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    Y&T Mean Streak(SC8791-10)
    Y&T Rescue Me(SC8713-12)
    Y&T Summertime Girls(SC8597-9)
    Yamin, Elliott One Word(SD4801-5)
    Yamin, Elliott Wait For You(SC9019-8)
    Yankee Grey All Things Considered(SC3152-8)
    Yankee Grey Another Nine Minutes(SC8590-14)
    Yankee Grey This Time Around(SC8630-6)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Achy Breaky Song(SC2267-7)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Addicted To Spuds(SC2220-2)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Amish Paradise(SC8707-5)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Bedrock Anthem(SC2267-6)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Bob(HMDK-602)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Brady Bunch(HMDK-603)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Calling In Sick(HMDK-604)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Complicated Song, A(TU214-1)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Couch Potato(HMDK-605)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Dare To Be Stupid(SC7598-9)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Do I Creep You Out(HMDK-606)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Eat It(PI307-3)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Ebay(SC8927-4)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Genius In France(HMDK-607)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Good Enough For Now(HMDK-587)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Gump(SC2267-4)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Hardware Store(HMDK-609)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Headline News(HMDK-601)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Horoscope For Today(HMDK-610)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al I Lost On Jeopardy(SC2220-8)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al I Love Rocky Road(SC2220-3)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al I Think I'm A Clone Now(MM6330-5)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al It's All About The Pentiums(SC2267-1)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al It's Still Billy Joel To Me(HMDK-586)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Jerry Springer(HMDK-588)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Jurassic Park(HMDK-599)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Leper Colony(HMDK-585)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Like A Surgeon(SC2267-5)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Men In Brown(SFMW829-6)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies(HMDK-608)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Mr. Popeil(HMDK-589)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al My Bologna(SC2220-6)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Ode To A Superhero(HMDK-598)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al One More Minute(SC2267-3)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Pretty Fly (For A Rabbi)(HMDK-597)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Ricky(SC2220-4)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Saga Begins, The(SC2220-7)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Since You've Been Gone(HMDK-596)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Smells Like Nirvana(SC2267-8)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Spam(SC2220-5)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Spy Hard(HMDK-595)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Taco Grande(HMDK-594)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Trash Day(HMDK-593)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Virus Alert!(HMDK-592)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Wanna B Ur Lovr(HMDK-591)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Weasel Stomping Day(HMDK-590)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al White & Nerdy(THP0701-14)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Why Does This Always Happen To Me?(HMDK-600)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al Yoda(MM6330-14)
    Yankovic, 'Weird' Al You Don't Love Me Anymore(SC2220-1)
    Yarbrough, Glenn Baby The Rain Must Fall(MM6116-14)
    Yardbirds, The For Your Love(SC8418-11)
    Yardbirds, The Heart Full Of Soul(SC7560-10)
    Yardbirds, The I'm A Man(SC8615-12)
    Yardbirds, The Shapes Of Things(SC8599-11)
    Yates, Billy Daddy Had A Cardiac & Mama's Got A Cadillac(CB20366-11)
    Yates, Billy Flowers(SC8384-12)
    Yates, Billy Shadows(TU083-11)
    Yates, Billy What Do You Want From Me Now(SC8677-7)
    Yaz Don't Go(SF076-5)
    Yaz Nobody's Diary(SFG057-10)
    Yaz Only You(SF105-12)
    Yaz Situation(SC8894-13)
    Yazz & The Plastic Population Only Way Is Up, The(SFMW810-15)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion(THR0605-17)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps(SC3405-4)
    Yearwood, Trisha Believe Me Baby I Lied(SC8303-1)
    Yearwood, Trisha Better Your Heart Than Mine(SC8165-7)
    Yearwood, Trisha Come Back When It Ain't Rainin'(SC8623-2)
    Yearwood, Trisha Down On My Knees(SC2143-3)
    Yearwood, Trisha Everybody Knows(SC8344-4)
    Yearwood, Trisha Georgia Rain(SC3441-3)
    Yearwood, Trisha Georgia Rain [Radio Version](SC8931-15)
    Yearwood, Trisha Hearts In Armor(SC8278-5)
    Yearwood, Trisha Heaven, Heartache & The Power Of Love(THC0711-17)
    Yearwood, Trisha How Do I Live(SC2154-4)
    Yearwood, Trisha I Can't Understand(SC8309-2)
    Yearwood, Trisha I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners(SC3325-8)
    Yearwood, Trisha I Need You(SC8358-5)
    Yearwood, Trisha I Wanna Go Too Far(SC8186-6)
    Yearwood, Trisha I Would've Loved You Anyway(SC8690-15)
    Yearwood, Trisha I'll Still Love You More(SC3139-2)
    Yearwood, Trisha I'm Still Alive(SC8617-10)
    Yearwood, Trisha If I Ain't Got You(MM6077-5)
    Yearwood, Trisha In Another's Eyes [w/ Garth Brooks](SC8402-5)
    Yearwood, Trisha Inside Out [w/ Don Henley](SC3268-3)
    Yearwood, Trisha Love Will Always Win [w/ Garth Brooks](SD141-1)
    Yearwood, Trisha O Mexico(SC8306-12)
    Yearwood, Trisha Oh Lonesome You(MM6003-15)
    Yearwood, Trisha On A Bus To St Cloud(SC8211-7)
    Yearwood, Trisha Perfect Love(SC8436-13)
    Yearwood, Trisha Powerful Thing(SC8507-4)
    Yearwood, Trisha Real Live Woman(SC8596-5)
    Yearwood, Trisha She's In Love With The Boy(SC2096-8)
    Yearwood, Trisha Something So Right(CB20160-12)
    Yearwood, Trisha Song Remembers When, The(SC8131-8)
    Yearwood, Trisha Sweetest Gift, The(SC8990-12)
    Yearwood, Trisha That's What I Like About You(SC8130-1)
    Yearwood, Trisha There Goes My Baby(SC8463-9)
    Yearwood, Trisha Thinkin' About You(SC8229-11)
    Yearwood, Trisha Those Words We Said(SC8291-13)
    Yearwood, Trisha Too Bad You're No Good(SC8619-14)
    Yearwood, Trisha Try Me Again(SC8677-10)
    Yearwood, Trisha Trying To Love You(SC8965-14)
    Yearwood, Trisha Walkaway Joe [w/ Don Henley](SC8167-10)
    Yearwood, Trisha Where Are You Now(MM6312-4)
    Yearwood, Trisha Where Your Road Leads [w/ Garth Brooks](SC8485-14)
    Yearwood, Trisha Woman Before Me, The(SC8168-7)
    Yearwood, Trisha Woman Walk The Line(SC8317-13)
    Yearwood, Trisha Wrong Side Of Memphis, The(SC8175-9)
    Yearwood, Trisha XXXs & OOOs (An American Girl)(SC8139-6)
    Yearwood, Trisha You Can Sleep While I Drive(SC8163-7)
    Yearwood, Trisha You Done Me Wrong(MM6011-15)
    Yearwood, Trisha You Say You Will(SC8177-11)
    Yearwood, Trisha You're Where I Belong(SC8590-7)
    Yello Race, The(SFMW888-5)
    Yellowcard Light Up The Sky(SD4711-12)
    Yellowcard Lights & Sounds(SC8958-14)
    Yellowcard Ocean Avenue(SC8879-3)
    Yellowcard Only One(THR0410-13)
    Yellowcard Rough Landing, Holly(THR0608-12)
    Yellowcard Rough Landing, Holly [Radio Version](SC8983-8)
    Yeoman Of The Guard I Have A Song To Sing O(STS6020-12)
    Yes I've Seen All Good People(SC8658-8)
    Yes Lift Me Up(SFMW901-15)
    Yes Long Distance Runaround(SC7562-14)
    Yes Love Will Find A Way(SFMW902-15)
    Yes Owner Of A Lonely Heart(SC8443-7)
    Yes Roundabout(SC8658-13)
    Yes Wonderous Stories(SFMW910-14)
    Ying Yang Twins Badd [w/ Mike Jones](THH0601-14)
    Ying Yang Twins Naggin'(SC3388-4)
    Ying Yang Twins Say I Yi Yi(SC8766-13)
    Yoakam, Dwight Ain't That Lonely Yet(SC8130-10)
    Yoakam, Dwight Always Late With Your Kisses(CB90097-2)
    Yoakam, Dwight Back Of Your Hand, The(SC8833-7)
    Yoakam, Dwight Claudette(SC8388-11)
    Yoakam, Dwight Crazy Little Thing Called Love(SC8543-9)
    Yoakam, Dwight Fast As You(SC2067-4)
    Yoakam, Dwight Gone(SC8247-13)
    Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs(SC8380-6)
    Yoakam, Dwight Heart Of Stone(SC8307-13)
    Yoakam, Dwight Heart That You Own, The(SC8287-7)
    Yoakam, Dwight Here Comes Santa Claus(SC2513-6)
    Yoakam, Dwight Honky Tonk Man(SC7568-5)
    Yoakam, Dwight I Got You(SC8359-4)
    Yoakam, Dwight I Sang Dixie(SC2307-3)
    Yoakam, Dwight I Want You To Want Me(SC3261-8)
    Yoakam, Dwight I Was There(CB20300-10)
    Yoakam, Dwight Intentional Heartache(SD133-11)
    Yoakam, Dwight It Only Hurts When I Cry(PI215-9)
    Yoakam, Dwight Little Ways(SC8604-12)
    Yoakam, Dwight Long White Cadillac(SC8275-9)
    Yoakam, Dwight Nothing(SC8205-10)
    Yoakam, Dwight Nothing's Changed Here(SC8352R-7)
    Yoakam, Dwight Please, Please Baby(SC8610-2)
    Yoakam, Dwight Pocket Of A Clown(SC8129-2)
    Yoakam, Dwight Population Me(TU230-13)
    Yoakam, Dwight Sitting Pretty(SC3337-2)
    Yoakam, Dwight Sorry You Asked(SC8271-14)
    Yoakam, Dwight Streets Of Bakersfield(SC7552-14)
    Yoakam, Dwight Takes A Lot To Rock You(CB90097-9)
    Yoakam, Dwight These Arms(CHT9811-10)
    Yoakam, Dwight Things Change(SC8463-4)
    Yoakam, Dwight Thinking About Leaving(CSZ203-18)
    Yoakam, Dwight Thousand Miles From Nowhere, A(SC8133-15)
    Yoakam, Dwight Try Not To Look So Pretty(SC8219-1)
    Yoakam, Dwight Turn It On Turn It Up Turn Me Loose(SC8243-8)
    Yoakam, Dwight What Do You Know About Love(SC8646-14)
    Yoakam, Dwight You're The One(SC7569-3)
    Yorn, Pete For Us(PHAC0612-4)
    Yorn, Pete Strange Condition(PHR0205-1)
    Young Buck U Ain't Goin' Nowhere(PHU0709-8)
    Young Denay Walk On By(MM6299-2)
    Young Divas Searchin'(SFKK15-13)
    Young Dro Rubberband Banks(PHU0701-7)
    Young Dro Shoulder Lean [w/ T.I.](PHU0608-9)
    Young Gunz Can't Stop, Won't Stop(SC8849-9)
    Young Gunz Set It Off(PHU0507-9)
    Young Hot Rod & Mary J. Blige Be Easy(THP0703-14)
    Young Jeezy I Luv It(THHP0703-15)
    Young Jeezy My Hood(PHU0603-4)
    Young Jeezy Soul Survivor [w/ Akon](THH0602-12)
    Young Jeezy Who Dat [w/ Shawty Redd](PHU0905-7)
    Young MC Bust A Move(SC7523-5)
    Young Money Every Girl(PHU0908-1)
    Young Steff Slow Jukin'(PHU0908-9)
    Young, Chris Drinking Me Lonely(SD146-14)
    Young, Chris Getting' You Home (The Black Dress Song)(PHN0905-7)
    Young, Chris You're Gonna Love Me(THC0707-16)
    Young, Faron Alone With You(SC8208-3)
    Young, Faron Country Girl(SC8428-5)
    Young, Faron Goin' Steady(SC8551-4)
    Young, Faron Hello Walls(SC7536-5)
    Young, Faron If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'(MM6126-14)
    Young, Faron It's Four In The Morning(SC8276-14)
    Young, Faron This Little Girl Of Mine(SC8576-6)
    Young, Jimmy Man From Laramie, The(SF092-13)
    Young, John Paul Love Is In The Air(SF098-11)
    Young, Karen Nobody's Child(ZMJB03-10)
    Young, Kathy & The Innocents Thousand Stars, A(SC8686-2)
    Young, Neil After The Gold Rush(SC8624-9)
    Young, Neil Cinnamon Girl(SC8586-9)
    Young, Neil Down By The River(DG10-7)
    Young, Neil Harvest Moon(DG07-6)
    Young, Neil Heart Of Gold(SC8683-13)
    Young, Neil Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)(RSX001-15)
    Young, Neil Let's Roll(SC3295-3)
    Young, Neil Like A Hurricane(RSX001-14)
    Young, Neil My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)(RSX001-10)
    Young, Neil Needle & Damage Done(AMS1507-4)
    Young, Neil Ohio(SC8683-11)
    Young, Neil Old Man(SC8683-10)
    Young, Neil Rockin' In The Free World(SC8715-7)
    Young, Neil Southern Man(DG06-13)
    Young, Neil Sugar Mountain(RSX001-3)
    Young, Paul Come Back & Stay(ZMH006-1)
    Young, Paul Everytime You Go Away(SC8283-7)
    Young, Paul Love Of The Common People(SF075-7)
    Young, Paul Oh Girl(PR9004-14)
    Young, Paul Senza Una Donna(SF001-12)
    Young, Paul What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted(SC8235-15)
    Young, Paul Wherever I Lay My Hat (Thats My Home)(SF111-14)
    Young, Will All Time Love(SF239-3)
    Young, Will Anything Is Possible(SF190-15)
    Young, Will Don't Let Me Down(SF200-13)
    Young, Will Evergreen(ZML003-1)
    Young, Will Friday's Child(SF220-1)
    Young, Will Leave Right Now(SF212-3)
    Young, Will Light My Fire(SF193-1)
    Young, Will Long & Winding Road, The [w/ Gareth Gates](SF196-5)
    Young, Will Love Is A Matter Of Distance(SF222-2)
    Young, Will Switch It On(SF237-5)
    Young, Will Who Am I(SF243-11)
    Young, Will You & I(SF199-16)
    Young, Will Your Game(EZH32-6)
    Young, Will Your Love Is King(EZH41-10)
    Young, Will Your Song(SF215-2)
    Youngblood, Sidney If I Only Could(SF106-7)
    Youngbloods Get Together(SC7532-10)
    Youngbloodz & Lil Jon Damn!(SC8849-12)
    Yung Berg Sexy Lady [w/ Junior](THHP0711-11)
    Yung Joc First Time [w/ Marques Houston & Trey Songz](PHU0703-9)
    Yung Joc I Know You See It(PHU0609-7)
    Yung Joc It's Goin' Down(THHP0610-12)
    Yung Joc It's Goin' Down [Radio Version](SC8988-15)


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