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    S Club Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You(SF204-10)
    S Club 7 Alive(SF198-1)
    S Club 7 Best Friend(SFG016-16)
    S Club 7 Bring It All Back(SF142-16)
    S Club 7 Don't Stop Movin'(ZML010-9)
    S Club 7 Have You Ever(SF184-5)
    S Club 7 Natural(SF170-12)
    S Club 7 Never Had A Dream Come True(SC8688-14)
    S Club 7 Reach(SF165-5)
    S Club 7 S Club Party(SF148-9)
    S Club 7 Say Goodbye(SF205-13)
    S Club 7 Stand By You(SFG016-13)
    S Club 7 Two In A Million(SF155-12)
    S Club 7 You(SF188-16)
    S Club 7 You're My Number One(SF157-9)
    S Club 8 Don't Tell Me You're Sorry(SF213-7)
    S Club 8 Fool No More(SF206-13)
    S Club 8 Sundown(SF210-9)
    S Club Juniors Automatic High(SF194-3)
    S Club Juniors New Direction(SF196-14)
    S Club Juniors One Step Closer(SF192-7)
    S Club Juniors Puppy Love(SF200-14)
    S.O.S. Band Finest, The(SFMW842-6)
    S.O.S. Band Just Be Good To Me(SFMW839-3)
    S.O.S. Band Just The Way You Like It(DK055-16)
    S.O.S. Band Take Your Time (Pt. 1)(SC8204-15)
    Saadiq, Raphael Ask Of You(SC8164-10)
    Saadiq, Raphael Never Give You Up [w/ Stevie Wonder & CJ Hilton](PHU0905-5)
    Sad Café Every Day Hurts(ZMH006-7)
    Sade By Your Side(SC8688-4)
    Sade Cherish The Day(SC8246-3)
    Sade Hang On To Your Love(SC8606-2)
    Sade Kiss Of Life(SC8279-3)
    Sade No Ordinary Love(SC8272-3)
    Sade Paradise(SC8405-12)
    Sade Please Send Me Someone To Love(SC8244-1)
    Sade Smooth Operator(SC7511-14)
    Sade Sweetest Taboo, The(SC8201-1)
    Sade Your Love Is King(SC7549-10)
    Sadler, Barry Ballad Of The Green Berets, The(SC7560-15)
    Sadler, Sarah Beautiful(THMS0301-16)
    Sadler, Sarah Running Into You(TU207-13)
    Safaris Image Of A Girl(MM6361-2)
    Saga On The Loose(SC8684-5)
    Sager, Carole Bayer You're Moving Out Today(SFMW878-14)
    Saigon Kick Love Is On The Way(SC8242-1)
    Sailor Girls Girls Girls(SFMW863-9)
    Sailor Glass Of Champagne(SF035-11)
    Saint Etienne He's On The Phone(SFMW884-11)
    Sakamoto, Kyu Sukiyaki(SFMW824-6)
    Saliva After Me(THR0204-17)
    Saliva Always(THR0301-18)
    Saliva Click Click Boom(SC8720-1)
    Saliva Raise Up(PHR0309-9)
    Saliva Rest In Pieces(THR0307-17)
    Saliva Survival Of The Sickest(SC8914-1)
    Saliva Your Disease(SC8699-10)
    Salt 'N Pepa Do You Want Me(SC8754-6)
    Salt 'N Pepa Expression(SC8624-5)
    Salt 'N Pepa Let's Talk About Sex(SC8117-15)
    Salt 'N Pepa None Of Your Business(SC8754-8)
    Salt 'N Pepa Push It(SC8746-12)
    Salt 'N Pepa Shoop(SC8111-12)
    Salt 'N Pepa Whatta Man [w/ En Vogue](SC8113-3)
    Sam Evergreen(SF187-6)
    Sam & Dave Hold On I'm Comin'(SC8353-9)
    Sam & Dave I Thank You(PI006-18)
    Sam & Dave Soul Man(PI006-2)
    Sam & Dave When Something Is Wrong With My Baby(DK073-9)
    Sam & Mark With A Little Help From My Friends(SF215-6)
    Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs Li'l Red Riding Hood(SC7572-14)
    Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs Wooly Bully(SC7508-3)
    Sambora, Richie Hard Times Come Easy(SC3070-8)
    Sambora, Richie In It For Love(SC8478-3)
    Sammie Come With Me(PHU0703-6)
    Sammie I Like It(SC3192-5)
    Sampson, Daz Teenage Life(SF242-5)
    Sanchez, Robert Another Chance(SFCC1-8)
    Sandler, Adam At A Medium Pace(SC8700-3)
    Sandler, Adam Chanukah Song #2(HMDK-549)
    Sandler, Adam Chanukah Song #3(HMDK-550)
    Sandler, Adam Chanukah Song, The(SC8900-3)
    Sandler, Adam Ode To My Car(SC8700-10)
    Sandler, Adam What The Hell Happened To Me(SC8532-15)
    Sandpipers Come Saturday Morning(DK029-16)
    Sandpipers Guantanamera(DK040-9)
    Sandy B. Make The World Go Around(SF119-10)
    Sanford & Townsend Band Smoke From A Distant Fire(SC8668-1)
    Sang, Samantha Emotion(SC8627-12)
    Santana America [w/ P.O.D.](SC8806-12)
    Santana Amoré (Sexo) [w/ Macy Gray](SC8809-13)
    Santana Black Magic Woman(SC7572-9)
    Santana Everybody's Everything(SC8668-10)
    Santana Evil Ways(SC7547-13)
    Santana Feels Like Fire [w/ Dido](SC3352-3)
    Santana Game Of Love, The [w/ M. Branch](SC8813-9)
    Santana I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love [w/ Los Lonely Boys](PHAC0603-5)
    Santana I'm Feeling You [Radio Version] [w/ M. Branch](SC8949-1)
    Santana I'm Feeling You [w/ M. Branch](PHM0512-1)
    Santana Into The Night [w/ Chad Kroeger](THHP0712-12)
    Santana Just Feel Better [w/ Steven Tyler](PHAC0602-3)
    Santana Love Of My Life(TU007-1)
    Santana Maria Maria [w/ The Product G&B](SC8593-4)
    Santana Nothing At All [Radio Version] [w/ Musiq](SC8818-15)
    Santana Nothing At All [w/ Musiq](TU202-11)
    Santana Open Invitation(AH8017-7)
    Santana Oye Como Va(NU2048-12)
    Santana Put Your Lights On [w/ Everlast](SC8565-7)
    Santana Smooth [w/ Rob Thomas](SC8548-13)
    Santana Why Don't You & I [w/ Alex Band](PHM0309-7)
    Santana Why Don't You & I [w/ Chad Kroeger](SC8806-3)
    Santana Winning(SC8510-5)
    Santana Wishing It Was [w/ Eagle-Eye Cherry](SC2271-7)
    Santana, Juelz Oh Yes [AKA Postman](THH0606-18)
    Santana, Juelz There It Go! (The Whistle Song)(SC8949-15)
    Santiago, Lina Feels So Good(SC8257-15)
    Santiago, Lina Just Because I Love You(SC8312-2)
    Santo & Johnny Sleepwalk(HMDK-2)
    Santogold L.e.s. Artistes(SFMW901-12)
    Sanz, Victor Destination Unknown(CB20262-12)
    Sanz, Victor I'm Going To Be There(SC3203-7)
    Sarai Ladies(PHM0309-1)
    Saraya Love Has Taken Its Toll(SC8800-15)
    Sarne, Mike & Wendy Richards Come Outside(SF089-8)
    Sarstedt, Peter Frozen Orange Juice(ZMJB03-5)
    Sarstedt, Peter Where Do You Go To My Lovely(SF065-9)
    Sash Stay(SF115-7)
    Sasha If You Believe(SC8661-13)
    Satcher, Leslie Everytime It Rains(TU126-3)
    Satcher, Leslie Love Letters From Old Mexico [w/ Harris & Krauss](CB20275-11)
    Satcher, Leslie Slow Way Home, The(SC8759-2)
    Savage Garden Affirmation(SC8645-4)
    Savage Garden Animal Song, The(SF142-13)
    Savage Garden Break Me Shake Me(SF126-12)
    Savage Garden Crash & Burn(SC8607-9)
    Savage Garden Hold Me(SC8629-1)
    Savage Garden I Knew I Loved You(SC2352-3)
    Savage Garden I Want You(SC3009-4)
    Savage Garden To The Moon & Back(SC8390-7)
    Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply(SC8422-15)
    Savage, Chantay I Will Survive(SC2065-7)
    Savalas, Telly If(SF077-8)
    Save Ferris Come On Eileen(HMDK-553)
    Save Ferris Goodbye(HMDK-552)
    Saving Abel 18 Days(SC3502-5)
    Saving Jane Butterflies(PHM0907-9)
    Saving Jane Girl Next Door(SC8966-1)
    Saving Jane Happy(PHM0608-7)
    Saw Doctors I Useta Love Her(SF151-11)
    Saw Doctors N17(SF153-4)
    Sawyer Brown 800 Pound Jesus(SC8596-13)
    Sawyer Brown All These Years(SC8352-6)
    Sawyer Brown Another Side(SC8444-5)
    Sawyer Brown Betty's Bein' Bad(SC8558-7)
    Sawyer Brown Boys & Me, The(SC8215-5)
    Sawyer Brown Cafe On The Corner(SC8400-1)
    Sawyer Brown Can You Hear Me Now(CB20347-12)
    Sawyer Brown Circles(SC8753-5)
    Sawyer Brown Did It For Love(CB20250-9)
    Sawyer Brown Dirt Road, The(SC8131-12)
    Sawyer Brown Drive Me Wild(SC3117-6)
    Sawyer Brown Hard To Say(SC8260-10)
    Sawyer Brown I Don't Believe In Goodbye(SC8160-14)
    Sawyer Brown I Need A Girlfriend(CB20365-7)
    Sawyer Brown I Will Leave The Light On(SC8253-2)
    Sawyer Brown I'm In Love With Her(SC8546-6)
    Sawyer Brown Keep Your Hands To Yourself(SD145-12)
    Sawyer Brown Lookin' For Love(SC3234-3)
    Sawyer Brown Perfect World(SC8623-10)
    Sawyer Brown Puttin' The Dark Back Into The Night(CB20250-7)
    Sawyer Brown Race Is On, The(MM6088-4)
    Sawyer Brown Round Here(SC8216-11)
    Sawyer Brown She's Gettin' There(SC8311-9)
    Sawyer Brown Six Days On The Road(SC8370-9)
    Sawyer Brown Small Talk(SC3072-5)
    Sawyer Brown Some Girls Do(SC8101-10)
    Sawyer Brown Step That Step(SC7556-5)
    Sawyer Brown Thank God For You(SC8144-9)
    Sawyer Brown They Don't Understand(CB60345-4)
    Sawyer Brown This Missin' You Heart Of Mine(SC7570-7)
    Sawyer Brown This Night Won't Last Forever(SC8384-9)
    Sawyer Brown This Thing Called Wantin' & Havin' It(SC8189-15)
    Sawyer Brown This Time(SC8149-4)
    Sawyer Brown Treat Her Right(SC8267-7)
    Sawyer Brown Trouble On The Line(SC8130-14)
    Sawyer Brown Used To Blue(SC8564-12)
    Sawyer Brown Walk, The(SC8265-12)
    Sawyer Brown When Love Comes Callin'(CB20250-8)
    Sawyer Brown & Robert Randolph Mission Temple Fireworks Stand [w/ R. Randolph](THC0503-20)
    Saxon Wheels Of Steel(SFMW842-5)
    Sayer, Leo Long Tall Glasses(SC8790-15)
    Sayer, Leo More Than I Can Say(SC8594-2)
    Sayer, Leo One Man Band(SF104-2)
    Sayer, Leo Show Must Go On, The(SF101-8)
    Sayer, Leo Thunder In My Heart(SFMW874-4)
    Sayer, Leo When I Need You(SC8201-11)
    Sayer, Leo You Make Me Feel Like Dancing(SC8439-15)
    Sayle, Alexei Ullo John Got A New Motor(SFMW846-12)
    Scaffold Lily The Pink(SF042-12)
    Scaffold Thank You Very Much(SF089-10)
    Scaggs, Boz Fly Like A Bird(SC8246-11)
    Scaggs, Boz Georgia(LG243-13)
    Scaggs, Boz Harbor Lights(AMS1507-1)
    Scaggs, Boz It's Over(LG243-14)
    Scaggs, Boz Jojo(SC8644-12)
    Scaggs, Boz Lido Shuffle(SC8667-2)
    Scaggs, Boz Look What You've Done To Me(SC8641-8)
    Scaggs, Boz Lowdown(SC8627-5)
    Scaggs, Boz Miss Sun(SC8667-4)
    Scaggs, Boz Some Change(SC8302-12)
    Scaggs, Boz We're All Alone(LG243-11)
    Scaggs, Boz What Can I Say(SFMW801-10)
    Scandal Goodbye To You(SC8300-14)
    Scandal Warrior, The(SC8331-6)
    Scarlet Independent Love Song(SC8263-7)
    Scherzinger, Nicole Baby Love [w/ Will.i.am](PHM0712-2)
    Scherzinger, Nicole Whatever You Like(CB30066-13)
    Schilling, Peter Major Tom (Coming Home)(HMDK-724)
    Schilling, Peter Major Tom (Coming Home)(SC8577-15)
    Schneider, Bob Come With Me Tonight(PHR0409-5)
    Schneider, Fred I'm Gonna Haunt You(TU069-4)
    Schneider, Fred Monster In My Pants(TU069-6)
    Schneider, John At The Sound Of The Tone(SC8567-9)
    Schneider, John Country Girls(SC8506-10)
    Schneider, John I've Been Around Enough To Know(SC7555-8)
    Schneider, John What's A Memory Like You(SC8525-15)
    School Of Fish 3 Strange Days(SC8749-7)
    Schultz, Mark Back In His Arms Again(SC8828-1)
    Schultz, Mark He's My Son(SC8637-5)
    Scissor Sisters Comfortably Numb(ZMP073-1)
    Scissor Sisters Everybody Wants The Same Thing(ZMP120-12)
    Scissor Sisters Filthy/Gorgeous(ZMP073-6)
    Scissor Sisters I Can't Decide(ZMP120-3)
    Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancin'(THP0611-17)
    Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancin' [Radio Version](SC8988-8)
    Scissor Sisters Intermission(ZMP120-6)
    Scissor Sisters It Can't Come Quickly Enough(ZMP069-14)
    Scissor Sisters Kiss You Off(ZMP120-7)
    Scissor Sisters Land Of A Thousand Words(THP0702-17)
    Scissor Sisters Laura(ZMP073-2)
    Scissor Sisters Lights(ZMP120-4)
    Scissor Sisters Lovers In The Backseat(ZMP069-13)
    Scissor Sisters Mary(SF223-3)
    Scissor Sisters Might Tell You Tonight(ZMP120-11)
    Scissor Sisters Music Is The Victim(ZMP073-4)
    Scissor Sisters Ooh(ZMP120-8)
    Scissor Sisters Other Side, The(ZMP120-10)
    Scissor Sisters Paul Mccartney(ZMP120-9)
    Scissor Sisters Return To Oz(ZMP069-12)
    Scissor Sisters She's My Man(THHP0705-16)
    Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama(PHR0411-4)
    Scissor Sisters Tits On The Radio(ZMP069-15)
    Scooch More Than I Need To Know(SF159-7)
    Scooter Back In The UK(SF034-14)
    Scooter I'm Raving(HMDK-555)
    Scooter Rebel Yell(HMDK-554)
    Scorpions Big City Nights(SC8869-3)
    Scorpions No One Like You(SC8631-10)
    Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane(SC7579-8)
    Scorpions Still Lovin' You(SC8516-14)
    Scorpions Wind Of Change(SC8373-6)
    Scorpions Zoo, The(SC8756-4)
    Scott, Freddie Cry To Me(SC8804-5)
    Scott, Jack Burning Bridges(SC8575-7)
    Scott, Jack What In The World's Come Over You(SC7566-8)
    Scott, Jill Fact Is (I Need You), The(THH0610-13)
    Scott, Jill Gettin' In The Way(SC8754-7)
    Scott, Jill He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)(MM6394-11)
    Scott, Jill Long Walk, A(SC8688-6)
    Scott, Jill Way, The(SC8717-5)
    Scott, Kimberly Tuck Me In(MM6227-3)
    Scott, Linda I've Told Every Little Star(SC8190-8)
    Scott, Marilyn Last Day, The(SC8499-6)
    Scott, Marilyn Starting To Fall(SC8484-3)
    Scott, Ray Gone Either Way(CB60351-10)
    Scott, Ray I Didn't Come Here To Talk(SD148-10)
    Scott, Ray My Kind Of Music(SD135-11)
    Scott, Terry My Brother(SFMW907-9)
    Scott-Lee, Lisa Lately(SF205-14)
    Scouting For Girls Elvis Ain't Dead(SF262-7)
    Scouting For Girls She's So Lovely(SF260-3)
    Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies Boogie King(SC8508-3)
    Screaming Trees All I Know(SC8308-11)
    Screaming Trees Nearly Lost You(SC8749-2)
    Script, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, The(PHM0905-5)
    Scritti Politti Absolute(SFMW910-6)
    Scritti Politti Perfect Way(SC8719-3)
    Scritti Politti Wood Beez(SFMW915-2)
    Scritti Politti Word Girl, The(SFMW887-10)
    Scruggs, Randy & M.C. Carpenter It's Only Love(MM6262-14)
    Sea Horses Blinded By The Sun(SF114-14)
    Sea Horses Love Is The Law(ZMH002-6)
    Sea Horses You Can Talk To Me(SF117-10)
    Seal Amazing(THHP0802-10)
    Seal Crazy(SC8942-13)
    Seal Don't Cry(SC8233-12)
    Seal Fly Like An Eagle(SC8340-12)
    Seal Human Beings(SC8501-10)
    Seal Kiss From A Rose(SC2114-6)
    Seal Love Is Devine(MM6408-4)
    Seal Prayer For The Dying(SC8272-9)
    Seal This Could Be Heaven(SC8688-3)
    Seal Waiting For You(TU233-17)
    Seals & Crofts Diamond Girl(SC8192-2)
    Seals & Crofts Get Closer(SC8650-3)
    Seals & Crofts I'll Play For You(SC8641-2)
    Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze(SC8201-3)
    Seals & Crofts We May Never Pass This Way Again(SC8188-15)
    Seals, Brady Another You Another Me(SC8319-2)
    Seals, Brady Best Is Yet To Come, The(SC8556-14)
    Seals, Brady I Fell(SC8464-12)
    Seals, Brady Natural Born Lovers(SC8394-15)
    Seals, Brady She(SC3026-5)
    Seals, Brady Still Standing Tall(MM6196-5)
    Seals, Dan Addicted(SC8610-5)
    Seals, Dan All Fired Up(SC8236-12)
    Seals, Dan Big Wheels In The Moonlight(SC8728-9)
    Seals, Dan Bop(SC7552-4)
    Seals, Dan Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold(SC8332-14)
    Seals, Dan Good Times(SC8352-5)
    Seals, Dan Healing Kind, The(SC8224-3)
    Seals, Dan I Will Be There(SC8604-13)
    Seals, Dan I'd Really Love To See You Tonight(SC8247-1)
    Seals, Dan Love On Arrival(SC8168-6)
    Seals, Dan Love Thing(SC8275-11)
    Seals, Dan My Baby's Got Good Timing(SC8537-5)
    Seals, Dan My Old Yellow Car(SC8642-13)
    Seals, Dan One Friend(SC8424-12)
    Seals, Dan Three Time Loser(SC8434-13)
    Seals, Dan When Love Comes Around The Bend(SC8287-8)
    Seals, Dan You Still Move Me(SC8551-11)
    Searchers Don't Throw Your Love Away(ZMP012-8)
    Searchers Goodbye My Love(ZMP012-3)
    Searchers Love Potion #9(SC7513-15)
    Searchers Needles & Pins(SC7557-7)
    Searchers Searchers Medley, The(ZMP012-11)
    Searchers Someday We're Gonna Love Again(ZMP012-7)
    Searchers Sugar & Spice(SC8225-14)
    Searchers Sweets For My Sweet(SF044-12)
    Searchers Take It Or Leave It(ZMP012-5)
    Searchers What Have They Done To The Rain(ZMP012-4)
    Searchers When You Walk In The Room(SC8589-15)
    Sears, Dawn Nothin' But Good(SC8321-10)
    Sears, Dawn Runaway Train(MM6056-12)
    Secada, Jon Angel(TU054-1)
    Secada, Jon Do You Believe In Us(JV1002-6)
    Secada, Jon I'm Free(SC8270-11)
    Secada, Jon If I Never Knew You [w/Shanice](SC8212-7)
    Secada, Jon Just Another Day(JV1003-11)
    Secada, Jon Love's About To Change My Mind(TU054-5)
    Secada, Jon Stop(TU054-12)
    Secada, Jon Too Late Too Soon(PHM9704-2)
    Secada, Jon Window To My Heart(THP0601-16)
    Secomba, Harry If I Ruled The World(PI325-13)
    Secret Affair Time For Action(SFMW878-5)
    Secret Garden Hold On(PS2003-4-22)
    Secret Garden How Could I Ever Know(PS2003-4-19)
    Sedaka, Neil Bad Blood(DK071-10)
    Sedaka, Neil Breaking Up Is Hard To Do(SC7541-1)
    Sedaka, Neil Breaking Up Is Hard To Do [Slow Version](SC8514-15)
    Sedaka, Neil Calender Girl(SC8526-10)
    Sedaka, Neil Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen(SC8563-9)
    Sedaka, Neil Laughter In The Rain(SC8417-7)
    Sedaka, Neil Little Devil(DK036-13)
    Sedaka, Neil Miracle Song, The(SFMW880-14)
    Sedaka, Neil Next Door To An Angel(SC7566-14)
    Sedaka, Neil Oh Carol(SC8413-2)
    Sedaka, Neil One Way Ticket(JV0058-5)
    Sedaka, Neil Should've Never Let You Go [w/ Dara Sedaka](SC8482-10)
    Seeds Pushin' Too Hard(SC8750-2)
    Seeger, Pete Don't Fence Me In(MM6172-2)
    Seeger, Pete This Land Is Your Land(TU086-21)
    Seekers Carnival Is Over, The(ZMP038-5)
    Seekers Georgy Girl(SC8651-4)
    Seekers I'll Never Find Another You(ZMP038-3)
    Seekers Island Of Dreams(ZMP038-6)
    Seekers Medley (Island Of Dreams / Georgy Girl / A World O(ZMP038-12)
    Seekers Morningtown Ride(SF087-5)
    Seekers When Will The Good Apples Fall(SFMW910-7)
    Seekers World Of Our Own, A(ZMP038-2)
    Seesaw It's Not Where You Start(PS2003-4-20)
    Seether Broken(MM6424-12)
    Seether Broken [Duet Version](SC8909-9)
    Seether Careless Whisper(HMDK-556)
    Seether Careless Whisper(SC3501-7)
    Seether Driven Under(PHR0304-9)
    Seether Fake It(PHM0801-5)
    Seether Fine Again(THR0211-13)
    Seether Gift, The(THR0606-18)
    Seether Remedy(SC8934-13)
    Seether Truth(THR0512-18)
    Seger, Bob Against The Wind(SC8846-10)
    Seger, Bob Beautiful Loser(SC8846-7)
    Seger, Bob Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight(AH8020-18)
    Seger, Bob C'est La Vie(SC8846-11)
    Seger, Bob Come To Poppa(AH8015-7)
    Seger, Bob Famous Final Scene, The(AH8020-14)
    Seger, Bob Feel Like A Number(SC8583-7)
    Seger, Bob Fire Down Below(AH8006-1)
    Seger, Bob Fire Lake(SC8763-4)
    Seger, Bob Good For Me(AH8020-17)
    Seger, Bob Her Strut(SC8846-4)
    Seger, Bob Hollywood Nights(SC2373-1)
    Seger, Bob Horizontal Bop, The(SC8169-15)
    Seger, Bob Katmandu(SC2373-8)
    Seger, Bob Like A Rock(SC8846-5)
    Seger, Bob Lock & Load(SC8220-7)
    Seger, Bob Mainstreet(SC8846-14)
    Seger, Bob Night Moves(SC8846-6)
    Seger, Bob Old Time Rock 'n' Roll(SC8846-15)
    Seger, Bob Ramblin' Gamblin' Man(SC8846-1)
    Seger, Bob Real Love, The(SC8266-6)
    Seger, Bob Rock & Roll Never Forgets(AH8020-16)
    Seger, Bob Roll Me Away(SC8644-6)
    Seger, Bob Shakedown(SC8305-11)
    Seger, Bob Shame On The Moon(SC8192-6)
    Seger, Bob Still The Same(MH1013-15)
    Seger, Bob Sunspot Baby(AH2003-1)
    Seger, Bob Til It Shines(AH8020-12)
    Seger, Bob Tryin' To Live My Life Without You(LG108-5)
    Seger, Bob Turn The Page(SC8176-6)
    Seger, Bob Turn The Page [Live Version](SC8846-8)
    Seger, Bob Wait For Me(SC8986-3)
    Seger, Bob We've Got Tonight(AH8020-4)
    Seger, Bob You'll Accomp'ny Me(SC8417-2)
    Seldom Scene Heaven(CB70014-13)
    Seldom Scene House Of Gold(CBEP476-5-15)
    Seldom Scene Muddy Water(CB20381-9)
    Seldom Scene Old Train(CBEP476-2-11)
    Selecta, Bo Proper Crimbo(EZH30-14)
    Selecter On My Radio(SFMW882-5)
    Selena Boy Like That, A(SC8257-14)
    Selena Captive Heart(MM6308-2)
    Selena Como La Flor(BS4717-3)
    Selena Dreaming Of You(SC8212-13)
    Selena I Could Fall In Love(SC8240-1)
    Selena I Will Survive/Funkytown [Disco Medley](MM6308-3)
    Selena I'm Getting Used To You(MM6308-4)
    Selena La Carcacha(BS4717-4)
    Selena Last Dance / The Hustle(HV09-3)
    Selena Missing My Baby(MM6308-1)
    Self So Low(HMDK-120)
    Sellers, Jason Can't Help Calling Your Name(SC8614-8)
    Sellers, Jason I'm Your Man(SC8394-2)
    Sellers, Jason Matter Of Time, A(SC8556-2)
    Sellers, Jason That Does It(SC8444-4)
    Sellers, Jason This Small Divide(CB20038-10)
    Sellers, Peter & Sophia Loren Goodness Gracious Me(SF089-4)
    Sellers, Shane Matthew, Mark, Luke & Earnhardt(SC8705-14)
    Sembello, Michael Maniac(SC8894-12)
    Seminole She Knows Me By Heart(SC8394-8)
    Semisonic Closing Time(SC8465-3)
    Semisonic Secret Smile(SC8508-10)
    Semisonic Singing In My Sleep(SC3099-1)
    Sensations Let Me In(SC2073R-4)
    Serani No Games(PHU0907-7)
    Sermon, Erick & Marvin Gaye Music(SC8708-6)
    Sev Same Old Song(PHR0302-4)
    Seven Drunk Chicks(SC8952-5)
    Seven & The Sun Walk With Me(PHR0208-1)
    Seven Channels Breathe(THR0111-18)
    Seven Mary Three Cumbersome(SC8233-6)
    Seven Mary Three Over Your Shoulder(SC8478-1)
    Seven Mary Three Wait(SC8699-4)
    Seven Mary Three Water's Edge(SC8268-6)
    Sevendust Black(SC8662-11)
    Sevendust Broken Down(THR0404-17)
    Sevendust Enemy(PHR0312-8)
    Sevendust Going Back To Cali(SC8659-14)
    Sevendust Licking Cream(SC2262-7)
    Sevendust Live Again(THR0206-17)
    Sevendust Praise(PHR0202-9)
    Seventh Day Slumber I Know(TU207-6)
    Seville, David Witch Doctor(SC8550-12)
    Sex Pistols Anarchy In The U.K.(SC2400-7)
    Sex Pistols God Save The Queen(SF193-15)
    Sex Pistols My Way(SC2400-4)
    Sex Pistols No Feelings(HMDK-557)
    Sha Na Na Blue Moon(SFG039-11)
    Sha Na Na Born To Hand Jive(SC8264-13)
    Sha Na Na Hound Dog(SFG039-14)
    Sha Na Na Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay(ASK1546-8)
    Sha Na Na Tears On My Pillow(SFG039-9)
    Sha Na Na Those Magic Changes(SC8910-9)
    Shabba Ranks Mr. Loverman(SF050-9)
    Shadows Of Knight Gloria(DK086-4)
    Shaffer, Charlie Pearly Shells(MM6102-4)
    Shaggy Angel(SC8672-12)
    Shaggy Boombastic(SC8500-3)
    Shaggy Dance & Shout(SC8637-7)
    Shaggy Freaky Girl(SC8702-13)
    Shaggy Hey Sexy Lady(SF197-13)
    Shaggy In The Summertime(MM6375-14)
    Shaggy It Wasn't Me(SC8659-1)
    Shaggy Julie [w/ Ali G.](SF190-12)
    Shaggy Luv Me Luv Me [w/ Samantha Cole](EZH03-10)
    Shaggy Oh Carolina(SC8937-2)
    Shaggy Strength Of A Woman(TU164-14)
    Shai Comforter(SC8272-11)
    Shai I Don't Wanna Be Alone(SC8286-14)
    Shai If I Ever Fall In Love(JV1002-3)
    Shakatak Down On The Streets(SF068-12)
    Shaker, Kula Hey Dude(SF080-13)
    Shaker, Kula Sound Of Drums(SF121-5)
    Shakespear's Sister Stay(SFMW845-5)
    Shakespear's Sister You're History(SFMW907-5)
    Shakin' Stevens Breaking Up My Heart(ZMP113-14)
    Shakin' Stevens Cry Just A Little Bit(ZMP080-13)
    Shakin' Stevens Green Door(ZMP080-9)
    Shakin' Stevens Hot Dog(ZMP113-9)
    Shakin' Stevens It's Late(ZMP113-11)
    Shakin' Stevens Lipstick, Powder & Paint(ZMP113-10)
    Shakin' Stevens Love Worth Waiting For, A(ZMH008-7)
    Shakin' Stevens Marie Marie(ZMP080-14)
    Shakin' Stevens Now Listen(ZMP113-15)
    Shakin' Stevens Oh Julie(SFMW840-15)
    Shakin' Stevens Rockin' Good Way, A(ZMP113-13)
    Shakin' Stevens Shaky Medley 1, The(ZMP080-16)
    Shakin' Stevens This Ole House(SFMW833-15)
    Shakin' Stevens What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For(ZMP113-12)
    Shakin' Stevens You Drive Me Crazy(ZMP080-11)
    Shakira Don't Bother(THP0602-10)
    Shakira Hips Don't Lie [w/ Wyclef Jean](THH0607-13)
    Shakira Illegal(SF250-13)
    Shakira Inevitable(SC2197-4)
    Shakira Objection (Tango)(SC8775-15)
    Shakira One, The(SD4303-2)
    Shakira Que Me Quedes Tú(TU234-11)
    Shakira Suerte(TU234-13)
    Shakira Te Aviso, Te Anuncio(TU234-14)
    Shakira Tu(SC2194-4)
    Shakira Underneath Your Clothes(SC8752-14)
    Shakira Whenever, Wherever(THMP038-9)
    Shalamar Dancing In The Sheets(SC8824-10)
    Shalamar Second Time Around, The(SC8969-1)
    Sham 69 Angels With Dirty Faces(SFMW893-6)
    Sham 69 Borstal Breakout(SFMW889-4)
    Sham 69 Hersham Boys(SFMW890-5)
    Sham 69 Hurry Up Harry(SF109-11)
    Sham 69 If The Kids Are United(SFMW892-2)
    Shamen Boss Drum(SFMW885-3)
    Shamen Ebeneezer Goode(SFG032-10)
    Shamen LSI(SFMW883-6)
    Shamrocks Tell Me Ma(SF127-11)
    Shand, Remy Take A Message(SC8812-2)
    Shand, Remy Way I Feel, The(CB5003-02-3)
    Shangri-Las Give Him A Great Big Kiss(MM6071-10)
    Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack(SC8804-16)
    Shangri-Las Remember (Walking In The Sand)(SC8399-8)
    Shangri-Las Remember Walking In The Sand(LG106-8)
    Shanice I Love Your Smile(PI045-11)
    Shanice Saving Forever For You(PI021-5)
    Shanice Take Care Of You(THH0608-15)
    Shanice Turn Down The Lights(SC8374-6)
    Shanice Yesterday(SC8542-3)
    Shanks & Bigfoot Sweet Like Chocolate(SF140-3)
    Shannon Let The Music Play(SC8746-7)
    Shannon, Del Hats Off To Larry(SC8413-15)
    Shannon, Del Hey Little Girl(SF069-10)
    Shannon, Del Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)(ZMP064-12)
    Shannon, Del Little Town Flirt(SF074-8)
    Shannon, Del Runaway(SC8108-13)
    Shannon, Del Swiss Maid(SF078-11)
    Shannon, Del Two Kinds Of Teardrops(SF083-1)
    Shapeshifters Incredible(SF242-7)
    Shapeshifters Lola's Theme(SF221-3)
    Shapeshifters Sensitivity(THHP0611-12)
    Shapeshifters, The Lola's Theme(HMDK-558)
    Shapiro, Helen Always Something There To Remind Me(SF064-2)
    Shapiro, Helen Don't Treat Me Like A Child(ZMJB05-10)
    Shapiro, Helen Tell Me What He Said(SF084-11)
    Shapiro, Helen Walkin' Back To Happiness(SF038-7)
    Shapiro, Helen You Don't Know(SF054-10)
    Shareefa & Ludacris Need A Boss(PHU0611-8)
    Sharissa Any Other Night(SC8758-10)
    Sharkey, Feargal Good Heart, A(ZMH008-8)
    Sharp, Bree David Duchovny(SC3153-7)
    Sharp, Dee Dee Mashed Potato Time(SC8330-9)
    Sharp, Kevin Beautiful People(SD088-14)
    Sharp, Kevin If She Only Knew(SC8470-3)
    Sharp, Kevin If You Love Somebody(SC8388-7)
    Sharp, Kevin Love Is All That Really Matters(SC8451-8)
    Sharp, Kevin Nobody Knows(SC8336-4)
    Sharp, Kevin She's Sure Taking It Well(SC3008-1)
    Sharp, Kevin There's Only You(SC3052-3)
    Shaw, Sandie Always Something There To Remind Me(ZMJB05-13)
    Shaw, Sandie Girl Don't Come(SF086-3)
    Shaw, Sandie Long Live Love(SF052-12)
    Shaw, Sandie Puppet On A String(SF099-10)
    Shaw, Victoria Cry Wolf(MM6056-10)
    Shaw, Victoria Don't Move(SC3038-5)
    Shaw, Victoria Forgiveness(SC8179-13)
    Shaw, Victoria Tears Dry(SC8287-12)
    Shawnna Weight A Minute(THH0502-16)
    She Moves Breaking All The Rules(SC8440-8)
    She Moves It's Your Love(PHM9804-9)
    She Wants Revenge Tear You Apart(THR0604-17)
    She Wants Revenge These Things(THR0609-17)
    Shed Seven Chasing Rainbows(SFMW869-9)
    Shed Seven Disco Down(SF142-7)
    Shed Seven She Left Me On A Friday(SFMW834-13)
    SheDaisy Come Home Soon(SD122-6)
    SheDaisy Don't Worry 'bout A Thing(THC0505-15)
    SheDaisy Get Over Yourself(SD094-2)
    SheDaisy I Will, But(SC8653-12)
    SheDaisy I'm Taking The Wheel(THC0603-13)
    SheDaisy In Terms Of Love(THC0609-14)
    SheDaisy Little Goodbyes(SC8524-3)
    SheDaisy Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)(SC8653-9)
    SheDaisy Mine All Mine(SD096-6)
    SheDaisy Passenger Seat(SD117-7)
    SheDaisy Still Holding Out For You(SC8698-9)
    SheDaisy This Woman Needs(SC8566-6)
    Sheik, Duncan Barely Breathing(SC8369-2)
    Sheik, Duncan Bite Your Tongue(SC8490-3)
    Sheik, Duncan On A High(MM6370-13)
    Sheik, Duncan She Runs Away(SC8457-5)
    Sheik, Duncan White Limousine(PHAC0603-8)
    Sheik, Duncan Wishful Thinking(MM6227-4)
    Sheila E. Glamorous Life, The(SC8329-9)
    Sheila E. Love Bizarre, A(SC8718-5)
    Shells Baby Oh Baby(MM6409-5)
    Shelton, Anne Lay Down Your Arms(SF062-11)
    Shelton, Blake All Over Me(SC8733-4)
    Shelton, Blake Austin(SC8743-4)
    Shelton, Blake Baby, The(SC8802-3)
    Shelton, Blake Don't Make Me(PHN0702-8)
    Shelton, Blake Georgia In A Jug(TU203-7)
    Shelton, Blake Goodbye Time(SC8920-6)
    Shelton, Blake Heavy Liftin'(SD107-5)
    Shelton, Blake More I Drink, The(PHN0709-6)
    Shelton, Blake Nobody But Me(SC8959-3)
    Shelton, Blake Nobody But Me [Performance Version](TU272-16)
    Shelton, Blake Ol' Red(SC8759-4)
    Shelton, Blake Playboys Of The Southwestern World(SC8837-15)
    Shelton, Blake Some Beach(SC8884-12)
    Shelton, Blake When Somebody Knows You That Well(TU253-14)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Backroads(SC8213-3)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Call Me Crazy(CB20262-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Couple Of Good Years Left, A(SC8282-9)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Crime Of Passion(SC7568-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Don't We All Have The Right(SC8529-1)
    Shelton, Ricky Van I Am A Simple Man(SC8135-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van I Meant Every Word He Said(SC8230-8)
    Shelton, Ricky Van I'll Leave This World Loving You(SC8412-14)
    Shelton, Ricky Van I've Cried My Last Tear For You(SC8217-8)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Just As I Am(SC8161-4)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Just Say Goodbye(CB20069-8)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Keep It Between The Lines(MH1084-9)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Life Turned Her That Way(SC8345-14)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Life's Little Ups & Downs(SC8213-15)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Living Proof(SC8414-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Lola's Love(SC8234-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van She Needs Me(SC8394-11)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Somebody Lied(SC8380-12)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Statue Of A Fool(SC8157-10)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Wear My Ring Around Your Neck(SC8296-8)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Where Was I(SC8241-4)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Wherever She Is(SC8141-13)
    Shelton, Ricky Van Wild Man(SC8165-12)
    Shenandoah All Over But The Shoutin'(SC8253-8)
    Shenandoah Always Have, Always Will(SC8211-2)
    Shenandoah Building A Home(CB20283-10)
    Shenandoah Church On Cumberland Road(SC8692-15)
    Shenandoah Darned If I Don't (Danged If I Do)(SC8692-7)
    Shenandoah Deeper Than That(SC8298-11)
    Shenandoah Ghost In The House(SC8157-14)
    Shenandoah Heaven Bound(SC8189-6)
    Shenandoah I Got You(SC8352R-12)
    Shenandoah I Want To Be Loved Like That(SC8692-14)
    Shenandoah I'll Go Down Loving You(SC8137-7)
    Shenandoah If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)(SC8692-9)
    Shenandoah Janie Baker's Love Slave(SC8278-10)
    Shenandoah Leavin's Been A Long Time Coming(MM6003-3)
    Shenandoah Next To You, Next To Me(MH1052-16)
    Shenandoah Rock My Baby(SC8692-3)
    Shenandoah She Doesn't Cry Anymore(SC8697-7)
    Shenandoah Somewhere In The Vicinity Of ... [w/ A. Krauss](SC8179-1)
    Shenandoah Sunday In The South(MH1028-15)
    Shenandoah What Children Believe(SC3227-1)
    Shenandoah Wooden Cross(CB20086-9)
    Shep & The Limelights Daddy's Home(SC8206-5)
    Shepard, Vonda Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow [w/ E. Saliers](SC8534-8)
    Shepard, Vonda Searchin' My Soul(SC8462-1)
    Shepherd, Ashton Takin' Off This Pain(SD161-10)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Alive(PHR0411-1)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Blue On Black(SC8453-10)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Born With A Broken Heart(SC8268-8)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Deja Voodoo(SC8263-2)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Everything Is Broken(SC8503-1)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne In 2 Deep(SC8572-5)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Last Goodbye(SC8629-6)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Let Go(PHR0503-9)
    Shepherd, Kenny Wayne Somehow Somewhere Someway(SC8473-8)
    Sheppard, T.G. Born In A High Wind(CB60129-13)
    Sheppard, T.G. Devil In The Bottle(SC7568-14)
    Sheppard, T.G. Do You Wanna Go To Heaven(SC8345-6)
    Sheppard, T.G. Faking Love [w/ Karen Brooks](SC8408-12)
    Sheppard, T.G. Finally(SC8697-5)
    Sheppard, T.G. I Loved 'em Every One(SC8380-11)
    Sheppard, T.G. I'll Be Coming Back For More(SC7556-7)
    Sheppard, T.G. Last Cheater's Waltz, The(SC8335-11)
    Sheppard, T.G. Mama Knows(SC8537-4)
    Sheppard, T.G. One Owner Heart(CB20253-12)
    Sheppard, T.G. Only One You(SC8537-3)
    Sheppard, T.G. Party Time(SC8183-12)
    Sheppard, T.G. Slow Burn(SC8434-12)
    Sheppard, T.G. Strong Heart(SC8551-13)
    Sheppard, T.G. War Is Hell (On The Home Front Too)(SC8326-1)
    Sheridan, Tony My Bonnie(PI307-14)
    Sheriff When I'm With You(SC8447-9)
    Sherman, Allan Crazy Downtown(SC8707-2)
    Sherman, Allan Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!(SC8544-8)
    Sherman, Bobby Easy Come, Easy Go(SC8594-3)
    Sherman, Bobby Little Woman(SC8575-14)
    Shields You Cheated, You Lied(MM6385-1)
    Shifty Slide Along Side(PHM0410-3)
    Shinedown 45(SC8906-4)
    Shinedown Burning Bright(THR0502-13)
    Shinedown Devour(SC9022-14)
    Shinedown Fly From The Inside(THR0307-13)
    Shinedown Heroes(PHM0612-3)
    Shinedown I Dare You(SC8966-12)
    Shinedown Save Me(SC8957-12)
    Shinedown Second Chance(SC3501-6)
    Shinedown Simple Man(PHR0409-8)
    Shinedown Simple Man(SC8908-5)
    Shins, The Fighting In A Sack(HMDK-559)
    Shins, The Phantom Limb(PHAC0702-7)
    Shiny Toy Guns You Are The One(SD4711-11)
    Shirelles Baby It's You(SC8399-3)
    Shirelles Dedicated To The One I Love(SC8222-14)
    Shirelles Foolish Little Girl(LG106-5)
    Shirelles I Met Him On A Sunday(DK087-14)
    Shirelles Mama Said(SC8968-12)
    Shirelles Soldier Boy(SC8968-4)
    Shirelles Tonight's The Night(MM6421-10)
    Shirelles Will You Love Me Tomorrow(SC8222-9)
    Shirley & Co. Shame Shame Shame(SF071-2)
    Shirley & Lee Let The Good Times Roll(SC8258-1)
    Shivaree I Close My Eyes(PHR0504-7)
    Shocking Blue Venus(SC8192-4)
    Shola Ama You're The One I Love(SF114-9)
    Shondell, Troy This Time(JV0041-7)
    Shop Boyz Party Like A Rock Star(SC9006-10)
    Shore Hard Road(PHM0503-8)
    Shore, Dinah Blues In The Night(SC8288-2)
    Shore, Dinah Buttons & Bows(SC8124-12)
    Shore, Dinah Doin' What Comes Natur'lly(SC8124-7)
    Shotgun Messiah Heartbreak Blvd.(SC8917-6)
    Showaddywaddy Come On, Let's Go(ZMP113-5)
    Showaddywaddy Dancin' Party(ZMH004-13)
    Showaddywaddy Heartbeat(PX04-5)
    Showaddywaddy Heavenly(ZMP113-4)
    Showaddywaddy Hey Rock & Roll(ZMP080-3)
    Showaddywaddy I Wonder Why(ZMH004-14)
    Showaddywaddy Little Bit Of Soap, A(ZMH004-15)
    Showaddywaddy Personality(ZMP113-1)
    Showaddywaddy Pretty Little Angel Eyes(SF101-15)
    Showaddywaddy Sea Cruise(ZMP113-2)
    Showaddywaddy Shaky Medley 3 [w/ Shakin' Stevens](ZMP113-17)
    Showaddywaddy Showaddywaddy Medley 1, The(ZMP080-15)
    Showaddywaddy Showaddywaddy Medley 3 [w/ Shakin' Stevens](ZMP113-16)
    Showaddywaddy Three Steps To Heaven(ZMP080-7)
    Showaddywaddy Trocadero(ZMP113-3)
    Showaddywaddy Under The Moon Of Love(SF024-11)
    Showaddywaddy When(ZMP080-5)
    Showaddywaddy Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts(ZMP113-7)
    Showaddywaddy You've Got What It Takes(ZMP080-6)
    Showstoppers Ain't Nothin' But A House Party(SF088-1)
    Shudder To Think X-French T-Shirt(HMDK-121)
    Shupe, Ryan & Rubber Band Dream Big(THC0511-20)
    Shy FX & T. Power & DJ Shake Ur Body(SF191-4)
    Sia Day Too Soon(SC9019-13)
    Siberry, Jane Calling All Angels(SC8850-6)
    Siberry, Jane & K.D. Lang Calling All Angels [Duet Version](SC8850-17)
    Sick Puppies All The Same(HMDK-692)
    Sick Puppies All The Same(PHM0709-9)
    Siffre, Labi So Strong, (Something Inside)(SFMW817-1)
    Sigel, Beanie Don't Stop [w/ Snoop Dogg](PHU0507-7)
    Sigel, Beanie Roc The Mic [w/ Freeway](SC8805-5)
    Silhouettes Get A Job(MH1072-13)
    Silk Don't Rush(SC8268-3)
    Silk Forever & Ever Amen(NUKH018-14)
    Silk If You(SC8534-12)
    Silvas, Lucie Breathe In(SF227-4)
    Silvas, Lucie Don't Look Back(MREH021-6)
    Silvas, Lucie Game Is Won, The(SF230-11)
    Silvas, Lucie What You're Made Of(SF223-4)
    Silver Sun Too Much Too Little Too Late(SF122-12)
    Silverchair Abuse Me(SC8357-4)
    Silverchair Ana's Song(PHT9912-2)
    Silverchair Anthem For The Year 2000(SFID005-4)
    Silverchair Greatest View, The(SFID003-4)
    Silverchair If You Keep Losing Sleep(SFKK20-5)
    Silverchair Pure Massacre(SC8240-14)
    Silverchair Reflections Of A Sound(SFKK17-16)
    Silverchair Straight Lines(SC9015-14)
    Silverchair Tomorrow(SC8199-13)
    Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye(HMDK-560)
    Silversun Pickups Panic Switch(HMDK-561)
    Silversun Pickups Panic Switch(PHM0907-6)
    Silvertide Ain't Coming Home(THR0411-17)
    Silvertide Blue Jeans(THR0506-18)
    Similou, The All This Love(SF246-2)
    Simmons, 'Jumpin' Gene Haunted House(SC8550-13)
    Simmons, Chad I Will(TU180-4)
    Simms, Sterling Jump Off [w/ Sean Paul](PHU0704-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel America(LG059-1)
    Simon & Garfunkel April Come She Will(LG059-8)
    Simon & Garfunkel At The Zoo(LG058-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel Baby Driver(LG060-15)
    Simon & Garfunkel Boxer, The(SC8467-10)
    Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water(SC2414-1)
    Simon & Garfunkel Bye Bye Love(LG060-10)
    Simon & Garfunkel Cecilia(SC8300-12)
    Simon & Garfunkel Cloudy(LG060-6)
    Simon & Garfunkel Dangling Conversation, The(LG059-15)
    Simon & Garfunkel El Condor Pasa (If I Could)(LG059-13)
    Simon & Garfunkel Fakin' It(LG059-17)
    Simon & Garfunkel Flowers Never Bend Near The Rainfall(LG060-3)
    Simon & Garfunkel Hazy Shade Of Winter(LG058-13)
    Simon & Garfunkel Homeward Bound(DM101-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel I Am A Rock(MH1127-3)
    Simon & Garfunkel Kathy's Song(LG060-5)
    Simon & Garfunkel Leaves That Are Green(LG060-2)
    Simon & Garfunkel Most Peculiar Man, A(LG058-8)
    Simon & Garfunkel Mrs. Robinson(SC8300-2)
    Simon & Garfunkel Old Friends / Bookends(LG058-3)
    Simon & Garfunkel Only Living Boy In New York, The(LG059-2)
    Simon & Garfunkel Overs(LG059-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel Patterns(LG059-5)
    Simon & Garfunkel Punky's Dilemma(LG059-14)
    Simon & Garfunkel Richard Cory(LG058-11)
    Simon & Garfunkel Save The Life Of My Child(LG058-4)
    Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair(SC8364-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair / Canticle(TU156-3)
    Simon & Garfunkel Somewhere They Can't Find Me(LG060-7)
    Simon & Garfunkel Sound Of Silence, The [Duet version](SC2414-9)
    Simon & Garfunkel Sparrow(LG060-11)
    Simon & Garfunkel We've Got A Groovy Thing Going On(LG060-8)
    Simon & Milo Get A Clue(TU146-8)
    Simon, Carly All I Want Is You(MM6333-15)
    Simon, Carly Anticipation(SC8227-5)
    Simon, Carly As Time Goes By(MM6127-10)
    Simon, Carly Coming Around Again(SC8292-13)
    Simon, Carly Devoted To You(LG034-12)
    Simon, Carly Haven't Got Time For The Pain(SC8417-15)
    Simon, Carly In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning(MM6037-12)
    Simon, Carly It's The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of(MM6333-14)
    Simon, Carly Jesse(SC8413-5)
    Simon, Carly Let The River Run(SC8782-6)
    Simon, Carly Like A River(SC8246-5)
    Simon, Carly Mockingbird [w/ James Taylor](SC8808-11)
    Simon, Carly Nobody Does It Better(SC7506-2)
    Simon, Carly Right Thing To Do, The(SC8410-9)
    Simon, Carly That's The Way I've Always Heard It(SC8151-8)
    Simon, Carly Touched By The Sun(SC8302-14)
    Simon, Carly You Belong To Me(SC7549-6)
    Simon, Carly You're So Vain(SC7511-6)
    Simon, Joe Drowning In The Sea Of Love(SC8603-7)
    Simon, Joe Get Down, Get Down (Get On The Floor)(DK048-15)
    Simon, Paul Boy In The Bubble(LG059-7)
    Simon, Paul Duncan(DM101-20)
    Simon, Paul Father & Daughter(SC3357-1)
    Simon, Paul Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover(SC7580-2)
    Simon, Paul For Emily Whenever I May Find Her(LG060-16)
    Simon, Paul Graceland(LG059-16)
    Simon, Paul Kodachrome(LG058-12)
    Simon, Paul Late In The Evening(SC8763-2)
    Simon, Paul Loves Me Like A Rock(SC8210-9)
    Simon, Paul Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard(HV05-5)
    Simon, Paul Mother & Child Reunion(SC8790-6)
    Simon, Paul Obvious Child(LG058-14)
    Simon, Paul Old(BS3417-8)
    Simon, Paul She's Got Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes(LG060-17)
    Simon, Paul Slip Slidin' Away(DM101-13)
    Simon, Paul Sound Of Silence, The(SC2414-2)
    Simon, Paul Still Crazy After All These Years(SC8821-7)
    Simon, Paul Take Me To The Mardi Gras(LG059-4)
    Simon, Paul You Can Call Me Al(SC8763-3)
    Simone, Nina Ain't Got No - I Got Life(SFMW863-2)
    Simone, Nina Feeling Good(SFMW900-7)
    Simone, Nina Just Like A Woman(PSJT313-8)
    Simone, Nina My Baby Just Cares For Me(SF075-5)
    Simone, Nina Wild Is The Wind(MM6334-15)
    Simple Minds Alive & Kicking(SC8514-14)
    Simple Minds Belfast Child(SF108-14)
    Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me)(DK033-6)
    Simple Minds Love Song(SFMW916-1)
    Simple Minds Mandela Day(LGK006-2)
    Simple Minds She's A River(SF020-2)
    Simple Minds Waterfront(SFMW829-13)
    Simple Plan Addicted(SC8839-4)
    Simple Plan Crazy [Acoustic Version](PHM0603-9)
    Simple Plan Happy Together(TU232-3)
    Simple Plan I'd Do Anything(SC8818-10)
    Simple Plan Perfect(SC8859-12)
    Simple Plan Shut Up!(SC8908-10)
    Simple Plan Untitled (How Can This Happen To Me)(SC8932-8)
    Simple Plan Welcome To My Life(SC8906-2)
    Simple Plan When I'm Gone(CB5119-03-3)
    Simply Red Ain't That A Lot Of Love(SF150-12)
    Simply Red Air That I Breathe, The(MM6246-12)
    Simply Red Angel(MM6178-7)
    Simply Red Every Time We Say Goodbye(SFMW810-3)
    Simply Red Fairground(SFMW802-5)
    Simply Red For Your Babies(SC8279-7)
    Simply Red Go Now(PHM0905-7)
    Simply Red Holding Back The Years(SC8362-15)
    Simply Red If You Don't Know Me By Now(SC7533-15)
    Simply Red Money's Too Tight To Mention(SFMW806-11)
    Simply Red New Flame, A(SF149-11)
    Simply Red Say You Love Me(SF120-15)
    Simply Red So Beautiful(SFMW871-10)
    Simply Red Something Got Me Started(LGK006-3)
    Simply Red Stars(SC8235-5)
    Simply Red Sunrise(SF204-13)
    Simply Red You Make Me Feel Brand New(SF213-14)
    Simply Red Your Eyes(SF159-14)
    Simpson, Ashlee Autobiography(SC8906-13)
    Simpson, Ashlee Boyfriend(THP0512-10)
    Simpson, Ashlee Boyfriend [Radio Version](SC8949-7)
    Simpson, Ashlee Invisible(THP0609-12)
    Simpson, Ashlee L.O.V.E.(SC8949-4)
    Simpson, Ashlee Lala(SC8909-4)
    Simpson, Ashlee Pieces Of Me(SC8883-6)
    Simpson, Ashlee Shadow(SC8888-5)
    Simpson, Jenny Ticket Out Of Kansas(SC8496-9)
    Simpson, Jessica Angel(MM6417-14)
    Simpson, Jessica Fired Up(SF239-6)
    Simpson, Jessica I Belong To Me(THP0612-12)
    Simpson, Jessica I Think I'm In Love With You(SC8618-3)
    Simpson, Jessica I Wanna Love You Forever(SC8581-2)
    Simpson, Jessica Irresistible(SC3258-4)
    Simpson, Jessica Little Bit, A(TUFP39-1)
    Simpson, Jessica Public Affair, A(THP0610-10)
    Simpson, Jessica Sweetest Sin(TU227-15)
    Simpson, Jessica Take My Breath Away(SC8878-11)
    Simpson, Jessica These Boots Are Made For Walkin'(THMRM10-16)
    Simpson, Jessica With You(SC8865-13)
    Simpson, Jessica & Nick Lachey Where You Are(SC8601-9)
    Simpson, Jessica & Nick Lachey Where You Are [Radio Version](SC3187-2)
    Simpsons Do The Bart Man(SFMW831-3)
    Sims, Joyce All & All(SFMW832-1)
    Sims, Joyce Come Into My Life(SFMW832-4)
    Sims, Kym Too Blind To See It(SFMW837-6)
    Sinatra, Frank After You've Gone(LG119-5)
    Sinatra, Frank All Of Me(SC7540-11)
    Sinatra, Frank All Or Nothing At All(LG119-12)
    Sinatra, Frank All The Way(DK025-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Almost Like Being In Love(PI306-3)
    Sinatra, Frank Anything Goes(MM6200-5)
    Sinatra, Frank At Long Last Love(MM6200-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Brazil(DK099-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Call Me Irresponsible(MM6085-13)
    Sinatra, Frank Can I Steal A Little Love(JV0019-8)
    Sinatra, Frank Chicago(DK045-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Come Blow Your Horn(MM6085-5)
    Sinatra, Frank Come Dance With Me(MM6329-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Come Fly With Me(MM6068-15)
    Sinatra, Frank Come Rain Or Come Shine(LG119-11)
    Sinatra, Frank Day By Day(MM6085-12)
    Sinatra, Frank Didn't We(MM6104-9)
    Sinatra, Frank Don't Get Around Much Anymore(MM6075-2)
    Sinatra, Frank Embraceable You(SC8825-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Flowers Mean Forgiveness(JV0019-9)
    Sinatra, Frank Fly Me To The Moon(SC8825-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Fly Me To The Moon [Uptempo Version](ASKFP26-2-2)
    Sinatra, Frank Fools Rush In(LG118-16)
    Sinatra, Frank For Once In My Life(MM6329-9)
    Sinatra, Frank Forget Domani(MM6269-15)
    Sinatra, Frank French Foreign Legion(MM6085-8)
    Sinatra, Frank From Here To Eternity(TU120-7)
    Sinatra, Frank Get Happy(MM6200-9)
    Sinatra, Frank Girl From Ipanema, The(SFG044-15)
    Sinatra, Frank Hey Jealous Lover(MM6085-7)
    Sinatra, Frank High Hopes(SC8288-4)
    Sinatra, Frank House I Live In, The(MM6349-14)
    Sinatra, Frank How About You(NUKH014-20)
    Sinatra, Frank How Deep Is The Ocean(MM6200-14)
    Sinatra, Frank I Can Steal A Little Love(MM6329-13)
    Sinatra, Frank I Get A Kick Out Of You(SC7553-1)
    Sinatra, Frank I Get Along Without You Very Well(MM6085-14)
    Sinatra, Frank I Had The Craziest Dream(LG118-10)
    Sinatra, Frank I Love Paris(DK061-13)
    Sinatra, Frank I Wish I Were In Love Again(MM6200-12)
    Sinatra, Frank I Won't Dance(MM6200-4)
    Sinatra, Frank I'll Be Seeing You(MM6075-11)
    Sinatra, Frank I'll Never Smile Again(JV0019-6)
    Sinatra, Frank I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter(MM6200-13)
    Sinatra, Frank I've Got A Crush On You(PR1160-3)
    Sinatra, Frank I've Got The World On A String(MM6068-5)
    Sinatra, Frank I've Got The World On A String [w/ Liza Minelli](MM6053-15)
    Sinatra, Frank I've Got You Under My Skin(SC2491-8)
    Sinatra, Frank It Was A Very Good Year(SC8825-1)
    Sinatra, Frank It's Alright With Me(NUKH021-8)
    Sinatra, Frank It's Nice To Go Traveling(MM6085-3)
    Sinatra, Frank Just One Of Those Things(MM6200-1)
    Sinatra, Frank L.A. Is My Lady(MM6228-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Lady Is A Tramp, The(SC7553-2)
    Sinatra, Frank Learnin' The Blues(JV0019-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Let's Face The Music & Dance(SFG044-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Let's Fall In Love(NUKH021-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Love & Marriage(SC8825-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Love Is Here To Stay(MM6200-11)
    Sinatra, Frank Love Is The Tender Trap(MH1039-16)
    Sinatra, Frank Love's Been Good To Me(SFMW882-17)
    Sinatra, Frank Luck Be A Lady(SC8890-12)
    Sinatra, Frank Makin' Whoopee(MM6005-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Me & My Shadow [w/ Sammy Davis Jr.](PI308-8)
    Sinatra, Frank My Funny Valentine(SC8825-7)
    Sinatra, Frank My Kind Of Town(SC7505-13)
    Sinatra, Frank My Way(SC2161-4)
    Sinatra, Frank New York, New York(SC7518-3)
    Sinatra, Frank Nice 'n Easy(DG04-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Nice Work If You Can Get It(NUKH018-9)
    Sinatra, Frank Night & Day(DK062-12)
    Sinatra, Frank On A Clear Day(PI303-13)
    Sinatra, Frank One For My Baby(AH8004-13)
    Sinatra, Frank Pennies From Heaven(LG118-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Please Be Kind(MM6367-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Put Your Dreams Away(MM6085-4)
    Sinatra, Frank Ring A Ding Ding(MM6085-2)
    Sinatra, Frank S'posin'(MM6228-13)
    Sinatra, Frank Same Old Saturday Night(MM6085-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week(MM6068-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Second Time Around, The(PI308-18)
    Sinatra, Frank September Song(ASKFP26-2-10)
    Sinatra, Frank So Rare [Uptempo](MM6367-13)
    Sinatra, Frank Softly As I Leave You(MM6269-3)
    Sinatra, Frank Someone To Watch Over Me(SC8288-8)
    Sinatra, Frank Somethin' Stupid(SFG044-16)
    Sinatra, Frank Somethin' Stupid [w/ Nancy Sinatra](SC8825-3)
    Sinatra, Frank South Of The Border(PI308-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Stella By Starlight(DK097-14)
    Sinatra, Frank Strangers In The Night(SC8825-15)
    Sinatra, Frank Summer Wind(SC8118-13)
    Sinatra, Frank Taking A Chance On Love(MM6367-8)
    Sinatra, Frank Talk To Me(JV0019-5)
    Sinatra, Frank Tangerine(MM6075-8)
    Sinatra, Frank Tender Trap, The(MM6075-1)
    Sinatra, Frank That's Life(SC8825-4)
    Sinatra, Frank They All Laughed(MM6329-3)
    Sinatra, Frank They Can't Take That Away From Me(MM6068-12)
    Sinatra, Frank They Can't Take That Away From Me [w/Natalie Cole](MM6053-10)
    Sinatra, Frank This Love Of Mine(MM6085-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Three Coins In The Fountain(SC7538-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Time After Time(THMRM04-15)
    Sinatra, Frank Way You Look Tonight, The(MM6242-1)
    Sinatra, Frank Well Did You Evah [w/ Bing Crosby](TU120-25)
    Sinatra, Frank What Now My Love(PR1160-2)
    Sinatra, Frank When You're Smiling(MM6242-10)
    Sinatra, Frank Where Or When [Live At The Sands](MM6293-2)
    Sinatra, Frank Witchcraft(SC8825-5)
    Sinatra, Frank Witchcraft [w/ Anita Baker](MM6053-12)
    Sinatra, Frank You Brought A New Kind Of Love(MM6075-10)
    Sinatra, Frank You Do Something To Me(MM6242-11)
    Sinatra, Frank You Go To My Head(MM6242-8)
    Sinatra, Frank You Make Me Feel So Young(NUKH018-12)
    Sinatra, Frank You Will Be My Music(MM6269-1)
    Sinatra, Frank You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(MM6200-6)
    Sinatra, Frank Young At Heart(MM6075-4)
    Sinatra, Nancy Did You Ever [w/ Lee Hazelwood](SF051-3)
    Sinatra, Nancy Jackson [w/ Lee Hazelwood](DK091-16)
    Sinatra, Nancy Sugar Town(SC8599-4)
    Sinatra, Nancy These Boots Are Made For Walkin'(SC7517-8)
    Sinatra, Nancy You Only Live Twice(SC8468-6)
    Sinclair, Bob Love Generation [w/ Gary Nesta Pine](EZH52-13)
    Sinclair, Bob Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) [w/ Cutee B](MREH033-7)
    Singletary, Daryle Amen Kind Of Love(SC8328-13)
    Singletary, Daryle Even The Wind(MM6213-8)
    Singletary, Daryle I Knew I Loved You(SC8633-10)
    Singletary, Daryle I Let Her Lie(SC8216-4)
    Singletary, Daryle I'd Love To Lay You Down(SC8794-9)
    Singletary, Daryle I've Thought Of Everything(SC3239-7)
    Singletary, Daryle Kay(TU213-8)
    Singletary, Daryle My Baby's Lovin'(SC3086-3)
    Singletary, Daryle Note, The(SC8432-4)
    Singletary, Daryle Now & Again(CB20293-9)
    Singletary, Daryle That's Where You're Wrong(SC8451-15)
    Singletary, Daryle That's Why I Sing This Way(SC8774-2)
    Singletary, Daryle Too Much Fun(SC8224-4)
    Singletary, Daryle Used To Be's, The(SC3010-5)
    Singletary, Daryle Workin' It Out(SC8280-5)
    Sinitta So Macho(SF106-12)
    Sinitta Toy Boy(SFMW905-6)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees Dear Prudence(SFMW839-1)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees Hong Kong Gardens(SF109-4)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees Kiss Them For Me(SC8598-14)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees Peek-a-boo(SFMW888-11)
    Sir Douglas Quintet Mendocino Ragazina(PI026-18)
    Sir Douglas Quintet She's About A Mover(LC0004-15)
    Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back(SC8117-2)
    Sisqo Dance For Me(SF180-6)
    Sisqo Incomplete(SC8625-2)
    Sisqo Thong Song(SC8613-7)
    Sisqo Unleash The Dragon(SF169-8)
    Sister 7 Know What You Mean(SC8469-14)
    Sister Hazel All For You(SC8381-13)
    Sister Hazel Champagne High(SC8659-7)
    Sister Hazel Change Your Mind(SC8622-2)
    Sister Hazel Concede(SC8484-12)
    Sister Hazel Happy(SC8440-4)
    Sister Hazel Mandolin Moon(SD4611-8)
    Sister Sledge Frankie(SF106-2)
    Sister Sledge He's The Greatest Dancer(SF103-15)
    Sister Sledge Lost In Music(SF033-2)
    Sister Sledge We Are Family(SC8106-3)
    Sisters Of Mercy Lucretia, My Reflection(SFMW891-7)
    Sisters Of Mercy This Corrosion(SFMW889-1)
    Sisters Wade Don't Let Me Down(CB20162-12)
    Sisters Wade How Much Longer(SC8556-7)
    Sixpence None The Richer Breathe Your Name(SC8828-16)
    Sixpence None The Richer Don't Dream It's Over(TU194-6)
    Sixpence None The Richer Kiss Me(SC2228-3)
    Sixpence None The Richer There She Goes(SC8661-6)
    Sixpence None The Richer Us(THP0501-18)
    Sixwire Look At Me Now(SC8764-3)
    Sixwire Way Too Deep(MM6377-11)
    Sixx A.M. Life Is Beautiful(HMDK-735)
    Skaggs, Boz Low Down(MM6279-1)
    Skaggs, Ricky Back Where We Belong(SC8256-2)
    Skaggs, Ricky Cajun Moon(SC7556-11)
    Skaggs, Ricky Cat's In The Cradle(SC8285-2)
    Skaggs, Ricky Country Boy(SC8506-4)
    Skaggs, Ricky Crying My Heart Out Over You(SC8434-15)
    Skaggs, Ricky Don't Cheat In Our Hometown(SC8332-7)
    Skaggs, Ricky From The Word Love(SC8278-7)
    Skaggs, Ricky Green Pasture(CB70014-12)
    Skaggs, Ricky Halfway Home Cafe(SC3328-5)
    Skaggs, Ricky Heartbroke(MM6088-14)
    Skaggs, Ricky Highway 40 Blues(SC8355-13)
    Skaggs, Ricky Honey Open That Door(SC8326-5)
    Skaggs, Ricky I Don't Care(SC8642-4)
    Skaggs, Ricky I Wouldn't Change You If I Could(SC8345-7)
    Skaggs, Ricky Little Mountain Church... [w/ Nitty Gritty Dirt..](CBEP476-3-16)
    Skaggs, Ricky Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This(SC8511-15)
    Skaggs, Ricky Lovin' Only Me(SC8628-4)
    Skaggs, Ricky Same Ol' Love(PI215-8)
    Skaggs, Ricky Shady Grove [w/ Kentucky Thunder](CBEP476-6-7)
    Skaggs, Ricky Simple Life, A(SC8826-4)
    Skaggs, Ricky Solid Ground(SC8224-13)
    Skaggs, Ricky Something In My Heart(SC8697-14)
    Skaggs, Ricky Thanks Again(SC8291-11)
    Skaggs, Ricky Uncle Pen(SC8693-3)
    Skaggs, Ricky Walls Of Time [w/ Kentucky Thunder](CBEP476-5-11)
    Skaggs, Ricky When(SC8311-12)
    Skaggs, Ricky You May See Me Walkin'(SC8582-1)
    Skellern, Peter You're A Lady(SFMW903-9)
    Skid Row 18 & Life(SC8252-12)
    Skid Row I Remember You(SC8373-10)
    Skid Row Monkey Business(SC8917-3)
    Skid Row Slave To The Grind(HMDK-122)
    Skid Row Wasted Time(SC8791-2)
    Skid Row Youth Gone Wild(SC8406-7)
    Skids Into The Valley(SF109-12)
    Skinner & Baddie Three Lions(SF060-12)
    Skinner & Baddie Three Lions '98(SF121-1)
    Skrape Stand Up(PHMHR07-9)
    Skrape Stand Up(PHR0403-9)
    Skunk Anansie Brazen(SFMW905-2)
    Skunk Anansie Weak(SFMW865-5)
    Sky Kings Picture Perfect(SC8267-6)
    Skylark Wildflower(SC8192-11)
    Skyliners Since I Don't Have You(SC7541-7)
    Skyliners This I Swear(MM6160-9)
    SL2 On A Reggae Tip(SF050-11)
    Slack Burn Out(TU175-3)
    Slade Coz I Luv You(ZMP025-11)
    Slade Cum On Feel The Noize(SFMW889-13)
    Slade Everyday(ZMP025-12)
    Slade Far Far Away(ZMH007-4)
    Slade Get Down Get With It(SFMW913-9)
    Slade Mama Weer All Crazee Now(ZMP025-7)
    Slade My Friend Stan(SF101-3)
    Slade Run Runaway(SC8715-13)
    Slade Skweeze Me Please Me(SF071-3)
    Slade Slade Medley(ZMP025-14)
    Slade Take Me Back 'ome(SFMW813-9)
    Slade, Jane Gudbuy T(SF035-2)
    Slaughter Fly To The Angels(SC8346-14)
    Slaughter Up All Night(SC7565-11)
    Slayer Seasons In The Abyss(SC8660-6)
    Sledge, Percy Hard To Handle(LG036-10)
    Sledge, Percy It Tears Me Up(LG036-14)
    Sledge, Percy Knock On Wood(LG036-11)
    Sledge, Percy Love Me Tender(LG036-16)
    Sledge, Percy My Girl(LG036-9)
    Sledge, Percy My Special Prayer(THMF12-8)
    Sledge, Percy Respect(LG036-8)
    Sledge, Percy Take Time To Know Her(TU139-13)
    Sledge, Percy Warm & Tender Love(LG036-13)
    Sledge, Percy When A Man Loves A Woman(SC8126-8)
    Sleeper Inbetweener(SFMW894-6)
    Sleeper Sale Of The Century(SF049-14)
    Sleepy Brown & Outkast I Can't Wait(SC8879-10)
    Slim Dusty Pub With No Beer, A(SF062-12)
    Slipknot Duality(HMDK-123)
    Slipknot Vermilion Pt. 2(HMDK-124)
    Slipknot Wait & Bleed(SC2300-6)
    SLK Hooked On You(SC8220-9)
    Slocum, Jamie Say Hello To Heaven(SD156-10)
    Sly Stand(LG226-13)
    Sly You Can Make It If You Try(LG226-12)
    Sly & Robbie Night Nurse(SF115-11)
    Sly & The Family Stone Dance To The Music(SC8386-9)
    Sly & The Family Stone Everyday People(SC8527-9)
    Sly & The Family Stone Family Affair(SC8985-11)
    Sly & The Family Stone Hot Fun In The Summertime(DK077-9)
    Sly & The Family Stone I Want To Take You Higher(DG09-1)
    Sly & The Family Stone If You Want Me To Stay(AH8023-3)
    Sly & The Family Stone Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)(SC8513-8)
    Sly Foxx Let's Go All The Way(SC8588-2)
    Small Faces All Or Nothing(ZMP094-1)
    Small Faces Itchycoo Park(SC7566-5)
    Small Faces Lazy Sunday(ZMP094-3)
    Small Faces Sha La La La Lee(ZMP094-4)
    Small Faces Tin Soldier(ZMP094-5)
    Small, Heather Proud(SFMW865-7)
    Small, Millie My Boy Lollipop(SC8526-2)
    Smash Mouth All Star(SC8545-4)
    Smash Mouth Can't Get Enough Of You Baby(SC8640-8)
    Smash Mouth Do It Again(SC8640-16)
    Smash Mouth Hang On(SC8859-4)
    Smash Mouth Holiday In My Head(MM6359-8)
    Smash Mouth I'm A Believer(SC3272-6)
    Smash Mouth Pacific Coast Party(CBE3-27-1)
    Smash Mouth Story Of My Life(SD4609-12)
    Smash Mouth Then The Morning Comes(SC8569-9)
    Smash Mouth Walkin' On The Sun(SC8640-1)
    Smash Mouth Waste(SC8640-4)
    Smash Mouth You Are My Number One(PHM0309-5)
    Smashing Pumpkins 1979(SC8248-11)
    Smashing Pumpkins 33(SC8460-13)
    Smashing Pumpkins Ava Adore(SC8473-3)
    Smashing Pumpkins Bullet With Butterfly Wings(SC8233-15)
    Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock(HMDK-563)
    Smashing Pumpkins Disarm(SC8122-12)
    Smashing Pumpkins Everlasting Gaze, The(SC8595-14)
    Smashing Pumpkins Eye(SC3013-4)
    Smashing Pumpkins Landslide(SD010-9)
    Smashing Pumpkins Muzzle(SC8325-4)
    Smashing Pumpkins Perfect(SC8478-11)
    Smashing Pumpkins Siva(HMDK-562)
    Smashing Pumpkins Stand Inside Your Love(SC8607-14)
    Smashing Pumpkins Today(SC8148-4)
    Smashing Pumpkins Tonight Tonight(SC8295-10)
    Smashing Pumpkins Zero(SC8257-12)
    Smile Empty Soul Bottom Of A Bottle(THR0308-12)
    Smile Empty Soul Nowhere Kids(THR0401-17)
    Smile Empty Soul Silhouettes(THR0406-16)
    Smilez & Southstar Tell Me (What's Goin' On)(SC8812-14)
    Smith, Anthony Half A Man(SD105-7)
    Smith, Anthony If That Ain't Country(CBE3-12-4)
    Smith, Anthony John J. Blanchard(CB20371-9)
    Smith, Cal Country Bumpkin(SC8276-3)
    Smith, Cal Lord Knows I'm Drinkin', The(CBE3-02-14)
    Smith, Carl Hey Joe(SC8579-12)
    Smith, Carl If Teardrops Were Pennies(SC8491-2)
    Smith, Carl Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way(SC8383-8)
    Smith, Carl Loose Talk(SC7558-12)
    Smith, Carl When You Feel Like You're In Love Don't Just Stand(SC8592-8)
    Smith, Carl You Are The One(SC8712-11)
    Smith, Connie Ain't Had No Lovin'(SC7558-11)
    Smith, Connie Cincinnati Ohio(CBE3-01-11)
    Smith, Connie Hurtin's All Over, The(SC8682-14)
    Smith, Connie I'll Come Runnin'(SC8579-2)
    Smith, Connie If I Talk To Him(SC8592-13)
    Smith, Connie Just For What I Am(SC8375-13)
    Smith, Connie Just One Time(SC8461-4)
    Smith, Connie Once A Day(SC8525-12)
    Smith, Connie Ribbon Of Darkness(MM6094-14)
    Smith, Connie Then & Only Then(SC8564-6)
    Smith, Frankie Double Dutch Bus(SC8892-2)
    Smith, Kate God Bless America(DK045-5)
    Smith, Keely What Is This Thing Called Love(MM6184-13)
    Smith, Margo Place In This World(SC2045-3)
    Smith, Michael W. Above All(SC8919-13)
    Smith, Michael W. Agnus Dei(TU128-2)
    Smith, Michael W. Breathe(TU128-4)
    Smith, Michael W. Heart Of Worship, The(TU128-14)
    Smith, Michael W. I Will Be Here For You(JV1002-13)
    Smith, Michael W. Let It Rain(TU128-9)
    Smith, Michael W. Love Me Good(MM6241-14)
    Smith, Michael W. Matter Of Time, A(SC8481-3)
    Smith, Michael W. Missing Person(TU077-2)
    Smith, Michael W. More Love More Power(TU128-10)
    Smith, Michael W. This Is Your Time(SC8618-9)
    Smith, Mindy Come To Jesus(SC8904-13)
    Smith, Mindy Jolene [Radio Version](SC3387-6)
    Smith, Mindy One Moment More(SC8931-7)
    Smith, Mindy Out Loud(PHAC0612-6)
    Smith, O.C. Little Green Apples(SC8258-2)
    Smith, O.C. Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp(SF065-8)
    Smith, Rex You Take My Breath Away(SC8552-9)
    Smith, Sammi Help Me Make It Through The Night(SC7507-14)
    Smith, Valerie Red Clay Halo(CB20376-10)
    Smith, Will Black Suits Comin' [w/ Tra-knox](SC8768-1)
    Smith, Will Freakin' It(SC8593-11)
    Smith, Will Gettin' Jiggy Wit It(SC8452-2)
    Smith, Will Just The Two Of Us(SC3119-3)
    Smith, Will Men In Black(SC8390-10)
    Smith, Will Miami(SC3105-5)
    Smith, Will Party Starter(SF237-14)
    Smith, Will Switch(SC8915-4)
    Smith, Will Wild, Wild, West [w/ D. Hill & Kool Moe Dee](SC8545-5)
    Smith, Will Will 2K [w/ K-Ci](SC8581-5)
    Smithereens Blood & Roses(SC8808-6)
    Smithereens Girl Like You, A(SC8540-10)
    Smiths, The Ask(ZMP083-5)
    Smiths, The Bigmouth Strikes Again(ZMP103-1)
    Smiths, The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, The(ZMP103-9)
    Smiths, The Cemetery Gates(ZMP103-2)
    Smiths, The Frankly, Mr. Shankly(ZMP103-3)
    Smiths, The Girlfriend In A Coma(ZMP103-4)
    Smiths, The Hand In Glove(ZMP103-5)
    Smiths, The Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now(ZMP083-7)
    Smiths, The How Soon Is Now(SC8719-9)
    Smiths, The I Started Something I Couldn't Finish(ZMP103-6)
    Smiths, The Panic(SF131-8)
    Smiths, The Shakespeare's Sister(ZMP103-7)
    Smiths, The Sheila Take A Bow(ZMP083-6)
    Smiths, The Shoplifters Of The World Unite(ZMP103-8)
    Smiths, The There's A Light That Never Goes Out(SFMW839-12)
    Smiths, The This Charming Man(SFG017-10)
    Smiths, The Vicar In A Tutu(ZMP103-11)
    Smiths, The What Difference Does It Make(HMDK-564)
    Smiths, The What Difference Does It Make(ZMP083-4)
    Smiths, The William, It Was Really Nothing(ZMP103-12)
    Smokie Be My Baby(SFG028-15)
    Smokie Day Dreamin(SFG028-16)
    Smokie Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll To Me(ZMP009-7)
    Smokie For A Few Dollars More(ZMH010-5)
    Smokie I'll Meet You At Midnight(SFG028-14)
    Smokie If You Think You Know How To Love(SF035-5)
    Smokie It's Your Life(ZMP009-4)
    Smokie Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone(ZMP009-5)
    Smokie Living Next Door To Alice(PX08-2)
    Smokie Mexican Girl(ZMP009-2)
    Smokie Needles & Pins(SFID006-12)
    Smokie Oh Carol(SFG028-10)
    Smokie Only You(SFG028-13)
    Smokie Poor Lady(ZMP009-3)
    Smokie Something's Been Making Me Blue(ZMP009-8)
    Smokie Wild Angels(ZMP009-9)
    Smokin' Armadillos Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind(SC8239-1)
    Smokin' Armadillos Miracle Man(SC8307-3)
    Smokin' Armadillos Thump Factor(MM6152-8)
    Smyth, Patty Beat Of A Heart(SC8329-6)
    Smyth, Patty I Should Be Laughing(SC8237-9)
    Smyth, Patty No Mistakes(SC8310-11)
    Smyth, Patty Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough [w/ D. Henley](SC7581-8)
    Snap Do You See The Light(SFCC1-1)
    Snap Power, The(SC8892-12)
    Snap Rhythm Is A Dancer(SC8892-6)
    Snap Welcome To Tomorrow(SF026-13)
    Sneaker Pimps 6 Underground(SC8448-7)
    Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar(HMDK-125)
    Sneaker Pimps Tesko Suicide(HMDK-126)
    Sneaky Sound System Ufo(SFKK17-14)
    Sneddon, David Don't Let Go(SF205-6)
    Sneddon, David Stop Livin The Lie(SF201-14)
    Sniff 'N' The Tears Driver's Seat(SC8552-4)
    Snoop Dogg Beautiful [Radio Version] [w/ Pharrell](SC8822-11)
    Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot [Radio] [w/ Pharrell](SC8908-1)
    Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot [w/ Pharrell](THH0502-11)
    Snoop Dogg From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace(SC8805-8)
    Snoop Dogg Gin & Juice(SC8612-13)
    Snoop Dogg Let's Get Blown [w/ Pharrell](THH0505-10)
    Snoop Dogg Signs(SC3442-8)
    Snoop Dogg Signs [Radio Version](SC8932-10)
    Snoop Dogg What's My Name(SF050-4)
    Snow Informer(SC8656-4)
    Snow Patrol Chasing Cars(THP0609-16)
    Snow Patrol Chocolate(THR0506-16)
    Snow Patrol Hands Open(PHAC0607-7)
    Snow Patrol Run(THR0411-15)
    Snow Patrol Signal Fire(THHP0707-18)
    Snow Patrol Spitting Games(SF221-4)
    Snow Patrol You Could Be Happy(SFMW912-10)
    Snow Patrol You're All I Have(SF243-9)
    Snow, Hank Gold Rush Is Over, The(SC8555-10)
    Snow, Hank Golden Rocket, The(SC8538-6)
    Snow, Hank Hello Love(SC8537-6)
    Snow, Hank I'm Movin' On(SC7544-4)
    Snow, Hank I've Been Everywhere(SC8491-6)
    Snow, Hank It Don't Hurt Anymore(SC2155-7)
    Snow, Hank Lady's Man(SC8579-10)
    Snow, Hank Miller's Cave(SC8712-5)
    Snow, Hank Rhumba Boogie, The(SC8509-5)
    Snow, Phoebe Poetry Man(SC8174-2)
    So Solid Crew Broken Silence(SF209-8)
    SOAP This Is How We Party(SC8465-2)
    Sobule, Jill I Kissed A Girl(SC8195-14)
    Social Distortion I Was Wrong(SC8337-6)
    Social Distortion Reach For The Sky(THR0501-11)
    Socialburn Down(SC8817-4)
    Socialburn Everyone(THR0309-15)
    Sodium Alyssa Milano [Radio Version](SC8817-15)
    Soft Cell Bedsitter(LGK001-9)
    Soft Cell Say Hello, Wave Goodbye(SFMW825-9)
    Soft Cell Tainted Love(SC7542-14)
    Soft Cell Torch(SF111-4)
    Soggy Bottom Boys I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow(SC8693-8)
    Soggy Bottom Boys In The Jailhouse Now(SC8751-14)
    Soho Hippychick(SC8530-10)
    Solange T.o.n.y.(PHU0907-9)
    Soleil, Stella Kiss Kiss(PHM0106-5)
    Solis, Marco Antonio Si Te Pudiera Mentir(SC2194-2)
    Solo Heaven(SC8203-5)
    Solomon's Wish Learning To Fly(TU076-18)
    Soluna For All Time(TU124-6)
    Soluna Monday Mi Amor(TU173-12)
    Solveig, Martin Everybody(EZH49-12)
    Somerville, Jimmy Never Can Say Goodbye(SFMW821-11)
    Something Corporate If You C Jordon(THR0206-13)
    Something For The People With You(SC8304-12)
    Sommers, Joanie I Concentrate On You(MM6259-14)
    Sommers, Joanie Johnny Get Angry(SC7560-6)
    Sommers, Joanie You Better Go Now(MM6259-8)
    Son of Dork Eddies Song(EZH53-8)
    Son of Dork Ticket Outta Loserville(EZH52-10)
    Son Volt Drown(SC8263-3)
    Songz, Trey Can't Help But Wait(PHU0712-5)
    Sonia Better The Devil You Know(ZMH013-6)
    Sonicflood I Want To Know You(SC8962-2)
    Sonique Can't Make Up My Mind(EZH24-5)
    Sonique I Put A Spell On You(SF173-10)
    Sonique It Feels So Good(MH1095-10)
    Sonique It Feels So Good [Radio Version](SC8595-8)
    Sonique Sky(SC8629-13)
    Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need Is You(MM6013-14)
    Sonny & Cher Baby Don't Go(MM6053-8)
    Sonny & Cher Beat Goes On, The(SC7541-6)
    Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe(SC7513-10)
    Sons Of The Desert Albuquerque(SC8636-6)
    Sons Of The Desert Change(SC8636-11)
    Sons Of The Desert Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime(SC8633-8)
    Sons Of The Desert Hand Of Fate(SC3045-6)
    Sons Of The Desert Leaving October(SC8636-14)
    Sons Of The Desert What About You(SC8636-3)
    Sons Of The Desert What I Did Right(SC8681-10)
    Sons Of The Desert Whatever Comes First(SC8636-15)
    Sons Of The Pioneers Cool Water(SC8509-4)
    Sons Of The Pioneers Ghost Riders In The Sky(CBE3-01-6)
    Sons Of The Pioneers Tumbling Tumbleweeds(SC8491-9)
    Soraya Suddenly(SC8304-4)
    Soul Asylum I Will Still Be Laughing(SC3079-1)
    Soul Asylum Looking Through Patient Eyes(JV1004-6)
    Soul Asylum Misery(SC8195-11)
    Soul Asylum Promises Broken(SC8240-9)
    Soul Asylum Runaway Train(SC8107-12)
    Soul Asylum Somebody To Shove(SC8749-8)
    Soul Asylum Without A Trace(SC8148-14)
    Soul Central Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own)(SF228-15)
    Soul Coughing Circles(SC8490-13)
    Soul Decision Faded(SC3209-7)
    Soul For Real Every Little Thing I Do(SC8203-15)
    Soul II Soul Back To Life(SC8293-1)
    Soul Survivors Expressway To Your Heart(SC8563-2)
    Soul, David Don't Give Up On Us(SC8151-6)
    Soul, David Silver Lady(SF077-2)
    Soul, Jimmy If You Wanna Be Happy(SC8109-9)
    Souldecision Ooh It's Kind Of Crazy(MM6335-12)
    Soulja Boy Crank That(SC9015-2)
    Soulja Boy Soulja Girl(PHU0801-3)
    Souljahz All Around The World(TU190-2)
    Souljahz Let Go(TU190-7)
    Souljahz Poor Man(TU190-10)
    Sound Effects Chains(TU069-23)
    Sound Effects Creaking(TU069-24)
    Sound Effects Evil Laugh(TU069-25)
    Sound Effects Girl Fear Screams(TU069-26)
    Sound Effects Halloween Sound Effects(SC8550-15)
    Sound Effects It's Alive(TU069-27)
    Sound Effects It's My Turn(TU069-28)
    Sound Effects Montage(TU069-29)
    Sound Effects Next Singer(TU069-30)
    Sound Effects Ready For The Next Singer(TU069-31)
    Sound Effects Thank You For Singing(TU069-32)
    Soundgarden Black Hole Sun(SC8272-14)
    Soundgarden Blow Up The Outside World(SC8357-9)
    Soundgarden Burden In My Hand(SC8308-7)
    Soundgarden Fell On Black Days(HMDK-659)
    Soundgarden Fell On Black Days(SC8148-15)
    Soundgarden Outshined(HMDK-127)
    Soundgarden Pretty Noose(SC8295-3)
    Soundgarden Rusty Cage(HMDK-128)
    Soundgarden Rusty Cage(SFMW903-1)
    Soundgarden Spoonman(SFMW884-8)
    Soundgarden Superunknown(SFMW890-1)
    Soup Dragons Pleasure(BS5417-3)
    Source & Candi Station You Got The Love(SFMW874-1)
    South 65 Baby's Got My Number(SC3157-3)
    South 65 Love Bug (Bite Me)(CB20193-8)
    South 65 Most Beautiful Girl, The(SC8681-6)
    South 65 No Easy Goodbye(SC8533-3)
    South 65 Randam Act Of Sensless Kindness, A(SC8507-1)
    South Park Blame Canada(MM6330-3)
    South Park Chocolate Salty Balls [w/ Chef](SC8532-1)
    South, Joe Don't It Make You Want To Go Home(MM6126-13)
    South, Joe Games People Play(SC8353-10)
    South, Joe Walk A Mile In My Shoes(JV0059-10)
    Souther, J.D. You're Only Lonely(SC8594-5)
    Southern I'll Fly Away(CBE3-14-6)
    Southern One Day At A Time(CBE3-14-7)
    Southside Johnny Havin' A Party(DG03-1)
    Sovine, Red Teddy Bear(SC8682-11)
    Space Avenging Angels(SF117-12)
    Space Ballad Of Tom Jones [w/ Cerys Of Catatonia](SF119-9)
    Space Female Of The Species(SFMW856-14)
    Space Me & You Versus The World(SFMW894-2)
    Space Neighbourhood(SFMW892-11)
    Space Monkeys Sugar Cane(PHM9801-7)
    Spacehog I Want To Live(THR0106-17)
    Spacehog In The Meantime(SC8263-5)
    Spagna Call Me(SFMW890-10)
    Spandau Ballet Chant No. 1(SF075-3)
    Spandau Ballet Communication(SFG003-7)
    Spandau Ballet Fight For Ourselves(SFG003-14)
    Spandau Ballet Freeze, The(SFG003-11)
    Spandau Ballet Gold(ZML001-2)
    Spandau Ballet Highly Strung(SF156-10)
    Spandau Ballet I'll Fly For You(SF162-8)
    Spandau Ballet Instinction(SFG003-12)
    Spandau Ballet Life Line(SFG003-6)
    Spandau Ballet Muscle Bound(SFG003-10)
    Spandau Ballet Only When You Leave(SFG003-2)
    Spandau Ballet Paint Me Down(SFG003-15)
    Spandau Ballet Round & Round(SFG003-16)
    Spandau Ballet Through The Barricades(SF056-15)
    Spandau Ballet To Cut A Long Story Short(SFG003-5)
    Spandau Ballet True(SF002-6)
    Spaniels Goodnight Sweetheart(SC7526-9)
    Spanky & Our Gang Like To Get To Know You(SC8615-1)
    Spanky & Our Gang Sunday Will Never Be The Same(SC8874-15)
    Sparkle & R. Kelly Be Careful(SF123-14)
    Sparks Beat The Clock(SFMW818-11)
    Sparks This Town Ain't Big Enough(SF035-12)
    Sparks, Jordin Battlefield(EZH78-7)
    Sparks, Jordin No Air [w/ Chris Brown](CB5119-03-15)
    Sparks, Jordin One Step At A Time(CB5119-02-17)
    Sparks, Jordin Tattoo(THHP0802-18)
    Sparks, Jordin This Is My Now(PHM0707-1)
    Sparks, Larry Smokey Mountain Memories(CB20379-8)
    Spartz, Doug Colors & Numbers(SC8160-13)
    Sparxxx, Bubba Ms. New Booty(SC8994-3)
    Sparxxx, Bubba Ugly(SC8730-14)
    Spears, Billie Jo 57 Chevrolet(ZMCS03-8)
    Spears, Billie Jo Blanket On The Ground(SC8561-7)
    Spears, Billie Jo Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song(PI326-8)
    Spears, Billie Jo What I've Got In Mind(SF102-9)
    Spears, Britney Anticipating(SC2349-3)
    Spears, Britney Baby One More Time(SC8657-6)
    Spears, Britney Beat Goes On, The(SFMW815-9)
    Spears, Britney Boom Boom (I Got That) [w/ Ying Yang Twins](SC8864-1)
    Spears, Britney Born To Make You Happy(ZML004-5)
    Spears, Britney Boys(SF194-16)
    Spears, Britney Boys [Neptune Remix](SC8768-5)
    Spears, Britney Break The Ice(SFMW900-13)
    Spears, Britney Can't Make You Love Me(TU030-4)
    Spears, Britney Cinderella(TU096-3)
    Spears, Britney Crazy (You Drive Me)(SC8657-2)
    Spears, Britney Dear Diary(TU030-5)
    Spears, Britney Do Somethin'(SC8924-1)
    Spears, Britney Don't Go Knockin' On My Door(TU030-6)
    Spears, Britney Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know(SC8649-8)
    Spears, Britney E-mail My Heart(SFMW815-12)
    Spears, Britney Everytime(SC8876-6)
    Spears, Britney From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart(SC8593-1)
    Spears, Britney Gimme More(PHM0712-3)
    Spears, Britney Girl In The Mirror(TU030-9)
    Spears, Britney I Can't Get No Satisfaction(TU030-1)
    Spears, Britney I Love Rock 'N Roll(SC2349-7)
    Spears, Britney I Will Be There(SFMW815-11)
    Spears, Britney I'm A Slave 4 U(SC2349-6)
    Spears, Britney I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman(SC2349-16)
    Spears, Britney If U Seek Amy(SC3501-3)
    Spears, Britney Let Me Be(SC2349-4)
    Spears, Britney Lonely(TU096-13)
    Spears, Britney Lucky(SC8657-12)
    Spears, Britney Me Against The Music [w/ Madonna](SC3389-2)
    Spears, Britney My Prerogative(SC8889-10)
    Spears, Britney One Kiss From You(TU030-11)
    Spears, Britney Oops I Farted Again [Parody](MM6330-1)
    Spears, Britney Oops! I Did It Again(SC8613-14)
    Spears, Britney Outrageous(SC8864-9)
    Spears, Britney Overprotected(SC8747-14)
    Spears, Britney Piece Of Me(SC9019-7)
    Spears, Britney Radar(PHM0909-2)
    Spears, Britney Soda Pop(LG117-2)
    Spears, Britney Someday (I Will Understand)(SF234-5)
    Spears, Britney Sometimes(SC8534-13)
    Spears, Britney Stronger(SC8657-10)
    Spears, Britney That's Where You Take Me(SC2349-1)
    Spears, Britney Toxic(SC8876-12)
    Spears, Britney What U See (Is What U Get)(PR1391-4)
    Spears, Britney When Your Eyes Say It(SC2266-7)
    Spears, Britney Where Are You Now(PR1391-3)
    Spears, Britney You Got It All(TU074-16)
    Special Ed I Got It Made(DK087-5)
    Special Ed Mission, The(MM6233-14)
    Specials, The Ghost Town(ZMGY81-15)
    Specials, The Message To You Rudi, A(SFMW810-5)
    Specials, The Too Much Too Young(SF133-2)
    Speedway Can't Turn Back(SF215-12)
    Spektor, Regina Better(SD4801-14)
    Spektor, Regina Fidelity(SC8995-11)
    Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin'(SC8353-6)
    Spencer Davis Group I'm A Man(SC8225-12)
    Spencer Davis Group Keep On Running(ZML006-22)
    Spencer Davis Group Somebody Help Me(SF069-4)
    Spencer, Tracie It's All About You (Not About Me)(SC8559-8)
    Spice Girls 2 Become 1(SC8390-11)
    Spice Girls Goodbye(SC8503-3)
    Spice Girls Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)(THP0802-13)
    Spice Girls Holler(SF172-8)
    Spice Girls Love Thing(LG012-4)
    Spice Girls Mama(LG002-5)
    Spice Girls My Strongest Suit(SF136-1)
    Spice Girls Say You'll Be There(SC8457-2)
    Spice Girls Something Kinda Funny(LG012-5)
    Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life(PHM9712-1)
    Spice Girls Stop(SC8465-4)
    Spice Girls Too Much(SC8440-5)
    Spice Girls Viva Forever(SF121-2)
    Spice Girls Wannabe(SC8369-4)
    Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are(SFMW867-13)
    Spiller Groove Jet (If This Ain't Love)(SF171-9)
    Spin Doctors Bigger I Laugh, The Harder I Cry, The(SC8548-8)
    Spin Doctors Cleopatra's Cat(MM6057-14)
    Spin Doctors Have You Ever Seen The Rain(SC8238-7)
    Spin Doctors How Could You Want Him(SC8272-8)
    Spin Doctors Jimmy Olsen's Blues(SC8132-6)
    Spin Doctors Little Miss Can't Be Wrong(SC8433-1)
    Spin Doctors Two Princes(SC8122-13)
    Spin Doctors You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast(SD001-11)
    Spinal Tap Big Bottom(SC8707-3)
    Spinal Tap Hell Hole(HMDK-565)
    Spinal Tap Sex Farm(SC8927-5)
    Spinal Tap Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight(HMDK-566)
    Spineshank Synthetic(SC2300-3)
    Spinners Could It Be I'm Falling In Love(SC7535-1)
    Spinners Ghetto Child(SF091-4)
    Spinners I'll Be Around(SC8540-13)
    Spinners It's A Shame(SC8755-4)
    Spinners One Of A Kind(SC8667-7)
    Spinners Rubberband Man, The(SC8273-10)
    Spinners They Just Can't Stop It (The Games People Play)(SC8606-8)
    Spinners Working My Way Back To You(CBEP467-6-14)
    Spiral Staircase More Today Than Yesterday(SC8589-1)
    Spirit I Got A Line On You(SC8750-6)
    Spirit Of The West Home For A Rest(GM1002-7)
    Spirit Of The West Sadness Grows(GM1002-8)
    Spirit Of The West Venice Is Sinking(GM1002-9)
    Spiteri, Sharleen All The Times I Cried(SFMW906-12)
    Spitting Image Chicken Song, The(SFMW835-4)
    Splender I Think God Can Explain(SC8607-3)
    Split Enz I Got You(SC8571-5)
    Sponberg, Nicol Crazy In Love(SC8987-6)
    Sponge Have You Seen Mary(SC3005-7)
    Sponge Molly(SC8199-11)
    Sponge Plowed(SC8874-11)
    Sponge Rainin'(SC8233-5)
    Sponge Wax Ecstatic(SC8308-1)
    Springfield, Dusty Brand New Me, A(DK033-18)
    Springfield, Dusty Goin' Back(SF085-8)
    Springfield, Dusty I Close My Eyes & Count To Ten(SF065-12)
    Springfield, Dusty I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself(SF074-5)
    Springfield, Dusty I Only Wanna Be With You(SC8415-2)
    Springfield, Dusty In The Middle Of Nowhere(SF093-4)
    Springfield, Dusty Look Of Love, The(SFMW819-2)
    Springfield, Dusty Losing You(SFMW889-12)
    Springfield, Dusty Silver Threads & Golden Needles(LG155-15)
    Springfield, Dusty Son Of A Preacher Man(SC8399-7)
    Springfield, Dusty Stay Awhile(SC8589-10)
    Springfield, Dusty Windmills Of Your Mind(THMF12-14)
    Springfield, Dusty Wishin' & Hopin'(SC8441-9)
    Springfield, Dusty You Don't Have To Say You Love Me(SC7554-15)
    Springfield, Rick Affair Of The Heart(ZMP110-1)
    Springfield, Rick Celebrate Youth(ZMP110-11)
    Springfield, Rick Don't Talk To Strangers(SC8305-15)
    Springfield, Rick Human Touch(SFMW900-3)
    Springfield, Rick I Get Excited(ZMP110-3)
    Springfield, Rick I've Done Everything For You(ZMP110-4)
    Springfield, Rick Jessie's Girl(SC8297-12)
    Springfield, Rick Love Is Alright Tonight(ZMP110-6)
    Springfield, Rick Love Somebody(SC8861-7)
    Springfield, Rick My Father's Chair(ZMP110-10)
    Springfield, Rick Souls(ZMP110-8)
    Springfield, Rick State Of The Heart(ZMP110-12)
    Springfield, Rick What Kind Of Fool Am I(ZMP110-9)
    Springfields Island Of Dreams(SF083-12)
    Springsteen, Bruce 10th Avenue Freeze Out(SGB05-15)
    Springsteen, Bruce Backstreets(LG164-6)
    Springsteen, Bruce Badlands(UK3103-7)
    Springsteen, Bruce Blinded By The Light(LG164-14)
    Springsteen, Bruce Bobby Jean(SC8725-12)
    Springsteen, Bruce Born In The U.S.A(SC2335-5)
    Springsteen, Bruce Born To Run(SC8188-13)
    Springsteen, Bruce Brilliant Disguise(LG050-7)
    Springsteen, Bruce Cadillac Ranch(SC8808-10)
    Springsteen, Bruce Cover Me(UK3103-4)
    Springsteen, Bruce Dancing In The Dark(SC8192-15)
    Springsteen, Bruce Darlington Country(LG164-13)
    Springsteen, Bruce Fade Away(LG164-16)
    Springsteen, Bruce Fire(LG164-10)
    Springsteen, Bruce Glory Days(SC8684-15)
    Springsteen, Bruce Human Touch(SFMW836-6)
    Springsteen, Bruce Hungry Heart(MH1128-2)
    Springsteen, Bruce I'm A Rocker(MH1128-6)
    Springsteen, Bruce I'm Going Down(LG164-4)
    Springsteen, Bruce I'm On Fire(UK3103-10)
    Springsteen, Bruce Jersey Girl(LG164-11)
    Springsteen, Bruce Jersey Girl [Live Version](SC8886-1)
    Springsteen, Bruce Land Of Hope & Dreams(CB20353-8)
    Springsteen, Bruce Lonesome Day(SC8789-11)
    Springsteen, Bruce Look But Better Not Touch(LG164-9)
    Springsteen, Bruce My Hometown(SC8725-9)
    Springsteen, Bruce No Surrender(MH1128-12)
    Springsteen, Bruce Out In The Street(MH1128-7)
    Springsteen, Bruce Pay Me My Money Down(PHAC0609-3)
    Springsteen, Bruce Pink Cadillac(LG050-15)
    Springsteen, Bruce Prove It All Night(MH1128-10)
    Springsteen, Bruce Rising, The(SC8775-11)
    Springsteen, Bruce River, The(LG164-2)
    Springsteen, Bruce Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)(SC8668-9)
    Springsteen, Bruce Secret Garden(SC8170-9)
    Springsteen, Bruce Secret Garden [Jerry McGuire Version](MM6219-4)
    Springsteen, Bruce Sherry Darling(ZMH010-6)
    Springsteen, Bruce Streets Of Philadelphia(SC8235-9)
    Springsteen, Bruce Tenth Avenue Freeze Out(SC8724-15)
    Springsteen, Bruce Thunder Road(SFMW853-2)
    Springsteen, Bruce Tougher Than The Rest(LG050-8)
    Springsteen, Bruce Tunnel Of Love(LG164-3)
    Springsteen, Bruce Two Hearts(LG164-7)
    Springsteen, Bruce Waitin' On A Sunny Day(SC3362-7)
    Springsteen, Bruce War(LG164-15)
    Squeak E. Clean & Karen O. Hello Tomorrow [Adidas Version](THP0507-18)
    Squeeze Black Coffee In Bed(SC8571-2)
    Squeeze Cool For Cats(ZMP092-9)
    Squeeze Hourglass(ZMH007-6)
    Squeeze Is That Love(ZMP092-11)
    Squeeze Labeled With Love(SF010-9)
    Squeeze Pulling Mussels From A Shell(SC8719-7)
    Squeeze Take Me I'm Yours(ZMH007-5)
    Squeeze Tempted(SC8151-11)
    Squeeze Up The Junction(SF113-8)
    Squier, Billy Everybody Wants You(SC8609-2)
    Squier, Billy In The Dark(SC8684-1)
    Squier, Billy Lonely Is The Night(SC8447-15)
    Squier, Billy My Kinda Lover(SC8942-11)
    Squier, Billy Stroke, The(SC8169-10)
    Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell(SC8377-11)
    Squirrel Nut Zippers Put A Lid On It(US01-9)
    Squirrel Nut Zippers Suits Are Picking Up The Bill(SC8484-1)
    SR71 Politically Correct(THR0103-13)
    SR71 Right Now(SC8645-13)
    SR71 Tomorrow(THR0301-15)
    St. Cecilia Leap Up & Down(SF089-13)
    St. James, Rebecca Breathe(SC8828-11)
    St. James, Rebecca I Thank You(TU215-6)
    St. James, Rebecca Reborn(TU077-8)
    St. James, Rebecca Song Of Love(TU215-12)
    St. James, Rebecca Wait For Me(TU128-16)
    St. James, Rebecca Yes I Believe In God(TU215-15)
    St. Louis, Louis Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen(SC2157-2)
    St. Lunatics Midwest Swing(SC3266-8)
    St. Peters, Crispian Pied Piper(SF093-15)
    St. Peters, Crispian You Were On My Mind(ZMJB08-5)
    St. Winifred's School Choir There's No-one Quite Like Grandma(ZMGY80-13)
    Stabbing Westward Save Yourself(HMDK-693)
    Stabbing Westward Shame(HMDK-694)
    Stabbing Westward What Do I Have To Do(SC8348-9)
    Stafford, Jim Cow Patti(SC8669-11)
    Stafford, Jim My Girl Bill(SC8707-10)
    Stafford, Jim Spiders & Snakes(SC8269-3)
    Stafford, Jim Wildwood Weed(SC8114-13)
    Stafford, Jo On London Bridge(DK009-18)
    Stafford, Jo You Belong To Me(SF092-4)
    Stafford, Terry Suspicion(SC7541-11)
    Staind Epiphany(SC8762-12)
    Staind Everything Changes(PHM0605-3)
    Staind Fade(SC8730-12)
    Staind Falling(THR0601-15)
    Staind For You(SC8765-5)
    Staind How About You(THR0402-16)
    Staind It's Been A While(SC8742-13)
    Staind King Of All Excuses(PHM0610-8)
    Staind Mudshovel(SC8662-3)
    Staind Outside(THR0108-10)
    Staind Price To Play(SC8831-11)
    Staind Right Here(SC8948-5)
    Staind So Far Away(SC8845-11)
    Staind Zoe Jane(THR0407-18)
    Staley, Karen Somebody's Child(CB20060-11)
    Stampeders Carry Me(KAR009-1)
    Stampeders Oh My Lady(KAR009-2)
    Stampeders Playin' In The Band(KAR009-3)
    Stampeders Sweet City Woman(SC8492-6)
    Stampley, Joe All These Things(SC8564-10)
    Stampley, Joe Do You Ever Fool Around(CB90137-9)
    Stampley, Joe Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)(CB90137-13)
    Stampley, Joe Hey Joe (Hey Moe) [w/ Moe Bandy](CB90137-12)
    Stampley, Joe Holding The Bag [w/ Moe Bandy](CB90137-11)
    Stampley, Joe I'm Gonna Love You Back To Loving Me Again(CB90137-15)
    Stampley, Joe I'm Still Loving You(CB90137-3)
    Stampley, Joe If It Ain't One Thing It's... [w/ T. Stampley](CB20350-10)
    Stampley, Joe If You've Got Ten Minutes (Let's Fall In Love)(CB90137-8)
    Stampley, Joe Just Good Ol' Boys [w/ Moe Bandy](CB90137-5)
    Stampley, Joe Put Your Clothes Back On(CB90137-10)
    Stampley, Joe Red Wine & Blue Memories(CB90137-7)
    Stampley, Joe Roll On Big Mama(CB90137-1)
    Stampley, Joe Soul Song(SC8529-12)
    Stampley, Joe Take Me Home To Somewhere(CB90137-6)
    Stampley, Joe Where's The Dress [w/ Moe Bandy](CB90137-14)
    Stampley, Tony Waste Of Good Whiskey(CB20342-11)
    Standells Dirty Water(DG05-7)
    Stanley Brothers Pig In The Pen(CB20379-10)
    Stanley Brothers Rank Strangers(CBEP476-6-5)
    Stanley, Ralph Girl From The Greenbriar Shore(TU172-4)
    Stanley, Ralph Life's Railway To Heaven(CB70014-2)
    Stanley, Ralph Little Cabin Home On The Hill(CBEP476-3-9)
    Stanley, Ralph Little Maggie(CB60060-6)
    Stanley, Ralph Old Time Religion(CB70014-10)
    Stanley, Ralph Pretty Polly(CB20380-9)
    Stanley, Ralph White Dove(CB70014-8)
    Stansfield, Lisa All Around The World(SC8433-9)
    Stansfield, Lisa Change(SF001-7)
    Stansfield, Lisa I'm Leaving(MM6246-2)
    Stansfield, Lisa In All The Right Places(SFMW848-8)
    Stansfield, Lisa Never Gonna Fall In Love Again(MM6224-2)
    Stansfield, Lisa Never Never Gonna Give You Up(MM6217-3)
    Stansfield, Lisa Real Thing, The(SFMW802-8)
    Staple Singers Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-na-boom-boom)(SC8776-8)
    Staple Singers I'll Take You There(SC2027-3)
    Staple Singers If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)(SC8776-1)
    Staple Singers Let's Do It Again(SC8776-3)
    Staple Singers Respect Yourself(PI018-12)
    Stapp, Scott Great Divide, The(THR0601-16)
    Starbuck Moonlight Feels Right(SC8178-2)
    Stardust Music Sounds Better With You(SF125-13)
    Stardust, Alvin Jealous Mind(SF101-12)
    Stardust, Alvin My Coo Ca Choo(SF024-6)
    Stardust, Alvin Pretend(SFMW818-4)
    Stardust, Alvin Red Dress(ZMJB09-15)
    Stardust, Alvin You You You(ZMJB09-14)
    Starland Vocal Band Afternoon Delight(SC8609-6)
    Starpoint Object Of My Desire(AH8021-9)
    Starpoint Object Of My Desire(AH8421-9)
    Starr, Edwin 25 Miles(SC8860-4)
    Starr, Edwin Contact(SF103-13)
    Starr, Edwin H.a.p.p.y. Radio(SFMW916-5)
    Starr, Edwin Stop Her On Sight(SFCC01-12)
    Starr, Edwin War(SC8860-12)
    Starr, Kay Man With The Bag, The(SC8781-16)
    Starr, Kay Rock 'N' Roll Waltz, The(SC8396-15)
    Starr, Kay Side By Side(SC2152-6)
    Starr, Kay Wheel Of Fortune(SC8249-2)
    Starr, Ringo It Don't Come Easy(SC8577-2)
    Starr, Ringo La De Da(SC8473-11)
    Starr, Ringo No No Song(SC8172-6)
    Starr, Ringo No No Song/Skokiaan(MM6201-12)
    Starr, Ringo Oh My My(SC8941-13)
    Starr, Ringo Photograph(SC8641-5)
    Starr, Ringo You're Sixteen(SC7523-13)
    Stars On 45 If You Could Read My Mind(SFID004-1)
    Stars On 45 Stars On 45/Abba(BSK002-5)
    Stars On 45 Stars On 45/Beatles(BSK002-6)
    Starsailor Born Again(SF211-8)
    Starsailor Fever(SFMW841-6)
    Starsailor Four To The Floor(SFMW854-6)
    Starsailor Good Souls(SC8752-9)
    Starsailor Keep Us Together(SF243-13)
    Starsailor Lullabye(SF187-5)
    Starsailor Poor Misguided Fool(SF191-1)
    Starsailor Silence Is Easy(SF209-11)
    Starsailor This Time(SF240-14)
    Starship Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now(SC8585-15)
    Starship Sara(SC8413-11)
    Starship We Built This City(SC8609-9)
    Static X Only, The(PHR0312-7)
    Statler Brothers Do You Know You Are My Sunshine(SC8262-15)
    Statler Brothers Do You Remember These(SC8335-13)
    Statler Brothers Elizabeth(SC8537-14)
    Statler Brothers Flowers On The Wall(SC7589-10)
    Statler Brothers He's Got The Whole World(MM6328-7)
    Statler Brothers I'll Go To My Grave Loving You(SC8342-2)
    Statler Brothers Let's Get Started If We're Gonna Break My Heart(SC8567-8)
    Statler Brothers My Only Love(SC8564-4)
    Statler Brothers Too Much On My Heart(SC8529-2)
    Statler Brothers Who Am I To Say(SC8647-13)
    Statler Brothers You'll Be Back (Every Night In My Dreams)(SC8604-8)
    Staton, Candi Nights On Broadway(SF103-5)
    Staton, Candi Young Hearts Run Free(SC8776-2)
    Status Quo Burning Bridges(ZMP086-4)
    Status Quo Caroline(ZMP086-3)
    Status Quo Down Down(ZMP086-1)
    Status Quo Ice In The Sun(SFMW803-8)
    Status Quo In The Army Now(SF076-15)
    Status Quo Jam Side Down(ZMP086-6)
    Status Quo Paper Plane(SFMW912-13)
    Status Quo Pictures Of Matchstick Men(SF070-14)
    Status Quo Rockin' All Over The World(SF166-15)
    Status Quo Whatever You Want(SF010-7)
    Status Quo When You Walk In The Room(SF039-12)
    Status Quo Wild Side Of Life, The(SFMW801-8)
    Stealers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You(SC8115-15)
    Steam Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye(SC8353-8)
    Steel Dragon Blood Pollution(SC8850-3)
    Steel Dragon We All Die Young(SC8850-13)
    Steel Pulse Brown Eyed Girl(MM6375-10)
    Steel Pulse Reggae Fever(SC8500-7)
    Steele, Jeffrey Girl Like You, A(SC3014-3)
    Steele, Jeffrey Good To Go(CB20349-9)
    Steele, Jeffrey I Can Give You Love Like That(CB20319-11)
    Steele, Jeffrey Somethin' In The Water(SC8723-13)
    Steele, Johnny Just Walkin' In The Rain(SF047-4)
    Steele, Tommy Little White Bull(SFMW820-13)
    Steele, Tommy Singing The Blues(SF047-5)
    Steele, Tommy What A Mouth(SF089-3)
    Steeleye Span All Around My Hat(SF079-7)
    Steelheart I'll Never Let You Go(SC8346-15)
    Steely Dan Babylon Sisters(SC8939-6)
    Steely Dan Black Cow(HV09-13)
    Steely Dan Black Friday(RSZ608-2)
    Steely Dan Bodhisattva(RSZ608-16)
    Steely Dan Deacon Blues(PI019-15)
    Steely Dan Dirty Work(SC8568-10)
    Steely Dan Do It Again(SC7559-11)
    Steely Dan Fez, The(RSZ608-15)
    Steely Dan FM (No Static At All)(SC2192-7)
    Steely Dan Haitian Divorce(SFMW859-3)
    Steely Dan Hey 19(RSZ608-3)
    Steely Dan Josie(SC2192-5)
    Steely Dan Kid Charlemagne(SC2192-2)
    Steely Dan Midnight Cruiser(SC8985-10)
    Steely Dan My School(RSZ608-8)
    Steely Dan Peg(SC2192-4)
    Steely Dan Reelin' In The Years(SC8430-7)
    Steely Dan Rikki Don't Lose That Number(SC7533-8)
    Steely Dan Show Biz Kids(RSZ608-5)
    Steely Dan Time Out Of Mind(RSZ608-7)
    Stefani, Gwen 4 In The Morning(PHM0707-4)
    Stefani, Gwen Cool(SC8934-5)
    Stefani, Gwen Crash(PHM0604-1)
    Stefani, Gwen Hollaback Girl(SC8924-3)
    Stefani, Gwen Let Me Blow Ya Mind [w/ Eve](SC2387-1)
    Stefani, Gwen Luxurious(THP0601-10)
    Stefani, Gwen Now That You Got It [w/ Damian Marley](THHP0712-15)
    Stefani, Gwen Real Thing, The(LG223-11)
    Stefani, Gwen Rich Girl [w/ Eve](SC8908-4)
    Stefani, Gwen Serious(LG223-14)
    Stefani, Gwen Sweet Escape, The(THP0704-15)
    Stefani, Gwen What You Waiting For(THP0501-11)
    Stefani, Gwen Wind It Up(PHM0702-1)
    Stefy Chelsea(SF254-15)
    Stegall, Keith 1969(SC8239-12)
    Stegall, Keith Fifty Fifty(SC8285-11)
    Stegall, Keith My Life(MM6169-10)
    Steiner, Tommy Shane Tell Me Where It Hurts(SC8774-8)
    Steiner, Tommy Shane What If She's An Angel(SC8745-10)
    Steiner, Tommy Shane What We're Gonna Do About It [w/ B.W. Sampras](SC3340-1)
    Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild(SC7527-2)
    Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride(SC7572-7)
    Steppenwolf Pusher, The(SC8172-11)
    Steps 5 6 7 8(SF117-7)
    Steps After The Love Has Gone(SF152-15)
    Steps Better Best Forgotten(SF134-4)
    Steps Better The Devil You Know(SF157-8)
    Steps Chain Reaction(SF184-4)
    Steps Deeper Shade Of Blue(SF161-14)
    Steps Heartbeat(SF128-11)
    Steps Here & Now(SFG016-2)
    Steps I Know Him So Well(SF186-14)
    Steps It's The Way You Make Me Feel(TU074-5)
    Steps Last Thing On My Mind(SF121-6)
    Steps Loves Got A Hold Of My Heart(SF144-1)
    Steps One For Sorrow(SF125-1)
    Steps Only In My Dreams(SFG016-8)
    Steps Say You'll Be Mine(SF154-4)
    Steps Stomp(SF172-15)
    Steps Summer Of Love(SF169-3)
    Steps Tragedy(SF130-14)
    Steps Way You Make Me Feel, The(SF174-5)
    Steps When I Said Goodbye(SF167-14)
    Steps Words Are Not Enough(SF185-9)
    Stereo Fuse Everything(SD4303-6)
    Stereomud Pain(SC3267-4)
    Stereomud Steppin' Away(THR0201-18)
    Stereophonics Bartender & The Thief, The(SFG017-11)
    Stereophonics Dakota(SF229-6)
    Stereophonics Everyday I Think Of Money(SFMW826-5)
    Stereophonics Handbags & Gladrags(ZML003-7)
    Stereophonics Have A Nice Day(SF180-1)
    Stereophonics Hurry Up & Wait(SF152-13)
    Stereophonics I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio(SF146-6)
    Stereophonics It Means Nothing(MREH041-7)
    Stereophonics Just Looking(SF136-12)
    Stereophonics Madame Helga(SFMW838-10)
    Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come [w/ Tom Jones](SFG005-10)
    Stereophonics Maybe Tomorrow(SF208-5)
    Stereophonics Moviestar(SF214-8)
    Stereophonics Mr. Writer(SF177-10)
    Stereophonics Pick A Part That's New(SF138-11)
    Stereophonics Step On My Old Size Nines(SF179-7)
    Stereophonics Superman(SF231-10)
    Stereophonics Vegas 2 Times(SF191-14)
    Sterling, Kristy Water(TU215-13)
    Stern, Howard & The Dust Boys Tortured Man(HV06a-5)
    Steve Miller Band Abracadabra(SC8176-5)
    Steve Miller Band Dance, Dance, Dance(BS6917-11)
    Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle(SC8197-14)
    Steve Miller Band Jet Airliner(SC8207-5)
    Steve Miller Band Joker, The(SC8467-13)
    Steve Miller Band Jungle Love(SC2260-2)
    Steve Miller Band Living In The U.S.A.(SC8840-9)
    Steve Miller Band Rock 'N Me(SC8192-12)
    Steve Miller Band Serenade(BS6917-5)
    Steve Miller Band Space Cowboy(AH8005-3)
    Steve Miller Band Stake, The(BS6917-7)
    Steve Miller Band Swingtown(SC8467-9)
    Steve Miller Band Take The Money & Run(SC8449-7)
    Steve Miller Band True Fine Love(BS6917-6)
    Steve Miller Band Wide River(SC8272-5)
    Steve Miller Band Wild Mountain Honey(BS6917-14)
    Steve Miller Band Winter Time(BS6917-12)
    Steven Sisters Wherever You Are(TU126-16)
    Stevens, Cat Another Saturday Night(MM6024-14)
    Stevens, Cat Can't Keep It Up(BS7917-3)
    Stevens, Cat Father & Son(SC8609-4)
    Stevens, Cat Hard Headed Woman(LG242-8)
    Stevens, Cat Heaven/Where True Love Goes(PHAC0702-9)
    Stevens, Cat Hurt, The(BS7917-13)
    Stevens, Cat If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out(SC2280-8)
    Stevens, Cat Longer Boats(SC8861-6)
    Stevens, Cat Matthew & Son(SFMW915-7)
    Stevens, Cat Moonshadow(SC2280-5)
    Stevens, Cat Morning Has Broken(SC2280-7)
    Stevens, Cat Oh Very Young(SC8790-10)
    Stevens, Cat On The Road To Find Out(SC2280-1)
    Stevens, Cat Peace Train(SC7548-6)
    Stevens, Cat Ready(BS7917-8)
    Stevens, Cat Sad Lisa(SFMW847-4)
    Stevens, Cat Sitting(LG242-5)
    Stevens, Cat Two Fine People(BS7917-6)
    Stevens, Cat Where Do The Children Play(LG242-6)
    Stevens, Cat Wild World(SC8456-10)
    Stevens, Dodie Pink Shoelaces(SC8450-6)
    Stevens, Rachel Breathe In, Breath Out(SF217-9)
    Stevens, Rachel Funky Dory(SF211-12)
    Stevens, Rachel I Said Never Again(SF236-6)
    Stevens, Rachel More More More(SF222-9)
    Stevens, Rachel Negotiate With Love(SF230-3)
    Stevens, Rachel So Good(SF233-12)
    Stevens, Rachel Some Girls(SFMW857-7)
    Stevens, Rachel Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex(SF210-3)
    Stevens, Ray Ahab The Arab(SC2326-3)
    Stevens, Ray Along Came Jones(JV0041-9)
    Stevens, Ray Back In The Doghouse Again(CB20324-11)
    Stevens, Ray Bad Little Boy(CB20204-8)
    Stevens, Ray Ballad Of The Blue Cyclone(CB20324-10)
    Stevens, Ray Deer Slayer(TU145-4)
    Stevens, Ray Everything Is Beautiful(SC8153-7)
    Stevens, Ray Guitarzan(SC8275-5)
    Stevens, Ray Haircut Song, The(SC8669-5)
    Stevens, Ray I'm My Own Grandpa(MM6330-6)
    Stevens, Ray It's Me Again Margaret(CB20323-12)
    Stevens, Ray Jeremiah Peabody's Song(MM6107-8)
    Stevens, Ray Mississippi Squirrel Revival(SC8669-3)
    Stevens, Ray Misty(SC8342-4)
    Stevens, Ray Motel Song, The(CB20324-12)
    Stevens, Ray Osama-Yo' Mama(SC8739-6)
    Stevens, Ray Shriner's Convention(CB20324-8)
    Stevens, Ray Shriner's Convention(CB90096-9)
    Stevens, Ray Spanish Fireball(MM6094-1)
    Stevens, Ray Streak, The(SC8117-3)
    Stevens, Ray Turn Your Radio On(CB90096-12)
    Stevie B. Because I Love You(MM6040-2)
    Stewart, Al On The Border(SFMW875-2)
    Stewart, Al Time Passages(SC8668-4)
    Stewart, Al Year Of The Cat, The(SC8174-9)
    Stewart, Ami Knock On Wood(SC8443-3)
    Stewart, Andy Campbelltown Loch(SFST01-12)
    Stewart, Andy Donald Where's Yer Trousers(SFST01-11)
    Stewart, Billy Summertime(SC8804-6)
    Stewart, Dave Heart Of Stone(SF025-8)
    Stewart, Dave It's My Party [w/ Barbara Gaskin](SF105-9)
    Stewart, Gary Drinkin' Thing(SC7555-5)
    Stewart, Gary Out Of Hand(SC8525-11)
    Stewart, Gary Quits(SC8610-4)
    Stewart, Gary She's Actin' Single(SC8335-1)
    Stewart, Gary Whiskey Trip(SC8558-3)
    Stewart, Gary Your Place Or Mine(SC8642-10)
    Stewart, Jermaine We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off(SC8824-8)
    Stewart, John Gold(SC8393-4)
    Stewart, Larry Alright Already(SC8130-6)
    Stewart, Larry Always A Woman(SC8341-6)
    Stewart, Larry Heart Like A Hurricane(SC8269-13)
    Stewart, Larry Losing Your Love(SC8159-3)
    Stewart, Larry Mississippi Moon(MM6097-15)
    Stewart, Larry Rockin' The Rock(SC8171-13)
    Stewart, Larry Why Can't You(SC8303-6)
    Stewart, Marty If There's Not There Oughta Be(SD111-14)
    Stewart, Rod Angel(LG032-5)
    Stewart, Rod As Time Goes By(TU244-2)
    Stewart, Rod As Time Goes By [w/ Queen Latifah](TU244-3)
    Stewart, Rod Baby Jane(ZMP099-4)
    Stewart, Rod Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered [w/ Cher](SC8858-1)
    Stewart, Rod Broken Arrow(SC8279-6)
    Stewart, Rod But Not For Me(MM6430-15)
    Stewart, Rod Cigarettes & Alcohol(SC8473-15)
    Stewart, Rod Crazy About Her(BS6717-2)
    Stewart, Rod Crazy She Calls Me(TU244-5)
    Stewart, Rod Do Ya Think I'm Sexy(SC8722-6)
    Stewart, Rod Don't Get Around Much Anymore(MM6430-9)
    Stewart, Rod Downtown Train(SC8153-3)
    Stewart, Rod Every Beat Of My Heart(ZMP099-11)
    Stewart, Rod Every Picture Tells A Story(SC8722-8)
    Stewart, Rod Everytime We Say Goodbye(TU209-1)
    Stewart, Rod Faith Of The Heart(SC8515-7)
    Stewart, Rod First Cut Is The Deepest, The(SC8722-15)
    Stewart, Rod Fooled Around & Fell In Love(SD4703-14)
    Stewart, Rod For All We Know(TU209-2)
    Stewart, Rod Forever Young(SC8722-3)
    Stewart, Rod Have I Told You Lately(SC2450-1)
    Stewart, Rod Have You Ever Seen The Rain(PHAC0611-3)
    Stewart, Rod Having A Party(SC8951-13)
    Stewart, Rod Hot Legs(SC8297-3)
    Stewart, Rod Human(TU033-6)
    Stewart, Rod I Can't Deny It(THP0105-12)
    Stewart, Rod I Don't Want To Talk About It(SC8363-1)
    Stewart, Rod I Have Told You Lately(MM6021B-10)
    Stewart, Rod I Know I'm Losing You(DG11-13)
    Stewart, Rod I Only Have Eyes For You(MM6410-10)
    Stewart, Rod I'll Be Seeing You(MM6430-11)
    Stewart, Rod I'm In The Mood For Love(TU244-8)
    Stewart, Rod I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm(THMRM09-14)
    Stewart, Rod If I Had You(TU033-8)
    Stewart, Rod If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right(LG032-8)
    Stewart, Rod If We Fall In Love Tonight(SC8343-1)
    Stewart, Rod Infatuation(SC8722-5)
    Stewart, Rod It Had To Be You(TU209-4)
    Stewart, Rod Killing Of Georgie, The(ZMP099-7)
    Stewart, Rod Leave Virginia Alone(SC8187-13)
    Stewart, Rod Love Touch(DK028-14)
    Stewart, Rod Maggie May(SC8722-10)
    Stewart, Rod Moonglow(TU209-5)
    Stewart, Rod Motown Song, The(LG182-13)
    Stewart, Rod My Heart Can't Tell You No(DK089-7)
    Stewart, Rod My Heart Stood Still(TU244-9)
    Stewart, Rod Nearness Of You, The(MM6430-12)
    Stewart, Rod Oh No Not My Baby(SF091-2)
    Stewart, Rod Ooh La La(SC3079-2)
    Stewart, Rod Our Love Is Here To Stay(MM6410-11)
    Stewart, Rod People Get Ready(SC8273-6)
    Stewart, Rod Reason To Believe(SC8722-9)
    Stewart, Rod Rhythm Of My Heart(SD015-11)
    Stewart, Rod Sailing(SFMW862-14)
    Stewart, Rod Smile(TU244-11)
    Stewart, Rod So Far Away(SC8263-10)
    Stewart, Rod Some Guys Have All The Luck(PI044-13)
    Stewart, Rod Someone To Watch Over Me(TU244-12)
    Stewart, Rod Stardust(MM6430-7)
    Stewart, Rod Stay With Me(DG01-7)
    Stewart, Rod Superstar(MM6258-12)
    Stewart, Rod That Old Feeling(MM6388-6)
    Stewart, Rod That's All(MM6430-13)
    Stewart, Rod These Foolish Things(SC8809-2)
    Stewart, Rod They Can't Take That Away From Me(MM6388-5)
    Stewart, Rod This(SC8203-11)
    Stewart, Rod This Old Heart Of Mine(SC8722-14)
    Stewart, Rod Til There Was You(MM6430-14)
    Stewart, Rod Time After Time(THMRM04-16)
    Stewart, Rod To Be With You(TU033-13)
    Stewart, Rod Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)(SF004-11)
    Stewart, Rod Tonight I'm Yours Don't Hurt Me(SC8305-8)
    Stewart, Rod Tonight's The Night(SC8182-8)
    Stewart, Rod Until The Real Thing Comes Along(TU244-15)
    Stewart, Rod Very Thought Of You, The(LG182-7)
    Stewart, Rod Way You Look Tonight, The(MM6388-3)
    Stewart, Rod We'll Be Together Again(TU209-13)
    Stewart, Rod What A Wonderful World [w/ Stevie Wonder](MM6426-6)
    Stewart, Rod What Am I Gona Do(LG032-9)
    Stewart, Rod When I Need You(MM6197-13)
    Stewart, Rod Where Or When(TU244-16)
    Stewart, Rod You Go To My Head(TU209-14)
    Stewart, Rod You Wear It Well(SC8197-10)
    Stewart, Rod You're In My Heart(SC8427-7)
    Stewart, Rod Young Turks(SC8641-11)
    Stewart, Rod Your Song(SC8238-3)
    Stewart, Wynn It's Such A Pretty World Today(SC8428-15)
    Stiff Little Fingers Strawdogs(SF109-6)
    Stigers, Curtis I Wonder Why(SC8466-3)
    Stigers, Curtis You're All That Matters To Me(SF133-1)
    Stills, Stephen Love The One You're With(SC8683-7)
    Stiltskin Inside(SF141-3)
    Sting After The Rain Has Fallen(SC8645-1)
    Sting All This Time(SC8638-11)
    Sting Be Still My Beating Heart(SC8588-8)
    Sting Brand New Day(SC8572-14)
    Sting Desert Rose(SC8618-2)
    Sting Englishman In New York(ZMP095-12)
    Sting Fields Of Gold(SC8272-12)
    Sting Fill Her Up(TU078-10)
    Sting Fortress Around Your Heart(SC8643-2)
    Sting Fragile(SC2336b-2)
    Sting Gabriel's Message(SC2514-5)
    Sting I Saw Three Ships(SC8899-11)
    Sting If I Ever Lose My Faith In You(SC8643-7)
    Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free(SC8283-1)
    Sting It's Probably Me(SFMW839-13)
    Sting Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot(SC8263-15)
    Sting Murder By Numbers(HSPAK3-12-8)
    Sting My Funny Friend & Me(THP0103-18)
    Sting My One & Only Love(SC8890-2)
    Sting Nothing 'bout Me(SC8279-2)
    Sting Russians(SC8725-4)
    Sting Send Your Love(MM6397-10)
    Sting Seven Days(SFG026-15)
    Sting Shape Of My Heart(ZMP095-11)
    Sting We'll Be Together(SC8643-11)
    Sting When We Dance(SC8150-12)
    Sting Whenever I Say Your Name [w/ M.J. Blige](SFMW848-2)
    Sting You Still Touch Me(SC8290-13)
    Stir Climbing The Walls(THR0011-18)
    Stir New Beginning(SC8607-6)
    Stockton, Shane Gonna Have To Fall(SC8470-7)
    Stockton, Shane Visions Of A Sunset(SC8254-7)
    Stockton, Shane What If I'm Right(SC8451-13)
    Stone Roses Elephant Stone(SFG030-6)
    Stone Roses Fool's Gold(SFG030-1)
    Stone Roses I Am The Resurrection(SFG030-3)
    Stone Roses I Wanna Be Adored(SFG030-4)
    Stone Roses Mersey Paradise(SFG030-5)
    Stone Roses Sally Cinnamon(SFG030-8)
    Stone Roses She Bangs The Drum(SFG030-7)
    Stone Roses Waterfall(SFG030-2)
    Stone Sour Bother(SC8801-11)
    Stone Sour Get Inside(SC3354-3)
    Stone Sour Inhale(THR0306-16)
    Stone Sour Through Glass(PHM0609-9)
    Stone Sour Through Glass [Radio Version](SC9005-14)
    Stone Temple Pilots All In The Suit That You Wear(THR0402-12)
    Stone Temple Pilots Big Bang Baby(SC8268-10)
    Stone Temple Pilots Big Empty(SC8148-6)
    Stone Temple Pilots Creep(HMDK-129)
    Stone Temple Pilots Days Of The Week(THR0109-10)
    Stone Temple Pilots Hollywood Bitch(PHR0112-6)
    Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song(SC8140-15)
    Stone Temple Pilots Lady Picture Show(SC8343-3)
    Stone Temple Pilots No Way Out(THR0102-18)
    Stone Temple Pilots Plush(SC8148-12)
    Stone Temple Pilots Revolution(THR0202-12)
    Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Thing(HMDK-130)
    Stone Temple Pilots Sour Girl(THR0008-13)
    Stone Temple Pilots Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart(SC8295-1)
    Stone Temple Pilots Tumble In The Rough(SC3016-7)
    Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline(HMDK-737)
    Stone, Angie Brotha(MM6394-6)
    Stone, Angie Brotha (Part II)(SC8744-7)
    Stone, Angie Mad Issues(MM6394-12)
    Stone, Angie U-Haul(THH0502-14)
    Stone, Angie Wish I Didn't Miss You(SC8758-1)
    Stone, Doug Addicted To A Dollar(SC8142-3)
    Stone, Doug Born In The Dark(SC8205-11)
    Stone, Doug Come In Out Of The Pain(SC8213-9)
    Stone, Doug Dream High(MH1057-13)
    Stone, Doug Faith In Me, Faith In You(SC8160-7)
    Stone, Doug Fourteen Minutes Old(MM6065-2)
    Stone, Doug Georgia(SD127-11)
    Stone, Doug Gone Out Of My Mind(SC8470-9)
    Stone, Doug I Never Knew Love(SC2105-4)
    Stone, Doug I Thought It Was You(SC8214-7)
    Stone, Doug Jukebox With A Country Song(SC8105-8)
    Stone, Doug Little Houses(SC8149-10)
    Stone, Doug Made For Lovin' You(SC8200-14)
    Stone, Doug Make Up In Love(SC8543-12)
    Stone, Doug More Love(SC8129-11)
    Stone, Doug Sometimes I Forget(SC8198-6)
    Stone, Doug Surprise(SC8617-4)
    Stone, Doug Take A Letter Maria(MM6294-10)
    Stone, Doug These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye(SC8265-8)
    Stone, Doug Too Busy Being In Love(SC8165-9)
    Stone, Doug Warning Labels(SC8131-10)
    Stone, Doug Why Didn't I Think Of That(SC8157-15)
    Stone, Joss All The King's Horses(ZMP062-9)
    Stone, Joss Chokin' Kind, The(ZMP062-1)
    Stone, Joss Dirty Man(ZMP062-5)
    Stone, Joss Don't Cha Wanna Ride(SF233-5)
    Stone, Joss Fell In Love With A Boy(SC8876-15)
    Stone, Joss For The Love Of You (Parts 1 / 2)(ZMP062-10)
    Stone, Joss I Had A Dream(ZMP062-8)
    Stone, Joss I've Fallen In Love With You(ZMP062-7)
    Stone, Joss Jet Lag(ZMP087-2)
    Stone, Joss Right To Be Wrong(SC8932-5)
    Stone, Joss Some Kind Of Wonderful(ZMP062-6)
    Stone, Joss Spoiled(SF230-14)
    Stone, Joss Super Duper Love(SF217-15)
    Stone, Joss Super Duper Love (Pt. 1)(ZMP062-2)
    Stone, Joss Tell Me 'bout It(THHP0705-18)
    Stone, Joss Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now [w/ Common](PHM0710-8)
    Stone, Joss Victim Of A Foolish Heart(ZMP062-4)
    Stone, Joss You Had Me(SC8934-3)
    Stone, Judy Born A Woman(SFID002-9)
    Stonewall Jackson B.J. The D.J.(SC8419-13)
    Stonewall Jackson Don't Be Angry(SC8445-11)
    Stonewall Jackson Life To Go(SC8491-12)
    Stonewall Jackson Waterloo(SC8392-4)
    Stonewall Jackson Why I'm Walkin'(SC8509-13)
    Stonewall Jackson Wound Time Can't Erase, A(SC8555-3)
    Stookey, Paul Wedding Song, The(MM6208-1)
    Stories Brother Louie(SC8138-10)
    Story Of The Year Anthem Of Our Dying Day(THR0408-14)
    Story Of The Year Sidewalks(PHR0502-6)
    Story Of The Year Take Me Back(THR0605-13)
    Story Of The Year Until The Day I Die(THR0405-14)
    Story, Carl Angel Band(CB70014-5)
    Stott, Amanda Homeless Heart(PHAC0511-7)
    Strait Up & Lajon Angel's Son(SC8672-5)
    Strait, George Ace In The Hole(SC8703-3)
    Strait, George Adalida(SC8163-11)
    Strait, George All My Ex's Live In Texas(SC7510-2)
    Strait, George Always Never The Same(CB20079-12)
    Strait, George Am I Blue?(SC8493-11)
    Strait, George Amarillo By Morning(SC7524-2)
    Strait, George As Far As It Goes(TU228-1)
    Strait, George Baby Blue(SC8144-4)
    Strait, George Baby Your Baby(SC8275-2)
    Strait, George Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye(SC8493-1)
    Strait, George Best Day, The(SC8703-13)
    Strait, George Big One, The(SC8141-11)
    Strait, George Blue Clear Sky(SC8271-3)
    Strait, George Carried Away(SC8289-4)
    Strait, George Carrying Your Love With Me(SC8382-1)
    Strait, George Chair, The(SC8105-12)
    Strait, George Check Yes Or No(SC8703-5)
    Strait, George Chill Of An Early Fall(SC8214-13)
    Strait, George Cowboy Rides Away, The(SC8332-3)
    Strait, George Cowboys Like Us(SC8903-11)
    Strait, George Desperately(SC8867-13)
    Strait, George Do The Right Thing(MM6195-13)
    Strait, George Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind(SC8493-8)
    Strait, George Don't Make Me Come Over There & Love You(SC8665-1)
    Strait, George Down & Out(SC8483-3)
    Strait, George Drinkin' Champagne(SC8136-10)
    Strait, George Easy Come, Easy Go(SC8144-2)
    Strait, George Famous Last Words Of A Fool(SC8703-7)
    Strait, George Fire I Can't Put Out, A(SC8493-13)
    Strait, George Fireman, The(SC8326-4)
    Strait, George Fool Hearted Memory(SC8385-9)
    Strait, George Give It Away(PHN0612-5)
    Strait, George Go On(SC8703-12)
    Strait, George Gone As A Girl Can Get(SC8168-9)
    Strait, George Good News, Bad News [w/ L.A. Womack](SC8952-3)
    Strait, George Heartland(SC8493-4)
    Strait, George Home Improvement(CB20292-9)
    Strait, George Honk If You Honky Tonk(SC3402-6)
    Strait, George How 'bout Them Cowgirls(THC0712-20)
    Strait, George I Can Still Make Cheyenne(SC8319-14)
    Strait, George I Cross My Heart(SC2177-3)
    Strait, George I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor(SC3374-8)
    Strait, George I Hate Everything(SC3417-6)
    Strait, George I Just Want To Dance With You(SC8463-1)
    Strait, George I Know She Still Loves Me(SC8224-2)
    Strait, George I Look At You(CB20079-8)
    Strait, George I Met A Friend Of Yours Today(SC8287-1)
    Strait, George I'd Like To Have That One Back(SC8177-2)
    Strait, George I've Come To Expect It From You(SC8493-15)
    Strait, George If I Know Me(SC7594-5)
    Strait, George If It's Gonna Rain(TU063-10)
    Strait, George If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'(SC8483-2)
    Strait, George If You Can Do Anything Else(SC8690-9)
    Strait, George If You're Thinking You Want A Stanger(SC8483-8)
    Strait, George It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You(SC8483-15)
    Strait, George It Just Comes Natural(SC9004-7)
    Strait, George Just Look At Me(SC8301-10)
    Strait, George King Of Broken Hearts, The(SC8309-1)
    Strait, George King Of The Mountain(SC3004-2)
    Strait, George Lead On(SC8186-5)
    Strait, George Let's Fall To Pieces Together(SC8133-7)
    Strait, George Living & Living Well(SC8798-7)
    Strait, George Love Bug(SC8180-12)
    Strait, George Love Without End Amen(SC8230-1)
    Strait, George Lovesick Blues(SC8265-13)
    Strait, George Man In Love With You, The(SC8139-3)
    Strait, George Marina Del Ray(SC8133-11)
    Strait, George Meanwhile(SC8512-6)
    Strait, George Murder On Music Row [w/ A. Jackson](SC8614-7)
    Strait, George Nerve, The(CB20038-7)
    Strait, George Nobody Has To Get Hurt(SC8291-7)
    Strait, George Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her(SC8483-1)
    Strait, George Ocean Front Property(SC7588-10)
    Strait, George One Night At A Time(SC8703-14)
    Strait, George One Of You(CB20079-11)
    Strait, George Out Of The Blue Clear Sky(CB20114-12)
    Strait, George Overnight Male(SC8177-6)
    Strait, George Overnight Success(SC8421-13)
    Strait, George Peace Of Mind(CB20079-9)
    Strait, George Real Thing, The(SC3363-3)
    Strait, George Right Or Wrong(SC8493-3)
    Strait, George Round About Way(SC8504-5)
    Strait, George Run(SC8729-12)
    Strait, George Seashores Of Old Mexico, The(SC8959-1)
    Strait, George She Let Herself Go(SC8992-3)
    Strait, George She Used To Say That To Me(TU230-15)
    Strait, George She'll Leave You With A Smile(SC2438-8)
    Strait, George So Much Like My Dad(SC8703-10)
    Strait, George Somewhere Down In Texas(SC8952-8)
    Strait, George Stars On The Water(SC8779-13)
    Strait, George Stay Out Of My Arms(SC8236-14)
    Strait, George Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa(SC8826-8)
    Strait, George Texas(SC8933-4)
    Strait, George Thoughts Of A Fool(SC8243-9)
    Strait, George Today My World Slipped Away(SC8703-9)
    Strait, George True(SC8470-5)
    Strait, George Unwound(SC7551-5)
    Strait, George We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This(SC8485-8)
    Strait, George What Do You Say To That(SC8560-9)
    Strait, George What's Going On In Your World(SC8703-8)
    Strait, George When Did You Stop Loving Me(SC8317-8)
    Strait, George Without Me Around(SC8321-14)
    Strait, George Won't You Come Home(SC3028-1)
    Strait, George Wrapped(PHN0705-3)
    Strait, George Write This Down(SC8528-12)
    Strait, George You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody(SC8703-15)
    Strait, George You Haven't Left Me Yet(MM6262-9)
    Strait, George You Know Me Better Than That(SC8493-7)
    Strait, George You Look So Good In Love(SC8345-3)
    Strait, George You'll Be There(SC8923-10)
    Strait, George You're Something Special To Me(SC8345-2)
    Stranglers, The Always The Sun(LGK006-8)
    Stranglers, The Golden Brown(SF032-15)
    Stranglers, The Nice & Sleazy(SFMW880-2)
    Stranglers, The No More Heroes(SFMW886-4)
    Stranglers, The Skin Deep(SFMW883-1)
    Stranglers, The Strange Little Girl(SFMW879-9)
    Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense & Peppermints(SC8941-10)
    Strawberry Switchblade Since Yesterday(SFMW909-12)
    Strawbs Part Of The Union(SF071-10)
    Stray Cats Rock This Town(SC7580-13)
    Stray Cats Sexy & 17(SC8188-5)
    Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut(SC8106-2)
    Street, Mel Lovin' On Back Streets(SC8767-9)
    Streets Blinded By The Light(SF223-14)
    Streets Don't Mug Yourself(SFMW860-8)
    Streets Dry Your Eyes(SF220-11)
    Streets Fit But You Know It(SF218-2)
    Streets Never Went To Church(SF244-13)
    Streets When You Wasn't Famous(SF242-3)
    Streisand, Barbra All I Ask Of You(SFG042-2)
    Streisand, Barbra All Is Fair In Love(DG07-7)
    Streisand, Barbra All Of My Life (The Mirror Has Two Faces)(PSJT077-3)
    Streisand, Barbra As If We Never Said Goodbye(PSJT077-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Being Alive(PSJT077-5)
    Streisand, Barbra Comin' In & Out Of Your Life(MM6052-2)
    Streisand, Barbra Cry Me A River(MM6329-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Don't Rain On My Parade(SC7538-2)
    Streisand, Barbra Evergreen(SC7506-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Everybody Says Don't (Anyone Can Whistle)(PSJT077-6)
    Streisand, Barbra For All We Know(SC8302-3)
    Streisand, Barbra Free Again(MM6329-6)
    Streisand, Barbra Guilty [w/ B. Gibb](SC7533-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Happy Days Are Here Again(MM6180-6)
    Streisand, Barbra He Touched Me(LG006-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Hello Dolly(PSJT077-8)
    Streisand, Barbra Higher Ground(SC8462-10)
    Streisand, Barbra I Won't Be The One To Let Go [w/ B. Manilow](SD4303-14)
    Streisand, Barbra I'm In The Mood For Love(SC8890-9)
    Streisand, Barbra I've Dreamed Of You(SC2295-8)
    Streisand, Barbra If You Ever Leave Me [w/ V. Gill](SC8565-9)
    Streisand, Barbra Kiss Me In The Rain(SC8510-9)
    Streisand, Barbra Ladies Who Lunch, The(PSJT077-10)
    Streisand, Barbra Life Story(SFG042-15)
    Streisand, Barbra Main Event/Fight, The(SC8634-10)
    Streisand, Barbra Man I Love, The(MM6142-8)
    Streisand, Barbra Memory(MH1054-12)
    Streisand, Barbra Music That Makes Me Dance, The(PSJT077-15)
    Streisand, Barbra My Funny Valentine(TU120-14)
    Streisand, Barbra My Heart Belongs To Me(SC7547-1)
    Streisand, Barbra My Man(HSPAK3-08-11)
    Streisand, Barbra No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) [w/ D. Summer](DK2007-5)
    Streisand, Barbra Not While I'm Around(PSJT077-12)
    Streisand, Barbra Over The Rainbow(SC2434-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Papa, Can You Hear Me?(PSJT077-13)
    Streisand, Barbra People(SC7540-12)
    Streisand, Barbra Places That Belong To You(SC8272-1)
    Streisand, Barbra Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long(LG006-11)
    Streisand, Barbra Second Hand Rose(NUKH016-19)
    Streisand, Barbra Some Enchanted Evening(PSJT077-14)
    Streisand, Barbra Somewhere(MM6052-15)
    Streisand, Barbra Song Bird(MM6052-13)
    Streisand, Barbra Stoney End(SC8261-5)
    Streisand, Barbra Summer Knows, The(PI016-15)
    Streisand, Barbra Tell Him [w/ C. Dion](SC8454-4)
    Streisand, Barbra Way He Makes Me Feel, The(MM6329-7)
    Streisand, Barbra Way We Were, The(SC7540-2)
    Streisand, Barbra We're Not Makin' Love Anymore(MM6037-6)
    Streisand, Barbra What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life(MM6180-13)
    Streisand, Barbra What Did I Have That I Don't Have Now(MM6180-12)
    Streisand, Barbra What Kind Of Fool [w/ B. Gibb](PSJT077-1)
    Streisand, Barbra Woman In Love(SC8609-13)
    Streisand, Barbra Woman In The Moon(PSJT077-16)
    Streisand, Barbra You Don't Bring Me Flowers [w/ N. Diamond](SC7519-15)
    Streisand, Barbra You're The Top(MM6423-4)
    Stricklin, Luke American By God's Amazing Grace(SD135-13)
    Strike U Sure Do(SFCC1-5)
    Stroke 9 Kick Some Ass(PHR0110-1)
    Stroke 9 Letters(SC3192-8)
    Stroke 9 Little Black Backpack(SC3171-7)
    Strokes 12:51:00 pm(THR0401-12)
    Strokes Hard To Explain(TU133-8)
    Strokes Heart In A Cage(THR0605-11)
    Strokes Juicebox(THR0601-11)
    Strokes Last Nite(SC8735-5)
    Strokes Reptilia(THR0405-13)
    Strokes Someday(THR0212-14)
    Strokes, The You Only Live Once(HMDK-699)
    Stryper Honestly(SC8791-12)
    Stryper To Hell With The Devil(TU075-18)
    Stuart, Marty Burn Me Down(SC8214-4)
    Stuart, Marty Hey Baby(SC8278-11)
    Stuart, Marty High On A Mountain Top(SC8245-9)
    Stuart, Marty Hillbilly Rock(MH1052-13)
    Stuart, Marty Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best [w/ Travis Tritt](SC2090-1)
    Stuart, Marty If I Ain't Got You(SC8189-5)
    Stuart, Marty If I Give My Soul(SC8291-5)
    Stuart, Marty Kiss Me I'm Gone(SC8135-14)
    Stuart, Marty Likes Of Me, The(SC8163-12)
    Stuart, Marty Little Things(SC8359-11)
    Stuart, Marty Love & Luck(SC8123-13)
    Stuart, Marty Now That's Country(SC8506-9)
    Stuart, Marty Red Red Wine & Cheatin' Songs(SC8546-15)
    Stuart, Marty Sweet Love(SC8394-3)
    Stuart, Marty Tempted(CB20240-9)
    Stuart, Marty Thanks To You(SC8315-10)
    Stuart, Marty That's What Love's About(SC8228-7)
    Stuart, Marty Till I Found You(CB20241-10)
    Stuart, Marty Too Much Month(SD115-8)
    Stuart, Marty You Can't Stop Love(SC8344-13)
    Studdard, Ruben Change Me(THH0611-10)
    Studdard, Ruben Flying Without Wings(TU214-7)
    Studdard, Ruben Sorry 2004(SC8878-12)
    Studdard, Ruben Superstar(SC8849-5)
    Students I'm So Young(MM6409-7)
    Studt, Amy All I Wanna Do(SF214-7)
    Studt, Amy Just A Little Girl(SC3332-6)
    Studt, Amy Misfit(SF207-3)
    Studt, Amy Under The Thumb(SF209-15)
    Styger, Curtiss Never Saw A Miracle(HV09-1)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Broken Stones(ZMP115-8)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Changingman, The(ZMP115-10)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Hung Up(ZMP115-13)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Long Hot Summer(SFMW832-14)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller My Ever Changing Moods(ZMP115-1)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Out Of The Sinking(ZMP115-11)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Peacock Suit(ZMP115-9)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Shout To The Top(ZMP115-5)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Speak Like A Child(ZMP115-4)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Walls Come Tumbling Down(SF151-9)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Walls Come Tumbling Down(ZMP115-6)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller Wild Wood(ZMP115-12)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller You Do Something To Me(ZMP115-7)
    Style Council, The & Paul Weller You're The Best Thing(SFMW832-12)
    Stylistics Betcha By Golly Wow(PI051-5)
    Stylistics Break Up To Make Up(MMDWCP3-16)
    Stylistics Can't Give You Anything(SF097-7)
    Stylistics I'm Stone In Love With You(SC8650-7)
    Stylistics Na Na Is The Saddest Song(SF097-8)
    Stylistics Rockin' Roll Baby(SF091-5)
    Stylistics Sing Baby Sing(SF097-6)
    Stylistics You Are Everything(SC8323-2)
    Stylistics You Make Me Feel Brand New(SC8606-14)
    Styx Babe(SC7542-4)
    Styx Best Of Times, The(SC8477-6)
    Styx Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)(SC8539-7)
    Styx Come Sail Away(SC7576-10)
    Styx Crystal Ball(SC8574-6)
    Styx Don't Let It End(SC8658-6)
    Styx Fooling Yourself(SC8725-7)
    Styx Grand Illusion, The(SC8574-7)
    Styx Lady(SC8305-4)
    Styx Light Up(SC8172-5)
    Styx Lorelei(SC8574-12)
    Styx Miss America(SC8406-3)
    Styx Mr. Roboto(SC7565-4)
    Styx Renegade(SC8334-4)
    Styx Show Me The Way(SC2336a-7)
    Styx Snowblind(SC8725-10)
    Styx Suite Madame Blue(SC8574-2)
    Styx Too Much Time On My Hands(SC7562-2)
    Sublime Badfish(SC8947-4)
    Sublime Date Rape(SC8874-6)
    Sublime Doin' Time(HMDK-567)
    Sublime Santeria(SC8389-4)
    Sublime What I Got(SC8448-6)
    Sublime Wrong Way(PHM9710-6)
    Suede Animal Nitrate(SFMW895-6)
    Suede Beautiful Ones(SFMW848-15)
    Sugababes About You Now(SF260-11)
    Sugababes Caught In A Moment(SF221-10)
    Sugababes Change(SF262-4)
    Sugababes Easy(THP0703-17)
    Sugababes Follow Me Home(SF244-10)
    Sugababes Freak Like Me(SF191-12)
    Sugababes Hole In The Head(THP0407-16)
    Sugababes In The Middle(SF216-7)
    Sugababes New Year(SF174-15)
    Sugababes Overload(SF172-14)
    Sugababes Push The Button(SF236-1)
    Sugababes Red Dress(SF240-3)
    Sugababes Round Round(SF194-13)
    Sugababes Shape(SF203-4)
    Sugababes Situations Heavy(EZH31-10)
    Sugababes Soul Sound(SF181-8)
    Sugababes Stronger(SF198-13)
    Sugababes Too Lost In You(SF211-16)
    Sugababes Ugly(SF238-13)
    Sugar If I Can't Change Your Mind(SFMW912-2)
    Sugar Hill Gang Rapper's Delight(SC7586-6)
    Sugar Minnott We've Got A Good Thing Going(SFMW850-9)
    Sugar Ray Abracadabra(SC8640-14)
    Sugar Ray Answer The Phone(SC8731-8)
    Sugar Ray Chasin' You Around(CB5003-03-3)
    Sugar Ray Every Morning(MH1047-9)
    Sugar Ray Falls Apart(SC8640-13)
    Sugar Ray Fly(SC8640-12)
    Sugar Ray Is She Really Going Out With Him(MM6392-12)
    Sugar Ray Mr. Bartender(MM6390-12)
    Sugar Ray Ours(SC8747-13)
    Sugar Ray Someday(SC8519-4)
    Sugar Ray When It's Over(SC8708-1)
    Sugarcult Memory(PHR0410-9)
    Sugarhill Gang, The Apache (Jump On It)(HMDK-568)
    Sugarland Baby Girl(SC8943-5)
    Sugarland County Line(PHN0711-5)
    Sugarland Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good)(SC8965-15)
    Sugarland Everyday America(PHN0708-2)
    Sugarland Fly Away(RSZ628-7)
    Sugarland Hello(RSZ628-3)
    Sugarland Just Might (Make Me Believe)(SC8959-14)
    Sugarland Settlin'(THC0702-18)
    Sugarland Small Town Jericho(RSZ628-9)
    Sugarland Something More(SC8923-7)
    Sugarland Speed Of Life(RSZ628-8)
    Sugarland Stand Back Up(THC0512-17)
    Sugarland Stay(THC0801-11)
    Sugarland Tennessee(RSZ628-4)
    Sugarland Time, Time, Time(RSZ628-10)
    Sugarland Want To(PHN0611-2)
    Sugarloaf Green Eyed Lady(SC8174-7)
    Sugartooth Sold My Fortune(HMDK-131)
    Suggs Camden Town(SF029-8)
    Suggs Cecilia(MM6375-5)
    Suggs I Am(SF125-8)
    Sum 41 Another Time Around(SFG035-8)
    Sum 41 Fat Lip(SC3256-4)
    Sum 41 Hell Song, The(THR0306-12)
    Sum 41 In Too Deep(SC8731-12)
    Sum 41 Machine Gun(SFG035-4)
    Sum 41 Makes No Difference(SFG035-2)
    Sum 41 Motivation(THR0205-18)
    Sum 41 Mr. Amsterdam(TU175-13)
    Sum 41 Over My Head(TU175-14)
    Sum 41 Pain For Pleasure(TU075-11)
    Sum 41 Pieces(PHR0503-8)
    Sum 41 Some Say(THR0601-18)
    Sum 41 Still Waiting(SC8831-7)
    Sum 41 Summer(SFG035-6)
    Sum 41 We're All To Blame(THR0412-14)
    Sum 41 What I Believe(SFG035-3)
    Sum 41 What We're All About(SC8775-8)
    Summar, Trent & The New Row Mob It Never Rains In Southern California(CB20280-12)
    Summar, Trent & The New Row Mob New Money(CB20196-10)
    Summar, Trent & The New Row Mob Paint Your Name In Purple(CB20287-10)
    Summer, Donna Any Way At All(SC8170-13)
    Summer, Donna Bad Girls(SC8331-4)
    Summer, Donna Could It Be Magic(LG047-13)
    Summer, Donna Dim All The Lights(SC8284-6)
    Summer, Donna Heaven Knows [w/ Brooklyn Dreams](SC8886-11)
    Summer, Donna Hot Stuff(SC8143-15)
    Summer, Donna I Don't Wanna Get Hurt(JV0046-3)
    Summer, Donna I Feel Love(LG047-12)
    Summer, Donna I Will Go With You(LG047-1)
    Summer, Donna Last Dance, The(SC7523-11)
    Summer, Donna Love To Love You Baby(SC8323-7)
    Summer, Donna Love's About To Change My Heart(JV0046-2)
    Summer, Donna Love's Unkind(SF103-7)
    Summer, Donna MacArthur Park(SC8391-10)
    Summer, Donna On The Radio(SC8297-5)
    Summer, Donna She Works Hard For The Money(SC8142-15)
    Summer, Donna Spring Affair(LG047-14)
    Summer, Donna State Of Independence(SFMW884-14)
    Summer, Donna This Time I Know It's For Real(LG047-2)
    Summer, Donna Try Me, I Know We Can Make It(LG047-10)
    Summer, Donna Unconditional Love(DK044-5)
    Summer, Donna Whenever This Is Over [w/ Bruce Roberts](SC3002-7)
    Sunblock First Time(MREH029-15)
    Sundays Cry(SFMW909-10)
    Sundays Here's Where The Story Ends(SFMW905-8)
    Sundays Summertime(SC8423-6)
    Sundays Wild Horses(SFMW889-9)
    Sunscreem Love You More(SFMW903-2)
    Sunshine, Ron & Full Circle Enough For You(MM6254-4)
    Super Furry Animals Juxtaposed With U(SF182-13)
    Super Mal Bigger Than Big [w/ Luciana](THHP0710-12)
    Super Sister Summers Gonna Come(SF185-11)
    Superchic(k) One Girl Revolution(TU077-6)
    Superchic(k) So Bright(TU190-13)
    Superchic(k) We Live(SD4607-13)
    Superdrag Sucked Out(SC8316-3)
    Supergrass Alright(SF114-11)
    Supergrass Moving(FIK06-9)
    Supergrass Pumping On Your Stereo(SF142-6)
    Supergrass Seen The Light(SF200-6)
    Superman Lovers Starlight(SFCC1-2)
    Supermode Tell Me Why(THHP0611-11)
    Supernaturals I Wasn't Built To Get Up(SF124-15)
    Supernaw, Doug Honky Tonkin' Fool(SC8321-6)
    Supernaw, Doug I Don't Call Him Daddy(SC8105-10)
    Supernaw, Doug Long Tall Texan [w/ Beach Boys](SC8328-6)
    Supernaw, Doug Not Enough Hours In The Night(SC8205-8)
    Supernaw, Doug Red & Rio Grande(SC8228-9)
    Supernaw, Doug Reno(SC8167-4)
    Supernaw, Doug She Never Looks Back(SC8256-3)
    Supernaw, Doug State Fair(SC8129-10)
    Supernaw, Doug What In The World(SC8253-6)
    Supernaw, Doug What'll You Do About Me(SC8229-14)
    Supernaw, Doug You Still Got Me(SC8232-7)
    Supertramp Bloody Well Right(SC8527-7)
    Supertramp Breakfast In America(SC8539-2)
    Supertramp Dreamer(ZMP088-1)
    Supertramp Give A Little Bit(SC8510-10)
    Supertramp Goodbye Stranger(SC8658-1)
    Supertramp It's Raining Again(ZMP088-6)
    Supertramp Logical Song, The(SC8658-7)
    Supertramp Take The Long Way Home(SC8322-9)
    Supremes, The Baby Love(SC7508-4)
    Supremes, The Back In My Arms Again(SC2510-5)
    Supremes, The Come See About Me(SC8222-13)
    Supremes, The Everybody's Got The Right To Love(JV0028-6)
    Supremes, The Happening, The(DK072-8)
    Supremes, The I Hear A Symphony(SC8226-13)
    Supremes, The Love Is Here & Now You're Gone(DK094-12)
    Supremes, The My World Is Empty Without You(DK081-12)
    Supremes, The Someday We'll Be Together(DK068-10)
    Supremes, The Stoned Love(SFMW812-14)
    Supremes, The Stop In The Name Of Love(SC7504-15)
    Supremes, The Up The Ladder To The Roof(DK070-10)
    Supremes, The Where Did Our Love Go(SC8226-1)
    Supremes, The You Can't Hurry Love(SC7571-13)
    Supremes, The You Keep Me Hanging On(SC7532-15)
    Sure, Al B. Nite & Day(DK046-3)
    Surface First Time, The(SC8126-4)
    Surface Shower Me With Your Love(MH1126-16)
    Sursok, Tammin Whatever Will Be(DU2-17)
    Survivor Burning Heart(SFMW904-1)
    Survivor Eye Of The Tiger(SC8650-6)
    Survivor High On You(SC8684-4)
    Survivor I Can't Hold Back(SC8346-13)
    Survivor Search Is Over, The(SC8297-7)
    Sutherland Brothers Arms Of Mary [w/ Quiver](ZMCS02-7)
    Sutherland Brothers Lying In The Arms Of Mary [w/ Quiver](SFMW805-6)
    Suzuki, Pat I Enjoy Being A Girl(MH1054-11)
    Swan, Billy I Can Help(SC8447-4)
    Swayze, Patrick She's Like The Wind(SC8585-13)
    Sweat Co Co(SF055-11)
    Sweat, Keith Get Up On It(MM6078-8)
    Sweat, Keith I Want Her(SC8588-11)
    Sweat, Keith Just A Touch(SC8460-5)
    Sweat, Keith Keep It Comin'(SC8363-12)
    Sweat, Keith Nobody [w/ Athena Cage](SC8325-12)
    Sweat, Keith Twisted(SC8299-4)
    Sweat, Keith & Ronald Isley Come With Me(SC3021-2)
    Sweeny Todd Johanna(PR9062-9)
    Sweeny Todd Roxy Roller(GM1000-3)
    Sweet Ballroom Blitz(SC8178-7)
    Sweet Block Buster(SF024-15)
    Sweet Fox On The Run(SC8750-13)
    Sweet Hellraiser(SF024-2)
    Sweet Little Willy(SC8456-13)
    Sweet Love Is Like Oxygen(SC8725-8)
    Sweet Teenage Rampage(SF101-9)
    Sweet Wig Wam Bam(SF096-8)
    Sweet Female Attitude Flowers(TU004-14)
    Sweet, Kelly Dream On(SD4801-13)
    Sweet, Matthew Girlfriend(SC8894-11)
    Sweet, Matthew Sick Of Myself(SC8199-2)
    Sweetbox Everything's Gonna Be Alright(SF125-10)
    Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Chains Of Gold(SC7569-5)
    Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Midnight Girl In A Sunset Town(SC8455-1)
    Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Since I Found You(SC8792-6)
    Sweetnam, Skye Tangled Up In Me(MM6426-12)
    SWF Flowers(SFMW802-3)
    Swift, Taylor Beautiful Eyes(CB90344-12)
    Swift, Taylor Best Day, The(ASK1561-12)
    Swift, Taylor Breathe(ASK1561-7)
    Swift, Taylor Change(ASK1555-1)
    Swift, Taylor Cold As You(CB90344-7)
    Swift, Taylor Fearless (Acoustic)(ASK1555-3)
    Swift, Taylor Fearless [Album Version](ASK1561-1)
    Swift, Taylor Fifteen(CB90344-3)
    Swift, Taylor Forever & Always(CB90344-11)
    Swift, Taylor Hey Stephen(ASK1561-4)
    Swift, Taylor I Heart?(CB90344-5)
    Swift, Taylor Invisible(CB90344-4)
    Swift, Taylor Last Christmas(CB90344-15)
    Swift, Taylor Love Story(SC3500-3)
    Swift, Taylor Mary's Song (Oh My My My)(CB90344-2)
    Swift, Taylor Our Song(THC0712-16)
    Swift, Taylor Outside, The(CB90344-1)
    Swift, Taylor Perfectly Good Heart, A(CB90344-6)
    Swift, Taylor Picture To Burn(ASK1555-6)
    Swift, Taylor Place In This World, A(CB90344-9)
    Swift, Taylor Should've Said No(SC9021-8)
    Swift, Taylor Stay Beautiful(CB90344-10)
    Swift, Taylor Teardrops On My Guitar(PHN0705-2)
    Swift, Taylor Teardrops On My Guitar(SC9003-2)
    Swift, Taylor Tell Me Why(ASK1561-8)
    Swift, Taylor Tied Together With A Smile(CB90344-14)
    Swift, Taylor Tim McGraw(SC8996-13)
    Swift, Taylor Way I Loved You, The(CB90344-13)
    Swift, Taylor White Horse(SC3500-6)
    Swift, Taylor You Belong With Me(ASK1561-6)
    Swift, Taylor You're Not Sorry(SC3502-3)
    Swing Out Sister Am I The Same Girl(MH1109-15)
    Swing Out Sister Breakout(SC7561-12)
    Swing Out Sister Notgonnachange(SC8238-10)
    Swingerhead Pick Up the Phone(MM6254-10)
    Swingin' Medallions Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)(SC7531-15)
    Swinging Blue Jeans Hippy Hippy Shake(SC8429-14)
    Swinging Blue Jeans You're No Good(SF078-8)
    Swirl 360 Hey Now Now(SC8473-13)
    Switches Lay Down The Law(SF255-6)
    Switchfoot Dare You To Move(SC8909-14)
    Switchfoot Meant To Live(SC8859-14)
    Switchfoot Stars(THR0510-13)
    Switchfoot Stars [Radio Version](SC8949-9)
    Switchfoot This Is Your Life(PHR0501-3)
    Switchfoot We Are One Tonight(PHM0606-8)
    SWV Anything(JV1006-12)
    SWV Can We(SC3020-3)
    SWV I'm So Into You(PI022-3)
    SWV It's All About U(SC3005-6)
    SWV Rain(SC8453-4)
    SWV Right Here(JV1004-3)
    SWV Use Your Heart(SC8312-4)
    SWV Weak(SC7545-5)
    SWV You're The One(SC8281-6)
    Sylvers Boogie Fever(SC8143-3)
    Sylvers Hot Line(SC8143-4)
    Sylvia Drifter(SC7556-12)
    Sylvia Nobody(SC2084-4)
    Sylvia Pillow Talk(SC8181-11)
    Sylvia Snapshot(SC8567-11)
    Sylvia Tumbleweed(SC8610-12)
    Syms, Sylvia I Could Have Danced All Night(PI303-17)
    Syndicate Of Sound Hey Little Girl(DG06-3)
    System Of A Down Aerials(SC8783-15)
    System Of A Down B.Y.O.B.(SC8932-4)
    System Of A Down Chop Suey!(SC8765-14)
    System Of A Down Hypnotize(THR0602-17)
    System Of A Down Innervison(THR0303-10)
    System Of A Down Needles(HMDK-570)
    System Of A Down Prison Song(HMDK-571)
    System Of A Down Psycho(HMDK-572)
    System Of A Down Question(THR0512-10)
    System Of A Down Sugar(SC8662-10)
    System Of A Down Toxicity(HMDK-738)
    System Of A Down Vicinity Of Obscenity(HMDK-132)
    Systematic Leaving Only Scars(PHR0307-6)


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