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    P$C I'm A King(PHU0511-9)
    P. Diddy Bad Boy For Life(SC8717-1)
    P. Diddy Can't Nobody Hold Me Down(HV06a-10)
    P. Diddy Come To Me(PHU0611-1)
    P. Diddy I Need A Girl (Pt. 1) [w/ Usher & Loon](SC8757-1)
    P. Diddy I Need A Girl (Pt. 2)(SC8773-2)
    P. Diddy I'll Be Missing You(PHM9707-2)
    P. Diddy It's All About The Benjamins(SC8612-8)
    P. Diddy Saga Continues, The(TU168-17)
    P. Diddy Satisfy You(SF163-1)
    P.O.D. Alive(THR0112-14)
    P.O.D. Boom(THR0208-14)
    P.O.D. Change The World(THR0405-11)
    P.O.D. Goodbye For Now [Radio Version](THR0602-12)
    P.O.D. Lights Out(THR0608-11)
    P.O.D. Rock The Party (Off The Hook)(SC3220-8)
    P.O.D. Satellite(SC8783-12)
    P.O.D. School Of Hard Knocks(SC3240-7)
    P.O.D. Sleeping Awake(SC3369-3)
    P.O.D. Will You(THR0401-10)
    P.O.D. Youth Of The Nation(SC8740-14)
    Pablo, Petey Freek-A-Leek(SC8908-9)
    Pablo, Petey Raise Up(SC8726-4)
    Pachelbel Canonind(SC2181-4)
    Pacifier Bullit Proof(THR0303-17)
    Page, Elaine Memory(SF110-4)
    Page, Elaine & Barbara Dickson I Know Him So Well(SF110-8)
    Page, Martin In The House Of Stone & Light(SC8150-1)
    Page, Martin Keeper Of The Flame(SC8195-8)
    Page, Patti Allegheny Moon(SC8124-9)
    Page, Patti Changing Partners(DK036-15)
    Page, Patti Doggie In The Window, The(CBE3-15-2)
    Page, Patti How Much Is That Doggie In The Window(SC7538-1)
    Page, Patti I Went To Your Wedding(DK072-16)
    Page, Patti Let Me Go Lover(SC8196-6)
    Page, Patti Mockingbird Hill(SC8124-10)
    Page, Patti Old Cape Cod(SC8196-11)
    Page, Patti Steam Heat(SC7553-13)
    Page, Patti Tennessee Waltz(SC7505-10)
    Paige, Allison End Of The World(CB20188-10)
    Paige, Jennifer Always You(SC8569-4)
    Paige, Jennifer Beautiful(SC8637-12)
    Paige, Jennifer Crush(SC8473-12)
    Paige, Jennifer Sober(SC8508-12)
    Paige, Jennifer These Days(SC3278-4)
    Paisley, Brad Ain't Nothing Like(TU231-1)
    Paisley, Brad Alcohol(SC8944-4)
    Paisley, Brad Best Thing I Had Goin'(TU231-2)
    Paisley, Brad Celebrity(MM6386-8)
    Paisley, Brad Celebrity [Radio Version](SC8921-9)
    Paisley, Brad Flowers(SC8936-5)
    Paisley, Brad Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To Be A Wife [M/F Duet](CB20265-10)
    Paisley, Brad He Didn't Have To Be(SC8566-2)
    Paisley, Brad I Wish You'd Stay(SC3331-8)
    Paisley, Brad I'm Gonna Miss Her(SC8798-3)
    Paisley, Brad I'm Still A Guy(PHN0711-3)
    Paisley, Brad Letter To Me(THC0802-12)
    Paisley, Brad Little Moments(SC8847-14)
    Paisley, Brad Me Neither(SC8596-12)
    Paisley, Brad Mud On The Tires(SC8898-3)
    Paisley, Brad Oh Love [Duet w/ Carrie Underwood](PHN0711-4)
    Paisley, Brad Online(PHN0709-1)
    Paisley, Brad She's Everything(PHN0611-7)
    Paisley, Brad Ticks(SC9003-4)
    Paisley, Brad Time Well Wasted(SC9003-14)
    Paisley, Brad Too Country(SC8733-5)
    Paisley, Brad Two People Fell In Love(SC8690-3)
    Paisley, Brad We Danced(SC8623-11)
    Paisley, Brad When I Get Where I'm Going [w/ Dolly Parton](SC8967-14)
    Paisley, Brad Whiskey Lullaby [w/ Alison Krauss](SC8911-9)
    Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures(SC8524-14)
    Paisley, Brad World,The(SC8992-4)
    Paisley, Brad Wrapped Around(SC8727-3)
    Pajama Game Hernando's Hideaway(SC2297-7)
    Pal Joey I Could Write A Book(MM6100A-5)
    Paladins Going Down To Big Mary's(MM6206-11)
    Palleschi, Lisa Learning How To Love Again(PHAC0612-9)
    Pallot, Nerina Everybody's Gone To War(SF244-3)
    Pallot, Nerina Learning To Breathe(SF251-15)
    Palmer, Holly Just So You Know(TU227-11)
    Palmer, Robert Addicted To Love(SC7580-3)
    Palmer, Robert Bad Case Of Loving You(SC8322-15)
    Palmer, Robert Every Kind Of People(SFMW845-3)
    Palmer, Robert I Didn't Mean To Turn You On(SC2337-2)
    Palmer, Robert I'll Be Yours Tonight(SF059-1)
    Palmer, Robert Johnny & Mary(HMDK-450)
    Palmer, Robert Know By Now(SC2337-4)
    Palmer, Robert Mercy Mercy Me (I Want You)(PR9091-9)
    Palmer, Robert Simply Irresistible(SC8554-2)
    Palmer, Robert Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley(SC8603-15)
    Palomo No Me Conoces Aun(TU236-10)
    Panic At The Disco New Perspective(CB30114-7)
    Panic At The Disco Nine In The Afternoon(CB5119-02-9)
    Panic Channel, The Why Cry(THR0610-17)
    Panic! At The Disco But It's Better If You Do(PHM0611-2)
    Panic! At The Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies(SC8993-7)
    Panic! At The Disco Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have...(SC8999-8)
    Panic! At The Disco Only Difference Between Martyrdom & Suicide...(SC8995-8)
    Pantera By Demons Be Driven(HMDK-109)
    Pantera Cemetery Gates(SC9002-6)
    Pantera Cowboys From Hell(SC8830-7)
    Pantera Fucking Hostile(HMDK-110)
    Pantera Hollow(HMDK-451)
    Pantera I'm Broken(SC8660-10)
    Pantera Mouth For War(HMDK-111)
    Pantera New Level, A(HMDK-112)
    Pantera Rise(HMDK-113)
    Pantera This Love(HMDK-114)
    Pantera Walk(SC8928-4)
    Papa Bear When The Rainbow Begins To Fall(MM6299-1)
    Papa Roach Between Angels & Insects(SC8694-7)
    Papa Roach Broken Home(SC8662-13)
    Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder(SC8906-15)
    Papa Roach Last Resort(SC8662-2)
    Papa Roach Scars(SC8914-3)
    Papa Roach She Loves Me Not(SC8775-7)
    Papa Roach Take Me(PHR0508-2)
    Papa Roach Time & Time Again(THR0301-17)
    Paper Dolls Something Here In My Heart(ZMJB09-8)
    Paper Lace Billy Don't Be A Hero(SF055-14)
    Paper Lace Night Chicago Died, The(SC8679-14)
    Paradis, Vanessa Be My Baby(LGK001-7)
    Paradis, Vanessa Joe Le Taxi(SFMW825-5)
    Paragons Let's Start All Over Again(MM6421-3)
    Paragons & Jesters Please Let Me Love You(MM6385-7)
    Paramore Crush Crush Crush(SC9022-2)
    Paramore Decode(HMDK-456)
    Paramore Fences(HMDK-452)
    Paramore Hallelujah(HMDK-455)
    Paramore That's What You Get(HMDK-454)
    Paramore We Are Broken(HMDK-453)
    Paris Sisters I Love How You Love Me(SC8418-2)
    Paris, Mica My One Temptation(SF160-14)
    Paris, Mica Whisper A Prayer(SC8318-13)
    Paris, Ryan Dolce Vita(SFMW902-7)
    Paris, Sarina Look At Us(SC8702-12)
    Paris, Twila God Is In Control(TU190-4)
    Paris, Twila He Is Exalted(PR3003-3)
    Paris, Twila We Will Glorify(SC8919-10)
    Parish, Dean I'm On My Way(SFCC01-11)
    Parker Jr., Ray Ghostbusters(SC8550-11)
    Parker Jr., Ray Jamie(SC8323-11)
    Parker Jr., Ray Other Woman, The(MM6368-2)
    Parker, Billy America, You're Beautiful To Me(CB20352-10)
    Parker, Caryl Mack Better Love Next Time(SC3014-2)
    Parker, Caryl Mack It's Good To Be Me(SC8388-9)
    Parker, Caryl Mack One Night Stand(SC8358-13)
    Parker, Robert Barefootin'(SC8251-6)
    Parks, Alex Cry(SF215-8)
    Parks, Alex Looking For Water(SFMW872-12)
    Parks, Alex Maybe That's What It Takes(SF212-5)
    Parliament Flashlight(SC8863-11)
    Parliament Give Up The Funk(SC8386-8)
    Parnell, Lee Roy All That Matters Anymore(SC8444-9)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Crocodile Tears(CB20232-7)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Givin' Water To A Drowning Man(SC8285-8)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Heart's Desire(SC8250-3)
    Parnell, Lee Roy I'm Holding My Own(SC8180-6)
    Parnell, Lee Roy If The House Is Rockin'(SC8271-7)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Little Bit Of You, A(SC8173-13)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Love Without Mercy(SC8359-13)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Lucky Me, Lucky You(SC3018-2)
    Parnell, Lee Roy On The Road(SC8131-3)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Oughta Be A Law(CB20231-7)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Power Of Love, The(SC8269-12)
    Parnell, Lee Roy She Won't Be Lonely Long(SC8556-15)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Take These Chains From My Heart(SC8129-15)
    Parnell, Lee Roy Tender Moment(MM6029-4)
    Parnell, Lee Roy We All Get Lucky Sometimes(SC8328-2)
    Parnell, Lee Roy What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am(SC8502-1)
    Parnell, Lee Roy When A Woman Loves A Man(SC8205-9)
    Parnell, Lee Roy You Can't Get There From Here(SC8402-8)
    Parr, John Naughty Naughty(SC8597-7)
    Parr, John St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)(SC8650-15)
    Parton, Dolly 9 To 5(SC7516-10)
    Parton, Dolly Applejack(SC8144-12)
    Parton, Dolly Bargain Store, The(SC8375-6)
    Parton, Dolly Better Get To Livin'(THC0801-18)
    Parton, Dolly But You Know I Love You(SC8411-15)
    Parton, Dolly Cash On The Barrell Head(CBEP476-3-1)
    Parton, Dolly Coat Of Many Colors(CB90005-1)
    Parton, Dolly Cross My Heart(SC8243-4)
    Parton, Dolly Dagger Through The Heart(SC8779-14)
    Parton, Dolly Day I Fall In Love, The [w/ James Ingram](MM6040-3)
    Parton, Dolly Don't Call It Love(SC8411-10)
    Parton, Dolly Eagle When She Flies(SC8214-3)
    Parton, Dolly Few Old Memories, A(SC3179-7)
    Parton, Dolly Full Circle(SC8296-3)
    Parton, Dolly He's Alive(SC8301-5)
    Parton, Dolly Heartbreaker(SC8561-10)
    Parton, Dolly Hello God(SC8802-11)
    Parton, Dolly Here You Come Again(SC7536-14)
    Parton, Dolly Honky Tonk Songs(SC3093-1)
    Parton, Dolly I Really Got The Feeling(SC8792-10)
    Parton, Dolly I Will Always Love You(SC7590-3)
    Parton, Dolly I Will Always Love You [Acoustic] [w/ Vince Gill](LGK003-2)
    Parton, Dolly I Will Always Love You [w/ Vince Gill](SC8205-5)
    Parton, Dolly I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open(CBEP476-6-12)
    Parton, Dolly Imagine(SD139-14)
    Parton, Dolly It's All Wrong, But It's All Right(SC8529-7)
    Parton, Dolly Jolene(SC2141-5)
    Parton, Dolly Joshua(SFMW885-12)
    Parton, Dolly Just When I Needed You Most(SC8328-14)
    Parton, Dolly Little Sparrow(SC8693-6)
    Parton, Dolly Love Is Like A Butterfly(SC8276-13)
    Parton, Dolly Me & Little Andy(CB90005-4)
    Parton, Dolly More Where That Came From(SC8309-15)
    Parton, Dolly My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy(SFMW886-6)
    Parton, Dolly Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You(SC8551-2)
    Parton, Dolly PMS Blues(SC8214-12)
    Parton, Dolly Real Love, The(SC8411-4)
    Parton, Dolly Rockin' Years [w/ Ricky Van Shelton](SC7588-5)
    Parton, Dolly Romeo(SC8105-4)
    Parton, Dolly Salt In My Tears, The(CB20062-11)
    Parton, Dolly Seeker, The(SC8628-12)
    Parton, Dolly Seven Bridges Road(SC8751-10)
    Parton, Dolly Shine(SC8751-12)
    Parton, Dolly Silent Night(SC8781-5)
    Parton, Dolly Silver & Gold(SC8180-11)
    Parton, Dolly Silver Dagger(CB80170-11)
    Parton, Dolly Slow Dancing With The Moon(SC8317-9)
    Parton, Dolly Stairway To Heaven(SC8774-11)
    Parton, Dolly Starting Over Again(SC8728-13)
    Parton, Dolly Straight Talk(SC8321-13)
    Parton, Dolly Tender Lie, A(SC8690-11)
    Parton, Dolly Think About Love(SC8411-3)
    Parton, Dolly Tie Our Love (In A Double Knot)(SAVA03-2)
    Parton, Dolly Time For Me To Fly(SC8324-13)
    Parton, Dolly To Daddy(SC8282-12)
    Parton, Dolly Travelin' Prayer(SC8693-9)
    Parton, Dolly Two Doors Down(SC7551-10)
    Parton, Dolly Welcome Home(SC8881-12)
    Parton, Dolly Whenever Forever Comes [w/ Collin Raye](SC8128-14)
    Parton, Dolly Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That(SC8112-7)
    Parton, Dolly Wildflowers [w/ Emmilou Harris](TU172-18)
    Parton, Dolly Yellow Roses(SC8230-6)
    Parton, Dolly You're The Only One(SC8411-13)
    Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner Just Someone I Used To Know(SC8408-15)
    Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner Lost Forever In Your Kiss(SC8276-15)
    Parton, Lynn & Tammy Wynette Silver Threads & Golden Needles(SC8215-8)
    Partridge Family Breaking Up Is Hard To Do(ZMP084-5)
    Partridge Family Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted(SC8620-8)
    Partridge Family I Think I Love You(SC8620-6)
    Partridge Family I Woke Up In Love This Morning(SC8620-2)
    Partridge Family I'll Meet You Halfway(SC8620-14)
    Partridge Family It's One Of Those Nights(ZMP084-4)
    Partridge Family Looking Through The Eyes Of Love(ZMP084-6)
    Partridge Family Some Kind Of Summer(ZMP084-9)
    Partridge Family Walking In The Rain(ZMH007-9)
    Partridge, Don Rosie(SF137-6)
    Party, Alex Don't Give Me Your Life(SF019-9)
    Pasadenas I'm Going Fine Now(SFMW806-15)
    Pasadenas Tribute (Right On)(SFMW908-10)
    Passions Just To Be With You(MM6385-3)
    Passions This Is My Love(MM6421-7)
    Patti, Sandi Another Time Another Place [w/ Wayne Watson](TU076-3)
    Patti, Sandi How Majestic Is Your Name(SC2045-1)
    Patti, Sandi In The Name Of The Lord(PR3005-4)
    Paul & Paula Hey Paula(SC8181-4)
    Paul Anka & Odia Coates You're Having My Baby(SC8679-8)
    Paul Butterfield Blues Band Mystery Train(SC8893-10)
    Paul Coleman Trio Fill My Cup(THMS0304-13)
    Paul Coleman Trio Turn(THMS0301-18)
    Paul, Billy Me & Mrs. Jones(SC7523-14)
    Paul, Les & Mary Ford How High The Moon(SC8249-10)
    Paul, Owen My Favourite Waste Of Time(SF106-13)
    Paul, Sean Get Busy(SC8853-12)
    Paul, Sean Gimme The Light(SC8937-9)
    Paul, Sean Give It Up To Me(PHM0608-9)
    Paul, Sean Like Glue(SC8937-3)
    Paul, Sean So Fine(PHU0908-2)
    Paul, Sean Temperature(PHM0604-6)
    Paul, Sean Temperature [Radio Version](SC8994-9)
    Paul, Sean We Be Burnin'(THH0512-14)
    Paul, Sean We Be Burnin' [Radio Version](SC8948-8)
    Paul, Sean & Sasha I'm Still In Love With You(SC8858-8)
    Paul, Sean & Sasha I'm Still In Love With You [Radio Version](SC3390-8)
    Pausini, Laura If That's Love(SC8827-10)
    Pausini, Laura Surrender(SC8806-9)
    Pax 217 Tonight(TU188-18)
    Paxton, Tom Wasn't That A Party(DK090-17)
    Paycheck, Johnny A-11(SC8419-12)
    Paycheck, Johnny Don't Take Her She's All I Got(TU238-11)
    Paycheck, Johnny For A Minute There(SC8642-5)
    Paycheck, Johnny Friend, Lover, Wife(SC7570-10)
    Paycheck, Johnny I'm The Only Hell(SC8208-15)
    Paycheck, Johnny Mr. Lovemaker(MH1097-12)
    Paycheck, Johnny Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets(SC7555-1)
    Paycheck, Johnny Someone To Give My Love To(SC8426-15)
    Paycheck, Johnny Something About You I Love(SC8576-9)
    Paycheck, Johnny Song & Dance Man(SC8541-10)
    Paycheck, Johnny Take This Job & Shove It(SC8142-2)
    Payne, Freda Band Of Gold(SC7547-5)
    Payne, Leon I Love You Because(SC8445-14)
    Peach Union On My Own(SC8395-3)
    Peaches & Herb Reunited(SC7503-4)
    Peaches & Herb Shake Your Groove Thang(SC8143-7)
    Pearl Jam Alive(RSZ601-2)
    Pearl Jam Animal(RSZ601-16)
    Pearl Jam Better Man(SC8195-13)
    Pearl Jam Black(SC8310-4)
    Pearl Jam Breath(RSZ601-9)
    Pearl Jam Bugs(HMDK-457)
    Pearl Jam Daughter(SC8148-13)
    Pearl Jam Dissident(RSZ601-7)
    Pearl Jam Elderly Woman Behind The Counter(RSZ601-14)
    Pearl Jam Even Flow(RSZ601-1)
    Pearl Jam Given To Fly(PHM9803-4)
    Pearl Jam Glorified G(RSZ601-12)
    Pearl Jam Go(RSZ601-3)
    Pearl Jam Hail Hail(RSZ601-11)
    Pearl Jam I Am Mine(THR0301-11)
    Pearl Jam I Got ID(SC8240-11)
    Pearl Jam Jeremy(RSZ601-8)
    Pearl Jam Last Kiss(PHT9907-1)
    Pearl Jam Life Wasted(THR0609-12)
    Pearl Jam Light Years(THR0010-15)
    Pearl Jam Not For You(RSZ601-17)
    Pearl Jam Nothing As It Seems(THR0008-12)
    Pearl Jam Save You(PHR0303-2)
    Pearl Jam Smile(HV06a-13)
    Pearl Jam Spin The Black Circle(HMDK-460)
    Pearl Jam The Fixer(HMDK-458)
    Pearl Jam Tremor Christ(HMDK-459)
    Pearl Jam Who You Are(SC8316-6)
    Pearl Jam Wishlist(MM6241-6)
    Pearl Jam World Wide Suicide(THR0606-10)
    Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter(RSZ601-4)
    Pebbles Girlfriend(SC8754-10)
    Pebbles Mercedes Boy(SC8535-3)
    Peck, Danielle Bad For Me(PHN0710-4)
    Peck, Danielle Findin' A Good Man(SD142-13)
    Peck, Danielle I Don't(THC0601-20)
    Peck, Danielle Isn't That Everything(THC0703-19)
    Pena, Jennifer El Dolor De Tu Presencia(TU236-4)
    Penate, Jack Second, Minute Or Hour(THHP0712-17)
    Penate, Jack Torn On The Platform(THHP0710-18)
    Pendergrass, Teddy And If I Had(LG230-6)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Close The Door(LG230-2)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Come Go With Me(LG230-5)
    Pendergrass, Teddy I Don't Know You Anymore(LG230-7)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Joy(LG230-4)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Love T.K.O.(SC8606-5)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Only You(LG230-8)
    Pendergrass, Teddy Turn Off The Lights(LG230-3)
    Pendergrass, Teddy When Somebody Loves You Back(LG230-9)
    Pendulum Propane Nightmares(SFMW901-2)
    Penguins Earth Angel(SC8418-8)
    Peniston, Ce Ce Finally(SC8746-4)
    Peniston, Ce Ce I'm In The Mood(MM6096-9)
    Peniston, Ce Ce Movin' On(SC8320-5)
    Penn, Michael No Myth(HMDK-461)
    Pennywise Bro Hymn(HMDK-463)
    Pennywise Down Under(HMDK-462)
    Penrose, Charles Laughing Policeman, The(SFMW905-5)
    Percival, Don One More Kiss Dear(SFMW909-7)
    Perez, Amanda Angel(SC8822-4)
    Perez, Chris Best I Can, The(PHT9915-9)
    Perfect Circle, A 3 Libras(THR0012-16)
    Perfect Circle, A Blue [Remix](PHR0410-1)
    Perfect Circle, A Hollow, The(SC3248-7)
    Perfect Circle, A Imagine(THR0501-14)
    Perfect Circle, A Judith(SC8662-5)
    Perfect Circle, A Outsider, The(PHR0402-8)
    Perfect Circle, A Passive(THR0505-15)
    Perfect Circle, A Weak & Powerless(SC8855-14)
    Perfect Stranger Cut Me Off(SC8307-4)
    Perfect Stranger Hits, The(TU063-14)
    Perfect Stranger I'm A Stranger Here Myself(SC8224-1)
    Perfect Stranger Miracle(TU084-9)
    Perfect Stranger Remember The Ride(SC8253-10)
    Perfect Stranger You Have The Right To Remain Silent(SC8186-15)
    Perkins, Carl Blue Suede Shoes(SC7513-2)
    Perkins, Carl Dixie Fried(SC8400-12)
    Perkins, Carl Honey Don't(DK2014-3)
    Perkins, Carl Jive After Five(MM6254-7)
    Perkins, Carl Matchbox(DK050-9)
    Perry, Katy I Kissed A Girl(SC9021-7)
    Perry, Katy Waking Up In Vegas(SC3503-2)
    Perry, Keith All I Give A Darn About Is You(SC8341-8)
    Perry, Steve Foolish Heart(SC8580-10)
    Perry, Steve I Stand Alone(SC3081-6)
    Perry, Steve Missing You(SC8279-13)
    Perry, Steve Oh Sherrie(SC8413-9)
    Perry, Steve When You're In Love For The First Time(SC8503-8)
    Perry, Steve You Better Wait(SC8235-13)
    Persuasions, The People Get Ready(SC8891-5)
    Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind(SF075-1)
    Pet Shop Boys Before(SF049-13)
    Pet Shop Boys Flamboyant(SF216-16)
    Pet Shop Boys Go West(SFMW811-4)
    Pet Shop Boys I'm With Stupid(SF243-10)
    Pet Shop Boys It's A Sin(SC8719-4)
    Pet Shop Boys Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)(SC8678-15)
    Pet Shop Boys Suburbia(LGK006-4)
    Pet Shop Boys West End Girls(SC8492-13)
    Pet Shop Boys What Have I Done To Deserve This(SC8644-8)
    Pet Shop Boys Where The Streets Have No Name(HMDK-464)
    Peter & Gordon Baby, I'm Yours(DK024-18)
    Peter & Gordon I Go To Pieces(SC8225-11)
    Peter & Gordon Lady Godiva(SC8221R-12)
    Peter & Gordon World Without Love, A(SC8429-7)
    Peter Paul & Mary 500 Miles(PI304-16)
    Peter Paul & Mary Blowin' In The Wind(SC7504-9)
    Peter Paul & Mary I Dig Rock & Roll Music(SC8429-2)
    Peter Paul & Mary If I Had A Hammer(SC8361-7)
    Peter Paul & Mary Leaving On A Jet Plane(SC2079-6)
    Peter Paul & Mary Lemon Tree(SC8575-13)
    Peter Paul & Mary Puff The Magic Dragon(SC7508-15)
    Peter Paul & Mary Stewball(SC8450-12)
    Peters & Lee Don't Stay Away Too Long(SF101-14)
    Peters & Lee Welcome Home(SF077-7)
    Peters, Gretchen I Ain't Ever Satisfied(SC8298-14)
    Peters, Gretchen When You Are Old(SC8280-3)
    Peters, Red Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains(SC8927-15)
    Peters, Red Blow Me(SC8532-8)
    Peters, Red How's Your Whole... Family(SC8532-9)
    Peters, Red You Promised The Moon But I Preferred Uranus(SC8700-7)
    Peterson, Michael By The Book(SC8488-13)
    Peterson, Michael Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie(SC8382-15)
    Peterson, Michael From Here To Eternity(SC8402-9)
    Peterson, Michael Lesson In Goodbye(CB20387-7)
    Peterson, Michael Modern Man(SC8779-3)
    Peterson, Michael Somethin' 'Bout A Sunday(SC8528-9)
    Peterson, Michael Sure Feels Real Good(SC8549-7)
    Peterson, Michael Too Good To Be True(SC8436-14)
    Peterson, Michael When The Bartender Cries(SC8464-2)
    Peterson, Ray Tell Laura I Love Her(SC8108-8)
    Petra Lord, I Lift Your Name On High(SC8919-15)
    Petrone, Shana Heaven Bound(SC3080-7)
    Petrone, Shana Something Real(SC8570-7)
    Petrone, Shana This Time(SC8549-5)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers American Girl(SC8140-13)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Breakdown(SC8430-12)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Climb That Hill(SC8340-6)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Don't Come Around Here No More(MH1123-8)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Don't Do Me Like That(SC8443-6)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Even The Losers(SC8808-2)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Free Fallin'(SC7577-3)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers I Need To Know(MH1123-11)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers I Won't Back Down(SC2336b-4)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Into The Great Wide Open(CBE3-23-12)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers It's Good To Be King(PI045-7)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Jammin' Me(MH1127-5)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Last DJ, The(PHR0212-3)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Learning To Fly(SFMW887-2)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Mary Jane's Last Dance(SC8486-1)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Refugee(SC8518-5)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Runnin' Down A Dream(SC8314-9)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Saving Grace(THP0610-14)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Waiting, The(SC8514-4)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers Walls(SC8304-11)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers You Don't Know How It Feels(SC8150-15)
    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers You Got Lucky(SC7561-3)
    Pfeiffer, Michelle My Funny Valentine(SC8782-9)
    Ph.D. I Won't Let You Down(SF076-13)
    Phair, Liz 6 Foot 1(HMDK-71)
    Phair, Liz Canary(HMDK-78)
    Phair, Liz Count On My Love(SC8949-11)
    Phair, Liz Dance Of The Seven Veils(HMDK-74)
    Phair, Liz Divorce Song(HMDK-82)
    Phair, Liz Everything To Me(SC8949-6)
    Phair, Liz Explain It To Me(HMDK-77)
    Phair, Liz Extraordinary(MM6405-11)
    Phair, Liz Flower(HMDK-84)
    Phair, Liz Fuck & Run(HMDK-80)
    Phair, Liz Fuck & Run(SC8800-11)
    Phair, Liz Girls Girls Girls(HMDK-81)
    Phair, Liz Glory(HMDK-73)
    Phair, Liz Gunshy(HMDK-86)
    Phair, Liz Help Me Mary(HMDK-72)
    Phair, Liz Jealousy(HMDK-681)
    Phair, Liz Johnny Sunshine(HMDK-85)
    Phair, Liz Mesmerizing(HMDK-79)
    Phair, Liz Never Said(HMDK-75)
    Phair, Liz Polyester Bride(SC8484-10)
    Phair, Liz Shatter(HMDK-83)
    Phair, Liz Soap Star Joe(HMDK-76)
    Phair, Liz Strange Loop(HMDK-88)
    Phair, Liz Stratford-on-guy(HMDK-87)
    Phair, Liz Supernova(SC8749-11)
    Phair, Liz Why Can't I?(SC8839-11)
    Phantom Planet California(SC8885-12)
    Phantom Planet California 2005 [From The O.C. Mix 5](THP0602-18)
    Pharrell Angel(SF239-5)
    Pharrell Can I Have It Like That(THH0601-13)
    Pharrell Can I Have It Like That [w/ Gwen Stefani](SF237-2)
    Pharrell Frontin' [w/ Jay-Z](MM6396-7)
    Pharrell Number One(PHU0610-7)
    Phats & Small Turn Around(SF136-2)
    Phillip, John Stars & Stripes Forever(TU086-19)
    Phillips & Craig & Dean Come, Now Is The Time To Worship(SC8919-1)
    Phillips & Craig & Dean Let My Words Be Few(TU076-20)
    Phillips & Craig & Dean You Are My King(SC8828-6)
    Phillips, Phil & The Twilights Sea Of Love(SC8589-11)
    Philosopher Kings, The Castles In The Sand(PHAC0606-9)
    Phish Connection, The(PHR0408-7)
    Phish Free(SC8343-4)
    Phish Heavy Things(SC8629-5)
    Phixx Love Revolution(SF216-9)
    Phixx Strange Love(SF227-15)
    Phoenix, Joaquin & Reese Witherspoon Jackson(SC8959-13)
    Piaf, Edith La Vie En Rose [English](TU178-10)
    Piaf, Edith La Vie En Rose [French](TU178-11)
    Pickett, Bobby 'Boris' Monster Mash, The(SC8550-4)
    Pickett, Bobby 'Boris' Monster's Holiday(TU165-10)
    Pickett, Wilson 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)(SC8863-1)
    Pickett, Wilson Bring It On Home To Me(LG148-10)
    Pickett, Wilson Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You(SC8969-8)
    Pickett, Wilson Funky Broadway(SC8863-2)
    Pickett, Wilson I'm In Love(SC8969-5)
    Pickett, Wilson In The Midnight Hour(SC8110-7)
    Pickett, Wilson Land Of 1000 Dances(SC8575-1)
    Pickett, Wilson Mustang Sally(SC7520-9)
    Pickettywitch That Same Old Feeling(SFMW822-6)
    Pickler, Kellie I Wonder(SC9003-12)
    Pickler, Kellie Red High Heels(SC8996-7)
    Pickler, Kellie Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind(THC0801-15)
    Pied Pipers Mairzy Doats(SC2038-5)
    Pierce, John I'd Still Have You(SD140-10)
    Pierce, Webb I Ain't Never(SC8262-5)
    Pierce, Webb I Don't Care(MM6094-8)
    Pierce, Webb In The Jailhouse Now(SC8383-14)
    Pierce, Webb Love Love Love(SC8392-2)
    Pierce, Webb More & More(MM6094-15)
    Pierce, Webb There Stands The Glass(TU243-3)
    Pigeon Detectives, The I Found Out(THP0802-15)
    Pigeon Detectives, The I'm Not Sorry(SF256-4)
    Pigeon Detectives, The Take Her Back(SF259-3)
    Pigg, Landon Can't Let Go(PHAC0701-5)
    Pillar Echelon(TU188-7)
    Pillar Fireproof(THR0307-14)
    Pilot January(SF071-8)
    Pilot Magic(SC8535-11)
    Pink 18 Wheeler(SFMW886-1)
    Pink Be The One(EZH78-8)
    Pink Catch-22(TU149-4)
    Pink Cuz I Can(SFKK20-14)
    Pink Dear Diary(AMS5003-9)
    Pink Dear Mr. President(THHP0710-13)
    Pink Don't Let Me Get Me(SC8813-14)
    Pink Eventually(AMS5003-10)
    Pink Family Portrait(SC8793-8)
    Pink Feel Good Time(SC8834-14)
    Pink Funhouse(CB30114-3)
    Pink Get The Party Started(SC8731-1)
    Pink Get The Party Started [Radio Version](SC8813-8)
    Pink God Is A DJ(SC8859-3)
    Pink Gone To California(AMS5003-13)
    Pink Just Like A Pill(SC8762-14)
    Pink Last To Know(SF217-11)
    Pink Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)(THHP0707-16)
    Pink Lonely Girl(AMS5003-11)
    Pink Misery [w/ Steven Tyler](SC8831-4)
    Pink Missundaztood(AMS5003-1)
    Pink Most Girls(SC2383-1)
    Pink My Vietnam(AMS5003-14)
    Pink Nobody Knows(THP0702-18)
    Pink Numb(AMS5003-12)
    Pink Please Don't Leave Me(EZH78-9)
    Pink Respect(AMS5003-5)
    Pink Stupid Girls(SC8967-5)
    Pink There You Go(SC8601-11)
    Pink Trouble(SC8855-12)
    Pink U & Ur Hand(SF246-8)
    Pink U & Ur Hand (Radio Version)(SC8999-14)
    Pink Who Knew(HMDK-689)
    Pink Who Knew(THP0608-10)
    Pink You Make Me Sick(SC8673-14)
    Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall(SC2042-7)
    Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)(SC8188-8)
    Pink Floyd Arnold Layne(SFMW897-9)
    Pink Floyd Brain Damage / Eclipse(SC8763-9)
    Pink Floyd Breathe(LG137-15)
    Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb(SC7576-9)
    Pink Floyd Coming Back To Life(LG137-2)
    Pink Floyd Eclipse(LG137-8)
    Pink Floyd Final Cut, The(LG137-12)
    Pink Floyd Great Gig In The Sky, The(SFMW912-15)
    Pink Floyd Have A Cigar(SC7562-12)
    Pink Floyd Hey You(SC8586-11)
    Pink Floyd Learning To Fly(SC8840-14)
    Pink Floyd Money(SC8300-11)
    Pink Floyd Mother(SFMW841-12)
    Pink Floyd Nobody Home(LG137-11)
    Pink Floyd See Emily Play(LG137-1)
    Pink Floyd Sheep(LG137-4)
    Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond(LG137-6)
    Pink Floyd Take It Back(SC8318-5)
    Pink Floyd Time(AH8003-3)
    Pink Floyd Us & Them(HV09-2)
    Pink Floyd Us & Them(SFMW910-12)
    Pink Floyd Wall, The(SFMW848-10)
    Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here(SC8763-14)
    Pink Floyd Young Lust(HMDK-115)
    Pinkard & Bowden Folk Music(SC8739-8)
    Pinkard & Bowden Guns Made America Great(SC8669-14)
    Pinkard & Bowden Help Me Make It Through The Yard(SC8669-15)
    Pinkard & Bowden Mama She's Lazy(SC8739-10)
    Pinkard & Bowden She Thinks I Steal Cars(SC8739-9)
    Pinkee Danger Games(SFMW870-7)
    Pinkerton's Assorted Colours Mirror Mirror(ZMJB03-14)
    Pinmonkey Barbed Wire & Roses(SC8764-14)
    Pinmonkey Fly(SD101-10)
    Pinmonkey I Drove All Night(SC3342-7)
    Pinmonkey Let's Kill Saturday Night(SD119-13)
    Pinson, Bobby Don't Ask Me How I Know(SC8944-1)
    Pinson, Bobby Way Down(CB60346-12)
    Piper, Billie Something Deep Inside(SF171-4)
    Piper, Billie Tide Is High, The(SF178-11)
    Piper, Billie Walk Of Life(SF173-9)
    Piper, Jerry Galway Bay(SC8737-4)
    Pipkins Gimme Dat Ding(SF089-12)
    Piranhas Tom Hark(SF082-7)
    Piranhas Where Is My Mind(SFMW857-5)
    Pirates Of The Mississippi Feed Jake(PI204-3)
    Pitney, Gene Backstage(BSK003-5)
    Pitney, Gene Duke Of Earl(MM6341-8)
    Pitney, Gene Every Breath I Take(BS7717-15)
    Pitney, Gene Half Heaven Half Heartache(SC8255-15)
    Pitney, Gene I Must Be Seeing Things(ZMP004-2)
    Pitney, Gene I'm Gonna Be Strong(SC8804-2)
    Pitney, Gene If I Didn't Have A Dime(SFMW824-13)
    Pitney, Gene It Hurts To Be In Love(SC8450-2)
    Pitney, Gene Just One Smile(ZMP004-8)
    Pitney, Gene Looking Through The Eyes Of Love(ZMP004-6)
    Pitney, Gene Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The(SC7557-15)
    Pitney, Gene Maria Elena(ZMP004-9)
    Pitney, Gene Mecca(SC8397-12)
    Pitney, Gene Nobody Needs Your Love(SFMW861-9)
    Pitney, Gene Only Love Can Break A Heart(SC8191R-7)
    Pitney, Gene Princess In Rags(ZMP004-5)
    Pitney, Gene Something's(ZMP004-7)
    Pitney, Gene Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart(SF066-11)
    Pitney, Gene Tower Tall(HMDK-7)
    Pitney, Gene Town Without Pity(SC8418-5)
    Pitney, Gene Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa(SC8804-8)
    Pitney, Gene Twenty Four Sycamore(SFMW816-6)
    Pixies Here Comes Your Man(SC8942-9)
    Pixies Monkey Gone To Heaven(SFMW843-7)
    Pixies, The Wave Of Mutilation(HMDK-465)
    PJ & Duncan Eternal Love(SF020-8)
    PJ & Duncan Let's Get Ready To Rhumble(SFMW831-9)
    Placebo Because I Want You(SF242-12)
    Placebo Bitter End, The(SFMW841-8)
    Placebo Commercial For Levi(HMDK-466)
    Placebo Drag(HMDK-467)
    Placebo Every Me Every You(HMDK-474)
    Placebo Flesh Mechanic(HMDK-473)
    Placebo Infra-red(HMDK-475)
    Placebo Meds(HMDK-472)
    Placebo Nancy Boy(SFMW885-4)
    Placebo One Of A Kind(HMDK-468)
    Placebo Pure Morning(SC3116-7)
    Placebo Running Up That Hill(HMDK-469)
    Placebo Slave To The Wage(HMDK-471)
    Placebo Song To Say Goodbye(HMDK-470)
    Placebo You Don't Care About Us(SF129-5)
    Plain White T's 1, 2, 3, 4(SC3502-7)
    Plain White T's Hate (I Don't Really Like You)(THHP0802-15)
    Plain White T's Hey There Delilah(SC9006-1)
    Plain White T's Our Time Now(SD4801-6)
    Plant, Robert 29 Palms(SC8272-4)
    Plant, Robert Calling To You(NT004-5)
    Plant, Robert Darkness, Darkness(SC3329-8)
    Plant, Robert I Believe(SC8237-3)
    Plant, Robert If I Were A Carpenter(SC8318-2)
    Plant, Robert Shine It All Around(SC3442-1)
    Plant, Robert Tall Cool One(SC7563-13)
    Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi(SF109-5)
    Platters Great Pretender, The(SC8110-3)
    Platters Harbor Lights(DK010-11)
    Platters Magic Touch, The(SC8191-1)
    Platters My Prayer(SC8526-11)
    Platters Only You(SC7513-4)
    Platters Red Sails In The Sunset(DK025-6)
    Platters Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(SC2060-8)
    Platters Twilight Time(SC8110-12)
    Platters With This Ring(SC8182-5)
    Platters You'll Never Never Know(DK079-13)
    Play Can't Help Falling In Love With You(TU149-2)
    Play Every Little Step(MM6413-4)
    Play I Must Not Chase The Boys(TU206-7)
    Play I'm Gonna Make You Love Me(MM6413-13)
    Play Us Against The World(MM6404-8)
    Play Whole Again(MM6404-14)
    Playaz Circle Duffle Bag Boy [w/ Lil Wayne](PHU0711-5)
    Player Baby Come Back(SC8227-3)
    Player This Time I'm In It For Love(LC0003-14)
    Player What You Need(LC0003-15)
    Playmates Beep Beep(SC8544-5)
    Pleasure P Boyfriend #2(PHU0905-1)
    Plies & T-Pain Shawty(PHU0709-6)
    Plimsouls Million Miles Away, A(SC8518-3)
    Plus One Calling Down An Angel(TU131-1)
    Plus One Camouflage(TU131-2)
    Plus One Forever(TU131-4)
    Plus One Going Crazy(TU131-5)
    Plus One I Don't Care(TU131-9)
    Plus One Kick Me(TU131-12)
    Plus One Let Me Be The One(TU131-13)
    Plus One Start To Fly(TU131-17)
    Plus One Written On My Heart(TU077-19)
    PM Dawn I Had No Right(SC3099-3)
    PM Dawn I'd Die Without You(PI035-12)
    PM Dawn Looking Through Patient Eyes(PI020-4)
    PM Dawn Set Adrift On Memory Bliss(SC8638-7)
    PM Dawn You Don't Love Me(SF020-13)
    Poco Crazy Love(SC8492-12)
    Poco Heart Of The Night(SC8577-6)
    Poco Kind Woman [Live](SC8895-5)
    Poe Angry Johnny(SC8320-11)
    Poe Hello(SC8457-12)
    Poe Hey Pretty(SC3252-6)
    Poe Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-go)(HMDK-476)
    Poe, Michelle Just One Of The Boys(SD120-10)
    Pogues Dirty Old Town(SFMW867-9)
    Pogues Fairytale Of New York [w/ Kirsty McColl](SC2514-3)
    Pogues Irish Rover, The [w/ The Dubliners](SF133-5)
    Poindexter, Buster Hot Hot Hot(SC7523-2)
    Point Of Grace Day By Day(TU215-4)
    Point Of Grace Keep The Candle Burning(PR3005-5)
    Point Of Grace My God(SC8919-4)
    Point Of Grace Yes, I Believe(THMS0303-18)
    Pointer Sisters Automatic(SC8284-12)
    Pointer Sisters Dare Me(SC8417-4)
    Pointer Sisters Fire(SC8188-4)
    Pointer Sisters He's So Shy(SC7554-13)
    Pointer Sisters I'm So Excited(SC7523-6)
    Pointer Sisters Jump(LG186-4)
    Pointer Sisters Jump For My Love(SC8192-7)
    Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance(SC8293-4)
    Pointer Sisters Slow Hand(SC8600-11)
    Pointer Sisters Yes We Can Can(LG186-7)
    Poison Every Rose Has It's Thorn(SC8314-1)
    Poison Fallen Angel(SC8734-3)
    Poison I Want Action(SC8917-11)
    Poison I Won't Forget You(SC8597-1)
    Poison Look What The Cat Dragged In(SC8843-9)
    Poison Nothin' But A Good Time(SC8406-8)
    Poison Something To Believe In(HMDK-725)
    Poison Talk Dirty To Me(SC8734-13)
    Poison Unskinny Bop(SC8516-13)
    Poison Your Mama Don't Dance(SC8734-15)
    Police Can't Stand Losing You(ZMP095-7)
    Police De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da(SC8577-1)
    Police Don't Stand So Close To Me(SC8643-3)
    Police Every Breath You Take(SC8643-13)
    Police Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic(SC8292-1)
    Police Fall Out(LG024-15)
    Police Invisible Sun(LG024-8)
    Police King Of Pain(SC8643-6)
    Police Message In A Bottle(SC8763-10)
    Police Roxanne(SC8115-4)
    Police Roxanne '97(TU078-15)
    Police So Lonely(SC8985-3)
    Police Spirits In The Material World(LG024-10)
    Police Synchronicity II(SC8696-6)
    Police Twenty Five To Midnight(TU078-17)
    Police Walking On The Moon(SC8886-9)
    Police Wrapped Around Your Finger(SC8643-15)
    Pollard, Su Starting Together(SFMW907-7)
    Ponce, Carlos Busco Una Mujer(SC2197-3)
    Ponytails Born Too Late(MM6156-8)
    Poole, Brian & The Tremeloes Candy Man(SF093-3)
    Poole, Brian & The Tremeloes Do You Love Me(SF038-14)
    Poole, Brian & The Tremeloes Someone Someone(SF078-9)
    Pop Idols Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone(SFG018-3)
    Pop Idols Do You Know The Way To San Jose(SFG018-8)
    Pop Idols Evergreen(SFG018-10)
    Pop Idols Flying Without Wings(SFG018-2)
    Pop Idols I Wanna Dance With Somebody(SFG018-7)
    Pop Idols I'm Not In Love(SFG018-14)
    Pop Idols It's Not Unusual(SFG018-5)
    Pop Idols Let's Face The Music & Dance(SFG018-13)
    Pop Idols Light My Fire(SFG018-4)
    Pop Idols That Ole Devil Called Love(SFG018-11)
    Pop Idols Unchained Melody(SFG018-1)
    Pop Idols Whole Again(SFG018-6)
    Pop Idols Winner Takes It All(SFG018-12)
    Pop Will Eat Itself Can You U It(SFMW863-6)
    Pop, Iggy Candy [w/ Kate Peterson](SC8942-4)
    Pop, Iggy Lust For Life(SC8763-5)
    Pop, Iggy Passenger, The(SF119-14)
    Pop, Iggy Real Wild Child(SC8939-13)
    Porno For Pyros Pets(SFMW902-4)
    Portishead Glory Box(HMDK-477)
    Portishead Sour Times(SC8749-5)
    Portrait Day By Day(SC8244-5)
    Portrait How Deep Is Your Love(SC8195-15)
    Posey, Sandy Single Girl(SF099-12)
    Postcards From The Edge I'm Checking Out Of Heartbreak Hotel(MM6219-1)
    Potts, M.C. Back When(SC8247-12)
    Potts, M.C. I'm So Sorry(SC3034-3)
    Potts, M.C. Put Me Out Of My Misery(SC8298-15)
    Powder Blues Band Doing It Right(GM1002-1)
    Powder Blues Band Thirsty Ears(GM1002-3)
    Powder Blues Band What Have I Been Drinking(GM1002-2)
    Powderfinger Don't Wanna Be Left Out(SFID006-10)
    Powderfinger I Don't Remember(SFKK18-5)
    Powderfinger Lost & Running(SFKK16-16)
    Powderfinger My Happiness(THR0106-15)
    Powderfinger My Kind Of Scene(SFID004-4)
    Powderfinger Sunsets(SFID003-3)
    Powderfinger These Days(SFID001-14)
    Powell, Colin Taliban Song, The(TU103-16)
    Powell, Jesse You(SC8523-11)
    Power Station Get It On(SC8420-1)
    Power Station Some Like It Hot(SC7563-6)
    Powerman 5000 Bombshell(THR0111-16)
    Powerman 5000 Free(THR0307-12)
    Powerman 5000 When Worlds Collide(SC8662-7)
    Powter, Daniel Bad Day(SC8967-13)
    Powter, Daniel Free Loop(PHAC0605-4)
    Pozo-Seco Singers I Can Make It With You(SC7557-9)
    Pras Blue Angel(MM6299-12)
    Prasle, Michael Ghetto Superstar(PHT9809-9)
    Prata, Lucas And She Said(SC8987-11)
    Prata, Lucas Let's Get It On(TU136-9)
    Prata, Lucas & Reina Love Of My Life [Ballad Version](PHAC0611-9)
    Prather, Colt I Won't Go On & On(MM6407-13)
    Precious Rewind(SF164-4)
    Precious Say It Again(SF142-14)
    Prefab Sprout King Of Rock 'n' Roll, The(SFMW825-12)
    Prefab Sprout When Love Breaks Down(SFMW909-5)
    Presidents Of The USA Dune Buggy(SC8295-11)
    Presidents Of The USA Kitty(SC8486-5)
    Presidents Of The USA Lump(SC8350-13)
    Presidents Of The USA Mach 5(SC8343-11)
    Presidents Of The USA Peaches(SC8257-5)
    Presidents Of The USA Video Killed The Radio Star(SFMW913-11)
    Presley, Elvis (Marie's The Name) Of His Latest Flame(SFG052-9)
    Presley, Elvis 2001 Space Odyssey(KC006-1)
    Presley, Elvis A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You(MM6356-8)
    Presley, Elvis A Fool Such As I(TU169-1)
    Presley, Elvis Adam & Evil(MM6381-10)
    Presley, Elvis After Loving You(MM6338-14)
    Presley, Elvis Ain't That Lovin' You Baby(MM6124-6)
    Presley, Elvis All I Needed Was Rain(MM6381-11)
    Presley, Elvis All Shook Up(SC7501-13)
    Presley, Elvis All That I Am(MM6338-2)
    Presley, Elvis Almost(MM6399-2)
    Presley, Elvis Almost Always True(MM6357-2)
    Presley, Elvis Almost In Love(MM6371-15)
    Presley, Elvis Always On My Mind(SC8356-2)
    Presley, Elvis Am I Ready(MM6338-7)
    Presley, Elvis Amazing Grace(SC8536-5)
    Presley, Elvis America The Beautiful(MM6229-15)
    Presley, Elvis American Trilogy(SC8154-1)
    Presley, Elvis And I Love You So(MM6177-6)
    Presley, Elvis And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind(MM6305-2)
    Presley, Elvis Angel(MM6249-4)
    Presley, Elvis Any Day Now(MM6151-14)
    Presley, Elvis Anyone Could Fall In Love With You(MM6381-1)
    Presley, Elvis Anyplace In Paradise(MM6090-11)
    Presley, Elvis Anything That's Part Of You(MM6124-11)
    Presley, Elvis Anyway You Want Me(MM6124-14)
    Presley, Elvis Are You Lonesome Tonight(SC7521-7)
    Presley, Elvis Are You Lonesome Tonight ['68 Comeback](MM6399-3)
    Presley, Elvis Are You Sincere(MM6147-3)
    Presley, Elvis As Long As I Have You(MM6123-5)
    Presley, Elvis Ask Me(MM6147-4)
    Presley, Elvis Baby I Don't Care(SC8155-8)
    Presley, Elvis Baby, Let's Play House(MM6090-3)
    Presley, Elvis Beach Shack(MM6415-1)
    Presley, Elvis Because Of Love(MM6415-2)
    Presley, Elvis Beyond The Bend(MM6337-2)
    Presley, Elvis Big Boots(MM6288-5)
    Presley, Elvis Big Boss Man(MM6249-2)
    Presley, Elvis Big Hunk O' Love, A(SC8356-14)
    Presley, Elvis Big Love, Big Heartache(MM6356-9)
    Presley, Elvis Bigger They Are, Harder They Fall(MM6248-3)
    Presley, Elvis Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain(MM6356-2)
    Presley, Elvis Blue Hawaii(SC2419-3)
    Presley, Elvis Blue Moon(MM6305-1)
    Presley, Elvis Blue Moon Of Kentucky(DK089-9)
    Presley, Elvis Blue Suede Shoes(SC8361-13)
    Presley, Elvis Blueberry Hill(SFWS033-14)
    Presley, Elvis Bosom Of Abraham(MM6267-3)
    Presley, Elvis Bossa Nova Baby(SC8364-7)
    Presley, Elvis Bridge Over Troubled Water [Live](MM6306-13)
    Presley, Elvis Bringin' It Back(MM6398-1)
    Presley, Elvis Burning Love(SC7501-3)
    Presley, Elvis Burning Love [Aloha Concert](MM6070-13)
    Presley, Elvis By & By(MM6382-11)
    Presley, Elvis C'mon Everybody(MM6249-6)
    Presley, Elvis C. C. Rider [Aloha Concert](MM6070-4)
    Presley, Elvis Can't Help Falling In Love(SC7521-9)
    Presley, Elvis Can't Help Falling In Love [Aloha Concert](MM6070-10)
    Presley, Elvis Change Of Habit(MM6322-12)
    Presley, Elvis Charro(MM6381-7)
    Presley, Elvis Cindy, Cindy(MM6306-3)
    Presley, Elvis Clambake(MM6415-3)
    Presley, Elvis Clean Up Your Own Back Yard(MM6123-11)
    Presley, Elvis Come What May(MM6431-15)
    Presley, Elvis Crawfish(MM6399-6)
    Presley, Elvis Crying In The Chapel(SC8536-7)
    Presley, Elvis Danny Boy(MM6229-11)
    Presley, Elvis Datin'(MM6415-4)
    Presley, Elvis Devil In Disguise(SC7501-2)
    Presley, Elvis Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days Boys(SF153-9)
    Presley, Elvis Didja Ever(MM6288-9)
    Presley, Elvis Dirty Dirty Feeling(MM6337-12)
    Presley, Elvis Dixieland Rock(MM6205-6)
    Presley, Elvis Do Not Disturb(MM6357-8)
    Presley, Elvis Do You Know Who I Am(MM6371-3)
    Presley, Elvis Doin' The Best I Can(MM6205-11)
    Presley, Elvis Don't(SC8356-4)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Ask Me Why(MM6229-4)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Be Angry(LG026-11)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Be Cruel(SC8154-6)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Cry Daddy(SC8155-3)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Leave Me Now(MM6124-3)
    Presley, Elvis Don't Think Twice(MM6398-3)
    Presley, Elvis Doncha Think It's Time(MM6305-3)
    Presley, Elvis Down By The Riverside/Saints Go Marching In(MM6322-13)
    Presley, Elvis Down In The Alley(MM6157-8)
    Presley, Elvis Early Morinin' Rain(MM6177-4)
    Presley, Elvis Easy Come, Easy Go(MM6415-5)
    Presley, Elvis Echoes Of Love(MM6337-6)
    Presley, Elvis Edge Of Reality(MM6229-3)
    Presley, Elvis End Theme(MM6177-15)
    Presley, Elvis Faded Love(MM6322-11)
    Presley, Elvis Fair Is Moving On, The(MM6414-14)
    Presley, Elvis Fairytales(MM6306-15)
    Presley, Elvis Fame & Fortune(MM6124-12)
    Presley, Elvis Farther Along(MM6382-10)
    Presley, Elvis Fever(MM6014-5)
    Presley, Elvis Find Out What's Happenin'(MM6398-4)
    Presley, Elvis Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers(SFWS033-3)
    Presley, Elvis First In Line(MM6414-1)
    Presley, Elvis First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Live](MM6371-9)
    Presley, Elvis Flaming Star(MM6229-1)
    Presley, Elvis Follow That Dream(MM6123-10)
    Presley, Elvis Fool Such As I, A(SC8356-3)
    Presley, Elvis Fool, The(MM6398-2)
    Presley, Elvis Fools Fall In Love(MM6357-1)
    Presley, Elvis For Ol' Time Sake(MM6306-4)
    Presley, Elvis For The Good Times(MM6147-15)
    Presley, Elvis For The Heart [Live In Memphis](MM6306-5)
    Presley, Elvis For The Millionth & Last Time(MM6305-4)
    Presley, Elvis Forget Me Never(MM6371-12)
    Presley, Elvis Fountain Of Love(MM6357-10)
    Presley, Elvis Frankfurt Special(MM6288-2)
    Presley, Elvis Frankie & Johnny(MM6123-15)
    Presley, Elvis From A Jack To A King(MM6147-1)
    Presley, Elvis Fun In Alcapulco(MM6249-3)
    Presley, Elvis Funny How Time Slips Away(MM6147-5)
    Presley, Elvis G.I. Blues(SC8356-13)
    Presley, Elvis Gentle On My Mind(MM6356-10)
    Presley, Elvis Girl I Never Loved, The(MM6381-4)
    Presley, Elvis Girl Next Door Went A Walking(MM6414-2)
    Presley, Elvis Girl Of Mine(MM6398-13)
    Presley, Elvis Girl Of My Best Friend(MM6229-2)
    Presley, Elvis Girls Girls Girls(MM6337-9)
    Presley, Elvis Give Me The Right(MM6147-7)
    Presley, Elvis Golden Coins(MM6381-5)
    Presley, Elvis Good Luck Charm(SC7521-2)
    Presley, Elvis Good Rockin' Tonight(MM6146-5)
    Presley, Elvis Good Time Charlie's (Got The Blues)(MM6306-6)
    Presley, Elvis Gospel Medley ['68 Comeback Special](MM6382-1)
    Presley, Elvis Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do(MM6146-11)
    Presley, Elvis Got My Mojo Workin'(MM6157-3)
    Presley, Elvis Green Green Grass Of Home(MM6322-3)
    Presley, Elvis Guadalajara(MM6415-6)
    Presley, Elvis Guitar Man(SFG052-4)
    Presley, Elvis Guitar Man/What'd I Say(MM6157-6)
    Presley, Elvis Happy Ending(MM6399-14)
    Presley, Elvis Hard Headed Woman(SC8356-1)
    Presley, Elvis Hard Knocks(MM6381-14)
    Presley, Elvis Harem Holiday(MM6415-7)
    Presley, Elvis Have I Told You Lately That I Love You(MM6249-10)
    Presley, Elvis Hawaiian Sunset(MM6381-12)
    Presley, Elvis Hawaiian Wedding Song(SC2419-8)
    Presley, Elvis He Touched Me(CB70002-4)
    Presley, Elvis He'll Have To Go(MM6371-13)
    Presley, Elvis Heart Of Rome(MM6398-5)
    Presley, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel(SC8155-14)
    Presley, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel/Hound Dog/All Shook Up(MM6305-14)
    Presley, Elvis Help Me(MM6431-13)
    Presley, Elvis Help Me Make It Through The Night [Live](MM6306-12)
    Presley, Elvis Here Comes Santa Claus(SC2514-2)
    Presley, Elvis Hi-Heel Sneakers(MM6414-3)
    Presley, Elvis His Hand In Mine(SC8536-13)
    Presley, Elvis His Latest Flame(SC7521-15)
    Presley, Elvis Hound Dog(SC8155-4)
    Presley, Elvis How Great Thou Art(SC2202-2)
    Presley, Elvis How The Web Was Woven(MM6266-13)
    Presley, Elvis Hurt(MM6090-1)
    Presley, Elvis I Beg Of You(MM6146-12)
    Presley, Elvis I Believe(SC8536-4)
    Presley, Elvis I Believe In The Man In The Sky(MM6267-6)
    Presley, Elvis I Can Help(MM6398-12)
    Presley, Elvis I Can't Stop Loving You(MM6248-13)
    Presley, Elvis I Don't Want To Be Tied(MM6381-2)
    Presley, Elvis I Feel So Bad(MM6151-3)
    Presley, Elvis I Feel That I've Known You Forever(MM6338-12)
    Presley, Elvis I Forgot To Remember To Forget(MM6190-14)
    Presley, Elvis I Got A Feeling In My Body(MM6398-6)
    Presley, Elvis I Got A Woman(MM6124-13)
    Presley, Elvis I Got A Woman/Amen(MM6177-8)
    Presley, Elvis I Got Stung(ZMP001-4)
    Presley, Elvis I Gotta Know(MM6124-7)
    Presley, Elvis I Just Can't Help Believing(MM6190-2)
    Presley, Elvis I Met Her Today(MM6414-4)
    Presley, Elvis I Miss You(MM6371-7)
    Presley, Elvis I Need Somebody(MM6399-7)
    Presley, Elvis I Need You So(MM6414-5)
    Presley, Elvis I Need Your Love Tonight(MM6431-6)
    Presley, Elvis I Really Don't Want To Know(MM6157-5)
    Presley, Elvis I Shall Not Be Moved(MM6382-14)
    Presley, Elvis I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell(MM6337-7)
    Presley, Elvis I Want To Be Free(SFMW803-2)
    Presley, Elvis I Want You With Me(MM6151-4)
    Presley, Elvis I Want You, I Need You, I Love You(SC7521-1)
    Presley, Elvis I Was The One(MM6090-4)
    Presley, Elvis I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water(MM6229-7)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Be Back(MM6249-9)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Be There(MM6357-11)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Hold You In My Heart(MM6157-14)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Never Fall In Love Again(MM6177-13)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Never Know(MM6371-8)
    Presley, Elvis I'll Remember You [Aloha Concert](MM6070-11)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Comin' Home(MM6414-6)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Counting On You(MM6431-2)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Falling In Love Tonight(MM6338-3)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry(MM6431-8)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs(MM6267-12)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Just A Roustabout(TU235-5)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Leavin'(MM6398-15)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Left You're Right She's Gone(MM6146-13)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Not The Marrying Kind(MM6399-11)
    Presley, Elvis I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry(MM6229-14)
    Presley, Elvis I'm Yours(MM6249-7)
    Presley, Elvis I've Got A Thing About You(MM6151-7)
    Presley, Elvis I've Got Confidence(MM6267-14)
    Presley, Elvis I've Lost You(MM6266-9)
    Presley, Elvis I, John(MM6382-12)
    Presley, Elvis If I Can Dream(SC8155-6)
    Presley, Elvis If I'm A Fool For Loving You(MM6399-4)
    Presley, Elvis If That Isn't Love(MM6267-10)
    Presley, Elvis If We Never Meet Again(CB70002-13)
    Presley, Elvis If You Don't Come Back(MM6399-8)
    Presley, Elvis If You Love Me(MM6177-11)
    Presley, Elvis If You Talk In Your Sleep(MM6157-4)
    Presley, Elvis Impossible Dream, The(MM6248-12)
    Presley, Elvis In My Father's House(MM6081-5)
    Presley, Elvis In The Garden(CB70002-8)
    Presley, Elvis In The Ghetto(SC7501-5)
    Presley, Elvis In The Ghetto [w/ Lisa-Marie Presley](SD4711-2)
    Presley, Elvis In Your Arms(MM6414-7)
    Presley, Elvis Indescribably Blue(MM6249-1)
    Presley, Elvis Inherit The Wind [Live](MM6306-7)
    Presley, Elvis Is It So Strange(MM6338-4)
    Presley, Elvis Island Of Love(MM6357-7)
    Presley, Elvis It Ain't No Big Thing(MM6398-14)
    Presley, Elvis It Feels So Right(MM6151-8)
    Presley, Elvis It Hurts Me(MM6147-9)
    Presley, Elvis It Is No Secret(CB70002-9)
    Presley, Elvis It Keeps Right On Hurtin'(MM6124-2)
    Presley, Elvis It's A Long, Lonely Highway(MM6357-12)
    Presley, Elvis It's A Matter Of Time(MM6398-11)
    Presley, Elvis It's A Sin(SFID004-8)
    Presley, Elvis It's Easy For You(MM6371-10)
    Presley, Elvis It's Impossible(MM6248-2)
    Presley, Elvis It's Midnight(MM6306-14)
    Presley, Elvis It's Now Or Never(SC7501-9)
    Presley, Elvis It's Only Love(MM6249-5)
    Presley, Elvis It's Only Make Believe(KC006-5)
    Presley, Elvis It's Over(MM6124-1)
    Presley, Elvis It's Still Here(MM6338-9)
    Presley, Elvis It's Your Baby, You Rock It(MM6322-7)
    Presley, Elvis Jailhouse Rock(SC7521-10)
    Presley, Elvis Johnny B. Goode(MM6266-7)
    Presley, Elvis Joshua Fit The Battle(SC8536-10)
    Presley, Elvis Judy(MM6414-8)
    Presley, Elvis Just A Little Bit(MM6337-4)
    Presley, Elvis Just Because(MM6431-7)
    Presley, Elvis Just Call Me Lonesome(MM6357-6)
    Presley, Elvis Just Can't Help Falling In Love(LG026-1)
    Presley, Elvis Just Pretend(MM6205-8)
    Presley, Elvis Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello(MM6205-5)
    Presley, Elvis Kentucky Rain(SC7521-13)
    Presley, Elvis King Creole(MM6146-2)
    Presley, Elvis King Is Dead, The(MM6266-1)
    Presley, Elvis King Of The Whole Wide World(MM6123-9)
    Presley, Elvis Kismet(MM6337-3)
    Presley, Elvis Kiss Me Quick(MM6151-12)
    Presley, Elvis Kissin' Cousins(MM6190-3)
    Presley, Elvis Known Only To Him(SC8536-11)
    Presley, Elvis Ku-u-i-po(MM6248-6)
    Presley, Elvis Lady Loves Me, The(MM6288-13)
    Presley, Elvis Last Farewell, The(MM6248-15)
    Presley, Elvis Lawdy Miss Clawdy(MM6146-10)
    Presley, Elvis Lawdy Miss Clawdy ['68 Comeback Special](MM6305-13)
    Presley, Elvis Lead Me Guide Me(SC8536-6)
    Presley, Elvis Let It Be Me(MM6177-14)
    Presley, Elvis Let Me Be There(MM6205-1)
    Presley, Elvis Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear(SPC12-5)
    Presley, Elvis Let Us Pray(MM6267-5)
    Presley, Elvis Let Yourself Go(MM6123-8)
    Presley, Elvis Life(MM6431-11)
    Presley, Elvis Like A Baby(MM6151-11)
    Presley, Elvis Little Bit Of Green(MM6249-11)
    Presley, Elvis Little Darlin' [Live](MM6431-5)
    Presley, Elvis Little Egypt(MM6229-5)
    Presley, Elvis Little Less Conversation(SFG050-13)
    Presley, Elvis Little Sister(SC8155-11)
    Presley, Elvis Lonesome Cowboy(MM6190-13)
    Presley, Elvis Long Black Limousine(MM6157-11)
    Presley, Elvis Long Legged Girl(MM6123-12)
    Presley, Elvis Long Tall Sally(KC006-12)
    Presley, Elvis Long Tall Sally Medley(MM6266-6)
    Presley, Elvis Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin'(MM6248-1)
    Presley, Elvis Love Coming Down(MM6356-15)
    Presley, Elvis Love Letters In The Sand(PI025-18)
    Presley, Elvis Love Me(SC7501-11)
    Presley, Elvis Love Me Tender(SC7501-10)
    Presley, Elvis Love Me Tonight(MM6371-1)
    Presley, Elvis Love Song Of The Year(MM6431-14)
    Presley, Elvis Lover Doll(MM6123-7)
    Presley, Elvis Loving Arms(MM6431-1)
    Presley, Elvis Loving You(SC8356-6)
    Presley, Elvis Make Me Know It(MM6337-11)
    Presley, Elvis Make The World Go Away(MM6147-10)
    Presley, Elvis Mama Liked The Roses(MM6305-5)
    Presley, Elvis Mansion Over The Hilltop(CB70002-10)
    Presley, Elvis Marguerita(MM6381-3)
    Presley, Elvis Marie's The Name, His Latest Flame(MH1067-9)
    Presley, Elvis Mary In The Morning(MM6205-7)
    Presley, Elvis Mean Woman Blues(MM6090-10)
    Presley, Elvis Memories(SC8356-5)
    Presley, Elvis Memphis Tennessee(MM6151-9)
    Presley, Elvis Mess Of Blues, A(MM6157-1)
    Presley, Elvis Milkcow Blues Boogie(MM6124-9)
    Presley, Elvis Milky White Way(MM6382-4)
    Presley, Elvis Mine(MM6356-11)
    Presley, Elvis Miracle Of The Rosary(MM6267-4)
    Presley, Elvis Money Honey(MM6157-2)
    Presley, Elvis Moody Blue(SC8155-12)
    Presley, Elvis Mr. Songman(MM6431-3)
    Presley, Elvis My Babe(MM6337-5)
    Presley, Elvis My Baby Left Me(MM6205-12)
    Presley, Elvis My Boy(MM6157-10)
    Presley, Elvis My Happiness(MM6356-12)
    Presley, Elvis My Little Friend(MM6357-13)
    Presley, Elvis My Way(THMRM11-16)
    Presley, Elvis My Way [Live](SC8356-10)
    Presley, Elvis My Wish Came True(MM6229-8)
    Presley, Elvis Mystery Train(MM6124-8)
    Presley, Elvis Never Again(MM6371-5)
    Presley, Elvis Never Been To Spain(MM6248-14)
    Presley, Elvis Never Ending(MM6357-14)
    Presley, Elvis Never Say Yes(MM6415-9)
    Presley, Elvis New Orleans(MM6123-13)
    Presley, Elvis Next Step Is Love, The(MM6229-10)
    Presley, Elvis Night Rider(MM6414-9)
    Presley, Elvis No More(MM6337-8)
    Presley, Elvis Oh Happy Day(MM6382-15)
    Presley, Elvis Old Shep(MM6305-6)
    Presley, Elvis Once Is Enough(MM6415-10)
    Presley, Elvis One Boy Two Little Girls(MM6381-13)
    Presley, Elvis One Broken Heart For Sale(MM6124-10)
    Presley, Elvis One Night(SC8356-11)
    Presley, Elvis One Night Of Sin(MM6249-12)
    Presley, Elvis One Sided Love Affair(MM6414-10)
    Presley, Elvis One Track Heart(MM6381-15)
    Presley, Elvis Only Believe(MM6382-5)
    Presley, Elvis Only The Strong Survive(MM6014-11)
    Presley, Elvis Paradise Hawaiian Style(MM6337-15)
    Presley, Elvis Paralyzed(MM6090-6)
    Presley, Elvis Party(MM6357-4)
    Presley, Elvis Patch It Up(MM6306-8)
    Presley, Elvis Peace In The Valley(SC8536-3)
    Presley, Elvis Pieces Of My Life(MM6322-1)
    Presley, Elvis Playin' For Keeps(MM6146-8)
    Presley, Elvis Please Don't Stop Loving Me(MM6123-6)
    Presley, Elvis Pledging My Love(MM6306-1)
    Presley, Elvis Pocketful Of Rainbows(MM6337-1)
    Presley, Elvis Polk Salad Annie(MM6248-7)
    Presley, Elvis Poor Boy(MM6190-9)
    Presley, Elvis Power Of My Love(MM6157-12)
    Presley, Elvis Precious Lord(MM6081-11)
    Presley, Elvis Promised Land(SC8679-2)
    Presley, Elvis Proud Mary(MM6266-4)
    Presley, Elvis Puppet On A String(MM6124-4)
    Presley, Elvis Put The Blame On Me(MM6414-11)
    Presley, Elvis Put Your Hand In The Hand(MM6267-8)
    Presley, Elvis Rags To Riches(MM6322-2)
    Presley, Elvis Raised On Rock(MM6190-15)
    Presley, Elvis Reach Out To Jesus(CB70002-14)
    Presley, Elvis Ready Teddy(MM6414-12)
    Presley, Elvis Reconsider Baby(MM6151-10)
    Presley, Elvis Relax(MM6305-11)
    Presley, Elvis Release Me(MM6248-9)
    Presley, Elvis Return To Sender(SC7501-14)
    Presley, Elvis Riding The Rainbow(MM6415-11)
    Presley, Elvis Rip It Up(MM6090-7)
    Presley, Elvis Rock-A-Hula Baby(MM6123-4)
    Presley, Elvis Roustabout(MM6205-4)
    Presley, Elvis Rubberneckin'(MM6151-1)
    Presley, Elvis Rubberneckin' [Paul Oakenfold Remix](SC8845-8)
    Presley, Elvis Run On(MM6382-2)
    Presley, Elvis Runaway [Live](MM6398-8)
    Presley, Elvis Seeing Is Believing(MM6382-3)
    Presley, Elvis Sentimental Me(MM6356-3)
    Presley, Elvis Separate Ways(MM6205-15)
    Presley, Elvis Shake A Hand(MM6081-10)
    Presley, Elvis Shake, Rattle & Roll(MM6190-1)
    Presley, Elvis She Thinks I Still Care(MM6356-13)
    Presley, Elvis She Wears My Ring(MM6399-9)
    Presley, Elvis She's Not You(SFG052-10)
    Presley, Elvis Shopping Around(MM6205-9)
    Presley, Elvis Sing You Children(MM6267-13)
    Presley, Elvis Singing Tree(MM6399-12)
    Presley, Elvis Slowly But Surely(MM6381-8)
    Presley, Elvis Snowbird(MM6398-10)
    Presley, Elvis So Close Yet So Far(MM6338-10)
    Presley, Elvis So Glad You're Mine(MM6090-13)
    Presley, Elvis So High(MM6382-9)
    Presley, Elvis Softly As I Leave You(MM6431-9)
    Presley, Elvis Soldier Boy(MM6305-7)
    Presley, Elvis Solitaire(MM6306-9)
    Presley, Elvis Somebody Bigger Than You & I(MM6081-12)
    Presley, Elvis Something Blue(MM6322-10)
    Presley, Elvis Something [Aloha Concert](MM6070-7)
    Presley, Elvis Sound Advice(MM6414-13)
    Presley, Elvis Spanish Eyes(MM6356-1)
    Presley, Elvis Speedway(MM6415-12)
    Presley, Elvis Spinout(MM6229-9)
    Presley, Elvis Stand By Me(MM6267-9)
    Presley, Elvis Starting Today(MM6356-5)
    Presley, Elvis Stay Away(MM6415-13)
    Presley, Elvis Steamroller Blues(MM6070-2)
    Presley, Elvis Stop Where You Are(MM6337-10)
    Presley, Elvis Stop, Look & Listen(MM6357-9)
    Presley, Elvis Stranger In My Own Hometown(MM6357-15)
    Presley, Elvis Stranger In The Crowd(MM6398-9)
    Presley, Elvis Stuck On You(SC8155-5)
    Presley, Elvis Such A Night(MM6151-2)
    Presley, Elvis Such An Easy Question(MM6249-8)
    Presley, Elvis Summer Kisses, Winter Tears(SF147-8)
    Presley, Elvis Suppose(MM6356-6)
    Presley, Elvis Surrender(SC8651-11)
    Presley, Elvis Susan When She Tried(MM6322-8)
    Presley, Elvis Suspicion(MM6305-8)
    Presley, Elvis Suspicious Minds(SC8154-7)
    Presley, Elvis Suspicious Minds [Aloha Concert](MM6070-5)
    Presley, Elvis Sweet Angeline(MM6322-4)
    Presley, Elvis Sweet Caroline(MM6266-14)
    Presley, Elvis Swing Down Sweet Chariot(SC8536-9)
    Presley, Elvis Swing Low, Sweet Chariot(MM6267-2)
    Presley, Elvis Sylvia(MM6338-13)
    Presley, Elvis Take Good Care Of Her(MM6431-10)
    Presley, Elvis Take My Hand, Precious Lord(SC8536-15)
    Presley, Elvis Talk About The Good Times(MM6322-9)
    Presley, Elvis Teddy Bear(SC8154-12)
    Presley, Elvis Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel Medley(MM6177-3)
    Presley, Elvis Tell Me Why(MM6399-10)
    Presley, Elvis Tender Feeling(MM6371-2)
    Presley, Elvis That's Alright (Mama)(MM6177-1)
    Presley, Elvis That's Someone You Never Forget(MM6371-4)
    Presley, Elvis That's When Your Heartache Begins(MM6146-7)
    Presley, Elvis There Goes My Everything(SF166-7)
    Presley, Elvis There Goes My Everything [Live In Vegas](MM6431-4)
    Presley, Elvis There Is No God But God(MM6267-11)
    Presley, Elvis There's A Fool Such As I(SFG051-11)
    Presley, Elvis There's A Honky Tonk Angel(MM6306-10)
    Presley, Elvis There's Always Me(MM6338-15)
    Presley, Elvis Thing Called Love, A(MM6382-6)
    Presley, Elvis Thinking About You(MM6356-14)
    Presley, Elvis This Is Our Dance(MM6338-11)
    Presley, Elvis This Is The Story(MM6338-6)
    Presley, Elvis Thrill Of Your Love(MM6147-11)
    Presley, Elvis Today Tomorrow & Forever(MM6399-1)
    Presley, Elvis Tommorow Never Comes(MM6398-7)
    Presley, Elvis Tomorrow Is A Long Time(MM6157-9)
    Presley, Elvis Tomorrow Never Comes(MM6338-8)
    Presley, Elvis Tonight Is So Right For Love(MM6205-10)
    Presley, Elvis Too Much(SC8154-4)
    Presley, Elvis Too Much Monkey Business(MM6322-6)
    Presley, Elvis Too Much [Aloha Concert](MM6070-8)
    Presley, Elvis Treat Me Nice(SC8356-7)
    Presley, Elvis Treat Me Nice [Aloha Concert](MM6070-3)
    Presley, Elvis Trouble(SC8356-12)
    Presley, Elvis Trouble/Guitar Man ['68 Comeback Special](MM6305-15)
    Presley, Elvis True Love Travels On A Gravel Road(MM6305-10)
    Presley, Elvis Tryin' To Get To You(MM6266-2)
    Presley, Elvis Twelfth Of Never, The(MM6371-14)
    Presley, Elvis Twenty Days & Twenty Nights(MM6306-2)
    Presley, Elvis U.S. Male(MM6151-6)
    Presley, Elvis Unchained Melody(MM6266-8)
    Presley, Elvis Until It's Time For You To Go(MM6147-12)
    Presley, Elvis Vino Dinero Y Amor(MM6381-9)
    Presley, Elvis Viva Las Vegas(SC8356-9)
    Presley, Elvis Walk A Mile In My Shoes(MM6248-10)
    Presley, Elvis Way Down(MM6205-13)
    Presley, Elvis We Call On Him(MM6382-13)
    Presley, Elvis We Can Make The Morning(MM6147-14)
    Presley, Elvis Wear My Ring Around Your Neck(SC8154-8)
    Presley, Elvis Wearin' That Loved On Look(MM6157-13)
    Presley, Elvis Welcome To My World [Aloha Concert](MM6070-6)
    Presley, Elvis Western Union(MM6415-14)
    Presley, Elvis What A Wonderful Life(MM6381-6)
    Presley, Elvis What Now My Love [Aloha Concert](MM6070-12)
    Presley, Elvis What'd I Say(MM6123-1)
    Presley, Elvis What's She Really Like(MM6288-12)
    Presley, Elvis When I'm Over You(MM6431-12)
    Presley, Elvis When It Rains It Really Pours(MM6157-15)
    Presley, Elvis When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again(MM6190-12)
    Presley, Elvis Where Could I Go(SC8536-8)
    Presley, Elvis Where Did They Go Lord(MM6229-6)
    Presley, Elvis Where Do You Come From(MM6190-10)
    Presley, Elvis Where No One Stands Alone(MM6081-14)
    Presley, Elvis Who Am I(MM6081-13)
    Presley, Elvis Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On(MM6306-11)
    Presley, Elvis Whom I Am(SC8536-12)
    Presley, Elvis Wild In The Country(MM6356-4)
    Presley, Elvis Without Love (There Is Nothing)(MM6124-15)
    Presley, Elvis Wolf Call(MM6357-5)
    Presley, Elvis Wonder Of You, The(SC8154-15)
    Presley, Elvis Wooden Heart(MM6190-8)
    Presley, Elvis Words(MM6266-12)
    Presley, Elvis Working On The Building(SC8536-14)
    Presley, Elvis World Of Our Own, A(MM6371-6)
    Presley, Elvis Yesterday(MM6248-8)
    Presley, Elvis You Can't Say No In Acapulco(MM6305-12)
    Presley, Elvis You Don't Have To Say You Love Me(SC8356-8)
    Presley, Elvis You Don't Know Me(MM6288-6)
    Presley, Elvis You Gave Me A Mountain(CB70002-12)
    Presley, Elvis You Gotta Stop(MM6337-14)
    Presley, Elvis You'll Be Gone(MM6414-15)
    Presley, Elvis You'll Never Walk Alone(SC8536-1)
    Presley, Elvis You'll Think Of Me(MM6356-7)
    Presley, Elvis You're So Square Baby I Don't Care(SC7521-8)
    Presley, Elvis You're The Boss [w/ Ann Margaret](MM6305-9)
    Presley, Elvis You're The Devil In Disguise(MH1067-16)
    Presley, Elvis You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling(MM6248-11)
    Presley, Elvis Young & Beautiful(MM6123-2)
    Presley, Elvis Young Dreams(MM6415-15)
    Presley, Elvis Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming(MM6338-5)
    Presley, Elvis Your Time Hasn't Come Yet(MM6337-13)
    Presley, Elvis & J.X.L. Little Less Conversation, A(SC8892-8)
    Presley, Lisa Marie Lights Out(MH1148-10)
    Presley, Lisa Marie Lights Out [Radio Version](SC8818-1)
    Presley, Lisa Marie Sinking In(SC3375-3)
    Preston, Billy Nothing From Nothing(SC8138-8)
    Preston, Billy Will It Go 'Round In Circles(SC8178-8)
    Preston, Billy & Syreeta With You I'm Born Again(MH1059-2)
    Preston, Johnny Cradle Of Love(SF078-13)
    Preston, Johnny Running Bear(SC7539-10)
    Pretenders 2000 Miles(ZMH009-3)
    Pretenders Back On The Chain Gang(SC8331-1)
    Pretenders Brass In Pocket(SC8420-7)
    Pretenders Don't Get Me Wrong(SC8338-8)
    Pretenders Everyday Is Like Sunday(SC8170-15)
    Pretenders Goodbye(SC8423-11)
    Pretenders Human(SC8548-12)
    Pretenders Hymn To Her(SFMW865-10)
    Pretenders I'll Stand By You(SC2408-2)
    Pretenders Loving You Is All I Know(MM6275-12)
    Pretenders Message Of Love(DM102-6)
    Pretenders Middle Of The Road(SC2302-3)
    Pretenders My City Was Gone(DM102-5)
    Pretenders Mystery Achievement(DM102-8)
    Pretenders Night In My Veins(NT033-2)
    Pretenders Sense Of Purpose(SC8240-15)
    Pretenders Show Me(PHMR8401-1)
    Pretenders Stand By You(SFMW843-11)
    Pretenders Stop Your Sobbing(SC8985-7)
    Pretenders Talk Of The Town(SFMW914-13)
    Pretenders Thin Line Between Love & Hate(SC8257-8)
    Pretty Poison Catch Me (I'm Falling)(DK032-5)
    Pretty Ricky Grind With Me(PHU0507-5)
    Pretty Ricky Love Like Honey(PHU0711-8)
    Pretty Ricky Nothing But A Number(PHU0603-6)
    Pretty Ricky On The Hotline(PHU0702-5)
    Pretty Ricky Push It Baby [w/ Sean Paul](PHU0707-6)
    Pretty Ricky Your Body(THH0601-10)
    Pretty Ricky Your Body [Radio Version](SC8948-9)
    Previne, Dorothy Don't Bring Lulu(SF083-10)
    Price, Alan Jarrow Song(ZMJB03-6)
    Price, Alan Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear(SFMW846-10)
    Price, Kelly As We Lay(SC8629-9)
    Price, Kelly Friend Of Mine(SC8473-14)
    Price, Kelly You Should've Told Me(SC8664-8)
    Price, Lloyd I'm Gonna Get Married(SC8526-7)
    Price, Lloyd Just Because(JV0014-6)
    Price, Lloyd Lawdy Miss Clawdy(DK014-16)
    Price, Lloyd Personality(SC7531-3)
    Price, Lloyd Stagger Lee(SC8361-11)
    Price, Lloyd Where Were You On Our Wedding Day(JV0014-8)
    Price, Ray City Lights(PSJT085-14)
    Price, Ray Crazy Arms(SC8445-12)
    Price, Ray For The Good Times(SC7524-3)
    Price, Ray Heartaches By The Numbers(SC7544-15)
    Price, Ray I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)(PSJT085-10)
    Price, Ray I've Got A New Heartache(SC7558-9)
    Price, Ray Invitation To The Blues(SC8419-14)
    Price, Ray Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(JV0058-10)
    Price, Ray My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You(SC8392-8)
    Price, Ray One More Time(SC8712-13)
    Price, Ray Pride(SC8712-4)
    Price, Ray Same Old Me, The(SC8383-3)
    Price, Ray San Antonio Rose(PI202-14)
    Price, Ray She's Got To Be A Saint(SC8582-14)
    Pride, Charley All I Have To Offer You Is Me(SC7558-15)
    Pride, Charley Amazing Love(SC8604-5)
    Pride, Charley Burgers & Fries(SC8400-2)
    Pride, Charley Crystal Chandeliers(ZMCS01-10)
    Pride, Charley Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger(SC8682-1)
    Pride, Charley For Today [w/ Hal Ketchum](SC8236-5)
    Pride, Charley Hope You're Feelin' Me(SC8335-15)
    Pride, Charley I Know One(SC8592-12)
    Pride, Charley I'd Rather Love You(SC8792-13)
    Pride, Charley I'm Just Me(SC8697-4)
    Pride, Charley I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again(SC8555-8)
    Pride, Charley Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone(SC7556-1)
    Pride, Charley Just Between You & Me(SC8712-15)
    Pride, Charley Just For The Love Of It(SC8317-7)
    Pride, Charley Kiss An Angel Good Morning(SC2087-7)
    Pride, Charley Never Been So Loved(SC8345-1)
    Pride, Charley She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory(SC8564-1)
    Pride, Charley She's Too Good To Be True(SC8604-14)
    Pride, Charley Shoulder To Cry On, A(SC8647-3)
    Pride, Charley Someone Loves You Honey(SC8541-9)
    Pride, Charley You're So Good When You're Bad(SC8434-1)
    Priest, Maxi Close To You(SC8486-12)
    Priest, Maxi That Girl [w/ Shaggy](MM6375-3)
    Prima, Louis Closer To The Bone(MM6254-11)
    Prima, Louis I Got You Under My Skin [w/ Keely Smith](LG109-15)
    Prima, Louis Just A Gigolo, Ain't Got Nobody(LG109-16)
    Prima, Louis That Old Black Magic [w/ Keely Smith](SC8890-7)
    Primal Scream Country Girl(SF243-2)
    Primal Scream Movin' On Up(SFMW915-6)
    Primal Scream Rocks(HMDK-478)
    Primal Scream Rocks(SFMW854-4)
    Prime Sth I'm Stupid(THR0109-15)
    Primitive Radio Gods Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth(SC8308-8)
    Primitives Crash(ZMH002-5)
    Primus Wynona's Big Brown Beaver(SC8532-2)
    Prince 1999(SC7546-4)
    Prince 7(SC8718-11)
    Prince Alphabet Street(SFG022-7)
    Prince Baby I'm A Star(SC8718-2)
    Prince Batdance(JV0012-6)
    Prince Beautiful Ones, The(SC8718-7)
    Prince Betcha By Golly Wow(SC8457-15)
    Prince Controversy(SC8606-6)
    Prince Cream(SC8777-4)
    Prince Darling Nikki(SC8532-3)
    Prince Delirious(SC8777-11)
    Prince Diamonds & Pearls(SC8718-15)
    Prince Do Me Baby(SC8777-13)
    Prince Erotic City(SC8718-14)
    Prince Get Off(SC8718-3)
    Prince Gold(SF034-1)
    Prince I Hate U(SC8209-12)
    Prince I Wanna Be Your Lover(SC8447-8)
    Prince I Would Die For You(SC2327-6)
    Prince Kiss(SC7529-12)
    Prince Let It Go(MM6078-5)
    Prince Let's Go Crazy(SC2430-2)
    Prince Little Red Corvette(SC7580-9)
    Prince Money Don't Matter 2Night(SFMW860-9)
    Prince Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The(SC8113-15)
    Prince Musicology(THH0407-16)
    Prince My Name Is Prince(SFG022-12)
    Prince Pop Life(SC8718-13)
    Prince Purple Medley(HMDK-479)
    Prince Purple Rain(SC7542-11)
    Prince Pussy Control(SC8718-1)
    Prince Raspberry Beret(SC8687-10)
    Prince Sexy MF(SC8718-4)
    Prince Sign O' The Times(SC8718-8)
    Prince Somebody's Somebody(SC8476-1)
    Prince Take Me With You(SC8718-9)
    Prince Te Amo Corazon(THH0604-18)
    Prince Thieves In The Temple(JV0012-10)
    Prince U Got The Look(SC8718-6)
    Prince When Doves Cry(SC8427-12)
    Prince Buster Whine & Grime(SF119-6)
    Prince Of Egypt & Boyz II Men I Will Get There(SC3125-7)
    Princess Ida O Goddess Wise(STS6019-9)
    Princess Superstar Bad Babysitter(SF190-1)
    Prine, John Ain't Hurtin' Nobody(CB90246-2)
    Prine, John Angel From Montgomery(CB90246-12)
    Prine, John Dear Abby(CB90246-3)
    Prine, John Grandpa Was A Carpenter(CB90246-6)
    Prine, John Great Compromise, The(CB90246-15)
    Prine, John Hello In There(CB90246-7)
    Prine, John Illegal Smile(SC8172-10)
    Prine, John Paradise(CB90246-9)
    Prine, John Please Don't Bury Me(CB90246-4)
    Prine, John Sam Stone(CB90246-10)
    Prine, John Souvenirs(CB90246-5)
    Prine, John Spanish Pipedream(CB90246-11)
    Prine, John Take A Look At My Heart(CB90246-14)
    Prine, John Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You(CB90246-13)
    Prine, John You Got Gold(CB90246-8)
    Priscila Y Sus Balas De Plata Paraiso Terrenal(TU236-11)
    Proby, P.J. Hold Me(SF045-7)
    Proby, P.J. Somewhere(BSK001-7)
    Proclaimers (I'm Gonna Be) Five Hundred Miles(SC8310-14)
    Proclaimers I'm On My Way(SFMW824-14)
    Proclaimers Letter From America(SF108-6)
    Proclaimers Sunshine On Leith(SFMW837-1)
    Proclaimers, The (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles - Comic Relief 2007(EZH63-1)
    Procol Harum Conquistador(SC8724-12)
    Procol Harum Whiter Shade Of Pale, A(SC8418-9)
    Proctor, Rachel Days Like This(SC8833-3)
    Proctor, Rachel Didn't I(SD115-7)
    Proctor, Rachel Me & Emily(SC8881-5)
    Proctor, Rachel Where I Belong(SC8884-6)
    Prodigy Breathe(SF081-4)
    Prodigy Firestarter(SF080-2)
    Profyle Liar(BS3417-12)
    Propellerheads History Repeating(SFMW869-15)
    Prosser, James Angels Don't Fly(SC8549-10)
    Prosser, James Life Goes On(SC8524-5)
    Pruett, Jeannie Satin Sheets(SC7544-11)
    Pryor, Snooky How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That(MM6206-3)
    Pseudo Echo Funkytown(CBE3-22-7)
    Psychedelic Furs Ghost In You, The(SC8671-1)
    Psychedelic Furs Love My Way(SC8522-10)
    Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink(SC8588-13)
    Public Enemy Fight The Power(SC8760-2)
    Public Image Ltd. Rise(HMDK-116)
    Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap Don't Give In To Him(SC8255-3)
    Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap Lady Will Power(SC8218-13)
    Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap Over You(SC8218-4)
    Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap Woman, Woman(SC7560-12)
    Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap Young Girl(SC7531-12)
    Puddle Of Mudd Away From Me(THR0402-11)
    Puddle Of Mudd Blurry(THR0202-11)
    Puddle Of Mudd Control(SC8720-3)
    Puddle Of Mudd Drift & Die(SC8758-5)
    Puddle Of Mudd Heel Over Head(THR0405-10)
    Puddle Of Mudd Psycho(CB5119-01-1)
    Puddle Of Mudd She Hates Me(SC8803-11)
    Puddle Of Mudd Spin You Around(THR0409-18)
    Puff Johnson Over & Over(SC8340-3)
    Pullins, Leroy I'm A Nut(SC8579-11)
    Pulp All Time High(HMDK-487)
    Pulp All Time High(SFG023-15)
    Pulp Born To Cry(HMDK-488)
    Pulp Common People(HMDK-486)
    Pulp Common People(SF039-1)
    Pulp Disco 2000(HMDK-485)
    Pulp Disco 2000(SF034-4)
    Pulp Do You Remember The First Time(HMDK-484)
    Pulp Do You Remember The First Time(SFG017-15)
    Pulp Help The Aged(HMDK-483)
    Pulp Help The Aged(SF116-4)
    Pulp Mile End(HMDK-480)
    Pulp Mile End(SFG023-13)
    Pulp Monday Morning(HMDK-482)
    Pulp Monday Morning(SFG023-10)
    Pulp Sorted For E's & Wizz(SFG032-11)
    Pulp This Is Hardcore(HMDK-481)
    Pulp This Is Hardcore(SF119-4)
    Pure Prairie League Amie(SC8449-12)
    Pure Prairie League Falling In & Out Of Love(SC8479-15)
    Pure Prairie League Let Me Love You Tonight(SC8479-1)
    Pure Soul We Must Be In Love(SC8203-9)
    Puretone Addicted To Bass(SF189-2)
    Purify, James & Bobby I'm Your Puppet(SC8255-10)
    Purify, James & Bobby Shake A Tail Feather(SC8330-15)
    Purple Ribbon All-Stars Kryptonite(PHU0602-7)
    Pursuit Of Happiness I'm An Adult Now(GM1000-7)
    Pussycat Mississippi(SF104-14)
    Pussycat Dolls Beep(PHM0604-3)
    Pussycat Dolls Buttons(PHM0608-2)
    Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha(PHU0507-2)
    Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha [Radio Version](SC8932-14)
    Pussycat Dolls Don't Ya(SF234-10)
    Pussycat Dolls How Many Times, How Many Lies(SD4703-12)
    Pussycat Dolls Hush Hush(PHM0908-3)
    Pussycat Dolls I Don't Need A Man(THHP0611-16)
    Pussycat Dolls Stickwitu(SC8993-4)
    Pussycat Dolls Stuck With You(SF238-7)
    Pussycat Dolls Tainted Love(HMDK-489)
    Pussycat Dolls Wait A Minute(PHM0701-4)
    Python Lee Jackson In A Broken Dream(SFMW872-9)


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