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    R.B.D. Tu Amor(PHM0701-8)
    R.E.M. Aftermath(PHR0503-4)
    R.E.M. At My Most Beautiful(SF136-11)
    R.E.M. Bad Day(PHR0401-9)
    R.E.M. Bang & Blame(SC8148-2)
    R.E.M. Bittersweet Me(PI049-5)
    R.E.M. Daysleeper(SC8499-4)
    R.E.M. Drive(SC8530-13)
    R.E.M. E-Bow The Letter(SC8320-10)
    R.E.M. Electrolite(PI051-16)
    R.E.M. Electron Blue(SF229-9)
    R.E.M. End Of The World, The(SC7584-8)
    R.E.M. Everybody Hurts(SC8242-7)
    R.E.M. Fall On Me(SC8894-3)
    R.E.M. Finest Worksong(HMDK-498)
    R.E.M. Great Beyond, The(SC8581-15)
    R.E.M. Great Beyond, The [Radio Version](SC3171-8)
    R.E.M. How The West Was Won(PI054-14)
    R.E.M. I've Been High(SF180-11)
    R.E.M. Imitation Of Life(SC8699-14)
    R.E.M. It's The End Of The World As We Know It(SC2440-8)
    R.E.M. Leaving New York(PHR0412-3)
    R.E.M. Losing My Religion(SC8107-11)
    R.E.M. Man On The Moon(SC8122-14)
    R.E.M. Near Wild Heaven(ZMP107-12)
    R.E.M. One I Love, The(SC7564-3)
    R.E.M. Orange Crush(SC8638-3)
    R.E.M. Radio Free Europe(SC8313-7)
    R.E.M. Shiny Happy People(SC8486-7)
    R.E.M. Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, The(ZMP107-5)
    R.E.M. Stand(SC8856-5)
    R.E.M. Strange Currencies(SD015-8)
    R.E.M. What's The Frequency, Kenneth(SC8145-8)
    Ra Do You Call My Name(THR0305-18)
    Ra Rectifier(PHR0308-8)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Best Year Of My Life, The(SC8483-10)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Both To Each Other [w/ Juice Newton](SC8408-10)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Do You Right Tonight(CB90078-7)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Drinking My Baby Off My Mind(SC8183-15)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Drivin' My Life Away(SC7591-4)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Every Which Way But Loose(CB90078-12)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Gone Too Far(SC8434-4)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Hearts On Fire(SC7555-12)
    Rabbitt, Eddie I Love A Rainy Night(SC7544-2)
    Rabbitt, Eddie I Wanna Dance With You(DK035-1)
    Rabbitt, Eddie On Second Thought(SC8135-2)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Pour Me Another Tequila(SC7555-2)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Rocky Mountain Music(SC8628-9)
    Rabbitt, Eddie She's Comin' Back To Say Goodbye(SC8483-9)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight(SC8551-9)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Step By Step(SC7552-3)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Suspicions(SC8342-11)
    Rabbitt, Eddie That's Why I Fell In Love (With You)(DK077-18)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Two Dollars In The Jukebox(CB90078-6)
    Rabbitt, Eddie Warning Signs(SC8483-12)
    Rabbitt, Eddie We Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right(CB90078-14)
    Rabbitt, Eddie You & I [w/ Crystal Gayle](SC7515-12)
    Rabbitt, Eddie You Can't Run From Love(SC8483-7)
    Rabbitt, Eddie You Don't Love Me Anymore(SC8697-15)
    Racey Lay Your Love On Me(SF096-3)
    Racey Some Girls(SF098-14)
    Raconteurs, The Broken Boy Soldier(THHP0701-14)
    Raconteurs, The Level(THP0612-14)
    Raconteurs, The Steady, As She Goes(PHM0607-6)
    Radiohead All I Need(HMDK-505)
    Radiohead Bends, The(SFG036-6)
    Radiohead Bulletproof... I Wish I Was(HMDK-499)
    Radiohead Creep(PI035-6)
    Radiohead Creep [Radio Version](SC8850-11)
    Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees(SC8749-1)
    Radiohead Go To Sleep(THR0312-14)
    Radiohead High & Dry(SC8257-9)
    Radiohead House Of Cards(HMDK-500)
    Radiohead House Of Cards(SC9022-8)
    Radiohead Idioteque(HMDK-501)
    Radiohead Jigsaw Falling Into Place(HMDK-502)
    Radiohead Karma Police(SFG036-8)
    Radiohead My Iron Lung(HMDK-503)
    Radiohead No Suprises(SF118-7)
    Radiohead Nude(HMDK-508)
    Radiohead Optimistic(SC8659-5)
    Radiohead Paranoid Android(HMDK-691)
    Radiohead Paranoid Android(SFG036-3)
    Radiohead Rabbit In Your Headlights(HMDK-506)
    Radiohead Reckoner(HMDK-504)
    Radiohead Street Spirit(SF034-3)
    Radiohead There There(THR0308-14)
    Radiohead You Never Wash Up After Yourself(HMDK-507)
    Rae, Corinne Bailey I'd Like To(THHP0704-17)
    Rae, Corinne Bailey Like A Star(THHP0612-17)
    Rae, Corinne Bailey Put Your Records On(SC9006-11)
    Rafferty, Gerry Baker Street(MH1143-15)
    Rafferty, Gerry Get It Right Next Time(SC8594-6)
    Rafferty, Gerry It's Been You Right Down The Line(DG11-3)
    Rafferty, Gerry Night Owl(SFMW869-2)
    Rafferty, Gerry Right Down The Line(SC8535-9)
    Rage Against The Machine Bullet In The Head(HMDK-509)
    Rage Against The Machine Bulls On Parade(SC2300-1)
    Rage Against The Machine Guerrilla Radio(SC8662-6)
    Rage Against The Machine How I Could Just Kill A Man(SC3252-7)
    Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name(SC2364-8)
    Rage Against The Machine Renegades Of Funk(SC8672-2)
    Rage Against The Machine Sleep Now In The Fire(HMDK-510)
    Rage Against The Machine Testify(SC8662-12)
    Raiders Indian Reservation(SC8554-8)
    Rainbow All Night Long(SFMW905-1)
    Rainbow I Surrender(SFMW916-2)
    Rainbow Man On The Silver Mountain(SC8830-1)
    Rainbow Since You've Been Gone(DG11-7)
    Rainbow Stone Cold(SC8869-11)
    Rainbow Street Of Dreams(SC8631-2)
    Rainman Iko Iko(MM6100A-15)
    Rainwater, Marvin Gonna Find Me A Bluebird(SC8538-14)
    Rainwater, Marvin Whole Lotta Woman(SF063-11)
    Raitt, Bonnie All At Once(MM6049-11)
    Raitt, Bonnie Angel From Montgomery(MM6046-4)
    Raitt, Bonnie Angel From Montgomery [Live Version] [w/ J Prine](SC8925-1)
    Raitt, Bonnie Blue For No Reason(SC8490-15)
    Raitt, Bonnie Come To Me(SC8925-3)
    Raitt, Bonnie Give It Up Or Let Me Go(SC8925-2)
    Raitt, Bonnie Good Man Good Woman [w/ Delbert McClinton](SC8482-7)
    Raitt, Bonnie Guilty(SC8814-4)
    Raitt, Bonnie Have A Heart(SC8366-10)
    Raitt, Bonnie I Can't Help You Now(MM6363-15)
    Raitt, Bonnie I Can't Make You Love Me(SC2139-1)
    Raitt, Bonnie I Don't Want Anything To Change(PHAC0604-6)
    Raitt, Bonnie I Will Not Be Broken(PHAC0511-6)
    Raitt, Bonnie Love Has No Pride(SC8808-13)
    Raitt, Bonnie Love Letter(SC2139-5)
    Raitt, Bonnie Love Me Like A Man(SC8675-6)
    Raitt, Bonnie Love Sneakin' Up On You(SC2139-8)
    Raitt, Bonnie Lover's Will(SC3124-3)
    Raitt, Bonnie Nick Of Time(SC8925-10)
    Raitt, Bonnie No Business(JV0066-5)
    Raitt, Bonnie No Way To Treat A Lady(LG237-4)
    Raitt, Bonnie Not The Only One(SC8925-9)
    Raitt, Bonnie One Belief Away(SC8462-7)
    Raitt, Bonnie One Part Be My Lover(SC8925-7)
    Raitt, Bonnie Real Man(SFMW904-13)
    Raitt, Bonnie Rock Steady [w/ Bryan Adams](SC8240-13)
    Raitt, Bonnie Runaway(SC8856-6)
    Raitt, Bonnie Silver Lining(MM6370-12)
    Raitt, Bonnie Since I Fell For You(LG237-6)
    Raitt, Bonnie Something To Talk About(SC8925-15)
    Raitt, Bonnie Storm Warning(SC8145-13)
    Raitt, Bonnie Tangled & Dark(JV0066-3)
    Raitt, Bonnie Thing Called Love, A(SC8371-14)
    Raitt, Bonnie Too Soon To Tell(JV0066-7)
    Raitt, Bonnie You(SC8925-4)
    Raitt, Bonnie You Got It(SC8156-12)
    Ram Jam Black Betty(SC8334-10)
    Rambler Dreamin'(SC3141-6)
    Ramirez, Karen Looking For Love(SF122-2)
    Rammstein Du Hast [English Version](SC8756-9)
    Rammstein Engel(HMDK-511)
    Ramone, Joey What A Wonderful World(SC8850-9)
    Ramones Baby I Love You(SF135-4)
    Ramones Beat On The Brat(SC8939-9)
    Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop(SC2400-3)
    Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated(SC8313-14)
    Ramones I Wanted Everything(SFMW910-2)
    Ramones KKK Took My Baby Away, The(SC8939-15)
    Ramones Pet Sematary(SC2252-3)
    Ramones Rock & Roll High School(SC8427-1)
    Ramones Sheena Is A Punk Rocker(SC2400-8)
    Ramones, The 53rd & 3rd(HMDK-514)
    Ramones, The Rockaway Beach(HMDK-513)
    Ramones, The Teenage Labotomy(HMDK-512)
    Ranch Just Some Love(SC3063-4)
    Ranch Walkin' In The Country(MM6225-10)
    Rancid Fall Back Down(THR0311-14)
    Rancid Radio(HMDK-515)
    Rancid Red Hot Moon(HMDK-516)
    Rancid Ruby Soho(HMDK-517)
    Rancid Salvation(HMDK-518)
    Randall, Jon Cold Coffee Morning(SC3133-7)
    Randall, Jon I Came Straight For You(SC8179-6)
    Randall, Jon She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales(SC8507-8)
    Randolph, Robert & The Family Band I Need More Love(SC8855-2)
    Randy & The Rainbows Denise(SC8429-4)
    Randy Rogers Band Kiss Me In The Dark(CB60356-8)
    Randy Rogers Band One More Goodbye(SD153-10)
    Rankin Family Fare Thee Well Love(KAR007-1)
    Rankin Family Feel The Same Way Too(KAR007-2)
    Rankin Family Movin' On(CB20098-12)
    Ranks, Shabba Family Affair(BS6617-6)
    Rappers Against Racism I Want To Know What Love Is(MM6299-3)
    Rare Earth Get Ready(MH1126-4)
    Rare Earth I Just Want To Celebrate(SC8870-2)
    Rascal Flatts Backwards(SD143-2)
    Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road(SC8944-9)
    Rascal Flatts Everyday Love(TU039-4)
    Rascal Flatts Fast Cars & Freedom(THC0507-12)
    Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today(SC3417-3)
    Rascal Flatts Glory Of Life, The(SC8759-14)
    Rascal Flatts Here Comes Goodbye(SC3503-1)
    Rascal Flatts I Melt(SC8802-12)
    Rascal Flatts I'm Movin' On(SC2409-2)
    Rascal Flatts Life Is A Highway(SC8986-7)
    Rascal Flatts Long Slow Beautiful Dance(SC3239-2)
    Rascal Flatts Love You Out Loud(SC8816-9)
    Rascal Flatts Mayberry(SC8867-12)
    Rascal Flatts Me & My Gang(SC3463-3)
    Rascal Flatts My Wish(SC8989-12)
    Rascal Flatts My Worst Fear(CBEP484-3-7)
    Rascal Flatts Prayin' For Daylight(SC8608-3)
    Rascal Flatts Shine On(TU195-12)
    Rascal Flatts Skin(SC3432-4)
    Rascal Flatts Stand(SC8998-4)
    Rascal Flatts Still Feels Good(THC0801-16)
    Rascal Flatts Take Me There(THC0711-11)
    Rascal Flatts These Days(SC8774-4)
    Rascal Flatts This Everyday Love(SC8633-14)
    Rascal Flatts Walk The Llama Llama(SD081-9)
    Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most(SC9003-7)
    Rascal Flatts While You Loved Me(SC8698-1)
    Rascal Flatts Winner At A Losing Game(THC0802-11)
    Rascals Beautiful Morning, A(SC8218-6)
    Rascals Come On Up(DG10-3)
    Rascals Girl Like You, A(SC8190-5)
    Rascals Good Lovin'(SC8441-5)
    Rascals Groovin'(SC8353-4)
    Rascals How Can I Be Sure(SC8190-6)
    Rascals I've Been Lonely Too Long(SC8526-8)
    Rascals It's A Beautiful Morning(THMF12-12)
    Rascals Lonely Too Long(LC0007-6)
    Rascals Mustang Sally(DG09-10)
    Rascals People Got To Be Free(SC8679-7)
    Rascals You Better Run(DG06-5)
    Rasmus Guilty(SF221-2)
    Rasmus In The Shadows(SFMW851-1)
    Rasmusen, Carmen Nothin' Like Summer(SD156-11)
    Raspberries Go All The Way(SC8169-6)
    Raspberries Overnight Sensation(SC8724-7)
    Ratt Back For More(SC7565-10)
    Ratt Lack Of Communication(SC8843-10)
    Ratt Lay It Down(SC8631-5)
    Ratt Round & Round(HMDK-656)
    Ratt Round & Round(SC8210-10)
    Ratt Way Cool Jr.(SC8713-4)
    Raven, Eddy Cowboys Don't Cry(SC8698-2)
    Raven, Eddy I Got Mexico(SC8345-4)
    Raven, Eddy I'm Gonna Get You(SC8431-3)
    Raven, Eddy In A Letter To You(SC8434-10)
    Raven, Eddy Joe Knows How To Live(SC8767-10)
    Raven, Eddy Shine Shine Shine(SC8525-13)
    Rawls, Lou A Natural Man(SC8860-3)
    Rawls, Lou At Last(LG214-5)
    Rawls, Lou Bring It On Home To Me [w/ Sam Cooke](LG214-3)
    Rawls, Lou Lady Love(LG214-11)
    Rawls, Lou Love Is A Hurtin' Thing(LG214-8)
    Rawls, Lou Natural Man(MM6368-1)
    Rawls, Lou This Song Will Last Forever(DG06-11)
    Rawls, Lou Tobacco Road(LG214-2)
    Rawls, Lou You Made Me So Very Happy(LG214-6)
    Rawls, Lou You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine(SC7574-15)
    Rawls, Lou Your Good Thing (Is About To End)(LG214-4)
    Ray Goodman & Brown Special Lady(SC8151-10)
    Ray J. One Wish(MREH028-13)
    Ray J. What I Need(PHU0606-6)
    Ray, Jimmy Are You Jimmy Ray(SC8440-10)
    Ray, Johnnie Cry(SC8249-5)
    Ray, Johnnie Hey There(SF063-9)
    Ray, Johnnie Just Walkin' In The Rain(PI025-17)
    Ray, Johnnie Such A Night(SF092-1)
    Ray, Johnnie Walkin' My Baby Back Home(PI326-15)
    Ray, Johnnie Yes Tonight Josephine(SF062-15)
    Raybon Brothers Butterfly Kisses(SC8384-3)
    Raybon Brothers Falling [w/ Olivia Newton-John](MM6225-7)
    Raybon Brothers Way She's Looking, The(SC8394-7)
    Raybon, Marty Cracker Jack Diamond(SC8602-9)
    Raybon, Marty Searching For The Missing Peace(CB20191-12)
    Raye, Collin Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me(SC8714-8)
    Raye, Collin Anyone Else(SC8512-3)
    Raye, Collin Couldn't Last A Moment(SC8596-14)
    Raye, Collin Eleventh Commandment, The(SC8496-15)
    Raye, Collin Every Second(SC8144-3)
    Raye, Collin Gift, The(SC8416-11)
    Raye, Collin I Can Still Feel You(SC3078-5)
    Raye, Collin I Know That's Right(SD137-12)
    Raye, Collin I Think About You(SC8253-5)
    Raye, Collin I Volunteer(SC8271-12)
    Raye, Collin I Want You Bad (and That Ain't Good)(SC8180-1)
    Raye, Collin If I Were You(SC8230-12)
    Raye, Collin In This Life(SC8105-13)
    Raye, Collin It Could've Been So Good(SC8278-9)
    Raye, Collin Let It Be Me(SC8236-11)
    Raye, Collin Little Red Rodeo(SC8432-12)
    Raye, Collin Little Rock(SC8137-5)
    Raye, Collin Love Me(SC8104-4)
    Raye, Collin Love Remains(SC8256-11)
    Raye, Collin Loving This Way [w/ Bobbie Eakes](SD074-4)
    Raye, Collin Man Of My Word(SC8198-9)
    Raye, Collin Not That Different(SC8216-3)
    Raye, Collin On The Verge(SC8358-10)
    Raye, Collin One Boy, One Girl(SC8186-13)
    Raye, Collin Open Arms(SD043-10)
    Raye, Collin She's All That(SC8655-2)
    Raye, Collin Soldier's Prayer, A(SD157-13)
    Raye, Collin Somebody Else's Moon(SC8291-10)
    Raye, Collin Someone You Used To Know(SC8485-2)
    Raye, Collin Start Over Georgia(SC8556-1)
    Raye, Collin That Was A River(SC8228-4)
    Raye, Collin That's My Story(SC8103-6)
    Raye, Collin What I Need(SD093-10)
    Raye, Collin What If Jesus Comes Back Like That(SC8224-8)
    Raye, Collin What The Heart Wants(SC8504-2)
    Raye, Collin You Still Take Me There(SC8681-3)
    Rays Silhouettes(DK040-16)
    Razorlight America(THHP0612-11)
    Razorlight Before I Fall To Pieces(SF250-9)
    Razorlight Golden Touch(ZMP076-8)
    Razorlight Hold On(SF257-10)
    Razorlight I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got(SF253-13)
    Razorlight In The Morning(SF245-11)
    Razorlight Rip It Up(SF226-14)
    Razorlight Somewhere Else(SF231-1)
    Razorlight Vice(SFMW862-10)
    Re-Flex Politics Of Dancing, The(SC8678-1)
    Rea, Chris Auberge(ZMP082-10)
    Rea, Chris Fool(SC8188-7)
    Rea, Chris Julia(ZMH002-14)
    Rea, Chris Let's Dance(ZMH002-13)
    Rea, Chris On The Beach(SF058-7)
    Rea, Chris Road To Hell(SF059-14)
    Rea, Chris Road To Hell Pt. 2, The(ZMP082-8)
    Rea, Chris Stainsby Girls(ZMP082-9)
    Reader, Eddi Patience Of Angels(SFMW887-11)
    Ready For The World Love You Down(SC8405-7)
    Ready For The World Oh Sheila(SC8293-11)
    Real 2 Real I Like To Move It(SF019-2)
    Real Life Send Me An Angel(SC8568-8)
    Real McCoy, The Another Night(SC8746-11)
    Real McCoys Come & Get Your Love(SF027-15)
    Real McCoys One More Time(SC3016-4)
    Real Thing Can't Get By Without You(SF022-10)
    Real Thing You To Me Are Everything(NUKH027-3)
    Rebekah Sin So Well(SC8453-5)
    Rebel MC Street Tuff(SFMW861-14)
    Rebel Meets Rebel Get Outta My Life(THR0608-14)
    Red Box For America(SFMW885-8)
    Red Box Lean On Me(SFMW883-2)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane(THM9604-4)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Around The World(SC8572-1)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik(SFMW882-11)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking The Girl(HMDK-522)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way(SC8803-12)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Cabron(HMDK-519)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication(SC8622-13)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Can't Stop(THR0304-16)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California(THR0607-10)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Dosed(THR0309-16)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Fortune Faded(THR0402-10)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Give It Away(SC8433-11)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground(SC8870-14)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Hump De Bump(THHP0707-10)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers I Could Have Lied(HMDK-520)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Knock Me Down(AMS1504-5)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers My Friends(SC8212-10)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside(SC8595-5)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin'(SF175-8)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue(SC8548-4)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy(SC8700-12)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow (Hey Oh)(THP0702-12)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Soul To Squeeze(SC8122-9)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium(HMDK-521)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck My Kiss(SFMW883-10)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby(THR0610-16)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge(SC8242-6)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Universally Speaking(SF206-11)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Zephyr Song, The(PHR0212-6)
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Face Down(SC8999-13)
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Your Guardian Angel(PHM0711-7)
    Redbone Come & Get Your Love(SC8427-9)
    Redbone Witch Queen Of New Orleans(SF096-1)
    Redding, Otis Can't Turn You Loose [Live Version](SC8863-15)
    Redding, Otis Dock Of The Bay, The (Sittin' On)(SC8110-9)
    Redding, Otis Dreams To Remember(MM6272-3)
    Redding, Otis Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)(SC8863-9)
    Redding, Otis Happy Song, The(LG036-6)
    Redding, Otis Hard To Handle(SF088-13)
    Redding, Otis I've Been Loving You So Long(LG036-3)
    Redding, Otis Love Man(SFG040-14)
    Redding, Otis Shake(SC8969-13)
    Redding, Otis Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay(SC7527-1)
    Redding, Otis These Arms Of Mine(CBE3-17-3)
    Redding, Otis Tramp(LG036-5)
    Redding, Otis Try A Little Tenderness(SC8969-2)
    Reddy, Helen Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady(SC8297-8)
    Reddy, Helen Angie Baby(DK012-12)
    Reddy, Helen Delta Dawn(PI207-9)
    Reddy, Helen I Am Woman(SC7530-12)
    Reddy, Helen I Don't Know How To Love Him(SC8410-8)
    Reddy, Helen Leave Me Alone(DK059-8)
    Reddy, Helen You & Me Against The World(SC8410-15)
    Redman & Vale If I Had A Nickel(SC8543-1)
    Redman & Vale Squeezin' The Love Outta You(SC8608-8)
    Redman, Rodney These Days(CB20374-8)
    Rednex Cotton Eye Joe(SC8330-2)
    Reed, Jerry Amos Moses(SC8335-4)
    Reed, Jerry Bird, The(SC8582-4)
    Reed, Jerry East Bound & Down(SC7590-11)
    Reed, Jerry Good Woman's Love, A(SC8697-13)
    Reed, Jerry I Love You What Can I Say(SC8567-14)
    Reed, Jerry Lord, Mr. Ford(SC2369-3)
    Reed, Jerry She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)(SC2369-8)
    Reed, Jerry When You're Hot, You're Hot(SC8355-9)
    Reed, Jimmy Big Boss Man(SC8893-13)
    Reed, Jimmy Bright Lights, Big City(MM6155-15)
    Reed, Jimmy You Got Me Running(MM6144-13)
    Reed, John Beauty In Disguise(AH2012-11)
    Reed, Lou Perfect Day(SF115-15)
    Reed, Lou Satellite Of Love(SFMW858-14)
    Reed, Lou Sweet Jane(SC8594-13)
    Reed, Lou Walk On The Wild Side(SC8169-1)
    Reef I Got Something To Say(SF134-11)
    Reef Place Your Hands(SF138-10)
    Reel Big Fish Beer(HMDK-525)
    Reel Big Fish Hungry Like The Wolf(HMDK-523)
    Reel Big Fish She Has A Girlfriend Now(HMDK-524)
    Reel Big Fish Take On Me(HMDK-526)
    Reese, Della S'Wonderful(MM6180-4)
    Reese, Della Walk With You(SC2401-5)
    Reeves & Mortimer I'm A Believer(SF027-7)
    Reeves, Connor Earthbound(SF117-6)
    Reeves, Connor My Father's Son(SF115-14)
    Reeves, Connor Read My Mind(SF121-16)
    Reeves, Del Girl On The Billboard(DK073-16)
    Reeves, Jim Adios Amigo(SC8491-11)
    Reeves, Jim Am I Losing You(SC8682-5)
    Reeves, Jim Billy Bayou(SC8392-11)
    Reeves, Jim Bimbo #5(MM6330-2)
    Reeves, Jim Blue Boy(SC8538-5)
    Reeves, Jim Blue Side Of Lonesome(SC8682-9)
    Reeves, Jim Distant Drums(CBE3-02-6)
    Reeves, Jim Four Walls(SC8208-5)
    Reeves, Jim He'll Have To Go(SC7544-6)
    Reeves, Jim Home(SC8419-4)
    Reeves, Jim I Guess I'm Crazy(SC7558-13)
    Reeves, Jim I Love You Because(SF052-1)
    Reeves, Jim I Won't Come In While He's There(LG046-4)
    Reeves, Jim I Won't Forget You(SF066-5)
    Reeves, Jim I'm Gettin' Better(SC8712-10)
    Reeves, Jim I'm Gonna Change Everything(SC8712-8)
    Reeves, Jim Is It Really Over?(SC8579-15)
    Reeves, Jim It Hurts So Much(LG046-11)
    Reeves, Jim Missing You(PSJT085-12)
    Reeves, Jim Moonlight & Roses(LG046-5)
    Reeves, Jim Not Until The Next Time(LG046-8)
    Reeves, Jim One Has My Name, One Has My Heart(TU241-11)
    Reeves, Jim There's A Heartache Following Me(SF094-8)
    Reeves, Jim This Is It(SC8383-4)
    Reeves, Jim Welcome To My World(SC8445-2)
    Reeves, Jim When Two Worlds Collide(LG046-6)
    Reeves, Jim You're The Only Good Thing(LG046-13)
    Reeves, Jim & Patsy Cline Distant Drums(PI211-16)
    Reeves, Jim & Patsy Cline Have You Ever Been Lonely(SC8128-1)
    Reeves, Julie He Keeps Me In One Place(CB20087-11)
    Reeves, Julie It's About Time(SC8528-3)
    Reeves, Julie Touble Is A Woman(SC8549-2)
    Reeves, Julie What I Need(SC8584-4)
    Reeves, Ronna He's My Weakness(SC8219-4)
    Reeves, Ronna My Heart Wasn't In It(SC8294-2)
    Reeves, Ronna Never Let Him See Me Cry(SC8278-14)
    Reeves, Ronna Rodeo Man(SC8303-4)
    Reeves, Ronna That's All Right With Me(SC8291-14)
    Reflections Just Like Romeo & Juliet(SC8599-7)
    Refreshments Banditos(SC8320-4)
    Refugee Camp All Stars & Lauryn Hill Sweetest Thing, The(SC8390-14)
    Regina Regina Asking For The Moon(SC3028-7)
    Regina Regina More Than I Wanted To Know(SC3006-1)
    Reid, Johnny Missing An Angel(PHN0602-7)
    Reid, Mike As Simple As That(SC8359-3)
    Reid, Mike Keep On Walkin'(SC8245-13)
    Reid, Mike Walk On Faith(SC8135-5)
    Reid, Neil Mother Of Mine(ZMJB12-1)
    Reilly, Ike Put A Little Love In It(TU121-10)
    Relient K Be My Escape(PHR0508-7)
    Relient K Must Have Done Something Right(SD4703-6)
    Relient K Who I Am Hates Who I've Been(THR0512-16)
    Relient K Who I Am Hates Who I've Been [Radio Version](SC8958-8)
    Rembrandts I'll Be There For You(SC8187-14)
    Rembrandts Just The Way It Is Baby(SC8466-15)
    Remy Zero Perfect Memory(SC8768-11)
    Remy Zero Prophecy(SC8508-11)
    Remy Zero Save Me(THR0203-18)
    Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy(HMDK-527)
    Ren & Stimpy It's Log!(HMDK-528)
    Renay, Diane Navy Blue(SC8874-10)
    Renee & Renato Save Your Love(SF079-14)
    Reno & Smiley I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap(CB70014-1)
    Reno, Mike & Ann Wilson Almost Paradise(SC8482-13)
    REO Speedwagon Can't Fight This Feeling(SC8439-14)
    REO Speedwagon Don't Let Him Go(SC8574-3)
    REO Speedwagon In Your Letter(SC8574-13)
    REO Speedwagon Keep On Loving You(SC8368-6)
    REO Speedwagon Keep The Fire Burnin'(SC8574-15)
    REO Speedwagon One Lonely Night(SC8658-2)
    REO Speedwagon Ridin' The Storm Out(SC8574-9)
    REO Speedwagon Roll With The Changes(SC7576-15)
    REO Speedwagon Take It On The Run(SC8210-6)
    REO Speedwagon Time For Me To Fly(SC8527-1)
    Reparata & The Delrons Captain Of Your Ship(SFMW890-11)
    Republica From Rush Hour With Love(SF125-7)
    Republica Ready To Go(SC8316-10)
    Res They-Say Vision(SC8758-15)
    Restless Heart Baby Needs New Shoes(SC8123-7)
    Restless Heart Big Dreams In A Small Town(SC8551-14)
    Restless Heart Big Iron Horses(SC8301-3)
    Restless Heart Bluest Eyes In Texas, The(SC8380-10)
    Restless Heart Dancy's Dream(SC8230-7)
    Restless Heart Fast Movin' Train(SC8692-11)
    Restless Heart Feel My Way To You(SD123-12)
    Restless Heart For Lack Of Better Words(SC8496-1)
    Restless Heart Heartbreak Kid(SC8697-1)
    Restless Heart Hold You Now(SC8282-6)
    Restless Heart Hometown Boy(MM6128-7)
    Restless Heart I'll Still Be Loving You(SC2165-1)
    Restless Heart In This Little Town(SC8306-7)
    Restless Heart Maverick(SC8296-4)
    Restless Heart Mending Fences(SC2165-2)
    Restless Heart No End To This Road(SC8464-3)
    Restless Heart That Rock Won't Roll(SC8494-14)
    Restless Heart Till I Loved You(SC2165-6)
    Restless Heart Wheels(SC8455-12)
    Restless Heart When She Cries(SC2165-3)
    Restless Heart When Somebody Loves You(SC8269-6)
    Restless Heart Why Does It Have To Be Wrong Or Right(SC8692-8)
    Restless Heart You Can Depend On Me(SC8359-14)
    Retroboy Fan The Coals(HMDK-733)
    Retroboy Freedom From Agony(HMDK-732)
    Retroboy Run For Your Life(HMDK-657)
    Retroboy She Hates Me 2(HMDK-117)
    Retroboy Summer Nights (Dirty Version)(HMDK-118)
    Reunion Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)(SC8580-8)
    Revelation Theory Slowburn(THR0603-15)
    Revere, Paul & The Raiders Good Thing(DK043-11)
    Revere, Paul & The Raiders Hungry(SC7566-4)
    Revere, Paul & The Raiders Just Like Me(DK005-15)
    Revere, Paul & The Raiders Kicks(SC8679-12)
    Reverend & The Makers Heavyweight Champion Of The World(EZH64-15)
    Revis Caught In The Rain(THR0307-11)
    Revis Seven(PHR0401-1)
    Reynolds Girls I'd Rather Jack(PI325-3)
    Reynolds, Debbie Tammy(SC8396-11)
    Rezillos Top Of The Pops(SF109-13)
    Rhymes, Busta Break Ya Neck(SC8744-2)
    Rhymes, Busta Eye Can See(MM6233-3)
    Rhymes, Busta I Know What You Want [Radio Version] [w/ Mariah](SC8822-15)
    Rhymes, Busta I Know What You Want [w/ Mariah](SC3364-8)
    Rhymes, Busta I Love My Bitch [w/ will.i.am & Kelis](PHU0607-4)
    Rhymes, Busta I Love My Chick [w/ will.i.am & Kelis](THH0608-12)
    Rhymes, Busta Make It Clap [Radio Version] [w/ Spliff Star](SC8812-15)
    Rhymes, Busta Make It Clap [w/ Spliff Star](SC3351-7)
    Rhymes, Busta Pass The Courvoisier Part II [w/ P. Diddy](SC8757-8)
    Rhymes, Busta Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See(SC8612-15)
    Rhymes, Busta Touch It(THH0605-10)
    Rhymes, Busta Touch It [Clean Version](PHU0603-8)
    Rhymes, Busta What's It Gonna Be [w/ Janet Jackson](MM6299-8)
    Rhymes, Busta Where's Your Money [w/ ODB](PHU0512-6)
    Ribbons, Rosie Blink(SF197-12)
    Ribbons, Rosie Little Bit, A(SF201-7)
    Rice, Chris Cartoons(TU194-5)
    Rice, Chris Other Side Of The Road, The(THMS0303-10)
    Rice, Chris Smile(TU215-11)
    Rice, Chris When Did You Fall(SC8983-2)
    Rice, Damien 9 Crimes(SF250-18)
    Rice, Damien Blower's Daughter, The(SFMW860-6)
    Rice, Damien Cannonball(EZH37-10)
    Rice, Tony Cold On The Shoulder(CBEP476-2-9)
    Rich Boy Good Things [w/ Polow Da Don & Keri Hilson](PHU0710-6)
    Rich Boy Throw Some D's(PHU0703-4)
    Rich E. Rich I Love Twins (Football Song)(TU191-14)
    Rich, Charlie All Over Me(SC8442-4)
    Rich, Charlie Baby Baby(CB60072-9)
    Rich, Charlie Beautiful Woman(SC7569-10)
    Rich, Charlie Behind Closed Doors(SC7507-7)
    Rich, Charlie Big Boss Man(CBE3-02-4)
    Rich, Charlie Easy Look(SC8676-6)
    Rich, Charlie Every Time You Touch Me(SC8335-7)
    Rich, Charlie I Love My Friend(SC8442-5)
    Rich, Charlie Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The(SC7537-2)
    Rich, Charlie On My Knees [w/ Janie Fricke](SC8511-4)
    Rich, Charlie Rollin' With The Flow(SC8442-14)
    Rich, Charlie She Called Me Baby(TU242-5)
    Rich, Charlie Since I Fell For You(CBE3-03-11)
    Rich, Charlie Take It On Home(SC8442-11)
    Rich, Charlie There Won't Be Anymore(SC8442-9)
    Rich, Charlie Very Special Love Song, A(SC8412-6)
    Rich, John Come To Bed [Male Solo Version](SC8996-11)
    Rich, John Forever Loving You(SC8698-7)
    Rich, John I Pray For You(SC3215-5)
    Rich, John Shuttin' Detroit Down(PHN0905-1)
    Richard X & Javine You Used To(SF214-12)
    Richard X & Kelis Finest Dreams(SF208-14)
    Richard X vs. Liberty X Being Nobody(SF203-13)
    Richard, Cliff Bachelor Boy(ZMP011-6)
    Richard, Cliff Cliff Richard Medley 1(ZMP030-12)
    Richard, Cliff Cliff Richard Medley 2(ZMP030-13)
    Richard, Cliff Cliff Richard Medley 3(ZMP056-12)
    Richard, Cliff Cliff Richard Medley 4(ZMP056-13)
    Richard, Cliff Congratulations(ZMP011-8)
    Richard, Cliff D In Love(ZMP056-5)
    Richard, Cliff Dancing Shoes(ZMP030-1)
    Richard, Cliff Day I Met Marie, The(ZMH004-11)
    Richard, Cliff Devil Woman(SC8443-14)
    Richard, Cliff Do You Wanna Dance(ZMP056-4)
    Richard, Cliff Don't Talk To Him(ZMP030-11)
    Richard, Cliff Fall In Love With You(ZMP056-7)
    Richard, Cliff Gee Whiz It's You(ZMP056-8)
    Richard, Cliff Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha(ZMP030-10)
    Richard, Cliff High Class Baby(ZMP056-3)
    Richard, Cliff I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)(ZMGY64-9)
    Richard, Cliff I Just Don't Have The Heart(PI325-11)
    Richard, Cliff In The Country(ZMP011-7)
    Richard, Cliff It'll Be Me(ZMP056-6)
    Richard, Cliff Lessons In Love(ZMP030-9)
    Richard, Cliff Little In Love, A(ZMP030-6)
    Richard, Cliff Livin' Lovin' Doll(ZMP056-9)
    Richard, Cliff Living Doll(SF048-13)
    Richard, Cliff Lucky Lips(ZMP030-5)
    Richard, Cliff Millennium Prayer, The(SF155-9)
    Richard, Cliff Miss You Nights(PX07-12)
    Richard, Cliff Mistletoe & Wine(PI325-15)
    Richard, Cliff Move It(ZMP011-1)
    Richard, Cliff Next Time, The(ZMP056-10)
    Richard, Cliff On The Beach(ZMP030-7)
    Richard, Cliff Over The Rainbow(EZH06-7)
    Richard, Cliff Please Don't Tease(ZMP011-2)
    Richard, Cliff Power To All Our Friends(ZMH013-11)
    Richard, Cliff Summer Holiday(SFG025-9)
    Richard, Cliff Theme For A Dream(ZMP030-3)
    Richard, Cliff Travellin' Light(ZMP056-2)
    Richard, Cliff Voice In The Wilderness, A(ZMP030-2)
    Richard, Cliff We Don't Talk Anymore(SC8594-7)
    Richard, Cliff We Say Yeah(ZMP030-4)
    Richard, Cliff Willie & The Hand Jive(ZMP056-11)
    Richard, Cliff Young Ones, The(ZMP011-3)
    Richard, Cliff & Sarah Brightman All I Ask Of You(SFMW806-8)
    Richey, Kim Come Around(SC8565-2)
    Richey, Kim From Where I Stand(SC8267-13)
    Richey, Kim I Know(SC8377-12)
    Richey, Kim Just My Luck(SC8205-1)
    Richey, Kim Those Were The Words We Said(SC8205-6)
    Richey, Kim Way It Never Was, The(SC8630-2)
    Richgirl 24's [w/ Bun B](PHU0905-3)
    Richie, Lionel All Night Long(SC8894-10)
    Richie, Lionel Angel(THP0106-15)
    Richie, Lionel Ballerina Girl(SFMW836-7)
    Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling(SC8264-1)
    Richie, Lionel Deep River Woman(CB90169-6)
    Richie, Lionel Destiny(LG019-14)
    Richie, Lionel Do It To Me(SC8274-11)
    Richie, Lionel Don't Wanna Lose You(SC8277-14)
    Richie, Lionel Endless Love [w/ Diana Ross](SC8119-6)
    Richie, Lionel Hello(SC7523-12)
    Richie, Lionel I Call It Love(PHAC0610-5)
    Richie, Lionel I Hear Your Voice(SC3107-6)
    Richie, Lionel My Destiny(ZMP121-12)
    Richie, Lionel My Love(MM6098-11)
    Richie, Lionel Oh No(LG005-3)
    Richie, Lionel Ordinary Girl(SC8312-10)
    Richie, Lionel Penny Lover(TU115-13)
    Richie, Lionel Running With The Night(SFMW869-11)
    Richie, Lionel Say You, Say Me(SC8273-3)
    Richie, Lionel Stuck On You(SC8297-13)
    Richie, Lionel Time(SC3076-4)
    Richie, Lionel To Love A Woman [w/ Enrique Iglesias](SF204-11)
    Richie, Lionel Truly(SC7529-11)
    Richie, Lionel Why(THP0703-13)
    Richie, Lionel You Are(SFMW836-8)
    Richie, Shane I'm Your Man(SF213-2)
    Rickitt, Adam I Breathe Again(SF144-8)
    Ricochet Blink Of An Eye(SC8402-10)
    Ricochet Can't Stop Thinkin' Bout That(SC8507-7)
    Ricochet Connected At The Heart(SC8444-14)
    Ricochet Daddy's Money(SC8280-12)
    Ricochet Do I Love You Enough(SC8617-6)
    Ricochet Ease My Troubled Mind(SC8504-9)
    Ricochet Feel Like Fallin'(SD122-13)
    Ricochet Freedom Isn't Free(CB20308-12)
    Ricochet He Left A Lot To Be Desired(SC3022-7)
    Ricochet Honky Tonk Baby(SC8480-10)
    Ricochet Love Is Stronger Than Pride(CHM9611-5)
    Ricochet Seven Bridges Road(SD063-10)
    Ricochet She's Gone(SC8633-11)
    Ricochet What Do I Know(SC8247-3)
    Riddle, Jessica Even Angels Fall(SC8601-13)
    Ridgway, Stan Camouflage(SFMW870-9)
    Right Said Fred Deeply Dippy(SF007-8)
    Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy(SC7598-6)
    Right Said Fred You're My Mate(SF184-14)
    Righteous Brothers Ebb Tide(JV0009-3)
    Righteous Brothers Rock & Roll Heaven(SC8138-13)
    Righteous Brothers Soul & Inspiration(SC8108-1)
    Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody(SC7502-13)
    Righteous Brothers You're My Soul & Inspiration(LG055-4)
    Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling(SC8951-1)
    Rihanna Disturbia(ASKFP97-2-4)
    Rihanna Don't Stop The Music(PHM0801-3)
    Rihanna Hate That I Love You [w/ Ne-yo](THP0802-12)
    Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want(PHU0512-5)
    Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want [Radio Version](SC8957-15)
    Rihanna Oh Baby(SF193-4)
    Rihanna Pon De Replay(SC3446-8)
    Rihanna Pon De Replay [Radio Version](SC8945-8)
    Rihanna S.O.S. (Rescue Me)(PHU0605-2)
    Rihanna Shut Up & Drive(SF258-13)
    Rihanna SOS(SF243-8)
    Rihanna Take A Bow(CB5119-01-6)
    Rihanna Umbrella [w/ Jay-Z](SC9006-12)
    Rihanna Unfaithful(SC8983-6)
    Rihanna We Ride(PHM0611-1)
    Rihanna & Sean Paul Break It Off [w/ Sean Paul](PHU0702-8)
    Riley, Jeannie C. Harper Valley P.T.A.(SC2432-2)
    Rimes, LeAnn Big Deal(SC8570-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn Blue(SC7595-4)
    Rimes, LeAnn Bridge Over Troubled Water(CB20030-11)
    Rimes, LeAnn Buckaroo(MM6239-10)
    Rimes, LeAnn But I Do Love You(SC8705-9)
    Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight(SC8645-3)
    Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight [Graham Stack Remix](RSZ616-3)
    Rimes, LeAnn Cattle Call(RSZ616-16)
    Rimes, LeAnn Clinging To A Saving Hand(SC8458-9)
    Rimes, LeAnn Commitment(SC8451-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn Cowboy's Sweetheart(CB20109-12)
    Rimes, LeAnn Crazy(SF157-4)
    Rimes, LeAnn Feels Like Home(SC8484-14)
    Rimes, LeAnn God Bless America(SC2168-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn God Bless America(SC8458-13)
    Rimes, LeAnn Honestly(MM6193-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn How Do I Live(SC8458-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn Hurt Me(SC8307-11)
    Rimes, LeAnn I Believe(CB20030-9)
    Rimes, LeAnn I Believe In You(MM6355-5)
    Rimes, LeAnn I Know Who Holds Tomorrow(SC2168-8)
    Rimes, LeAnn I Need You(SC8613-3)
    Rimes, LeAnn I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart(SC2137-8)
    Rimes, LeAnn I'll Get Even With You(SC8336-7)
    Rimes, LeAnn Last Thing On My Mind [w/ Ronan Keeting](SF217-7)
    Rimes, LeAnn Life Goes On(SC8784-3)
    Rimes, LeAnn Life Goes On [Pop Version](SC8783-1)
    Rimes, LeAnn Light In Your Eyes, The(SC8458-7)
    Rimes, LeAnn Looking Through Your Eyes(SC2168-1)
    Rimes, LeAnn My Baby(MM6193-12)
    Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' 'bout Love Makes Sense(SC8897-15)
    Rimes, Leann Nothin' Better To Do(PHN0708-7)
    Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' New Under The Moon(SC8474-8)
    Rimes, LeAnn On The Side Of Angels(SC8409-9)
    Rimes, LeAnn One Of These Days(TU047-11)
    Rimes, LeAnn One Way Ticket(SC8328-1)
    Rimes, Leann Please Remember(CB90303-15)
    Rimes, LeAnn Please Remember Me(CB20263-10)
    Rimes, LeAnn Probably Wouldn't Be This Way(SC8920-1)
    Rimes, LeAnn Purple Rain(CB20063-10)
    Rimes, LeAnn Right Kind Of Wrong, The(SC8649-15)
    Rimes, LeAnn Some People(THC0611-16)
    Rimes, LeAnn Something's Gotta Give(THC0604-13)
    Rimes, LeAnn Soon(SC8723-4)
    Rimes, LeAnn Suddenly(SC8818-12)
    Rimes, LeAnn Ten Thousand Angels Cried(SC8458-2)
    Rimes, LeAnn These Arms Of Mine(SC8498-2)
    Rimes, LeAnn This Love(SC8862-12)
    Rimes, Leann Tic Toc(CB90303-7)
    Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody(SC8458-6)
    Rimes, LeAnn We Can(SC8837-12)
    Rimes, LeAnn Written In The Stars [w/ Elton John](SC3118-2)
    Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life(SC8402-6)
    Rimes, LeAnn You Take Me Home(PHN0504-4)
    Rimes, LeAnn Your Cheatin' Heart(SC8590-10)
    Ringside Tired Of Being Sorry(PHR0509-6)
    Rink Colored Lights(PS1513-15)
    Rio Grand Kill Me Now(SC8986-12)
    Rip Chords Hey Little Cobra(SC8202-2)
    Ripperton, Minnie Lovin' You(SC2153-3)
    Rise Against Good Left Undone, The(SC9019-2)
    Rise Against Re-education Through Labor(HMDK-529)
    Rise Against Ready To Fall(THR0609-16)
    Rise Against Swing Life Away(THR0508-11)
    Ritter, Tex I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven(SC8276-1)
    Ritter, Tex I'm Wastin' My Tears On You(SC8509-2)
    Ritter, Tex Jealous Heart(SC8555-11)
    Ritter, Tex You Two-Timed Me One Time Too Often(SC8491-8)
    Riva & Danni Minogue Who Do You Love Now(EZH06-10)
    River Road Breathless(SC8619-3)
    River Road I Broke It I'll Fix It(SC8382-2)
    River Road Nickajack(SC8394-13)
    River Road Somebody Will(SC8432-13)
    Rivers, Bob Aquaclaus(HMDK-541)
    Rivers, Bob Burgers On The Grill(HMDK-540)
    Rivers, Bob Buy A Truck(HMDK-539)
    Rivers, Bob Cats In The Kettle(HMDK-3)
    Rivers, Bob Checkin' Into Betty Ford(HMDK-537)
    Rivers, Bob Cheney's Got A Gun(HMDK-536)
    Rivers, Bob Combo #5(HMDK-534)
    Rivers, Bob Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep(HMDK-542)
    Rivers, Bob Inflatable Woman(HMDK-532)
    Rivers, Bob Little Hooters Girl(HMDK-531)
    Rivers, Bob P.M.S.(HMDK-530)
    Rivers, Bob Police Stop My Car(HMDK-543)
    Rivers, Bob Rock & Roll Scooby Doo(HMDK-533)
    Rivers, Bob Three Inch Tool(HMDK-535)
    Rivers, Bob Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay(HMDK-538)
    Rivers, Johnny Baby, I Need Your Loving(DG11-14)
    Rivers, Johnny Memphis(SC8218-12)
    Rivers, Johnny Midnight Special, The(JV0027-4)
    Rivers, Johnny Mountain Of Love(SC8770-14)
    Rivers, Johnny Poor Side Of Town, The(SC8226-9)
    Rivers, Johnny Rockin' Pneumonia Boogie Woogie Flu(SC7526-8)
    Rivers, Johnny Secret Agent Man(SC7527-14)
    Rivers, Johnny Seventh Son(DG06-7)
    Rivers, Johnny Summer Rain(RSX001-2)
    Rivers, Johnny Swaying To The Music (Slow Dancing)(SC8668-8)
    Rivieras California Sun(SC8770-6)
    Rivingtons Papa Oo Mau Mau(MM6071-6)
    Roachford Family Man(SFMW912-5)
    Roachford Only To Be With You(SFMW861-10)
    Roachford Way I Feel, The(SFMW833-14)
    Road Hammers East Bound & Down(PHN0512-4)
    Robbins, Dennis Mona Lisa On Cruise Control(SC8260-14)
    Robbins, Marty Among My Souvenirs(SC8385-2)
    Robbins, Marty Begging To You(SC8712-3)
    Robbins, Marty Big Iron(SC8276-11)
    Robbins, Marty Devil Woman(SC8419-5)
    Robbins, Marty Don't Worry(MH1041-12)
    Robbins, Marty Don't Worry About Me(SC8158-5)
    Robbins, Marty El Paso(SC7522-12)
    Robbins, Marty I Walk Alone(SC7567-4)
    Robbins, Marty I'll Go On Alone(SC8491-5)
    Robbins, Marty Just Married(SC8712-12)
    Robbins, Marty My Woman, My Woman, My Wife(SC7544-8)
    Robbins, Marty Padre(SC8792-4)
    Robbins, Marty Ribbon Of Darkness(SC8383-6)
    Robbins, Marty Ruby Ann(SC8682-13)
    Robbins, Marty Singin' The Blues(SC8208-10)
    Robbins, Marty Some Memories Just Won't Die(SC8576-15)
    Robbins, Marty Story Of My Life, The(SC8392-7)
    Robbins, Marty Tonight Carmen(SC8579-7)
    Robbins, Marty Walking Piece Of Heaven(SC7568-2)
    Robbins, Marty White Sport Coat, A(SC7512-8)
    Robert & Johnny We Belong Totether(MM6385-10)
    Roberts, Julie Break Down Here(SC8904-6)
    Roberts, Julie Chance, The(SC8898-5)
    Roberts, Julie Girl Next Door(SC8986-6)
    Roberts, Julie Men & Mascara(SC8982-7)
    Roberts, Julie Wake Up Older(SC8916-11)
    Roberts, Juliet I Want You(AH9821-6)
    Robertson, Robbie Somewhere Down The Crazy River(SFMW888-15)
    Robin S Show Me Love(SC8746-3)
    Robins, The Smokey Joe's Cafe(MM6074-1)
    Robinson, Betty Jean & Nashville Grass Palms Of Victory(CBEP476-6-4)
    Robinson, Betty Jean & Nashville Grass Tramp On The Street(CBEP476-5-13)
    Robinson, Bruce What Would Willie Do(CB20307-9)
    Robinson, Charlie Life Of The Party(TU119-11)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Baby Baby Don't Cry(DK097-10)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Being With You(SC8284-4)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Cruisin'(SC8202-12)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Do It Baby(LG222-7)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Going To A Go-Go(DK014-13)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles I Second That Emotion(SC8895-2)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles If You Can Want(LG222-5)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Just To See Her(LG222-12)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Love Machine(LG222-10)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Love Machine Pt. 1(SC8824-7)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Mickey's Monkey(DK074-12)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles My Girl(ASKFP02-1-5)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles My Girl Has Gone(LG222-11)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles One Heartbeat(DK024-12)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Ooh Baby, Baby(DK015-15)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Rewind(SC8244-4)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Shop Around(DK006-7)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Tears Of A Clown, The(SC8391-9)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Tracks Of My Tears, The(SC8110-15)
    Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles You've Really Got A Hold On Me(SM8853-12)
    Robinson, Vickie Sue Turn The Beat Around(SC7549-14)
    Robison, Bruce Good Life, The(SC8566-4)
    Robison, Bruce Travelin' Soldier(SC8826-2)
    Robison, Charlie Barlight(SC8520-4)
    Robison, Charlie El Cerrito Place(SC3443-5)
    Robison, Charlie I Want You Bad(SC3255-6)
    Robison, Charlie My Hometown(SC8578-13)
    Robison, Charlie Right Man For The Job(SC3275-7)
    Robison, Charlie You're Not The Best(CB20094-11)
    Robson & Jerome I Believe(ZML005-4)
    Robson & Jerome Saturday Night At The Movies(SF081-5)
    Robson & Jerome Up On The Roof(SF034-13)
    Robyn Do You Know(SC8381-8)
    Robyn Do You Really Want Me(SC8452-8)
    Robyn Handle Me(SF261-6)
    Robyn How Do You Know(PHM9707-6)
    Robyn Luv 4 Luv(SF019-13)
    Robyn Show Me Love(SC3054-2)
    Robyn With Every Heartbeat [w/ Kleerup](SF259-2)
    Rochell, Megan & Fabolous One You Need, The(PHU0608-8)
    Rochelle & The Candels Once Upon A Time(MM6385-6)
    Rochelle, Megan Floating(PHU0610-9)
    Rochford Cuddley Toy(SF108-13)
    Rock Kills Kid Paralyzed(THR0610-18)
    Rock Sugar Don't Stop The Sandman(HMDK-658)
    Rock, Chubb Treat 'Em Right(SC8892-3)
    Rockell Tears(TU181-9)
    Rockin' Berries He's In Town(SF064-8)
    Rockin' Berries Poor Man's Son(SF086-4)
    Rockwell Dance, The(TU061-14)
    Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me(SC8824-2)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Dammit Janet(SC8472-2)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie(SC8472-11)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Fanfare Don't Dream It(SC8472-14)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Hot Patootie Bless My Soul(SC8472-8)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show I Can Make You A Man(SC8472-7)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)(SC8472-9)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show I'm Going Home(SC8472-16)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Over At The Frankenstein Place(SC8472-3)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Planet Sachmanet Janet(SC8472-12)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Rose Tint My World Floor Show(SC8472-13)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature(SC8472-1)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)(SC8472-18)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Super Heroes(SC8472-17)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet Transvestite(SC8472-5)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Sword Of Damocles, The(SC8472-6)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp, The(HMDK-734)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp, The(SC8115-5)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me(SC8472-10)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show Wild & Untamed Thing(SC8472-15)
    Rodgers, Clodagh Jack In The Box(ZMH013-5)
    Rodgers, Jimmie Kisses Sweeter Than Wine(SC8196-1)
    Rodgers, Jimmie Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again(SC8396-8)
    Rodman, Judy Until I Met You(SC8767-12)
    Rodriguez Sugar Man(SFMW855-10)
    Rodriguez, Johnny Dance With Me (Just One More Time)(SC8767-15)
    Rodriguez, Johnny I Just Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind(SC8551-7)
    Rodriguez, Johnny Just Get Up & Close The Door(SC7556-15)
    Rodriguez, Johnny Love Put A Song In My Heart(SC8424-14)
    Rodriguez, Johnny Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)(SC8647-8)
    Rodriguez, Johnny Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico(SC8461-7)
    Rodriguez, Johnny That's The Way Love Goes(SC8525-6)
    Rodriguez, Johnny You Always Come Back To Hurting Me(SC8494-15)
    Rodriguez, Johnny You Can Say That Again(SC8311-7)
    Roe, Tommy Dizzy(SC8399-4)
    Roe, Tommy Everybody(SC8258-11)
    Roe, Tommy Folk Singer, The(ZMJB03-15)
    Roe, Tommy Jam Up & Jelly Tight(JV0041-4)
    Roe, Tommy Sheila(SC7550-12)
    Roe, Tommy Sweet Pea(SC8396-13)
    Roger I Want To Be Your Man(DK3091-10)
    Roger Springer Band Ain't Nothin' But A Cloud(CB20094-12)
    Rogers, Jimmie Honeycomb(SC7531-4)
    Rogers, Julie Wedding, The(SF066-13)
    Rogers, Kenny All My Life(SC8551-12)
    Rogers, Kenny Beautiful All That You Could Be(SC8723-15)
    Rogers, Kenny Buried Treasure(SC8728-11)
    Rogers, Kenny Buy Me A Rose(SC8578-11)
    Rogers, Kenny Coward Of The County(SC7551-2)
    Rogers, Kenny Crazy(SC7537-4)
    Rogers, Kenny Daytime Friends(SC8342-13)
    Rogers, Kenny Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer [w/ Kim Carnes](SC8128-7)
    Rogers, Kenny Gambler, The(SC7512-5)
    Rogers, Kenny Greatest, The(SC8533-13)
    Rogers, Kenny Hand Prints On The Wall(SD113-13)
    Rogers, Kenny Harder Cards(CB20347-11)
    Rogers, Kenny He Will, She Knows(SC8665-9)
    Rogers, Kenny Homeland(SC3287-5)
    Rogers, Kenny I Can't Unlove You(THC0603-17)
    Rogers, Kenny I Don't Need You(SC8372-13)
    Rogers, Kenny I Prefer The Moonlight(SC8385-6)
    Rogers, Kenny I'll Be There For You(SC8245-6)
    Rogers, Kenny I'm Missing You(SC3370-5)
    Rogers, Kenny If I Knew Then What I Know Now(MM6013-9)
    Rogers, Kenny If You Want To Find Love(SC8359-2)
    Rogers, Kenny Just Dropped In(SC8172-8)
    Rogers, Kenny Lady(SC7503-11)
    Rogers, Kenny Last Ten Years, The (Superman)(SD149-14)
    Rogers, Kenny Love Or Something Like It(SC8567-3)
    Rogers, Kenny Love The World Away(SC8372-7)
    Rogers, Kenny Love Will Turn You Around(SC8326-3)
    Rogers, Kenny Lucille(SC7507-4)
    Rogers, Kenny Missing You(SC8275-13)
    Rogers, Kenny Morning Desire(SC8372-6)
    Rogers, Kenny Ol' Red(SC8287-4)
    Rogers, Kenny Reuben James(SC8400-5)
    Rogers, Kenny Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town(SC7525-8)
    Rogers, Kenny Scarlet Fever(SC8372-12)
    Rogers, Kenny She Believes In Me(SC7512-10)
    Rogers, Kenny Slow Dance More(SC8566-9)
    Rogers, Kenny Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight(SC8301-15)
    Rogers, Kenny Something Burning(LG021-6)
    Rogers, Kenny Sunshine(DK063-17)
    Rogers, Kenny Sweet Music Man(SC8372-3)
    Rogers, Kenny Tell It All Brother(SC8207-2)
    Rogers, Kenny There You Go Again(SC8677-14)
    Rogers, Kenny Through The Years(SC8103-3)
    Rogers, Kenny Tomb Of Unknown Love(SC8455-3)
    Rogers, Kenny Twenty Years Ago(SC8421-2)
    Rogers, Kenny Vows Go Unbroken, The(SC8217-14)
    Rogers, Kenny We've Got Tonight [w/ Sheena Easton](SC8105-7)
    Rogers, Kenny You Decorated My Life(SC7590-10)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream(SC7516-3)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton Love Is Strange(MM6013-12)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West All I Ever Need Is You(SC8511-3)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight(SC8408-9)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Every Time Two Fools Collide(SC8128-2)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Til I Can Make It On My Own(SC8408-2)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Together Again(SC8408-13)
    Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West What Are We Doin' In Love(SC8511-1)
    Rogers, Randy Tonight's Not The Night(SD128-12)
    Rogers, Roy & Dale Evans Happy Trails(SC8109-6)
    Rogue Traders Don't You Wanna Feel(THP0801-11)
    Rogue Traders Voodoo Child(SFMW878-8)
    Rogue Traders Watching You(THP0701-13)
    Rogue Traders Way To Go(SFKK06-15)
    Rojas, Tito Por Mujeres Como Tu(SC2197-2)
    Rolling Stones Ain't Too Proud To Beg(SC8670-1)
    Rolling Stones Angie(SC8670-4)
    Rolling Stones As Tears Go By(SC8970-10)
    Rolling Stones Beast Of Burden(SC8670-7)
    Rolling Stones Bitch(SC8985-12)
    Rolling Stones Brown Sugar(SC8964-12)
    Rolling Stones Carol(DK084-8)
    Rolling Stones Come On(ZMP055-3)
    Rolling Stones Dance Little Sister(SC8670-9)
    Rolling Stones Dead Flowers(SC8985-14)
    Rolling Stones Don't Stop(THR0212-17)
    Rolling Stones Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)(SC8820-8)
    Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue(LG120-10)
    Rolling Stones Fool To Cry(SC8670-11)
    Rolling Stones Get Off Of My Cloud(SC8964-2)
    Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter(SC8964-11)
    Rolling Stones Happy(SC8670-12)
    Rolling Stones Harlem Shuffle, The(DK021-4)
    Rolling Stones Honky Tonk Women(SC8964-7)
    Rolling Stones I Just Wanna Make Love To You(BS4417-2)
    Rolling Stones It's All Over Now(DG10-15)
    Rolling Stones It's Only Rock & Roll(SC8670-8)
    Rolling Stones Jumpin' Jack Flash(SC8964-10)
    Rolling Stones Last Time, The(SC8964-14)
    Rolling Stones Let It Bleed(DG11-5)
    Rolling Stones Let's Spend The Night Together(SC8964-15)
    Rolling Stones Little Queenie(DK083-4)
    Rolling Stones Little Red Rooster(ZMP055-5)
    Rolling Stones Love Is Strong(SC8238-2)
    Rolling Stones Midnight Rambler(AH8004-7)
    Rolling Stones Miss You(SC8670-5)
    Rolling Stones Mixed Emotions(SC8820-13)
    Rolling Stones Mothers Little Helper(SFG032-3)
    Rolling Stones Not Fade Away(SC8670-10)
    Rolling Stones Out Of Tears(SC8374-12)
    Rolling Stones Paint It, Black(SC8964-4)
    Rolling Stones Playing With Fire(LG120-3)
    Rolling Stones Rip This Joint(SC8670-14)
    Rolling Stones Rock & A Hard Place(SC8820-1)
    Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Medley, The(ZMP055-13)
    Rolling Stones Route 66(ZMP055-2)
    Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday(SC8964-3)
    Rolling Stones Satisfaction, (I Can't Get No)(SC8964-1)
    Rolling Stones Shattered(SC8670-6)
    Rolling Stones She's So Cold(SC8820-6)
    Rolling Stones Sister Morphine(SFG032-5)
    Rolling Stones Some Girls(SC8670-13)
    Rolling Stones Spider & The Fly, The(ZMH007-14)
    Rolling Stones Star Star(SC8820-11)
    Rolling Stones Start Me Up(SC8670-3)
    Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man(SC8964-6)
    Rolling Stones Streets Of Love(SF235-5)
    Rolling Stones Stupid Girl(SC8970-3)
    Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil(SC8964-9)
    Rolling Stones Tell Me High Tide(LG120-12)
    Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side(SC8885-6)
    Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice(SC8670-2)
    Rolling Stones Under My Thumb(SC8964-5)
    Rolling Stones Undercover Of The Night(SC8820-15)
    Rolling Stones Waiting On A Friend(SC8670-15)
    Rolling Stones Wild Horses(SC8964-13)
    Rolling Stones You Better Move On(ZMP055-1)
    Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want(SC8300-8)
    Rolling Stones You Got Me Rocking(SC8820-9)
    Rollins Band Liar(HMDK-119)
    Roman Holiday Stand By(AMS1508-4)
    Romano, Christy Carlson Colors Of The Wind(DISMANIA2-4)
    Romantics Talking In Your Sleep(SC8443-2)
    Romantics What I Like About You(SC8106-15)
    Rome I Belong To You(SC3023-8)
    Romeo Void Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing), A(PHMR8401-7)
    Romeo Void Never Say Never(SC8522-2)
    Ronettes, The Baby, I Love You(SC8968-14)
    Ronettes, The Be My Baby(SC8968-13)
    Ronettes, The Walking In The Rain(SC8968-2)
    Ronny & The Daytonas GTO(SC8202-5)
    Ronson, Mark Oh My God [w/ Lily Allen](SF257-6)
    Ronson, Mark Stop Me(SF254-10)
    Ronson, Mark Stop Me [w/ Daniel Merriweather](EZH63-18)
    Ronson, Mark Valerie [w/ Amy Winehouse](THHP0712-18)
    Ronstadt, Linda Am I Blue?(PI306-15)
    Ronstadt, Linda Back In The USA(RSZ619-1)
    Ronstadt, Linda Blue Bayou(SC7523-3)
    Ronstadt, Linda Blue Train, The(SC8170-6)
    Ronstadt, Linda Corrido De Cananea(MM6212-8)
    Ronstadt, Linda Different Drum [w/ The Stone Poneys](SC8979-13)
    Ronstadt, Linda Dos Arbolitos(MM6212-7)
    Ronstadt, Linda El Sol Que Tu Eres(MM6212-15)
    Ronstadt, Linda El Toro Relajo(MM6212-4)
    Ronstadt, Linda Faithless Love(SAVA03-19)
    Ronstadt, Linda Frenesi(MM6009-15)
    Ronstadt, Linda Gritenme Piedras(MM6212-9)
    Ronstadt, Linda Guantanamera(MM6009-12)
    Ronstadt, Linda Hay Unos Relajo(MM6212-5)
    Ronstadt, Linda Heartbeats Accelerating(CB60129-8)
    Ronstadt, Linda Heatwave(SC8153-5)
    Ronstadt, Linda High Sierra(MM6103-15)
    Ronstadt, Linda How Do I Make You(SC2145-8)
    Ronstadt, Linda Hurt So Bad(DK011-12)
    Ronstadt, Linda I've Got A Crush On You(SC8890-10)
    Ronstadt, Linda It's So Easy(SC7525-5)
    Ronstadt, Linda Just One Look(SC8979-5)
    Ronstadt, Linda La Barca De Guaymas(MM6212-13)
    Ronstadt, Linda La Calandria(MM6212-2)
    Ronstadt, Linda La Charreada(MM6212-14)
    Ronstadt, Linda La Cigarra(MM6212-10)
    Ronstadt, Linda Long Long Time(SC8273-2)
    Ronstadt, Linda Los Laureles(MM6212-1)
    Ronstadt, Linda Love Has No Pride(RSZ619-16)
    Ronstadt, Linda Love Is A Rose(MM6208-4)
    Ronstadt, Linda Lover Man(MM6142-3)
    Ronstadt, Linda Mean To Me(NUKH019-5)
    Ronstadt, Linda Mohammed's Radio(SC8874-14)
    Ronstadt, Linda Oh No Not My Baby(MM6045-11)
    Ronstadt, Linda Ooh Baby Baby(SC8979-6)
    Ronstadt, Linda Perfidia(MM6009-11)
    Ronstadt, Linda Poor Poor Pitiful Me(SC8979-7)
    Ronstadt, Linda Por Un Amor(MM6212-3)
    Ronstadt, Linda Rogaciano El Huapanguero(MM6212-12)
    Ronstadt, Linda Silver Threads & Golden Needles(SC2382-8)
    Ronstadt, Linda Someone To Lay Down Beside Me(SC8979-8)
    Ronstadt, Linda Someone To Watch Over Me(MM6137-6)
    Ronstadt, Linda Somewhere Out There [w/ James Ingram](SC8119-7)
    Ronstadt, Linda That'll Be The Day(SC8979-2)
    Ronstadt, Linda Tracks Of My Tears, The(SC8979-10)
    Ronstadt, Linda Tu Solo Tu(MM6212-6)
    Ronstadt, Linda Tumbling Dice(RSZ619-2)
    Ronstadt, Linda Walk On(SC8179-4)
    Ronstadt, Linda What'll I Do(MM6104-11)
    Ronstadt, Linda What's New(MM6423-7)
    Ronstadt, Linda When I Fall In Love(SPC31-19)
    Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved(SC2145-1)
    Ronstadt, Linda When You Wish Upon A Star(SC8979-15)
    Ronstadt, Linda Y Andale(MM6212-11)
    Ronstadt, Linda You're No Good(SC8329-7)
    Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville All My Life(SC8979-12)
    Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much(SC8119-2)
    Ronstadt, Linda & Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris Those Memories Of You(CB20235-12)
    Ronstadt, Linda & Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris To Know Him Is To Love Him(CB20234-9)
    Rooftop Singers Walk Right In(MM6172-7)
    Room 5 & Oliver Cheatham Make Luv(SF205-3)
    Roommates Glory Of Love, The(PI036-10)
    Rooney I'm Shakin'(MM6408-15)
    Rooney When Did Your Heart Go Missing(THHP0801-9)
    Rooster Come Get Some(ZMP076-13)
    Rooster Deep & Meaningless(EZH48-13)
    Rooster Staring At The Sun(SF228-3)
    Rooster You're So Right For Me(SF231-8)
    Rose Royce Car Wash(SC8202-13)
    Rose Royce I Wanna Get Next To You(SC8863-7)
    Rose Royce I'm Going Down(SC8405-2)
    Rose Royce Is It Love You're After(SF107-1)
    Rose Royce Love Don't Live Here Anymore(SC8776-10)
    Rose Royce Ooh Boy(SC8606-4)
    Rose Royce Wishing On A Star(SF072-7)
    Rose, Clarice Mile A Minute, A(CB20286-12)
    Rose, David Stripper, The(SC8109-16)
    Roselli, Jimmy Anema E'Core(MM6240-9)
    Roselli, Jimmy Torna A Surrento(MM6240-11)
    Roselli, Jimmy When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New(MM6240-2)
    Rosie & The Originals Angel Baby(SC8521-13)
    Ross, Diana Ain't No Mountain High Enough(SC7511-15)
    Ross, Diana Chain Reaction(ZSH80-3-10)
    Ross, Diana Do You Know Where You're Going To(SC8227-8)
    Ross, Diana Good Morning Heartache(MM6142-1)
    Ross, Diana I'm Coming Out(SC8627-14)
    Ross, Diana I'm Gonna Make You Love Me(DK048-10)
    Ross, Diana It's My Turn(SC8417-12)
    Ross, Diana Last Time I Saw Him, The(PI053-6)
    Ross, Diana Love Child(SC8396-10)
    Ross, Diana Love Hangover(SC7548-14)
    Ross, Diana Muscles(MM6067-5)
    Ross, Diana My Favorite Things(SC8899-10)
    Ross, Diana Not Over You Yet(SF154-5)
    Ross, Diana Reach Out & Touch(DK066-7)
    Ross, Diana Reflections(SC8860-6)
    Ross, Diana Take Me Higher(SC8209-14)
    Ross, Diana Touch Me In The Morning(SC8368-2)
    Ross, Diana Upside Down(JV0003-8)
    Ross, Diana Waiting In The Winds(SC8244-10)
    Ross, Diana When You Tell Me That You Love Me(SC8318-8)
    Ross, Diana Why Do Fools Fall In Love(SF031-7)
    Ross, Diana You Are Everything(SF158-5)
    Ross, Rick Hustlin'(SC8994-13)
    Rossdale, Gavin Adrenaline(THR0211-14)
    Rossington Collins Band Don't Misunderstand Me(SC8479-8)
    Roth, Asher Be By Myself [w/ Cee-Lo](PHM0908-7)
    Roth, Asher I Love College(PHM0905-1)
    Roth, David Lee California Girls(HMDK-544)
    Roth, David Lee California Girls(SC9002-5)
    Roth, David Lee Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody(SC8115-6)
    Roth, David Lee Just Like Paradise(SC8684-8)
    Roth, David Lee Yankee Rose(SC7565-12)
    Rothberg, Patti Inside(SC8308-12)
    Rough Trade High School Confidential(KAR005-5)
    Rowland, Kelly Like This [w/ Eve](PHU0706-6)
    Rowland, Kelly Stole(SC8793-7)
    Rowland, Kelly Train On A Track(SF208-9)
    Rowles, Joan If I Only Had Time(SF094-13)
    Roxanne & Utfo Real Roxanne, The(SC8656-6)
    Roxette Almost Unreal(SC8237-2)
    Roxette Crash Boom Bang(SD010-12)
    Roxette Dangerous(DK095-17)
    Roxette Dressed For Success(SFMW804-9)
    Roxette How Do You Do(SFID001-10)
    Roxette I Wish I Could Fly(SF134-14)
    Roxette It Must Have Been Love(SC8366-2)
    Roxette Joyride(SFMW808-11)
    Roxette Listen To Your Heart(SC8371-1)
    Roxette Look, The(SC8634-11)
    Roxette Must've Been Love(PSJT203-2-17)
    Roxette Sleeping In My Car(SF026-7)
    Roxy Music Angel Eyes(SF147-9)
    Roxy Music Avalon(SC8671-4)
    Roxy Music Dance Away(SFMW907-13)
    Roxy Music Jealous Love(PI040-11)
    Roxy Music Let's Stick Together(SF135-5)
    Roxy Music Love Is The Drug(SC8627-6)
    Roxy Music More Than This(SFMW809-4)
    Roxy Music Oh Yeah(EZA004-6)
    Roxy Music Over You(SFMW832-6)
    Roxy Music Same Old Scene(EZA004-3)
    Roxy Music Slave To Love(EZA004-7)
    Roxy Music Virginia Plain(AH8007-10)
    Roy C. Shotgun Wedding(SF064-11)
    Royal Crown Revue Beyond The Sea(AMS1509-7)
    Royal Crown Revue Hey Pachuco(US01-5)
    Royal Crown Revue Walkin Blues(AMS1509-6)
    Royal Crown Revue Zip Gun Bop(SC8490-1)
    Royal Guardsmen Snoopy vs. The Red Baron(SC8669-6)
    Royal Teens Short Shorts(SC7504-3)
    Royal, Billy Joe Cherry Hill Park(MM6095-2)
    Royal, Billy Joe Down In The Boondocks(SC8419-7)
    Royal, Billy Joe I'm Okay & Gettin' Better(SC8309-8)
    Royal, Billy Joe Love Has No Right(SC8767-4)
    Royal, Billy Joe Out Of Sight & On My Mind(SC8642-15)
    Royal, Billy Joe Searchin' For Some Kind Of Clue(SC8352-15)
    Royal, Billy Joe Tell It Like It Is(SC8345-12)
    Royale Delite I'll Be A Freak For You(SF068-14)
    Roza, Lita How Much Is That Doggie(SF092-6)
    Rubettes Juke Box Jive(SF104-4)
    Rubettes Sugar Baby Love(SF028-2)
    Rubio, Paulina Casanova(TU150-2)
    Rubio, Paulina Don't Say Goodbye(SC8766-10)
    Rubio, Paulina Fire(TU150-9)
    Rubio, Paulina I Was Made For Loving You(TU149-10)
    Rubio, Paulina Last Goodbye, The(TU181-11)
    Rubio, Paulina Mio(BS4717-1)
    Rubio, Paulina One You Love, The(TU181-14)
    Ruby & The Romantics Hey There Lonely Boy(MM6113-8)
    Ruby & The Romantics Our Day Will Come(SC8226-7)
    Rucker, Darius Alright(PHN0907-1)
    Ruddigore To A Garden Full Of Posies(STS6019-10)
    Ruff Endz No More(SC8654-3)
    Ruff Endz Someone To Love You(SC8773-15)
    Ruffin, David My Whole World Ended(TU139-4)
    Ruffin, David Walk Away From Love(SC8860-8)
    Ruffin, Jimmy Farewell Is A Lonely Sound(BSK003-15)
    Ruffin, Jimmy Hold On To My Love(SF107-3)
    Ruffin, Jimmy I'll Say Forever(SFMW818-14)
    Ruffin, Jimmy What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted(SC8860-15)
    Rufus Tell Me Something Good(SC8704-15)
    Rufus & Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody(SC8886-13)
    Rufus & Chaka Khan Hollywood(SC8397-11)
    Rufus & Chaka Khan Sweet Thing(SC8420-3)
    Ruiz, Rey Mi Media Mitad(BS4717-6)
    Run DMC It's Like That [w/ Jason Nevins](SF119-16)
    Run DMC It's Tricky(SC8875-11)
    Run DMC King Of Rock(SC8875-6)
    Run DMC Walk This Way(SC8760-13)
    Run DMC You Be Illin'(SC8612-10)
    Rundgren, Todd Bang The Drum All Day(SC8706-8)
    Rundgren, Todd Can We Still Be Friends(AH8015-10)
    Rundgren, Todd Hello It's Me(SC8621-12)
    Rundgren, Todd I Saw The Light(SC8706-2)
    Rundgren, Todd I'm So Proud(DG09-13)
    Rundgren, Todd We Gotta Get You A Woman(SC8706-1)
    Runga, Bic Sway(SC3124-5)
    Runrig Loch Lomond(SFST01-2)
    RuPaul Supermodel(MM6021-8)
    Rupee Tempted To Touch(THH0504-16)
    Rush Closer To The Heart(SC8691-7)
    Rush Cold Fire(NU2043-13)
    Rush Fly By Night(SC8586-13)
    Rush Fly By Night/In The Mood(AH2001-5)
    Rush Freewill(SC8691-4)
    Rush Limelight(SC8406-5)
    Rush New World Man(SC8691-10)
    Rush Nobody's Hero(NT033-9)
    Rush One Little Victory(SC3320-2)
    Rush Red Barchetta(SC8691-5)
    Rush Secret Touch(PHR0209-7)
    Rush Spirit Of Radio, The(SC8691-2)
    Rush Subdivisions(SC8942-6)
    Rush The Camera Eye(HMDK-545)
    Rush The Trees(HMDK-546)
    Rush Time Stands Still(GM1000-6)
    Rush Tom Sawyer(SC8334-12)
    Rush Turn The Page(SFMW902-1)
    Rush Vital Signs(HMDK-547)
    Rush Witch Hunt(HMDK-548)
    Rush, Jennifer Power Of Love, The(SFMW862-5)
    Rush, Merilee Angel Of The Morning(MM6098-12)
    Rushen, Patrice Forget Me Nots(AH8014-11)
    Rushlow I Can't Be Your Friend(SC3372-3)
    Rushlow Sweet Summer Rain(SD120-8)
    Rushlow Harris That's So You(SD147-13)
    Rushlow, Tim Crazy Life(SC8723-1)
    Rushlow, Tim Package, The(CB20311-11)
    Rushlow, Tim She Misses Him(SC3230-6)
    Rushlow, Tim When You Love Me(SC3195-6)
    Rushlow-Harris Bagpipes Cryin'(PHN0703-9)
    Russell, Brenda Piano In The Dark(SC8293-13)
    Russell, Johnny Rednecks White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer(SC8541-8)
    Russell, Leon Lady Blue(SC8174-10)
    Russell, Leon Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms(SC8342-1)
    Russell, Leon Six Pack To Go(SC8136-6)
    Russell, Leon Tight Rope(SC8479-4)
    Ruthless Born To Entertain(PS2003-4-13)
    Rutles, The Cheese & Onions(SFMW912-8)
    Rutles, The Knicker Elastic King, The(SFMW911-13)
    Rutles, The Questionnaire(SFMW910-4)
    Ruttan, Deric Shine(PHN0512-9)
    Ruttan, Deric When You Come Around(SC8842-10)
    Ryan, Barry Eloise(PI325-6)
    Ryan, Lee Army Of Lovers(SF233-4)
    Ryan, Lee When I Think Of You(SF240-6)
    Rydell, Bobby Forget Him(SC8575-10)
    Rydell, Bobby Sway(SF137-7)
    Rydell, Bobby Wild One(SC7541-5)
    Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels Devil With A Blue Dress On(SC8226-15)
    Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels Sock It To Me Baby!(SC8870-15)
    Rzeznik, John I'm Still Here(PHR0301-7)


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