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    U.P.O. Feel Alive(SC3240-6)
    U.S.A. For Africa We Are The World(CBEP467-5-16)
    U2 All Along The Watchtower(SFG009-12)
    U2 All Because Of You(THR0504-10)
    U2 All I Want Is You(SFG009-5)
    U2 Angel Of Harlem(SC8397-13)
    U2 Bad(SC8811-4)
    U2 Beautiful Day(SC8811-13)
    U2 City Of Blinding Lights(SF232-11)
    U2 Desire(SC8684-10)
    U2 Discotheque(LG086-12)
    U2 Electrical Storm(SC8789-10)
    U2 Elevation(SC8702-10)
    U2 Even Better Than The Real Thing(SC8266-8)
    U2 Fly, The(LG086-10)
    U2 Ground Beneath Her Feet, The(SC8601-15)
    U2 Hands That Build America, The(SF202-11)
    U2 Helter Skelter(SFG009-11)
    U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me(SC8811-8)
    U2 I Still Haven't Found (What I'm Looking For)(SC8763-15)
    U2 I Will Follow(SC2359-6)
    U2 In A Little While(SC8757-3)
    U2 In God's Country(SFG009-9)
    U2 Last Night On Earth(SFG009-3)
    U2 Lemon(NU2017-10)
    U2 Magnificent(EZH78-11)
    U2 Mothers Of The Disappeared(SFG009-10)
    U2 Mysterious Ways(SC8811-6)
    U2 New Year's Day(SC7563-10)
    U2 One(SC2229-5)
    U2 Original Of The Species(THP0605-10)
    U2 Please(SFG009-2)
    U2 Pride (In The Name Of Love)(SC8684-12)
    U2 Saints Are Coming, The [w/ Green Day](PHM0701-9)
    U2 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own(THR0506-14)
    U2 Staring At The Sun(SC8457-6)
    U2 Stay(SC2229-4)
    U2 Stay (So Far Away) [Acoustic](LGK003-8)
    U2 Stuck In A Moment(SC8730-15)
    U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday(SC8811-2)
    U2 Sweetest Thing, The(SC8499-10)
    U2 Unforgettable Fire, The(LG086-9)
    U2 Until The End Of The World(SFMW864-12)
    U2 Vertigo(THP0501-10)
    U2 Walk On(SC8680-4)
    U2 When Love Comes To Town [w/ BB King'(SF156-4)
    U2 Where The Streets Have No Name(SC8627-1)
    U2 Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses(SFG009-13)
    U2 Wild Honey(SFG009-15)
    U2 Window In The Skies(SF251-8)
    U2 With Or Without You(SC8811-14)
    UB40 Breakfast In Bed [w/ Chrissie Hynde](SF075-11)
    UB40 Can't Help Falling In Love(MM6021B-1)
    UB40 Cherry Oh Baby(SFG002-16)
    UB40 Come Back(SF127-4)
    UB40 Don't Break My Heart(SF082-14)
    UB40 Earth Dies Screaming, The(SFG002-17)
    UB40 Here I Am (Come & Take Me)(DK073-2)
    UB40 Higher Ground(MM6375-11)
    UB40 Homely Girl(SF135-6)
    UB40 I Got You Babe [w/ Chrissie Hynde](SF058-15)
    UB40 I'll Be Yours Tonight(SFG002-10)
    UB40 If It Happens Again(SFG002-11)
    UB40 King(SFG002-15)
    UB40 Kingston Town(ZML001-8)
    UB40 Many Rivers To Cross(SF160-13)
    UB40 One In Ten(SFG002-7)
    UB40 Rat In Mi Kitchen(SFG002-14)
    UB40 Red Red Wine(SC7529-6)
    UB40 Sing Our Own Song(SFG002-6)
    UB40 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot(SFMW847-13)
    UB40 Train Is Coming, The(SF138-15)
    UB40 Way You Do The Things You Do, The(JV1004-14)
    UFO Doctor, Doctor(SC8713-2)
    UFO Only You Can Rock Me [Live Version](SC8928-1)
    UGK & Outkast International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)(PHU0712-2)
    Ugly Kid Joe Cat's In The Cradle(SC8791-1)
    Ugly Kid Joe Everything About You(DG03-6)
    Ugly Kid Joe Neighbor(SC8830-3)
    Ullman, Tracey They Don't Know(SF076-12)
    Ultra Nate Found A Cure(SF120-9)
    Ultra Nate New Kind Of Medicine(SF123-7)
    Ultrabeat Feelin' Fine(SFMW870-10)
    Ultrabeat Pretty Green Eyes(SFMW844-14)
    Ultravox All Stood Still(SFMW870-5)
    Ultravox Dancing With Tears In My Eyes(SFMW812-13)
    Ultravox Hymn(SFMW914-14)
    Ultravox Love's Great Adventure(SFMW906-10)
    Ultravox Vienna(SF105-6)
    Ultravox Visions In Blue(SFMW913-14)
    Ultravox Voice, The(SFMW862-9)
    Umboza Sunshine(SF061-4)
    Uncle Kracker Drift Away(HTG1012-13)
    Uncle Kracker Follow Me(SC8680-13)
    Uncle Kracker Follow Me [Radio Version](EZH03-4)
    Uncle Kracker In A Little While(SC8789-2)
    Uncle Kracker Memphis Soul Song(TU227-13)
    Uncle Kracker Rescue(MM6417-1)
    Uncle Kracker Smile(CB30114-8)
    Uncle Sam I Don't Ever Want To See You Again(MM6224-5)
    Under The Influence Of Giants Mama's Room(SD4611-7)
    Undertones My Perfect Cousin(SF109-14)
    Undertones Teenage Kicks(SF109-2)
    Underwood, Carrie All-American Girl(CB90330-14)
    Underwood, Carrie Before He Cheats(SC8959-5)
    Underwood, Carrie Crazy Dreams(CB90330-6)
    Underwood, Carrie Don't Forget To Remember Me(PHN0606-3)
    Underwood, Carrie Flat On The Floor(CB90330-2)
    Underwood, Carrie Home Sweet Home(SC3502-2)
    Underwood, Carrie I Ain't In Checotah Anymore(SD155-2)
    Underwood, Carrie I Know You Won't(CB90330-11)
    Underwood, Carrie I Told You So(CB90330-5)
    Underwood, Carrie I'll Stand By You(SD156-4)
    Underwood, Carrie Inside Your Heaven(SC8932-6)
    Underwood, Carrie Jesus, Take The Wheel(SC8952-7)
    Underwood, Carrie Just A Dream(PHN0801-1)
    Underwood, Carrie Last Name(CB90330-9)
    Underwood, Carrie More Boys I Meet, The(PHN0801-3)
    Underwood, Carrie So Small(THC0711-12)
    Underwood, Carrie Some Hearts(SC8958-2)
    Underwood, Carrie Wasted(SC8998-12)
    Underwood, Carrie We're Young & Beautiful(CB90330-13)
    Underworld Born Slippy(SF061-9)
    Underworld Underneath The Radar(SFID005-2)
    Undisputed Truth Smiling Faces Sometimes(SC8323-9)
    Unified Tribe Back & Forth(THH0609-14)
    Union Underground Across The Nation(THR0208-18)
    Unit Four Plus Two Concrete & Clay(SF064-6)
    Unk Walk It Out(PHU0612-2)
    Unkle Jam What Am I Fighting For(SF256-10)
    UNV Something's Going On(PI022-2)
    Unwritten Law Rest Of My Life(SC3354-2)
    Unwritten Law Save Me(PHR0503-7)
    Unwritten Law Seein' Red(SC8803-5)
    Unwritten Law She Says(THR0507-16)
    Unwritten Law Up All Night(PHR0211-4)
    Urban Mystic It's You(THH0603-18)
    Urban, Keith Better Life(PHN0511-1)
    Urban, Keith But For The Grace Of God(SC8743-8)
    Urban, Keith But For The Grace Of God [Radio Version](SC2459-8)
    Urban, Keith Days Go By(SC8884-13)
    Urban, Keith Everybody(THC0712-13)
    Urban, Keith I Told You So(PHN0706-1)
    Urban, Keith I Told You So [Radio Version](SC9003-1)
    Urban, Keith It's A Love Thing(SC3159-4)
    Urban, Keith Jeans On(CB60351-6)
    Urban, Keith Live To Love Another Day(CB60354-1)
    Urban, Keith Making Memories Of Us(SC8944-7)
    Urban, Keith Once In A Lifetime(THC0612-11)
    Urban, Keith Raining On Sunday(SC8807-14)
    Urban, Keith Raise The Barn [w/ Ronnie Dunn](SC8998-7)
    Urban, Keith Somebody Like You(SC8774-12)
    Urban, Keith Stupid Boy(SC8996-1)
    Urban, Keith Tonight I Wanna Cry(SC8982-3)
    Urban, Keith Whenever I Run(SC8802-5)
    Urban, Keith Where The Blacktop Ends(SC8698-10)
    Urban, Keith Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me(SC8833-15)
    Urban, Keith You Look Good In My Shirt(SC9021-1)
    Urban, Keith You'll Think Of Me(SC8903-6)
    Urban, Keith You're My Better Half(SC8898-14)
    Urban, Keith Your Everything(SC8602-8)
    Urban, Keith Your Everything [Radio Version](SC3186-8)
    Urge Jump Right In(SC8473-7)
    Urge Overkill Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon(PI039-11)
    Uriah Heep Easy Livin'(SC8201-5)
    Uriah Heep Sweet Lorraine(AH8015-14)
    Used, The All That I've Got(THR0503-15)
    Used, The Bird & The Worm, The(SC9006-14)
    Used, The Blue & Yellow(PHR0309-5)
    Used, The Buried Myself Alive(THR0305-12)
    Used, The Take It Away(THR0412-11)
    Used, The Under Pressure [w/ My Chemical Romance](PHR0508-6)
    Usher Burn(THH0407-10)
    Usher Burn [Radio Version](SC8878-14)
    Usher Can't Let U Go(TU168-6)
    Usher Caught Up(THH0501-18)
    Usher Confessions Pt. 2(SC8879-2)
    Usher Hottest Thing(TU168-11)
    Usher Love In This Club [w/ Young Jeezy](CB5119-03-11)
    Usher My Way(SC3081-5)
    Usher Nice & Slow(SC8440-14)
    Usher One Day You'll Be Mine(SC8503-15)
    Usher Pop Ya Collar(SC8664-9)
    Usher U Don't Have To Call(SC8799-7)
    Usher U Got It Bad(SC8731-6)
    Usher U Got It Bad [Ballad](HTG1002-5)
    Usher U Got It Bad [Radio Version](SC2458-1)
    Usher U Make Me Wanna(SC8462-15)
    Usher U Remind Me(SC8708-15)
    Usher U Remind Me [Radio Version](SC2458-8)
    Usher U-Turn(SF191-2)
    Usher Yeah(SC8902-4)
    Usher, David Alone In The Universe(TU109-2)
    Usher, David Black Black Heart(TU109-3)
    UTFO Roxanne Roxanne(SC8656-3)
    Utopia Love Is The Answer(SC8706-15)


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