenty How Far We've Come(PHM0710-4)
    Matchbox Twenty If You're Gone(SC8742-6)
    Matchbox Twenty Last Beautiful Girl(SC8731-9)
    Matchbox Twenty Long Day(SC8343-5)
    Matchbox Twenty Mad Season(SC3252-1)
    Matchbox Twenty Push(SC8448-5)
    Matchbox Twenty Real World(SC7584-6)
    Matchbox Twenty Rockabilly Rebel(SF023-13)
    Matchbox Twenty So Sad So Lonely(TU226-16)
    Matchbox Twenty These Hard Times(CB5119-03-10)
    Matchbox Twenty Unwell(SC8827-4)
    Mathis, Johnny Begin The Beguine(SFMW823-4)
    Mathis, Johnny Certain Smile, A(MH1039-3)
    Mathis, Johnny Chances Are(SC7599-11)
    Mathis, Johnny I Have A Love/One Hand One Heart [w/ B. Streisand](MM6025-15)
    Mathis, Johnny It's All A Game(NUKH017-15)
    Mathis, Johnny It's Not For Me To Say(SC8651-10)
    Mathis, Johnny Last Time I Felt Like This, The(BS4117-6)
    Mathis, Johnny Misty(SC7553-12)
    Mathis, Johnny Someone(LG020-11)
    Mathis, Johnny Too Much, Too Little, Too Late [w/ D. Williams](SC8119-8)
    Mathis, Johnny Twelfth Of Never, The(SC8182-9)
    Mathis, Johnny What Will My Mary Say(LG020-10)
    Mathis, Johnny When Sunny Gets Blue(MM6182-2)
    Mathis, Johnny Wonderful Wonderful(SC7540-9)
    Matisyahu King Without A Crown(SC8958-9)
    Mattafix Big City Life(SC9022-6)
    Mattea, Kathy 455 Rocket(SC8358-4)
    Mattea, Kathy Asking Us To Dance(SC8228-12)
    Mattea, Kathy BFD(SC8630-4)
    Mattea, Kathy Burning Old Memories(SC8230-14)
    Mattea, Kathy Clown In Your Rodeo(SC8160-10)
    Mattea, Kathy Come From The Heart(SC8214-9)
    Mattea, Kathy Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses(SC8104-1)
    Mattea, Kathy Few Good Things Remain, A(SC8269-14)
    Mattea, Kathy Goin' Gone(SC8398-4)
    Mattea, Kathy I'm On Your Side(SC8504-11)
    Mattea, Kathy Life As We Knew It(SC8375-12)
    Mattea, Kathy Listen To The Radio(SC8229-7)
    Mattea, Kathy Lonesome Standard Time(SC8180-15)
    Mattea, Kathy Love At The Five & Dime(SC8517-1)
    Mattea, Kathy Love Travels(SC8351-12)
    Mattea, Kathy Maybe She's Human(SC2135-6)
    Mattea, Kathy Nobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade(SC8200-1)
    Mattea, Kathy Patiently Waiting(SC8465-14)
    Mattea, Kathy Seeds(SC8245-4)
    Mattea, Kathy She Came From Fort Worth(SC8161-15)
    Mattea, Kathy Standing Knee Deep In A River(SC8165-15)
    Mattea, Kathy They Are The Roses(CB20364-12)
    Mattea, Kathy Time Passes By(SC8167-6)
    Mattea, Kathy Train Of Memories(SC8529-5)
    Mattea, Kathy Trouble With Angels(SC8617-8)
    Mattea, Kathy Untold Stories(SC8561-9)
    Mattea, Kathy Walk The Way The Wind Blows(SC8421-15)
    Mattea, Kathy Walking Away A Winner(SC8120-9)
    Mattea, Kathy Where've You Been(SC8215-9)
    Mattea, Kathy Whole Lotta Holes(SC8168-2)
    Mattea, Kathy You're The Power(SC8604-4)
    Matthews, Summer Little Miss Perfect(SF215-16)
    Maughan, Susan Bobby's Girl(SF074-1)
    Mavericks All That Heaven Will Allow(SC8173-15)
    Mavericks All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down(SC8216-1)
    Mavericks Dance The Night Away(SC3083-8)
    Mavericks Here Comes My Baby(SC8578-6)
    Mavericks Here Comes The Rain(SC8194-6)
    Mavericks I Don't Care(SC8351-1)
    Mavericks I Should Have Been True(SC8355-3)
    Mavericks I've Got This Feeling(SF125-16)
    Mavericks Missing You(SC8303-5)
    Mavericks Oh What A Thrill(SC8200-12)
    Mavericks Pretend(CB20242-11)
    Mavericks Someone Should Tell Her(SF142-2)
    Mavericks There Goes My Heart(SC8141-14)
    Mavericks Things You Said To Me(CB20242-12)
    Mavericks To Be With You(SC8444-12)
    Mavericks What A Cryin' Shame(SC8144-10)
    Maximo Park Apply Some Pressure(HMDK-683)
    Maximo Park Girls Who Play Guitars(THP0711-11)
    Maximo Park Our Velocity(SF254-4)
    Maxwell Ascension(SC8316-15)
    Maxwell Fortunate(SC8545-12)
    Maxwell Get To Know Ya(SC8695-1)
    Maxwell Lifetime(SC8726-6)
    Maxwell Suitelady The Proposal Jam(SC8460-1)
    Maxwell Sumthin' Sumthin'(SC8357-7)
    Maxwell This Woman's Work(SC8758-7)
    Mayer, John Belief(THHP0707-12)
    Mayer, John Bigger Than My Body(SC8845-2)
    Mayer, John Clarity(SC8855-5)
    Mayer, John Come Back To Bed(PHR0409-6)
    Mayer, John Daughters(THP0412-11)
    Mayer, John Gravity(SD4703-3)
    Mayer, John No Such Thing(SC2392-6)
    Mayer, John Waiting On The World To Change(PHAC0609-9)
    Mayer, John Why Georgia(SC8818-6)
    Mayer, John Your Body Is A Wonderland(SC8783-8)
    Mayer, John Your Body Is A Wonderland [Radio Version](SC8852-8)
    Mayfield, Curtis Freddie's Dead(SC8941-6)
    Mayfield, Curtis Move On Up(SFMW862-12)
    Mayfield, Curtis New World Order(MM6173-8)
    Mayfield, Curtis Superfly(SC8386-10)
    Mayhew, Lauren Sinking(THP0607-15)
    Maze Joy & Pain(SF068-2)
    Mazzy Star Fade Into You(SC8237-12)
    MC Lyte Ruffneck(SC8875-12)
    MC5 Kick Out The Jams(SC2400-1)
    McAlyster I Know How The River Feels(SC8665-7)
    McAnally, Shane Are Your Eyes Still Blue?(SC8549-15)
    McAnally, Shane Run Away(SC8630-11)
    McAnally, Shane Say Anything(SC8512-12)
    McBrayer, Jody To Ever Live Without Me(THMS0303-12)
    McBride, Martina (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden(SC8936-8)
    McBride, Martina Anything & Everything(CB20274-10)
    McBride, Martina Anything That Touches You(CB20344-10)
    McBride, Martina Anything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues(CB20162-8)
    McBride, Martina Anyway(PHN0702-2)
    McBride, Martina Anyway [Radio Version](SC9003-9)
    McBride, Martina Be That Way(CB20063-8)
    McBride, Martina Been There(SC8282-5)
    McBride, Martina Blessed(SC8795-15)
    McBride, Martina Blessed [Radio Version](SC8838-1)
    McBride, Martina Broken Wing, A(SC8838-14)
    McBride, Martina Can I Count On You(SC8157-2)
    McBride, Martina Chances Are [w/ Bob Seger](SC2187-3)
    McBride, Martina Cheap Whiskey(SC8838-6)
    McBride, Martina City Of Love(SC8862-2)
    McBride, Martina Concrete Angel(SC8851-4)
    McBride, Martina Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road(SC8205-7)
    McBride, Martina Do What You Do(CB20274-7)
    McBride, Martina For These Times(THC0802-17)
    McBride, Martina God's Will(SC8862-4)
    McBride, Martina Going Out Of My Mind(SC8502-3)
    McBride, Martina Good Bye(CB20274-12)
    McBride, Martina Great Disguise, A(SC8298-3)
    McBride, Martina Hangin' In & Hangin' On(SC8161-2)
    McBride, Martina Happy Girl(SC8463-5)
    McBride, Martina Heart Trouble(SC8149-5)
    McBride, Martina Help Me Make It Through The Night(SC3454-1)
    McBride, Martina How Far(SC8877-4)
    McBride, Martina How I Feel(PHN0707-1)
    McBride, Martina Hurry Sundown(SC8165-10)
    McBride, Martina I Ain't Goin' Nowhere(CB20274-9)
    McBride, Martina I Just Call You Mine(PHN0908-4)
    McBride, Martina I Love You(SC2245-6)
    McBride, Martina I Never Promised You A Rose Garden(THC0512-11)
    McBride, Martina I Still Miss Someone(SC8959-2)
    McBride, Martina I Still Miss Someone [w/ Dolly Parton](SC8959-16)
    McBride, Martina In My Daughter's Eyes(SC8904-9)
    McBride, Martina Independence Day(SC8838-7)
    McBride, Martina It's My Time(SC3242-5)
    McBride, Martina Just One Night(SC8131-6)
    McBride, Martina Life #9(SC2132-4)
    McBride, Martina Love On The Loose Heart On the Run(SC8133-1)
    McBride, Martina Love's The Only House(SC2368-1)
    McBride, Martina Love's The Only House [Radio Version](SC8838-15)
    McBride, Martina Make Me Believe(CB20274-8)
    McBride, Martina My Baby Loves Me(SC7595-12)
    McBride, Martina No More Cryin'(MM6077-7)
    McBride, Martina Over The Rainbow [Live Version](SC8907-8)
    McBride, Martina Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town(SC8267-1)
    McBride, Martina Practice Life [w/ Andy Griggs](SC8784-7)
    McBride, Martina Sacred Ground(SC8102-13)
    McBride, Martina Safe In The Arms Of Love(SC8189-2)
    McBride, Martina She's A Butterfly(TU251-9)
    McBride, Martina Somebody Will(SC8296-10)
    McBride, Martina Squeeze Box(TU134-13)
    McBride, Martina Strangers(SC2456-5)
    McBride, Martina Swingin' Doors(SC8315-13)
    McBride, Martina That Wasn't Me(SC8234-10)
    McBride, Martina That's Me(SC8260-4)
    McBride, Martina There You Are(SC8653-4)
    McBride, Martina This One's For The Girls(SC8837-1)
    McBride, Martina Til I Can Make It On My Own(SC8982-15)
    McBride, Martina Time Has Come, The(SC8265-2)
    McBride, Martina Valentine [w/ Jim Brickman](SC8838-4)
    McBride, Martina Wearing White(SC8867-11)
    McBride, Martina Whatever You Say(SC8528-6)
    McBride, Martina When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues(SC8738-8)
    McBride, Martina Where I Used To Have A Heart(SC8160-15)
    McBride, Martina Where Would You Be(SC8795-13)
    McBride, Martina Wild Angels(SC8216-12)
    McBride, Martina Wrong Again(SC8838-13)
    McCabe, Coley Grow Young With You(SC8602-13)
    McCabe, Coley Grow Young With You [w/ Andy Griggs](SC3188-9)
    McCabe, Coley Who I Am To You(MM6344-12)
    McCain, Edwin Alive(SC8295-12)
    McCain, Edwin Go Be Young(SC8593-10)
    McCain, Edwin Gramercy Park Hotel(PHAC0606-5)
    McCain, Edwin Hearts Fall(MM6345-14)
    McCain, Edwin I Could Not Ask For More(SC3143-8)
    McCain, Edwin I'll Be(SC8452-6)
    McCain, Edwin I'll Be Seeing You(SC2179-5)
    McCain, Edwin Say Anything [w/ Maia Sharp](PHR0409-3)
    McCain, Edwin Solitude [w/ Darius Rucker](SC8203-13)
    McCain, Edwin Sorry To A Friend(SC8277-9)
    McCall, C.W. Convoy(SC7590-5)
    McCall, C.W. Wolf Creek Pass(SC8707-9)
    McCall, Kirsty Days(SF027-13)
    McCall, Kirsty In These Shoes(SFMW870-13)
    McCann, Lila Almost Over You(SC8495-13)
    McCann, Lila Because Of You(CB20299-8)
    McCann, Lila Come A Little Closer(SC8705-15)
    McCann, Lila Complete(TU071-5)
    McCann, Lila Crush(SC8556-5)
    McCann, Lila Down Came A Blackbird(SC8382-9)
    McCann, Lila I Wanna Fall In Love(SC8409-2)
    McCann, Lila I Will Be(SC2224-5)
    McCann, Lila I'm Amazed [w/ Jim Brickman](CB60345-9)
    McCann, Lila Kiss Me Now(SC8602-11)
    McCann, Lila To Get Me To You(SC8485-9)
    McCann, Lila With You(SC8512-5)
    McCann, Lila Yippy Ky Yay(SC8470-13)
    McCarter Sisters Gift, The(JV0071-10)
    McCartney, Jesse Beautiful Soul(SC8908-7)
    McCartney, Jesse Because You Live(THP0602-14)
    McCartney, Jesse Leavin'(CB5119-01-8)
    McCartney, Jesse Right Where You Want Me(PHM0611-6)
    McCartney, Jesse She's No You(THP0507-14)
    McCartney, Paul Ain't That A Shame(LGK002-12)
    McCartney, Paul Another Day(SC8953-13)
    McCartney, Paul Band On The Run(SC8264-6)
    McCartney, Paul Coming Up(DK090-13)
    McCartney, Paul Coming Up [Live Version](SC8886-7)
    McCartney, Paul Ebony & Ivory [w/ Stevie Wonder](DK004-1)
    McCartney, Paul Everynight(LG123-17)
    McCartney, Paul Fine Line(PHAC0512-9)
    McCartney, Paul Freedom(SC8732-8)
    McCartney, Paul Frog Chorus(SFMW826-6)
    McCartney, Paul From A Lover To A Friend(SC3286-6)
    McCartney, Paul Goodnight My Love(SC8953-12)
    McCartney, Paul Goodnight Tonight(SC8641-14)
    McCartney, Paul Helen Wheels(ZMH005-9)
    McCartney, Paul Hi, Hi, Hi(DK079-9)
    McCartney, Paul Jet(SC8953-4)
    McCartney, Paul Juniors Farm(SC8953-5)
    McCartney, Paul Let 'Em In(SC8953-3)
    McCartney, Paul Let Me Roll It(SC8953-6)
    McCartney, Paul Listen To What The Man Said(SC8953-15)
    McCartney, Paul Live & Let Die(SC8953-11)
    McCartney, Paul Maybe I'm Amazed(SC8439-7)
    McCartney, Paul Mull Of Kintyre(SFG061-12)
    McCartney, Paul My Love(SC8790-13)
    McCartney, Paul No More Lonely Nights(SFMW816-11)
    McCartney, Paul Once Upon A Long Ago(SFMW870-1)
    McCartney, Paul Pipes Of Peace(SFMW838-14)
    McCartney, Paul Say, Say, Say [w/ Michael Jackson](CBEP467-2-17)
    McCartney, Paul Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [w/ U2](SC8948-1)
    McCartney, Paul Silly Love Songs(SC8554-13)
    McCartney, Paul Take It Away(LG123-5)
    McCartney, Paul This Never Happened Before(PHAC0605-2)
    McCartney, Paul Tug Of War(SFMW896-6)
    McCartney, Paul Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey(SC8953-8)
    McCartney, Paul Wanderlust(LGK001-11)
    McCartney, Paul We All Stand Together [w/ The Frog Chorus](SFG061-14)
    McCartney, Paul With A Little Luck(SC8953-7)
    McCartney, Paul World Tonight, The(SC8460-2)
    McClain, Charly Dancing Your Memory Away(SC8728-1)
    McClain, Charly Radio Heart(SC8455-4)
    McClain, Charly Sentimental Ol' You(SC8582-7)
    McClain, Charly Sleepin' With The Radio On(SC8561-8)
    McClain, Charly Who's Cheatin' Who(SC8114-10)
    McClain, Charly & Mickey Gilley Paradise Tonight(SC8408-6)
    McClean, Don Crying(SF014-4)
    McClinton, Delbert All Night Long(TU083-1)
    McClinton, Delbert Givin' It Up For Your Love(SC8151-14)
    McClinton, Delbert Lone Star Blues(TU172-10)
    McClinton, Delbert One Of The Fortunate Few(PHAC0511-5)
    McClinton, Delbert Same Kind Of Crazy(CB20385-8)
    McClinton, Delbert Sending Me Angels(CB20026-9)
    McClinton, Delbert When Rita Leaves(TU072-12)
    McCloud, Nichole One Good Reason(TU136-13)
    McComas, Brian 99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)(SC8823-8)
    McComas, Brian Good Good Lovin'(CB60352-13)
    McComas, Brian I Could Never Love You Enough(SC3302-8)
    McComas, Brian Middle Of Nowhere, The(SC3437-1)
    McComas, Brian Night Disappear With You(SC8727-1)
    McComas, Brian You're In My Head(MM6402-11)
    McCoo, Marilyn & Billy Davis, Jr. You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show)(SC8863-8)
    McCoury Brothers Walk Out In The Rain(CBEP476-1-7)
    McCoury, Del Rain & Snow(SC8693-5)
    McCoury, Del & Dixie Pals High On A Mountain(CB20381-11)
    McCoy, Neal Beatin' It In(SC8690-4)
    McCoy, Neal Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On(SC8933-7)
    McCoy, Neal City Put The Country Back In Me, The(SC8135-8)
    McCoy, Neal Every Man For Himself(SC8633-9)
    McCoy, Neal For A Change(SC8159-4)
    McCoy, Neal Forever Works For Me(SC8608-1)
    McCoy, Neal Girls Of Summer, The(SC8546-14)
    McCoy, Neal Going Going Gone(SC8298-10)
    McCoy, Neal Hillbilly Rap(SC8311-4)
    McCoy, Neal I Was(SC8520-11)
    McCoy, Neal If I Was A Drinkin' Man(SC8194-2)
    McCoy, Neal If You Can't Be Good...(SC8409-8)
    McCoy, Neal Last Of A Dying Breed, The(THC0607-11)
    McCoy, Neal Love Happens Like That(SC8470-15)
    McCoy, Neal Luckiest Man In The World, The(SC8794-15)
    McCoy, Neal No Doubt About It(SC8137-10)
    McCoy, Neal Party On(SC8451-12)
    McCoy, Neal Shake, The(SC8382-12)
    McCoy, Neal Tailgate(CB60355-13)
    McCoy, Neal That Woman Of Mine(SC8504-14)
    McCoy, Neal Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye(SC8285-1)
    McCoy, Neal They're Playing Our Song(SC8179-2)
    McCoy, Neal What If(CB20349-12)
    McCoy, Neal Wink(SC8123-11)
    McCoy, Neal You Gotta Love That(SC8239-9)
    McCoy, Van Hustle, The(TU130-18)
    McCoys Hang On Sloopy(SC7543-7)
    McCrae, George It's Been So Long(SFMW802-15)
    McCrae, George Rock Your Baby(SC8293-10)
    McCrae, Gwen All This Love That I'm Giving(SFMW905-9)
    McCready, Mindy All I Want Is Everything(SC8566-8)
    McCready, Mindy Girl's Gotta Do, A(SC8370-8)
    McCready, Mindy Guys Do It All The Time(SC8298-1)
    McCready, Mindy If I Don't Stay The Night(MM6225-13)
    McCready, Mindy Let's Talk About Love(MM6257-10)
    McCready, Mindy Lips Like Yours(CB20351-7)
    McCready, Mindy Maybe He'll Notice Her Now [w/ Richie McDonald](SC8328-15)
    McCready, Mindy Maybe, Maybe Not(SC8753-2)
    McCready, Mindy One In A Million(SC8546-13)
    McCready, Mindy Other Side Of This Kiss, The(SC8464-10)
    McCready, Mindy Scream(SC8655-4)
    McCready, Mindy Ten Thousand Angels(SC8256-7)
    McCready, Mindy What If I Do(SC8409-5)
    McCready, Mindy You'll Never Know(SC8436-11)
    McCready, Rich Hangin' On(SC8247-4)
    McCready, Rich That Just About Covers It(SC3034-7)
    McCready, Rich Thinkin' Straight(SC8267-5)
    McCready, Rich When Hell Freezes Over(SC8307R-6)
    McCutcheon, Martine I'm Over You(SF173-14)
    McCutcheon, Martine I've Got You(SF146-1)
    McCutcheon, Martine Love Me(SF152-16)
    McCutcheon, Martine On The Radio(SF175-11)
    McCutcheon, Martine Perfect Moment(SF136-13)
    McCutcheon, Martine Talking In Your Sleep(SF152-1)
    McDaniel, Lesley I Was Over You Last Night(CB20156-10)
    McDaniel, Mel Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On(SC8208-6)
    McDaniel, Mel Big Ole Brew(SC8385-11)
    McDaniel, Mel Let It Roll (Let It Rock)(SC8551-10)
    McDaniel, Mel Louisiana Saturday Night(SC8133-10)
    McDaniel, Mel Stand Up(SC8114-4)
    McDaniels, Gene Hundred Pounds Of Clay, A(SC8415-14)
    McDaniels, Gene Tower Of Strength(MM6401-8)
    McDonald & Mattea Among The Missing(SC8524-7)
    McDonald, Amy Mr Rock & Roll(SFMW899-7)
    McDonald, Amy This Is The Life(SFMW898-3)
    McDonald, Jane 12th Of Never(SF128-16)
    McDonald, Jane You're My World(SF145-6)
    McDonald, Michael Ain't No Mountain High Enough(SC8876-8)
    McDonald, Michael I Keep Forgettin'(SC8292-8)
    McDonald, Michael Matters Of The Heart(SC8246-10)
    McDonald, Michael Sweet Freedom(SC8790-7)
    McDonald, Michael Take It To Heart(SC8374-5)
    McDonald, Richie Six Foot Teddy Bear(PHN0908-7)
    McDowell, Ronnie All Tied Up(SC8529-10)
    McDowell, Ronnie In A New York Minute(SC8564-13)
    McDowell, Ronnie Older Women(SC7537-3)
    McDowell, Ronnie Wandering Eyes(SC8385-13)
    McDowell, Ronnie You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation(SC8431-7)
    McEntire, Reba And Still(SC8179-12)
    McEntire, Reba Baby's Gone Blues(SC8321-3)
    McEntire, Reba Because Of You [w/ Kelly Clarkson](SC9004-10)
    McEntire, Reba Can't Even Get The Blues No More(SC8398-15)
    McEntire, Reba Cathy's Clown(MH1048-14)
    McEntire, Reba Climb That Mountain High(SC8213-14)
    McEntire, Reba Does He Love You [w/ Linda Davis](SC7524-11)
    McEntire, Reba Don't Touch Me There(MM6011-7)
    McEntire, Reba Everything That You Want(BS9917-1)
    McEntire, Reba Falling Out Of Love(SC8265-5)
    McEntire, Reba Fancy(SC7522-11)
    McEntire, Reba Fear Of Being Alone(SC8950-7)
    McEntire, Reba For Herself(SC8324-3)
    McEntire, Reba For My Broken Heart(SC8175-2)
    McEntire, Reba Forever Love(SC8474-12)
    McEntire, Reba Greatest Man I Never Knew(SC8950-1)
    McEntire, Reba Have I Got A Deal For You(SC8628-15)
    McEntire, Reba He Gets That From Me(SC3420-7)
    McEntire, Reba He Wants To Get Married(SC8291-2)
    McEntire, Reba Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, The(SC2126-2)
    McEntire, Reba Holdin'(SC3004-4)
    McEntire, Reba How Blue(SC8950-5)
    McEntire, Reba How Was I To Know(SC8370-2)
    McEntire, Reba I Don't Think Love Ought To Be That Way(SC8582-8)
    McEntire, Reba I Know How He Feels(SC8260-2)
    McEntire, Reba I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool [M/F Duet](SD150-14)
    McEntire, Reba I Won't Stand In Line(SC2126-3)
    McEntire, Reba I'd Rather Ride Around With You(SC8376-1)
    McEntire, Reba I'll Be(SC3186-4)
    McEntire, Reba I'm A Survivor(SC8714-10)
    McEntire, Reba I'm Gonna Take That Mountain(SC8847-15)
    McEntire, Reba I'm Not That Lonely Yet(SC8411-2)
    McEntire, Reba If I Had Only Known(SC8234-7)
    McEntire, Reba If You See Him & If You See Her [w/ Brooks & Dunn](SC7588-14)
    McEntire, Reba Is There Life Out There(SC8269-2)
    McEntire, Reba It's Your Call(SC8101-3)
    McEntire, Reba Just A Little Love(SC7551-13)
    McEntire, Reba Last One To Know, The(SC8411-6)
    McEntire, Reba Let The Music Lift You Up(SC8561-1)
    McEntire, Reba Lighter Shade Of Blue(SC8278-13)
    McEntire, Reba Little Girl(SC8309-5)
    McEntire, Reba Little Rock(SC7592-12)
    McEntire, Reba Love Needs A Holiday(THC0607-13)
    McEntire, Reba Love Will Find Its Way(SC8217-7)
    McEntire, Reba My Sister(SC8923-4)
    McEntire, Reba New Fool At An Old Game(SC2013-7)
    McEntire, Reba Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, The(MH1042-8)
    McEntire, Reba Now You Tell Me(MM6128-6)
    McEntire, Reba On My Own(SC8198-4)
    McEntire, Reba One Honest Heart(SC8528-2)
    McEntire, Reba One Last Good Hand(SC8317-6)
    McEntire, Reba One Promise Too Late(SC8411-14)
    McEntire, Reba Only In My Mind(SC8421-11)
    McEntire, Reba Only Promise That Remains, The [w/ J. Timberlake](SD162-2)
    McEntire, Reba Please Come To Boston(SC8267-14)
    McEntire, Reba Read My Mind(MM6076-13)
    McEntire, Reba Ring On Her Finger(SC8211-1)
    McEntire, Reba Rumor Has It(SC7552-6)
    McEntire, Reba Secret Of Giving, The(MM6291-13)
    McEntire, Reba She Thinks His Name Was John(SC8139-9)
    McEntire, Reba She's Callin' It Love(SC8504-7)
    McEntire, Reba Silly Me(SC8301-12)
    McEntire, Reba Somebody(SC8950-3)
    McEntire, Reba Somebody Should Leave(SC8183-9)
    McEntire, Reba Starting Over Again(SC8253-9)
    McEntire, Reba Sunday Kind Of Love(SC2013-5)
    McEntire, Reba Sweet Music Man(SC8745-11)
    McEntire, Reba Take It Back(SC8103-5)
    McEntire, Reba There Ain't No Future In This(SC8610-7)
    McEntire, Reba They Asked About You(SC8137-9)
    McEntire, Reba Til I Said It To You(CB60193-6)
    McEntire, Reba Til Love Comes Again(SC8241-14)
    McEntire, Reba Til You Love Me(SC8141-10)
    McEntire, Reba Today All Over Again(SC8411-9)
    McEntire, Reba Walk On(SC8144-11)
    McEntire, Reba We're So Good Together(SC8646-1)
    McEntire, Reba What Am I Gonna Do About You(PI215-7)
    McEntire, Reba What Do You Say(SC8566-14)
    McEntire, Reba What If(SC8950-11)
    McEntire, Reba What If It's You(SC8376-11)
    McEntire, Reba Whoever's In New England(SC8950-8)
    McEntire, Reba Why Haven't I Heard From You(SC8120-8)
    McEntire, Reba Will He Ever Go Away(SC8306-9)
    McEntire, Reba Wrong Night(SC8496-11)
    McEntire, Reba You Lie(SC8950-4)
    McEntire, Reba You Lift Me Up To Heaven(SC8411-7)
    McEntire, Reba You're Gonna Be(SC3452-2)
    McEntire, Reba You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving(SC8950-15)
    McEntire, Reba & Vince Gill Heart Won't Lie, The(SC8128-5)
    McEntire, Reba & Vince Gill Oklahoma Swing(SC8330-7)
    McFadden & Whitehead Ain't No Stopping Us Now(LG150-12)
    McFadden, Brian Demons(SF232-6)
    McFadden, Brian Irish Son(SF225-3)
    McFadden, Brian Real To Me(SF222-7)
    McFerrin, Bobby Don't Worry, Be Happy(SC7503-9)
    McFfly Heart Never Lies, The(THHP0801-12)
    McFly 5 Colours In Her Hair(ZMP076-3)
    McFly All About You(ZMP076-2)
    McFly Ballad Of Paul K(SF238-15)
    McFly Five Colours In Her Hair(SF217-2)
    McFly I Wanna Hold You(SF236-3)
    McFly I'll Be Ok(SF234-8)
    McFly Obviously(SF219-3)
    McFly Please Please(SF246-7)
    McFly Room On The 3rd Floor(SF224-4)
    McFly Sorry's Not Good Enough(SF251-4)
    McFly Star Girl(MREH033-10)
    McFly That Girl(SF222-3)
    McFly Transylvania(EZH63-16)
    McFly Ultraviolet(SF239-10)
    McFly You've Got A Friend(ZMP076-6)
    McGhee, Sam Wayfaring Stranger(CB70014-15)
    McGovern, Maureen Can You Read My Mind(MM6137-4)
    McGovern, Maureen Morning After, The(DK032-14)
    McGraw, Tim All I Want Is A Life(SC8250-6)
    McGraw, Tim All We Ever Find(ZMP036-4)
    McGraw, Tim Angel Boy(SC8745-5)
    McGraw, Tim Angry All The Time(CB20290-11)
    McGraw, Tim Back When(SC8897-4)
    McGraw, Tim Can't Be Really Gone(SC8211-6)
    McGraw, Tim Can't Really Be Gone(CB90036-7)
    McGraw, Tim Comin' Home(PHN0712-3)
    McGraw, Tim Cowboy In Me, The(SC8798-14)
    McGraw, Tim Do You Want Fries With That(SC8916-15)
    McGraw, Tim Don't Take The Girl(SC8120-12)
    McGraw, Tim Down On The Farm(SC8141-4)
    McGraw, Tim Drugs Or Jesus(SC8897-9)
    McGraw, Tim Everywhere(SC8388-12)
    McGraw, Tim For A Little While(SC8498-3)
    McGraw, Tim Forget About Us(CB20289-12)
    McGraw, Tim Grown Men Don't Cry(SC8873-15)
    McGraw, Tim Home(ZMP036-1)
    McGraw, Tim How Bad Do You Want It(SC3429-6)
    McGraw, Tim I Got Friends That Do(SC8982-10)
    McGraw, Tim I Know How To Love You Well(ZMP036-6)
    McGraw, Tim I Like It, I Love It(SC2111-4)
    McGraw, Tim I've Got Friends That Do(PHN0702-7)
    McGraw, Tim If You're Reading This(PHN0710-7)
    McGraw, Tim Illegal(ZMP036-2)
    McGraw, Tim Indian Outlaw(SC8873-5)
    McGraw, Tim It's Your Love [Male Solo](CHM9706-1)
    McGraw, Tim Just To See You Smile(SC8873-14)
    McGraw, Tim Kill Myself(SC8907-5)
    Mcgraw, Tim Last Dollar (Fly Away)(SC8996-8)
    McGraw, Tim Let It Go(PHN0712-2)
    McGraw, Tim Let Me Love You(CB20290-10)
    McGraw, Tim Live Like You Were Dying(SC2460-8)
    McGraw, Tim Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It(SC8319-8)
    McGraw, Tim My Best Friend(SC3168-6)
    McGraw, Tim My Little Girl(SC8989-11)
    McGraw, Tim My Next Thirty Years(SC8743-3)
    McGraw, Tim My Old Friend(SC8897-5)
    McGraw, Tim Not A Moment Too Soon(SC8149-9)
    McGraw, Tim Nothin' To Die For(SC3502-8)
    McGraw, Tim Old Town New(SC8923-11)
    McGraw, Tim One Of These Days(SC8873-11)
    McGraw, Tim Place In The Sun, A(CB20089-12)
    McGraw, Tim Please Remember Me(SC8528-1)
    McGraw, Tim Real Good Man(SC8873-6)
    McGraw, Tim Red Ragtop(SC8873-4)
    McGraw, Tim Refried Dreams(SC8230-11)
    McGraw, Tim Set This Circus Down(CB20290-8)
    McGraw, Tim Seventeen(MM6321-10)
    McGraw, Tim She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart(SC8250-8)
    McGraw, Tim She's My Kind Of Rain(SC8854-14)
    McGraw, Tim Sing Me Home(TU172-13)
    McGraw, Tim Sleep Tonight(TU172-14)
    McGraw, Tim Smilin'(CB20290-7)
    McGraw, Tim Some Things Never Change(SC8614-10)
    McGraw, Tim Somebody Must Be Praying For Me(CB20089-11)
    McGraw, Tim Something Like That(SC8873-9)
    McGraw, Tim Take Me Away From Here(CB20289-9)
    McGraw, Tim Telluride(SC8705-11)
    McGraw, Tim That's Just Me(MM6154-15)
    McGraw, Tim That's Why God Made Mexico(ZMP036-5)
    McGraw, Tim Things Change(SC8655-7)
    McGraw, Tim Tim McGraw Medley 1(ZMP036-12)
    McGraw, Tim Tim McGraw Medley 2(ZMP036-13)
    McGraw, Tim Tiny Dancer(SC8807-10)
    McGraw, Tim Trouble With Never, The(SC8546-1)
    McGraw, Tim Unbroken(SC8769-5)
    McGraw, Tim Walk Like A Man(SC8916-7)
    McGraw, Tim Watch The Wind Blow By(SC8857-14)
    McGraw, Tim When Stars Go Blue(SC8965-1)
    McGraw, Tim When The Stars Go Blue(THC0606-11)
    McGraw, Tim Where The Green Grass Grows(SC8474-7)
    McGraw, Tim Who Are They(ZMP036-10)
    McGraw, Tim Why We Said Goodbye(CB20290-12)
    McGraw, Tim You Get Used To Somebody(CB20290-9)
    McGraw, Tim You Turn Me On(MM6235-15)
    McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill Angry All The Time(SC8873-13)
    McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill Blank Sheet Of Paper(SD127-14)
    Mcgraw, Tim & Faith Hill I Need You(THC0707-11)
    McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill It's Your Love(SC3022-5)
    McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill Let's Make Love(SC7588-13)
    McGregor, Ewan & Alessandro Safina Your Song(PR1432-2)
    McGregor, Mary Torn Between Two Lovers(SC8153-9)
    McGuinn, Mark More Beautiful Today(CB20366-9)
    McGuinn, Mark Mrs. Steven Rudy(SC8743-11)
    McGuinn, Mark She Doesn't Dance(SC8736-10)
    McGuinn, Mark That's A Plan(SC8711-12)
    McGuinness Flint When I'm Dead & Gone(ZMH010-9)
    McGuire Sisters Sincerely(SC7538-10)
    McGuire Sisters Sugartime(SC8124-11)
    McGuire, Barry Eve Of Destruction(SC8563-7)
    McHayes It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You(SD106-9)
    McHayes Tulsa Time(SD122-14)
    McIntyre, Joey I Love You Came Too Late(SC3140-8)
    McIntyre, Joey Stay The Same(SC8519-10)
    McKee, Maria If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)(SC8800-8)
    McKee, Maria Show Me Heaven(SF053-1)
    McKenna, Lori Unglamorous(SD162-13)
    McKennett, Loreena Mummers' Dance, The(SC8440-15)
    McKenzie, Scott San Francisco(SC8441-8)
    McKnight, Brian 6, 8, 12(SC8622-12)
    McKnight, Brian Anytime(SC8452-11)
    McKnight, Brian Back At One(SC8569-6)
    McKnight, Brian Crazy Love(SC8170-10)
    McKnight, Brian Everytime You Go Away(THH0506-17)
    McKnight, Brian Find Myself In You(CB30063-7)
    McKnight, Brian Find Myself In You(THH0605-18)
    McKnight, Brian Love Of My Life(SC2352-5)
    McKnight, Brian On The Down Low(SC8203-14)
    McKnight, Brian One Last Cry(SC8279-9)
    McKnight, Brian Shoulda Woulda Coulda(MM6387-6)
    McKnight, Brian Stay Or Let It Go(SC8601-10)
    McKnight, Brian Still(SC8747-12)
    McKnight, Brian Still In Love(SC8240-10)
    McKnight, Brian Tell Me What It's Gonna Be(TU168-16)
    McKnight, Brian Try Our Love Again(CB5003-02-9)
    McKnight, Brian Used To Be My Girl(PHU0612-5)
    McKnight, Brian Win(MM6351-14)
    McLachlan, Sarah Adia(SC8452-5)
    McLachlan, Sarah Angel(SC8484-5)
    McLachlan, Sarah Angel Of Mine(SC2190-4)
    McLachlan, Sarah Answer(HMDK-551)
    McLachlan, Sarah Building A Mystery(SC8389-9)
    McLachlan, Sarah Dirty Little Secret(ZMP072-8)
    McLachlan, Sarah Do What You Have To Do(SC2255-8)
    McLachlan, Sarah Drifting(ZMP075-7)
    McLachlan, Sarah Fallen(SC3391-4)
    McLachlan, Sarah Full Of Grace(ZMP075-8)
    McLachlan, Sarah Fumbling Towards Ecstasy(PI051-2)
    McLachlan, Sarah Good Enough(JV1007-15)
    McLachlan, Sarah Hold On(SD010-11)
    McLachlan, Sarah I Love You(SFMW897-5)
    McLachlan, Sarah I Will Remember You(SC8545-1)
    McLachlan, Sarah Ice Cream(SC2255-3)
    McLachlan, Sarah Ice Cream [Live](SC8565-13)
    McLachlan, Sarah Possession(SC8277-3)
    McLachlan, Sarah Push(ZMP072-10)
    McLachlan, Sarah River(SD4611-10)
    McLachlan, Sarah Stupid(SC8876-3)
    McLachlan, Sarah Sweet Surrender(SC8423-10)
    McLachlan, Sarah Train Wreck(ZMP072-11)
    McLachlan, Sarah World On Fire(MM6420-9)
    McLean, Don American Pie(SC7529-4)
    McLean, Don American Pie [Shortened](SF051-7)
    McLean, Don And I Love You So(SC8668-3)
    McLean, Don Castles In The Air(SC8624-3)
    McLean, Don Vincent(SC8297-4)
    McMann, Gerard Cry Little Sister(HMDK-711)
    McManus, Michelle All This Time(SF214-2)
    McManus, Michelle Meaning Of Love, The(SF216-10)
    McNamara All You Good People(SF116-7)
    McNeal, Lutricia Ain't That Just The Way(SF116-3)
    McNeal, Lutricia Greatest Love You'll Never Know, The(SF130-8)
    McNeal, Lutricia My Side Of Town(SF124-9)
    McNeal, Lutricia Someone Loves You Honey(SF125-15)
    McNeal, Lutricia Stranded(SF122-6)
    McNeil, Suzie Believe(PHAC0612-8)
    McPhatter, Clyde Lover Please(SC8521-10)
    McPhatter, Clyde Lover's Question, A(MM6243-2)
    McPhee, Katharine My Destiny(PHM0608-1)
    Mcphee, Katharine Over It(THHP0705-15)
    McPhee, Katharine Somewhere Over The Rainbow(THHP0611-13)
    McPhee, Katharine Somewhere Over The Rainbow [Radio Version](SC8987-8)
    McTell, Ralph Streets Of London(SF104-1)
    McVie, Christine Got A Hold On Me(SC7564-14)
    MDO Groove With Me Tonight - Music Of The Heart(SC8565-15)
    MDO No Puedo Olvidar(SC2194-1)
    Meadows, Jason 100% Cowboy(PHN0709-7)
    Meadows, Jason 18 Video Tapes(SD156-12)
    Meat Loaf All Revved Up With No Place To Go(SC8624-15)
    Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell(ZMP027-12)
    Meat Loaf Blind As A Bat(SFMW884-10)
    Meat Loaf Couldn't Have Said It Better(SC8891-9)
    Meat Loaf Dead Ringer For Love(ZSH80-2-5)
    Meat Loaf For Crying Out Loud(SC2274-4)
    Meat Loaf Heaven Can Wait(ZMH006-9)
    Meat Loaf I'd Do Anything For Love(SC8242-8)
    Meat Loaf I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)(SC2274-2)
    Meat Loaf I'm Gonna Love Her For The Both Of Us(SFMF1-6)
    Meat Loaf It's All Coming Back To Me Now(THP0701-15)
    Meat Loaf Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste, A(ZMP027-4)
    Meat Loaf Life Is A Lemon & I Want My Money Back(SFMW882-9)
    Meat Loaf Midnight At The Lost & Found(ZMP027-8)
    Meat Loaf Modern Girl(ZMP027-1)
    Meat Loaf No Matter What(ZMP027-11)
    Meat Loaf Not A Dry Eye In The House(ZMP027-3)
    Meat Loaf Objects In The Rear View Mirror(SFMF1-8)
    Meat Loaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light(SC7530-8)
    Meat Loaf Read 'em & Weep(SFMW811-8)
    Meat Loaf Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through(SC8113-1)
    Meat Loaf Runnin' For The Red Light(SF049-8)
    Meat Loaf Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad(SC8153-1)
    Meat Loaf You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth(ZMP027-7)
    Meat Puppets Backwater(SC8749-4)
    Meck & Dino Feels Like Home(SF255-3)
    Medeiros, Glen Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You(SC8585-8)
    Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes I've Had The Time Of My Life(SC7530-15)
    Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes Time Of My Life, The(SC8119-15)
    Megadeth A Tout Le Monde (Duet)(HMDK-719)
    Megadeth A Tout Le Monde (Original)(HMDK-372)
    Megadeth Angry Again(SC8830-11)
    Megadeth Back In The Day(HMDK-90)
    Megadeth Hangar 18(HMDK-91)
    Megadeth Moto Psycho(THR0107-13)
    Megadeth Peace Sells (But Who's Buying)(SC8660-5)
    Megadeth Sleepwalker(HMDK-373)
    Megadeth Sweating Bullets(HMDK-92)
    Megadeth Symphony Of Destruction(SC8252-1)
    Mel & Kim Respectable(ZSH80-3-6)
    Mel & Kim Showing Out(SFMW910-13)
    Mel & Tim Backfield In Motion(SC8251-9)
    Mel B. Feels So Good(SF176-8)
    Mel B. Lullaby(SF179-8)
    Mel B. Tell Me(SF171-2)
    Mel B. Word Up(SF144-2)
    Mel B. & Missy Elliot I Want You Back [w/ Missy Elliot](SF126-7)
    Mel C. Ga Ga(SF150-2)
    Mel C. Goin' Down(SF148-8)
    Mel C. Here It Comes Again(SF202-4)
    Mel C. I Turn To You(TU027-6)
    Mel C. If That Were Me(SF174-2)
    Mel C. Melt(SF212-12)
    Mel C. Next Best Superstar(SF230-7)
    Mel C. Northern Star(SF154-3)
    Mel C. On The Horizon(SF206-8)
    Mel C. Yeh Yeh Yeh(SFMW844-13)
    Melanie Brand New Key(SC8368-5)
    Melanie Lay Down [w/ Edwin Hawkins Singers](SC8808-9)
    Melanie Ruby Tuesday(SFMW802-11)
    Melanie What Have They Done To My Song, Ma(SC8808-15)
    Mellencamp, John Ain't Even Done With The Night(SC8467-7)
    Mellencamp, John Authority Song(SC7548-10)
    Mellencamp, John Cherry Bomb(SC8632-3)
    Mellencamp, John Crumblin' Down(SC8632-7)
    Mellencamp, John Dance Naked(SC8150-6)
    Mellencamp, John Emotional Love(SC3009-6)
    Mellencamp, John Get A Leg Up(SC8632-13)
    Mellencamp, John Human Wheels(SC8270-13)
    Mellencamp, John Hurts So Good(SC2423-7)
    Mellencamp, John I Need A Lover [Radio Version](SC8886-8)
    Mellencamp, John I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus(SC8899-8)
    Mellencamp, John I'm Not Running Anymore(SC8632-2)
    Mellencamp, John Jack & Diane(SC7577-5)
    Mellencamp, John Jackie Brown(SC8749-14)
    Mellencamp, John Junior(SC8237-5)
    Mellencamp, John Just Another Day(SC8457-14)
    Mellencamp, John Just Like You(TU080-8)
    Mellencamp, John Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)(SC8632-9)
    Mellencamp, John Our Country(SC8999-3)
    Mellencamp, John Paper In Fire(SC8632-10)
    Mellencamp, John Peaceful World [w/ India.Arie](SC8730-6)
    Mellencamp, John Pink Houses(SC7577-13)
    Mellencamp, John R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.(SC8176-7)
    Mellencamp, John Rain On The Scarecrow(SC8568-1)
    Mellencamp, John Small Town(SC8292-11)
    Mellencamp, John Teardrops Will Fall(SD114-12)
    Mellencamp, John What If I Came Knocking(SC8318-6)
    Mellencamp, John Wild Night [w/ Meshell Ndegeocello](SC2423-4)
    Mellencamp, John Your Life Is Now(SC8487-14)
    Mellencamp, John Yours Forever (The Perfect Storm)(SC8625-8)
    Mello-Kings Tonite, Tonite(MM6018-10)
    Mellons, Ken Bundle Of Nerves(CB20062-8)
    Mellons, Ken I Can Bring Her Back(SC8159-9)
    Mellons, Ken Jukebox Junkie(SC8139-5)
    Mellons, Ken Rub-A-Dubbin'(SC8216-13)
    Mellons, Ken Stranger In Your Eyes(SC8280-6)
    Mellons, Ken Where Forever Begins(SC8250-7)
    Mellons, Ken Workin' For The Weekend(SC8163-9)
    Mellor, Will When I Need You(SF119-8)
    Melua, Katie Call Off The Search(SF216-4)
    Melua, Katie Closest Thing To Crazy, The(ZMP075-11)
    Melua, Katie Crawling Up A Hill(ZMP075-12)
    Melua, Katie If You Were A Sailboat(EZH66-13)
    Melua, Katie Just Like Heaven(SC8987-10)
    Melua, Katie My Aphrodisiac Is You(SFMW859-4)
    Melua, Katie Nine Million Bicycles(SF236-12)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Bad Luck(DG06-9)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Bad Luck (Part 1)(SC8755-6)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Don't Leave Me This Way(THMRM10-11)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Hope That We Can Be Together Soon(LG230-11)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes I Miss You (Part 1)(LG230-12)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes If You Don't Know Me By Now(SC8293-2)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Love I Lost, The(PI018-8)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Wake Up Everybody (Part 1)(SC8755-1)
    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes Where Are All My Friends(LG230-10)
    Members Sound Of The Suburbs, The(SF109-1)
    Men At Work Down Under(SC8492-11)
    Men At Work It's A Mistake(SC8571-13)
    Men At Work Who Can It Be Now(SC8391-6)
    Men Of Vizion House Keeper(SC8299-11)
    Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World(GM1000-4)
    Men Without Hats Safety Dance, The(SC8696-11)
    Mena, Maria You're The Only One(SC8883-7)
    Mendes, Sergio Look Of Love, The(PI023-16)
    Mendes, Sergio Never Gonna Let You Go(SC8482-2)
    Menswear Daydreamer(SFMW894-4)
    Mental As Anything Live It Up(SFMW860-12)
    Menzel, Idina Brave(SC9021-5)
    Menzel, Idina Minute(SC8490-11)
    Mercer, Johnny Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive(SC8249-8)
    Mercer, Johnny & Martha Tilton Fine Romance, A(TU244-1)
    Merchant, Natalie Break Your Heart(SC8487-3)
    Merchant, Natalie Carnival(SC8195-5)
    Merchant, Natalie Children Go Where I Send Thee(SC8781-1)
    Merchant, Natalie In The Ghetto(PHT9910-9)
    Merchant, Natalie Jealousy(SC8281-11)
    Merchant, Natalie Kind & Generous(SC8465-15)
    Merchant, Natalie Life Is Sweet(SC8519-3)
    Merchant, Natalie Wonder(SC8787-5)
    Mercury, Freddie Barcelona [w/ Montserrat Caballe](SFMW860-7)
    Mercury, Freddie I Was Born To Love You(SF056-10)
    Mercury, Freddie Living On My Own(SFMW804-4)
    MercyMe Here Am I(TU131-6)
    MercyMe Here With Me(SC8909-11)
    MercyMe How Great Is Your Love(TU131-7)
    MercyMe I Can Only Imagine(SC8828-2)
    MercyMe So Long Self(PHAC0608-5)
    MercyMe Spoken For(TU194-14)
    MercyMe Word Of God Speak(SC8919-7)
    Mermaids Popsicles & Icicles(SC8206-10)
    Merman, Ethel Everything's Coming Up Roses(SC8547-1)
    Merman, Ethel There's No Business Like Show Business(SC8124-8)
    Merrill, Helen You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(JV0018-10)
    Merritt, Tift Good Hearted Man(SD128-7)
    Merritt, Tift Virginia, No One Can Warn You(SC8774-1)
    Merriweather, Daniel Red(EZH78-15)
    Merseybeats I Think Of You(SF078-15)
    Merseys Sorrow(ZMJB04-6)
    Mesh Maybe Tomorrow(THR0201-17)
    Messina, Jo Dee Angelene(SC2264-6)
    Messina, Jo Dee Because You Love Me(SC8608-15)
    Messina, Jo Dee Biker Chick(THC0710-18)
    Messina, Jo Dee Bring On The Rain [w/ Tim McGraw](SC8795-6)
    Messina, Jo Dee Burn(SC8738-12)
    Messina, Jo Dee Bye Bye(SC8436-12)
    Messina, Jo Dee Closer(SC2264-4)
    Messina, Jo Dee Dare To Dream(SC8764-11)
    Messina, Jo Dee Delicious Surprise(SD134-1)
    Messina, Jo Dee Do You Wanna Make Something Of It(SC8344-1)
    Messina, Jo Dee Downtime(SC8705-5)
    Messina, Jo Dee Even God Must Get The Blues(SC8596-2)
    Messina, Jo Dee He'd Never Seen Julie Cry(SC3019-7)
    Messina, Jo Dee Heads Carolina, Tails California(SC7595-15)
    Messina, Jo Dee I Wish(SC3376-4)
    Messina, Jo Dee I'm Alright(SC3075-4)
    Messina, Jo Dee I'm Not Going Down(THC0603-19)
    Messina, Jo Dee If Not You(CB20201-10)
    Messina, Jo Dee It's Too Late To Worry(PHN0612-4)
    Messina, Jo Dee Lesson In Leavin'(SC8543-4)
    Messina, Jo Dee My Give A Damn's Busted(SC8921-10)
    Messina, Jo Dee No Time For Tears(SC8614-6)
    Messina, Jo Dee Not Going Down(SC8965-6)
    Messina, Jo Dee Nothing I Can Do(SC2264-2)
    Messina, Jo Dee Saturday Night(SC2264-8)
    Messina, Jo Dee Silver Thunderbird(CB20093-10)
    Messina, Jo Dee Stand Beside Me(SC8496-5)
    Messina, Jo Dee That's The Way(SC8619-10)
    Messina, Jo Dee These Are The Days(SC2264-9)
    Messina, Jo Dee Too Late To Worry(SD146-6)
    Messina, Jo Dee Walk To The Light(MM6148-7)
    Messina, Jo Dee Was That My Life(SC8816-7)
    Messina, Jo Dee You're Not In Kansas Anymore(SC8307-15)
    Metallica All Nightmare Long(HMDK-380)
    Metallica And Justice For All(HMDK-389)
    Metallica Battery(HMDK-378)
    Metallica Blackened(HMDK-386)
    Metallica Broken, Beat & Scarred(HMDK-381)
    Metallica Creeping Death(HMDK-387)
    Metallica Cyanide(HMDK-375)
    Metallica Die, Die My Darling(SC2289-2)
    Metallica Enter Sandman(SC8829-2)
    Metallica Fade To Black(SC8756-12)
    Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls(SC8829-1)
    Metallica Frantic(HMDK-93)
    Metallica Fuel(SC8829-4)
    Metallica Hero Of The Day(SC8530-1)
    Metallica I Disappear(SC2301-3)
    Metallica King Nothing(HMDK-383)
    Metallica Mama Said(HMDK-379)
    Metallica Master Of Puppets(SC8829-7)
    Metallica Memory Remains, The(SC8869-7)
    Metallica My Apocolypse(HMDK-388)
    Metallica No Leaf Clover (live)(HMDK-374)
    Metallica No Leaf Clover [Live Version](SC8829-8)
    Metallica Nothing Else Matters(SC8562-1)
    Metallica One(HMDK-390)
    Metallica One(LG113-13)
    Metallica Ride The Lightning(HMDK-385)
    Metallica Sad But True(SC8829-5)
    Metallica Seek & Destroy(SC8869-6)
    Metallica St. Anger(TU216-13)
    Metallica Stone Cold Crazy(SC8749-15)
    Metallica The Day That Never Comes(HMDK-377)
    Metallica The End Of The Line(HMDK-391)
    Metallica The Judas Kiss(HMDK-392)
    Metallica The Unforgiven II(HMDK-384)
    Metallica Turn The Page(SC8503-9)
    Metallica Unforgiven, The(SC8660-2)
    Metallica Unnamed Feeling, The(PHR0403-4)
    Metallica Until It Sleeps(SC8295-2)
    Metallica Welcome Home (Sanitarium)(HMDK-376)
    Metallica Wherever I May Roam(HMDK-382)
    Metallica Wherever I May Roam(LG113-11)
    Metallica Whiskey In A Jar(SC8531-15)
    Method Man Bring The Rain(NU2043-1)
    Method Man, Redman, & Toni Braxton Part II(SC3296-3)
    Metro Station Kelsey(PHM0905-8)
    Metro Station Shake It(SC9022-12)
    Mexico 70 I Want You(SC8389-5)
    MGMT Electric Feel(SFMW905-13)
    MGMT Kids(SC3503-4)
    Miami Sound Machine Conga(UK3112-1)
    Miami Sound Machine Doctor Beat(SFMW834-3)
    Michael, George Amazing(THP0407-17)
    Michael, George An Easier Affair(THHP0610-15)
    Michael, George As [w/ Mary J. Blige](SF134-6)
    Michael, George Different Corner, A(SF082-13)
    Michael, George Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me [w/ Elton John](ZML009-14)
    Michael, George Edge Of Heaven, The(JV0033-5)
    Michael, George Faith(SC8439-5)
    Michael, George Fast Love(SC8286-12)
    Michael, George Father Figure(DK054-3)
    Michael, George Flawless (Go To The City)(SF220-3)
    Michael, George Freedom(SC8466-4)
    Michael, George Freeek(EZH10-3)
    Michael, George Heal The Pain(SFMW826-8)
    Michael, George Heartbeat(BS8117-5)
    Michael, George I Believe(SC8246-1)
    Michael, George I Knew You Were Waiting [w/ Aretha Franklin](SC8841-9)
    Michael, George I Want Your Sex(SC8532-10)
    Michael, George It's All Coming Back To Me Now(SF080-8)
    Michael, George Jesus To A Child(SC8248-14)
    Michael, George Kissing A Fool(SC7546-2)
    Michael, George Like A Baby(BS8117-7)
    Michael, George Monkey(DK055-2)
    Michael, George Mother's Bride(DK049-6)
    Michael, George One More Try(JV0033-9)
    Michael, George Outside(SF126-14)
    Michael, George Praying For Time(DK048-3)
    Michael, George Round Here(SF224-13)
    Michael, George Roxanne(SF155-3)
    Michael, George Shoot The Dog(EZH14-12)
    Michael, George These Are The Days Of Our Lives [w/ L. Stansfield](DK095-5)
    Michael, George This Is Not Real Love(SF249-13)
    Michael, George Too Funky(SC8562-11)
    Michael, George You Have Been Loved(SF114-8)
    Michaels, Bret & Jessica Andrews All I Ever Needed(MM6425-12)
    Michaels, Lee Do You Know What I Mean(SC8510-15)
    Michaelson, Ingrid Way I Am, The(SD4801-12)
    Michele, Chrisette Best Of Me(SD4711-13)
    Michele, Chrisette Epiphany(PHU0905-2)
    Michele, Chrisette If I Have My Way(PHU0710-7)
    Michele, Chrisette What You Do [w/ Ne-yo](PHU0908-7)
    Michelle No More Lies(PI013-10)
    Michelle, Yvette Everyday & Everynight(SC8254-15)
    Michelle, Yvette I'm Not Feeling You(SC3021-8)
    Mickey & Sylvia Love Is Strange(SC8258-3)
    Middle Of The Road Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep(SF042-4)
    Middle Of The Road Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum(SF090-13)
    Middleman, Georgia Kick Down The Door(SC8665-6)
    Middleman, Georgia No Place Like Home(SC8630-8)
    Midler, Bette Beast Of Burden(SFID005-11)
    Midler, Bette Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy(SC2001-2)
    Midler, Bette Do You Wanna Dance(SC8259-7)
    Midler, Bette Friends(MM6046-6)
    Midler, Bette From A Distance(SC7514-14)
    Midler, Bette Gift Of Love, The(SC2001-6)
    Midler, Bette Glory Of Love, The(SC2001-3)
    Midler, Bette In My Life(SC2001-5)
    Midler, Bette My True Friend(SC2187-7)
    Midler, Bette Otto Titsling(MM6175-1)
    Midler, Bette Rose, The(SC7506-11)
    Midler, Bette That's How Love Moves(MM6287-13)
    Midler, Bette Under The Boardwalk(SC2001-8)
    Midler, Bette When A Man Loves A Woman(PR1024-5)
    Midler, Bette Wind Beneath My Wings, The(SC8109-1)
    Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning(SC8671-15)
    Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine(HMDK-394)
    Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mine(SFID003-1)
    Midnight Oil Dead Heart(HMDK-393)
    Midnight Oil King Of The Mountain(SFID004-5)
    Midnight Oil Power & The Passion(DU1-7)
    Midnight Oil U.s. Forces(SFID005-6)
    Midnight Star Freak-A-Zoid(SC8644-5)
    Midnight Star No Parking On The Dancefloor(PHMR8401-4)
    Midnight Star Operator(SF068-10)
    Midtown Give It Up(THR0409-16)
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones Impression I Get, The(SC8448-8)
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones Rascal King, The(SC8395-14)
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones So Sad To Say(SC8618-10)
    Miguel, Luis Inolvidable(MM6139-6)
    Miguel, Luis La Barca(MM6139-2)
    Miguel, Luis La Mentira(MM6139-1)
    Miguel, Luis Mucho Corazon(MM6139-7)
    Miguel, Luis Te Extrano(MM6139-3)
    Miguel, Luis Usted(MM6139-12)
    Mika Big Girls (You Are Beautiful)(SF257-13)
    Mika Grace Kelly(SF251-11)
    Mika Happy Ending(SF261-8)
    Mika Love Today(SF254-9)
    Mika Relax, Take It Easy(SC9015-7)
    Mikado As Someday It May Happen(STS6020-3)
    Mikado Behold The Lord High Executioner(STS6020-2)
    Mikado More Humane Mikado(STS6020-6)
    Mikado On A Tree By A River A Little Tom-tit(STS6020-7)
    Mikado Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze, The(STS6020-5)
    Mikado Three Little Maids(STS6020-4)
    Mikado Wandering Minstrel I, A(STS6020-1)
    Mikaila So In Love With 2(SC8654-15)
    Mike & The Mechanics All I Need Is A Miracle(SC8305-2)
    Mike & The Mechanics Living Years, The(SC8621-6)
    Mike & The Mechanics Over My Shoulder(SC8170-14)
    Mike & The Mechanics Silent Running(SC8671-8)
    Mike Flowers Pops, The Wonderwall(SFMW883-14)
    Miles, Buddy Them Changes(SC8941-14)
    Miles, John Music(SF079-2)
    Miles, Robert One & One(SF081-1)
    Milestone I Care About You(MM6221-5)
    Milian, Christina AM To PM(SC8720-11)
    Milian, Christina Call Me Beep Me(TU137-3)
    Milian, Christina Dip It Low [w/ Fabolous](SC8883-13)
    Milian, Christina Say I [w/ Young Jeezy](PHU0606-9)
    Milian, Christina Whatever You Want [w/ Joe Budden](THH0501-17)
    Milian, Christina When You Look At Me(TU137-18)
    Milk & Sugar Let The Sunshine In(EZH28-10)
    Milk Inc Walk On Water(SF197-11)
    Milky Just The Way You Are(EZH15-4)
    Miller, Dean Love Is A Game(CB20365-12)
    Miller, Dean Nowhere USA(SC8388-4)
    Miller, Dean Wake Up & Smell The Whiskey(SC8444-15)
    Miller, Frankie Caledonia(SFST01-10)
    Miller, Frankie Darling (I'm Feeling Pretty Lonesome)(PX14-8)
    Miller, Gary Aqua Marina(SFMW901-5)
    Miller, Glenn At Last(MM6106-10)
    Miller, Glenn Chattanooga Choo-Choo(SC7528-8)
    Miller, Glenn I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo(PI303-18)
    Miller, Jody Queen Of The House(SC7567-6)
    Miller, Lydia Out Of Loneliness(CB20278-10)
    Miller, Mitch Yellow Rose Of Texas, The(SC8196-14)
    Miller, Ned From A Jack To A King(SC8114-8)
    Miller, Roger Chug-A-Lug(SC8136-4)
    Miller, Roger Dang Me(SC7539-11)
    Miller, Roger Engine, Engine Number Nine(SC8276-5)
    Miller, Roger England Swings(SC8191R-14)
    Miller, Roger Husbands & Wives(SC8592-11)
    Miller, Roger I'm A Nut(MM6330-13)
    Miller, Roger Kansas City Star(SC8538-3)
    Miller, Roger King Of The Road(SC7513-14)
    Miller, Roger Little Green Apples(SC8400-9)
    Miller, Roger Walking In The Sunshine(JV0015-8)
    Miller, Roger You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd(JV0015-7)
    Milli Vanilli Baby Don't Forget My Number(JV0036-2)
    Milli Vanilli Blame It On The Rain(PI053-7)
    Milli Vanilli Girl I'm Gonna Miss You(JV0036-3)
    Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True(DK046-2)
    Millie Una Voz En El Alma(SC2194-7)
    Mills Brothers Cab Driver(AH8012-7)
    Mills Brothers Cab Driver (Quartet)(AH8012-17)
    Mills Brothers Let Me Call You Sweetheart(PI302-14)
    Mills Brothers Till Then(SC7540-4)
    Mills, Barbara Queen Of Fools(SFCC01-1)
    Mills, Stephanie I Feel Good All Over(SC8405-9)
    Mills, Stephanie Looks Like We Made It(MM6127-2)
    Mills, Stephanie Never Knew Love Like This Before(MH1083-16)
    Milsap, Ronnie All Is Fair In Love & War(SC8301-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie Am I Losing You(CB90127-11)
    Milsap, Ronnie Any Day Now(SC7544-13)
    Milsap, Ronnie Are You Lovin' Me Like I'm Lovin' You(SC8352-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie Back On My Mind Again(SC8494-10)
    Milsap, Ronnie Cowboys & Clowns(CB90127-10)
    Milsap, Ronnie Daydreams About Night Things(SC8424-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurtin' Me(SC8461-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie Happy, Happy Birthday Darling(CB90127-14)
    Milsap, Ronnie How Do I Turn You On(SC8537-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World(SC8355-15)
    Milsap, Ronnie I'd Be A Legend In My Time(SC8262-14)
    Milsap, Ronnie I'm Playing For You(SC8306-3)
    Milsap, Ronnie In Love(JV0060-4)
    Milsap, Ronnie Inside(SC8529-11)
    Milsap, Ronnie It Was Almost Like A Song(SC7539-14)
    Milsap, Ronnie Let Me Be Your Love Pillow(CB90127-5)
    Milsap, Ronnie Let's Take The Long Way(CB90127-7)
    Milsap, Ronnie Livin' On Love(CB20268-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie Local Girls(CB60351-7)
    Milsap, Ronnie Lost In The Fifties Tonight(SC7516-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie My Heart(CB90127-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie No Gettin' Over Me(SC8380-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie Nobody Likes Sad Songs(CB90127-2)
    Milsap, Ronnie Only One Love In My Life(SC7570-3)
    Milsap, Ronnie Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends(SC8342-8)
    Milsap, Ronnie Pure Love(SC8455-11)
    Milsap, Ronnie She Keeps The Home Fires Burning(SC8326-2)
    Milsap, Ronnie Show Her(JV0060-1)
    Milsap, Ronnie Since I Don't Have You(SC8359-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie Smokey Mountain Rain(SC8101-6)
    Milsap, Ronnie Stand By My Woman Man(SC8335-2)
    Milsap, Ronnie Still Losing You(JV0060-3)
    Milsap, Ronnie Stranger In My House(SC7592-3)
    Milsap, Ronnie Stranger Things Have Happened(SC8144-15)
    Milsap, Ronnie There's No Getting Over Me(SC7591-10)
    Milsap, Ronnie Time, Love & Money(CB20191-9)
    Milsap, Ronnie True Believer(SC8282-3)
    Milsap, Ronnie Turn That Radio On(SC8352R-2)
    Milsap, Ronnie What A Difference You've Made In My Life(SC8260-15)
    Milsap, Ronnie When The Sun Goes Down(CB90127-4)
    Milsap, Ronnie Where Do The Nights Go(JV0060-5)
    Milsap, Ronnie Why Don't You Spend The Night(TU134-18)
    Milsap, Ronnie Woman In Love, A(SC8296-13)
    Mims Like This(PHU0709-9)
    Mims This Is Why I'm Hot(SC9005-2)
    Mindbenders, The Groovy Kind Of Love, A(ZMJB07-10)
    Minelli, Liza City Lights(LG015-5)
    Minelli, Liza New York, New York(LG015-1)
    Minelli, Liza Ring Them Bells(LG015-6)
    Ming Tea & Mike Myers Daddy Wasn't There [Austin Powers](SC8775-14)
    Ministry Every Day Is Halloween(HMDK-395)
    Minogue, Dannii All I Wanna Do(SF114-3)
    Minogue, Dannii I Begin To Wonder(SF203-11)
    Minogue, Dannii Perfection [w/ The Soul Seekerz](SF237-13)
    Minogue, Dannii Put The Needle On It(SF197-9)
    Minogue, Kylie 2 Hearts(SF261-12)
    Minogue, Kylie Better The Devil You Know(ZMP053-4)
    Minogue, Kylie Breathe(SFG007-11)
    Minogue, Kylie Can't Get You Out Of My Head(SC8796-14)
    Minogue, Kylie Can't Stop Giving You Up(SF229-10)
    Minogue, Kylie Chocolate(SF219-11)
    Minogue, Kylie Come Into My World(ZMP053-11)
    Minogue, Kylie Confide In Me(SFG007-12)
    Minogue, Kylie Especially For You(JV0045-2)
    Minogue, Kylie Give Me Just A Little More Time(ZMP053-6)
    Minogue, Kylie Giving You Up(DU2-8)
    Minogue, Kylie Got To Be Certain(JV0045-3)
    Minogue, Kylie Hand On Your Heart(JV0045-4)
    Minogue, Kylie I Believe In You(SF225-2)
    Minogue, Kylie I Should Be So Lucky(PI325-2)
    Minogue, Kylie In Your Eyes(SF188-9)
    Minogue, Kylie It's No Secret(JV0045-6)
    Minogue, Kylie Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquois(JV0045-7)
    Minogue, Kylie Kids [w/ Robbie Williams](SFG007-3)
    Minogue, Kylie Locomotion, The(SFG007-16)
    Minogue, Kylie Love At First Sight(SC8768-8)
    Minogue, Kylie Never Too Late(JV0045-8)
    Minogue, Kylie On A Night Like This(SF171-1)
    Minogue, Kylie Please Stay(SF173-16)
    Minogue, Kylie Put Yourself In My Place(SF025-14)
    Minogue, Kylie Red Blooded Woman(SF215-1)
    Minogue, Kylie Slow(SF210-13)
    Minogue, Kylie Spinning Around(SF167-4)
    Minogue, Kylie Step Back In Time(SFG007-14)
    Minogue, Kylie Tears On My Pillow(SFG007-9)
    Minogue, Kylie What Do I Have To Do(JV0045-9)
    Minogue, Kylie Where The Wild Roses Grow [w/ Nick Cave](SFMW862-13)
    Minogue, Kylie Wouldn't Change A Thing(JV0045-10)
    Minor, Shane I Think You're Beautiful(SC3184-1)
    Minor, Shane Ordinary Love(SC8556-3)
    Minor, Shane Slave To The Habit(SC8528-7)
    Mint Condition If You Love Me(SC3171-5)
    Mint Condition Someone To Love(NT046-11)
    Mint Condition What Kind Of Man Would I Be(SC8320-8)
    Mint Condition You Don't Have To Hurt No More(SC3016-8)
    Miranda, Carmen I Yi Yi Yi (I Like You Very Much)(MH1040-9)
    Mis-Teeq All I Want(EZH01-5)
    Mis-Teeq B With Me(EZH09-11)
    Mis-Teeq Can't Get It Back(SF208-2)
    Mis-Teeq One Night Stand(EZH04-11)
    Mis-Teeq Scandalous(SF203-6)
    Mis-Teeq Style(SF212-9)
    Misfits, The Attitude(HMDK-396)
    Misfits, The Hollywood Babylon(HMDK-400)
    Misfits, The Last Caress(HMDK-398)
    Misfits, The She(HMDK-399)
    Misfits, The Skulls(HMDK-397)
    Misfits, The Where Eagles Dare(HMDK-401)
    Miss Dynamite Judgement Day(EZH50-8)
    Missez & Pimp C. Love Song(PHU0609-8)
    Missing Persons Destination Unknown(SC8571-1)
    Missing Persons Walking In L A(SC8329-13)
    Missing Persons Words(SC8338-4)
    Mister Jones Destiny(SC8478-12)
    Mitchell, Guy Look At That Girl(SF092-9)
    Mitchell, Guy My Heart Cries For You(AH8012-13)
    Mitchell, Guy Rock-A-Billy(SF048-4)
    Mitchell, Guy She Wears Red Feathers(SF062-8)
    Mitchell, Guy Singing The Blues(SC8563-10)
    Mitchell, Joni Big Yellow Taxi(SC8510-14)
    Mitchell, Joni Both Sides Now [2000 Version](SFMW892-12)
    Mitchell, Joni California(SFMW829-4)
    Mitchell, Joni Free Man In Paris(SC8518-6)
    Mitchell, Joni Help Me(SC8174-11)
    Mitchell, Joni River(RSX001-8)
    Mitchell, Joni You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio)(SC8410-1)
    Mitchell, Kim Go For Soda(KAR007-7)
    Mitchell, Kim Lager & Ale(KAR007-8)
    Mitchell, Kim Patio Lanterns(KAR007-6)
    Mixtures Pushbike Song(SFMW903-4)
    Mobiles Drowning In Berlin(SFMW831-4)
    Moby Extreme Ways(SC8778-6)
    Moby Natural Blue(TU033-10)
    Moby Porcelain(THR0010-18)
    Moby We Are All Made Of Stars(SC8762-8)
    Moby Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad(TU033-14)
    Moby & Gwen Stefani South Side(SC8742-15)
    Mock Turtles Can You Dig It(SFMW879-2)
    Modern English I Melt With You(SC7542-7)
    Modern Romance Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosie(SF042-5)
    Modern Romance Best Years Of Our Lives(ZMH002-8)
    Modest Mouse Float On(SC8879-4)
    Modest Mouse Ocean Breathes Salty(THR0412-12)
    Modjo Chillin'(SF176-13)
    Modjo Lady (Hear Me Tonight)(SF171-11)
    Moke Down(SC8572-12)
    Molly Hatchet Dreams(AH2001-11)
    Molly Hatchet Flirtin' With Disaster(SC8449-9)
    Molly Hatchet Satisfied Man(SC8922-5)
    Moloko Pure Pleasure Seeker(SF170-14)
    Moloko Sing It Back(SF146-14)
    Moloko Time Is Now, The(SF163-5)
    Moments, The Girls [w/ The What Nauts](SF091-14)
    Moments, The Love On A Two-Way Street(DK049-16)
    Mona Lisa You Said(SC8304-5)
    Money, Eddie Baby Hold On(SC8207-6)
    Money, Eddie Fall In Love Again(SC8274-9)
    Money, Eddie I Wanna Go Back(SC8687-12)
    Money, Eddie I'll Get By(SC8270-4)
    Money, Eddie Shakin'(SC8554-12)
    Money, Eddie Take Me Home Tonight(SC8223-15)
    Money, Eddie Think I'm In Love(PHMR8201-7)
    Money, Eddie Two Tickets To Paradise(SC8292-7)
    Monheit, Jane I'm Through With Love(PSJT313-1)
    Monheit, Jane If(TU178-7)
    Monheit, Jane Over The Rainbow(PSJT313-2)
    Monica All Eyez On Me(SC8773-1)
    Monica Angel Of Mine(PHT9901-9)
    Monica Before You Walk Out Of My Life(SC8220-1)
    Monica Breaks My Heart(TU197-15)
    Monica Don't Gotta Go Home [w/ DMX](TU197-16)
    Monica Don't Take It Personal(SC8199-8)
    Monica Dozen Roses, A(PHU0701-8)
    Monica Everytime The Beat Drop [w/ Dem Franchize Boyz](PHU0610-3)
    Monica First Night, The(CBE3-25-11)
    Monica For You I Will(SC8357-13)
    Monica Just Another Girl(SC8688-11)
    Monica Knock Knock [Radio Version](SC8849-15)
    Monica Right Here Waiting(MM6292-14)
    Monica Right Here Waiting [Radio Version] [w/ 112](SC8593-8)
    Monica Sideline Ho(PHU0705-9)
    Monica So Gone(TU197-17)
    Monica So Gone [Radio Version](SC8844-6)
    Monica Street Symphony(PHT9910-7)
    Monica U Should've Known Better(THH0407-17)
    Monica Why I Love You So Much(SC8295-7)
    Monifah Touch It(PHT9902-4)
    Monifah You Don't Have To Love Me(SC3009-7)
    Monkees Daydream Believer(SC7517-7)
    Monkees Hey Hey We're The Monkees(SFMW826-9)
    Monkees I'm A Believer(SC7550-11)
    Monkees I'm Not Your Stepping Stone(SC8620-1)
    Monkees Last Train To Clarksville(SC7520R-8)
    Monkees Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, A(SC8620-7)
    Monkees Mary, Mary(SC8941-5)
    Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday(SC8589-2)
    Monkees She(SC8620-12)
    Monkees Stepping Stone(ZMJB07-7)
    Monkees Valleri(SC8620-11)
    Monkees Words(SC8620-9)
    Monotones Book Of Love(SC8190-11)
    Monro, Matt Born Free(ZMP104-1)
    Monro, Matt From Russia With Love(SC8468-7)
    Monro, Matt Impossible Dream,The(ZMP104-7)
    Monro, Matt My Kind Of Girl(SF094-3)
    Monro, Matt On A Clear Day(ZMP104-9)
    Monro, Matt On Days Like These(ZMH007-12)
    Monro, Matt Portrait Of My Love(SF066-8)
    Monro, Matt Softly As I Leave You(SF135-8)
    Monro, Matt Somewhere(ZMP104-11)
    Monro, Matt Walk Away(SF074-12)
    Monro, Matt We're Gonna Change The World(SFMW880-10)
    Monro, Matt Who Can I Turn To(ZMP104-5)
    Monro, Matt Yesterday(ZMP104-6)
    Monroe Bros. What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul(CB70014-6)
    Monroe, Ashley I Don't Want To [w/ Ronnie Dunn](THC0702-14)
    Monroe, Ashley Satisfied(SC8965-12)
    Monroe, Bill Blue Moon Of Kentucky(SC8693-2)
    Monroe, Bill Crying Holy Unto The Lord(CB70014-3)
    Monroe, Bill Dark Hollow(CB60060-4)
    Monroe, Bill Drifting Too Far From The Shore(CBEP476-4-16)
    Monroe, Bill In The Pines(CB60060-3)
    Monroe, Bill Kentucky Waltz(CBEP476-1-2)
    Monroe, Bill Little Georgia Rose(CB60060-15)
    Monroe, Bill New Mule Skinner Blues(CB20380-7)
    Monroe, Bill Nine Pound Hammer(SC8693-7)
    Monroe, Bill Walking In Jersalem(CB70014-11)
    Monroe, Cherry Satellites(THP0508-16)
    Monroe, Marilyn Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend(SC8124-15)
    Monroe, Marilyn I Wanna Be Loved By You(LG200-2)
    Monroe, Marilyn I'm Through With Love(SFMW904-11)
    Monroe, Marilyn My Heart Belongs To Daddy(SFMW909-11)
    Monroe, Marilyn River Of No Return(LG200-3)
    Monroe, Vaughn Ghost Riders In The Sky(DK086-13)
    Monroe, Vaughn There I Said It Again(SC8249-15)
    Monster Magnet Space Lord(SC2221-7)
    Montana, Billy Didn't Have You(SC8171-5)
    Montana, Billy No Yesterday(SC8224-11)
    Montana, Billy Rain Through The Roof(SC8194-14)
    Montana, Hannah Best Of Both Worlds(THP0609-15)
    Montana, Hannah If We Were A Movie(SD4702-8)
    Monte, Lou Lazy Mary(MM6156-4)
    Montenegro, Pilar Quitame Ese Hombre(TU236-12)
    Montez, Chris Let's Dance(SC8429-6)
    Montez, Chris More I See You, The(SF093-13)
    Montgomery Gentry All Night Long(THC0101-19)
    Montgomery Gentry Cold One Comin' On(SC8723-12)
    Montgomery Gentry Daddy Won't Sell The Farm(SC8584-9)
    Montgomery Gentry Didn't I(SC8759-12)
    Montgomery Gentry Fine Line, The(SC8748-10)
    Montgomery Gentry Gone(SC8907-4)
    Montgomery Gentry Hell Yeah(SC8842-4)
    Montgomery Gentry Hillbilly Shoes(SC3126-5)
    Montgomery Gentry I Got Drunk(SC8881-3)
    Montgomery Gentry If You Ever Stop Loving Me(SC8877-1)
    Montgomery Gentry Lonely & Gone(SC8549-3)
    Montgomery Gentry Lucky Man(SC8998-5)
    Montgomery Gentry My Town(SC8769-12)
    Montgomery Gentry Self Made Man(SC8617-5)
    Montgomery Gentry She Couldn't Change Me(SC8681-2)
    Montgomery Gentry She Don't Tell Me To(SC8956-9)
    Montgomery Gentry Some People Change(THC0611-12)
    Montgomery Gentry Something To Be Proud Of(SC8931-8)
    Montgomery Gentry Speed(SC8807-4)
    Montgomery Gentry What Do Ya Think About That(THC0711-14)
    Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing(SC8881-14)
    Montgomery, John Michael 4 Wheel Drive(TU213-1)
    Montgomery, John Michael Ain't Got Nothin' On Us(SC8319-10)
    Montgomery, John Michael Angel In My Eyes(SC8409-12)
    Montgomery, John Michael Be My Baby Tonight(SC8120-13)
    Montgomery, John Michael Beer & Bones(SC8136-11)
    Montgomery, John Michael Country Thang(SD104-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael Cover You In Kisses(SC8464-15)
    Montgomery, John Michael Cowboy Love(SC8216-10)
    Montgomery, John Michael Dream On Texas Ladies(SC8243-7)
    Montgomery, John Michael Even Then(CB20288-11)
    Montgomery, John Michael Four Wheel Drive(SD109-14)
    Montgomery, John Michael Friends(SC8336-5)
    Montgomery, John Michael Goes Good With Beer(SC8884-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael Heaven Sent Me You(SC8303-10)
    Montgomery, John Michael Hello L O V E(SC8528-5)
    Montgomery, John Michael Hold On To Me(SC3101-3)
    Montgomery, John Michael Home To You(SC9507-12)
    Montgomery, John Michael How Was I To Know(SC8384-2)
    Montgomery, John Michael I Can Love You Like That(SC8163-2)
    Montgomery, John Michael I Love The Way You Love Me(SC7596-6)
    Montgomery, John Michael I Miss You A Little(SC8370-11)
    Montgomery, John Michael I Swear(SC2006-4)
    Montgomery, John Michael If You've Got Love(SC8139-13)
    Montgomery, John Michael It's What I Am(MM6148-12)
    Montgomery, John Michael Kick It Up(SC2006-3)
    Montgomery, John Michael Letters From Home(SC8867-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael Life's A Dance(SC2006-2)
    Montgomery, John Michael Line On Love(SC8282-11)
    Montgomery, John Michael Little Girl, The(SC8646-6)
    Montgomery, John Michael Long As I Live(SC8256-4)
    Montgomery, John Michael Love Working On You(SC8451-2)
    Montgomery, John Michael Nickels & Dimes & Love(SC2006-8)
    Montgomery, John Michael No Man's Land(SC8189-12)
    Montgomery, John Michael Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise(SC8596-8)
    Montgomery, John Michael Oh How She Shines(SC8296-7)
    Montgomery, John Michael Pictures(CB20387-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael Rope The Moon(SC8120-4)
    Montgomery, John Michael Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)(SC7593-8)
    Montgomery, John Michael That's What I Like About You(SC8681-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael Til Nothing Comes Between Us(SC8779-9)
    Montgomery, John Michael You Are(SC8614-13)
    Montrose Bad Motor Scooter(SC8713-6)
    Montrose Rock Candy(AH2006-8)
    Monty Python Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life(SC8669-7)
    Monty Python Bruce's Philosophers Song(SFG041-7)
    Monty Python Every Sperm Is Sacred(SFG041-1)
    Monty Python Galaxy Song(SC8669-10)
    Monty Python I Like Chinese(SFG041-8)
    Monty Python Lumberjack Song(SC8707-12)
    Monty Python Penis Song (Not The Noel Coward Song)(SFG041-5)
    Monty Python Sit On My Face(SC8700-9)
    Moody Blues For My Lady(LG238-14)
    Moody Blues Gemini Dream(SC2193-6)
    Moody Blues Go Now!(SC7562-11)
    Moody Blues I Dreamed Last Night(SC2193-7)
    Moody Blues I Know You're Out There Somewhere(SC7562-1)
    Moody Blues I'm Just A Singer In A Rock & Roll Band(SC8322-1)
    Moody Blues Legend Of A Mind(LG238-15)
    Moody Blues Lost In A Lost World(LG238-11)
    Moody Blues Lovely To See You(LG238-13)
    Moody Blues Never Comes The Day(LG238-12)
    Moody Blues New Horizons(LG238-10)
    Moody Blues Nights In White Satin(SC8354-14)
    Moody Blues Question(SC8790-11)
    Moody Blues Ride My See-Saw(SC2193-4)
    Moody Blues Steppin' In A Slide Zone(SC2193-8)
    Moody Blues Story In Your Eyes(SC2193-2)
    Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon(SC2193-1)
    Moody Blues Voice, The(SC2193-5)
    Moody Blues Voices In The Sky(SC2193-3)
    Moody Blues Your Wildest Dream(SC8725-2)
    Moody, Ben & Anastacia Everything Burns(THP0511-16)
    Moody, Ron Reviewing The Situation(SFMW916-11)
    Moonglows Sincerely(MH1051-13)
    Moonglows Ten Commandments Of Love(MM6400-5)
    Moore, Abra Four Leaf Clover(SC8381-7)
    Moore, Chante Who Do I Turn To(SC8244-13)
    Moore, Dorothy Misty Blue(SC8323-5)
    Moore, Gary Cold Day In Hell(AH2014-12)
    Moore, Gary I've Still Got The Blues(SFMW810-8)
    Moore, Gary Out In The Fields(SFMW882-3)
    Moore, Gary Parisienne Walkways(SFMW837-5)
    Moore, Gary Sky Is Crying, The(HSPAK3-12-13)
    Moore, Gary Still Got The Blues(SC8339-7)
    Moore, Gary Walking By Myself(SFID006-7)
    Moore, Jeff She's Over You(SC8271-10)
    Moore, Jeff Wrangler Butts(CB20008-10)
    Moore, Mandy Candy(SC8565-4)
    Moore, Mandy Crush(SC8720-12)
    Moore, Mandy Cry(SC8744-12)
    Moore, Mandy Have A Little Faith In Me(SC3393-7)
    Moore, Mandy I Wanna Be With You(SC3194-8)
    Moore, Mandy In My Pocket(PHM0108-5)
    Moore, Mandy Only Hope(SC8762-5)
    Moore, Mandy Saturate Me(TUFP40-11)
    Moore, Mandy Walk Me Home(THP0102-13)
    Moore, Mandy Walk Me Home [Radio Version](SC8593-9)
    Moore, Mandy You Remind Me(TUFP40-18)
    Moore, Melba This Is It(SFMW822-8)
    Moore, Tina Never Gonna Let You Go(SF115-12)
    Moore, Tina Open Arms(SFMW857-6)
    Moorer, Allison Alabama Song(SC8496-14)
    Moorer, Allison Pardon Me(CB20073-9)
    Moorer, Allison Send Down An Angel(SC8623-6)
    Moorer, Allison Set You Free(SC3098-6)
    Moorer, Allison Soft Place To Fall, A(SC8528-11)
    Moorer, Allison Think It Over(SC8677-1)
    Moorer, Allison Up This High(SC8802-2)
    Morcheba Rome Wasn't Built In A Day(SFMW810-1)
    Morcheba World Looking In(SF178-8)
    Morcheeba Trigger Hippie(SFMW915-5)
    Morecombe & Wise Bring Me Sunshine(SFMW842-11)
    Morgan, Cindy Make Us One(TU190-8)
    Morgan, Craig Almost Home(SC8826-12)
    Morgan, Craig Bonfire(PHN0909-1)
    Morgan, Craig Every Friday Afternoon(SC8847-9)
    Morgan, Craig God, Family & Country(SC8745-9)
    Morgan, Craig I Got You(THC0604-17)
    Morgan, Craig I Want Us Back(SC8714-2)
    Morgan, Craig International Harvester(THC0801-13)
    Morgan, Craig Little Bit Of Life(SC8998-11)
    Morgan, Craig Look At Us(SD116-10)
    Morgan, Craig Paradise(SC3210-4)
    Morgan, Craig Redneck Yacht Club(SC8933-5)
    Morgan, Craig Something To Write Home About(SC8602-15)
    Morgan, Craig That's What I Love About Sunday(SC8920-8)
    Morgan, Craig Tough(SC9004-4)
    Morgan, Debelah Dance With Me(SC8625-11)
    Morgan, George Room Full Of Roses, A(SC8538-7)
    Morgan, Jane Day That The Rains Came, The(SF062-9)
    Morgan, Jane Fascination(DK095-15)
    Morgan, Lorrie Back In Your Arms Again(SC8189-14)
    Morgan, Lorrie Behind His Last Goodbye(SC8245-7)
    Morgan, Lorrie By My Side [w/ Jon Randall](SC8280-4)
    Morgan, Lorrie Color Of Roses, The(SC3321-1)
    Morgan, Lorrie Cryin' Time(SC8219-12)
    Morgan, Lorrie Dear Me(SC8157-12)
    Morgan, Lorrie Do You Still Want To Buy Me That Drink(SD115-11)
    Morgan, Lorrie Don't Stop In My World(SC8303-14)
    Morgan, Lorrie Don't Worry Baby(SC8351-6)
    Morgan, Lorrie Don't Worry Baby [w/ The Beach Boys](MM6169-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie Except For Monday(SC8102-8)
    Morgan, Lorrie Five Minutes(SC8135-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie Go Away(SC8384-11)
    Morgan, Lorrie Good As I Was To You(SC8341-2)
    Morgan, Lorrie Half Enough(SC8234-5)
    Morgan, Lorrie He Talks To Me(MH1071-5)
    Morgan, Lorrie Heart Over Mind(SC2115-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie Here I Go Again(SC8560-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie I Can Buy My Own Roses(SC8336-14)
    Morgan, Lorrie I Didn't Know My Own Strength(SC2122-8)
    Morgan, Lorrie I Guess You Had To Be There(SC8241-7)
    Morgan, Lorrie I Just Might Be(SC8311-13)
    Morgan, Lorrie I'm Not That Easy To Forget(SC3068-1)
    Morgan, Lorrie If You Came Back From Heaven(SC8123-1)
    Morgan, Lorrie My Night To Howl(SC8114-6)
    Morgan, Lorrie One Of Those Nights Tonight(SC8416-2)
    Morgan, Lorrie Out Of Your Shoes(SC8228-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie Picture Of Me Without You, A(PI212-9)
    Morgan, Lorrie Something In Red(SC8103-13)
    Morgan, Lorrie Standing Tall(SC8239-3)
    Morgan, Lorrie Things We Do, The(CB20163-9)
    Morgan, Lorrie To Get To You [Radio Version](SC3182-7)
    Morgan, Lorrie War Paint(SC8275-12)
    Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me(SC7537-11)
    Morgan, Lorrie What Part Of No(SC8105-2)
    Morgan, Lorrie You'd Think He'd Know Me Better(SC8474-15)
    Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw He Drinks Tequila(SC8681-4)
    Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw I Finally Found Someone(CB20297-12)
    Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw Maybe Not Tonight(MH1104-6)
    Morgan, Meli'sa Do Me Baby(SC8754-3)
    Morissette, Alanis All I Really Want(SKK005-1)
    Morissette, Alanis Crazy(PHM0603-8)
    Morissette, Alanis Crazy [James Michael Mix](SC8957-2)
    Morissette, Alanis Eight Easy Steps(THP0412-13)
    Morissette, Alanis Everything(THP0407-12)
    Morissette, Alanis Forgiven(SKK005-6)
    Morissette, Alanis Hand In My Pocket(SKK005-4)
    Morissette, Alanis Hand In My Pocket [Acoustic Version](SC8934-8)
    Morissette, Alanis Hands Clean(TU108-7)
    Morissette, Alanis Head Over Feet(SC8312-9)
    Morissette, Alanis Ironic(SKK005-10)
    Morissette, Alanis Joining You(SF132-13)
    Morissette, Alanis Mary Jane(SKK005-9)
    Morissette, Alanis Not The Doctor(SFMW840-11)
    Morissette, Alanis Perfect(SKK005-3)
    Morissette, Alanis Precious Illusions(TU137-14)
    Morissette, Alanis Right Through You(SKK005-5)
    Morissette, Alanis So Pure(PHT9910-4)
    Morissette, Alanis Thank U(PHT9811-3)
    Morissette, Alanis That I Would Be Good(SF154-12)
    Morissette, Alanis Uninvited(PHM9805-7)
    Morissette, Alanis Unsent(PHT9903-4)
    Morissette, Alanis You Learn(SC8290-11)
    Morissette, Alanis You Oughta Know(SKK005-2)
    Morningwood Nth Degree(THP0604-15)
    Morris, Amy I'm A Believer(PR3003-1)
    Morris, Gary 100% Chance Of Rain(SC8529-9)
    Morris, Gary I'll Never Stop Loving You(SC7556-9)
    Morris, Gary Leave Me Lonely(SC8517-9)
    Morris, Gary Love She Found In Me, The(SC8728-10)
    Morris, Gary Wind Beneath My Wings, The(SC8265-14)
    Morris, Jenny Body & Soul(DU2-4)
    Morris, Jenny She Has To Be Loved(DU2-12)
    Morris, Lynn Likes Of You, The(CBEP476-2-7)
    Morris, Lynn You'll Get No More Of Me(CB80170-7)
    Morris, Nathan Wishes(SC8312-12)
    Morrison, James Better Man(ZMP116-1)
    Morrison, James Call The Police(ZMP116-2)
    Morrison, James How Come(ZMP116-3)
    Morrison, James If The Rain Must Fall(ZMP116-4)
    Morrison, James Last Goodbye, The(ZMP116-6)
    Morrison, James Letter, The(ZMP116-7)
    Morrison, James One Last Chance(ZMP116-5)
    Morrison, James Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, The(SF250-17)
    Morrison, James This Boy(ZMP116-9)
    Morrison, James Under The Influence(ZMP116-10)
    Morrison, James Undiscovered(SF253-15)
    Morrison, James Wonderful World(SF248-7)
    Morrison, James You Give Me Something(SF246-10)
    Morrison, Mark Return Of The Mack(SC8377-15)
    Morrison, Van And It Stoned Me(SC8689-9)
    Morrison, Van Baby, Please Don't Go(SC8686-9)
    Morrison, Van Blue Money(BS7417-16)
    Morrison, Van Bright Side Of The Road(SFID001-11)
    Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl(SC7527-6)
    Morrison, Van Caravan(SC8644-13)
    Morrison, Van Crazy Love(SC8689-5)
    Morrison, Van Domino(SC8391-4)
    Morrison, Van Full Force Gale(BS7417-9)
    Morrison, Van Gloria(SC8689-3)
    Morrison, Van Good Morning Little Schoolgirl(SC8814-15)
    Morrison, Van Have I Told You Lately(SC2407-6)
    Morrison, Van Here Comes The Night(SC8689-6)
    Morrison, Van Into The Mystic(SC8689-15)
    Morrison, Van Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)(SC8689-7)
    Morrison, Van Moondance(SC7545-10)
    Morrison, Van One Irish Rover(SC8737-16)
    Morrison, Van Queen Of The Slip Stream(BS7417-15)
    Morrison, Van Someone Like You(SC8850-14)
    Morrison, Van Stranded(PHAC0511-3)
    Morrison, Van Sweet Thing(BS7417-7)
    Morrison, Van Tupelo Honey(SC8397-6)
    Morrison, Van Warm Love(SC8679-11)
    Morrison, Van Wavelength(SC8689-10)
    Morrison, Van Whenever God Shines His Light(BS7417-14)
    Morrison, Van Wild Night(SC8679-5)
    Morrison, Van You Win Again [w/ Gail Lewis](CB20285-12)
    Morrissey All You Need Is Me(HMDK-402)
    Morrissey Everyday Is Like Sunday(SFMW870-8)
    Morrissey First Of The Gang To Die(ZMP083-14)
    Morrissey I Have Forgiven Jesus(SF226-8)
    Morrissey In The Future When All Is Well(HMDK-403)
    Morrissey Interesting Drug(ZMP083-11)
    Morrissey Irish Blood, English Heart(PHR0408-6)
    Morrissey Last Of The Famous International Playboys, The(ZMP083-10)
    Morrissey Let Me Kiss You(SFMW857-9)
    Morrissey More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, The(SC8598-8)
    Morrissey Pregnant For The Last Time(ZMP083-13)
    Morrissey Suedehead(SFMW856-10)
    Morrissey You Have Killed Me(SF242-8)
    Motels Only The Lonely(SC8425-13)
    Motels Shame(PSJT203-2-15)
    Motels Suddenly Last Summer(SC8338-14)
    Motels Total Control(SFMW824-15)
    Moten, Wendy Come In Out Of The Rain(SC8585-14)
    Mother Love Bone Stardog Champion(SFMW908-4)
    Mother's Finest Baby Love(SC8329-11)
    Mother's Finest Truth'll Set You Free(SC8338-2)
    Motley Crue Afraid(HMDK-720)
    Motley Crue Don't Go Away Mad(SC8734-8)
    Motley Crue Down At The Whiskey(HMDK-410)
    Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood(SC8252-11)
    Motley Crue Face Down In The Dirt(HMDK-409)
    Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls(LG114-16)
    Motley Crue Girls, Girls, Girls(SC7579-2)
    Motley Crue Home Sweet Home(SC8346-10)
    Motley Crue If I Die Tomorrow(SC3433-8)
    Motley Crue Kickstart My heart(HMDK-721)
    Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart(SC8734-9)
    Motley Crue Live Wire(SC8791-5)
    Motley Crue Looks That Kill(SC7565-13)
    Motley Crue Megamix(HMDK-404)
    Motley Crue Primal Scream(SC8843-6)
    Motley Crue Rattlesnake Shake(HMDK-408)
    Motley Crue Saints Of Los Angeles(HMDK-684)
    Motley Crue Same Ol' Situation(SC8734-7)
    Motley Crue She Goes Down(HMDK-407)
    Motley Crue Shout At The Devil(SC2483-7)
    Motley Crue Sick Love Song(PHR0506-6)
    Motley Crue Slice Of Your Pie(HMDK-406)
    Motley Crue Smokin' In The Boys Room(SC8151-7)
    Motley Crue Sticky Sweet(HMDK-411)
    Motley Crue Ten Seconds To Love(SC8928-7)
    Motley Crue Time For Change(HMDK-405)
    Motley Crue Too Young To Fall In Love(SC8597-8)
    Motley Crue Wild Side(SC8713-11)
    Motley Crue Without You(SC8373-14)
    Motograter Down(PHR0311-9)
    Motorhead Ace Of Spades(SC8756-5)
    Motorhead Iron Fist(SFMW892-4)
    Motorhead Jailbait(SFMW869-14)
    Motorhead Overkill(HMDK-413)
    Motorhead Tear Ya Down(HMDK-412)
    Motors Airport(SF079-4)
    Mott The Hoople All The Young Dudes(SC8861-15)
    Mott The Hoople Roll Away The Stone(SF101-7)
    Mountain Mississippi Queen(SC8724-2)
    Mountain Heart Roses(CB80170-12)
    Mousse T Horny(SF122-5)
    Mousse T Is It Cause I'm Cool(SF222-16)
    Move Blackberry Way(ZMJB07-11)
    Move Fire Brigade(SF070-6)
    Move Flowers In The Rain(ZMJB07-12)
    Moving Pictures What About Me(SC8594-4)
    Moyet, Alison All Cried Out(SFMW820-9)
    Moyet, Alison Invisible(SF057-1)
    Moyet, Alison Is This Love(SFG057-13)
    Moyet, Alison Love Letters(SFMW820-10)
    Moyet, Alison Love Ressurection(SFMW814-9)
    Moyet, Alison That Old Devil Called Love(SFMW820-7)
    Moyet, Alison Weak In The Presence Of Beauty(SF110-12)
    Mr. Big Just Take My Heart(SC8373-2)
    Mr. Big Romeo(SFMW867-2)
    Mr. Big To Be With You(SC8242-4)
    Mr. Big Wild World(SC8791-13)
    Mr. Bob Francis That Swingin' Manger(SC8780-6)
    Mr. Bungle Retrovertigo(HMDK-414)
    Mr. C The Slide Man Cha-Cha Slide(SC8680-3)
    Mr. Cheeks Lights, Camera, Action!(SC8740-1)
    Mr. Mister Broken Wings(SC7549-12)
    Mr. Mister Is It Love(LC0003-10)
    Mr. Mister Kyrie(SC8443-4)
    Mr. President Coco Jamboo(PHM9709-3)
    Mraz, Jason Curbside Prophet(MM6417-4)
    Mraz, Jason Geek In The Pink(PHM0605-8)
    Mraz, Jason I'm Yours(SC3500-5)
    Mraz, Jason Remedy, The(SC8831-1)
    Mraz, Jason Wordplay(SC8935-10)
    Mraz, Jason You & I Both(SC8859-6)
    Ms. Dynamite Brother(SF202-3)
    Ms. Dynamite Dy Na Mi Tee(SF196-3)
    Ms. Dynamite It Takes More(SF193-11)
    Ms. Dynamite Put Him Out(SF198-6)
    Mud Cat Crept In, The(ZMH001-1)
    Mud Dynamite(SF101-4)
    Mud Lonely This Christmas(ZMH009-13)
    Mud Oh Boy(SF035-7)
    Mud Secrets That You Keep, The(SFMW822-2)
    Mud Tiger Feet(SF024-10)
    Muddy Waters Baby, Please Don't Go(SC8814-9)
    Muddy Waters Blues Had A Baby, The(AH8023-16)
    Mudvayne Fall Into Sleep(THR0604-16)
    Mudvayne Forget To Remember(THR0511-14)
    Mudvayne Happy [Radio Version](SC8932-7)
    Mudvayne Not Falling(PHR0302-3)
    Mulberry Lane Harmless(SC3130-3)
    Muldaur, Maria I'm A Woman(HMDK-682)
    Muldaur, Maria Midnight At The Oasis(SC7547-9)
    Mullage Trick'n(PHU0907-5)
    Mullen, Nicole C. Redeemer(SC8828-14)
    Mullen, Nicole C. Talk About It(TU128-13)
    Mullen, Nicole C. When You Call On Jesus(TU190-16)
    Mullican, Moon I'll Sail My Ship Alone(SC8538-9)
    Mullins, Megan Ain't What It Used To Be(THC0607-17)
    Mullins, Megan Cryin' Days(SD155-12)
    Mullins, Rich Awesome God(SC8919-11)
    Mullins, Rich Sometimes By Step(TU077-12)
    Mullins, Shawn Beautiful Wreck(PHAC0604-7)
    Mullins, Shawn Everywhere I Go(SC3226-3)
    Mullins, Shawn Lullaby(SC8490-4)
    Mullins, Shawn Shimmer(SC8523-9)
    Mullins, Shawn Up All Night(MM6332-12)
    Mullins-Black You Didn't Did Ya(CB20148-12)
    Mumba, Samantha Always Come Back To Your Love(SF175-7)
    Mumba, Samantha Baby Come Over(SC8708-4)
    Mumba, Samantha Body Ii Body(LG117-14)
    Mumba, Samantha Body To Body(TU034-3)
    Mumba, Samantha Gotta Tell You(SC8645-5)
    Mumba, Samantha I Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty(MM6348-7)
    Mumba, Samantha I'm Right Here(SF196-15)
    Mumba, Samantha Lately(SF185-4)
    Mundy Galway Girl, The(SFMW915-14)
    Mungo Jerry In The Summertime(SC7548-15)
    Munroe, Megan Moonshine(PHN0907-9)
    Murdock, Shirley As We Lay(SC8514-5)
    Murmurs La Di Da(SC3091-5)
    Murmurs You Suck(SC8562-4)
    Murphey, Michael Martin Carolina In The Pines(SC8210-15)
    Murphey, Michael Martin Still Taking Chances(SC8529-14)
    Murphey, Michael Martin What's Forever For(SC7552-13)
    Murphey, Michael Martin Wildfire(SC8174-12)
    Murphy, David Lee All Lit Up In Love(SC8388-13)
    Murphy, David Lee All Up In Love(CHM9711-3)
    Murphy, David Lee Breakfast In Birmingham(SC3017-1)
    Murphy, David Lee Dust On The Bottle(SC8194-5)
    Murphy, David Lee Every Time I Get Around You(SC8267-15)
    Murphy, David Lee Fish Ain't Bitin'(SC8198-13)
    Murphy, David Lee Genuine Rednecks(SC3006-6)
    Murphy, David Lee Inspiration(SD127-8)
    Murphy, David Lee Just Don't Wait Around 'til She's Leavin'(SC8416-8)
    Murphy, David Lee Just Once(SC8317-11)
    Murphy, David Lee Loco(SC8881-4)
    Murphy, David Lee Out With A Bang(SC8216-6)
    Murphy, David Lee Party Crowd(SC8160-11)
    Murphy, David Lee Road You Leave Behind, The(SC8307R-9)
    Murphy, David Lee She's Really Something To See(SC3014-1)
    Murphy, David Lee We Can't All Be Angels(MM6245-12)
    Murphy, Eddie Boogie In Your Butt [custom track](HMDK-416)
    Murphy, Eddie Party All The Time(MM6047-8)
    Murphy, Eddie Whatzupwitu(HMDK-415)
    Murphy, Noel Murphy & The Bricks(SFMW902-13)
    Murphy, Peter Cuts You Up(HMDK-417)
    Murphy, Peter Cuts You Up(SFMW913-1)
    Murray, Anne Another Sleepless Night(PI205-12)
    Murray, Anne Blessed Are The Believers(SC8604-2)
    Murray, Anne Bluebird, The(SC2156-4)
    Murray, Anne Broken Hearted Me(SC8398-10)
    Murray, Anne Cotton Jenny(THMP004-7)
    Murray, Anne Could I Have This Dance(SC7512-7)
    Murray, Anne Danny's Song(SC7524-6)
    Murray, Anne Daydream Believer(SC8410-6)
    Murray, Anne He Thinks I Still Care(SC8375-10)
    Murray, Anne I Can See Arkansas(SC8306-6)
    Murray, Anne I Just Fall In Love Again(SC7539-2)
    Murray, Anne I'll Be Your Baby Tonight(THMP004-9)
    Murray, Anne It's A Great Day For The Irish(PI325-14)
    Murray, Anne Just Another Woman In Love(SC7539-1)
    Murray, Anne Little Good News, A(SC2156-6)
    Murray, Anne Love Song(SC8158-12)
    Murray, Anne Nobody Loves Me Like You Do [w/ Dave Loggins](SC8119-9)
    Murray, Anne Now & Forever (You & Me)(SC8647-15)
    Murray, Anne Put Your Hand In The Hand(THMP004-8)
    Murray, Anne Shadows In The Moonlight(SC8767-14)
    Murray, Anne Snowbird(SC7537-10)
    Murray, Anne Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye(SC8642-1)
    Murray, Anne Son Of A Rotten Gambler(THMP004-14)
    Murray, Anne Stranger In My Place, A(THMP004-17)
    Murray, Anne Sweet Little Jesus Boy(THMP004-5)
    Murray, Anne There Goes My Everything(THMP004-6)
    Murray, Anne You Needed Me(SC7511-3)
    Murray, Keith Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The(NU2043-8)
    Murray, Pete Better Days(SFKK06-7)
    Murray, Pete Opportunity(SFID001-1)
    Murry, Ruby Softly Softly(SF063-10)
    Muse Butterflies & Hurricanes(SF223-12)
    Muse Butterflies & Hurricanes(SFP012-6)
    Muse Feeling Good(SF187-14)
    Muse Hysteria (I Want It Now)(THR0503-10)
    Muse Knights Of Cydonia(THR0610-15)
    Muse Plug In Baby(SFMW860-1)
    Muse Sing For Absolution(SFMW853-1)
    Muse Starlight(SC9005-4)
    Muse Stockholm Syndrome(THR0508-14)
    Muse Supermassive Black Hole(SF245-1)
    Muse Time Is Running Out(SFMW856-4)
    Music Explosion Little Bit O' Soul(SC8206-14)
    Music, The Breakin'(PHR0502-8)
    Musical Youth Pass The Dutchie(SC8947-14)
    Musiq Buddy(PHU0704-7)
    Musiq Teachme(PHU0708-2)
    Musiq [Soulchild] Halfcrazy(SC8773-7)
    Musiq [Soulchild] Just Friends (Sunny)(SC8664-14)
    Musiq [Soulchild] Love(SC8688-12)
    Musiq [Soulchild] Whoknows(THH0407-13)
    Must Freechild(THR0211-18)
    Mutya Buena Real Girl(SF255-9)
    My Chemical Romance Desolation Row(HMDK-419)
    My Chemical Romance Desolation Row(SC3501-8)
    My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words(SFKK15-8)
    My Chemical Romance Ghost Of You, The(THR0601-13)
    My Chemical Romance Helena(SC3439-4)
    My Chemical Romance I'm Not Ok (I Promise)(THR0501-13)
    My Chemical Romance I'm Not Okay (I Promise) [Radio Version](SC3428-1)
    My Chemical Romance Teenagers(HMDK-685)
    My Chemical Romance Teenagers(PHM0709-2)
    My Chemical Romance Welcome To The Black Parade(PHM0612-2)
    My Chemical Romance Welcome To The Black Parade [Radio Version](SC9005-7)
    My Chemical Romance You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us...(HMDK-418)
    My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult Hit & Run Holiday(HMDK-420)
    Mya Ayo(PHU0612-9)
    Mya Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)(SC8654-8)
    Mya Fallen(SC8864-12)
    Mya Free(SC8673-10)
    Mya My First Night With You(SC8534-10)
    Mya My Love Is Like... Wo(SC8844-3)
    Mya Ridin'(PHU0710-9)
    Myers, Billie Few Words Too Many, A(SC8499-2)
    Myers, Billie Kiss The Rain(SC2228-6)
    Myers, Billie Tell Me(SC3079-6)
    Myers, J.D. When I Think About You(SC3042-8)
    Myles, Alannah Black Velvet(SC8808-12)
    Myles, Heather Love Me A Little Bit Longer(SC3134-7)
    Myles, Heather Never Had A Broken Heart(CB20364-11)
    Myles, Heather True Love(CB20054-12)
    Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine Dr. Pressure(SF237-11)
    Myra Miracles Happen(TU081-12)
    Mystikal Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall)(SC8744-8)
    Mystikal Danger (Been So Long)(SC8673-15)
    Mystikal Shake It Fast(SC8654-1)


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