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    X-Press 2 & David Byrne Lazy X(SF192-1)
    X-Ray Specs Germ Free Adolescent(SF109-3)
    Xscape Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The(SC8465-8)
    Xscape Do You Want To(SC8268-2)
    Xscape Just Kickin' It(SC8272-6)
    Xscape Understanding(DK085-5)
    Xscape Who Can I Run To(SC8212-14)
    XTC Dear God(HMDK-704)
    XTC Making Plans For Nigel(SFMW841-7)
    XTC Mayor Of Simpleton, The(SC8678-7)
    XTC Senses Working Overtime(SFMW871-5)
    XTC Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)(SFMW907-3)
    XTC Towers Of London(SFMW869-5)
    XTM & DJ Chucky Presents Fly On The Wings Of Love(SF207-10)
    Xzibit Best Of Things(SC8915-14)


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