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    1 Giant Leap My Culture(EZH11-13)
    10 Years Through The Iris(THR0606-11)
    10 Years Wasteland(SC8966-13)
    10,000 Maniacs Because The Night(SC8113-5)
    10,000 Maniacs Candy Everybody Wants(DK082-4)
    10,000 Maniacs Like The Weather(MM6066-7)
    10,000 Maniacs More Than This(SC8390-6)
    10,000 Maniacs These Are The Days(SC8466-14)
    10,000 Maniacs Trouble Me(SC8439-3)
    100 Proof Aged In Soul Somebody's Been Sleeping(SC8333-9)
    10CC Donna(SF090-15)
    10CC Dreadlock Holiday(ZMH020-10)
    10CC I'm Mandy(SF079-3)
    10CC I'm Not In Love(SC8417-13)
    10CC Rubber Bullets(SF071-1)
    10CC Things We Do For Love, The(SC8456-15)
    10CC Wall Street Shuffle(SFMW814-1)
    112 Come See Me(SC8357-10)
    112 Cupid(SC3015-5)
    112 Dance With Me(SC8726-9)
    112 It's Over Now(SC8672-15)
    112 Only You(SC8295-4)
    112 Peaches & Cream(SC8702-2)
    112 U Already Know(SC8932-13)
    12 Gauge Dunkie Butt(SC8892-4)
    12 Stones Far Away(THR0411-16)
    1910 Fruitgum Co. 1, 2, 3 Redlight(SC8191-11)
    1910 Fruitgum Co. Simon Says(DK034-15)
    2 Evisa Oh La La La(SF114-10)
    2 Live Crew Doo Wah Diddy(SC8700-11)
    2 Live Crew Me So Horny(SC8532-7)
    2 Live Crew We Want Some Pussy(SC8700-8)
    2 Pac California Love(SC8875-8)
    2 Pac Changes(SC8656-12)
    2 Pac Do For Love(MM6299-9)
    2 Pac How Do You Want It(MM6170-2)
    2 Pac Thugz Mansion(SC8805-1)
    2 Pac Until The End Of Time(SC8702-8)
    2 Unlimited No Limits(SF006-5)
    20 Fingers Short Dick Man(SC8169-7)
    21 Demands Give Me A Minute(THP0707-12)
    21st Century Girls 21st Century Girls(SF140-10)
    3 Doors Down Away From The Sun(SC8865-7)
    3 Doors Down Be Like That(SC8717-15)
    3 Doors Down Be Like That [Radio Version](SC2486-8)
    3 Doors Down Behind Those Eyes(SC8924-2)
    3 Doors Down Better Life, The(CB90301-8)
    3 Doors Down Duck & Run(SC8680-5)
    3 Doors Down Here By Me(PHAC0512-2)
    3 Doors Down Here Without You(SC3385-2)
    3 Doors Down It's Not My Time(CB5119-01-2)
    3 Doors Down Kryptonite(SC7585-10)
    3 Doors Down Landing In London(PHAC0602-4)
    3 Doors Down Let Me Go(SC8946-12)
    3 Doors Down Let Me Go [Rock Version](TU264-9)
    3 Doors Down Live For Today(SC3450-4)
    3 Doors Down Loser(SC8622-3)
    3 Doors Down Road I'm On, The(SC8817-10)
    3 Doors Down So I Need You(CB90301-10)
    3 Doors Down When I'm Gone(THR0301-13)
    3 Of Hearts Arizona Rain(SC3269-8)
    3 Of Hearts Love Is Enough(SC3261-2)
    30 Seconds To Mars Kill, The(SC9005-12)
    311 All Mixed Up(SC8448-2)
    311 Amber(THR0206-12)
    311 Beautiful Disaster(HMDK-156)
    311 Beyond The Gray Sky(THR0402-15)
    311 Creatures (For A While)(THR0311-13)
    311 Don't Tread On Me(SC8935-9)
    311 Down(SC8598-11)
    311 First Straw(SC3415-6)
    311 Hey You(PHM0907-4)
    311 I'll Be Here Awhile(THR0201-16)
    311 Love Song(SC8878-3)
    311 You Wouldn't Believe(SC8717-14)
    3LW No More (Baby I'm A Do Right)(SC8664-15)
    3LW Playas Gon' Play(PHM0108-6)
    3oh!3 Starstrukk(PHM0907-7)
    3rd Strike No Light(PHR0207-7)
    3rd Strike Redemption(PHR0211-3)
    3SL Take It Easy(SF191-9)
    3T Anything(SC8263-11)
    3T Tease Me(SC8277-4)
    3T Why [w/ Michael Jackson](SF080-11)
    4 Him Surrender(THMS0304-14)
    4 Him Where There Is Faith(TU077-18)
    4 P.M. Lay Down Your Love(SC8170-7)
    4 P.M. Sukiyaki(DK089-16)
    4 Runner Heart With 4-Wheel Drive, A(MM6103-14)
    4 Runner Ripples(SC8239-4)
    4 Runner That Was Him(SC8303-8)
    411 Dumb(SF221-12)
    411 On My Knees(SF219-4)
    411 Teardrops(SF225-6)
    5 Heartbeats Are You Ready For Me(MM6409-14)
    5 Stairsteps Ooh Child(SC8860-13)
    50 Cent 21 Questions(SC8853-3)
    50 Cent Amusement Park(PHU0708-3)
    50 Cent Ayo Technology [w/ Justin Timberlake & Timbaland](PHU0710-3)
    50 Cent Best Friend(THH0606-11)
    50 Cent Candy Shop(THH0505-12)
    50 Cent Disco Inferno(THH0504-15)
    50 Cent Disco Inferno [Radio Version](SC8945-9)
    50 Cent Hustler's Ambition(PHU0605-9)
    50 Cent I Get Money(PHU0711-2)
    50 Cent If I Can't(SC3388-5)
    50 Cent In Da Club(SC8812-3)
    50 Cent Just A Lil' Bit(PHU0507-4)
    50 Cent Outta Control(THH0511-15)
    50 Cent Outta Control [Remix Version](SC8935-1)
    50 Cent P.I.M.P.(HTG1012-10)
    50 Cent P.I.M.P. [Radio Version](SC8844-10)
    50 Cent Patiently Waiting(SC8822-2)
    50 Cent Piggy Bank(THH0506-10)
    50 Cent Straight To The Bank(PHU0707-8)
    50 Cent Wanksta(SC8812-4)
    50 Cent Window Shopper(THH0602-14)
    5ive Close To(SF185-15)
    5ive Closer To Me(EZH04-9)
    5ive Don't Wanna Let You Go(SF157-15)
    5ive Everybody Get Up(SF126-3)
    5ive Got The Feelin'(SF122-7)
    5ive If You're Getting Down(SF144-13)
    5ive Invincible(SF171-5)
    5ive It's The Things You Do(SF134-13)
    5ive Keep On Movin(SF154-1)
    5ive Let's Dance(EZH02-1)
    5ive Rock The Party(EZH06-5)
    5ive Until The Time Is Through(SF129-4)
    5ive When The Lights Go Out(SC8473-1)
    5th Dimension Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)(SC7531-1)
    5th Dimension Go Where You Wanna Go(LG220-6)
    5th Dimension Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep At All(SC8624-8)
    5th Dimension One Less Bell To Answer(SC7533-7)
    5th Dimension Stoned Soul Picnic(DG11-6)
    5th Dimension Up, Up & Away(DK041-14)
    5th Dimension Wedding Bell Blues(SC8182-14)
    5th Dimension You Don't Have To Be A Star(LG220-4)
    69 Boys Tootsie Roll(SC8612-9)
    70, Girls, 70 Coffee In A Cardboard Cup(PS1513-14)
    702 Get It Together(SC8357-2)
    702 Steelo(SC8325-11)
    702 Where My Girls At(SC8545-14)
    8 Stops 7 Question Everything(SC3208-5)
    911 All I Want Is You(SF121-7)
    911 How Do You Want Me To Love You(SF123-1)
    911 Little Bit More, A(SF130-4)
    911 More Than A Woman(SF127-8)
    911 Party People (Friday Night)(SF118-9)
    911 Private Number(SF138-6)
    98 Degrees Because Of You(SC8638-1)
    98 Degrees Give Me Just One Night(SC8637-1)
    98 Degrees Hardest Thing, The(SC8523-15)
    98 Degrees I Do (Cherish You)(SC3150-6)
    98 Degrees Invisible Man(SC3037-3)
    98 Degrees My Everything(SC8673-9)
    98 Degrees This Gift(SC8593-2)
    98 Degrees True To Your Heart(TU032-15)
    98 Degrees Way You Want Me To, The(SC8702-7)
    98 Degrees Why (Are We Still Friends)(TU109-19)


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